Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 22 - The Next in the Last - full transcript

As the team investigates a murder, evidence found in the crime scene reminds them of an old enemy. Elsewhere, Angela worries about Hodgins' and her decision, while Booth and Brennan consider a life without the Jeffersonian.

Previously on Bones...

Paris real estate again, huh?

It's ours. We are
moving to Paris.

I'm here to collect
on a debt-- $30,000.

Jimmy, your bookie, came here.
I paid him everything you owe.

It was just a mistake, all right? Look,
I made one bet, that was it.

I need you to leave.

My name is Seeley,
and I have a gambling addiction.

Welcome, Seeley.

I have faith in you, Booth.

And I think you should
stay the night with me.

Hi, Booth.
Hey, Bones. What is all this?

Oh. Uh...

those are job offers
I've received.

Uh, proposals to run
research facilities,

university programs.

All this happened when
I was out of the house?

Well, I've been getting
job offers for years.

You know that.
So have you.

Okay, but you organized
all of them so neatly,

and you put little
Post-its on everything.

Look at this.
"Definitely consider.

Great potential.
Total autonomy."

All right, well, oh,
but in that case, I don't think

I want to be constricted
by an Ivy League setting.

Right, I mean, look,
I know that I... I screwed up

with the gambling
and everything,

and I'm-I'm working
hard on that and all, but

these are the types of decisions
that we deal with

and-and talk about, you
know, together as a team.

You were going to leave the FBI
last year and move to Europe.

You remember how great
you felt about that?

There's a big difference.
You know,

I discussed that
before I did anything.

And we'll discuss this.

I've compiled all
of your job offers, too.

You loved the idea
of working at the NSA facility

in Kansas,
and there's a university there.

This is about Angela and Hodgins

moving to Paris,
isn't it?

No, Booth, this is about us.

We've been through a lot.

Your gambling,
being in jail,

shot. I...

The new baby.

Don't you think
we might need a change?


Yeah. Wait,
wait, wait. Okay.

Where? All right.

Look, we're-we're on our way.

There's a body found
at Adam's Park.

Okay, I'll call Max

and have him take Christine to preschool.

Hey, Bones, this is what we do.

I know.

For now.

Look, this is important
work, all right?

Or don't you think so anymore?
Of course I think so,

but there are other
important things

we could do that
won't get us killed.

Okay, look,no one's getting killed.
That's what you always say

before the
shooting starts.

Hey, Whoa! Oh, God!

What the hell
happened here?

Well, the skin was neatly flayed
to attract carrion.

Oh, extreme animal predation,
but no observable bite marks.

Because this wasn't

rats or coyotes
or raccoons.


Yup, that's right.
What are you still doing here, bug boy?

I thought you were
moving to Paris.

Aren't I entitled
to a swan song?

The removal of the skin,
the placement of the body.

This is precise work.
Almost as good as my work.

The height of the nasal bridge

indicates the
victim was male.

The depth of the sternal
rib endings

indicates he was
in his mid-20s.

Well, his body was posed.

Must be some kind of a message.
In ancient Egypt, grave robbers

were flayed, impaled, and
their hands were severed.

Well, this obelisk
is Egyptian.

Look, I'm just
gonna say it.

Okay, last time
we saw something like this...

It was Pelant.

Pelant is dead.

I examined his remains.
We all did.

Someone as brilliant as Pelant

with all the money
he stole from you.

He probably planned
for the future.

So someone took
over his work?

Okay, look, it
wasn't work, okay?

Pelant was a killer,
nothing more.

Guys, there's...

there's something
in his throat.



Flower. Exactly what
Pelant used to use

to send a message.

Still have any doubt
this has to do with him?

Flowers had specific messages.

What about this one?
This is a chiranthodendron.

It means "be warned."

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The Next in the Last
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The heart was gone, but there
are still some bits and pieces

of the lungs
and liver remaining.

Should be enough for
a tox screen and DNA.

There's no hemorrhagic
staining on the rib incisions,

indicating the damage
was postmortem.

So he was

flayed and cut in order
to fit onto the obelisk.

Similar to how Pelant killed

and placed Agent Flynn
on the rock.

So we're talking about a copycat.
Or a devotee.

You'll need to work faster
on that reconstruction,

Dr. Edison.
I'm trying my best, but I'm no Angela.

Well, no one is.

Oh, you don't have
to do that, Angela.

Well, we don't leave until
next week, and if this is

somehow related
to Pelant...

Thank you.

Honestly, I can't bear to see
something done this badly.

I'm insulted
and yet grateful.

Need an extra pair of hands?

I was helping

Hodgins pack up, and
Pelant was mentioned.

Yes. Thank you, Mr. Bray.

The victim is
in his late 20s, but

the iliac crest is
abnormally thin.

Most likely a sign
of osteomalacia.

a Vitamin D deficiency.

Could be a lack of
sunlight, poor diet.

From the look of his
musculature, I'd say both.

I don't think our victim
got outside much.

A shut-in.
Or someone held him captive.

I spent all night

going over the Pelant files.

I can't believe this guy stalked
your family for three years.

I can't believe

somebody wants to keep
this guy's memory alive.

Are you sure you're up
for dealing with Pelant again?

I got a job to do, Aubrey.
Let's not make it

more complicated, all right?
I'm just saying,

I can take the lead on this
if it hits too close to home.

You know, you and Dr. B
just got back together.

And I really, really appreciate
that, but, you know,

if someone's coming
after me and my family,

I'm the guy who's
gonna take him out.

Seeley Booth. It does a body
good to see you bright-eyed,

bushy-tailed and back
in the peak of health again.

Good to see you,
too, Caroline.

Now, how about you gentlemen
walk me through what you have?

Well, it was a warning, the
kind that Pelant used to give.

Remember that guy?

A warning about what,
and to who, Cher?

Could be as simple as money.

Hodgins' money was
never recovered.

$4.6 billion.

That's a lot of cash
that people would kill for.


You get an ID yet?

Aren't you supposed
to be packing?

He won't finish it
until we solve this case.

Our flight's not
until next week.

Okay, then I'll take
what I can get.

Have you found any
probative particulates?

Nice alliteration.

Well, just traces
of gluten, cheese

and tomato.
Huh. Pizza?

Yeah. Yeah, so we know
what he liked to eat,

just not where
he was killed or how.

Ooh. Okay, got a match.

"Franklin Holt.

computer consultant."

Computers and Pelant.
I don't like this.

Still can't believe you used
to do this with Dr. Brennan.

It's so dangerous.
Bones isn't afraid of anything,

you know, but now
that she's pregnant...

Didn't the landlord say
that Holt lived alone?

She did.

There's blood
on the wall, Booth,

and a woman inside.

That's a lot of blood.

FBI. Come out
with your hands up.

All right, let's go.
Get up. Up you go. Huh?

What part of "FBI" did you not
understand? You see that? FBI.

Anyone can say "FBI."

What are you doing here?
Looking for Franklin.

And then I saw the blood.
I was calling 911.

What happened to him?
Where is he?

First of all, who the hell are you?

Leelah Strawn.

Franklin and me were going out,
and I didn't hear

from him for a couple of days,
so I-I came over.

What happened?

He's been murdered.


Oh, God.
So, uh,

did he have any threats
against him recently?


Not-not that he told me.

I mean, he barely saw anyone.

He was an IT guy,
but he did everything from here.

I'll call the squints.

Need to sweep the house
for evidence.

Well, I was right
about the pizza.

Well, Booth said
there was a struggle.

He was clearly right about that.

Well, there's blood and tissue
all over the room, so I concur.

Every hard drive

is gone,
and there are no thumb drives

or SD cards either.
He was cleaned out.

So he must have been killed for
information on these computers.

What should we take back
to the lab, Dr. Saroyan?

- Oh.
- Everything.

Look, I d-- I don't know about

all this, okay?
Franklin and me--

we met online because we
both liked Call of Duty.

We'd get together at
his place, order pizza,

play and...

hook up.
He ever mention someone named Pelant?

Is that the guy
at that investment place?

What investment place?

Kevin Dunlop Investments,
I think it was called.

The IT guy there--
Franklin had him fired,

so he kept threatening him

But threats like that--
they're usually just noise,


Maybe not this time.


Hi. I thought you were
coming home for dinner.

Well, I left work.

I... You know, I had to get out
and, uh, go for a walk.

It's just, I lost track of time.

The case?

Yeah. Yup.

I heard the
girlfriend was right.

The victim was brought
in to Dunlop Investments

to check out
the computer security.

Yeah, he found a lot

of holes in the system, so
Dunlop ended up firing the head

of security,
Owen Ellickson.

Listen, Bones, I got to...

We have to talk.

I-I just feel like...

Look, I know that we're
in the middle of a case here

and everything, but what you
were saying earlier...

I just, uh...

It's right.


This is my last case.

Are you sure, Booth?

You know what? I made some
really bad choices recently,

but this one feels really good.

It just feels right.

You could take the job
at the NSA

and I could take over
the department at Fulton.

They'd give me unlimited funds.

Or we could just have a baby
and live our lives

and be happy.

That sounds so good.

But I don't want you to do
anything that you don't...

No, I want to, I do.

It's Aubrey. Yeah?

Right, okay.

Got it.
He found Ellickson.

Franklin Holt was trying
to destroy me.

But I didn't kill him.
I'm just

a IT guy. Guys like me
don't kill people.

Christopher Pelant was
once just an IT guy.

Pelant? What does Pelant
have to do with me?

Judging by your
computer, you seemed

a little obsessed with him. We
found a history of his hacks,

details of his murders.
Very creepy stuff.

The guy
might have been evil,

but he was a genius.

$4 billion gone
without leaving a trace?

You've got to admit--
that's pretty awesome.

Sounds like you want to keep
his awesome work alive.

If you mean find out
how he did it, sure.

Having a skill like that--
I could write my own ticket.

So how exactly did
Holt get you fired?

He broke into a server
at Dunlop Investments

and said it was my fault

because I'd made them

which was crap.
That server?

Dunlop wouldn't
let me touch it.

How was I supposed
to make it secure?

You were head of security.
Why wouldn't you be allowed

to secure it?
Dunlop Investments, dude.

They handle money from
every dictator and scumbag

in the world.
Dunlop wanted that info

protected even from me.

So you think you got fired

because you were
getting too close?


And... maybe Holt
got killed because...

he got even closer.

This is
very good work

on the thorax.
Goes a lot faster

when there's two of us.
We found kerf marks

on both the scapulas,
and on the inferior margin

of the manubrium.

kerf marks are from one
of Pelant's victims.

They appear
to be a match.

Well, you are
correct, Mr. Bray.

The killer used the same type
of bone saw that Pelant did.

This is a perfect


What do you see,
Dr. Brennan?

Do you want to be a student
forever, Mr. Bray?

Uh, no, of-of course not.

Then take a look
for yourself.

See what others wouldn't.
I'm not gonna always be here

to bail you out. The same
goes for you, Dr. Edison.

I'm already a doctor.

Then show us why.

There's a subtle

between the striae.

Yes. And the ones
on the manubrium...

appear to have a slight
waver to them.

These are hesitation marks.

Pelant never hesitated.
The killer mimicked

Pelant's technique,
but doesn't share

Pelant's enthusiasms.
Precisely. This is

someone who is questioning
their actions.

Which makes him vulnerable.

Ellickson pointed us to,
uh, Dunlop Investments.

I know,

and Dunlop is protected
by about a thousand lawyers.

That's how he can stay so dirty

and not smell.
That's probably where

Hodgins' money wound up,
you know...

the money that Pelant stole.

Are you gonna let Aubrey

question him alone, too?

You know,
Aubrey's a good agent.

He led us to Dunlop.

What's happening, Cher?

No way you take a step back

on a Pelant case for no reason.

I want to see how things go
without me.

Without you?

This is between
you and me, for now,

but, uh...

this is gonna be my last case.

Oh, my Lord.

You can't be serious.

Look, there are still
a few places on me

that haven't been shot
or broken,

and I'd like
to keep it that way

for as long
as I can.

There's a lot
of good agents here.

A lot better than me.


You shut up, Seeley Booth.

There is no one better than you.

But I'll act like there is
if you want me to.

This isn't easy for me.

Easier than
it is for me,

because you chose it

and I didn't.

Look, I'm still gonna be here
until we, you know,

catch whoever did this.
Oh, don't tell me that,

or I might make sure
this bastard gets away.

So, what do you need from me?

Ah, a little
Justice Department muscle

when we go talk to Dunlop.

All of his computer equipment
is useless.

The drives are gone,
the memory chips are fried.

Whoever went through
Holt's stuff took everything

and left us
with nothing.

It's hard to believe
a computer hacker that brilliant

would allow his work
to be stolen that easily.

Yeah, and I've been
through everything.

The solid state chips

on his microwave and TV,

the clocks...

Oh, my God.
Strange Brew?

I love this movie.

Daisy. What are
you doing here?

I came to say "Au revoir."

Not good-bye.
Oh, Daisy...

You dear, sweet,
wonderful woman.

It's not that big a deal.
I was, I was close by, so...

You found it.
Well, I'm sure you can get

a copy on eBay.
No, no. The tape.

He must have put the data
on the tape,

because no one would look here.

I think this is it,
I think I got it.

Why are you guys
still working?

I thought you were done.

We, uh, we will be soon,

but this might be Pelant's work.

- Oh.
- Daisy,

if you're not busy, we could use
an extra pair of eyes.


Mr. Dunlop,
we suspect your firm

handled Pelant's account,
worth $4.6 billion.

$4.6 billion?

I think I'd know
if I managed an account

- with that amount.
- Right.

Owen Ellickson said
there were servers

he wasn't even
allowed to access,

you know, even though he was
the senior security officer.

Mr. Ellickson
was bitter

after being fired.
You can't trust him.

There is no $4.6
billion account.

- Now, I'm a very busy man, so...
- Nope.

Nope, not yet.
This guy's driving me crazy,

parsing his words
like my father.

If you have daddy
issues, Agent Aubrey,

perhaps a visit
to a shrink

is going to be more advantageous

than talking to me.

My father is Philip Aubrey.
Maybe you've heard of him.

He stole billions
from his clients,

so I know how this works.

So you say that you don't have
an account worth 4.6,

because today the value might be

4.63 or 4.8.

So, in your twisted little mind,
you've told the truth.

And if the account's in the name
of some holding company,

then you can honestly report

that you don't have anything
that belongs

to Christopher Pelant
and Associates.

Now, you should know
that I actually helped

bring down my own father,
Mr. Dunlop.

So bringing you down
will be a piece of cake.

And as my friends here

can attest, I love cake.

This is harassment,
Ms. Julian.

My attorneys will be talking to you.
Oh, no, Cher.

You haven't seen harassment yet.

You see, we have a dead man

and need a suspect.

And all the evidence
points to you.

Circumstantial at best

but enough for us
to get an arrest warrant.

And since you seem
to hide money

for drug lords and dictators,

I can't imagine
what they'd do to you

if we hauled you in
on a murder charge.

It's gone.

Two days ago,
when you found

the body, the account
disappeared. Every penny.

It just vanished.

I swear.

You can look
on the server.

Well, I was right.
The information was encrypted

and stored on Strange Brew,
which is aptly named.

Will you be able to decrypt it
before you leave?

Well, the whole tape
would take months,

but I've set up an algorithm
that sifts for anyone

Booth suspects.

I'm just trying
to get enough info on it

so we can solve this
before we leave.

Me, too.

What do you mean?

This will be our last case,
too, Angela.

Booth and mine.

It's fitting
that it's related to Pelant.

Whoa, whoa.

Wait a minute.
You're quitting?

Well, I'll always be
a forensic anthropologist,

but Booth and I...

after all that
we've been through lately,

and with the baby coming,

we, like you, need a change.


You want to leave, too?

I prefer to describe it

as entering
a phase of discovery,

of embracing
the unknown.

Which, as you know,

is where all the greatest

scientific advancements
come from.

Which will not be
taking place here,

which is "leaving."




Okay... Wow.

So there were e-mails

between Franklin Holt
and Owen Ellickson.

They were working together.

I'll let Booth know.

Dr. Brennan,

when were you planning
on telling me?

I... wasn't sure.


you're not merely my superior,

but you are also my friend.

The thought of hurting you...

Clearly this is not
my area of expertise,

and for that I apologize

and hope that
you can forgive me.

Of course.
I just...

You should probably tell Booth
about Ellickson.

What is happening?

Based on the blood spatter
at the crime scene,

- Cam thinks Holt was shot.
- But there's no evidence

of trauma from a projectile
anywhere on the body.

Which means it's likely
that the bullet

was lodged in an area
of the body

cut away to accommodate
the obelisk.

No better way
to obscure a bullet wound

than to cut out
everything around it.

No, not everything.

There are radiating fractures

on the left scapula.

Look at the medial portion
of the fractures.


indicates the damage
was perimortem,

mostly likely caused
by hydrostatic shock

from the bullet.

He was
definitely shot.

Yes, but what we still
can't explain is this:

when the remains were cut
to obscure the gunshot,

the killer didn't follow

the natural curve of the bones.

He could've adjusted
his instrument

just a few millimeters

and then cut through tendons
to the bone.

Which would've been faster
and easier.

Dr. Brennan's gonna expect us
to know what happened here.

If there was so much expertise

to remove
the victim's midsection,

why was it done
in the worst possible way?

This pizza is covered
with Cladosporium.

Ooh, one of my
least favorite molds.

Well, give me a second,
and you are gonna love it.

So, Cladosporium produces
filaments, which if you're cool,

you call hyphae,
at a constant rate.

Now, based on the amount of
hyphae growth on this pizza,

tells me that it was delivered
to the victim the night he was killed.

So he was murdered sometime
after it was delivered.

Well, based on the
length of these fellas,

I would say it was sometime
between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m.

Impressive as always, Dr. Hodgins.

And now, if you are done,
you can continue to pack.

You anxious to get rid of me?

If it were up to me,
I'd never let you go.

Oh, man. That
sounds good.

But Angie...

I would do anything for her.

Well, you're a good man.

And change is good, right?

I mean... with you two
and Dr. Brennan leaving,

I have to convince myself.
"Dr. Brennan leaving"?

Oh, you didn't know?

Sorry. I... thought...
I just found out.

No, that-that's impossible, Cam.

No matter what she said,
she's not gonna leave.

This lab is her life.

From your lips.

Anyway, I'll find someone
to help finish up.

No, I can do it.

I still have to compile
the particulates

from the obelisk, so...

Take your time.

What was it, Ellickson, huh?
You killed Holt

so all the other hackers

tap into Pelant's money?
I didn't kill him.

So, what about the e-mails
between the two of you?

Who wrote those?

You can't just go
into my accounts

without a warrant or a subpoena.

I know my rights.
Look, you don't need a warrant

to go through
a murder victim's computer.

Now we're decrypting
some wire transfers.

Holt was paying you.

O-Okay. Okay. Look,

he paid me for some of the
passwords for Dunlop's servers.

He was going after
the money, and...

he was gonna give me a taste
when he got it.

So you wanted

more than a taste.
That's why you killed him.

Then who was it, huh?

Was Dunlop working with you? Money
vanishes so Dunlop looks like the victim

and you two split it all.
Not Dunlop. I'm dirt

to him. This was all Holt.

He was the only guy
who could pull it off.

And he never showed you
what he was doing.

He said he'd kill me if I
even tried to look for the data.

Look, I was just trying to
make a little extra cash.

That's all.

Pelant's money was dirty anyway.

Who was I hurting?

Oh, the judge will explain
all that when you're sentenced.

Dr. Brennan is really leaving
the Jeffersonian?

That's what I heard.
I can't believe it.

It won't be the Jeffersonian
without Dr. Brennan here.

Of course it will, Ms. Wick.

The name of this institution
has nothing to do

with my employment agreement.
And as for this department,

it has always been my wish to
leave it in the hands of a new,

well-trained, brilliant team
of forensic anthropologists.

Now let's see

if I made a mistake endowing you
with those qualities.

What have you found?
We've been assuming

that the cuts on the bones
were either mistakes

or hesitations.
But looking again,

we believe the killer had
a limited range of motion.

He can only make incisions
as long

as they are straight
and on a vertical axis.

He's unable
to rotate his wrists

as he cuts. It's the only thing
that makes sense.

He has radioulnar synostosis?

Yes. A very
rare condition

that can ID our killer.

Well, I believe I used the word
"brilliant" to describe you,

and, as usual,

I was correct.

I'll tell Booth to subpoena

the suspect's medical records.

Dr. Hodgins,
what are you doing?

Hey. I borrowed this puppy

from the Manhattan Project

Uh, Hodgins, please tell me
you're not building a bomb.

Fear not, Angie,
this is the original


by Ernest Lawrence himself.
I mean, come on.

You can just feel the genius
that went into this.

Isn't a calutron just an early

mass spectrometer?
We already have the most cutting-edge

mass specs right here
in the lab.

Okay, look, I could spin you
a tale about how this separates

elemental electrons and whatnot,
but the truth is,

I just... I've been wanting

to get my hands on it for years,
and this is

my last chance.
Well, I hope this helps because

there is no mention
of radioulnar synostosis

in either Ellickson's
or Dunlop's medical records.

Well, the records
could've been altered.

Good. Then I'll proceed.

Now, we know
that Holt ordered pizza delivery

from the same
place, right?

Right. He was a shut-in, so
he was probably a bit paranoid.

Yes. But he must-- excuse me--

have had trust for the pizza
delivery person, right?

And what does that have to do
with an irreplaceable piece

of American history?

is the last pizza box delivered
to Holt prior to his death.

Put that in there.

Okay. Excuse me.


It's beautiful.


So, the...

the heavier isotopes,
they-they fall further

- than the lighter ones.
- I see. So the box

is made of cellulose,
which is a chain

of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms.
That's right.

That's right. And down here
we've got barium,

- antimony, and lead.
- Gunshot residue.

That's why he didn't eat
the pizza-- because he was dead.

So he was shot
by the pizza delivery guy?

That's my bet.

Thanks, old friend.

I'll miss you.

Uh, yeah, I know Holt.
Uh, the name, anyway.

Let's see,
every night, same thing--

extra garlic, onions, mushrooms,

uh, pepperoni on half.
Toppings are not important.

They do look good, though.

Hey, is Holt
okay, though?

Because we haven't sent out
a pie in days.

That's because he's dead.

Last time he ordered
was, uh, Tuesday,

okay? So who made the delivery?

Uh, nobody.
No, the delivery was canceled.

Somebody called and said they'd pick it up.
Who was it?

What did he look like?
Don't know. Tuesday was crazy.

Not time to socialize,
you know what I'm saying?

Booth, look,
the killer could've bought

a T-shirt and a hat, posed
as the delivery guy.

All right. Look, the security
cameras you have here,

I'm gonna need all that footage
from Tuesday night.

Uh, well,
it's not the best system.

I mean, I told the owner
we need to upgrade, but he...


Yes, sir.

Okay, so here comes the
guy to pick up the pizza.

Is there no other angle?

We'll never see his face.

Well, the other
camera was broken.

We don't need a face.

He has radioulnar synostosis.

Okay, so there's the pie,

which is Holt's
usual order.

That's him.

Yeah, he can't
turn his wrists.

But he's too short
to be Owen Ellickson.

Or Dunlop.

Oh, my God.

What? What
do you see?

Well, don't ask me, ask them.

Y-You see it,
don't you?

What is it?

We're looking, Dr. Brennan.

No preconceptions,
just observe.

What am I missing?

Ugh, am I that
bad of a teacher?

Have I wasted all of
these years on you people?

Brennan, let them

Well, now I can never leave

because no one is competent
enough to replace me.

It's not a guy,
it's a woman.

Yeah, small steps.

Notice the valgus
angulation of her knees.

So the way she's
carrying herself...

The killer is a woman.

I am an excellent teacher.

I believe this is Franklin
Holt's girlfriend, Leelah.

Wait, girlfriend?

I've been through
all of his e-mails,

his social media

and he's never once
mentioned a girlfriend.

So she wasn't at his place
looking for him.

Well, she must have
taken his hard drives

and never got the data she was
looking for to get the money.

She's gone.

Angela said that Leelah was
a hacker known as Mainframe.

Accounts for all the
cables and wiring.

She must have thought, uh,

she was gonna be
a suspect eventually.

So she got rid of her computers

and then
she took off.




Yeah, hey, Angela.

She's gone,
even her computers.


That's what we figured,

but Holt did have Leelah
in his files,

just not as his girlfriend.

He tracked all of her activity,

so he was clearly
suspicious of her.

Okay, look, please tell me
you can find her.

So Holt used a digital trap

to track anyone
that tried to steal from him.

An hour ago, Leelah used

one of her anonymous
IP addresses to rent a car.

So she could be

Well, she used a debit card
at a gas station in Ashburn.

Now, I picked her up
on a traffic cam,

exiting Route 70,
three miles north of Hagerstown.

Okay, there's a major
rail yard there.

If she gets on a train,

I can't track her.
Thanks. Let's go, come on.

Look, Leelah must have thought,
with Holt dead,

she could take his files
and get the money.

Yeah, but Holt
covered his tracks.

So you think
she got to the money?

Angela doesn't
think so, okay?

The key to all of
this is on the tape,

but, you know, it could
take her months to find it.

You'll be long gone
by then, right?

All right, let's just bring in
Leelah Strawn for now, okay?

This yard
goes on forever.

Talk about a needle
in a haystack.

She'll be looking
for an outbound train.


That's got to be her car.

And these tracks have
the only three trains

scheduled to leave.

Car's clear.

She can't have
gone far.


I didn't see her.

Yeah, well, she's got to
be around here somewhere.

Whoa, whoa, wait.

Right there. That's her.

Aubrey, next track.

Sorry I'm late.

This is the last car.

She's trapped.

All right, let's not
be foolish, okay?

You all right?

Nice shot.

Told me to take the collar.

I took the collar.

All right, let's go.

Let's go, come on.

Hey. What's up, Angie?

The money.

The-the drives that
Leelah took from Holt helped me

to decrypt more of the tape.

I found your money.

I found all of it.



Does anybody know
about this yet?

I Th-- I thought
you should be the first.

You're brilliant, Angie.

Now get rid of it.

You can do that, right, so
that nobody ever finds it?

Uh, yeah,

Do it.

It's not my
money anymore,

Angie, and there's
so much blood on it,

and as long as it's
still out there,

every crazy
hacker's gonna try...

It's $4 billion.

We don't need it.

We have enough, Angie.

Make it go to a
hundred charities, okay?

Yeah, let them...

Let 'em find a cure for the
cancer that Wendell has.

Please, Angie.

One condition.


We don't leave the Jeffersonian.

You keep doing

what you do.

But... Paris. We agreed.

No, you agreed,
because you're wonderful.

But I-I saw you
with that-that crazy machine,

and... your-your life is here.

For now.

And-and I'm okay with it.

As long as I'm with you.

Are you serious?

Yeah. I mean, I have
to decrypt the rest

of that... that Strange Brew
tape anyway,

so it's gonna take me months.

After that, we can go
to Paris for a vacation.

Is it true?

Hodgins and Angela
have reconsidered, but...

Dr. Brennan, Booth.

She's about to
have a baby, Cam.

And Booth...
Yeah, I know.

I feel foolish. I mean, I...

I know life changes.

And I should be bigger
than this.

I don't... I don't know
why I'm crying.

'Cause you love them.

I do.

Hey, I'm gonna miss you.

Miss you, too.

Always suspected.

Don't worry.

Not a word of this to Dr. B.
You know what?

You're making this a lot
easier to leave, Aubrey.

Always been my dream--
push you out, steal your job.

That's funny.

I'll tell you what. If
you never need any advice

navigating these hallways,
just give me a call.

I don't want you
to look foolish.

I'm gonna miss you, Booth.

Me, too.



Hey, sweetie.


There's something I...
I thought that you should see.

This was on the tape.

If you're watching this,
I'm dead,

but not gone.

There is an afterlife.

A digital afterlife that
will keep me alive forever.

If you thought something as
simple as death would stop me,

you've underestimated
my abilities.

Freed from the limitation...

Hey, what are you,
what are you doing?

Y-You don't
want to...


You really
want to leave

with this just hanging
over your head?

Yes, Angela, in our culture,
we all search for closure,

but closure is
an illusion.

Science shows us
that the universe is

constantly in flux.

It's what allows
our friendships and our love

to constantly
surprise us.

Pelant is in the past.

I-I won't have him steal
the new life

Booth and I are
going to live.

I'm gonna miss you
so much, Brennan.

Hey, listen,
I thought I'd come by

and help you pack up
all this stuff you got.

Oh, um, I'm done.

You're done.

One-one box, you have one box.

After all these years,
you have one box of stuff.

Very true.

And I'm happy to donate all
of my work to the Jeffersonian.

Okay, that's it then.

That's it.

♪ We were born before the wind ♪

♪ And we're so much younger
than the sun ♪

♪ And every bonnie boat
was won ♪

♪ As we sailed into the mystic ♪

♪ Hark, now hear
the sailors cry ♪

♪ Feel the sea
and touch the sky ♪

♪ And let your soul
and your spirit fly ♪

♪ As we sail into the mystic ♪

♪ And when that foghorn
whistle blows ♪

♪ I want to hear it ♪

♪ I don't have to fear it,
oh, no ♪

♪ I want to rock
your gypsy soul ♪

♪ We're just like way back
in those days of old ♪

♪ And together we'll fall
as we sail into the mystic. ♪

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