Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 1 - The Secrets in the Proposal - full transcript

Bones is hurt that Booth withdrew his acceptance of her proposal, and the team sides with her. Eventually she realizes he must have a reason and she trusts him. A government accountant is ...

Previously on Bones...

I want you to be my husband.
I want to...

spend the rest of
my life with you.

Will you marry me, Booth?

Of course. Yes.


SWEETS: There's a hacker
named Christopher Pelant.

CAROLINE: He's not a hacker anymore.
Now he's a murderer.

Eight people have been killed.

HODGINS: We have to hit him back
now before one of us is dead.

PELANT: You crossed a line
when you shot me, Agent Booth.

Do you think this is some kind of a game?
Of course.

Now the rules have changed.
SWEETS: The two of you getting engaged,

with Pelant active,
he can't accept

being replaced.
It could cause him to escalate.

BOOTH: Where are you? Pretty
much anywhere I want to be.

Pelant can access
any security camera?

PELANT: You won't marry
her, Agent Booth.

And Dr. Brennan
can't know the reason

why you're turning her down.

If you tell her, I'll know.

If you ignore me, you'll
be responsible for the deaths

of five innocent people.

We need to talk.

About us
getting married.

I don't think we should do it.

Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.

(sighs, mutters)
It's been, uh...



This is definitely not
the good stuff, Father.

Don't call me "Father,"
Master Sergeant.

I'm not a priest anymore.

I'm not in the Army anymore,
so that makes us even.

How long has it been
since my last confession?

Eight years.
Eight years.

It's been eight years.
You sure it's been eight years?

You were my last confession.

It's the kind of milestone
a priest remembers.

How's about you tell me
what's on your mind

and leave God out of it?

I lied to the woman I love.

That's not a quick lie
from the brain.

That's a whopper from the heart.

Right. Which makes it a sin.

No. You want my advice,

you get your ass home
and tell Temperance the truth.

You have somewhere we can talk?

No, I mean
a place where...

there's no TVs or radios
or anything that transmits

or receives or glows.

Man, you are
tin-foil-hat paranoid.

This guy killed
how many people?


In my opinion, it's just
the tip of the iceberg.

And he told you

that if you married Temperance
that he would choose

five random human beings
and kill them?

Not only if I married Bones
but, you know,

if I told her why
we couldn't get married.

You believe he'd do it? This
guy is worse than anyone

you and I have ever come across.

So you and Temperance go
on a camping trip,

you get lost in a cave and you
whisper the truth in her ear.

"I love you.
I want to marry you,

but I can't because Plant
will kill innocent people."

Pelant, okay? And she would
come out of that cave

and she would look all happy.

No poker face, huh?
None whatsoever.

You know what, I'm just
gonna have to kill him.

Whoa, n...
What? Why not?

Either that or I'm just gonna
have to find him and then...

and tell her why I did
what I did.

So how long will it take
to catch him?

I've been looking
for this guy for three months

and I got nothing.
It's a complete dead end.

This is what he
wants, right?

To drive a wedge between
the two of you? Yeah.

That's what he wants.

And he's doing
a pretty good job of it, too.

Well, then you'd better find him
and kill him.

What are you doing
here in my office?

Why didn't you answer
your phone?

Why do you smell like bourbon?

'Cause I was talking to a
priest, Mom, Dad, right?

Okay, what is this, huh?

'Cause I got no problems
here at work.

We're not here about work.
Then it's none of your business.

All I know, we used to be happy.

Then Dr. Brennan
proposed to you

Which is what you wanted.
...and you say yes,

then you say no and
everybody's miserable.

How is that not our business?
It's totally our business.

It's between me and Bones.
(phone beeps)

Oh, look at that.

Dead body
at the Lightfoot Hotel.

Hmm. Crime scene time.
(clicks tongue)

Have you noticed that
dead bodies always save Booth

from confronting his demons?

Maybe that's why he smells
like bourbon!

Oh, God, that's awful.

BRENNAN: Yes, it's going
to be a lot of work to get

all the remains out of there.

I meant what happened
to the person.

BOOTH: So what
do you figure, huh?

Suicide from the roof?
Hi, Bones.

I called you earlier.
Yeah, you know,

I forgot to charge my phone.

Christine wanted
to talk to her daddy.

SAROYAN: There's a
relatively large piece.

BRENNAN: Looks like
it was thrown clear

by the centrifugal force
of the whirling fan.

Supraspinous fossa,

right proximal humerus.

Shoulder. The body was dragged

some distance after death.

There's evidence
of subluxation.

Great. Okay.

He was murdered, dragged

and thrown off a roof.

(quietly): Okay, I don't usually
get involved, Seeley, but...

you got cold feet,
I understand that.

However, if you don't warm
up those feet real fast,

you're gonna lose
her forever.

Mind your own business, Camille.

Special Agent Booth,

this is the hotel manager,

Mr. Gough. The air
conditioner turned on

automatically at 8:00
this morning.

It didn't work because of...
Well, we know

why it wasn't working. Am I
to understand that you are

taking our entire
air-conditioning unit?

Well, the whole
inside is splattered

with human remains.
It's no use to you.

We're also gonna need
all the security footage

from your security cameras.

The Lightfoot doesn't utilize
cameras, Agent Booth. Oh.

What? Why not?
It's the type

of hotel where you bring ladies
who aren't your wife.

Isn't that right, Mr. Gough? We're
renowned for our discretion.

Well, we're gonna do
a room-to-room check.

Or maybe you'd like
to help us figure out

which room the
victim jumped from?

We did have one guest who was
supposed to check out today

who has not.

The air-conditioning unit is
on its way back to the lab.

Do you need me for anything?

The room was registered
under a fake name,

paid in cash.

Yep, directly over the
air-conditioning unit. Mmm.

Looks like housekeeping

already cleaned
the room.

They haven't been here yet.

Somebody else cleaned it.

Well, the forensic team
can sweep it

for DNA and

I need to get back to the lab.


I smell...

Vodka. Right.

Listen, Bones, um,

a-about not answering
the phone earlier...

I know you were lying.

And you didn't come home
last night.

I was working. I have my regular hours,
plus I'm trying to catch Pelant.

Angela agrees. She says
you're lying, too. Angela?

Well, you know,
Angela doesn't know everything.

I'd die for you.

I love you.



These smears

indicate that a blood
spray pattern

was wiped up.
BOOTH: It was cleaned up

by the vodka. Meaning the
murder wasn't planned.

Crime of passion.

This is gonna take forever.

This fan weighs 1,200 pounds.

There are five blades,

spinning at 2,700
revolutions per minute.

It's the world's biggest
body blender.

I'm gonna cancel
every social occasion

I have in the
next three days,

including a date
with a fireman.

That's dedication.

More metallic fragments.
What's that?

His fillings? Well,
I've been finding

what I think
are parts of a cell phone,

but it's pretty smashed up.

Huh. I'm guessing

that this is part
of a wristwatch, but...

I haven't been able
to find any other parts.

It's a stapes.

The small bone from the ear?
This is definitely not made of bone.

It's an artificial stapes
made out of titanium.

It's used
in the treatment

of otosclerosis.
There should be a...

Serial number.
DAISY: That'll give us identification

much more readily than a piece
of a wristwatch.

Oh, rub it in, Daisy.

Yeah, rub it in.

BRENNAN: Angela I.D.'d the
victim as Jonas Siedel.

I always think
it's interesting to consider

that a murder victim
leaves his home...

thinking he'll be back.

Then he isn't.

So, anything else

about the victim
jump out at you, Bones?

Maybe you should bring
Sweets here to...

analyze the environment
for psychological insights.

Wait, you don't believe
in psychological insights.

But you do.

We have many, many differences.

Look, um, the victim

was some kind of an accountant
at the State Department.

I'm gonna go check him out.
Do you want to come with me?

I better get back to the lab.

I do my best work there.

Take Sweets.

Sweets again.

I think it would be a better use
of all of our time.

So, the victim

was unmarried.

Single and an accountant
for the State Department?

Oh, Sweets, people
do have secret lives.

All right? Doesn't matter
what you do for a living.

Mr. Norman can see you now.

I can't believe he's dead.

Jonas did cost-benefit analysis
on various nontraditional

public transportation models
in Europe.

What, with bicycles?

Well, none of us
drive cars here.

It's public transportation,

or walking all the way.

(phone rings)

Don't hang up. It's me.

Why would I hang up on you?

Because we don't like each other

ever since you broke
Brennan's heart.

I'd hang up on you.

Let's move on.

Jonas Siedel's
cell phone records

show that somebody texted him

22 times the day
before he was murdered.

Who was it?
The number is registered

to the Transportation
Accountancy Office

at the State Department.

That's exactly
where we are right now.

Yeah. That's why I called.

No name?
Nope. Company-issue phone.

All right, just call now.

Can you think of any reason
why Jonas Siedel

would check into a hotel
under an assumed name?

Jonas wasn't
a big one

for talking about his past,
that's for sure.

Agent Booth, it's for you--
someone named Angela.

I don't know how
she got my number, but...

she says it's important.
Actually it is very important.

I'm gonna have to take you
in for questioning.


It's all right, Mr. Norman.

Lily, do not
say anything

until I find you a lawyer.

I have a lawyer, Mr. Norman;
don't worry.

gonna be okay.

You guys are making
a terrible mistake.

We hear that a lot.

Let's go.
NORMAN: Wait. Wait. (sighs)

Look. Is this your phone?

My client has already stated
that the phone

belongs to her employer.
But it was assigned to you?

Agent Booth, you've asked
my daughter eight questions.

I've advised her
not to answer any of them.

What does that tell you?

That your daughter
is hiding something.

MOTHER: Everyone has
something to hide,

which is why
we invented lawyers.

My briefcase cost me

what does that tell you?

That you're bad with your money.
I'm a very good lawyer,

so you might as well just
cut my daughter loose right now.

Did you text-message Jonas
Siedel the day that he died?

Do not answer that, Lily.
Look, there's got to be

some kind of conflict
of interest here.

You know? A mother being
the daughter's lawyer?

There's no conflict of interest.

But on the upside, you got
one of your questions answered.

Thanks for coming in.


Except one last thing.

Tenacious or what?
This many text messages,

combined with a fake name
and a hotel room.

MOTHER: Even if Lily did
exchange texts with the victim,

which she has not admitted,
it does not mean sex.

That is definitely
a lawyer speaking,

because as a mother,
you've got to know better.

Look, you have to help me
out here, all right?

Did Jonas Siedel deserve
to be murdered

and tossed out that window?

Not a word, Lily.
Not a damn word.

Jonas did not
deserve to die.

I had no sexual
relationship with him,

and I didn't kill him.

I hope you find who did.

MOTHER: "Not a word" doesn't mean
answer three questions, Lily.

Tenacious, very tenacious.

I mean that as a compliment.

Removing all of
the body parts

from the fan and the housing
is taking too long.

(phone rings) Unfortunately,
we can't just hose it out.


Is everything
all right?

Uh, Booth wants to get

a late lunch,
but I don't think I have time.


Yeah, have lunch.


Thanks. I-I won't take long.

I find I have
no real appetite these days.

Do you think she was
speaking sexually?

Daisy! Well, 'cause I can
get her a date in a snap.

I'm seeing a fireman,
and he has friends.


So, how's everything
at the lab?

We're at an impasse,
until we get

all the human remains
out of the air conditioner.

And reassemble the skeleton.

We could talk
about Christine.

Christine is doing
very well.

She recognizes all
of her colors, and...

I think she's following along
when I read to her.

Or when I read to her, too.

You're talking as if...

I'm not even there.

It feels like you aren't there.

Which I realize is a kind
of illusion, but that's...

that's how it feels.

You know...
(clears throat)

like you suggested,
Sweets and I are gonna go

check out the
victim's apartment.

How was the interrogation?
Not good.

The, uh, girl's mother turned
out to be a big-deal...

criminal defense
lawyer, and...

she won't let her talk.

Protecting her child.

(chuckles softly)

But I think she wants
to tell me the truth.

The truth is best.

You taught me that.

Look, we're gonna...

get past all of this.
I-I don't even know

what "all of this" is.
(silverware clatters)


Hey, look...

I love you, okay?
You love me.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I know you want me to accept
what you're saying on faith--

because you're a man of faith--
but I believe in patterns

and sequences, and...

this sequence doesn't end well

unless something
disrupts the pattern.

It is not merely a case
of rewiring the capacitors,

even though
they are nonpolarized,

but flywheel and drive shafts
are also affected,

not to mention
the complex wiring

regarding the

This is not what I expected.

What did you expect?
Well, I thought

maybe you'd turn it upside down
and shake it.

It weighs six tons.

Oh, joking, yes.

All right,
let's give it a go.

Give what a go?
I'm gonna turn it on again.

What? Wait. Wait.

(whooshing, splattering)

(flips switch)

(whooshing dies down)

Did you not
hear me say wait?

(mechanical creaking)

Wow. Okay, this place
is completely different

from when me and Bones
checked it out.

Wow. It's, like,
no photos, no...

artwork or

This furniture's
obviously rented.

Sweets, everything is gone.

Nothing's here;
everything was taken out.

Maybe the condo people
moved it into storage.

This computer
might tell us something.

Yeah, I was hoping
you'd be able

to give me some insight
into how this guy ticks.

Books are gone.

I think there was
a kayak over here.

(thump, crashing)

The window!


How many?


Freeze. FBI.

Ooh, FBI. I'm shaking.

Danny? You look
like hell, Booth.

You need to eat vegetables,
get some sleep.

So what are we gonna do, we gonna
just shoot each other?

Not here.

Bad grade school memories.

All right.

So I guess you're
not gonna tell me

what you were doing
in that apartment, huh?

I was there
doing what I do.

That sort of tells you
everything you need to know.

Ha-ha. Okay.

See you, Danny.

SWEETS (panting):
Booth! Booth!

He's getting away.


He's getting away.

He's getting away.
Looks that way.

Who is that guy?

That was Danny Beck.

Old Army buddy.

He's CIA.

So, Jonas Siedel was CIA.

That introduces
a lot of suspects.

Yeah, including Iran and
North Korea, and everyone else

in the world that's mad at us.
So this whole

European-transportation thing

was a cover?
Look, Danny was just making sure that

the apartment was sanitized;
that's what he does.


Okay, so it's not
in any way my fault

that I couldn't get anything
off the apartment, then.


Danny has nothing

against us solving
Siedel's murder.

He's just not gonna help.
Look, the CIA's

gonna work it from their side,
we'll work it from our side.

We are at war
with the CIA?

That's a little melodramatic.

Hey, they have killer
robot drones, Cam.

Read a newspaper.

You seem very interested
in this Band-Aid.

Leave no stone unturned,
Dr. Hodgins.

I'll check out
the wound,

you'll run tests
on the Band-Aid.

So we're really desperate
on this one, huh? (sighs)

Going down for the third time.

How much would you give me
if it's a small puncture wound

of the sort that would be
delivered by a hypodermic needle

full of untraceable
CIA poison?

Let's pursue a few
less exotic options first, okay?

HODGINS (sighs):


Just a minor abrasion.

So, this is
our cause of death.

A boo-boo.

Every single hard drive,
memory card

and piece of memory
has been removed, erased.

Look, just do the best
that you can.

Booth, without memory,

computers are just toasters.

There's no information.

Well, crumbs
in a toaster can tell you

what someone had
for breakfast, huh?

Well, a bagel?

Raisin toast? A crumpet?

You want me to look
for crumpet crumbs?

Is there anything else?

Yeah, there is something else.

Stop telling Bones
I'm lying to her.

What's the problem, Booth?

What, do you need one more fling
before settling down?

I'm not a fling kind of a guy,
and you know that.

Maybe Brennan isn't
as attractive to you

now that she's become a mom.

You're not helping
the situation.

You're ruining
her very fragile heart.

You should be ashamed
of yourself!

Seeley, I got customers
out there.

In three minutes, they're gonna
start serving themselves.

Look, I just have a
fast question, Father.

Aldo. Aldo, right. Look,
I would sacrifice

my own life for Bones,
all right? I would kill for her.

Then why am I not calling
Pelant's bluff, huh?

I mean, it's not my fault
I put first the happiness

of the woman I love.
That's true.

It's true, right?
One question.

When Temperance finds out
that you put her happiness

ahead of the lives
of five innocent people,

how will she react?

You knew the answer already.

You just needed
to hear me say it.

Hey, do me a favor.

Pass these around to a couple
of your hard-drinking FBI pals

and don't tell any of them
that I used to be a priest.

Hey, Aldo!


DAISY: The challenge
now is to figure out

which of these injuries occurred
before death,

which caused death,

and which were caused after the
body fell through a rusty grate

into a giant spinning propeller.

There's a diffuse pattern
of remodeled injuries

that occurred
at the same time

six years ago.

I thought maybe it
was a car accident,

but the fracturing
appears random

and spread over
the entire body.

It's a bomb, Daisy.

But there's no
sign of shrapnel.

But these butterfly fractures

on the visceral surface
of the ribs resulted

from a bending force.

A shockwave.

That's why he had
a prosthetic stapes.

The blast deafened him.


Being a CIA operative
is a very tough gig.


It's really
getting late.

Ooh, I hope we got
Sleepy Hollow on the DVR.

Booth is punishing me.

I know that you think
that I should stay out of it,

but detachment isn't
really my thing.

What's with the printer?
I know what you did there.

You detached. I am
telling you, Angie,

there is something going on with
Booth that we don't know about.

So, what is with the printer?

Well, the CIA removed
all the memory,

but what if I could

re-create the final image
that the printer printed?

Ghosting. Oh, that is awesome.

Hey, can I make a suggestion?

Lay off Booth?

Yes, and run triturated
laundry detergent

through the printer drum
instead of toner.


Um, because laundry detergents
contain triazine-stilbenes

and benzoxazolines.

You know what?

I don't need to know why,

because I've learned
to have faith in you,

even when you use words
like "triturate."

Thank you.

Sharp-force trauma accounts

for almost all
the injuries

postdating the remodeled
fractures the victim sustained

in the explosion
six years ago,

congruent with
multiple strikes

from the air-conditioning
unit blades.

Those injuries are obscuring
the cause of death.

We need to ask ourselves,

what injuries
match the height

of the blood spatter
in the hotel room?

DAISY: Two and a half
to three meters.

So, head wound.

Here in the right

The injury measures
62.8 by 35.2 millimeters.

There's another impact
on the left temporoparietal.

Both wounds are consistent
with a slow-loading force.

So, not from the blades
or the fall.

A low-velocity
blunt trauma.

He was conked
on the head... twice.

Which gives us
cause of death.

Would you care
to high-five?

I would not.

I can do it myself.


Okay. How about
you come out in here and see me?

First come, first served.

We've ascertained cause of death.
It was lateral thinking...

(overlapping chatter)


(chatter stops)
Dr. Brennan.

Cause of death was two
blows to the head. Angela?

The last thing the victim
printed was a photograph.

A white cat in a snowstorm?

It's a ghost of

the last photo that came
out of his printer.

Ooh, sexy hotel sex.

That's the room
at the Lightfoot.

Hey, the logo on the
headboard is the same

in this photograph.
SAROYAN: That could be Lily Thorn.

Oh, it could also be me.

We'd all understand
if it were.

It's not. I'm just saying

that she's not identifiable.

Body type tells us
that this man's not the victim.

DAISY: Oh, you think
the victim interrupted

this liaison, and this man
hit him with a blunt object

and threw him out the window?

How do we identify the man?

Well, his name
is H. Gloeckner.

How did you know that?

It's on his briefcase.

H. Gloeckner.

My name is Heinrich Gloeckner.

I am chief
executive officer

of Gloeckner AG based
in Hamburg, Germany.

AG? Doesn't that mean

it's a public corporation
with shareholders and a board?

Yes. Which is why I'm here,

in the hopes

you will be discreet
when you realize

I had nothing to do with this murder.
Right, okay.

Well, let's say we play a little
game of show-and-tell, huh?

Shall we?
Let's start with the

identity of this young woman
right here.

Um, she gave me the name Melody.

I assume it was false.


This is Melody.

He said his
name was John.

Also a lie, I assume.

Were John and Melody
blackmailing you?

No, it did not
come to that.

John showed me this photo

to demonstrate he had other,
more incriminating photos

if I reneged on our deal.

What deal?
John wanted my company

to employ a team
of outside consultants to work

on a Chinese
dam project.

Your company makes dams?
My company makes pumps.


Um, this is the, uh...

the team of

based in Terre Haute,

I assumed

John and Melody
were American spies

who were looking to find a way
into the Chinese mega-projects.

Is the consulting contract
worth a lot of money?

No. It's a pittance.

Certainly not worth killing for.

She made me think she liked me.

And you met

with Melody at...?
Perhaps 10:00.

Uh, she left my room
after midnight.

John came in, showed me
the photo, and I left.

What time?
Before 1:00 a.m.

I can go?

Afraid not.

Agent Booth, do I strike you
as a kind of man

who would be foolish enough
to murder a CIA agent?

Angela, how long have
you been with Hodgins?

Um, working together ten years,

sleeping together
five years

and married three years.

With regard to the
murder weapon, we should

try to be more specific.
Yes, Dr. Brennan.

Wait. What?
We should figure out

if it's a pipe or
a baseball bat

or something else.
No, I mean,

you can't just ask
a loaded question

like, "How long have
you been with Hodgins?"

and then go back
to work stuff.

I wanted to compare
your experience with Hodgins

to recent
brain chemistry discoveries

and my current situation
with Booth.

"What recent brain
chemistry discoveries?"

she asked, even though
she doesn't care.

Phase one of what we call love

is an overload
of neurotransmitters.

It feels like falling.
Thus, falling in love.

Exactly. Phase one
lasts less than a year.

No, no, no.
DAISY: Phase two involves

the production of oxytocin
and vasopressin,

particularly after orgasm.

That's correct.
Lance and I

had a lot of phase two.

Phase two either evolves

into long-term attachment or,
much more frequently, fails,

and the search begins for
another phase one stimulation

with... a new lover.

Love is not chemistry.

DAISY: I'm sensing
you have evidence

that Booth's neocortex

is propelling him towards
new phase one stimulation?

Booth has been going
to a strip club.

That-that does
not sound right.

Well, I found several of these
in his pocket.

Paradise Lost?

Starting over
isn't so bad, Dr. Brennan.

Lance and I are friends now.

Stop talking, Daisy.
You and Booth

will be just like
me and Lance, I prom...


I warned her.

Everybody heard me.

We know that you were involved

in a sex sting
on a foreign national.

Don't say a word.

We don't think
you killed anyone.

We also know that
Jonas Siedel recruited you

on behalf of the CIA.


Is that true?

Mom, you're supposed to be
my lawyer in here, not my mom.

You've been lying to me?

BOOTH: Jonas didn't
call the shots.

Lily here set the honey pot.
It's my job

to keep secrets, Agent Booth.

I can't help you.

This interview is over.

My lawyer is,
for once, right.

Look, Lily, what if
I could persuade you

just to answer a couple
more questions?

I don't think that's possible.

If this operation
was as top secret

as you thought it was,
don't you think

Danny and the CIA would
have shut us down by now?

In fact, I think Danny worked it
so that I would catch him.

Might as well have told us
Jonas Siedel's murder

didn't have anything to do

with his CIA work.

BOOTH: Whether you like
Jonas Siedel or not,

you could at least help us
catch his killer.

Even your mama

would agree with that.

I certainly do not agree.

Mom, you're gonna
have to leave.


Honey, I am your lawyer.

I don't need a lawyer.

What do you want to know?

So, when you
last saw Jonas,

he was with the German?

Around midnight.
CAROLINE: You see that German

killing Jonas?


Did you see anyone else?

Earlier in the evening,
my mother was at the bar.

By coincidence.

I'm afraid
she formed

the idea that I was an escort.

Imagine her relief
when she found out

you were a patriot.

Thanks for helping us out.

Dr. Brennan,
your report states

that the Band-Aid we found was
likely on Jonas Siedel's jaw?


The tissue trauma's size
and severity

matches the bone bruising
to the left mandible.

Given that you

are still in the...

first year
of your sexual relationship

with Arastoo
and so deeply

in the grip of dopamine...

I know this is
about Booth,

and my advice to you
would be to trust him.

I feel the intense feelings
of romantic love

are fading from our relationship.
Have you looked

at Booth lately? He's miserable.

If what you're suggesting
were actually true,

you'd both be
experiencing relief.

Do you feel relieved?

I don't always know
what I'm feeling.

Well, you are not
relieved, Dr. Brennan.

You're miserable.
And so is Booth.

And that is love.


blow to the victim's jaw

took place approximately
eight hours before his death,

so I'm... not sure
they're related.

Dr. Hodgins found traces of rose oil
in the Band-Aid.

So he was struck

with something made of leather?
Something made of

really, really expensive

I'd appreciate it if you
passed this information

on to Booth.

Why can't you do it?

Because I'm asking you
to do it, please.


Wow. Okay, well, thanks
for meeting us here, Ms. Thorn.

Who is this?

Oh, this here is my associate,
Dr. Temperance Brennan from the


Smart girl, huh?

Yes. Very smart.

You have a cruel sense of humor,
asking me to the hotel

where my daughter
plies her trade

as what is apparently a...
patriotic prostitute.

Well, she told us that you
thought that she was an escort.

Oh, God, well, uh, Lily had
become very evasive lately,

so I followed her here.

She was all dolled up,

talking to a man
about meeting another man.

And I jumped to conclusions.
What is this?

It's a warrant for
your briefcase.

Yeah, the $5,000 briefcase

you hit Jonas Siedel with

because you thought
he was your daughter's pimp.

You're under arrest,
Marianne Thorn, for the murder

of Jonas Siedel.
Based on particulate evidence.

That can be easily
explain away in court.

Besides, brainiac here
will tell you

that whoever hit Jonas Siedel
in the jaw with my briefcase

did it several hours
before he died.

We never said where you hit him.

Right. She got you.
Come on. Let's go.

I stipulate to the assault.

It's cruel
and unusual punishment

not to let a woman
finish her martini

after the day I've had.

Well, I have to get my digs
in somehow, Ms. Thorn.

Come on. Really?

Really. Okay.

That's it.

All right.

Oh, come on in.

It's ladies' night.

There are no ladies here.

Uh, maybe

you're the beginning of a trend.


I... I'll have
the ladies' special.

You're Booth's girl?

Temperance Brennan?

I wouldn't use the term "girl."

I'm Aldo Clemens.

I used to be Booth's confessor
when he was a Ranger.

Me and him are having a
tough time breaking the habit

even though Booth's the reason
I quit being a priest

and decided God
was my worst enemy.

God is a myth.

No, I don't think so.

I think he's a bastard.

Booth was a sniper.

He asked for forgiveness
from you

every time he killed somebody?

Through me,

You can imagine why a guy

might get soul-sick
providing absolution.

I don't believe in souls,

Booth loves you.

Booth told you that?

He confessed it to me.

Not being married
is a sin to him.

I'm not sure
a nonbeliever

can understand that kind
of sacrifice.

I wanted to marry him.

Not as much as he wants
to marry you.

Do you want me
to have faith in him?

You know, I've
seen Booth do some

terrible and...
and difficult things,

but only if he

was compelled
by a very good reason.

Are you asleep?

If you are, I'd like you
to wake up now.

I watched the tapes of you
interrogating that lawyer lady.

You weren't very nice.

As if I needed
another reason to adore you.

So what do you think?

I think she's telling the truth.

(Booth sighs)

Which leaves us nowhere.

So why are you sleeping?



That's cause of death.

So, anything we found in
the hotel room match the weapon?

No. Meaning the killer brought

a three-foot-long pole with him,

conked Siedel
on the head, and then

took it with him when he left?

So it's a cane?
Well, if a cane

could bend. See, it
struck him here,

and then wrapped around there.

And there was
something on the end

of whatever that was
that whipped into his temple.

What are you thinking, Booth?

You know,
everyone was fooled

by this innocent-looking girl:
me, Sweets, the mother.

So you think the murderer was
someone else who misread her?

All I'm saying is

when we took Lily Thorn in
for questioning,

her boss seemed to think
that she could do no wrong.

Does Lily's boss carry around
a weirdly flexible cane

that could smash a temple?

I thought Jonas
was taking advantage of Lily,

using his superior position
to press her

into having an affair with him.

So I followed him
to that hotel, and he...

...he gave her to another man.

(handcuffs rattling)

I confronted him, and he said it
was none of my business.

I just, I snapped.

I didn't mean to kill him.

I did it for you.

♪ What could make this night

♪ Without you at my side?

♪ I catch myself instead

♪ Staring straight ahead...

Got the guy, huh?

Yeah, we got the guy...

thanks to you.
I didn't do anything.

I mean, seriously, if anyone
asks, I didn't do anything.

(chuckles) Okay.

What do you want, Danny?

To tell you we owe you one.

The CIA owes me one?

You don't got to put labels
on everything, Booth.

I said we owe you one,
we owe you one.

All right, you owe me one.

And you know there's
always a place for you with us,

you ever decide to leave this...
cute little job you got here.

Well, the way things
are going right now,

I might just take you up
on that.

Take care.



(door opens and closes)

Did he confess?

Yeah. He was hoping
that no one would be able

to identify the body
or see the cause of death

if he dumped the body

into the
air-conditioning unit.

Booth, I have
to tell you something.

Uh, all right, look,
Bones, please, just...

you just got to give me a little
more time, that's all, please.

No, Booth, I'm not...

I'm not leaving you.

What I want to tell you

is that I have
absolute faith in you.

I trust you.

I know you love me
and Christine, and...

I'm sorry I lost sight
of that temporarily.

You're a good man.

You have your
reasons, and...


...when you can,
you'll share them with me.

I'm sorry.

Look, I'm sorry...

We'll be fine.

But next time,

it's your turn
to ask me to marry you.

I will.

As soon as I can, I will.

I know. (chuckles)