Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 19 - The Head in the Abutment - full transcript

Bones and Booth investigate the death of a professional hockey player whose headless corpse was dumped in a river. Booth is reunited with a hockey rival from his past, putting him back on the ice. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Oliver have a competition of their own when Hodgins builds two drones and they compete to retrieve the victim's missing head.

Wow, Hurricane Brennan,
tearing through the house

early in the morning.

I thought we were supposed
to be organizing it.

Yes, and in order to do
that properly, we must

sort through all of our possessions,

purge everything we can,

and keep only what we need.

Oh, no way. You got to be kidding me.

No way, the Cocky belt buckle stays.

Booth, you haven't worn that in years.

A Decluttering Handbook,

Fay Wolf says, "If you don't use it

and/or love it,

you must let go of it."

Well, Fay Wolf is out, okay?

But the Cocky belt buckle stays.

Ain't going anywhere. You know what?

- You can get rid of these things.
- No, no. Booth, Booth, Booth!

Booth, Booth, those are extremely rare

African fertility river stones.

We already have two
beautiful kids together;

we don't need it.

Well, speaking of things
we can get rid of...

- No way! Are you kid...
- This beer hat.

- Now, that's not happening.
- Booth, Booth!

- Aha!
- Booth!

We're not making any progress,

Hank and Christine are getting big fast,

and we agreed to make space.

Beer hat stays, and the Cocky belt buckle,

- Ugh.
- and you can keep those weird stones.

Fine, as long as we do something
with that pile of socks.



No way, these are my socks.

No way.

Booth, I know they're your way

of keeping your individuality at the FBI,

but you don't need a hundred pairs.

I do need a hundred pairs.

I wear these socks, I
actually put them on my feet.

You know, unlike you with those books.

- Excuse me?
- Yeah, all those books over there.

Look at all those books.

Books are educational,
aesthetically pleasing,

and great to have around children.

But you already read
them. Get rid of them.

You don't get rid of books, Booth.


That's crazy.

Oh, okay, lab confirms that
you got to get rid of the books.

We also have a dead body, so...

Yeah! Eat that there, Oliver.

You like that, huh?

You like how that tastes?

Want to eat a little bit more?

I will be doing no eating of any kind.

You, on the other hand, will
be eating whatever I'm serving.

Hey, don't do... no, no, Oliver, stop!

Come on, man, you can't do that.

You can't do multiple
boosters, it's not fair.

- Your face isn't fair.
- That doesn't even make sense.

Your face doesn't make sense.

Your face doesn't.

Your face doesn't.

Your face doesn't.

Your face is so big that it
creates non-Euclidian triangles

of over 180 degrees around it.

Is that right? Really?

- Yeah.
- Really?

Okay, well, your face is so expansive

that the lensing effect is such

that a light passing within

one Astronomical Unit
has a radius of curvature

- of six E to the ninth meter.
- Ooh.

Am I interrupting?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Well, too bad.

A body from the Anacostia
River just came in.


Yes! I will eat whatever you can dish out,

24 hours a day, good sir.

You cheated.

You like cheating, yeah?

You, do you?

You feel good when you cheat, cheater?

Guys! Now.

I want a rematch, cheater.

And I will consider giving you one.

- I'm sorry, consider?
- Guys.

- Sorry.
- Sorry.

Based on the femoral heads

and the auricular surfaces of the ilia,

the victim was a white male in his 30s.

A white male in his 30s who
suffered massive injuries.

There are fractures on
his clavicle, his ribs,

his anterior tibial crest,

multiple foot fractures,

including the calcaneus, the talus,

the metatarsals, and the phalanges.

Well, maybe he cheated at video games,

so his friend threw him off a cliff.

Or he was simply so depressed
at being such a sore loser,

- that he jumped.
- Those hypotheses are juvenile

and not rooted in facts.

Dr. Wells, please determine

which injuries are postmortem
and which are perimortem.

Already on it.

Okay, I am seeing evidence
of dislocated shoulders,

sprains to the hips, knees and groin,

wrist strains, and abdominal tears,

and that's just from the
tissue that I have to work with.

Well, the fish definitely made
a few nibbles here and there,

but I think most of the damage I'm seeing

is done by Chelydra serpentina.

That would be the eastern
snapping turtle, loser.

Yeah, that's what I said, cheater.

Based on the lack of intestinal bloating

and the degree of early skin slippage,

the body's been in the
river about 12 to 15 hours.

That means he was dumped there

between 9:00 and midnight last night.

The lack of hemorrhagic
staining around the margins

indicates the decapitation
was very likely postmortem

and not cause of death.

Uh, yeah, it was definitely postmortem.

And this is a violent cut,

done with tremendous force.

Maybe it was ritualistic.

Perhaps done with a sword.

Uh, no.

No, it was not a sword.

It was definitely a curved weapon

spinning really, really fast.

What do you know that we don't?

So I did a comprehensive tag search

for "Anacostia," "body,"
"head," and "decapitation,"

and this is the viral video

that I came up with.

Wow. Over 200,000 hits.

In less than an hour.

Oh, that's on the Anacostia,
near where the body was found.

Ten beers and zero fish, baby!

Yeah, yeah!

Holy crap, Doc,

is that a dead body?

No, I don't think so, bro.

Doc, I think it's real.

I think it's a mannequin.

Oh, I don't know, Doc,

I'm thinking it's real.

Angela, perhaps you can

fast-forward through this part.


Jumping ahead five minutes.

I don't think it's real, bro.

But what if it is, Doc?

Oh, it can't be...

Maybe a few minutes more.

But what if it is? What if it...

All right, all right,
fine. What if it is, Goheen?

- What are we gonna do, huh?
- I don't know, I don't know...

Angela, skip to the end of the video.

Yeah. Right.

Holy crap, Doc,

it is a dead body!

Look how gross it is.

- Oh!
- Let it be known,

on this day, Thursday 9:00 a.m.,

I, Nathan Goheen, and
my friend, Jeff Dockerty,

found this dead body!

Oh, Doc, should we alert the mayor?

We got to tell the mayor, dude.

No, Doc!

Holy crap, you cut off his head, Doc!


Angela, one more thing...

I know, I've already
tagged the coordinates

and pinpointed the location.

No, please press the thumbs up button.

I find imbeciles amusing.

Based on the remodeling,

I categorized the victim's injuries,

and only a few of the
fractures occurred postmortem.

Caused by the rocks in the river?


However, almost all of the other injuries

were sustained gradually

over the past 17 years.

That's a long time to be
getting repeatedly injured.

Maybe he had a high-risk occupation.

Like an MMA fighter.

Ooh, or a rodeo clown.

Or maybe he just got
in a lot of bar fights.

No, actually, he wasn't a drinker.

According to his tox screen?

Yeah, he had no alcohol
or drugs in his system.

He was in tip-top shape.

The last thing he ate was a protein bar.


- Hey, so you got an I.D.?
- No.

I don't have one.

You don't have one?

I don't have any fingerprints, implants,

or surgical replacements
of any kind to work with.

Oh, and I don't have a head.

You have the victim's sex,

his height, his weight,
and his hair color.

Yeah, that narrowed it down
to a whopping 29,000 people.

- Booth.
- Hey, Bones. Look at that, huh?

Look what I got you.

What is this?

That's an e-reader.

You can download thousands
of books, and you know what?

It's thinner than a single hardcover.

I know what an e-reader is.

Told you, if she wanted
one, she'd already have it.

- Order something, Aubrey.
- Don't have to tell me twice.

Booth, I like reading
actual, physical books.

Which I'll never understand.

Plus, a lot of the books I have

are too rare to upload onto an e-reader.

No problem, no problem.
I will just return that.

- That's no big deal.
- Ready to order?

Uh, yeah, let me get
a burger, medium-well,

and, uh, that's it.

Actually, let me add some
fries to that, extra crispy,

and a side of that fruit
salad; chocolate milk. Thanks.

Are you sure that's it?

Uh, you're right... and...
and some onion rings, too?

- Oh, sure.
- Thank you.

So, we didn't have any luck

cross-referencing the victim's injuries

to hospitals, so either
he lived out of town

or he traveled a lot.

Perhaps we should widen
the search geographically.

I mean, his list of
injuries is quite extensive.

Fractured foot bones in '04,

broken collarbone in '08,

broken wrist in 2011.

Hold on.

Is this guy... what, is he six-two,

220, brown hair, athletic?

That's correct.

- I think I know who this is.
- What? No way.

Did he break his ribs last year?

Yes. Wha... how could
you possibly know that?

Well, because his injuries

are really well-known, at least to me.

We're talking about seven-time
all-star hockey great Seth Lang.

The Seth Lang.


Booth I.D.'d the victim as a
hockey player named Seth Lang.

Last seen by multiple
teammates around 10:30 p.m.

So, if the body was dumped
between 9:00 and midnight...

We have a 90-minute
window for time of death.

90 minutes.

Good job, Cam.

That's really,

really amazing stuff.

Okay, what's going on?

You are being way too polite

and you're clearly in
the middle of something.

Oh, this?

Oh, I'm so glad that you mentioned this.

This is actually my plan

to track down the victim's missing head.

But our search team's already on it.

Yeah, a search team that's
in a single boat, Cam.

And they're just, like, randomly

floating on the Anacostia
looking for a head.

I mean, that's like
throwing darts in the wind.

They're not gonna find it.

And you can?

Come see.

We know that the head is
between five and 5.9 kilograms,

which would be visible at water level.

Okay, I'm listening.

So, tidal currents in the Anacostia

are moving no faster
than two knots, right?

So, if you take three hours,

which is six nautical miles
from the point of separation...

Bottom line, Dr. Hodgins.

Right, bottom line.

Bottom line is that the head

would be in this section of the Anacostia,

potentially drifting downstream
at two knots, as we speak.

Okay, and what are those?

Oh, those.

Now, those are blueprints
for souped-up drones.

How souped-up are we talking?

You know, high-speed satellite cameras,

video and audio capabilities,

ooh, and retractable claws.

Remember when you were
a kid? The claw game?

Where you, you know, try
and win some stuffed animals?

I remember those games.

So imagine that, but a
hundred times stronger.

They're already using
these just outside Shanghai

to deliver packages.

But, instead of packages,

you'd be picking up a decapitated head.


So, the fractures

on the calcaneus and
cuboid of the right foot...

Well, you know, sometimes hockey players

block shots with their
feet, but, you know, skates,

they can only protect so much.

- And the broken ribs?
- Well, there's cross-checking.

I mean, being slammed into the boards,

not to mention all the fighting
that there is in hockey.

This is very useful, Booth.

You're practically an intern on the case.

All right, stop.

Not an intern, don't call me an intern,

don't even think about
calling me a squint, all right?

I just happen to know a
little bit about hockey.

And what do you know
about this Katie Stober

we're going to meet?

Not much, I mean, except
she's the widowed trophy wife

of the last owner, Jerry Stober.

- So she inherited the team.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, I imagine an asset like
that comes with a lot of perks.

Yeah, but anything
that valuable, you know,

comes with enemies, too.

Katie Stober? FBI.

Special Agent Seeley Booth.

- This here...
- I'm Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Hi. Yes, I heard you.

Just... just one second.

Oh, there it is.

Sorry, I just...


Lang's death has been really overwhelming.

- Is this a bad time, Mrs. Stober?
- I...

No. Look, I'm a new team owner.

Just... a lot of pressure from the media

and corporate sponsors and the fans.

Jerry died last year,

and so I'm just in a little
over my head with everything.

No, that's... that's...
that's understandable.

So when was the last time you saw Lang?

It's hard to say exactly.

Uh, we met, you know,
often throughout the season.

How often?

Did the two of you have
a romantic relationship?

God, no. Lang was our only all-star,

so meetings with him were really
about catering to his needs.

So what was the relationship like

between Lang and his
teammates and the staff?

Uh, you'd have to ask the head coach.

Jeremy Roenick?

Yes. Yeah, he's down
at the rink right now.

- Who is Jeremy Roenick?
- JR!

Jeremy Roenick played 18 years
as a pro, 500 goals scored.

He's a hockey legend.

We'll head down and we'll
ask him some questions.

You know, they... they're just
finishing up practice right now,

so you'd have to wait a
little bit unless you want

to throw on some skates and
go talk to him out on the ice.

- Good job today, boys.
- Hey, Coach. Sorry to bother you.

FBI. Special Agent Seeley Booth here.

Yeah, I heard you had
some questions for me.

Hey, good job, Fields.
Good job today, bud.

Yeah, just curious if, uh, I don't know,

any of your players or
staff had, uh, any problems

with, um, Seth Lang.

No, you'd be crazy to
have a beef with Lang.

He was, like, the face of our team.

Although there was Poppleton.

Drew Poppleton, the defenseman?
Wait, wait, your enforcer?

Yeah, he was kind of
Lang's personal bodyguard.

Right, why'd he have a beef with him?

Well, he wasn't actually our best player.

Lang thought he slowed us down,

so he asked me to get rid of him.

Uh, that's good to know.

- Yeah, yeah.
- What's going on, boys? What's happening?

I bet Berkstresser he couldn't
hit the post from 20 feet out.

I'm taking he didn't do that, huh?

Whatever. Good luck collecting.

Oh, so it's like that, huh?

Double or nothing.

$500 here says the suit
can hit it in one shot.

Wait a second, guys. 500 bucks?
I don't even know you guys.

Exactly, that's how bad he sucks.

- Yeah, yeah, keep it up, tough guy.
- Wow.

- You play?
- Yeah, I mean, I play.

Yeah, sure, I... I played, I mean...

All right, you're on.

Okay, this should be interesting, huh?

One shot, double or nothing.

Let's do it, suit.

I don't know, the suit looks confident.

No way. Two-and-a-half-inch target.


- Not bad, suit.
- Yeah, I'm back.

Drew Poppleton.

How many fights you been
in during your career, Drew?

I don't know. 65? 250?

That's kind of a big difference.
I guess I can work with that.

You get any major injuries
protecting Lang in those fights?

Uh, yeah.

Broken jaw, broken hand, cracked ribs.

Wow, you must have been pissed

when he wanted to kick you off the team.

Not gonna lie, it stung pretty bad.

I'd totally understand
if you wanted retribution.

- Totally.
- Totally?

So you admit to wanting retribution?


Wait, what does retribution mean again?

Is that, like, when
you... you get a refund

from money, like, that you
paid out of your own pocket?


That's reimbursement.

Retribution is revenge.

Did you want revenge on Lang?

Oh, no, I didn't want that.

I mean, I... I didn't kill the
guy, if that's what you mean.

Is that why I'm here?

Yeah, you're a suspect,

because Lang wanted to take away your job.

There aren't many
enforcers left in hockey.

Yeah, but I'm one of the best.

Lots of teams want me.

That's why I wasn't
sweating losing my job.

Where were you last night,
between 10:30 and midnight?

I was working out.

That late?

Where were you working out?

Mainly my arms.

It was a bis, tris and abs day.


Let me rephrase that.

So I found massive amounts of
fluid in the victim's lungs.

So cause of death was drowning?

He may have been alive when
he was dumped in the Anacostia.

Perhaps. I'm still waiting
for further biopsy details.

What do you have?

Bilateral perimortem
fractures of the carpal bones

suggest the victim threw several punches

around the time he was killed.

According to Booth, Lang wasn't the type

of hockey player to get into fights.

So maybe the fight wasn't
about hockey. It was personal.

Well, that would certainly cause...

... these... uh...


Hey, check it out.

I have to say,

I am equal parts scared and fascinated.

Coming your way.

Hey, Oliver, looks like you got

a little piece of lint there, buddy.

I suppose that's very impressive.

Watch this.

Okay, that will certainly be
helpful in finding the head.

What's that?

Yeah, that's a second drone.

- A second drone?
- Mm-hmm.

You want help finding
the victim's missing head?

I don't know. Think you
can find it before me?

You want a rematch.

Yeah, I do want a rematch.

Okay, guys, this is not
a drone-measuring contest.

Just find the missing
head as soon as possible.

Go ahead.


Oh, game on.

All right, so we're gonna go see

the team's equipment manager, right?

Yeah, Daryl Patterson.

Lang lived in a gated community,

and security said that he
visited three nights in a row

before Lang was killed.

Daryl Patterson.

Why does that name sound familiar to me?

Does he have a record?

No, he's clean.

Just a regular working-class guy,

been with the team about 15 years.

- Whoa.
- Whoa what?

Good thing you got that
huge bag of socks back there.

Never know when there
might be an emergency,

you need 70 pairs right away.

It's for Bones, okay?

We're spring-cleaning,

and, you know, we're
kind of at a standoff.

I know, books versus socks.

Right, okay, and I thought
that I'd take initiative

and donate mine first.

You're being the bigger man. That's great.

I'm just saying, you should
probably throw them away.

See, socks,

they're like Social
Security numbers and diapers.

Should only have one owner.

Stop, okay?

Just stop.

Daryl Patterson?

Special Agent James Aubrey, FBI.

This is my partner.

Seeley Booth.

Sorry, do we know each other?

It's me, Daryl.

Daryl Patterson.

Yeah, the equipment manager.

Yeah, but n... no, uh...

from the state championships
back in high school.

I was the goalie for NA High.

Yes, you were. Right, I told you.

I... I knew I knew that name.

Yeah, you were the goalie I...
I scored the penalty shot on

- to win the championship.
- You know, I...

That goal was controversial.

I swiped the puck away
before it crossed the line.

But, hey, who's keeping track, right?

Um, apparently you are, 20 years later.

You still play hockey?

Yeah, here and there, but
that's not why we're here.

We're here to talk about Seth Lang.


Yeah, it's really sad
what happened to him.

Were you close with him?

Yeah, you know, he wasn't one of those,

uh, standoffish stars.

He was... he was close with everyone.

So you want to tell us
why you were at his house

every night, before he was murdered?

I'll tell you what, let's
head over to the rink.

If Seeley gives me a penalty shot rematch,

we can finally settle this debate.

There's no debate.

I took the shot, it went in,

we won, you lost, life goes on.

But if you give me a rematch,
I'll tell you why I was there.

Or you could just tell
us why you were there,

and we won't arrest you for
impeding an investigation.

Geez, okay, uh...

I was in... installing,
uh, an infinity rink.

It's... it's like a
treadmill but for ice-skating.

That's why you were at
his house after work.

Those can be a hassle to set up.

You know, I... I can hook you up with one,

if you, uh, can score
a penalty shot on me.

Just drop it, okay?

We're not here to relive the glory days.

We're here about a murder investigation.

Is that it?

Is that the head?

Zooming in.

Ah, not even close.

Oh, not so hot when you don't cheat, huh?

Keep talking smack,
Dr. Hodgins, seriously.

Yeah? Your mom talks smack.

Oh, yeah? Well, I'm gonna plant

a cypress tree in your mom's butt

and then I'm gonna pull you
under the shade of that tree

and I'm gonna slap you across the face.

So you guys haven't found the head yet.

Dr. Saroyan. Um, no, not... not yet.

And, uh, sorry for all
that planting-trees-

in-mom's-butt talk.

That's just, uh,
testosterone-driven banter.

Meanwhile, uh, I did get swab results,

uh, from Lang's carpal bones
back, and I found traces

of iron oxide as well as
synthetic blue pigments.

It's basically blue paint and
rust that matches the lockers

in the training room
at the hockey complex.

Booth and Aubrey just questioned
the team's equipment manager.

Well, he may or may not be clean,

but Lang was likely
killed within the complex.

Oh, this is Angela.

Notify me when you find the
head, whoever finds it first.

I will.

Hey, what have you got?

Uh, Lang's finances.

He's clean, but there's
one recurring charge

on his credit card
statement that stands out.

"The Penalty Box."

Yeah, it's a well-known hockey bar.

Can you check social media

to see if anyone tagged photos of Lang

the last night he was there?

Yeah, absolutely.

Celebrity sightings are tagged a lot.

- Uh, there.
- Oh.

He's with Little Miss Tight Dress.

And she is obviously mad.

Can you run facial recognition on her?

Uh, yeah.

Already on it.

Uh, okay.

Alex Conrad, 30.

Can you put her with Lang anywhere else?

Uh, no,

but I can put her with everyone else.

Looks like we have a
hockey groupie on our hands.

Alex Conrad,

I'm Special Agent Aubrey, would you... Oh.

You have a...

Are you... ?

I'm four months pregnant.

Got it.

Just been wrong before,

never want to make that mistake again.

Would you have a seat?

So, tell me,

what's it like being a hockey groupie?

Excuse me?

Social media, it's a
cop's new best friend.

Online you were tagged having drinks

with ten different
players at The Penalty Box.

One of them...

was Seth Lang.


So what?

So Lang is now dead.

In that picture, whew!

You look, I'd say, angry enough to kill.

So you think I killed him?

Why would I do that?

Well, off the top of my head,

I can think of two different scenarios.

Scenario number one,

you're pregnant with his kid and
extorting him for child support.

Seth is not the father of my child.

Which leads me to scenario

numero dos, you're pregnant
with someone else's kid

and Seth got jealous.

So, tell me, who's the father?

You think you've got this
all figured out, don't you?

No, but I feel like I'm getting closer.

In any case, the key seems to be

in the details of your pregnancy.

So what would you say if the
FBI started looking into that?

I'd say that would be illegal

since I didn't commit a felony
and you don't have a warrant.

Well, then I guess getting a warrant

is just what we'll have to do.

Well, this is a good compromise.

Booth gets those books out of the house,

and you still get to hang on to them all.

Unfortunately, these are
merely a fraction of my library.


I can't imagine this
is related to the case.

No, but just so you know,

I found multiple curved
fractures of the ulnae.

The plotting indicates
that they were caused by

a thin, curved weapon.

Hodgins swabbed for particulates,

and we don't have anything to
do until he gets the results.

So you're just stockpiling
books in the meantime?

We're decluttering our home.

Booth wanted me to get
rid of my books, but...

I'm finding that to be quite difficult.

Well, that's understandable.

I mean, books have been
your escape your entire life.

During the foster system
and then with your parents.

But books are just inanimate objects.

Oh, trust me, inanimate objects can carry

a very deep emotional attachment.

Oh, my God! Ah!

Wow, it's the engagement ring.

Arastoo did good.

I agree.

As far as well-marketed minerals

masquerading as good investments go,

this is exquisite.

Thanks, I think.

It's beautiful, Cam.

Thank you.

And... and anyway, I... I didn't
mean to hijack the conversation.

The point is,

I totally understand how
you feel about your books.

I mean, if you get rid of them

or if you keep them, you
still have those memories

to hold on to.

All right, Hodgins just got

his swab results back...
it's stainless steel.

The cold tub at the training facility.

It's stainless steel, and
the fractures of the ulnae

were very likely the result
of the victim flailing

while being drowned.

Okay, I'll tell Booth.

Man, gone over every inch of the banks.

Maybe you miscalculated
the discovery area.

I did not make a miscalculation.

You know what maybe did
make a miscalculation?

Please do not say my face.

Your butt.

You're like a child.

Wait a second, that's actually it.

What's "it," your butt?

The abutment.

We got to get over to the bridge

in the discovery area,
and check the abutments.

That's a prime location for
the head to have gotten stuck.

Race to the bridge?

Oh, game on.


That's it.

Next to the abutment. Or
at least what's left of it.

I win!

No, no, no, no, no, what are you doing?

That's my head. I got there first.

Yeah, well, I discovered the abutment.

Yeah, well, I made the butt
joke that led to your discovery.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.


And I am off for my triumphant
flight back to the lab.

- Drowned in the cold tub, huh?
- Yeah, and the person

who locks up the training
room is your old hockey rival,

- Daryl Patterson.
- Oh, stop, will you?

Come on, he's not my rival.

That was a long time ago.

Look, Booth, uh, ever since you scored

that winning goal against him,

you've gone on to a
series of heroic moments,

while he became an equipment manager.

That's his choice if he wants
to dwell on the past, not mine.

Well, speaking of the past, I
looked into his eBay history:

Turns out he's been selling some
of Lang's personal stuff online,

making some good money.

What kind of stuff?

Oh, everything from pucks, jerseys,

mouthpieces, jockstraps.


It's getting to you, isn't it, Seeley?

What are you talking about?

You replaying our epic penalty shot

over and over in your head

and finally realizing that maybe

it wasn't a goal after all.

Well, I hadn't given a second
thought to you or that goal.

Well, then, what do you have to lose

in giving me a rematch?

Scared, Seeley?

I don't think Agent Booth

has as much to lose here
as you do, Patterson.

What do you mean?

I mean, you are now a
suspect in Lang's murder.


I already told you why I was at his house.

Yeah, but you conveniently
left out the fact

that you've been stealing
Lang's personal items

and selling them online.

A jockstrap?

Come on.

Hey, I got 120 bucks for that.

And all you had to do was
rummage through his locker

and steal it.

No, I didn't steal anything.

He gave me everything I sold,

including the jockstrap.

Why would he do that?

Because Lang was a... a good dude

and he was throwing me a bone, all right?

He knew I wasn't getting paid a lot,

so, with the recent cutbacks...

What recent cutbacks?

Ever since Jerry Stober's trophy wife

took the team over, she
made a bunch of moves,

starting with cutting
staff salaries by 15%.

Wait, Katie Stober did that?

It seems kind of drastic
for a clueless new owner.

Katie Stober isn't clueless.

No, you're saying that she's just

a shrewd businesswoman.

No, I'm saying she's a
cold, calculating bitch.

Dr. Hodgins...

Uh-uh, don't try to steal my moment here.

No, no, seriously, uh, Dr. Hodgins.


It's somebody's head!


- Come on, honey, let's go.
- Look at that.

Maybe I should've taken
a different route home.

Any progress weeding
through the team documents?

Yeah, it turns out that
Booth's lead was right.

Katie Stober made some pretty
shrewd business decisions

when she took over that team.

Looks like she immediately
reduced the team's overhead.

Yeah, she cut back on everything
from equipment to catering.

It's like she was intentionally trying

to milk the team dry.

Booth, good timing.

If anyone can make
sense of this, it's you.

Really, Cam? A flying head?

Okay, that may be the most
confusing phone greeting

I've ever gotten.

Okay, look,

I just got reports, all right?

Of a drone carrying a decapitated head

around the DC area.


I, uh, guess we found the head.

I thought the drones

were supposed to locate
and search for the head;

I didn't really... think
through the logistics.

Well, Aubrey's on his way
over to slap some wrists.

Okay, we'll be ready for an earful.

Hey, Booth, while we have you, um,

I just sent over some team documents.

Oh, all right.

These confused us a little.

Wait a second.

These trade proposals don't make sense.

- How so?
- Well, it looks

like she's trying to tank the team.

Why would anyone do that?

Well, you know, player performance

and ticket sales are low enough, you know,

she could legally move the team.

Move the team? To where?

To a bigger market.

So, making the team bad

would be lucrative for her.

How lucrative?

At least $200 million, give or take 50.


Come to papa.

What are you doing?

This, my friend,

is what we call

a victory lap.

And that, ladies and gentlemen,

is how it's done.

Huh? How cool was that?


Wipe that smile off your face.

- Agent Aubrey is here to scold us.
- That's right.

So, if anyone asks, I gave you
both a pretty intense spanking.

I will not be admitting
to a spanking of any kind.

Okay, we got it, Aubrey, you
gave us a stern talking to.

Thank you.


No way.

High-speed surveillance
cameras, retractable claw.

I mean, it's like a real-life version

of the game Aerial Attack.

Yeah, that was the
inspiration for the design.

Wait... wait a second, you play?

Uh, yeah.

Pretty good, too.

Oh, I'm sure you think you're pretty good.

I think I'm pretty good?

Aubrey, look at us. We're lab nerds, okay?

I'm sure, when you play
with your jock friends,

you're good, but when it
comes to Aerial Attack,

you can't hang with us.

You guys, I'm a gamer, okay?

I was just being humble
by saying I'm pretty good,

I'm actually very good.

Really? What level are you?

Level 50 pilot, all red gear. You?

You know, we... we just
started playing, so...

- Oh, just started?
- Yeah.

I could be a level 50 pilot

if I wanted to, but, for
me, it's really a time thing.

Hmm, the time, right.

Well, maybe when the
case is over, we can...

Yeah, you just make sure

you never, ever do anything as stupid

as fly a decapitated head over civilians.

Hey, well, I just wanted to make sure

you get X-rays to Dr.
Brennan as soon as possible,

and I will be back to examine in ten.

You got it.

Sorry for the holdup,
Cam. Just wanted to issue

a warning to these two
on behalf of the FBI.

Don't want to have to restrict
them from public airspace.

Thank you. I'm sure
that they appreciate it.

Especially if they ever want to
be a level 50 with all red gear.

Sorry, still a mess.

I'm such a scatterbrain.

You can drop the act.

What are you talking about?

We're talking about
you sabotaging the team

with financial cutbacks and bad trades.

You wanted to have a horrible team.

Why would I want that?

So you can move the team to a
bigger market, make more money.

Moving the team isn't a crime.

Then why the charade as
the victimized trophy wife?

Because if the fans and the
media caught wind of the move,

I'd be hanged in my own hometown.

I'd say the bigger problem is,
it gives you motive for murder.

- You think I killed Lang?
- You can only move the team

if you come in last place
and have poor attendance.

Getting rid of your star
is the best way to do that.

I'll admit I'm not as clueless
as I'd have the public believe,

but I would never kill anyone.

I don't know.

Couple hundred million
dollars is pretty enticing

to a shrewd businesswoman.

Look, Lang and I had a good relationship.

He really cared about the game,

and I was even helping
him clean up the sport.

How so?

He found out that a
woman named Alex Conrad

was causing trouble for the team.

Wait, you care which hockey groupies

are sleeping with your players?

Alex Conrad isn't a groupie.

She's a pusher.

A drug dealer.

The corporate kind.

She supplies painkillers, speed, HGH.

She had met with a bunch
of Lang's teammates.

Lang found out and he
was not happy about it.

He said he was gonna
to confront her, but...

after he did, I never
heard from him again.

The fractured mandible

and the missing
mandibular central incisors

are documented hockey injuries.

The sharp force trauma on
the inferior margin of the C6

was clearly caused by
the powerboat propeller.

The contusions on the
occipital and parietal bones

are from banging against the
abutment in the Anacostia.

There's also the comminuted
fracture on the occipital.

It appears to have been
obscured by the bruising

caused by the abutment.

The severity and placement of the blow

would have been powerful enough
to knock Lang unconscious.

Precisely, but before he
was drowned in the cold tub.

If you're not engaged
in a childish video game

- with Dr. Hodgins...
- Currently I am not.

... then I will have
him swab the fracture.


Am I, uh, interrupting a date?

Maybe a drug deal?

Excuse me for a minute.

Yeah, just a minute.

Or maybe five to ten years.

So... you aren't a
groupie at all, are you?

I never said I was.

You did.

Well, now I'm saying
that Lang was a purist

who wanted to clean up the game.

He was the face of his team,
head of the players' union.

- So?
- So he found out that you were a pusher

and was gonna out your whole drug scandal.

That would have put you
in jail for a long time,

which is why you killed him.

There's no way you can prove any of that.

You know, a lot of guilty people say that.

No, I am saying that
because I didn't do it.

Look, Seth did confront me here,

and, yes, he did threaten to out me,

but after that, he left,
and I never saw him again.

You are dealing with drugs,
murder and jail time here.

You really want to bring
a child into that world?

I didn't think I...

You didn't think what?


I, I want a lawyer.

Now that the skull is clean,
I see a faint extension

of the comminuted
fracture on the occipital.

The plotting of the sections indicates

that this was also
performed by a curved weapon.

Will you bring up the X-rays
of the victim's ulnar fractures?

I see where you're going with this.

If we overlay the X-rays, we can see...

if the fractures match.

They're not a match.

So we're looking for a different
curved weapon than the cold tub.

Hey, I have the results.

So I found a carbon composite

with 70% graphite and 30% fiberglass.

A curved weapon of that composite

is most likely a hockey stick.

Yeah, obviously.

But that's no help.

There's probably hundreds of hockey sticks

owned by hundreds of different
players within that complex.

We need to get this information to Booth.

Why? These are simply
composition statistics.

No, this is his world.

If anyone can decipher the data
we've accumulated, it's him.

So it looks like the warrant that we got

for Alex Conrad paid off.

Yeah, you got her medical records?

No, not yet, but her credit
card shows multiple payments

for parking meters near her ob-gyn,

which is strange because
there's no evidence

that she paid any of her medical bills.

Looks like her baby daddy was
footing the bill, that's why.

What do you got?

All right, this is good.
Looks like Seth Lang

was whacked over the
head with a hockey stick.

No. A hockey player got
attacked with a hockey stick?

- That's useful.
- Yeah, it is.

I mean, every professional hockey player

has their own personalized custom stick,

from composition to flex to blade pattern.

So each stick is like a fingerprint.

Exactly. Okay, we find that
stick that matches the player,

we got the murderer.

I'm gonna call Bones.

- Ironic, isn't it?
- What is?

Your job was to protect Lang,
and you ended up killing him.

What? That's ridiculous.

After all the injuries
you sustained from hockey,

you were in considerable pain,

so you started taking OxyContin.

I took some painkillers. Big deal.

It's a big deal 'cause that's
how you met Alex Conrad, huh?

You found love,

which is why you're paying
for her prenatal care.

Her baby is yours.

Well, that still doesn't prove anything.

Well, Lang found out that she
was pushing drugs on the players.

He wanted to put her in jail,

but then he got knocked
unconscious with a hockey stick.

A carbon composite stick
with a slightly opened pattern

and a 110 flex.

Do those specifications sound familiar?

Because after you knocked him unconscious,

you drowned him in the cold tub.

It was either that

or see the love of your life go down.

I protected him on the ice for years.

All I asked for was for him
to protect me just this once.

Look, I didn't want my kid to grow up

with a mother behind bars.

Booth, are you sure you're
ready for a hockey rematch?

You haven't played in a while.

It's not a rematch. This guy just wants

to redo the penalty shot, okay?

Besides, I know his
weakness, it's four-hole.


Yeah, it's the lower stick side.

Wait a second, you're gonna...
you're gonna read your books

- at my shoot-out?
- Oh, no.

I finally made the decision to let go.

I'm getting rid of all the
books that I can live without.

Wow, that's amazing. You're getting rid

of all of them except those three?

No, Booth. No.

These are the three I'm
willing to part with.

- The rest I'm keeping.
- Whoa.

Wait a second, are you serious?

Yes. You ready to go?

- Let's go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Go, Booth!

Let's do this, Booth!

It's all you!

Come on, Daryl! You got this!


Nice save.

That was a good move, Booth.

Good try.

You got me this time.


You lost on purpose.

That wasn't the four-hole.

No, I guess it wasn't.

I guess now this guy
can move on with his life

and forget about the past.

Just like me and my books?

Three measly books.

You're getting rid of three measly books.

It's a big step for me, Booth.

You're letting go of three
books... that's not a big step.

Okay, I guess, you know, tomorrow,

- I'll go buy some new socks.
- N... no.

- No, don't you dare.
- What do you mean?

- I'm not going out and buying...
- Great idea.

You're getting skates right now.