Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 17 - The Secret in the Service - full transcript

A drunk college student discovers the dead body of a Secret Service agent just before a presidential visit to the area. Booth is ready to hit the ground running and turns to Secret Service agent and former colleague Brandt Walker for information, but is surprised to learn the Secret Service has reservations about Booth's involvement in the case. The team uncovers some shocking evidence that heightens the seriousness of the case, causing Booth to step up for his country. Meanwhile, Brennan is out sick with the flu and former intern Dr. Colin Fisher returns to the Jeffersonian to run lead on the case, but Brennan refuses to be kept out of the loop. Also, Hodgins takes his life into his own hands and turns a corner after a potentially dangerous experiment.

911. What is your emergency?


My name is Darrell,
and I'm in the woods

off the...
Route 301 near Bensley.

And I'm out here, 'cause I went
to take to pee, bad,

and I think I found a dead body.

Sir, prank phone calls to 911

are punishable
under Virginia law.

No, not a joke.

I really think
I may have found a body.

What do you mean
you may have found?

Oh, man...

Is it a body or not?

I don't want
to look at it again.

Oh, yeah,
it's-it's definitely a body.

And it's in acid or something
and it's horrible.

Oh, God, I got,
I got to have some more beer.

Please, sir,
do not have another beer.

Sounds like you've had enough.


Oh, no.


I hear something.

It's the killer.

Oh, he's still here.

Sir, I need you to calm down.

I can't.

I'm sor-- I'm sorry.

I got to get out of here.

Sir? Sir?

We have traced your call.

Officers have been dispatched.

They will be there
in two minutes.

Please don't drink any more.

Bones, what are you doing up?

It's, like, the middle
of the night.

You're sick.
You should be back in bed.

In a minute.

First, I need to drink
this herbal remedy.

It's a tea made from
ginger, fennel and anise.

Certainly smells like that.

Booth, I said "anise,"
not "anus."

Smells like the other end, too.

What about you? You feeling
the onset of any symptoms?

Me? No, I'm fine. I'm fit
as a fiddle. You know me.

Okay, I-I don't understand
how that's possible.

You should be
sick, too.

Compared to my diet,
yours is abhorrent.

You eat nothing but meat,
cheese and bread.

Sugar. You forgot the sugar.
And my beer. I love my beer.

All of which promote
an inflammatory response.

Oh, you got to be--

Not now. Already?

I take it that's work?

Looks like they found a body
in the woods outside Richmond.

They're bringing it back to the
lab with a potential witness.

You should go.
I can take care of myself.

Nope. No, no.

I'll get Aubrey on it.
He can go to the lab.

I got to take care of you.
Come on.

Let's get back to bed.

Bring your anus tea
or whatever.

I'm sorry, what is that?
Smell tea.

Ooh, that stinks.

I know you like it.


I understand
we have a witness?

Not really.

He was pretty intoxicated.

He claims he was hit
by a pair of masked assailants,

who swung matching shovels
at the exact same time.

Oh, so he was seeing
double, right?

You talking about
our witless witness?

The good news is
I was able to pull

particulates out of
his head wound.

So maybe he won't be
a complete waste.

Aubrey, do me a favor.
Can you grab a zipper?


what are you doing?

You're starting without Dr. B?

Booth is taking care of her.
She's at home sick.


Wow, okay.

Now I know how she feels.
Pretty awful, huh?

Looks like this guy
took a bath in toxic waste.

Well, what the killer actually
used was muriatic acid.

Local PD was smart enough to
neutralize it with baking soda.

Another couple hours, and he
would've completely dissolved.

It's lucky for us.


Feeling pretty fortunate
right now.

Well, it doesn't look like there
are any internal organs left.

Oh, but...

...take a look at this.

What is that,
some kind of heart monitor?

I don't think so.

It looks like
a wrist microphone clip.

It's government issue.

It's the kind
the Secret Service use.

Seriously, like,
the Secret Service?

The people that
protect the president?

Looks like one of their own
was just murdered.

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The Secret in the Service
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Booth, this is Agent Brandt
Walker with the Secret Service.

Seeley Booth,
I've heard a lot about you.

It's an honor to meet you.

Only active agent to ever take
a bullet for the president.

Yeah, yeah, still got
a souvenir in the old leg,

but that...
that was a long time ago.

Well, I'm sorry we're meeting
under these circumstances.

You hear anything from the lab?

Still waiting
on an official I.D.,

but all signs point to this
being one of your guys.

Graham, uh, Roberts.

He was head of my tactical team.

When was the last time
you heard from him?

Last night around 8:00, he
texted to say he needed to talk.

And I texted back,
but when he didn't answer,

I knew something was off.

His body was found
just outside of Richmond.

What was your team doing
that far out of D.C.?

Well, the president has
a campaign fund-raiser there

in 36 hours.

It's just a hop,
jump and a skip away,

but still we sent
an advance team.

Any chance the president's
gonna cancel?

No, not while
on the campaign trail.

Not with the polling so close.

Well, it is, of course, possible
that Agent Robert's death

had nothing to do
with the president.

I'll start doing some digging
into his personal life.

Well, hold your horses.

Now, before we do anything,
I still need approval

from on high that both of you
are cleared to work this.

Look, if you need someone
to vouch for Aubrey,

he's the best around.

Aubrey's not the problem.

Strange as it sounds,

concerns have come up
about your heritage.


What are you talking about?

There are those who are
unsure that a descendent

of John Wilkes Booth
should be working this case.

Very good. Now can you
position the camera

closer to the distal end
of the right femur?

Oh, interesting.

Remodeling suggests
a compound fracture

due to shrapnel,

perhaps caused by an IED.

Do we have the victim's
medical records?

No, not yet,
but they should be here soon.

Along with
the forensic anthropologist

the Secret Service is sending.

What? Why would they do that?

I-I may be sick,
but even infirmed,

I don't know
who could be more capable...

Oh, I can think of one person.

Oh, my God. Fisher!

It's been years.

Where have you been?

Well, wouldn't you like to know?

Mr. Fisher,

you're the expert
assigned to this case?


Yes, I am.

And it's Dr. Fisher now,
if you will.

And I insist you do.

So, what?

You completed your PhD,

and you're working
with the Secret Service?

Well, I-I consult with them.

Yes, I'm on loan
from another organization.

No way!

The CIA?

Or, um, Homeland Security?

Well, I'm afraid
it's classified.

But what I can tell you
is that I travel extensively,

and I'm always surrounded
by young, nubile women.

I wish I could
tell you more,

but I am just not
at liberty to do so, so...

Well, we get it.

It's all very mysterious
and kind of sexy.

I'd like to think so, yes.

Dr. Fisher,

we are wasting valuable time!

I need to know, did the victim
have reconstructive surgery

on his right femur

after an IED explosion?

Yes, let me see here.

By comparing the X-ray

of Graham Roberts'
medical files to your own,

the injuries show
matching characteristics

consistent with shrapnel.

Therefore, this is
indeed Agent Roberts.

Good work, Dr. Fisher.

Yes, very well done.

But I am afraid
that you have wasted your time

coming down to the lab.

I am quite confident
I am feeling better now.

And I no longer...

I no longer need... Oh.



Dr. Brennan,
based on the viscosity

and color of your discharge,
it's clear

that you're still contagious.

Not to worry; your lab
is in very good hands.


Agent Aubrey, this is

Agent Patel.

She will be your liaison
in the investigation.

Walker brought me up to speed.

What's our next step?

I take it you worked
alongside Agent Roberts?

Yes, he joined the advance team
about three years ago.

Then I'm guessing
you have a good idea

of what was going on
in his personal life.

I don't think he really had one.

Certainly not a wife
or girlfriend.

Okay, and what exactly

was his role in protecting
the president?

Half of us work
on securing every square foot

that the president
will cover on his visit.

And then the tactical unit

all credible threats
to the president

within a hundred-mile radius.

Now, these are
the case files of

all the persons of interest
that Roberts was assigned.

He met with each of them
personally yesterday.

So, it's possible
that one of these guys

not only killed your agent...

But that same person may also
be targeting the president.

Well, Dr. Hodgins.

Greetings and salutations.

No way, Fisher!

What are you doing here?

Consulting for
the Secret Service,

leading in
Dr. Brennan's absence.

Typical man of action stuff.


I see Angela wasn't joking
about you being paralyzed.

Uh, no.

No, not-not a joke.

Just a lot of pain,
misery and self-loathing.

Feelings in which
I'm very well-versed.

I do remember.

Fisher, this is

so awesome to see you.

I should probably get

back to my analysis.

Actually, that's
why I stopped by.

I wanted to check up
on your progress

while the bones
are being cleaned.

Yeah, sure. I mean,
there isn't much so far.

We got this photo
that the attending EMTs

took of our witness's face.

See that L-shaped gash?

That's a match
to a square point shovel.

Unfortunately, square point
shovels are pretty commonplace,

so that clue gets us nowhere.

Exactly, but I also found
something probative

on the victim's shoe.

In the treads, I found

Specifically, nitrogen,
phosphorus and potassium--

aka fertilizer--
also muriatic acid,

which is sometimes used
in cleaning

garden sculptures.

Add that to the shovel,
and it sounds like

our killer might've been
in landscaping.

It's a stretch, but, hey,
it's all I've got.

Neil Stockton owns
a landscaping company,

divorced with kids, no custody.

More importantly,
he's one of the threats

that Agent Roberts
met with yesterday.

Yeah, correct.
His last scheduled visit.

Probably the last person
to see him alive.

So what kind of threats
we talking about here?

Well, most of Stockton's
attacks came on Twitter.

Unfortunately, he never outright
threatened the president.

If he had,
then we could press charges.

Instead, he wrote that "someone"
needs to shoot the president,

so he will, quote, "be tortured
in hell for all of eternity."



Can't wait to meet him.


Looks like he stepped out.

You seeing anything?

Aubrey, look.

Mr. Stockton, we're with the FBI
and the Secret Service.

We'd like to ask you
some questions.

Take a seat. We need
to ask you a few questions

about Secret Service
Agent Graham Roberts.

You remember
him, don't you, Neil?

He came to see you last night,

about your threats
against the president.

I don't understand.
Where's Agent Roberts at?

That's a good question.

But then, I think you know
the answer, don't you?

Hold on. No.

Uh, you don't think that I...

No, I saw him yesterday.
He came here to see me.

Yeah, we know that much, Neil.
Then what?

Nothing. Told me the president
was coming today

and made it clear he didn't
want to see me around.

Oh, yeah?

What did he have
to say about this?


Neil, look at me.

You know what
I think happened?

I think that Robert saw that
you were planning something,

you had no choice
but to get rid of him.

You killed him,
doused him with acid,

and buried him in the woods.

Only thing is
you got interrupted.

That's when you hit our witness
over the head with a shovel,

but I'm sure once he gets
a good look at you...

No. No, that didn't happen.

Look, I can prove it to you,
I swear.

All right,
I've had enough of this.

I'm booking you.
Ah, let it go!

Let me go! God!

What the hell?!

That's what I was
trying to tell you.

I can't lift my
damn shoulders.

Years of digging and
they're both shot to hell.

Expect us to believe that?
You're a landscaper.

I supervise, okay?

I haven't done the work
myself in years.

I couldn't have done this.

Uh, Dr. Brennan,

perhaps we could postpone
this video conference,

as I'm still reassembling
the victim's skull.

Also I couldn't help but notice.

There seems to be
a pirate there with you.

Uh, Angela sent her Reiki healer
to help in my recovery.

Pay no attention to him.

By placing my hand
next to your temple,

I invite the healing
and transcendental energy

to enter your mind.
Please stop talking.

It only highlights the absurdity
of this exercise.

I hate to say it, but you appear
to be rosier of cheek.

Yes, I-I am feeling much better.

However, that is not your doing.

It is much more likely

the B12 injections,
the I.V. line,

and the nasal rinse.

Relax. Relax.
Shh-shh. Shh-shh-shh.

Uh, Mister... Dr. Fisher,
please show me your progress.

Okay, on the sternum,

I found a comminuted fracture,

which suggests the victim was
hit with a blunt force object.

Well, I disagree.

That fracture's
much more indicative

of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Look at the shape
of the indentation.

Uh, it's a pattern I've seen
before in gunshot wounds

when the victim was
wearing a Kevlar vest.

I see.

So the vest stopped the bullet,

but the blast force
still resulted in a fracture.

While this injury's not fatal,

uh, we still should pass on this
finding as soon as possible.

Yeah. I'll go ahead
and make the call.

I can see you're busy.

Agent Booth.

The deputy director

of the FBI
has spoken to the president.

You're good to go.

Okay, here we go.

Where's Walker?

Conference room.
All righty.

Give me a sitrep,
will you?

What'd you and
Aubrey find out?

A person of interest
that we met with

may be in the clear because of
a preexisting injury.

Okay, great. Send his, uh,
medical record to the lab.

They'll be able to see
if his injury's legit.

Booth, I just want you to know

it wasn't protocol;
it's just personal.

Uh, you're mixing your words.
You should get some sleep.

Secondly, I really don't care
about getting vetted.

Uh, we got bigger problems.

Lab is saying
that your agent was shot

directly in the sternum.

But the shot wasn't fatal.
The point is

untrained shooters,
nine out of ten times,

they go for the head.

This guy,
he went center mass.

Which means we're looking
for a professional.

Dr. Saroyan, I have something
of note I'd like to show you.

Just a second.

These are Neil Stockton's MRIs,

which confirm the extent of
damage he suffered bilaterally

on the rotator cuffs.

Based on the severity of damage,

I'd say he'd have minimal
shoulder flexion

and little to
no abduction.

Yeah, which means he couldn't
have swung that shovel

hard enough to knock out
the witness.


What have you got?

Well, while reassembling
the victim's skull,

I found an embedded fiber,
which I've given to Dr. Hodgins,

and I've determined the
probable point of impact,

a depression fracture
at the cranial vertex.

So he was smashed
on the top of his head

by some kind
of blunt force object.

Not exactly.

I also found circular fractures
around the foramen magnum.

Any idea what caused these?

I'd say a fall
from a great height.

The head impacted first, forcing
the skull against the spine.

How high are we talking?

Best estimate,
I'd say at least 25 meters.

Have you shown this
to Dr. Brennan?

I tried to call,
but she didn't pick up.

Which means she either
relapsed into sickness,

died or is ignoring my calls.

Let's hope she's just
ignoring your calls.

Yes, I suppose that's
the better alternative.

So, Walker, as you can see,

these buildings,
all in the red dots,

are eight-stories high,

within a thousand yards
of the motorcade.

I'll have my men search
these buildings as well.

Well, sir, with
all due respect,

that's about 2,000 yards
away from the motorcade.

There's no line of sight there.

It's not your call, all right?

The president's safety
is my job.

Bones, what are you
doing here?

You must be Dr. Brennan.

Uh, well, I was told
that you were sick.

You sure you should be here?

Of course.

Uh, here, look at my sputum.
It's clear.

There's no sign
of infection.

Bones, he doesn't want
to see your sputum.

Just put
the Kleenex away.

Can you excuse us
for a second?

Uh, of course.

Bones, what are
you doing here?

Well, I'm here
to help, Booth.

No, you're sick.

No, no... I'm f...

Uh, look.

I'm not contagious. It's clear.

Can you just put
the snot rag away for now?

Look, I appreciate what
you're doing, I really do,

but, you know what, just go
back to the lab or something.

I can't.

While I'm not contagious,

there's still a risk
I could contaminate evidence.

Booth, please, I can't
sit around and wait.

I need to find a way I can help.

Okay, I got a hunch.
Come with me.

Ah, come on.

I thought you said
you were better.

Uh, no, I said
I was not contagious.

There's a difference.

Okay, you know what, this is
crazy. You should be home.

No, I disagree.

You and I often do our best
when working together.

Also... I wanted to see
how you were feeling.

Me? I'm fine.

Unlike you,
who are sick.

I wasn't referring
to your physical well-being.

Aubrey told me that
you were initially blocked

from the case
because of being

of relation
to John Wilkes Booth.

Okay, you know what,
it's nothing, okay?

What some nutcase
relative of mine did

a hundred-plus years ago has
nothing to do with me, Bones.

That's Walker.
See if he's got anything.

You got something?

No. My team searched

each and every building
we tagged.

We got nothing.
Where are you at?

Booth believes that our best bet
is to visit the local gun range.

Right, whoever our guy is,
he knows

he's only gonna get one
shot before he's taken out.

Which means
he's probably practicing.

I'll get back to you.

Do you need... do you need
me to pull over?

No, I'm fine.

So you're looking for someone
who's a hell of a shot.

Yeah, somebody who's been
out here a lot.

Uh, perhaps someone
with military experience.

Someone who has spoken out
against the president.

Mm. Sounds like
you're looking for Roger.

Served in
Desert Storm.

Didn't come
back right.

He'll tell you all about it.

Ma'am, please, control yourself.

You're distracting my customers.

I'm sorry, but it's not
healthy to suppress

a post-infectious cough.


So glad to hear it.

Excuse me, ma'am,
what about that kid?


Oh, Travis?
Hmm, I suppose so.

He has been around
a lot recently.

And he certainly
holds a grudge.

Only thing is
he's a terrible shot.

Booth, she's right.
He hasn't hit his target once.

That's because he hasn't
been aiming for the target.

He's been hitting
that tree

about a hundred yards behind it.

He's been hitting
all those leaves.

He hasn't missed one yet.

Lieutenant Travis Bozwell,
that's you, right?

What do you want?

This inquiry is related to an
ongoing murder investigation.

Just need to know
why you've been spending

so much time here
at the range recently.

I don't know.

I guess since I've been back,

this is the only place
that makes sense.

According to these files,

you're pretty outspoken
towards the president.

Look, all I said
was he didn't serve.

And unless you serve,

you shouldn't be allowed
to send others off to die.

Travis, I know how you feel.

All right? I served.

I was a Ranger.

I saw things that...
that still stay with me.

But it gets better.

Look, can I go?

No. We need to know
where you were last night.

Specifically between
8:00 p.m. and midnight.


I was home.
All right.

Fine. Look, we're still gonna
have to hold you for 24 hours.

What... Twenty-f...?


I got nothing
to go back to anyway.

You found something,
Mr. Fisher?


Sorry. Habit.

What have you found, Dr. Fisher?

Well, Dr. Saroyan, I-I found

bilateral inferior

as well as crushing

on the humeral heads

and along the inferior margins
of the glenoid fossae...

Stop. Remember your audience.

Not Dr. Brennan.


Damage to the shoulders
suggests the victim

was forced into
a confined space

after he was killed.

Any idea what kind of space
we're talking about?


None whatsoever, but thank you

for pointing out
the inadequacies of my work.

Dr. Fisher, take a break.

I'll see if Angela
can make sense of all of this.

Sure. Whatever.

So the victim's shoulders
were crunched postmortem,

but nothing else?

No. No damage to the hips,
knees or ankles.

Okay. So that means
whatever he was shoved into

was not only very narrow,
but it was also very long.

Hey, so I got the results
from the fiber

Fisher found embedded
in the victim's skull.

It's a two-ply
mercerized cotton.

Sounds like
a high-quality bedsheet.

Yeah. It's also an exact match
for the sheets

at the hotel
where the victim was staying.

Hold on. Do you have a theory
about something?

Yeah, I do.
Look, we know that the fiber

was embedded
in the skull, right?

It-It's very likely
that the sheet

was wrapped around the victim
before impact.

No, I'm not buying.

If he was wrapped
in his own sheet,

you're saying the killer
murdered a Secret Service agent

in a hotel
crawling with agents.

That's exactly what I'm saying.

Angie, I sent you
an e-mail with some photos.

Can you pull that up?

All right.
What are we looking at?

so this first picture here

is of the victim's
hotel room.

Now, you can see
that it's down the hall

from the fire exit
and the elevators.

That's a long way to drag a body
without anyone noticing.

And we know that the killer

didn't use the elevators
or the stairs.

Now, can you also call up this,
uh, bottom photo from...

two from the left.

Right there. Yeah.

You think he was
pushed down the chute?

It was directly across
from his room.

Wait, I think Hodgins
is onto something.

Take a look.

That explains the postmortem
shoulder injuries.

And the bedsheet.

And the fall of 25 meters.

One problem: whoever did this

would need to know
every inch of that hotel

and every move
the Secret Service made.

You're right.

Which means we're most likely
looking at an inside job.

Another agent
within the Secret Service.

Aubrey, what's going on here?

Agent Patel, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.

Agent Roberts' room
is now a crime scene,

and this is a closed
investigation-- FBI only.

You think someone
on our team killed him.

Aubrey, come on,
I can help.

I know this team
better than anyone.

As soon as I have something,

I'll let you know
as much as I can.


She doesn't seem too happy.

So, have we got anything

or did I just piss off
the Secret Service for nothing?

Sorry, brother, but I am not
finding anything in here.

But our guys did
find muriatic acid

in the pool maintenance room,

and the groundkeeper said that
he was missing a shovel, so...

You got anything?

Uh, no blood evidence
in the bathroom.

Also, no trace of it on the top

or the bottom of
the laundry chute.

But we did find bleach,
which could be proof

that blood was cleaned up.

Right. Or it could be there

because it's a laundry room.

So, in other words,
we have no evidence

of foul play whatsoever.
Hold on a second.

We know that there's no evidence
at the top of the chute,

we know that there's no evidence
at the bottom of the chute,

but we're pretty confident that
the victim was in the chute.

Oh, no. I have a bad feeling
I know where this is going.

Cam, I got to go in that chute.

No. Look, I agree that
we should investigate,

but maybe we send someone else;
like Aubrey...


...should go.


I'm not really a fan of heights

or small spaces,

but two negatives
make a positive, right?

Come-- Cam, it makes
more sense that I go.

First of all,
my shoulders are more narrow

than Aubrey's, okay?

I-I also know what
I'm looking for.

And this is the one situation

where you don't need
working legs.

Okay. Enough. I...

Any other case, and I'd say
not a snowball's chance in hell,

but given the circumstance...

What do you need?

Booth, you son of a bitch!

Slow down.
I need you to calm down.

A closed investigation?!
Calm down.

Now, what the hell
are you trying to prove?!

Look, this isn't
about me or you.

Do you understand me?

I am just going
where this case leads me.

And right now, I need to meet

with every agent
in your advance team.

No. Not possible.

POTUS flies in an hour.

We got three hours.

Do not question me! You hear?!

Listen to me, all I'm saying
is we get a schedule together.

We get the agents in and we get
them out as quickly as we can.

Booth, I swear to God,
if something happens...

Nothing is going to happen.
All right?

But I need to know for sure.

So go and gather your team.

Okay, this is totally insane.

Relax, Cam, come on, now.

The tech-- he drilled

12 0.9-class screws into
this thing, and look at this.

16 gauge impacted
aluminized steel.

- That thing's gonna hold.
- Wow.

I am so glad that it's you
in there instead of me.

The feeling is mutual, Aubrey.

Okay, so let's go over
the game plan.

I want you in
and out of there

as quick as possible.
I got it.

I'm gonna go down,
I'm gonna swab, I'm gonna bag,

I'm gonna get
the hell out of there.

What about Angela?

Should we call her
before we do this?


Okay. Good luck.

Is that a scan
of the victim's skull?

Hey, you're here!

You look great.

I told you that my Reiki
healer was a miracle worker.

Your healer is a fraud.

His "work" was just one
of several remedies

I tried simultaneously.

There is no evidence
that it had any effect.


He told me you asked him
to stay for an extra hour.


I was clearly
delirious with fever.


Sure, sweetie.

What is the simulation
you're working on?

The fall down the laundry chute.

I-I took a scan of
the victim's skull,

but the problem
I'm having

is no matter how
I have the victim land,

the result never matches

the fracture pattern
that Fisher found.

I see.

So either the victim
did not fall down the chute,


Or what?

The skull was already
compromised prior to impact.

Oh, hold there, Aubrey!

Yeah, we got blood.

Which means this is definitely
how the body was moved.

Okay, good work.

But our victim's blood

won't get us any
closer to our killer.

Uh, hold on a second.

I still see something
down there, so...

Aubrey, I need you to lower me
down about another meter.

Okay. But after this,
you're going on a diet, okay?

Time to easy up
on the carbs.

Seriously? You're giving me
advice on diets?

You just need to hit the gym.

Okay, that's good.



Oh. Bingo.

Looks like it's
a piece of bedsheet.

It's got blood on it.

Also some kind of hair
and body fluid.

The hair is long, and it's dark.

Actually, it looks jet black.

Probably from a woman.

That could be
Agent Patel's.

Okay, good work.

Just bag it and
that's enough.

Let's get you back up.
No, no, no, no.

Aubrey, I need you
to keep lowering me.

I've still got
about six floors to go.

What do you think?
It's your call.

Whoa! Aubrey!

Catch him!


Now pull him up!
Pull him up!

I can't!
There's no weight!

Hodgins! Hodgins!


How you doing up there?

Oh, my God.
He's okay.

Okay, hold on!

We're coming
down to get you.

Take your time, you know.

I'm just hanging out.

Agent Patel...

I just got word
that we found a hair

in Graham Roberts' sheets.

Piece of hair
is being tested right now,

so you have one chance
to come clean.

Were you with him
the night that he died?

All right.
Yes, I was with him.

And you don't think
that's something

you probably
should have told us?

It wasn't serious.
Just an occasional fling.

And we're not allowed
to date in the service.

That's quite a secret
you've been keeping.

I was protecting my job.

And hiding the fact
that you were

probably the last person
who ever saw him alive.

I didn't think
it really mattered.

Yes, we met in his room.

We had sex.

Then I left.

I don't know
who killed him or why.

And I'm guessing that no one
can confirm your story.

How dare you.

I didn't kill him.

You had means,
you had opportunity.

Plus, you lied to me.

I got to hold you.

No, I need to be there
when the president arrives.

You're off the detail.

Agent Coe, you're next.
Conference room, come on.

Hey, Booth, I need my team.

Uh, POTUS moved up
his arrival time.

Where's Patel?

Look, she's
not going, okay?

I have to hold her.
She lied to me.

She was having a
relationship with Roberts.

Damn it, Booth, I can't
have the president arrive

and my best agent here--
you know that!

Fine, all right, you know what?
She stays, I go.

What are you talking about?

While the Secret Service is
watching out for the president,

I'm gonna be watching
the Secret Service; you get it?

I'm joining
your protective detail.

Booth, please.
I know your mind is set,

but I need you
to be careful.

Protective detail is an
extremely dangerous assignment.

Look, I understand, okay?

Walker even convinced
the president, all right,

to move the fund-raiser
to another hotel.

Well, I don't see
how relocating the hotel

is going to make this assignment
any less dangerous.

Well, think about it--
if somebody's been planning

their shot, we move the venue,
then the motorcade route...

Forces him to abandon his plan.

I... It's smart.

But it doesn't
guarantee your safety.

Bones, I really don't have
a choice in the matter, okay?

I got to do this.

I know.

But I need you
to come home safe.

I will, all right?

I will.

Save our jobs!

All right, listen up,
the president wants to stop

and press the flesh,
so get ready.

Okay, he's getting out.
Aubrey, you copy?

Copy. How you doing?

What's your gut telling you?

Ah, nothing good.
At least we're close

to the hotel in case
something happens, right?

It's a big crowd, Booth.
I don't like it.

Just keep your eyes open.


Ready for Randall!

Ready for Randall!

Look at the
concomitant fractures.

This damage to the
right temporal bone

was inflicted prior
to the victim's fall.

I concur.

The concentric fractures
from the fall

stop when they encounter the
damage to the temporal squama.

The temporal squama being

a relatively thin
area of the skull.

A fact which further points to
the killer being highly skilled.

He knew the most vulnerable
point at which to strike.

You said Dr. Hodgins found
no trace within the wound?

None, which is strange
if the killer

struck the victim
with any kind of weapon.

But not if he struck him
with his elbow or his knee.

Oh, God.

Yeah, I-I feel the inadequacy
rising up inside of me,

which means that obviously

you've seen this type
of injury before.

Yes, the combatant
was a Navy SEAL,

and he used the maneuver
to kill his would-be captor.

And because the injuries are
on the right side of the face,

that means the killer is
most likely left-hand dominant.

I need to call Booth.


Got to be kidding me, Bones.

I'm kind of busy right now.

Whoever killed Agent Roberts
is left-handed

and has military training.

Likely a Navy SEAL.

Wait a second,
Walker was a SEAL.

Okay, thanks. I got to go.

Aubrey, it's Walker, Walker.
We got to move now.

Copy that. I got eyes on Walker.

I'm coming.

Something's wrong here.
Neil Stockton is here.

Neil Stockton is here.

Where? I don't see him.

I don't see him anywhere. Where?

Lost him.

Booth, I lost him.

Hi. Thanks for coming out.

Appreciate it.

I don't see him.
Where? Where is he?


Nice to see you.

Thank you.

Nice to see you.

Down! Down, down, down, down!

Move, move, move!
Sir, could you to come with us?!

Go, go, go!
Get him in!

Get him in the limo!

Hey, hey, hey, Walker,
talk to me.

The president?

He's okay. It's over.

The president's
gonna be all right.


How you holding up?

Ah, not so good.

Had better days, but...

What brings you here?

The White House
asked me to perform

the autopsy on
Brandt Walker.

And I thought you'd
want to see this.

I found bruising
to his left elbow,

suggesting he struck it
hard recently

against something or someone.

You're saying that he did it?

That he killed his own agent?

When you were
with Agent Walker,

did you witness him
mixing his words?

Any memory loss, paranoia?

Yeah, you know,
he would forget things.

He was sometimes
overly cautious.

But, I mean, that was his job.

See, I think it was a symptom.

He had a heart condition
called patent foramen ovale.

Now, by itself,
it's asymptomatic.

But since he was shot in the
leg, it formed a blood clot.

And instead of exiting
through the heart and lungs,

it migrated to his brain.

So you're saying
that the-the blood clot

caused him to f-forget things
and made him paranoid.

Yeah, and if you already
noticed this behavior...

Agent Roberts
would've seen it as well.

My guess

is that Roberts
demanded that Walker quit.

Walker's life was his job.

And because of the damage
the blood clot caused,

I'm sure it made
perfect sense to him.

He had to kill Roberts
so that he could be there

when the president
needed him the most.

That is insane.

You went in that chute
without telling me?


I also plummeted
an entire story

before grabbing hold.

Oh, Hodgins,

how I envy you.

You stared death
right in the face.

Was she as comely as I imagine?

She was.

I have to say though,
I'm actually grateful

that I'm in this chair.

You're grateful?

Angie, think about this.

You know me, okay?

No matter what,
I was gonna go into that chute,

legs or not.

But if I wasn't
as strong as I am now,

after having months and months
of physical therapy...

The old you wouldn't have been
strong enough to hold on.



Ruining the moment and all,
but it appears duty calls.

Uh, hey, Fisher, before you go,

are you finally going to tell us
who it is that you work for?

Now, you know I can't do that.

Oh, there's no need.
I've already figured it out.

Uh, come again?

It wasn't that hard.

You were recommended
by the Secret Service,

so you obviously have a
connection to the White House.

You know what, I'd love
to sit and talk about it,

but I actually do
have to go, so...

And you travel

extensively with those young,

nubile women,
so I'm guessing

that you're probably
a college tutor

for the president's daughter.

No. Fisher, seriously?

Look, before I showed up,
she was a "C" student, okay?

Now, now, now she is
Bs and B-pluses.

She's got one "C,"

and we're working on that
before the finals.

I'm gonna knock
that one up as well, okay?

I hate both of you,
and-and I'm super depressed

that you figured that out.

I'm off my game these days.


Here you go.

Booth, I'm so sorry.
I feel terrible.

Right, well, you really

took a turn for the
worse, didn't you?

No, not that.
That's not what I mean.

What I mean is that
I feel terrible that,

after the day you've had,

the situation
should be reversed.

I should be
taking care of you.

No, I'm okay. I'm fine.

Actually, it's better
that I'm here,

you know, taking care of you.

It helps me, you know...

get my mind off of things.

I understand.

But I know how much
it weighs on you

to take another life.

Whenever you want to talk
about it, I'm here.



But, uh, right now,

I'm here to take care of you,
so you get better.

So, how about I go get you
a cup of that anus tea?

Booth, I've told you before,
it's "anise."

Anus, ani--
Come on, I'm joking, okay?

Everyone knows that
laughter's the best medicine.

No, penicillin is
the best medicine.

It's saved countless millions
from infections.

Okay, now what?
You're being funny?

No, I'm being serious.

You'd rather take penicillin
over laughter?

That's like saying that you'd
take mold over the Stooges.

Penicillin is not a mold.

It's derived from fungi.

Well, okay, well,
the Stooges are fun guys.

That's not the same thing.

Got you laughing.

You're gonna make me cough!

Hey, Moe!
Hey, Moe!

Stop it.
Hey, Moe! Hey, Moe!

I'm gonna cough on you.
Hey, Moe! Hey, Moe!

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