Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 2 - The Cheat in the Retreat - full transcript

A dead man is identified and was last seen at a couples retreat where he was with a woman other than his wife. Booth and Bones attend the retreat undercover to find evidence. Cam's identity is stolen. Sweets takes a break from his job.

Bobcats, in the city.

Habitat's just over those hills.

Who doesn't like
to come into town

for a nice meal
every now and then, hmm?

I thought this job this job
was about dogs and cats.

Well, it's just like a cat,
named Bob.

Look, bobcats are more scared
of us than we are of them.

Oh, my God.

There it is.

Wait till you
see the teeth

on these suckers.

Come on, come on.
Hey, hey.

You can always
get laid with a story

about catching
a bobcat.

Now slowly go
behind the Dumpster.

I-I got him!

Okay, now hand
him over.

Get a sample of what
he was feeding on,

in case he gets sick.

Hurry up!

There's a lot
of stuff here.

If he craps in this van,
you're cleaning it up.

I got it.

He was feeding
on this.

Okay... and now you're going to
learn about paperwork.

This is the third letter
I've gotten

from a collection agency.

They probably just mixed you up
with someone else.

No, they all have my
Social Security number,

correct address...

But I know I didn't buy

a portable tool shed
for $1,800.

It's nice,
riding in together.

Easier than going back
to separate places.

That was subtle.

And now that you have that tool shed,
we'd have plenty of room.

Oh, man, now what?

With this car,
it could be anything.

Hey! I got the taillight
fixed, and the exhaust.

Well, you definitely
weren't speeding.

I don't think you
could in this thing.

License and
registration, sir.

Of course.

Excuse me, Officer,

can I ask why you
pulled us over?

Doesn't really
concern you, ma'am.

Why don't you sit back

while your boyfriend
does what I asked?

"Boyfriend"? Okay.

I think it's pretty clear
why you pulled us over.


He was driving
erratically, ma'am.

Uh, no, he was
driving while brown.

Let it go, Cam.

I'd listen
to him, ma'am.

What is it?

Did you do a little time
in the Middle East, maybe?

You didn't like
the way he looked?

Or maybe me?

I.D., ma'am.
Oh, seriously?


I am the Head of
the Forensic Division

at the Jeffersonian

And I am on my way
to a case, so...

Let it go.
It's a stupid ticket.

No. I will not let
something like this go,

and neither should you.

You know
there's a fine line...

outstanding for check fraud,

credit card fraud and
grand theft-- arrest on sight. allowed to pull
you over for no reason?

Out of the car!

Out of the car.

Oh! Oh, my God...

What is going on?
What the hell is going on?

Camille Saroyan,
step out of the car.


Turn around and step
away from the car, please.


You're under arrest for check
and credit card fraud, and grand theft.

No, there must be some mistake.

I'd stay out of this
if I were you, buddy.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law.
You have the right

to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,

an attorney will be
appointed for you...

Look, I can't believe
anyone would think

she was capable
of check fraud.

Of course
she's capable.

What are you
talking about?

I don't believe she did it.

But she certainly has
the intellectual acumen for it.

Okay. You definitely
should not be a character witness.

Whoa. No hazardous
waste accepted...

What is this?

Wow, bobcat feast.

Judging by the use of debris

to cover the remains
between feedings,

our victim's been here
at least six hours.

Hey, is Cam out of
the hoosegow yet?

I called in

a favor, had the bail
hearing moved up.

She should be out
in a few hours.

Whoa, hello.

Puncture marks on
the head of the humerus

indicate that the bobcat severed

the arms from the body.

- What's that smell?
- Oh, yeah.

Bobcats? They mark
their feeding area

with urine and,
if you're lucky, feces.

Look, was this guy alive
when he was ripped apart?

I mean, is this something
we should be even involved in?

If Dr. Saroyan wasn't
incarcerated, she'd note that

the decomposition of this tissue

indicates that the victim
was dead six to 12 hours before

the bobcat started feeding.
So it was a body dump.

Have you found the skull,
Dr. Hodgins?


Bobcats often carry their food

into trees
to consume it.

Well, there we go.

Yep. Our animal friends
are so predictable.


It's your lucky day, Bug Boy.


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The Cheat in the Retreat
Original Air Date on September 23, 2013

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The extensive
number of fractures

evident on these X-rays

indicate blunt force trauma
as cause of death.

Yeah, lots of blunt force
and lots of trauma,

by the looks of it.

And completed ossification
of the clavicle

indicates the victim
was in his early 30s, and...


Yeah, sorry.

I'm still...

it was like Cam was daring
the cop to bust her.

Was the cop racist?

You could take it
that way, yeah.

Racism is racism.

Right, sweetie?

Oh. I have found,
as a Caucasian,

if I enter into any kind of
debate like this,

the non-Caucasians, like you
and Arastoo, yell at me,

as if I represent
all white people.

I tend to represent all Muslims.

I tend to represent
all hot women.

I don't know if you can classify

"hot women" as a race.
Excuse me?

I'm about to breach security,
so if one of you could...


What's wrong with your card?
The same thing that's wrong with

my credit cards,
my bank card,

the reason why
my online

stock trading account's
been frozen...

You trade in the stock market?

Apparently, I've been the victim
of identity theft.

You got arrested

because someone else
broke the law?

Using my identity, yes.

And it's still happening.

But I really don't want

to deal with this at work,

so let's drop it, okay?

What do you mean,
it's still happening?

Until they catch whoever

stole her identity, they can...

This is not dropping it.

The brain seems
to be the only organ

that the bobcat
didn't get at.

Okay, with all this damage,

the facial reconstruction
is gonna take a while.

The victim has areas
of very dense bone

around his pelvis
and vertebral spine.

Also, calcification

of the lateral

and medial
collateral ligaments.

Skeletal fluorosis?

How is that possible?

There's no evidence
of bone deformation.

Early stages.

And extremely rare
in North America.

Any diagnosed cases

would be reported to
the Department of Public Health.

Very good, then, Mr. Vaziri.

If our victim sought treatment
in the U.S.,

it means he's registered.

Hey. Sweets.

Got an identity
on the victim.

He was single, right?
His clothes

and his lack of ring...

Blue collar?

Management consultant.
Also, Korean.

I got everything wrong?
Well, you know what?

Not everything. I mean,
you did say that he was a guy.


Come on, you know,

everybody has a bad day.
You know what you do?

You just gotta walk it off,
all right, buddy?

Get back in the game.

Adam Pak.

Is there anything in the
missing persons database?


So, then, why didn't
his wife report him missing?

Well, that's your department.
Come on, let's go! Get into it.

It's time to, you know,
regain your self-respect...

Oh, look at that.

Noodle soup.

"Asian Noodle Fun."
That's good.

Wait, those are
my noodles.

They're mine now.

Adam's... dead?

Are you sure it's him?

God, I can't... oh...

You'll be
all right.

Just deep breaths,
in and out.

What's wrong with her?

I think we'll find

that Mrs. Pak suffers from

a panic disorder,
am I correct?

No, I'm just
trying not to cry.

Okay, when was the last time
you saw your husband?

Three days ago.

He left on a business trip
to Thailand.

He was a management consultant.

Um, lots of international
clients, so he...

he travels a lot.

Did you speak to him
while he was away?

- Last night.
- I bet he calls you

every night when he's away,
doesn't he?

No, I called him.

Any reason why

you would call him?

I heard someone downstairs.

I thought it was Adam,

so I called to make sure.

He told me I was imagining
things, like always.

And then h-he hung up and
I called the security company.

I bet they told you

that you were right
to call, though.

No, they think
I'm crazy nervous.

I called them three
or more times

during the night.
Mrs. Pak,

you realize that
your husband,

he wasn't killed
in Thailand.

He was found here
in the United States.

Can you think of any reason,
you know, I don't know,

why he would lie to you?

I mean, he must have
had a good reason.

But you were here
all of last night?

Like I told you.
If you don't believe me,

ask the security company.

What will I do without Adam?

What do you got?

Advice about
identity theft.

but no thanks.

I found traces
of agricultural lime

on the victim's

I'm guessing you're not
talking about a fruit.

It's a substance

used to make acidic soil
more habitable for plants.

How common is it?
It's fairly common.

And a recent study
in Tennessee

showed that the presence
of agricultural lime

actually increases
bobcat visitation rates.

So the lime attracted
the bobcat to his remains.

There are warrants out
for your arrest.

Your credit score's
gonna flat line.

You're not gonna
be able to get money

out of an ATM,

your assets are going
to end up being frozen...

I also found Chironomidae

from the nematoceran
fly family...

And soil.

Soil with a...
it's a very high acidic ratio

and greater clay
subsoil component.

Can you cross-reference?


There's only one place

where these both coexist...

it's on Native American
tribal land in Virginia.

Our Korean victim was killed
on an Indian reservation?

Your wages will be garnished.

You need a lawyer.

I'm pretty sure

I can handle this on my own.

You got blocked from
the forensic platform.

You need a lawyer.

And one that's gonna trust
you because he trusts me.

Thank you.

Thank you.

If I leave now,

you're not gonna come up
with another clue, are you?

I'm all out.

I should probably leave

before Booth gets home.

Yes, you should.


Angela, you're being
very mean to him.

Anger is a reasonable response.

Why aren't you
mad at him?

I mean, he forces you
to propose to him,

he accepts,

and then he
changes his mind.

He has his reasons.

Yeah? What reasons?

I don't know.

Then why aren't you
angry at him?

I don't know why Mars
lost its magnetic field.

I'm not angry at Mars.

That's fine, I'll be
angry at both Booth

and Mars for you.



Bye, sweetie.


Good-bye. That's the best word
I've heard all day.

So, part of the Indian tribal
land is being leased

to a company called
New Dawn Retreat.

What's that?
It's a marriage retreat.

Get this, okay?

One of the registered couples
was under the name

of Adam and Kelly Pak.

But the victim's wife
was at home and...

her name is Emma.

Getting permission

for the FBI to go
onto tribal land--

that takes months, you know?

And this marriage retreat
is over in two days.

By that time, any witnesses will
have left the retreat.

And possibly the killer.

So, you know what I'm thinking?



Buck and Wanda.

Not Buck and Wanda.

This is a job for...

Tony, Roxie.

Tony and Roxie.

Okay, you've got it, big boy!
How you doin', baby?

Yeah, how you doin'?
No, no, no, it's-it's, "How you doin'?"

How ya doin'?
No, you're using your nose too much.

You'll be joining our
introductory group;

people like yourselves
who are finally brave enough

to confront their problems.

Oh, no, no,
we got no problems.

Oh, we got
problems, Tony.

What are you talking about?
Come on...

Slow down.

I think we fit pretty good

in all the right places, huh?

Without opening
your hearts

and letting love
bathe the pain,

you'll never grow
to the oneness

you need to flourish.

Look at them.

Look how united they are.

Everybody, slow down!

We don't have to do
any of that stuff, huh?

That's an advanced

Those couples have already taken
both the introductory

and intermediate

They got problems,
you know advanced problems.

Well, lots and lots
of money for you,

I imagine,
Mr. Little River.

All right,
take it easy on him,

okay, Roxie?

Listen, the guy's
trying to run a business.

He likes helping people.

All feeling
and no brains, this one.

The majority of the money goes
back into the facility

and for research
into the psycho-structure

of interpersonal

Okay, one thing
I don't understand

is this guy right here.

Then perhaps you use your head

too much...

Slow down.

...and your heart not enough.

You know,
he makes a good point.

Just saying, Bones.


Okay, stop-- just keep
the act up, will ya?

Hemorrhagic staining on the
inside of the frontal bone.

Perimortem fractures
to the skull, ribs,

pelvis and the proximal end
of both femurs.

Brittle bones.

That would account for the
severity of the fractures.

Making it hard to determine
the true force

with which he was struck.

Which makes it tough to
determine what he was hit with.


The manager at
my bank can't help.

He's gonna have to freeze
all the accounts

until this is worked out.

And your credit cards?

All canceled. All of them.

What about Hodgins' lawyer?
I didn't think I'd need him.

Why do you always
refuse help?

You need him. And I'll give you
some money until...

No, thank you.

But I can take care
of this myself.




So I guess you won't
let me pay for dinner either.

Can I at least suggest
a Dumpster

that you might enjoy,
behind the supermarket?

I never should have
brought this up at work.

Of course not.
That's for normal people.

I just, I need
to focus on the case.

Something I can control.

You understand.

I do.



so here's what
I got so far.

Based on the angles
of the segmented fracture

in the left femur, I realized

there's a dual directionality
to the victim's injuries.

Basically, he was smacked
from one direction

and then smacked from the other
direction almost simultaneously.

So, two assailants?

That complicates things.

Yeah. That should take your mind
off your problems for a while.

We're supposed to be
doing our exercises

even if Shaman Little River
isn't here.

He said.

So you're the perfect one,
like always.

Word of advice, pet,

if you want to live to our age,
take a breath.

What, you think

we make 72 look good?

Well, maybe you're
in your 70s, old man,

but I am...

Look, the boys have got
marriage problems, Evelyn.

They're not blind.


this is Tony and Roxie Scallion.

How you doin'?

How you doin'?

How's it going, eh?
How are ya?

What's your problem, kids?
Too beautiful?

Oh, thank you.
You flatter.

We talked about
your hostility, Evelyn.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Oh, thank you, Shaman.
Kelly and Adam Pak aren't here.

I went to their tent
to check, but wanted

to start anyway,
like you said.

Of course he did.

The world would stop spinning

if you weren't a good boy.

His behavior has nothing
to do with the rotation of the earth, doll.

I like her.

So, who are the Paks?

Oh, they make all of us
look happily married.

Let's not worry
about other people, Evelyn.

Whoa, slow down, okay?

Didn't you say that we could
learn from each other, okay?

What were their problems?

Kelly thought Adam was holding
something back from her.

And I agree. He had secrets.
You could tell.

Everyone has something they're
afraid to tell their partner.

But if you find
the courage to open up,

it's always for the best.

Tony has secrets from me.


That must be very painful
for you.


Ah! What is it, Tony,

getting a little something
on the side?

Okay, all right,
you know what?

We don't have to start
with me first.

Oh, no, no, no.

Out with it, Tony.

Come on, huh?

I have a secret
that I'll share.

That's beautiful.

Thank you.

I never told you how much

I dislike it when you wear

that beer hat in the bath.

You look foolish,

and sometimes it makes me think
that I married a child.

You're kidding me right?

No, Tony, I ain't.

We'll talk about the hat

after you lose
that stupid African

fertility statue
out of the bedroom.

You know what?
On top of it,

you know, you should
cut off his...

We don't use anger here.

But it's an
exquisite carving.

I find it inspirational.

I love this girl.

In my experience...

petty issues like this

usually mask a larger secret.

Like the money you don't
tell me you spend.

Oh, my God. Once!

That was one time.

And you love the canoe!

So don't, don't start.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I am so, so, so sorry
I'm late.

That's okay.
Where's Adam, Kelly?

I don't know.

We got into a huge fight
last night,

and he just ran off.

I've been calling and calling,
but he's not answering.

Because it's finished.

I'll take her picture
so we can I.D. her.

Maybe we should call
the cops.

I've seen this a hundred times.

Working on a relationship is
a difficult thing.

And you both have
tempers, lovey.

He'll be back.

Until then...

...let the group soothe you.

One heart.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, one heart.
You like that.

Here we go.

Roxie, Tony,
It's time to meld.

Bring it in here,
big guy.

I don't think so.

A great couple
of melders you are.

There we are.

Oh, you, hey!

One heart.

We're actually talking
eight hearts here.

Most damage was
confined to his pelvis

and upper femurs,
anterior and posterior.

The front of his pants contained
tree bark and pine needles.

But there was also
a bunch of refuse

from the gardeners
in the Dumpster,

so I'm sorting through it now
for genus and species.

As soon as you can.

I'd like to give Cam
some good news.

Is it true that the prosecutor
is going ahead

with the case against her?

To the banks and the credit card

she's just
an account number.

They're not gonna drop
the charges until they

get proof it wasn't her.

What did the lawyer say?
You know Cam.

She wanted to take
care of it herself.

I like the idea of
separating the boys and girls.

It would be fun to have
a little girl talk.

Oh, I don't know.

We've been to a lot
of these.

I don't like being
away from Bill.

After 38 years,
that's pretty good.

Whoa! We have our fights,
but I can't imagine

life without this old bat.

You wrinkled old fart.

So why do you keep coming
to these things?

Well, we get to travel,
we're together

and we get to watch
all these crazy bastards.

So, Kelly Pak is probably
very entertaining, huh?

Oh, you don't know
the half of it.

Wait till we all
sweat together.

Sweat? All sweat?

Yeah, we, uh, sweat over here.

Sweat over here?

Sweat over there.

Shaman Little River says
we come in here

to sweat out the toxins
that can cause emotional pain.

Well, he's wrong.
You can't sweat out toxins.

A sweat lodge can actually
cause your kidneys

to retain water, preventing your body
from eliminating toxins.

How on earth
do you know all that?

Um, reading...
you know, the magazines

you find at the checkout counter
at the grocery store?

That's how I know that whole
sweat-toxin thing

is whole lot of New Age crapola.

I mean,
if that's true,

what are we doing in here?
I mean, I'm roasting.

Well, traditionally, it's used
to call on our ancestors

to help and guide us
through difficulty.

Peyote is sometimes used
to facilitate this.

Oh, I would never take drugs.

You sure could use something

to chill out that temper
of yours, sweetie,

if you want
to keep a man.

Adam will be back.

Are those tears or sweat, doll?

I don't want to talk about it.

You having a seizure, love?

I'm calling on Kelly's ancestors

to help her talk.

Oh, not... not my mother.

Oh, please, not my mother.

Ali-Frazier was
the best fight of all time

Oh, you're on crack.

Excuse me. We're in here
for a reason.

I agree with Tony.

Two undefeated champs slugging
it out for the belt-- oh!

Winner take all.

Best fight ever!

You're comparing this
to Rumble in the Jungle?

Ali hired Larry Holmes
to pound on him

so he could take punches
from Foreman.

It was a slugfest.

you know?
There was no artistry.

We're supposed

to be talking
about our relationships.

Yeah, we are, son.

Talking about our relationship
with boxing.

You're all wrong!

Hagler-Hearns, 1985,

is the greatest fight ever.

Hagler throws 42 punches

to Hearns's 56
in the first round alone!

Only three rounds total,
and in the end, Hagler,

bleeding, knocks out Hearns
to secure his legacy

as the greatest
middleweight ever.

Eight minutes
of toe-to-toe

bloody magic-- no contest!


if we could
apply to our relationships

a fraction of the focus

that we do to boxing,
we wouldn't need

to be sweating in here,
now, would we?

Fair enough.
Yeah, all right.

You know what relationship
I'm really interested in?

Is that, uh, who is that,
Kelly and, uh...


Oh, bad.

Bad, huh? How bad?

- Yeah, they had secrets.
- Secrets?

You don't know that.
I know.

They said they'd just
gotten married, right?

But there was
no newlywed vibe.

Even we had
a newlywed vibe.

Well, you still do.

But we're talking
about Kelly now, so...

I agree, we still do.

Well, you're just saying that
because we're sweating.

Uh, no, I'm not.

I love you.

Oh, guys... oh...

I think Adam was
having an affair.

Kelly was crazy jealous.

Real Housewives jealous.

Adam kept telling me

how much he loved me.

All the time.

Your ancestors want me
to ask you

if Adam ever showed you
how much he loved you?


Yeah, they-they want you
to talk...

um... oh!

Yeah, especially your mother.

I thought
he loved me.

But he wouldn't leave
his damn wife.

The things I said to him.

And did.

I hurt him so bad.

I-I didn't mean to.

I swear, I love Adam.

You look nowhere
near ready to leave.

Oh, what time is it?

I got lost
researching Kelly Pak,

who, of course,
is not Kelly Pak,

but in actuality is
really Kelly Goodman.

Wow, that takes

bringing your mistress
to a couples retreat?

Yeah, Booth said they were
working out their anger issues.

What are these?

Oh. Shh. Quiet.


I saw Cam's name.

And bank statements.


Well, I'm looking
for the fake Cam.

Well, great.
Why the secrecy?


You know how Cam is.

Do you know
how fabulous you are?

Well, I had to
do something.

Unfortunately, it's easier

to find the Higgs
boson than it is

to recover a
stolen identity.

Mmm, nice Higgs reference.

Hey, you noticed.

I'm gonna keep trying.

So, what's all this money?
Is that fake, too?


This is real and it has
nothing to do with Cam.

These are Kelly Goodman's
bank statements

over the last year.

And that is a wire transfer

for over 900 grand

she received five months ago

from the estate of
her last boyfriend.


Yeah, he died.

But not before he
changed his will.

Two dead boyfriends
back to back.

Looks like Kelly Goodman never
worked on those anger issues.

I found fracturing
around the bony wall socket

of the victim's two
upper front teeth.

Well, I'm not
an expert on everything,

but doesn't that happen
when your teeth knocked out?

They weren't knocked out,
they were yanked out.

No roots.

Maybe his mistress tortured him

for his financial passwords

before killing him.

No, you don't need to torture

to get passwords. Ask Cam.

Thanks for the lawyer.
Cam's all cheered up.

It's still gonna
take months.

You know? Maybe even years.


She doesn't even have
money for dinner.

Trust me, man, okay?

Thanks to Pelant, I know

what it's like
to lose everything.

I asked you here because, uh,

I found this lodged
in the teeth.

Well, I'll check it out.

She's gonna be okay,
Arastoo, okay?

Just maybe not
in the next few days.

Or... weeks.

I get it.

Leave? You can't leave.

You think about
leaving every day.

No, I don't.

I'm not at the top
of my game right now,

so please don't lie to me.

All right, fine.
I think about leaving.

There you go.

But I'm a wild,
free spirit artist-type

with wanderlust,

and you're
a tight-assed geek boy

who doesn't really fit in
anywhere but here.

No offense.

I got into psychology
to help people.

And you are.

No, I'm...

I mean individuals.

Not just law enforcement.

I'm supposed to be a healer.

You remember last year,

that young girl who was raped?

She came to me for help.

What did I do?

I referred her to someone else.

That's helping.

It's delegating.

- Sweets.
- Sweets, please tell me

that Kelly killed
her last boyfriend.

Actually, he died
in a car accident.

She was nowhere near the scene.

Hey, look, what
about Shaman Touchy Feely?

Uh, oh, get this.

Shaman Little River

is actually named
Jeremy Brewster.

He changed his name
ten years ago.

Good work, Sweets.

Don't patronize me.
I'm relaying a message.

There's no psychological
insight involved here.

Sweets, relax.
I'm just record-keeping.

Okay, why'd he change his name?
Maybe he was unhappy

with the non-integration
of his childhood personae.


Just check his file.

There's got to be a reason.
Okay, well...

He had priors.

DUIs, assault, money fraud.

Thank you. Assault.

All right? He has a temper.

Listen, you're just freaking out
because Pelant hacked

into all your research
on all of us

and then used it against us.

You feel guilty.

Thank you, Dr. Montenegro.

Where'd you get your degree
in psychology again?

The same place you got
that degree in sarcasm.

Listen, we all
feel responsible.

But we're not running away.

I'm not running away, okay?

I'm trying to get back
to the real world.

Start helping people.

Be a psychologist again.

Get my hands dirty.

This is an exercise
of trust and communication.

One of each couple will don
this protective suit,

which includes the blindfold.

The other will talk
his or her spouse

through the course.

But first,

choose who's gonna do what.

Suit 'em.

Right... over here.
One suit over here for him.

No, I'll-I'll wear that one.
Right here.

Ease up. Step over that log.
That's it, honey.

Right over there... oh!

Oh, wow...

♪ I can't believe

♪ That he found
something so broken... ♪

Oh, sweetheart.

Come on.
Are you okay, honey?

You okay?

You can do it.
We can do it.

♪ Mississippi was gray
that Thursday from ♪

♪ January to May,
I must have found... ♪


♪ A different way to go,
I found... ♪

Get up!

Stop, Mark! Come back!


♪ To go back home...

Keep walking, doll, okay?

And go!

Great, great!

Yeah, yeah, Tony!

Oh, perfect, yay!

Jump and jump!

Go, Tony! Good!

Yay, Tony!

They're swinging poles.

Okay? On my count.

One, two, three!


Tony! Tony!

Are you okay?

Oh, my God!

Tony, are you okay?

I said, you know,
with a slight hesitation,

not the full body blow.

Booth, the victim was hit

from both directions
at the same time.

I think this could be
the murder scene.

Great. A little help here,
Roxie, huh?

Get me up!

Come on, this is...
I got it.

Geez, just roll it over.

I'm trying, Tony.

Just roll it over
like a manicotti.

Feel the stuffed shell, baby.

That's it.


That's right.
Mm-hmm, FBI.

And I am also a very

forensic anthropologist

who convinced you I was Roxie

because of my superb
acting skills.

That's enough, Bones.

You have no jurisdiction here.


Okay, was that
your big plan, huh, pal?

Huh? Kill anyone you want
because we have no jurisdiction?

What are you talking about?

Adam Pak was killed here.

I didn't do it.

I'm a healer, not a killer.

A healer?
You're Jeremy Brewster.

And you have a record.

Okay, I'm sort of a fraud.

But I've read all
the self-help books.

I give them
what they need.

My clients, they get
their money's worth.

Well, maybe Adam found out
who you really were.

That gives you great motive
to keep him quiet.

The evidence suggests

he was killed
on your obstacle course.

You know, I don't have
to talk to you.

No, you don't have
to say a word.

As long as you don't
leave this land.

But the second
you step off,

you're all ours.

Okay, okay.

Adam and Kelly,

they were both insane.

He confessed to me
that he was married.

Made me promise
not to tell anyone.

Then Kelly started coming on
to me to make Adam jealous.

They need real help.

I could only imagine

what would happen
if his wife found out.

We're gonna keep
an eye on you, Jeremy.

Please don't tell
them about me.

I've got a good business
going here-- honest.

It's stuck, Booth.

All right, you got to get
me out of this.

I'm a ball of
sweat in here.

Oh, you didn't have
to do this, Arastoo.

It's nothing-- I stole it.

That way if you go to prison,
we can share a cell.

Hodgins' lawyer said
I have to hire

a forensic accountant to dig

through all
the fraudulent records.

This could take months.

My salary's gonna have to go

into an escrow account.

What happened to "innocent
until proven guilty"?

I feel like I'm back in Iran.


So, based on the data and the
photos from Brennan and Booth,

there is no way that the
gauntlet is the murder weapon.

There isn't enough speed
behind the pendulum swing

and the fracture
patterns don't match.

Of course, why did
I expect good news?

Good news!

Okay, don't play
with me, Dr. Hodgins.

The results on the wood splinter

from the victim's teeth are in.

It's oak.

Same splinters they found
on his clothes.

Yes, but there are traces of sap
still present in these.

Is that important?

Well, it means that the
sliver's from a living tree.

Now, check this out.

These are oak trees

in the southeast corner
of the reservation.

Right at the edge of the
New Dawn Retreat property.

Yeah, now
that whitish gray substance

on the overgrown grass,

that is agricultural lime.

Adam Pak died in this
part of the reservation.

This is the murder scene.

This tree has sustained

significant damage to its bark.

Look, Booth, these are teeth.

This is the murder weapon.
Oh, ho, ho, ho, wait a second here.

Look at this, huh?

Keys, yeah, these
could be the victim's

or the killer's.

Even with skeletal fluorosis,
Adam's injuries are

not consistent
with just running into a tree.

Something propelled him
into the tree with great force.

Yeah, like a car?

I mean, come on,
look at these.

Huh? Is it a coincidence

that these tire tracks go
right up to the murder tree?

Oh, look at this, huh?

Driveway gravel.

You seem awfully sure.
Yeah, and it's red, too, okay?

It's the same
red driveway gravel

that I saw
at Emma Pak's house.

I'm bringing her in.

The tree is a match
and so are the teeth.

Yeah, I heard.

Are you okay?

I just got another letter

from a collection agency.

This one says I owe $36,000.

Whoever's using my name
has spent hundreds

of thousands of dollars.

You knew there'd be more.

She's ruined my good name.

No, not... not here.

Let's make an exception.

I grew up in the South Bronx.

I've been working
since I was 11 years old.

I know.

Valedictorian in my high school,

full academic scholarship
through med school,

I interned at two of the best
hospitals in the country.

I know your story.

I was the youngest coroner
in New York City.

And now...

You're here.

Running the most respected
lab in the country.

And somebody has stolen
that from me.


Stolen everything

I have worked
my whole life for.

Not even close.
I am this far away

from debtor's prison.

They don't have that anymore.

I might lose my house.

All of that is true...

but none of it is really you.

You're just saying that
because you love me.

I do.

I don't know what else
you want me to say.

Look, I-I didn't know
he was cheating on me, I swear.

We got a dead body, okay?

And your driveway gravel

puts you at the scene
of the crime.

That's impossible.
I never left my house.

Look, ask the security company.
My guess is

you called security to give yourself
an alibi that night.

- Who thinks like that?
- Murderers.

That's who thinks like that.

You didn't learn anything

about your relationship
with Booth?

I wasn't there
with Booth.

Roxie was there with Tony.


Did Roxie
learn anything

about her relationship
with Tony?

Shaman Little River
is a fraud, Angela.

He has no wisdom
to impart.

You, a trained

immersed yourself
in a specific culture

and you
learned nothing?

I did realize that,

compared to others,

Booth and I have
a very good relationship.

So you learned nothing.

There's something

What is that?


Given the location,
it could be from the car

that hit Adam Pak
from behind

and propelled him
into the tree.

You manipulated me into
answering that question

by exploiting
my professional ego.

God, the old Brennan
never would've seen that.

Oh, gotta run.

Okay, here you go.


Uh, digital
and hard copies.

What's this?
Well, I figure

why pay a forensic accountant
when you've got me?

I don't believe it.

And I don't
bill by the hour,

so I won't
waste your time.

Wh... Angela, you're too busy.

I didn't want you to do this.

Yeah, I know.

Because you're insane.

You've got friends here, Cam.

People who love you.


It's not a burden
for any of us to help you.

It's time you start
accepting that.

I just didn't
want people to...

Yeah, we don't need
to hear the reasons.

Okay, so...

these are all the
fraudulent accounts

that have been opened
or used in your name

within the last 90 days.

I mean, it's just a start,
but it's something.

How did you...?

I looked in a few places
I wasn't supposed to be looking.

I won't get
into the details.

I just thought,

since you were
the good guy...

Oh, don't cry.

No, I won't.


Thank you.

The particulate you found
was a chrome alloy.

From a car?

I can be even
more specific.

You see, over
the last 50 years, right,

the auto industry
has changed

the chrome alloy composition
it uses on cars.

The composition of the
particulate from the victim

proves that the car
that hit Adam Pak

was manufactured
prior to the 1970s.

So, a vintage car.
Give me some time,

I can track down the make.

You can have
all the time you want,

but I think I might know.

The Schumachers drive
a 1965 van.

The Schumachers?

I did not see that coming.
Should've known.


Why? Because they're
like the world's greatest couple.

I mean, what were they doing
at that couples' retreat?

I'm the shrink!
I should have thought of that.

Okay, what did
you find out?

Well, the Schumachers

went to four different
couples' retreats

where one of
the other guests said

that their place
was broken into.

That's good information.

Come on, it's not
psychological insight.

It's just...
checking records.

It's not my job.
Look, the Schumachers...

you know what?
They know their victims, okay?

They steal their keys
and they break into their houses.

So it was the Schumachers

that Emma Pak heard
at the house that night.

They got the key, they showed up at
the house to rob it

'cause they thought
Kelly was the wife, right?



I left a letter on your desk.

No, no.

I have some leave
I haven't taken.

What do you mean, leave?

It'll be like a vacation.


some time.

Just to clear my head.

No, I don't like this.

I need time.

Okay. Time.

Thank you.

We found blood
in the back of your van.

Well, yeah, that's from his head,
where Evelyn smacked him.

Yeah, after
he attacked Bill.

Yeah, after
he had slapped Evelyn

when he caught her returning
his house key to the tent.

And Bill karate-chopped him
in the throat.


Right... What...
what did you smack him with?

Okay, you carry this
around with you?

An old lady alone
in the world?

I call that
my equalizer.


You know, we thought
Pak was dead.

Bundled him into the van

and looked to dump
him somewhere.

Yeah, but he woke up

and tried to make
a run for it.

So you ran him over.

God, this...

this guy knows everything,
doesn't he?

Your mother must
be so proud.

Okay, a little word of advice:

When you go to
the courts, you know,

try to look...
sorry, you know?

It helps.

Well, that's gonna be hard.

I mean, the man
brought his mistress

to a married
couples' retreat.

No one's gonna
cry for him.

Marriage means something.


are you really married
to that sweetheart

you brought to the retreat, huh?

Okay, what if I say "no"?
You gonna hit me

over the head and run me over?


It's obvious you love her.

Yeah, the way
she looked at you...

you can't fake that.
No, no.

- Marry her, big boy.
- Oh, come on, look...

I am not gonna take some advice

from a couple of
house-robbing murderers.

Then take advice
from a couple

who've loved each other
for 38 years.

Oh, hey...

we're gonna be able

to bunk together
in prison, right?

Oh, of course, pet.

They can't break us up.

You know that.

You didn't tell
the Schumachers

that they'd be
separated in prison?

Well, you know,
I didn't have the heart

to do that, I just...

All right, Bones,

why are we doing this?
The guy was a fraud.

Although I don't believe
in the shaman's

"fluctuating fields
of force" exercise,

I do believe in biological

electrical impulses.
Okay, come on,

let's hurry up, let's get this done,
I got a game to watch.


Come on.
All right.

Only our palms touch,
nothing else.

Just let your mind drift.

Sweets is, um, taking
a leave of absence.

To do what?

Well, he said that he, uh,

lost touch with his
original motivation

for being a psychologist.

Well, I thought
he was a psychologist

because he had
substandard math skills.

Okay, are we done
here or...?

No! No.
Booth, come on.

All right.
I'm right here.

I'm right here.

Did Bill and Evelyn
remind you of us?

Um... well, if somebody
was choking me,

would you hit them over the head
with a billiard ball?


If someone slapped me,

would you karate chop
them in the throat?

Yeah, I would.



Booth, we are only
supposed to touch

the palms of our hands....

I can't help it. I...
...nothing else.

I'm just drifting.

I'm drifting
with the whole...

device thing.

Electrical impulses.

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