Bones (2005–2017): Season 9, Episode 3 - El Carnicero en el Coche - full transcript

Sweets is on sabbatical from the FBI and volunteering in a poor Mexican community. When a victim found burned in a car turns out to be someone from the community, Booth asks for Sweets' help.

Oh, ho, ho, little lady!

Whew, you're as pretty
as they come.

Uh-uh, no way,
no way, not again!

Hey, hold your horses,
there, partner.

You know
the old saying:

"Finders keepers,
losers go home."

I have to tow
this car.

I was sent here
by my dispatcher.

Hey, I'm just trying
to do some good.

The fact the city gives me
$100 per to get these wrecks

off the street?

That's just coincidence.

Come on, bro.

I have a family.
My... my little girl

needs braces.

Last time I heard
that story,

it was about your dying mother.
Her, too.

The mold from
the flood

has spread to her
dialysis machine.

Gotta make sure
the emergency brake's off.

You've taken
four towing jobs

from me
this month.

You're going to put me
out of business.

All right. You got me.
You can have the car.


No need to make
a big deal about it.

I'm, uh, just being a good guy.


See you. I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, Sweets!

Geez, Booth!


You scared me.

I work with
the FBI.

I'm used to sneaking up
on people.

What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?

What, I haven't seen you
in a few weeks,

and that's the greeting I get?

Of course.
It's good to see you, man.

That's okay.
I wasn't fishing for a hug.

Right. What, you just came
to check up on me, or...?

Well, you haven't checked in,
you haven't called.

Yeah, I-I-I've been
really busy.

I guess time got away
from me, you know?

Look, Sweets, I know
you feel responsible

for those two guys
that Pelant killed.


Who's the shrink now?

It wasn't your fault.

This isn't about
Pelant, okay?

I like helping
these kids.

I'm making a difference.

You really like it here?

Yeah. I really do.
I like it here.

And I'm sorry I...
haven't kept in touch.

I guess I just thought you
wouldn't understand, you know?

I understand.

Just do me a favor, okay?

I'll take care
of myself.

Not that.
But that's great.

Uh, but, you know,
if I have a case,

and-and you're on leave,
can I still call you for help?

Yeah, if you think
it's something

that only I can help
you with, of course.


It was good to see you, Booth.

Good to see you, too, Sweets.

Take care, all right?

Maybe Sweets really
doesn't want to work

at the FBI anymore.

He's a profiler.

It's what he does.

Studies show,
due to extended life spans,

the American male is most likely
to make a career change

in his mid-
to late 20s.

Supraorbital ridge
indicates the victim

was male.

He's just taking
his vacation time.

- Sounds healthy to me.
- Are you saying

we're not healthy
because we work all the time?

Yes, that is exactly
what I'm saying.

And there's no tissue
for me here.

No DNA after a cookout
like this.

We ran the plates.

They're stolen,
from out of state.

Then you should call
Agent Booth.

This is his jurisdiction now.

Thank God.

Prominent malar
and intermediate nasal spine

collectively suggest
Hispanic descent.

Any way you can get the VIN
so we can trace the car?

Yeah, sure.

Oh, seriously?

I hate messing up

That's okay, Dr. Hodgins.

You couldn't have known
how fragile the car was.

I think he could have.
Thank you,

Dr. B., because
I wasn't feeling

bad enough as it is.

We should probably just take
the car back to the lab.

The whole thing?
Well, I'm not compromising

any more evidence.

And that's the only way
to retrieve the bones.

The seat and the metal
have melted around them.

What is that?

It looks like a cleaver.

It could be the
murder weapon.



I couldn't have foreseen that.

Yeah, you could've.

Good, good,
good, good.

I got it.
I got it.


But that was a surprise.

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El Carnicero en el Coche
Original Air Date on September 30, 2013

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An open fracture
to the right parietal bone

just above the
squamosal suture.

It appears to be


Okay, that thing looks pretty sharp:
Of course.

It's a meat axe.
Butchers use it to...

To chop up cows.

Yeah, I get it.

So far, there's
no evidence

that this was used
on the victim.

Well, what about that gash
to the head?

The cause was more likely
a bullet wound.

But the shape suggests...

The shape suggests
that intense heat

distorted what was once
a much smaller hole.

You're right.

Why is that surprising?

Dr. Hodgins!



All I asked for

was the VIN number
of the vehicle.

Yeah, and next, I'm sure
you're gonna want the bones,

the particulates
and the trace that's in the car.

Trust me, removing

the roof
is the only way

to get into
this heap

without compromising evidence.

Unless, of course,
you have a better method,

in which case,
you know, I'm all ears.


You should tell me...

...before you do
something like this.

Okay. Just didn't want
to ruin the surprise.


Nobody move!


That's a bullet.

It was jammed
in the roof support.

I'll get that
to ballistics.

And get me that VIN number.

Booth's chomping at the bit.


That looks pretty
messy in there.

Should I get my
restoration kit?

Nah, no need.
The VIN's right here.

Take me two seconds
to do a rubbing.

I'll get my restoration kit.


I'm a regional sales manager.

We don't kill people.

Right, but the VIN number
says it was your car,

Mr. Middlebury, and there
was a dead body in it.

I already told you,
I-I don't know

how my car got to
that part of town. Right.

Where were you last night?
Home. Sleeping.

Okay, so if you were home
sleeping last night

while your car was stolen,

how do you explain
this photograph?

Security footage
of you

taking money out
at an ATM

six miles from your apartment,

two blocks from where
your car was found.

And... you see that
right there?

That's a time stamp.

I-I can explain.

Good. I hope you can.

Look, I have

a perfectly good reason
to be at that ATM

that doesn't involve murder.

I just... needed money.

That's all.
Great. Okay.

Find yourself a lawyer, 'cause
I'm gonna book you for murder.

What? No, no, wait.
Okay, I...

I-I met this girl at
the sales conference.

She was amazing.

I don't care.


Everything was going
really well,

and then she asked if I
could get us some coke.

So your alibi is that
you were buying drugs?

Yes. I mean, that's better
than murder, isn't it?

I heard that there were some
dealers in that part of town.

I left the conference.

I stopped at that ATM.

But when I came out,
my car was gone.

Or the dealer ripped you off,
you shot him,

you panicked, you burned him,

and you left him in your car.

You do own a gun, right?

That's legal! I...

This whole thing
is a nightmare.

She didn't even
wait for me.

You don't have an alibi
at all, do you?


Thank you.

Where's Dr. Hodgins?


You're gonna
tell me

there's no other way
to remove evidence

from the car?
Hey, don't knock it.

Peter Pan here has
retrieved the pelvis,

part of the left femur,
right tibia,

medial cuneiform,

proximal phalanges...

Believe me,
this is not fun, okay?

This harness
is smooshing the goods,

so I'd like to get
this over with

as soon as possible.


Look at this.


It's been broken.

The perimortem damage could be
from a club or a crowbar.

Maybe he owed someone money?

Or drugs.

Could you get an I.D.

from the skull,
or was it too badly charred?

Well, it burned evenly,
so I factored in heat

and the length of time
it burned, and I was able

to adjust for
the shrinkage.

Booth thinks it could be
a drug deal gone bad.

Yeah. Very bad.

I'm gonna
have to check

various databases,
so I'll call you

when I find something.



That was fast.

You got a hit already?

Yeah. Three.
DC Police,

FBI and
the DC Parole Board.

Jaime Delcampo.

Seems he was a very

high-level, prolific
hit man for a gang

called the Estrellas Locos.

"The Crazy Stars."

Delcampo's street name

was El Carnicero.

The Butcher.

That would explain the meat axe.

Yeah, and why someone
would want him dead.

Hey, man.
What's up?

Hey, Sweets!

Could you let me know

next time you're coming?
Right. Listen. Uh, I need your help.

I said I would help you
only if you really nd me.

I really need
your help.

I said that to you
just this morning,

and now you need me?
Come on, I don't think so.

Look, I got a dead
Estrellas Locos on my hands,

and I'm afraid I might be
having more come my way.

Estrellas Locos?


You know, you got a
current working knowledge

of the community.

Look, and the Estrellas Locos,

they run through this neighborhood.

But the people
I work with, Booth,

they don't know
I'm law enforcement.

They don't trust cops.
I mean, look around.

They're just beginning
to accept me.

I don't want
to lose that, you know?

Well, let's just show
them that, you know,

when bad things happen,
you know what,

we're the good guys.

Come on.

All right.


I'm just gonna help you
on this one case.

And down here,
I call the shots. Okay?

That's not a good word
to use around here.

Right. Sorry.

That's probably...
Let's start there, okay?

Gun... shot, yeah.

Jaime Delcampos' M.O.
is to cut off the head,

the hands and the feet
of the victim

and scatter them
around town.

That's smart,
but mostly horrible.

How do they know all that if
the bodies haven't been found?

Metro PD has an informant
in the gang,

but they're not gonna
give him up.

Cops won't share intelligence
on a murder case?

They can't. You know,
it takes months, sometimes years

just to develop a source
inside the gang.

Tell you what, they're not
just gonna give it up

because of one
dead gangbanger.

Don't be mixing
the gangs, cher.

Estrellas here,
520 Mafia over there.

Dr. Sweets!

It is good to see you back.

The FBI is always
a brighter place

with you in it.
Well, thank you.

I appreciate it.
I'm not actually back yet.

I'm just here to help
Booth out with a case.

Then I didn't mean what I said.

I figured. So what's the deal
with all these boxes?

I mean, it seems like
a lot for one murder.

This is a RICO case, cher.

We're looking at a highly
organized criminal enterprise.

Estrellas Locos will kill
to protect their turf.

Right now they're in war
with four other gangs.

What gangs?

We got the
Gold Brick Crew, right?

Hobart Park Kings,
Wa Ching Council

and the 520 Mafia.

Does Delcampo have
any family

aside from, you know,
the gang?

A live-in girlfriend.
I'd like to speak to her.

No, that's a waste of time.
She's also Estrellas Locos.

She's not gonna
tell us anything.

We just have
to wait this out until,

you know,
we get something solid.

You wanted my help, right?

I want to talk to her.

Sweets grew himself
some cojones.

Yes, he did.

No tags from rival gangs.

This whole neighborhood
is Estrellas Locos.

They're not gonna be happy
to see us down here.

This place is a hotbed
for illegal activity.

Years of harassment,
lack of employment,

no decent education--
can you blame them?

When they start shooting
people, I can blame them.

Ya basta!
Ahí voy.


Necesitamos hablar
con usted, por favor.

You speak Spanish, huh?

Yeah, I've been learning.

You know,
it helps at work.

Just be careful.
I know.


¿Es usted Maria Alvarado?

Your Spanish sucks.

I know. Yeah.

FBI, Special Agent
Seeley Booth.

This here is my associate,
Dr. Sweets.

Good for you.

We're here to ask you
about Jaime Delcampo.

I don't know who that is.

Well, your parole officer said
that he lived here with you.

His body was found
late last night.

Thanks for letting me know.
Uh, excuse me.

You know, we could go downtown
and do this if you want.

We're not gonna take you


Look, we just want
to make sure that you're okay.

All right, sometimes with
a killing like this,

when rival gangs are involved,

it spills over
onto innocent people.

If we knew who he might have had
a disagreement with...


You know where you are, right?

We got your back, Maria.

Those bruises on your face
look recent.

You were in a fight?

I fell.

You know, I do some work
at Adams Community Center.

They could help you.
Good for them.

They're harassing me.
You see it? I done nothing.

No, no one is harassing anyone.

Everyone just relax, okay?
Calm down.

Who's in there?
None of your business. Get lost.

Déjenme en paz!
Váyanse de mi casa!

Yo no sé nada, no he hecho
nada!Solo vienen a molestar.

All right,
everybody just relax.

Calm down and go back
inside your homes.

We're sorry
to have disturbed you.

We're just trying to keep
this neighborhood safe.

We do that ourselves.

Let's go. Come on.

You gonna shoot
a little boy now?!

No, no, no, it's okay.
Is that how you keep us safe?

You see what he did?
Everybody stay calm.

Okay, we're gonna do this
my way now, okay, Sweets?

It's a big misunderstanding.
Sorry, son, all right?

No one's gonna
get hurt, okay?

Sorry about
the misunderstanding.

Just walk slowly,
watch my back

and just walk back
to the car calmly.

I've seen that boy
at the Community Center.

He's a smart kid.

He helps the others
with their homework.

All right, let's just save
story time till later, okay?

These are all out of order.

I'm gonna have to
put everything back

in the car
and start over.

Yeah, that's not even
kind of funny, okay?

I'd like to have
more kids.

C-1 vertebra.

A couple metatarsals...

This is metal;
it's not my domain.

It's probably part of the car.

It's the post
from an earring.

It could have been
the victim's.

Like tattoos, jewelry
and other adornments

on a gang member's body
denote rank and accomplishment.

Hodgins, we're still missing
part of his scapula, the talus,

the lumbar vertebrae,
left acromion...

Yeah, I'm working
as fast as I can.

We don't have
much time, man.

Booth said that the tension
in the neighborhood is high.

neighborhood gangs are

just another
warrior culture.

When threatened, they respond
as any nation-state would.

Even their graffiti is similar
to what one would find

in an early
Etruscan settlement.

Except the Etruscans
didn't have assault rifles.

Seems to be an indentation

on the anterior surface
of the C-1.

Could it be a heat fracture?

That is a crease.

Something struck the vertebra.
It might have been the axe.

I found the earrings.

ria varado would
rather put herself in danger

than help the police.

If she bypasses the gang
and cooperates with us,

she'd be the
next victim.

Maybe she got those bruises
from Delcampo.

Maybe she's the one
who killed him.

No, men call the
shots in a gang.

Women tend to
facilitate the murders;

they procure weapons,
they lure prey.

There are five additional,

unsolved murders
that we know of

tied to the gun that killed
Jaime Delcampo.

I didn't think you
had a murder weapon.

The ballistics report
just came in for the bullet

Hodgins recovered from the car.

It was fired from the same
Rossi snub-nose .38

used in these
other gang hits.

My guess is it's definitely a library gun.
Library gun?

Yeah, a gang keeps an arsenal
of unregistered guns

and loans them to gang members.

It's a defense
attorney's dream.

The more killings
on each gun,

the more muddled
the evidence chain.

Tell you what-- we
find that library gun,

we do some serious
damage to that gang.

Now, of all of these,
the only gang

that was not shot by that gun
was the 520 Mafia.

The war chief of the 520s
is Curtis Martin.

Maybe you can ask him
for a library card.

I checked the C-1.

The indentations that you found

were not caused
by the fire or the axe.

But look at this.

The staining on the fracturing.

Why would it show up
on an X-ray?

It's lead. That's the only
substance that appears

like this on an X-ray.

This crease was caused
by a bullet.

I originally attributed this
nick on the anterior aspect

of the foramen magnum
to heat fracturing.

But look.

When the skull
and the cervical vertebrae

are properly aligned,
it appears to be

the trajectory
of a second bullet.

He was shot twice:
once in the throat,

once in the side of the head.

Which means we have two
entry wounds with no exits.

That's impossible.

They're involved in drugs,

murder for hire,
gun sales.

I mean, 520 Mafia
is a full-service gang.

You sure you're okay?

You mean what happened back
with the Estrellas Locos?

Yeah, I was nervous, but...
No, no, no, no.

Not that, Sweets, all right?

You know, the whole
Pelant incident.

I know you don't want
to talk about it, but...

Because there's not much
to talk about.

Well, you ran away, Sweets.
No, I didn't.

I went across town
for a while

to do something else.

You went across town
so you didn't have

to deal with feeling responsible
for what Pelant did.

I'm dealing with it.

You know, in the Rangers,

as a sniper, if you didn't
confront what you did,

understand it, it would
follow you, you know, own you.

Maybe you should
talk to someone.

The guy who hates talking
to shrinks is telling me

to talk to a shrink.
That's funny.

Look, I am just
saying, all right,

if this was the
other way around...

I'd really like to just focus
on the case, all right?

'Cause we're about to confront
a murdering drug dealer.

It's probably best not to focus
on personal issues right now.



Gang units think
the 520s are behind

at least 18 murders
this year.

Curtis Martin
is their warlord.

Didn't think it was
gonna get this intense.

You sure you're
still up for this?

Yeah, I said I'd help.


I see you're a cop.
What are you?

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

This here is my associate,
Dr. Sweets.

We're here about Jaime Delcampo.

Why, he kill someone?

He was murdered last night.

I was wondering why
it was such a beautiful day.

Based on your admitted antipathy
to Delcampo,

you're our most likely suspect,
Mr. Martin.

Mr. Martin?

I like that.
I would have loved to see

the life leave those eyes,
but it wasn't me.

Where were you between the hours
of 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. last night?

Giving my lady a ride, man.

Get down!

Drop the gun.

Drop it!

Let's go. Put your hands
on the door. Let's go.

Turn around.
Spread the legs.

Sweets, you okay?

Cuff this guy.

Estrellas Locos, two of them.

This was retaliation
for Delcampo.

Well, the Estrellas think

that Curtis Martin
killed Delcampo, okay?

The drive-by
was a payback.

Booth, can you just put
the case aside for a minute?

You were shot at.

I get shot at my whole life.

No, that's not why
I'm upset.

I had to hear about it from Cam.

Well, you know,
I had to bring him in,

you know, file the report.

There was a lot going on.

A call. One call.

One minute.

Right. You know what,
you're absolutely right.

I'm sorry. You should have
heard that from me.

Okay, let's make a pact, okay?

From now on,
whoever gets shot at

has to tell the other one
right away.

Okay. Unless one of us
is already dead.


I heard that Sweets knew the son
of the Estrella woman.

Yeah. He thinks he's
a really good kid.

The pressure to join a gang,

especially if his mother
is a member,

will be overwhelming.

Well, Sweets think that,
with a little guidance,

I mean, kids like him
can escape.

That's like thinking
that a young Spartan male

could have refused
to join the army.

I'm sure they did.

Yes, and those who did

were killed
as an example of cardice.

All right, look, let's just give
Sweets a break, okay?

He's trying to make
a difference.

Oh, okay, they processed Martin.

They're waiting for me
to come in. Look...

I'm sorry.

That's good.


This is crap, man.
I saved your life.

Yeah, that's one way
to spin it.

Oh, yeah?

Well, how else
you see it?

From my seat,
you killed two men

with an unlicensed
automatic weapon.

A soldier like you with
an 18-page rap sheet?

That's 15 to life

before I even
prepare my case.

We know the drive-by
was a payback

because the 520s
killed Delcampo.

No, you got it wrong.

- We don't want any war, man.
- Right?

Tell you what, you give us
the gun that was used,

and maybe I'll have
this lovely lady here

cut you a deal.

Look, I told y'all
everything I know.

Let's go, Booth.

I'll buy you some pie.

All right.

Look, I heard
one of

the Estrellas
was talking to the cops.

Who was it?
Look, I don't know.

You know, maybe that's
what got your boy killed.

Maybe he was cooperating
and someone found out.

Mr. Bray found
a second bullet wound

that I can't explain.

What's so confusing
about that?

It suggests two
entrance wounds

but no exits.

Ballistics confirmed
that the bullet

Hodgins found
in the car

caused the wound
to the victim's skull,

so it had to get
out of there somehow.

I concur.
There has to be an explanation.

So Delcampo was shot twice?

Two entry
wounds, yes.

But no exit wounds.

But the bullet
Hodgins retrieved

was definitely one of
the slugs that killed him.

Yes, but we have no idea
how it left his body.

Angela scanned
the bullet and the skull

to try to re-create
what might have happened.


So let me walk you through
what I have so far.

Bullet number one
enters the head

at the right

Which shows that the bullet

should have remained
inside the skull.

But we found no
bullet in the skull.

What about the second bullet?

That should have stayed
inside the skull, too.

The damage to the foramen magnum
would have been more pronounced

if it were a direct hit.


Your animations are accurate,
but not the results.

Fire bullet number two
again, but this time,

stop it just before
it makes contact with the C-1.

Now, when the bullet
strikes the C-1,

send it into yaw.

Would it do that?

Newton's First Law of Motion.

A body in motion stays in motion

unless acted upon
by an outside force.

In this case, the C-1.

Also, adjust for the resistance

of the gelatinous
nature of the brain.

The bullet made a hard left.

There was only one shot,
one bullet.

But isn't that an entry wound?

No, it's not.

The bullet exited
the skull laterally,

which caused the beveling to bow
inward like an entry wound.

So he was shot from the front.

We thought this was
a gang execution,

- but it wasn't.
- I agree.

The shooter was in front
of Delcampo and below.

On the ground?

Seems like someone fought with
Delcampo before they shot him.

We know Delcampo was the sixth
victim killed with that gun.

But the timing
doesn't make any sense.

There has to be commonality
between the victims.

There is.
They were all gang members.

Look, Delcampo was
the only Estrellas Locos

that was
on the gun, right?

What are you

Well, the tools
that Delcampo used

to dispose of bodies
were in his car.

What if he was on his way home
from a... a hit?

Hodgins did find
remnants of cinder blocks

to weigh
down a body.

But if he used
the library gun,

he would have
to return it to someone.

And maybe that someone,
you know, shot him, killed him.

That makes sense.
He wouldn't be expecting it.

So the gun belongs
to the Estrellas Locos?

He must have committed

an offense
against the gang.

They handle their
disputes internally.

Martin was right.

Someone saw the Butcher

talk to
the cops.

But why wasn't he killed
execution style?

That's how the gang
sends a message

to anyone else
thinking of talking.

It doesn't
make any sense.




A seventh victim was found.

Shot with the same gun.

Adrianna Garcia, Hispanic.

22 years old, female.

According to
the police report,

she was discovered at the
base of a concrete pour.

Coroner fixed
time of death at two days ago.

the same time

that Delcampo
was killed.

It was El Carnicero's
M.O. to leave

his victims' body parts
in different places.

Hey, those earrings
Hodgins found--

looks like they
belonged to her.

They were ripped
from her ears.

Isn't it common
in warrior cultures

for them to take a trophy
from their kill?

It signifies
the spoils of war.

Oh, that's
very romantic.

But I'm thinking this guy
was just a lowlife

who saw a chance to make
a few extra bucks.

It is so much worse
when they have a face.

Okay, I take that back.

That is actually much worse.

and cavitation

definitely point to a bullet

the brain.

Well, it entered
through the parietal.

gang hit,

like the rest
of his victims.

Well, except Delcampo.

These kerf marks

were made by a heavy blade.
And it took

multiple strikes
to detach the head.

Once the skull is defleshed,
we can compare

his axe to these
injuries to determine

if Delcampo did this.

Well, it won't take long.

The M.E. did most
of the heavy lifting.



Now let's look
at those hack marks.

Adrianna Garcia
was brought in 12 times--


drug trafficking,

in counterfeit merchandise,

disorderly conduct.

High achiever.

Well, great.
PD finally got back to me.

Adrianna Garcia,
she was the informant.

Turns out she was also sleeping
with Delcampo.

Well, that wouldn't matter
to Maria.

Being faithful
isn't part of the deal.

I agree.

But she would care

that an Estrellas
was talking to the cops.


The victim's right zygomatic
was also fractured.

It matches the
fracturing we found

on Delcampo's
left patella.

You understand
what that means?

It means they struggled, and
Delcampo kneed her in the face,

hard enough
to fracture his kneecap.

That tracks.

After Delcampo
kills Adrianna,

he has to return
the gun to the library.

To Maria.

I think she did care

that he cheated on her.

It didn't look like a hit
because it wasn't.

It was revenge.

So which was worse
for you, Maria?

Finding out that Adrianna
was an informant,

or that she was sleeping
with your man?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Things worked out
pretty good for you.

You were able to get rid
of both of them,

so how'd it go down?

You shouldn't bother me
like this.

I'm grieving for a loved one.

I know how
it happened.

He came back
with the gun,

you know it,

so you taught
him a lesson.

And you put it back
in the library.

If you could prove
any of that,

you wouldn't be
asking me questions.

We're gonna
find the gun.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You know, the longer this goes
on, the worse it is for you.

You think I ain't wasted time
talking toto the cops before?

I got my shows recording.

I ain't missing nothing
being here.

This is gonna be a long night.

We couldn't find
any hard evidence

that links Maria to the crime.

So it's up to Booth.

This is not Maria's
first time at the prom.

She's going to try
and outlast him.

Booth must have expected that.

He knows that
she can't outlast him.

I'm going to get

the crime scene
photos of Delcampo.

That's a good idea.

See how it affects her.
Put her on her heels.


It means
a lot to Booth

that you came
back to help.

What are friends for, right?

You know,
no one blames you

for what happened
with Pelant.

I know.

But you blame yourself.

I'm gonna get the photos.

Oh... come on.


So, your mom might
be here a while.

Someone from
Child Services

is going to make sure
you're taken care of.

I know how it goes.

I've been through this before.


Can I get you something
while you wait?

Um... soda,
chips, sandwich?


Something to eat, I guess.

I don't care what.

What is that?
You doing homework?

No, it's an astronomy book.

You like astronomy?


Every time they look,
the universe gets bigger.

You know, we have,
uh, mentors

at the Community Center

for kids with
special interests.

I could probably
even find an astronomer

at the Jeffersonian
you could talk to.

My mother said
I can't go back to the Center.

Not after you came to the house.


I shouldn't be talking to you.

And I'm not hungry anymore.

I don't need anything.

The boy knows something.

Yeah, that his mama

and everybody
she knows is evil.

He might know his mother
killed Delcampo.

And if she's the librarian,

he might know where
the gun is hidden.

Sweets, he's not going to rat
his mother out.

And, anthropologically,

he's been conditioned
to hold the gang

even above
his own family.

He's not gonna talk
about any of this.

With all due respect
to anthropology,

he started
to open up to me.

He wanted to talk, but then,
as soon as he felt vulnerable,

he got scared and closed up.

That's great
and everything, Sweets,

but legally,
you can't talk to him.

Why? When Child Protective
Services gets here,

he'll be allowed
to talk to me,

as long as he has
an advocate there, right?

Sorry, cher, Child Protective
Services can't do anything.

His mother hasn't
been charged.

If you want to
talk to him,

Maria has to be
there with you.

He's not gonna
send his mother to jail.

I still want to try.

I don't care if she's there.

I should go in alone.

What? Nuh-uh, no.
That's-that's my room,

my interrogation,
end of story.

So your ego is more important
than catching a killer?

Whoa, we're not gonna play
that game right now, okay?

What'd you bring me
back here for?

Just to hang out?

You said it was
for my insight.

Here it is.

That kid dreams
of a better life.

He dreams of getting out.

That's why he goes
to the Center.

I'm a part of that. You aren't.

If you go in there,
you can kiss the gun good-bye,

you can kiss the whole damn case

And someplace, you know that.

I'll be watching, okay?

And if I feel you're
compromising anything...

I won't.

I'll make that call, Sweets.

Fair enough.

You left him on his own?

I don't often agree
with Sweets,

but a symbol of authority,
the oppressor as you'd be seen,

would not be helpful in there.

Do you know what
Sweets has planned?

I have no idea.

No digas nada.
¿Me entiendes?

Sí, mamá.
My Spanish might suck,

but it's good enough
to understand that.

Look, I wanted
Javier to join us

because what
happens to you

could affect his life
for a very long time.

Even if you send me away,
he's got family.

He'll be fine.
Right, Javier?

You mean the Estrellas?
That's his family?

You think we got anyone
else to count on?

We're gonna call you up
at that community place

so we can
finger-paint ?

We know Jaime killed Adrianna.

We also know that he took
her earrings for you

to make up,
probably for beating you

or cheating on you.
Probably both, right?

That means you had

a reason to kill him, right?

It's a crime
of passion.

If you just admit that,
then the prosecutor

can take that into account
when filing charges.

I didn't kill no one.

Te voy a pegar.
¿Me entiendes?

If you tell us
where the guns are being kept,

that can make your
deal even better.

it's maximum security.

Barely get a chance
to see Javier.

He can take care of
himself. Right, Javi?

I know the prosecutor.

She wants to put you up with
a bunch of rival gang members.

You'd be dead within weeks.

He's getting nowhere.

You don't want

your mother to die,
do you, Javier?

If you know something...
He doesn't.

Psychology's not gonna break
through a tribal imperative

that's been ingrained
as a survival mechanism.

Don't you love your mom?

He beat you.


I heard him talking
to Manuel and the others.

He said he'd kill you
if he couldn't tame you.

That was talk, fool!

But you said yourself
you wanted him dead.

I knew you wouldn't, though.

I did it to protect you, Mama.

Oh, my God.

He did it.

What happened?

I knew where he was going
to burn the car.

So I went and told him
I was there to collect the gun.

He showed me the earrings.

I told him
he couldn't buy you.

He slapped me,
said he'd kill me

if I ever looked
at him wrong again.

I had the gun, so...

I did it for you, Mama.

We're family.

¿Cómo pudiste?

Ojalá te pudras!

No te quiero volver
a ver nunca!

Los Estrellas
are my family!

You mean nothing to me!
You hear?! Nothing!

Back her off!
He's your son!

I can make more kids.

Take him! Get him away from me!

Come on, Javier.

It's best if you
come with me now.

I never want
to see you again, you hear?!

I wish he'd killed you!

They'll kill me.
Maybe they're right to.

No. We can protect you.
You're a minor.

You felt your life threatened.

This was self-defense.

I promise you, this lady
and Dr. Sweets will make sure

that you live in
a good neighborhood,

go to a good school.
You'll be safe.

If I give you the gun.

If you don't do anything, cher.

The good doctor here would
make my life miserable

if you don't wind up in
the White House one day.

I would do it.

I would give you the gun.

But I don't know
where it is now.

Maybe there was someone

there that your
mother worked with?

Someone that, uh,
you saw at her house,

someone she trusted?

Anna, maybe.

Anna. Is Anna an Estrella?


She calls my mother
all the time.

Late at night.

Then she comes by,
and my mother goes out.

Okay. Javier, you tell us
where she is,

and we'll go pick up the gun.

She only comes to us.

When my mother calls.

Maria's cell phone's in holding.


will you call Anna for us?


I have Javier's mother's
cell number on the grid.

It'll allow us to trace

the location of where
he's calling.

And you can feed
all of that to the FBI?

Booth and his team
are waiting to find out

where the guns are
and when they're being moved.

This is Javier, everyone.

He's gonna call Anna
so you can trace it

and tell Booth
where to pick her up.

Any time you're ready, Javier.

That's Javier's
outgoing call?


Anna. Anna. Soy Javier.

La policía se la llevó.
Me dijo...

Come on, come on.

Shouldn't where he's calling
show up right away?


Got it.

That's it. That's Anna.

Freeze! Don't move!

Drop everything.

Hands in the air.

Let me see your hands.

You must be Anna.

No hablo inglés, tranza.

Oh, look at that.

Hey, look who!
Sweets is in town!

As you know, I am
loath to admit it,

but we actually
needed you.

Well, I have no problem
admitting it.

I'm of two minds,

but that might
be the alcohol.

Oh, it's great to have
you back, Sweets.

You're one of the Avengers, man.
We need you.

Here's to Sweets:

my little brother
who I never wanted

but I'm glad that I have.

Welcome home.
Come on.

Lift your glass up there,
will you?

It's bad luck to drink
a toast that isn't true.

It's actually bad luck
not to clink glasses.

Toasts originally evolved
because of fear of poisoning.

The clinking causes
the liquid to spill...

Bones. Yeah.
...into the other person's...

Thank you for that. This has
been an amazing experience.

Um, I love you guys.

But I still have more leave,

and, uh, I guess I'm
seeing things differently.

What are you saying?

Won't it help
if I can give kids a choice

that doesn't involve
picking up a gun?

But you have
a specific talent, Sweets.

That occasionally does
seem quite valuable.

You know what?

Go. Let him go.

He's got to go,
and he's got to do this.

Like all of us
have to do what we do, right?

I'm just taking my leave.
This isn't forever.

before you leave here,

you have to finish your drink.

And no matter
what happens,

you're still one of us.

To us.

I'll toast to that.

All right. Hey!
To us!


You're gonna break the glasses.

I don't believe in superstitions,

but... might as well.

You know what? I have to go.

I promised Javier
that I'd help him get set up

with his foster family, but...

Tell him hello
for us.

I will. Take care.

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