Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 19 - The Turn in the Urn - full transcript

A hedge fund manager turns up at his own funeral and the Jeffersonian team must try to identify the man who was cremated. Also as the sales of Finn's and Hodgins' hot sauce soars, Finn must deal with some life changes.

Wow! Look at you..

You got that whole Barbara
Stanwyck thing going on.

You look great.
Too bad the guy's dead.

He's not even
gonna be able to see you.

I'd actually prefer
to wear white.

White? You wear white
to weddings, Bones.

You wear white
to an Asian

or Hindu funeral.

I can't believe
we actually have to go

to this thing.

There's a huge Flyers game on

today that I have
to see.

My research benefited
from Mr. Mirga's donations.

He financed digs
in the Middle East and Africa.

That doesn't matter. You don't
even know this guy, okay?

We know the Flyers.

I love the Flyers, okay?
It's a big game.

I'm still grateful
for his support,

and I would like to pay my
respects to him and his family.

You're the one who said I
should be more empathetic.

Ho, ho, ho. So
it's my fault now.

Oh, ho. Wow.

I don't see how someone so
rich could O.D. on heroin.

Oh, you get
a syringe and heroin,

you tie off the upper part
of the arm,

insert the needle
into the vein.

Bones, I think I can
figure that out.

Okay? All right.
No tribal music.

I want to hear pregame
on the way over, okay?

Wow. This place is fancy.

Are you watching the game?
Yeah. Guy's got great Wi-Fi here.

And he should if he's
worth $3 billion.

This kind of wealth
is quite difficult to achieve.

Wait a second. You achieve,
okay? He ran a hedge fund.

Guy probably paid off
his congressman

so he'd pay less tax
than his secretary.

I wouldn't bring
that up here, Booth.



My son was a good man,

but in pain-- a pain a mother
will carry to her grave.

Must be Mirga's mother.

Mrs. Mirga,

I would like to extend
my condolences.

I'm Temperance Brennan.

Another one of his women.

We should have a special section
for whores.

I beg your pardon?

Watch it, okay? You know what,

she's a doctor
at the Jeffersonian.

Plus, she's my wife.

And she's a brain surgeon.
You all ruined my son.

Stop it. Now.
This is the last one.

You probably killed him,
hoping to get his money.

Please, Mrs. Mirga. We're here
to honor your son, not...

They took my son away from me.

He lives on
with God, Mrs. Mirga,

and in our hearts.

They poison him
against his own mother.

Easy, Mrs. Mirga.

Wow, you're right.

This funeral's more
exciting than this game.

They're of Romany ancestry.

A very passionate people.



Okay, everybody out.

Get out! Now!

Wait a second.
You're supposed to be dead.

Well, that's not true, is it?


if Todd is here, then...
who is in the urn?

How would I know
who's in the urn?

Anyone you know missing?

I'm kind of a
well-known recluse.

And I just got back into town;
that's how I heard

about my funeral.
Hmm, all this media coverage,

I'm surprised you haven't
heard of this before today.

I was in a drug rehab facility.

No phones, no TVs.

That's correct.

And it's in Costa Rica.

I didn't use my real name.

You can check it out.

Oh, we will.

So, why all the secrecy then?

I run a hedge fund.

It's better if my investors

didn't find out
I was a drug addict.

I guess it's too late
for that now.

You guys couldn't tell
who it was by looking at him?

You know what? Maybe you can
help us out with that.

Hmm? Take a look at these.

Here you go.

After three weeks,
the body swells,

becoming unrecognizable.

Oh, my God.

Because he was found
in your place with no evidence

of foul play...

Just the drugs.

The assumption was
that you had O.D.'d.

And since the coroner ruled it

an accidental death,
they closed the case.

We reopened it.
I understand.

If there's anything I can do,
please let me know.

Michelle showed me the bracelet
you bought her, Finn.

A little extravagant,
don't you think?

I've never been able to buy
anybody a real gift before.

I'm just sharing
the wealth.

Well, that's very sweet,
but don't go overboard.

It can disappear
as quickly as it came.

Not so sure. Opie and
Thurston's Hot Sauce

is going national.

I got a check for
$19,000 the other day.

That's more money than
my family's made in a year.


it is good to see you.
You, too, Thurston.

Welcome back, Mr. Abernathy.

I trust you enjoyed
your studies in Boston?

That I did, ma'am, with
a little money in my pocket.

I even ate a restaurant
where I didn't understand

one word on the menu.

Oh, that's wonderful.

That's how I tasted
my first tarantula.

Okay. Let's shift the focus
from the benefits of wealth

to the task at hand, shall we?

The remains were discovered
locked in the safe room

of Todd Mirga's house.

Decomp suggests
about three weeks after death.

Ooh, a safe room;
now that would be sweet.

Mr. Abernathy, if your focus is
now the accumulation of money,

I can always get another intern.

Uh, no, ma'am.

I'm-I'm sorry, ma'am.

So we have someone

dead of unknown causes,

locked in a safe room
for three weeks.

No I.D.
No idea if it's murder or accidental.

Exactly. Fortunately,
we have the remains.


You can't just pour it in there.

The ash is gonna fly all over.

No, there's an electrostatic
trap in the tray.

So, no particle,
no matter how small,

can escape.


These should tell us
all we need to know.

I think Angie's
going to have trouble

doing the facial reconstruction.

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The Turn in the Urn
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It's like trying to rebuild
a pig after a barbeque.

Well, hardly,
Mr. Abernathy.

That would require tissue
that would've been

consumed during the meal.

In my experience,
bone fragments

from a cremation are
usually much smaller.

Fortunately for us,
the crematorium did

a completely inept job.

Upside: there might be
some charred tissue for me.

The shape and thickness
of this fragment

suggests that it came
from the victim's ilium.

The textured
lip indicates

that he was in his mid-30s.

Which explains
why he could've

been mistaken for Todd Mirga.

I think I found a pretty
good-sized piece of something.

That seems to be
a bit of mandible.


I have a fragment of sternum.

Let me see.

That's impossible.

I already retrieved this
section of the sternum.

Oh, my God.

We have two sets of remains.

I mean, aren't
these places regulated?

Only by the EPA, and they
mostly care about emissions.

The degree of ossification
on this sternal fragment

is from somebody
in their mid to late 70s.

I have a tooth fragment here.

Absence of
staining, attrition

and cementum apposition

suggests it's from
a 20-year-old.

We have three sets of remains?

And we've barely started
sifting through all this.

There could be more.

Well, how are we gonna
I.D. the victim?

I have no idea, but it's
quite an exciting challenge.

One urn, three sets of remains.

How does a billionaire end
up at a budget mortuary?

Mother took care of it.
I saw her at the funeral.

She's a piece of work.

So, all of the employees
at his estate,

everyone that works for him,
they're all accounted for?

You know, I was looking

at Mirga today,
and I'm thinking to myself

this guy's got everything;
why's he shooting up heroin?

It's an addictive personality.

Right? For you,
it was gambling.

For him, it was drugs.
Probably other vices, too.

But still,
he became a billionaire.

My guess? Because of his
addictive personality.

Look, he was addicted
to money, too.

Well, everyone sort of is, aren't they?
No, not like this.

Addiction is
about power and control.

For someone like Todd,

money and drugs serve
the same purpose.

Yeah, but an addict
will do anything

to get his next fix.
Seems as though

our John Doe here got between
Todd and his money, huh?

Thank you, Mr. Domick.
All right, now,

this is everything that
Church Falls PD dropped off.

Why did they vacuum
the crime scene

if they didn't
suspect a murder?

Well, the techs at the scene
were just going by the book.

They've never
been opened.

Wow, this is the first evidence
we've had in a long time

that hasn't been contaminated.

Ah, you hope.

Hey, I bought a truck.

well, sort of.

It's only got
12,000 miles on it.

But I can't wait
to show Michelle.

Don't you think you should wait
until more money comes in

before you start blowing it all?

No, the sales projections
for our hot sauce

is brighter than
the sun in August.

Projections are
not cash, Opie.

Hey, the syringe has
never been used.

But the coroner ruled the
victim's death an overdose.

Yeah, well, assumptions,

they can always
obscure the truth.

Oh, I was under
the impression

that you'd I.D.'d the victim.

I'm about to.

Well, the sooner,
the better.

This may be all we have.
So, we know the victim

was locked in Todd's safe room
for three weeks.

So, I created
a regressive algorithm

that factors in humidity
and temperature

against stages of decomp.

How could you know
the humidity and temperature?

Well, luckily,
the room had a hygrometer

and a humidifier,

an independent thermostat,

motion sensors
and a CO2 scrubber.

Wow, Todd's money seems to be
funding our investigation.

So, that data
and your algorithm

allow you to reverse
the decomposition?


Wow. That is amazing.

I know, right?

Okay, I'll start with DMV.

There weren't any security cameras on?

And Todd was out of town,

so he doesn't know
why the cameras were turned off.

Was there a break-in?
Was anything missing?

No, nothing reported.

Oh, match found.

Daniel Barr.

You sure it's Daniel?

There were two teeth

in the cremator remains-- enough
for me to confirm his identity.

All you needed was two teeth?

The second one was
actually unnecessary.

So, Daniel Barr had
an I.D. card

that gave him access
to your home,

but he wasn't an employee
of yours,

so what exactly did he do
for you?

Daniel was
my personal concierge.

You know, lifestyle management.

No, I don't know.

I manage my own lifestyle.

He did things like
book my trip to Antarctica,

set up a carnival for a party,
acquired some antiquities.

He helped spend your billions.

Rich people are always
criticized for their success.

We do a lot for this country.
Nobody seems to talk about that.

Maybe he got tired
of buying your toys

and he wanted
toys of his own.

What are you saying?

I'm pretty sure that was clear.

Daniel was my friend.
I don't hurt my friends.


What about Anthony Shelton?
Does that name ring a bell?

You fired Shelton,

had him blacklisted.
You ruined him.

That was business.

He blew a deal
that cost me a lot of money.

Because no one messes with
your money, isn't that right?

Your theory of my motive
is fascinating,

but very difficult to prove.

I was in Costa Rica,

Any luck with the evidence
from Church Falls PD?

Yeah. Take a look
at this.

It's like a treasure trove
of goodies.

What-what am I looking at?
It's soil.

Right, okay, so the red,
gray and white particulates

indicate a very arid,
saline environment.

Now, these crystals are selenite
gypsum found in salt flats,

but these crystals are arsenic.


So he was poisoned.
No, not given the amount.

But the arsenic, along with
all the other particulates,

make up soil that's found

only in one place:

the Hetao Plain
of inner Mongolia.

He was killed
in Mongolia

and then brought back
to the safe room?

Seems a bit farfetched.


Well, maybe he came back
from Mongolia

and hadn't showered yet.

Seriously, Opie?

I'm just trying
to help, Thurston.

Okay, so how would Mongolian
soil end up

in Todd Mirga's safe room?

Aha. Now that...
that is a good question.

I have no idea. But I
still have all these bags

to go through, so...
What is that?

Uh, this was in the urn
with his remains.

Dr. Brennan wanted me
to bring it to you.

Why me? This is bone.

But it's not human.

Daniel Barr had
no prior arrests?

Nope. Guy's
a Boy Scout.

Had him pegged as a
possible blackmailer.

With all the strings
he pulled for rich people,

I would've expected
at least a misdemeanor.

Whoa, what's this?

That's a restraining order.
That's not good.

It was taken out
by Todd Mirga's mother.

So he was a threat, then.

Not necessarily.
Take a look at her, huh?

The mother's
a certified loon.


Look at that
rap sheet.

Where's your bracelet?

You're still wearing
the rope one that I made you.

I love it.

It was the first one
you gave me.

And the other one...

I'm afraid I'll
lose it at school.

Maybe a ring
would've been better.

No, I love it.

So you had a good
time in Boston?

Yeah, it was great.

Yeah, so much history.

There's no one there
like Dr. Brennan or your mom.

And here I'm closer to you.

Hey, you should transfer
to Georgetown.

We could be even closer.

I like my school.

I can't believe how much I've
changed since I've been there.

You look the same to me.

Change is good.

I know.
Tell me about it.

I mean, it looks like
the hot sauce is going national.

I know.

You told me. It's great.

So you think
I killed the weasel?

Now, look, we just

want to ask you some questions.

No, no, no, no, no.

You brought me here
because I'm Romani.

I will file a civil lawsuit.
I know my rights.

Well, judging from all

the nuisance lawsuits
you've filed, I'm sure you do.

This is the way it's always been
with you people and my people.

Something goes wrong, and we are
the first one to blame.

Look, this is a murder
investigation, okay?

This is not
an ethnic persecution.

You're just upset because
my Todd slept with your wife.


He did not sleep with my wife.

Then what are those horns
on your head, pretty boy?

I'm lost.

Yep, so am I. Okay, so, um,

you have quite
the impressive

criminal record here.

Let's see,
fraud, larceny, theft...

Let me ask you this.

How does a mother steal
from her own son?

Take something
when he's not looking?

Yeah, your son accused you
of taking

some of his collectibles
in the past.


He gave them to me
and forgot.

He always been forgetful.

A mother knows.

Daniel had you escorted out
of the house numerous times.

You weren't allowed there
unless it was to visit Todd.

This a family matter.
No business of yours.

You took out a restraining order
on Daniel

thinking that way
you could stay in the house.

He kept tossing you out anyway,

so you killed him.

If I killed him,
there would never be a body.

The one you should be talking to
is the whore he's with now.

Sarah Metzler?
Who else?

She hated Daniel.

Because when my son was done
with his whores,

it was Daniel
who made them go away.

Ask your wife.

Advanced calcification.


Rib; thick,
rounded edge.


All right, this is from
the victim.

Could be part of the occipital,
but I'm not sure.

You're correct.

Here's a suture line.

Also a fracture.

That's probably
an expansion fracture

caused by the heat
during cremation.

I don't think so.

This is not
an expansion fracture.

It was caused by trauma.

Trauma to the occipital
could be cause of death.

We'll need more of the bone

before we can say that
with certainty.

Like finding a drop of water
in a creek.

But I'll find it.

There are
crystal particles

on this fragment
of the occipital.

Is the occipital
from Daniel Barr?


The suture line confirms it.

What are the particles?


So the animal bone fragment
Finn gave me

turned out to be
a piece of narwhal tusk.

What is a piece of narwhal
tusk doing in the remains?

That I cannot explain.

And to add to the delicious
complexity of this find,

I did radiometric dating on it.

It's at least
a thousand years old.

What, is it carved?

Some striations showed up,

as well as some silver and gold
particulates on one edge

of the narwhal

A thousand-year-old tusk,
silver and gold?

It must be some kind
of ancient artifact.

He was struck
with a rare artifact--

one that vanished from the room.

You have a history
of dating rich men, don't you?

I went to good
schools with wealthy people.

And your parents,

they went broke trying
to send you to those schools.

You don't have any money,

Look, I know how people
see me, but I love Todd.

And I would still love Todd
even if he was broke.

And Daniel was my friend.

Well, you know,
Todd's girlfriends,

they didn't last too long.

What, three, six months, tops?

Then he would dump 'em
and go on to the next one.

Todd takes me
everywhere with him.

The Bolshoi anniversary
in Moscow,

Johannesburg two months ago
to raise money for education.

I ran that auction.

He's never treated
any other women

that he has he dated like that.

Well, we do know that something
disappeared from Todd's home.

And it's possible
that you took it

so you could have yourself
a nice little nest egg

when he tosses you out.

Oh, my... No!

No! I would never steal
from Todd.

And I would never hurt anyone,
least of all my friend.

I think I know
how the victim was killed.

Really? The guy's
literally dust in the wind.

That would be amazing,
even for you.

Yes, sometimes
I surprise even myself.

I need you to do a search
for Der Schlachter Kelch.

Okay, I love
that you think

I would know how to spell that.
It's German.

It means
"the Slaughterer's Chalice."

I think the victim was killed
with it.

Okay, there's no photos,
but there is a painting.

Well, that's because
it hasn't been seen

in over 300 years.

Oh, that's Giorgione.

He's an artist
from the late 14th century.

Can you enhance this
portion of the painting?

He's depicted the gold,

silver, jade, chalcedony

that Hodgins found.

The white material
is probably

the narwhal tusk
from the legend.


Marco Polo, huh?
This thing goes back.

It actually predates him.

The earliest mention of
the chalice is in 2018 B.C.

in the Land of Punt.

Over the next
2,000 years,

the chalice traversed
a dozen empires.

This thing must be worth
a fortune.

It is.

even for a billionaire.

I... I can't believe
it still exists.

So the last account
of the chalice was when

a Qing general
was killed for it.

the Slaughterer's Chalice.


And to think
that 4,000 years later,

bits of it would end up
in a concierge's head.

When ancient treasures
are looted,

it's worse than stealing art,
it's stealing history.

Artifacts like the Slaughterer's
Chalice belong in a museum

where everyone
can experience them.

As opposed to some
rich creep's living room.

Booth, you shouldn't
hate all rich people.

They're a fact of life, like
the corpuscular theory of light.

I don't hate rich people.

I just... I don't like
entitled people.

Big difference.

This guy Todd,
he feels entitled

to get tax breaks for him
and his friends.

That's not illegal.
I don't care.

It's still wrong, isn't it?


You're a good man, Booth.
No, that's it.

See, it's not that
I'm a good man or a special man.

I'm just a normal person,
that's all.

Oh, hold on.

The Art Crime Division
came up with something.

"The only dealer with
the connection necessary

"to bring something like the
Chalice into the country is...

Satima Najjar"?

Wow. Look at this place.

It's like stepping
into a museum.

This is an exceptional

Early Ottoman oil lamps,

Templar crosses,

Etruscan vases.

Fourth century.

Oh, sorry.

Hello, I'm Satima Najjar.

Always good to meet a collector
who knows her antiquities.

I'm not a collector.

I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth.

This here is my partner,
Dr. Temperance Brennan.

We need to ask you some
questions about Daniel Barr.

Oh, has Daniel done
something illegal?

No, he's dead,
which is perfectly legal.

Except for the person
who killed him.

Oh, my.

We have evidence
that Daniel was in possession

of the Slaughterer's Chalice
at the time of his death.


Nobody has seen
the Slaughterer's Chalice

in over 300 years,

not since Bai Lang took it
back to Mongolia

with the rest
of his spoils.

So you're denying
that Daniel hired you

to find this?
No, Daniel did

e-mail me about the Chalice.

He said he could pay me
as much as $50 million

if I could do the impossible
and locate it for him.

$50 million?

That's a lot of money.

With Daniel out of the way,
you would have

a very wealthy new client.

As my e-mail will attest,
I said no to the job.

Even if I could find it,
the Slaughterer's Chalice

would be an illegal sale.

Turning him down in writing
would give you deniability.

I am a reputable dealer.

I don't traffic
in stolen artifacts.

that's not true.

Why is that?

This Mesopotamian basin

is an early example
of narrative relief,

dated approximately
3000 B.C.

Discoloration shows evidence

of iron oxide.


He was killed here.
The blood is over 2,000 years old.

It's a sacrificial basin,

one of only six in existence,
all housed at the Iraq Museum

until they were stolen
during the war in 2003.

I had no idea
that that was stolen.

Well, you're under arrest.

I told you,
I didn't kill Daniel.

Right, but trafficking in
stolen artifacts, all right?

While you're in custody, we
can talk all about Daniel.

Isn't that right, Bones?

Okay, who...


Who paid for this?
Well, uh,

the TV from Archie Bunker's
living room

might be missing a tube,

but, you know,
only temporarily,

and I had the liquid nitrogen
stream device laying around...

Let's back up a sec.

You took something
from one of

the Jeffersonian's
most popular exhibits?

Yeah, well,

everybody else had gone home,
so how else

was I gonna build a crystal
cathode diffractometer?

And why did you need to build
this crystal cathode di...


So, remember the crystalline
particles Dr. Brennan gave me?

Well, I built this baby to
bombard them with electrons

so I could identify them,
which I have.

They are diamonds.

You mean diamond powder?
Well, if you want to nitpick, yeah.

So these diamonds
are probably from the Chalice.

Well, that's what I
initially thought,

but there was no mention
of diamonds anywhere

in the legend
of the Slaughterer's Chalice.

And the way these
diamonds are ground,

the technology to do that,

it wasn't even developed
until 1953.

So where did this diamond dust
come from?

So, you ever heard
of the Slaughterer's Chalice?

- No. What is it?
- It's a priceless artifact

that hasn't been seen
for over 300 years.

That ring a
bell now, Todd?

I already said no.
That question couldn't

have been asked over the phone?
You're wasting my time.

I'm not wasting
your time.

I really don't care
if I'm wasting your time.

Do you know who
Satima Najjar is, Mr. Mirga?

I'd be a fool if I didn't;
I collect artifacts.

Satima deals in them,
but I've never met her.

Thought you're a man who's used
to getting what he wants, right?

You make that sound
like a bad thing.

Daniel Barr asked Satima

to acquire the Slaughterer's
Chalice for you.

He wouldn't have done that

without an order from you.

Daniel was always looking

for new collectables for me.

Sometimes he'd surprise me.

He'd spend $50 million
without talking to you?

Did you ever think
he was working for someone else?

I wasn't his only client.

Well, we have forensic
evidence that

the Slaughterer's Chalice was

in your safe room
when Daniel was killed.

Killed while I was in rehab,
as I have said.

Right. I'm sure
you could've fudged

some records down there
in Costa Rica.

Are you gonna arrest me,
Agent Booth?

Thank you so much
for the update on the case.

I'm sure the director
will be happy to hear

how you're wasting
the taxpayer's money.

The guy acts like he doesn't
have to play by the rules.

Because he usually doesn't.

Plutocrats and oligarchs

are always afforded
special treatment.

Well, not this time, okay?

I'm not letting him
buy his way out of this.

Booth, we have no proof
that Todd was in the country,

let alone that he killed Daniel.

You're gonna find something;
you always find something, okay?

You don't want people
getting away with murder,

and neither do I.

I'm having the mortuary's
retort and cremulator

shipped to the lab tomorrow.

That could help.

See, that? That's good.

The, uh...

That's great. Great stuff.

You don't know what a retort
and cremulator are?

You can't name one player
on the Flyers,

can you?

After Mr. Abernathy and I

finished separating the remains

that were mixed in
with Daniel Barr's,

I realized that we're
missing parts of the victim.

How? He's ash.

Based on his size,
after cremation,

his remains should
weigh three kilograms.

We received only
2.31 kilograms.

So you're missing
almost two pounds of the victim.

Why can't you just say
"two pounds"

instead of getting
all "metricy"?

The mortician Todd's mother used
was shoddy.

I think we'll find
the rest of Daniel

in the cremation equipment.

So you think it's the mother.

I don't guess.

Come on, a little guess.


You think it's the mom.

I'm not guessing.
I think you're wrong.

I think it's Richie Rich.

Oh, wow.

Miracle anything was pulverized
in this cremulator.

Grass on my lawn
has sharper blades.

Well, and this retort
is a treasure trove

of charred tissue
that should have been vaporized

if the furnace
was running properly.

It reminds me of
the oven I used to use

at Arnie's Pizza
and Wings.

Yeah, except here

the cheesy looking bits
are flesh

and the pepperoni
is charred muscle.

And people ask me
how I stay so thin.

Daniel Barr's cause of death

was indeed blunt force trauma
from being hit with the Chalice.

All right.

Found the remaining segment
of the fracture

in the victim's occipital.

Yes, Mr. Abernathy.

Three cheers for incompetence
and faulty equipment.

I'm confident
you will find particulates

from the Chalice
in the fracture.

Oh, tissue.

It's pretty charred,
but there should be enough

to run some tests.

It appears our victim was shot.

I assure you, Mr. Abernathy,

cause of death
was blunt force trauma.

I'm not arguing that,

but at some point,
he was a target.

Look at the inferior margin

on the scapula.

Based on the remodeling,

this injury was
about two weeks old

when he was killed.

Can I see that?

So, first someone
shoots him,

and then two weeks later,
he's bludgeoned to death?

That is one persistent killer.

Hey, look at this.
There seems to be

some metal that melted
into the trabeculae.

It's probably the bullet.

I might be able to I.D. it.

Hey, sorry to interrupt.

Is this a bad time?


What? She asked; I answered.

It's okay, Michelle.

We can go to my office to talk.

No, actually,
I'm not here for you.


It's almost lunch. Go.

I got to say, seeing
you makes me happier

than a tornado
in a trailer park.


is there someplace private
we could go?

Ooh. I wish,

but I'm already in hot water
for taking time away from work.

No, that's not what I meant.

This is a bad idea.

I should've waited.

We can talk later.

You're upset about something.

It can wait.

If you're upset,
everything stops.

I don't care what's going on.


I don't know how to say this.

Oh, man, you got
to be kidding me.

I'm so sorry.

What did I do?


I tried to tell you yesterday.

School's changed me, I guess.

I'm not the same person I was
even a year ago.

Is there someone else?

My mom tried to tell me
I was too young

to make a commitment.

I hate it that she was right.

Who is he?

It doesn't matter.

It's not even that serious.

But I can never lie to you.

I'm sorry.

You should never apologize
for being happy.

You go be happy.

I'm serious.

I understand.

The tissue I retrieved
from the crematorium's furnace

was enough to run a tox screen.

Daniel Barr tested positive
for heroin.

So he and Mirga
were drug buddies.

Looks that way.
Well, look at this.

So I found cupronickel

bullet residue in Daniel's
remodeled gunshot wound.


Yeah, it's from an
antique bullet, right?

Well, I traced it

to a rare Colt
semi-automatic pistol,

and it's one
from the prototype

that the Army tested in 1905,

which became
the famous 1911 pistol.

Wild guess, but this looks like
a collectable.

Yeah, there were only
two prototypes made,

both very valuable.


Todd Mirga purchased one
at auction six weeks ago.

When Daniel was shot.

I see I've graduated

to your interrogation room;
this must be serious.

We know that Daniel Barr

was your junkie buddy.

And we know
that you own the gun

that shot him two weeks
before he was killed.

And that gun mysteriously

It was an accident.

We were fooling around.

When you were high?

Daniel was just grazed.

He understood.

Because you paid him off.

Medical expenses
and a bonus, yes.

It seemed fair.

But I realized
I had a problem,

and I went to rehab
two days later.

You know, I think
that your little junkie buddy

threatened to expose
your drug use and the shooting

unless you kept paying him,
so you killed him.

I was in rehab.

Right, under
an assumed name.

You see, we checked on all that.

All those records were destroyed
when you left.

Guess what?

You have no alibi.

We know Daniel
was killed with

the Slaughterer's Chalice.

We have forensic evidence
of the gold, silver,

narwhal tusk,
even diamond powder

that must have been
placed on it more recently.

Diamond powder?


So... you found everything.


Daniel was ripping me off.

I caught him trying
to take the Chalice.

We fought...

I hit him with it.

Is that a confession?


But I would like a lawyer,
if you don't mind.

Wow, okay, that doesn't
make any sense.

Guys like Mirga, all right,
they're just too cocky

to give themselves
up like that.

Maybe the preponderance
of evidence

shamed him
into confessing.

They don't have any
shame either, okay?

Look, maybe he knows, you know,

with his rehab stay
and his drug use,

that he can sow
reasonable doubt.

We need some tangible evidence
to tie him to the crime scene.

Something that proves
that he was

in the safe room
and not Costa Rica.

It's possible he's
protecting his mother.

You thought that she
was capable of murder.

Very true. That's fine.

Let's see if you can get me
anything on her.

Anything at all, all right?
Just something.

I'm gonna go double check with
the Costa Rican authorities

and the rehab center, all right?


Mr. Abernathy?

Um, Dr. Brennan.

I'm sorry, I was
just thinking.

About the case,
of course.

If you're too upset to work,
I can continue without you.

No, I'm good, ma'am.
It's best to have a task

to keep my mind from drifting.
I agree.

Have you found
anything new

which could prove probative?
Uh, no.

Thurston and I have
searched and re-swabbed

every last millimeter
of the bone fragments.

So you've repeated
all prior tests.

Yes, ma'am, to double
check our findings.

Question, Mr. Abernathy.

Since the body was cremated,
even incompetently,

what would happen to
any transferred particulates

with a melting point
of less than 1,000 degrees?

They'd melt.

And like water,
they'd pool

within the fractures

and pores of
the bone matrix.

I'm a tree stump.

We should look
inside the bone.

Please bisect this segment
of the occipital

and have Dr. Hodgins swab
inside the trabeculae.

Yes, ma'am,
right away.

Have you wept yet,
Mr. Abernathy?

I beg your pardon?



For your loss.

There is a very

neuronal connection
between the lacrimal gland

and the brain's limbic system
associated with emotion.

Stifling the body's need to cry

in emotionally difficult
situations is unhealthy.

Thank you, ma'am.

I-I'll remember that.

So it looks like there
were minute traces

of micro-diamonds
inside the bone matrix.

Like the ones found
in the vacuumed debris?

Yes, yeah.

But here, uh, there's a resin
secreted by the female lac bug.

Great. So diamonds
and bug poop.

No, not... exactly.

Not in its natural state.

See, here it's been processed,
along with benzoyl peroxide,

into a lacquer
much like that,

uh, found in
nail polish.

And it seems like
the micro-diamonds

were also infused
into that lacquer.

So, what, diamond nail polish?

Oh, yeah, I...

just read about this. Uh...

"Million Dollar Manicure."

You've got to be kidding me.

Each bottle contains

over 100 carats
of micro-diamonds.

It was
auctioned off at

a celebrity charity event

in Johannesburg two months ago.

Who has a million bucks

- to blow on nail polish?
- Don't look at me.

I don't have that kind
of money anymore.

Well, according
to the article,

there were three
winning bids.

The wife of a Saudi Prince,

Beyoncé, of course, and...

Sarah Metzler.

Mirga's girlfriend.

I love Todd.
I don't care about the money.

And he loved you.

And he confessed
to save you.

I just knew that
if he could get himself clean,

he'd be so much happier.

He thought it, too.

But Daniel didn't care.

He wanted a friend
to shoot up with.

He was bringing heroin over
for Todd that day,

for-for when he got home.

Not the Slaughterer's Chalice?

No, I set that up
with Satima

because I knew how much
he loved that piece.

You brought it to the house

when you saw Daniel
putting the drugs

in the safe room.

We fought about the drugs.

And then I hit him with it.

With the... with the
Slaughterer's Chalice.

Sarah, I need to know
where the Chalice is.

It's in a locker in my gym.

I didn't know
where else to put it.

All I wanted to do
was surprise him

for when he came home.

I just wanted to keep him safe.

You protect the person
that you love.

Don't you?

Dr. Brennan said
you asked for

the Ghost Killer files
to keep your mind occupied.

Uh, yeah.

But it's not going so good.

As awesome as these
Ghost Killer cases are,

I've been reading this one
for the past half hour.


You don't have to say anything,
Dr. Saroyan.

No, no, I-I want to.

I want to tell you
how much you mean to me.

And how much
you helped Michelle grow.

I know it's probably not
what you want to hear right now,

but it's the truth.

She is a better person
because of knowing you.

And so am I.

You know what
the funny thing is?

I don't blame her.

I don't understand.

I had money for
the first time in my life,

a wonderful girl,

who just happened to have
a great mama to boot.

I had everything.

But the truth is,
nobody gets everything.

We get what we love most.

Sometimes it's just hard
to know what that is.

That's a struggle we all have.

Thank you for coming
to check on me, ma'am.

Think I'd like to go
home for the night,

if that's okay.

♪ Oh, yeah, you and me

♪ We are one and the same

♪ We light up the fire

♪ And we run from the flame

♪ We pray for a storm

♪ Then hide from the rain

♪ You and me

♪ We are one and the same.

I can't believe it.

I can't believe
we actually have it.

Taking it out of the
crate, it had this

wonderful musty bouquet
of antiquity.

Probably because
we found it

in Sarah's gym locker

under a pair of
sweaty gym socks.

It's incredible,
isn't it?

It's over
4,000 years old.

The Chalice has traveled
across continents,

been touched by
kings and emperors.

It's a nice cup.

"Nice cup"?

Yeah. It's not
the Stanley Cup,

but it's a nice cup.
It's a nice thing.

Booth, I don't think
you appreciate

what an extraordinary find this is.
Look, I get it.

It just doesn't do it for me.
Well, what do you mean?

What doesn't it do?
It just doesn't do it for me.

I mean, it's
nice and all,

but it's-it's
kind of creepy,

if you think about it.
Look at the workmanship.

Do you know how many people have
been killed over that thing?

That just adds to its history
and fascination.

I'm gonna still go with the
Stanley Cup, okay? Can we leave?

We've been staring at this thing
for about 45 minutes now.

I guess so.
Okay, let's go.

Let's go get something
filled in our own cups.

The Kirkland
Archeological Society

wants me to write a paper
about its discovery.

You'll be prominently featured.

Of course.

Without your help,
the Chalice might still be lost.

Will they have a picture of me
with the article?

I don't know about that.
There should be

a picture of me holding it.
That's what...

No, Booth!

You can't touch it.

It's thousands of years old.

Well, when you win
the Stanley Cup,

you hold the Cup over your head

because you're proud
of winning the Cup!

I mean, aren't you
proud of this thing?


but this picture
wouldn't be going

in a sports publication.

It would be in
a scholarly journal.

Okay, yeah,
but you have to admit,

having a picture,
that would increase sales,

that'd boost 'em up.
It'd be good, right?

Of course, but...
There you go.

Quick, picture!
Won the Cup!

Oh, my God!

Cup. Yes. Okay,
don't worry about it. FBI.

I got it all taken care of.
break something off.

We won the Cup.
You're gonna break something.

How about I take a selfie?
Come on.

No, Booth. Put it back.

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