Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 18 - The Movie in the Making - full transcript

A television crew follow the medico-legal lab crew around for several days, documenting the relationship between the Jeffersonian Institute and the FBI. They follow a ten year old murder case of a boy buried in a landfill.

Bones, you okay?

Can I... can I
make you something?

You bought cream soda?
My dad was the only one

who drank it...
We don't need it anymore.

I heard back from the cemetery.
11:00 on Friday will work.

They said that they'll do their best

to clean my mother's
headstone before then.

- I'm sorry.
- For what?

For not noticing that my father was

the only one in this house

who ever drank cream soda?

Look, you're not alone here.

Remember that.
I love you.

Just tell me what you need.

It's your phone.
It doesn't matter.

There's a body
washed up on the beach

in Newfoundland, Canada.

A United States passport was
found in the travel belt.

Max used to buy this soda
for the kids.

He would mix it up
with a little heavy cream,

and he would call it
a "Grandpa Milkshake."

I just thought it'd be
nice to have around.

The remains were brought to
the Jeffersonian to confirm ID.

- You want me to drive you?
- No.

I'm perfectly capable
of driving myself.

Remodeling of the right
clavicle and ulna

are a match for the childhood
injuries, so ID is positive.

"Sarah Abbott, 22.

North Carolina."

Wonder what she was doing
in Newfoundland.

She was dressed like
she was out for a hike.

There's a chest wound.

It's a through and through.


There's structural damage
and staining throughout.

Looks like this is
what killed her.

Check it out. Good old dung.

Not even the ocean
can make wash that off.

I'm finding multiple fractures.

Exact cause and time
are indeterminate.

Degree of decomp and adipocere
formation suggests

she hasn't been dead that long.

Maybe three days in the water,
one on the beach?

Hey, guys, um,
just a heads-up,

Brennan is on her way in.

She is?

Well, Booth must've told her
about the case,

'cause I didn't contact her.

Well, for whatever reason,

the lab is where
she wants to be right now.

Is that some sort
of a picture?

It was in the victim's
travel belt.

I sent the original to Angela.
We'll see what she can do.

Anything else on the victim?

Just a passport, house key.

We really don't know much.
Recent graduate at UNC.

Older sister said
she's been traveling a lot.

- Hmm.
- She coming in?

Yeah, she's... she's on her way.

So... how's Brennan?

Well, she's, you know,
given her history and all,

she's a lot tougher than she should be.

Um, let me know when
the older sister gets here.

- Booth?
- Yeah?

There was nothing that
you could've done.

Yeah, maybe not in the moment,

but there's a lot that I could've done.


Cam said you had something for me?


How are you?

Everyone keeps
asking me that.

I don't know how
to answer that question.

Okay. Then how are the kids?

They're adjusting, but we've
had a few days all together,

and I think they're relieved
to get back to routine.


Was this found with the victim?

Yeah. I've been trying
to reverse-engineer

the water damage
to figure out what it is.

Looks like a painting.

I actually think it's
a photograph of a painting

printed on regular
printer paper.

All the blue, maybe a seascape.






Uh, we'll just
give you two a minute.

Bye. Bye.

Where did he come from?

I have no idea.

Security just said
that we had a visitor.

Hey, who's the dude that's
hooking up with Dr. Brennan?

Tim Sullivan.

And he is?

The only guy besides Booth

who ever stood a chance.


Season 12 Episode 08
"The Grief and the Girl"

Wow! I mean, those are
some cute kids.

Thank you.

Probably not too smart, though.

Of course they're smart.
I'm kidding.

Oh, I know.

Why are you here?

Not just on the East Coast,
I mean... here.

I found out what happened
with your dad,

and I wanted to check on you.

You've aged.

Uh, yes. Thank you?

What about the woman?

Um, the one who plays the clarinet?


- Oboe.
- Oboe.Yeah. She is young,

uh, so I'm not sure
there's a future there.

Well, statistically
speaking, if she's young,

there's more of a chance
of a future with her

than with someone your own age.

It is good to see you, Tempe.

You, too.

There's beveling on the left scapula,

as well as damage on the third
and fourth left vertebral ribs.

- All consistent with a gunshot.
- Mm-hmm.

Though soft tissue suggests
it was low velocity.


Let's talk about this Sully character.

Exactly how long were he
and Dr. Brennan together?

- Not very long.
- Hmm.

I'm surprised, Dr. Edison.

I didn't take you for
a workplace gossip type of guy.

I'm not, I'm just concerned.

Dr. Brennan is in a
vulnerable place right now,

and I think the timing of this visit

seems awfully convenient.

You talking about Sully?

Oh, he is not a predator, trust me.

He's one of the nicest guys around.

- Are you here to swab something?
- Oh, yeah.

So it turns out that
the only thing I could find

in the external chest wound,
besides sea water,

were trace amounts of
Parafavella gigantea

and Helicostomella Algae.

- Nothing to link us to the weapon?
- Oh, I'm not giving up.

- May I?
- Be my guest.

Dr. Edison, will you look at this?

There's something embedded
in the adipocere.

Yes, what is that?

Looks like a bone.

A fragment or something vestigial?

I'm not sure.

Uh, hey, Cam,

there's a piece of string adhered

to the tissue there, you see that?

Maybe that's something that
the victim was wearing.

Let me get this straight,
you make sandwiches?

Yeah, and I even
named one after you.

Triple-decker with roast beef,
pastrami, Swiss cheese.

- All right. Is that on rye?
- Oh, yeah.

- I approve.
- What about me?

I want a sandwich.

You have one, the Tempe Tempeh.

Excuse me, folks. Victim's sister's here.

How you doing?
Special Agent James Aubrey,

work with Booth and Brennan.

Tim Sullivan, former Special Agent,

now Professional Sandwich Maker.

- Oh. You may be my new idol.
- Listen, Sully,

we got to get back to the case, so...

Oh, no, of course.

Hey, how about dinner tomorrow, on me?

That would be nice.

Okay. I'll see you then.

Our parents died in a
car crash 14 years ago.

That's when your sister
suffered those breaks?

We were both in the car.

I was 18. I grew up fast.

But Sarah, she was only eight.

She went to go live
with our grandmother.

Your mom's mom, right? Stella Lewis?

She passed away, what,
four months ago?

Yes. Sarah and Grandma Stella
were super close.

She took it hard.

It's understandable.

And she was sort of adrift.

I thought traveling would help.

- Why Newfoundland?
- I'm not sure.

Maybe she just wanted to go
somewhere that was far away.

Listen, we're...

we're still working on the
water damage to this picture.

Does that look familiar to you?

Do you recognize that at all?

I think this is a painting
my grandmother had.

Any idea why Sarah would've been

carrying around a copy of it with her?

No. I wish I did.

I have a husband,
and a baby on the way.

Why do I feel like I don't
have a family anymore?

So these pictures,
this is all Newfoundland?

It's similar, right?

And look at this.

This is the painting signature.

"Stella Lewis."

The victim's grandmother painted this.

Yeah, And she called it Secret Harbor.

What's so secret?
I don't know.

- Maybe she went there to find out.
- Hmm.

So speaking of secrets,
I just met Tim Sullivan.

Now, am I imagining things,

or is there some kind
of history there?


Tell me everything.

That was Clark.

So the fragment
found with the victim

is... a piece of animal bone.

Apparently she was wearing it.

- What do you mean, like a necklace?
- Precisely.

Its apparent age suggests
it was some sort of relic.

Clark is checking with
the human artifacts division,

see if they can figure out
where it came from.

Have you heard back
from the State Department yet?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

have agreed to full FBI involvement.

That's great!

When... When do you leave?

I'm not going.

But you're the lead on the case.

You're about to bury your dad.
I want to be here for you.

Booth, you asked
what you could do,

how you could help.

I think it would be good for me

to be alone for a few days.

Okay. Yeah, um...

You want me to go, I'll go.


So, the dung
on the victim's boot

came from Rangifer Tarandus,

otherwise known as...

Boreal Woodland Caribou.

How did you know that?

Oh, yeah, right.

I forgot I still had that up there.

Okay. So far, I've identified

two types of lichen in the dung.

Oh, also, hey, fun fact.

Old man's beard, it can be used
at toilet paper in a pinch.

I'm sorry. Are we still
having the same conversation?

Old man's beard. It's
the nickname for Usnea lichen.

Good to know. Do these caribou
have migration patterns?

They do, yeah. Also,
the lichen can be found

in varying concentrations
around the island.

The animal bone we found
with the victim.

It's a needle...

for nalebinding.

Uh, Nal-what?


It's an ancient precursor
to knitting, and this

particular style of nalebinding
needle most closely resembles

those used by... Vikings.

Like seafaring raider type Vikings?
Well, two years ago,

in Scotland, a man
found a Viking hoard

that was later valued
at over $2 million.

Well, if our victim found
something similar...

Well, then maybe it got her killed.


Well, it's nice out now.
Could get mauzy.

- Mauzy?
- What the hell's that mean?

Oh, it's slang up here

for damp and foggy.

I've been studying.
Yeah. Booth.

What do you got? Results from
the victim's chest wound.

Minute traces of
carbon-reinforced polymer

and, apparently, Venison Jerky.


Found venison jerky
on the murder weapon.

All right. I'll get back to you later.

Come on, man.

Special Agent Booth,

Special Agent Aubrey?

Is that what Mounties wear nowadays?

I'm so disappointed.

I'm Officer Gilda Sandling,

the RCMP officer assigned to this case.

Pleasure to meet you.
How's it getting on by?

What's that?

Oh, my one and only attempt

to sound like a Newfie.

Not bad.
Though you should probably know

the term Newfie's considered
offense coming from a C.F.A.

"Comes From Away."

- What?
- We've got a potential witness.

Thought one of you could take
the rental car and go

and check her out.
The other one of you

can stay with me and we'll ride
along the coastal roads,

and see if we can't find a match
to that painting you sent.

Who's the witness?

Short-term rental owner,
said Sarah Abbott was a tenant.

Woman's a bit of a local
celebrity, actually.

Makes gourmet venison jerky.

I'll take that one.

You got it.

Chest wound directionality
is posterior to anterior.

Perimortem fractures
on the posterior plane

suggests that she was then
struck repeatedly.

Possibility of an undiscovered

Viking settlement
is certainly exciting.

I suppose so.

You have my approval

to pursue an investigation,

as long as you can assure me

that your work on this case
will not suffer.

You serious?

Thank you, Dr. Brennan.


Teriyaki's still
my biggest seller, but...

the black pepper cider's

hot on its heels.

Wow, thank you.

- Uh, now. Ms. Crockett...
- Oh!


So, like, how widely available
is your jerky, Gretchen?

Oh, I can ship it anywhere.
You live in D.C.?

No. I mean, yeah, I do, but...
I would love some actually...

But I'm asking in context
of the case.

There might've been jerky
at the crime scene.

Oh, no.

Well, honestly, my jerky's sold

all over the island,

- even in a few stores on the mainland.
- I see.

Hey, so, do you remember
the last time you saw Sarah?

Last Tuesday night.

A man had given Sarah
a ride home from somewhere.

- Hmm.
- I heard them outside.

About what time was that?

Uh, a little
past 10:00.

Seems this man
had gotten the wrong idea.

- He sound threatening?
- I heard him say,

"You're gonna regret this."

You think you could
describe him, or...

I wrote down
his license plate number.

Just in case.


The guy renting
the car is Adam Hitchcock.

He's an American.
I sent you some background.

He's in the area scouting out
a site for him and his dad

- to build a new luxury resort.
- Oh,

wait a second,
his dad's David Hitchcock,

big real estate developer.

No wonder his kid's an ass.

I know, right? Every time
I see the name Hitchcock,

my brain immediately turns it
into Rich...

- Get it, Aubrey.
- Thank you.

His temporary offices
aren't too far from here.

Let's go and see
if he wants to talk.



Okay. What's this about?

I've already submitted for permits.

Mr. Hitchcock, this is
FBI Special Agent Booth.

Look, did you know Sarah Abbott?


Oh, that girl.

Yeah, I met her.
She was in your car,

Mr. Hitchcock.

Showed up dead two days later.

What? No, no. No, no. No.

I met her at a bar, okay?

She was showing people
this painting of a cove.

I offered to drive
her around, look for it.

Why did you tell her she'd
regret turning you down?

- Who wouldn't regret turning me down?
- I don't know,

how about Julia Henshaw?

Remember her?
The college classmate

who accused you of sexual assault?

The case was settled. That's
because your daddy paid it off.

How about the reports where
you blackmail contractors

- if they don't do what you tell them to do?
- Where the hell do you get off?

Agent Booth... I just think
you're just an entitled jerk

- who doesn't understand the word no.
- Agent Booth!

You better watch it.
I better watch it?

You harassed a vulnerable young
woman who was in mourning

and now she's dead.

Thank you, Mr. Hitchcock.
I apologize.

- My colleague is out of line.
- What?

You're damn right he is.

You can return to work now.
Thank you for your time.

Sorry, you tried to muzzle me
in front of a suspect?

Let me explain.

This is an economically
depressed area.

We can't afford to just chase
away major development. Yeah,

- it doesn't matter if this guy's a murderer?
- Of course it matters.

We need to have solid evidence first.

Fine, I got it. I got it.

I'm sorry, Agent Booth.

I'm really not trying
to shut you out here.

Of course you're not, no one is.

Of course, I remember that.

I had to
go to work in that shirt.

- You did?
- Yeah.

- Well, what about the hole?
- I had to wear

my jacket the entire day.

- It was 90 degrees.
- Oh...

People thought I was crazy.


feel like telling me about your dad?

I'm... I'm happy to listen.

Max was a criminal

who did terrible things,

but he was also sweet



He abandoned me,

made me...

made it difficult for me

to ever trust another man,

and yet...

He loved you.


I don't know why I'm crying.

It's okay.

No, I mean, I don't know...

why I'm crying with you.

And Booth is the one
who's been here.

He's the one I've...

built my life with,
so why am I...

letting you in

when he feels so far away?

Grief, it's...

it does things.

It mixes you up.

Do you remember when we met,
and my FBI partner

had just died the year before?

Yeah. I remember.

But you seemed so open,
so fearless.

Uh, yeah. Then
I sold everything

that I owned and ran away
from the first woman

I ever truly loved.

You said you'd come back.

I know.

So, why didn't you?

Because somewhere deep down,
I knew where this was going.

It's probably why I left
in the first place.

I mean, if I'd have come back,
I'd have had to deal

with the fact that you
still wouldn't choose me.

So, by staying away I got
to hold on to the fantasy

that I was your one
that got away.

That's an extremely
flawed strategy.

Look, you're gonna
get through this.

I mean, yeah, it's gonna
hurt for a while,

but just give yourself
some time.

You know, Booth's
not going anywhere.


What are you
working on, exactly?

I'm attempting...

satellite archeology,

looking for shadows, soil marks,
denser plant growth.

You know, any combination
of these could suggest

earlier disturbances,
even buried features.

Such as, like, a
Viking settlement?


Okay, move over then,
'cause that is awesome.

Cross sections show a
distinct lack of kinetic trauma.

I don't think it was a gunshot.


the fractures
on the scapula suggest

both sharp force
and projectile trauma.

An arrow.

Right, like

one used for hunting.

Such a brutal way
to kill someone.


A broadhead... that
explains the carbon fiber

Dr. Hodgins found.
That's used

for the stems.
It could also

explain the venison jerky;

if the killer was eating some

right before loading an arrow...

The particulates would
have transferred.

You should tell Booth.

Oh, aren't you...
You want me...

Yes, I will call him right now.

Dude, you're beeping.

Yeah, that's your fault.

'Cause that's the results
that you wanted

from the fractures.

Let's take a look here.

These look like the injuries
were all made by rocks,

coastal ones.

She must have fallen.

Probably from quite a height.

So, say she was standing
on a cliff or a bluff,

- or, you know, somewhere above the ocean.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

She gets shot. Yeah, falls
forward, off of the edge.

Flips in midair,

and falls flat on her back.

Right on the rocks.

Tide came up, washed her to sea.

Okay, great.

So all we have to do
is locate a cliff

that's a correct distance
above a rocky coastline

to account for the
severity of the fractures,

and we've got ourselves
our murder site.

Like right there!

Or there. Or...


Yeah, maybe we
should just go back

to searching for Vikings.

Might be easier.


Rick's Sporting Goods
and Hunting Adventures.

Gilda says that's where
everyone in the area

gets their hunting supplies.

You coming?

Why don't you take this
one, all right? I'm, uh,

I'm gonna dig a little deeper
on this Adam Hitchcock guy.

I got a gut feeling about him.

Uh, look,

it's none of my business...

Correct... but I'm just
gonna keep talking anyway.

I don't know anything,
really, but...

whatever's going on right now,

I'm sure you guys will
get through it.

Well, just let me know

what you find
from the arrowheads there, okay?


Thanks, Aubrey.


what did you have to show me?

So, I've been finding out
more about

Grandma Stella's painting,

which means I've been
finding out more

about Grandma Stella


Stella Anders and Philip Lewis.

So, Philip was in the army, but

before they were married,
he was stationed

at a U.S. run
military base...

in Newfoundland.

And who are these people?

That's a family that
lived near the base,

the Andreassens.

The oldest daughter, Estelle,

was the same age as
the victim's grandmother.

So, you think Estelle Andreassen

and Stella Anders
are the same person?

The victim wasn't
looking for Vikings,

she was looking for
her grandmother's history.

Her home.

Kathleen here is the
daughter of owner Rick;

she's been hunting
since she was ten.


Oh, we should get some of this.

For evidence?

For snacks.

Here's what I think
you're looking for.

Cutting diameter one to
one-eighth of an inch,


Bow used probably draws between 60

and 65 pounds, does draw lengths

between 28 and 29 inches.

Do you keep a record
of who buys these?

Not at all.

And we sell a ton.

Anyone who goes bow hunting
out here for big game

is gonna want
something like this.

I hear someone
interested in hunting?

Yeah, well,
in a manner of speaking.

Ah. Rick Tobine.
This here's my store.

I've been a hunting guide
on the island for over 40 years.

Where you visiting from?

D.C.... FBI Special Agent
James Aubrey.

We're here about a murder, Rick.

A young woman.

You recognize her?

No. No, sorry about that.

What about Adam Hitchcock?

That name ring a bell?

Yeah, rich guy.

I took him out, oh,

about a week and a half ago.

Does he use a gun or a bow?


A real pain in my ass.

Got him a black bear,

a good sized one, too, but, uh,

he said he wanted a caribou,

complained he's got a
bear head back at home.

Now, that...

I've seen.

The painting?

No, not the painting,

the harbor.


I think I've seen that on
the Andreassen property.

Yeah, family's got tons of land.

You think they were related?

Well, look, if the victim's
grandmother was an Andreassen,

then that means
the victim was, too.

That family's got over 300 acres

of pristine oceanfront property.

Rumor is Adam Hitchcock
wants to buy it

for upwards of $24 million.

Well, that's an amount
that you might not want to share

with a suddenly appearing
long-lost relative.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Look, I'm arriving now.

We'll be there in five.

Hey, excuse me,

you live here?




Come on. Come on up,
arrow boy, let's go.

Up. That's it.

You make it a habit of
shooting people who come on to your

property, pal?

If I was actually trying to shoot you,
I wouldn't have missed.

I was just trying to scare you.


I thought you worked
for that Adam guy.

Adam Hitchcock?
Yeah. He's been

harassing my wife, trying
to get her to sell this place.

These arrows are all fieldheads.

They aren't used for hunting.

Right, okay.

We have reason to believe that

this woman was on your property.

You recognize her?

Oh, my God.
What's going on?

- Doug...
- Ms. Andreassen, I'm Officer Sandling.

It's okay, honey.

There's been a mistake.

Wait, that's Sarah.

Why do you have that?

- You knew her?
- Knew?

Oh, my God,
did something happen to her?

You found something that could
help locate the murder site?

I think so.

There was extensive damage
on the cortical surface

due to postmortem
scavenging, but...

look at what the scratches
reveal here

and here.

There could be

an underlying pattern

of contusions.

Hey. Clark, Hodgins said
you were looking for me?

Yes. The victim has, uh,
perimortem bone bruising

on the frontal
and right zygomatic.

We just need your help to determine

what might have
caused the injuries.

Okay, um, well,
send me all the data

and I'll see what I can do.

I, uh...

I need to get some air.

So, is everything set
for your dad's service?


It will be simple.

Are you and Hodgins coming?

Yeah, of course.

Is your brother gonna be there?

Russ can't make it.

He and Amy and the girls

are coming to visit us
this summer, and...

we'll do something nice
for my dad then.

Brennan, I really think
that you should talk to Booth.

He's your husband.

You can share
some of this with him.

Maybe I don't want to.

Maybe, when I try,

I end up worrying about him.

About whether he feels
responsible for what happened,

and how I can... reassure him

that he's not.

That I-I don't
blame him.

I just don't feel like
worrying about anyone right now.

Is that wrong?


I... I totally get it.

I met her at the grocer's.

She was putting up a copy
of this painting,

asking for information.
I know that spot.

I said it's on my property.

- And you drove her out here yourself?
- Yes.

She explained everything:
the painting, her grandmother.

What about her grandmother?

That she'd lived here as child.

We figured out that my mother
and Sarah's grandmother

must have been friends when
they were little. How so?

They told us all the same
stories about this place.

They used to find things...
Bits of metal, petrified nuts.

My mother kept
a small tin full of stuff.

And Sarah showed me something
her grandmother gave her.

She had it around her neck.

Techs aren't finding anything.

Look, is there any chance
that Sarah might have been

anywhere else
on the property by herself?

Sure. I told her
she was welcome any time,

even if Doug and I were at work.

Ms. Andreassen, we'd have to do
genetic testing to be certain,

but there's a chance
that your mother

and Sarah's grandmother
were related.


We think they were sisters.

So that's what caused the bone
bruising on the victim's face.

Yeah. It's called
a trail blaze.

They're located all over the property.

That way you can still follow the trails,

even when there's snow on the ground.

Are there any near the coastline?

Uh, I'm scanning
the entire property now,

using those satellite
photos that you gave me.

Each time we find a spot
that has everything

that we're looking for, we...
Like trail blaze,

- sharp drop, rocky oceanfront.
- Right.

I send the coordinates to Aubrey
and he sends a tech team there.

Wait, they found Secret Harbor?

Yeah, it looks
just like the painting, right?

Aubrey sent it.

The techs searched the area,

but they didn't find anything.

C-Could you pull up
the satellite view

- of that spot for me, please?
- Yeah,

let me just figure out what quadrant...

Yeah, okay. Just-Just-Just,

please, pull it up right here.

Oh, okay. One sec.

Okay, here.

Leave it up on the screen.





there's some blood right here.

All right, people.

We're in the right spot so keep looking.

If the victim was shot
and she fell back there,

she didn't just topple
into the ocean.

No, her killer must've
dragged her to the edge,

pushed her off. SANDLING:
Techs found something,

recently made ground holes.

Could be the result
of a portable hunting blind.

Plus, I found this.

Well, that's thoughtful.
They left us

some jerky
and some fingerprints.

I'll run the prints.

Looks like we found our killer, huh?

Hey, come on, come on, come on.

Come on.

What? Clark, what?

Look. Look.


The growth pattern,
it's undeniable.

What are you guys talking about?

Wait, I heard yelling.

Did we find something?

Vikings, Cam.

We found Vikings.

Are they teeny, tiny Vikings?

Uh, no, look,

see how the grass growth here

is darker, denser?

It's because depressions
in the soil caused more

moisture to collect there,

providing an almost
perfect silhouette

of a buried structure.

There could be an
entire settlement here

to excavate.

I have to contact the
Jeffersonian Research Division.

Excuse me.

Aubrey says they got an ID.

Kathleen Tobine.

I'm afraid you need
to come with us.


What the hell
you think you're doing?

Mr. Tobine, your daughter
is under arrest.

For what?


attempted poaching and murder.


I'm sorry, Dad, I'm sorry.

So, Kathleen Tobine made

a full confession.

Said she was hunting illegally

on private property

and accidentally shot Sarah Abbott.

- That's great.
- Yeah,

only Booth doesn't believe her,

says it doesn't feel right.

I agree.

- You do?
- Supposedly,

the victim was killed here and then

dragged to the edge of
the sea cliff and dropped,

meaning she would've landed...

Okay, let me get you a parabola.

The victim landed
right about here.

Exactly, but the injuries
are consistent

with this area here that's rockier.

So, how did

the victim end up that far out?

She wasn't pushed.

She was held by her hands
and feet and swung out

parallel to the ground.

The victim was thrown.

So, someone else was there.

Two days ago,
Adam Hitchcock made an offer

on your land for $3 million more

than what it's worth.

It was a payoff, wasn't it?

You didn't kill Sarah Abbott.

Adam Hitchcock did, right?

He was so stuck
on getting that damn caribou.

He told me he'd hire me and
my dad to run the hunting tours

at his new resort if I could
help find him one.

A job like that's worth
a lot of money.

Of course it is.

I knew there was some
on the Andreassen land

this time of year. I...

I didn't think anyone would be there.

We were in the blind,

and Adam saw movement...

and he just took a shot.

And it was Sarah.

It was awful.

Why didn't you report it?

Well, Adam, he said he knew her,

even left a bar with her
the night before.

He said there was no way
authorities would

believe it was just an accident.

So, he paid

you to help him
get rid of the body?

I may not have killed that girl,


if it wasn't for me,

she'd still be alive.



So, I'm heading to the airport,

came to say good-bye.

Good-bye, Sully.

Thank you for everything.

Any time.

Stay in touch, okay?

I will.

Oh, um...

the oboe player...

do you love her?

Yeah, yeah, I-I do.

Does she love you?

- Apparently, yes.
- Okay.

You know, she's a 28-year-old
symphony musician.

I am a 45-year-old
former FBI Agent

who owns a sandwich shop.



so, I see your point.


Bye, Tempe.

Bye, Sully.

I'm telling you, with
the evidence that we've got,

as well as Kathleen's testimony,

that guy does not
stand a chance.


Good. You guys are
already celebrating.

- Yeah.
- We've got news.

You got the funding?

Yes. I am already

with the Andreassens

to set up a start date
for the excavation dig.

Amazing, okay.

- To Vikings.
- Wait.

With Tess and Lucy's permission,

I ran some genetic tests

just to confirm that
they were related.

And are they?

Yes, but beyond that...

They also share

fragments of a Norse haplogroup.

in a First Nation's genome.

And appearing to date back

30 generations.

Well, okay, m-meaning
what, exactly?

They're descended from Vikings.

Okay, that is incredible. What?

To Vikings!

- Yes.
- Yeah, right?

Welcome home.

It's good to be home.

I'm glad you're back.

Me, too.

The kids are asleep?

Yes. I told them you'd

go in and give them kisses.

Yeah of course.

What are you working on?

My dad's eulogy;
it's just some notes.

I'm not sure if it's any good.

No, Bones, it's gonna be
great... 'cause it's coming

from the heart,

all right?

- Booth, about Sully...
- No, you don't

have to explain yourself about Sully.

It's okay.
He's important to you.

Yes, but...

I want you to understand
why he's important.

It's because without Sully

I don't think I would've
been ready for you,

for this...

and because of that,

will always be grateful to him,

because... I love this.

I love you.

I love you, Bones...


In Norse mythology,

there is a place called Valhalla.

It is the home of the Gods,

but it is also the place
where the bravest warriors

get to spend their afterlives.

After each battle, the Valkyries or...

spirit women, ride amongst
the fallen soldiers,

deciding which ones
fought bravely enough

to enter the land of the Gods.

My father gave his life
to protect...

my children.

It's that kind of bravery

I imagine would impress
a Valkyrie,

but the impulse

to protect one's offspring is...

innate, it's hardwired.

How could he...

possibly have done any less?

To me, the bravest battle

Max Keenan ever fought

was the one he began
over ten years ago

when he reentered my life.

Since then, every day...

he has fought to show me
how much he loves me...

and to make me believe
that I could trust him again.

And he won that fight...

but I do believe

I was truly blessed to have

a father like Max Keenan,

a father who loved me so very much.

Good-bye, Dad.

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