Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 21 - The Cold in the Case - full transcript

The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a woman whose remains were found in a swamp. When the team realizes that her body was cryogenically frozen before it was disposed, it leads ...

Come on, boy! Let's go!

WOMAN: All of this property ends
about right there.


Good job! Let's go
throw the ball.

This would be such a great place
to raise a family.

Oh, and the school district is fantastic.

I wish I could go
to first grade again. (laughs)

I don't know, Peter.
It looks like a swamp.

That's what those lots looked like, too.

And now, voila!

And it's only a half an hour from work.

Come on, boy, get it!

I don't want to twist your arm,

but these lots are going fast.

We were hoping to find something
to move into soon.

That's the beauty of Homegrove Estates.

The contractor assures me
they can have your house

up and running within the year.

Hey, boy.
We can get a dog.

You always wanted a puppy.

Come here, boy.
A year? Really?

Come here.

And we can customize everything?


This could be our own slice
of heaven, Care-Bear.

No smog, no crime...

Oh, my God!

Let's get out of here.
Let's get out of here!

Wait! No!
I have other available lots!

Okay, we have to get up.

I don't want to have to
fire you for being late.

I'll appeal and tell them why.

Mm-mm, up, up...


(groans) Not sure I told you...

my parents are coming to town.

No, you didn't.

That's good.

I mean, you haven't seen them in a while.


They want to meet you.

Okay, uh, the way you said that
sounds horrifying.

No, no, no.

It'll be fun.
They're gonna love you.

We've been dating long enough

for me to know when you're lying.

It's just, they're
a little... traditional,

old school, and they still think
of me as their crazy son.

Okay, this is getting worse and worse.

No, no, no.
Yes. You're saying that, to them,

I'm gonna be another one of your mistakes?

Why exactly?

Because I'm your non-Iranian,
non-Muslim, black girlfriend?

This came out all wrong.
(text alert sounds)

No, I think it came out exactly right.

I got a body in a swamp.

We can talk about this later.

(indistinct radio transmission)

(siren wails briefly)

Based on the vertical nature
of the frontal bone as well

as the mental eminence of the mandible,

the victim appears to be female,
in her mid-30s.

The prominent nature of the
maxilla suggests Caucasian.

The organs show no sign

of decomposition despite
the amount of predation

on the rest of the body.

HODGINS: Someone's getting marked
tardy today.

I called you, and you never
picked up your phone.

Hey, look, there's nothing
I could do, okay?

The assistant director...
he just kept me at the office.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, just, you know,

reviewing some case files, that's all.

Case file? Your case files?
Did you make a mistake?

No, not my mistakes, okay?

I was just reviewing some other reports

for some other agents, that's all.

Wow, sounds like you're teacher's pet.

Ha-ha! Okay, enough with
the school references, okay?

What's up with swamp thing?
Not sure.

Animals have eaten the hands and feet.

Normally, they'd eat the meaty parts first.

I have a question.
So why is it that, um,

the animals didn't eat the meaty parts?

BRENNAN: We have no explanation.
It's very frustrating.

Okay. Well, there any clothes
or personal effects?

No. It appears
to be a body dump.

In addition to predation,

there's extensive fracturing on the bone.

Beaten to death?

I don't have an explanation
for the fracturing

at this point, but it doesn't
appear to be blunt force.

So, do we at least have time of death?

HODGINS: Well, that's where it starts
to really get weird.

Insect activity is all over the place.

We've got colonization
and development of Piophilidae

in the skull and extremities.

That puts time of death between
72 and 96 hours.

So three or four days.
What's so weird about that?

Because in the body cavity, there's

Calliphoridae larvae, which indicates

time of death in the last three hours.

Whoa! The body was found
long before that.


Which accounts for the
Chrysomyarufifacies in the feet,

which puts time of death in
the last 14 days.

Three hours, three days,
two weeks, right? What is it?

Well, evidence says all three.

That's not possible.

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So you have no idea when she was killed?

None at all.
We're looking for clues

that can narrow it down.

There's something lodged

between the left maxillary
lateral incisor and the canine.

I'm not sure how much I'm gonna find.

The swamp could have
swallowed up a lot of stuff.

How long will it take you

to clean and reassemble
the skull, Mr. Vaziri?

We need Angela to do the
reconstruction as soon as possible.

You're still picking tissue
off the parietal.

Don't you want to finish that first?

Oh, it's all yours, Mr. Vaziri.

Is it me, or did it just get
totally awkward in here?

It's probably the perplexing
nature of the remains.

Uh, no. Actually, I think
it was the "Mr. Vaziri."

What's going on here?
A murder case.

So if we could focus on the task at hand...

The skull is all yours, Mr...


Thank you.

Is something happening
that I don't understand?


This is very odd.

This tissue isn't from the victim.

It must have mixed in with
hers during decomposition.

It could be evidence of the assailant.

Or a second victim.

I'll run DNA and a tox screen
and see what I can find.

Oh, Mr. Vaziri, bring up
the X rays of this area

and tell me what you see.

There appears to be a remodeled injury

to the right posterior
superior iliac crest.

From a large-bore needle?

We can identify the victim
without a reconstruction.

The victim had a bone marrow aspiration

approximately one year ago.

Then I'll call the National
Bone Marrow Registry.

Whew! So, the victim's name
is Madeline Papadelis.

She'd been off the grid for four months;

no credit card information,
no cell phone information.

No missing persons report filed,

no immediate family.
Do you have anything on her?

Angela's sending over more stuff.

Whoa! Wait a second.
That more?

Yes, sir.
SWEETS: This all about the victim?

No, all of that is from
the assistant director.

It's different.
He said no rush. If you could review 'em

by the end of the week, it should be fine.

No rush?
There's over 50 cases here!

I'm in the middle
of a murder investigation here.

This has nothing to do with me, sir.

Oh, please, you gotta be kidding me.

I'm just delivering what I was told.
Right, okay.

So, the assistant director's
having you review

other agents' files?
That's-that's a big deal, Booth.

It won't be if the person
who killed Madeline gets away.

They don't ask just anyone to do that.
You know what?

They're probably short-staffed.
They just want me

to do double duty.
Uh, they could be

looking at you for a promotion.
I tell you what.

Why don't you just help me
with Madeline's case, all right?

You have noticed I'm up
to my ears here in stuff.

Right, okay.

So this is everything that Angela

has uncovered so far about the case.

She divorced, so any contact
with the ex-husband?

Haven't located him yet.
Look at this.


What is this, a tribute site to her kid?

Yeah, her kid had cystic fibrosis.

She was only six years old.
She died 13 months ago.

A lot of people give up
after something like that.

They turn to drugs,

anything to help them forget
about the pain.

It's interesting that she
didn't have any clothes on.

You're thinking sexual assault?

Or a sexual situation that got out of hand.

You know, sex can be used as a way

to numb yourself from the pain, so...

I got a text here. Oh.

Madeline took out a restraining
order on her ex-husband

a year and a half ago.
He threatened to kill her.

Hey, have you found a way
to determine time of death?

No. It still technically
appears as if different parts

of the body died at different times.

Insect activity's telling me

the same thing. I moved on
so I wouldn't feel stupid.

So the fiber Dr. Brennan
found lodged

in the victim's teeth
turned out to be chloroform.

If the killer drugged Madeline
before he killed her,

maybe we're dealing with a kidnapping.

Could be. There were some
fibers found on her back

made from silk and cuprammonium rayon.

The blend is used in WorldCore
sleeping bags.

Drugged and zipped up in a sleeping bag.
It would explain

being missing for four months.

Hey, I hear Arastoo's parents
are coming for a visit.

Yeah. He hasn't seen them
in a long time.

You gonna meet them?

Haven't decided yet.
I don't want to intrude.

He hasn't asked?

No, he's asked.

Oh, it's too loaded:
conflicting loyalties,

you're not sure how that will play out.
I get it.

It's not that big a deal, really.
That's what I said

until Angela's father
knocked me out and tattooed me.

Is that supposed to be helping me?

(computer trills)

What's that?

The DNA results from the foreign tissue

I found on the victim.

It's part of a tongue.

A tongue?
That is creepy.

A fox tongue, apparently.
And these samples appear

to be from other small scavengers.

All somehow stuck to the victim.

Maybe it was a ritualistic killing.

So, the ex-husband, he lives
in a cabin outside the city.

Another agent's bringing him in.

Because you're still working
on other agents' cases?

Look, every time I say no,

the assistant director says
he can't get along without me.

I feel the same way.

What if they promote you to a desk job?

Are they gonna give me another partner?

Look, I am not gonna be
promoted to a desk job, okay?

Plus, you're not gonna get a new partner.

They're not gonna promote you

and leave you in the same position.

Look, everyone is just getting way ahead

of themselves right now, all right?

I'm just doing this guy a favor.

(phone rings) Just figuring out,
looking at ex-cases. Booth.

Yeah, great. On our way.

Bringing in the ex-husband.
Come with me?


Because you're my partner.
(clicks tongue)

I can't believe Madeline's dead.

Oy, save the tears, okay?

You haven't contacted your ex
in over, what, four months?

Because she had
a restraining order against me.

Because you tried to kill her.

No, that is not true.
We fought,

I was cleaning my rifle
and I waved it around.

What were you fighting about?

Same thing we always fought about...

our little girl, Karine.

Madeline wanted to put her through

all these god-awful

And since she had full custody,
I couldn't do anything about it.

Must've been angry, huh?

Yeah, wouldn't you be?

She was torturing my daughter,
even-even after the doctors said

she'd never get any better.

You're a hunter,
aren't you, Mr. Papadelis?

That illegal?
We found the tongues

and snouts of small animals
on your ex-wife's remains.

So you think...?

You're crazy!

Maybe you tortured your ex

the way you thought she tortured
your daughter.

If you're innocent,

I'm sure you'd be happy to let us examine

your camping equipment and guns.

I'm a member of the NRA.

I know my rights.

You need a warrant.
Oh, right.

That's right, a warrant.
Like this one here?

Here you go. Look at that.

That okay for you,
Mr. Huntsman?

Okay, initially I thought

the damage to the organs
was caused by predation,

animals tearing them apart.

But these are actually fractures.

All right, I'm not Dr. B,
but organs don't fracture.

Only bones do.

Unless the organs were frozen.

I also found urine in the bladder,

which a normal body would expel.

Unless it was frozen very soon after death.


Freezing would account
for the various insect

and larval stages I found.

And would explain
why the animals didn't feed

on the torso and organs first.

Yeah, they were the last to thaw.

Which also explains the tongues

and tissue from the scavengers.

If they tried to feed on the
organs when they were frozen,

their tongues would stick.

And would tear off
as they were pulling away.

Wow, so what?

Someone had her locked in a freezer

for the past four months?

Well, that would be the easy answer.

I've worked a lot of mob hits,
and they love to freeze.

But I've never seen a freezer

cold enough to fracture a liver.


It appears that way, although
I haven't found any evidence


of microstructural changes
caused by liquid expansion.

That usually accompanies freezing,

which is why I'm doing a
histological study of the bones.

Well, psych profiles of killers
that freeze their victims

kind of go all over the place.

I mean, the killer could
have frozen the victim

to obscure time of death.

So, that's what happened here, isn't it?

Or the killer could've put the
body on ice until they found

a more convenient time to dispose of it.

Or both.
That's a very good point.

That's why the assistant director asked

for your advice. And mine.

If Sweets is going over cases, too,

perhaps it's not about a promotion.

I'm gonna pretend that wasn't insulting.

So, the assistant director
asked me to review

- your test results and your latest psych profile.
- What?

He wants me to make an analysis

of your performance and capabilities.

And you're allowed to tell me that?

Nobody said it was confidential.

Well, what else do you know?

Um, nothing official yet.

But I heard that they're staffing

a new field office in Germany.

They need someone to run it.

The FBI is a domestic agency.

Well, not exclusively.

I mean, when there are suspected
terrorists or attacks

against embassies or consulates,
the FBI always responds.

That's more than a regular
promotion, Booth.

That sounds like a big honor.

Well, how long would the tour be?

I heard two years.
I'm not leaving you

and Christine, so it's not gonna happen.

You've clearly excelled at your job, Booth.

You should allow yourself
to be recognized in that way.

Oh, I-I have to get
back to the lab.

Uh, we can talk about this later.

There's nothing to talk about.

You sound defensive, Booth.
I'm not defensive.

I'm starting to get annoyed, okay?

People are way ahead of themselves here.


Booth got Madeline's credit card records.

She spent practically nothing.

The one consistent charge were
her bus passes from the MTA.

She got the last one five months ago.

Just before she disappeared.

The first purchase was made
just after her daughter died.

She only used them on
Saturdays when she took

the round trip to Vienna, Virginia.

Looks like her last trip
was four months ago

when she disappeared.

Yeah, and there was no
return ride for that trip.

Huh. Well...

we still haven't ruled out
sexual assault, you know.

I mean, Sweets says some grieving victims

turn to sex to dull the pain.

So, you think she was going
up there to meet someone?

Maybe, and maybe that person
got a little too kinky,

and chloroformed and abducted her.

How's the skull coming along?

More slowly than I or
Dr. Brennan would want.

The missing pieces aren't helping, either.

Well, I'm sure you'll do a fine job.

That was oddly polite.


Sorry. I...

This may not be the time or the place,

but I think it's better
if I didn't go to dinner

with you and your parents.

How would that be better?
I love you.

I want them to meet you.

Well, you love your parents, too.

And what they think means a lot to you.

You told me what happened when

your brother introduced

his girlfriend.
They broke up, right?

That was different.
You hope.

But I don't want to be
there when you're forced

to choose between them or me.

Have a little faith in me.

Unless you're too scared.

What's that supposed to mean?

BRENNAN: I have the results
of the histological.

What do you notice
about the findings, Mr. Vaziri?

There's no crystallization.

What exactly

does that mean?
Well, normally when a body

is frozen, ice crystals form from the water

in the body, rupturing the cells.

The histological shows
there is no rupturing.

But if the body wasn't frozen,

then none of our findings make sense.

That is not my conclusion.

The victim was frozen, but also vitrified.

The water in the body is replaced

by cryoprotective chemicals,

which is why there were no ice crystals.

She was cryogenically frozen?

At temperatures well below
negative 100 degrees Celsius.

Which explains why the organs fractured.

It actually explains everything we've seen.

Except who killed her and how.

BOOTH: Look, there's a
cryo-whatever-you-call-it place

in Vienna, Virginia,
just a block from where

she took her bus trips.

And it's called cryonics.

It's the low-temperature
preservation of humans

with the hope that resuscitation

may be possible in the future.

It's nuts, okay?
When you die,

it's ashes to ashes, not ashes to ice.

We all search for immortality
in our own way.

It's what binds tribes and religions.

Just please tell me that
you're not gonna want me

to freeze you.

No, but one day you might
be able to download

my accumulated consciousness
onto a memory chip.


Let's just, you know,
keep each other in here.

That's worked just fine for a long time.

You know, Christine and I
could come to Germany, too.

But you know I wouldn't ask you to do that.

Your work is here.

So, you'd stand in the way

of us having a new and possibly
life-changing experience?

That seems selfish, Booth.

What, you'd really uproot everything?

Wouldn't you?

I kind of figured this place

would be more hospitally, right?

A little bit more, I don't know, sterile?

Cryonics operations have
very little funding.

Most of their funding comes
from member donations.

Member donations?

I don't know if they have a lot of members.

Actually, we have over 700

full-and part-time members.
Right. And you are...?

I am Dr. Noah Summers.
This is my wife, Michelle.

We own CryoNova.

Your turn.

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

This here is my partner,
Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Dr. Brennan.

I'm thrilled that you're
interested in our services.

It would be my honor
to preserve your brain.

I'm sure it would.

But at this point, cryonics is
nothing more than a fantasy.

MICHELLE: As is often the case
before great discoveries.

So if you're not interested
in being preserved,

how can we help you?

Do you know a woman by the name
of Madeline Papadelis?

Of course.

She used to visit all the time.

Her daughter is one of our patients.

Her daughter is dead.

Technically she's in a state
of suspended animation.

Well, not her mother.
Technically, she is dead dead.

She was found in a swamp
outside Alexandria.

BRENNAN: And all the evidence indicates

that she was cryogenically frozen.


We haven't seen Madeline in months.

She used to come here every
Saturday to visit her daughter.

Her daughter who is dead who isn't dead.

Yes, Madeline was dedicated to our cause.

She and I were working on
a proposal for a funding grant.

And then she just disappeared.

We tried to contact her,
but she never answered

her voice mails or texts.

We waived the storage fees for her daughter

until we could locate her.

Man, these tanks are huge.

I mean, why do you need so
much space for one body?

Well, we can store up to five
whole body preservations

in one dewar.

Or a couple dozen neuros.


They remove and freeze the head.

Don't need to know that. Okay.

You know what? You guys
are in the business

of freezing people.
The victim was frozen.

So therefore, I need to shut you down.

God, no.

We have patients to care for.

We have others contracted to come in.

Why aren't you talking to Warshaw?

We've already lodged

a complaint with the police,
and so has Madeline.

Who is Warshaw?
Tripp Warshaw.

He's another cryonicist in Maryland.

He stored patients in his garage.


Wait a second, wait.

Who licenses you guys, Frankenstein?

They're licensed as cemeteries,

which have very little oversight.

Warshaw went out of business.

Blamed us for taking his patients.

Including Madeline's daughter.

He shot out our lock and tried to break in

and sabotage the facility.

I can show you.

All right, look, was he arrested?

No, they said there wasn't enough proof.

But now with Madeline's death?

You should talk to him.


SAROYAN: I'm gonna need you both
to go to CryoNova.

Angela, I'm gonna need you
to access their digital records.

And, Hodgins, I need you to catalog

any drugs and chemicals they used.

Wait, drugs?

They're dead when they're
frozen, aren't they?

Yes, but they keep oxygen circulating

while putting in the cryoprotectants

to save the cellular
integrity of the remains.

And they use propofol to keep the remains

from animating during the process.


You-you mean
like the walking dead?

Yeah, it's actually...

If you say cool, you won't have sex

for, like, a year.


It's totally revolting.

Are you ready?

One second.

Well, the dinner is on, huh?

Does everyone know about this?

It's all we can talk about.
So I'm not the only one who's

a little sensitive around their parents?

Okay, then.

You can cut me a little slack.

This is gonna be fine, right?

Right, 'cause you didn't
make this seem awful at all.

You're not going to make
this easy on me, are you?

guys should probably go.

Parents don't like when the kids are late.


It's gonna be fine.


(quiet laugh)

Madeline Papadelis

was going to place her daughter
in your care originally,

wasn't she, Mr. Warshaw?

Before CryoNova poached her, yeah.

So, you blame them
for your business going under.

All they care about is the bottom line.

I'm all about the science,
and not just cryonics,

but biological immortality.

I'm currently studying the tardigrades,

which are extremophiles.

You-you believe
there's a connection

between them and cellular senescence

as a function of chronological age?

We're all made out of the same stuff.

Ah, hold it there, pal, okay?

I am definitely not made out of
the same stuff as you, trust me.

Actually we're all
carbon-based organisms.

Really? Do we have
to discuss that right now?

It's not the time. So, we looked
at your credit report, Tripp.

It turns out that

every business
that you bought equipment from

is suing you.
I owed money.

Because CryoNova poached all my clients.

Because Madeline backed out.

Her daughter was your last hope.

Wasn't she?

You got angry.
Wouldn't you be angry?

I was working with new
methods, better methods

of cryonic stabilization.

Is that why you shot
your way into CryoNova?

I didn't!

The police never arrested me for that.

I understand someone standing
in the way of new discoveries.

Researchers and professors
often assault one another.

Murder is not unheard of.



Four months ago.
Then she was frozen.

And then discarded

four days ago, when you were finally

supposed to have
your equipment repossessed.

Arastoo has told Armin and
myself a great deal about you.

All good, I hope, Khanome Vaziri.

Don't call me that...


I meant, call me Azita.

You are a surgeon,

Dr. Saroyan?
Oh, please, call me Cam.

I told you, she's a coroner,

which is a very respected profession, Baba.

SAROYAN: I can speak for myself, Arastoo.

So you handle dead bodies, as our son does.


Although he focuses more on bones.

I deal more with tissue
and organs and stuff.

I-It's probably not
dinner conversation.

We're here to get to know
each other, aren't we?

I've told my son I can't imagine

being consumed with death all the time.

SAROYAN: Oh, there's so much more
to our lives than death.

We go to concerts and
museums, and we laugh...

I know that look.

Do you plan on having children?


None of you are getting any younger.

You should apologize.

Now biology is your mother's fault?

I actually already

have a daughter.
She's in college.


You were married before.

No, she's the, um...

child of a man

that I lived with for a few years.

He passed away...

It's, uh, complicated.
I love her

very much, and your son
is wonderful with her.

Funny that he didn't mention

that he had a child in his life.

Perhaps I didn't want
the questions and judgments.

So you keeping secrets...
this is also our fault.

Can I take your order?
Yes, please. Um...

I haven't even looked at the menu yet.

Do you have someplace else to go?

I'll give you another minute.

I imagine Persian food
is quite foreign to you.

SAROYAN: Arastoo is
actually quite a good cook.

His, uh, Ghalieh Mahi is my favorite.

Mamaan taught him.

I'm surprised you like it.

Cultural differences can
sometimes be difficult to...

We get it.

We're too different from each other.
She-she has a child,

our professions are repulsive,
it'll never work.

Well, I love her. And that's all
that matters to me.

(speaking Farsi):
I won't let you two destroy

my relationship with my girlfriend

with your old-fashioned
thoughts, the way you did

with Hamid.
You aren't ashamed when you talk

to me like this?
No, I am not ashamed. Why should I?

No, he didn't destroy;
you guys did it.

Who? We destroyed Hamid's
relationship or Hamid did it

with himself?
Who did it, then?

Arastoo, don't do this!
No, you guys destroyed

his life.
You make me embarrassed

in front of other people.
Let's go.

Just go, be ashamed.

Go. Go.
Um, wow, it was nice to meet you.

Have you been here
all night, Mr. Vaziri?

Most of the night, yeah.

Cam is pretty upset, so...

Because of your parents?


I believe on some level

our parents are supposed
to disappoint us so we can

surpass them and improve the species.

So put your dinner in perspective.

It was an evolutionary necessity.

- I understand you found something?
- I did.

There's an excessive amount of exfoliation

- on this tibia.
- Huh.

There does appear to be
significantly more flaking

on the cortical bone
than I would expect to see.

Did you find it anywhere else?

The metatarsals and tarsals
of the same leg.

The excessive yet isolated exfoliation

indicates a lack of equilibrium

in the vitrification process.

The perfusion of the cryoprotectant

at the time of freezing wasn't completed?

The killer either used equipment

that hadn't been serviced
properly, or he was in a rush.

And the skull?

Dr. Hodgins is still picking
things out of the muck.

If he doesn't find any more bone fragments,

this is all we'll have.

SWEETS: So it turns out Tripp
Warshaw was in Phoenix

when the victim disappeared.

He was working at some longevity institute.

Well, that makes sense,
because ballistics says

the bullet wasn't his.

It was from a gun
owned by the ex-husband?

Yeah. I'm gonna
go talk to him now.


so the deputy director's office

asked me to take a look
at your military record,

factor that into my analysis.

The deputy director?

So it is moving up.

Mm-hmm. You don't seem

too happy about that.
Look, all the reports

that they have me looking at

are from other shootings,
from other agents.

They want to know how
I would have handled them.

Because of your past.

That's probably why they had me

take a look at your military record.

I'm sure there aren't a lot of candidates

with your skill set.


Sit down, Ethan.

Look, you lied to us.

Why didn't you tell us that
your daughter was frozen?

That is nobody's business but mine.
It is my business

when you shoot up
the facility that she was stored in.

She shouldn't be in there.

She should be buried the way God intended.

Why did you lie to me?
Because I've got two strikes,

felony assault, against me.

One more and I'm going away for real time.

What do you think you're going to be facing

when I charge you with
the murder of your ex-wife?

I went in there to get Karine.

To bury her proper.

But have you seen that place?

All those metal things?
I couldn't figure out

how to get my baby out of there.

And when that didn't work out for you,

the only thing left for you
to do was get revenge.

If I couldn't think how to get Karine

out of one of those things,

how the hell could I have
put Madeline into one?

You wanted to see me?

I reviewed the security footage
from CryoNova.

Let me pull it up.

I heard dinner wasn't so good.

Ugh. Dinner would
imply food.

We didn't get that far.

But we're trying to put it all behind us,

so I'd rather not talk about it at work.


Okay, so...

look who Madeline was arguing with

the Saturday before she was killed.

SAROYAN: What are they
arguing about?

There's no sound.

But look at this.

SAROYAN: Holy... Okay,
what is happening?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Madeline was a true believer.

If she caught Noah messing around

with the patients in his charge...

He looks like a monster.

God only knows what he would do.

Madeline caught you sawing into patients

and threatened to turn you in.
Do you know how much

a full body preservation costs?

When that patient's wife died,

payments stopped.
BOOTH: Okay, great.

So what were you doing?
Just sawing up patients

to make room for a new popsicle?

I needed the space, but I
was preserving his brain,

which is really all that matters.

Because by the time we're
able to reanimate people,

we'll be giving them new bodies.

Better bodies.

You were harvesting his organs.

To sell them.

They have done successful
cryo transplants of kidneys.

That's how I got the funds
to keep his brain stored.

Selling body parts,
that's not in your contract.

If Madeline exposed you,

that could destroy your business.

was committed to the work.

She understood the necessity

of keeping the facility solvent.

Look at the last grant proposal
that we worked on together.

It mentions organ sales.
BOOTH: Right. Okay.

So, uh, cutting up people
and selling their parts,

all of a sudden that's a good thing now?

BRENNAN: Well, it could save
people's lives,

if the organs are frozen properly.

- You're on his side now?
- Agent Booth, everything that I do,

my life's work, is dedicated
to preventing death.

I would never kill anyone.

Especially someone as close
to me as Madeline was.

HODGINS: So it has to be
either Tripp Warshaw

or the guys from CryoNova.

Seems reasonable.

Well, the ex-husband's not out.

He studied pre-med in college,
so he's not as dumb

about this whole process
as he wants us to believe.

How does someone
go from pre-med

to having two strikes against them?


Although he's been
in recovery for the past two years.

Well, so he says.

People are not always who they seem to be.

Are we talking about the case now

or are we talking about dinner last night?


You do not give up, do you?
You really have to ask her that?

You know, I felt bad for Arastoo.

He had this notion that
when I met the folks,

it was gonna be all rainbows and unicorns.

That never sounded good to me.

I mean, unicorns, they seem dangerous,

with the horn and everything...

Not really the
point. Sorry.


So they didn't approve of you?

Arastoo wouldn't let it
get that far, I guess.

That's why we left.
You would have stayed?

He knows them.
I don't.

I just, I feel terrible

being the source of all of this hostility.

Isn't this a little sexy, though?

I mean, him defending
your love at any cost?

Wait a minute.

If the husband did freeze Madeline,

he could have put her in a dewar

and the Summers might not have known.

Until new clients needed to be frozen.

Yeah, they'd have to get rid of Madeline

before they were arrested for murder.

HODGINS: Those were the last four bone
fragments buried in the muck.

Nothing more?

Anything else probably sunk into the swamp

or was carried off by predators.

I did find this, though.

It's synthetic
multi-filament thread.


The victim had to

have been injured before she was killed.

There's no record of her
visiting a hospital or a doctor.

Dr. Brennan,
feel this.

I see what you
mean, Mr. Vaziri.

You do?

The hole has curved, smooth edges.

That injury was not caused by
trauma during the body dump.

That part of the skull
was removed surgically.

Yes. This is a cranial perforation
with the express purpose

of placing a microphone
inside the victim's skull.

Wait... what?
To listen for cracking as she froze,

to protect the brain.
They're actually referred to

as crackphones.

This is an excellent find,

Mr. Vaziri.
Wow. Focusing on your work

to avoid personal issues has its rewards.

Yes, I often use work
to avoid my personal life.

Implanting a crackphone
would require great skill.

I doubt the ex-husband
could accomplish this,

even with some medical training.

CryoNova must have audio records
from their crackphones.

Well, doesn't that mean the
other cryo guy, Tripp Warshaw,

would have audio records, too?

BOOTH: All of Warshaw's
equipment was repossessed

and all the bodies that were there,

they were sent to another
company in New York.

And the audio from the crackphones?

Ah, it was all erased when
the equipment was returned.

You're missing a good, old-fashioned
murder, aren't you?

Oh, come on.
Aren't you?

We're all sitting around here, hoping that

someone recorded a confession
into some frozen lady's head.

And that's only if CryoNova kept
their audio files.

The records at CryoNova show
that a family of four came in

seven days ago for processing.
There was a car accident.

So they had to make room for them.

Exactly. One of the dewars had
to be cleaned and prepped.

Well, the crackphones
at CryoNova exist in a sleep mode.

They only get activated when noise is made.

So the audio files still exist.

Yeah. And I don't think CryoNova's
gonna be very happy about it.

I enhanced the audio.

WOMAN: I knew what was going on
with you, bitch.

(wheeled cart rolling)

Sound's like someone's removing
the victim's body

from one of the dewars.

To dispose of it because
new bodies were coming in.

Who is it?

I think this next part
will make that pretty clear.

WOMAN: Noah is mine, not yours.
It's time we finally end this.

Michelle Summers.

Madeline must've been having an affair

with her husband.
Yeah. I think

Mrs. Frankenstein
is your killer.

I knew what was going on with you, bitch.

Noah is mine, not yours.
It's time we finally end this.

Hey, look, that was
time-stamped a week ago

when Madeline Papadelis' body
was dumped in the swamp.

That proves nothing.

I believe I was talking to another employee

as I was prepping one of the dewars.

She was flirting with my husband.

If your job was prepping the dewars,

that means that you knew that
Madeline was being stored there.

Our patients are stored in bags
and suspended upside down.

One of those fibers from the bags
was found on her body.

Your husband and Madeline spent

a lot of time together, didn't they?

We've been through this.

They wrote grant proposals together.

She was helping him raise money.

You know, on our warrant,
we were able to look

not only at your husband's
personal e-mails on his computer

but also CryoNova's.

Yeah, there are
eight e-mails here

where your husband asked
Madeline if they could meet privately.

My husband and I are very much in love.

Really? Because
on these two here,

he asked to meet her at a motel.

And they're all dated four months ago.

When Madeline disappeared,

they worked together closely,
they were falling in love.

You saw an opportunity and you took it.

Tell you what.
If you help us out,

the prosecutor is going to be much more

understanding on you.

I will not be manipulated like this.

I want a lawyer.

Michelle Summers will be released
if we don't find evidence

that links her directly to the murder.

She can be held
for the disposal of the remains.

But our job is to arrest a murderer.

The lack of perimortem
injuries suggests the murderer

was not violent.

The killer took care not to cause her pain.

That doesn't sound like a jealous wife.
I agree,

especially considering she was anesthetized

with chloroform first.

But Michelle Summers was a
professional; she'd know how

to kill someone without leaving

evidence of a violent assault.

That doesn't explain why she took care

to cryogenically preserve the victim.

And why insert the crackphone?

She wouldn't want to reanimate
a woman she hated.

Look at the hole in the temporal

where the crackphone was inserted.

Feel the beveling.

The angle of the incision.

It had to have been made
by a left-handed person.

Michelle Summers
is right-handed.

I don't understand.

Her husband must be left-handed.

No one else would take such care
after a murder.

Because, to him, this wasn't a murder.

We know it was you who froze her.


We rewatched the video of you
removing the frozen kidney,

and we noticed something.

In order to vitrify a patient,

you have to perform
a median sternotomy, isn't that correct?

- So?
- Closing that incision requires stitches.

Like these.

So you used a distinctive,

complicated style of suturing:

the Interrupted Vertical Mattress Suture.

I'm not the only doctor
who does interrupted sutures.

No, but being left-handed,

you're the only one at CryoNova
who knots each suture

on the left side as opposed to the right

as well as using a surgical knot
instead of a simple reef.

Quite distinctive.
Like I said, you killed her.

She wasn't dead.

I would never kill her.

Right, you just wanted
to keep her really cold.

Your wife found out when
those new clients came in.

She dumped her in that swamp.
Michelle killed her.

I loved Maddie.

She understood my work,

we spent every day together writing grants.

But she didn't love you, did she?

I-I could have revived her.

And her daughter.

Maybe it would have taken
ten years or so, but...

when she came back, she
would've grown to love me.

She just needed time.

♪ I'm sitting on a gold mine

♪ And all I gotta do is dig

♪ But I'm waiting on

♪ A landslide.

(doorbell rings)


Azita, Armin.

We were going to call you,

but didn't know whether
you'd hang up or not.

Oh, of-of course not.

Uh, come in. I'm actually,
I'm just making some tea.

Ah, thank you.

Who was at the...?


Are you going to have a fit
and walk out again

because I'm staying for tea?

We know how you feel.
Did you forget an insult or two?

Why don't we all sit?

You don't know how we feel, Arastoo,

'cause you never stop judging us to notice.

You've always been a hothead.

Ah, here we go.
Yes, here we go.

Growing up, you were always
making the wrong decisions,

getting into trouble.

But you've grown into
such a wonderful man...

so successful, so fine.

Whatever made you think we
didn't notice you'd grown up?

You're making Cam cry, Azita.

It's okay.

But the other night,
with all the questions...



Clearly, you're with a wonderful woman,

so brave to raise a child on
her own, so accomplished.

You have good judgment, Arastoo.

And excellent taste.

You're not a teenager anymore.

Let us be proud of you.
Let us be happy for you.

I'm sorry.

You should be.

You look very comfortable in those clothes.

I imagine you spend a lot of time here.

Azita, it's none of our business.

And she's wearing Arastoo's shirt.

I cannot accept everything, Armin.
Can we at least have

our tea before you start talking
about marriage?


Usually when a man introduces
a woman to his parents...

You didn't think
that was an important fact?

That's not how I feel.

Someplace inside, you knew.

Why don't you grab the tea?

I'm-I'm gonna go
grab a Scotch.

Good idea.


BRENNAN: Sweets said that now the deputy
director is reviewing you

for the promotion.

Yeah, that's what he told me, too.

Why wouldn't you mention that?

Because nothing's definite yet,
Bones, that's why.

Booth, you don't have
to worry about me. We can do this.

There are many places I
could work over there.

In two years, Christine could be bilingual.

Wait a second.

Now you're just, you're getting
way ahead of yourself here.

You always tell me that I'm too rational,

that dreaming is good.

I'm not sure this is such a good dream.

I mean, from the military angle,

them having me review all these shootings

and they've been looking
at my skill sets...

Your gut is telling you
something, isn't it?


The base over there...

it's a staging ground
for counterterrorism activity

and covert operations.

You think they might be asking
you to be a sniper again?

I won't do it.

I have a new life.
I have a family.

They can't make me do that again.

You don't have to do anything
you don't want to, Booth.


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