Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 1 - The Loyalty in the Lie - full transcript

While Booth and Bones take the next step in their lives, the other members of the Jeffersonian are adjusting to the change. Aubrey is taking up his new role in the FBI and looking forward to his next case.

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Previously on Bones...
A plus sign! I'm pregnant!
We're having a baby! We're having a baby.
Bones, what is all this?
I've been getting job offers for years.
You know that. So have you.
Don't you think we might need a change?
Look, this is important work, right?
Or don't you think so anymore? There are other
important things we could do that won't get us killed.
This is my last case.
You could take the job at the NSA,
and I could take over the department at Fulton.
Or we could just have a baby and live our lives and be happy.
This will be our last case.
Booth and I... need a change.
I'm gonna miss you so much, Brennan.
BOOTH: And Booth comes in, he shoots.
Oh, he scores, bar down!
Flyers win! Flyers win!
Flyers win. Oh, wow! (baby cooing)
Time for you to hit the showers. Oh.
Look at that, huh? Hey, Hank, it's a battle axe.
Mommy says it's a plow.
Plow? Where's the fun in that?
The fun is in the accuracy, Booth.
The Munich Museum sent me these to
examine, and I'm teaching Christine how to properly
categorize and identify.
Wow. Thought you were working on your new book.
I finished... both of them.
That's amazing.
BOOTH: Ooh! Ooh!
Ooh, ooh, ooh!
Whoa! Whoa!
Hey. Easy.
Sharpshooter there, huh?
Just like your dad.
Uh, Booth, don't forget-- Angela and Hodgins
are having us over tonight with the kids.
Tonight? Geez, that's... that might not be too good.
I mean, it might be a late night.
Can we reschedule it? No, we can't reschedule.
You've been working late all the time, and...
and we promised. Okay.
Tell you what. I'll make it work.
We'll make it work. Won't we?
Battle axe. Hank, big defenseman for the Flyers.
Coming your way. Here he is, all yours.
Sweetie pie. All right, there you go.
Okay, I'm late for work. I got to get going.
Tell Uncle Aubrey I miss him.
Oh, Christine, you know Daddy doesn't
work for the FBI anymore.
But he goes to the FBI.
Well, it's a whole new part of the FBI.
See, what I do now is, I train agents.
Daddy is a freelance instructor.
What does "freelance" mean? BOOTH: It means that
I can do whatever I want.
I can... I can go whenever I want.
I'm the boss, right?
It means I can spend more time with you, right?
More time with the bruiser battle axe Flyer here.
(laughing): Oh.
And especially more time with you. Aw.
All right, listen, I got to go. See you later, alligators.
In a while, crocodile!
Take care of that battle axe!
Plow. Plow!
Thank you so much for catching me on that, all right?
HODGINS: Exciting news.
I just incubated some super-fast microbes.
I mean, these guys replicate like nobody's business.
Yeah, I like to keep my office a microbe-free zone.
But these are saccharomyces cerevisiae--
the building blocks of beer.
You know, I don't feel bad for not knowing that.
We haven't seen Booth in a while, so, I wanted
to brew him a really nice IPA for tonight's dinner.
Sorry to interrupt.
Believe me, you're not.
I need a reality check.
I've been searching for a replacement for Dr. Brennan,
and it's been a half a year.
Every time I find someone who's qualified,
I reach out to Brennan to get her thoughts, and, well...
she's had an issue with
every single candidate.
You think if she sees who her replacement's gonna be,
she'll change her mind about coming back?
Because that's not happening.
All right, so, what do you want our opinion on?
there is one name.
But... I'm not sure.
What would you think of Arastoo?
Hey, he's perfect for it.
He graduated with highest honors.
He's been doing an amazing job filling in. I mean...
Yeah. He probably should've been in the mix from the start.
Well, I know, but I'm dating him, I...
so I have to be absolutely sure
that he's the best person for the job.
HODGINS: Well, I think he'd be perfect, but...
you're the boss. It's your decision to make.
(phone rings) Oh.
Well, it looks like it's gonna have to wait a bit longer.
That's Aubrey.
Got a body torched in a van.
And it sounds messy.
Good-bye, my friends.
Drink you later.
Uh, Hodgins?
Honey, get the...
Ugh! Gross!
(indistinct radio communication)
(various first responders and techs conversing indistinctly)
HODGINS: Wow. Someone got their hands on
a world-class incendiary device.
Well, whoever it was really wanted to get rid of this van.
I had my people run the VIN.
It was stolen from a mall in Baltimore this morning.
Your people? I delegated.
That's how I get things get done.
Everything about this was carefully thought out.
Land's owned by a paper company: no traffic, no hikers.
SAROYAN: Who found it?
A fire station 20 miles away spotted the smoke.
By the time the crew got here, wasn't much left.
Based on what's left
of the long bones, we're looking at a male,
over six feet, athletic build.
Dentition is degraded from extreme heat, but
this central incisor suggests
he was Caucasian, probably in his 40's.
Really excellent work, Arastoo.
Do we have cause of death yet?
Not yet, but I suspect
this gun fused to his leg has something to do with it.
AUBREY: Looks like a Shield 40.
Kept it in an ankle holster.
It's a professional weapon.
But what is that?
Why didn't it burn like everything else?
Well, it's titanium.
It's probably a toe insert for a high-end tactical boot.
AUBREY: So, what was this guy up to?
He had only the best equipment.
Unfortunately, it didn't do him much good.
This stuff is amazing.
It was invented
for housing insulation, but its uses are endless.
It's fascinating. Any way you can get this done faster?
Whoa! Patience, my friend.
Do I tell you how to examine your bones? You don't.
And I'm grateful. And amazed
you did this without damaging the remains.
Well, don't thank me.
Thank the foam. I'm okay with just thanking you.
Ready? (clears throat)
This tissue is all ash.
VAZIRI: Heat was
so intense, the brain turned to vapor.
This fissure on the suture line
was caused by the escaping gases.
So there's nothing I can get from the body? No.
It's all on me, but I can handle this.
I know.
Angie, you okay?
I ran the-the serial number from the gun--
you know, the gun you found on the ankle-- and...
You got a name? Yeah, I couldn't believe it.
It all matches up with what you found: the age and the
gender, the body type, all of it.
It's his gun.
Whose gun?
BRENNAN: It makes no sense.
Booth just left the house this morning.
SAROYAN: Do you know where he went?
He's just teaching.
He got delayed. That's all it is.
It went straight to voicemail.
We tried calling Booth, too.
It's the first thing we did.
It's most likely poor service.
I'll... I'll try again.
Arastoo said the, uh, skeletal features match Booth's.
And we found his gun.
Booth is done with field work.
He doesn't carry his gun anymore.
Well, that's what I thought.
AUBREY: There was a weapon in every one of those slots, right?
What did he do with them?
I have... no idea.
SAROYAN: Is that...?
It's Booth's wedding ring.
Brennan, I don't think that we should...
Not now, Angela.
(entrance gate blipping)
The bones have been difficult to examine.
They're very degraded from the intense fire.
Extreme heat fracturing.
It's impossible to tell what's antemortem versus...
I am well aware of the difficulties of the task.
What have you determined so far?
All indications are that this is Booth.
Indications? Is that how we decide things? No, I...
I guess it's going to be up to me, then...
to know based on all of the facts.
Of course, but maybe you shouldn't look at the...
No one is more qualified than I am
to determine if these are Booth's remains.
Booth had remodeled fractures
to his calcanei from parachute training.
VAZIRI: Yeah. I pulled Booth's medical records. I checked for those.
These remains have remodeled fractures on the calcanei, too.
Uh, bring up X-rays of the scapulae
and ribs five through eight.
What are you looking for?
Booth was beaten as a child, by his father.
He has defensive fractures that would have remodeled.
I looked for those, too, and found them.
(computer blipping)
What about Booth's brain surgery?
VAZIRI: The head was too degraded
to find evidence of his brain surgery, but after
I fully reconstruct the cranium, I'm quite certain that...
Quite certain? Indications?
Please leave me with the bones. I need to do this by myself.
SAROYAN: Arastoo...
It's okay.
Dr. Brennan needs to do this.
You think it's him, don't you?
We left all this behind.
It can't be him.
It just can't.
♪ ♪
♪ No paracetamol ♪
♪ Gonna help to numb this pain ♪
♪ No amount of sunlight ♪
♪ Gonna help to ease the day ♪
♪ No wise words ♪
♪ Are gonna take away the gray ♪
♪ Take away the gray... ♪
♪ Take away the gray ♪
♪ There's a hole in my heart that's missing you ♪
♪ There's a hole in my heart that's missing you ♪
And, uh, I just feel like, um...
this is going somewhere.
Why did you feel that this is going somewhere?
No, I just... I feel like I'm gonna kiss you.
♪ No paracetamol ♪
♪ Gonna help to numb this pain ♪
♪ No amount of sunlight ♪
♪ Gonna help to ease the day... ♪
BOOTH: Whoa-whoa, listen, Bones,
everything is gonna be okay
between you and Angela, all right?
You two are like sisters.
Thanks, Booth.
♪ We never saw it coming ♪
♪ We didn't have a clue ♪
♪ The trees ♪
♪ They lost to winter ♪
♪ As the winds came running through... ♪
Booth, you're gonna be fine.
I'm right here. Come on.
You can do this. You're gonna be fine.
Oh, you're gonna make it. Come on.
(distorted): Come on, Booth.
(echoing, indistinct voice)
(distant, distorted): Come on, Booth!
♪ There's a hole in my heart that's missing you ♪
♪ And this is what it feels like ♪
♪ There's a hole in my heart that's missing you ♪
♪ And this is what it feels like. ♪
AUBREY: Each and every one of you
has a connection to Seeley Booth.
He's trained us, sacrificed for us,
and more than one of us wouldn't be alive today
if it weren't for him, so we owe it to him
to figure out what the hell happened out there.
I'm putting one team in charge of tracking every
single movement that Agent Booth made in the last 24 hours.
And the rest of you
will go through his casework. And my office will make sure
you have access to all the records you need.
Booth put away a lot of killers.
Any of them could be out for revenge.
I know how you feel.
Use it to help us find who did this.
There is no time to waste here, people.
(indistinct chatter)
MAN: Security team, I need you over here.
(sighs) Booth done sit in this office ten years.
Believe me, I wish he was here.
So what was Booth doing with a gun?
He didn't need it to teach at Quantico.
Must've been one hell of a problem
if he didn't come to me.
Or me.
So what the hell...
were you up to, Booth?
The, uh, the eyes aren't him.
Okay, well,
if I add some tissue to the supraorbital notch...
fill in the lips...
and fill in the nasal cartilage.
Oh, my, God,
that-that's Booth.
MONTENEGRO: I don't understand this. Why would he
put himself in harm's way,
especially after everything he and Brennan had been through?
HODGINS: We don't know what happened, exactly.
We just deal with the concept of him being dead.
BRENNAN: It's not Booth.
It's not Booth.
Brennan... I know you think I'm being delusional, but...
I have proof.
Booth was in a firefight a year and a half ago
And this body is riddled with bullet wounds.
There are so many fractures, you can't tell
what's a bullet wound and what isn't. Yes.
It takes a lot of experience to do so.
Are you sure this isn't Booth?
This is where a bullet passed through
Booth's body,
breaking off a portion of the rib bone.
It's fractured, it's consistent. I-It's in my notes.
When the bullet exited Booth's body, a small portion
of his left scapula
was carried along with it.
The scapula is intact.
He's alive.
I hope this isn't indicative
of how you've been running the Jeffersonian in my absence.
This was my oversight, not Dr. Saroyan's.
I understand that you're angry and...
You told me my husband is dead.
Angry doesn't begin to cover it.
I'm sorry. There's no time for that.
We still don't know who this is or how he died.
And we'll figure that out.
Yes, we will.
Dr. Brennan...
This man had Booth's gun.
Now Booth is gone.
I am not leaving until these bones lead me
to wherever the hell my husband is.
CAROLINE: If Seeley Booth's isn't dead, he's in trouble.
Well, he swiped into the C-Structure at Quantico
at 9:23, swiped out at 9:49 a.m.
I thought Quantico hadn't seen him.
Well, he never showed up for his classes,
but he did access the armory.
For what? Well, they're running inventory,
they'll find it.
He didn't use any credit cards.
He didn't use his cell phone all morning.
Unless he was on a burner.
Why would Booth need a burner?
Why would he need to take his guns
and leave his wedding ring? (phone chimes)
That's weird. What you got, cher?
I put out an APB on Booth's car.
It's at long-term parking at Reagan.
But he never got on a flight.
Hello, Caroline.
Agent Miller, this is Agent Aubrey.
Oh, I've heard a lot about you.
I'm looking forward to collaborating with you
on this case. Uh, no one told me I'd be collaborating.
She's from internal investigations.
There won't be much of a collaboration.
They've sicced her on Booth.
I will work with you to the extent that I can,
but when a former agent is a suspect, it... Booth?
Booth isn't a suspect.
All we know is that he disappeared.
Let's not make it out to be more than that.
Look, I have a partner, too.
I know how it works. You trust one another, you get close,
and then it's hard to see a friend become a suspect.
Okay, if you're gonna come in here and make
absurd accusations, then we don't need you.
Not your call.
There's a dead man on a table, burnt to a crisp
with Booth's gun on him.
Tell me how that doesn't make him as a suspect.
MILLER: When was the last time you saw your husband?
When he left the house at 8:36 yesterday morning.
That's a very precise time.
She's a very precise lady.
I need you to describe your husband's behavior
over the past few days.
Anthropologically, there are seven
basic modes of behavior
and many subsets.
I need you to be more specific.
You might have noticed that he was stressed.
Or acting out of character.
Surely you might have felt if he wasn't his usual self.
You are asking strictly emotional questions.
It is well-documented that emotions
are not my area of expertise.
And why would I do that?
My conclusion is that you are deliberately attempting
to make me uncomfortable, in order to extract something
you think I'm hiding.
If that is the case,
I... no longer choose
to participate in this discussion.
MILLER: Thank you.
You may go. You're no longer needed.
You... you can't solve this case without me.
Dr. Brennan, with all due respect,
you are the suspect's wife. What makes you th...
I'm the world's foremost forensic anthropologist.
You need me to examine those bones.
But it's my case. Which has to do
with my husband. Which is why
I can have you removed.
You best be careful how you respond, cher--
Booth's life might depend on it.
Hey, just in time to check out a buffelgrass seed.
I found it on the body and cross-sectioned it for an I.D.,
which is kind of a shame 'cause it was probably still viable.
How could a seed have stayed intact during the fire?
Well, that is the amazing thing about buffelgrass--
it grows on volcanoes, so it only germinates
after being exposed to heat.
Good catch.
You're not here to talk about buffelgrass. What's up?
Do me a favor.
Take a look at this section of vertebra.
Okay, looks like a bunch of osteoblasts.
The density's low, which indicates
a progressed form of osteoporosis.
That tells us the victim was an alcoholic.
Yeah, it also tells us that Dr. Brennan was right--
it wasn't Booth. Good catch.
I didn't find it.
Dr. Brennan did. That's two things I've missed.
You can't worry about what Dr. Brennan said.
It's not what she thinks I'm worried about.
Whoa. You're gonna ask Cam?
How can I? How can I even stay here
if I'm not up to the job? Dr. Brennan would never have
hired you if she didn't think you could do this.
And Cam? Cam would never have kept you
if she didn't know you could do this.
Hey, when Michael Jordan retired, you think that
Scottie Pippen just stepped into his shoes right away?
Pippen didn't step into Jordan's shoes.
He never won anything after Jordan retired.
And he wasn't half the player Jordan was.
Okay, that was a bad example.
Ter-Terrible example. My point here is that
you're not Brennan, okay?
But Cam knows how good you are.
Trust me on this. Take your shot.
MONTENEGRO: So I've gone through
Booth's phone records for the week.
Calls to Brennan, Parker...
his friends, you among them,
and there's nothing out of the ordinary.
Booth's smart.
If he's hiding something, he'd cover his tracks.
You know he wasn't mixed up in anything.
He has to have talked to somebody.
He can't have vanished and left his family
without saying something to someone.
Oh, my God.
That's it.
What? We've been going about this the wrong way.
It's who he didn't talk to that we need to look at.
The calls he didn't pick up?
Yeah, three of them yesterday morning.
Wait a second, I-I know that.
That-That's code.
Um, I'm-I'm not seeing it.
That's because you weren't ever a Boy Scout. That's...
Scout code: length translates to number of rings.
Okay, uh...
All right, I get seven, one, five.
Seven is "G." One-five, 15 is "O."
Spells "go."
Someone sent him a message.
He wasn't working alone.
You wanted to see me, Dr. Vaziri? Yes.
I found something interesting on the left anterior iliac spine.
Striations on the wound.
An indicator he was shot.
I agree. This is an excellent observation. And...
the bullet would have passed through the body and...
compromised the external iliac artery.
You found cause of death.
What do you think, Dr. Vaziri?
There are slight incisions.
The level of remodeling suggests
they're more than three years old.
They're from an extremely sharp instrument.
A razor blade or a scalpel.
I believe you are correct.
This tells me who this is.
How could it? The victim has
the same bone structure as Booth.
They even have similar stress fractures to the calcaneus,
similar injuries indicative of childhood abuse.
Booth has a brother.
He and Jared were both beaten by their father.
They both were in the military, made numerous parachute jumps,
and Jared had an emergency appendectomy
performed by a field medic. A botched job
would have left these incisions.
That explains why Angela's reconstruction
looks so much like Booth.
If I adjust the eyes...
change some tissue...
I'm now certain that our victim is Jared Booth.
BRENNAN: Jared married
Padma eight years ago. It didn't last.
Because she was a prostitute?
I wasn't withholding that from you.
Well, you didn't choose to share it either.
But it was irrelevant.
Jared had difficulties.
After the Navy, he went from job to job.
I'd hoped she'd be good for him.
Social outliers like Jared and Padma
are often drawn to each other.
Booth's an outlier, too,
and maybe he's more like his brother than
you're willing to acknowledge. No, Booth is not like Jared.
He had documented authority issues,
mandated counseling,
and a-a gambling addiction
that should have ended his career.
Booth knew he had weaknesses,
and he worked on them.
Jared refused to work on his.
I'm sure that created resentment.
I bet they fought.
You are implying that Booth may have killed his brother.
That is categorically impossible.
You don't know Booth. I know that he's been telling you many lies
and you're just not willing to accept that.
MONTENEGRO: So, I traced the phone
that called Booth with the "go" message.
I know it was purchased on September 15, along with
14 other cell phones.
SAROYAN: So if it was Jared calling him,
what did he need so many burners for?
They couldn't all have been for him. MONTENEGRO: Yeah.
My thoughts exactly.
Five were activated each week
and then discarded before another set
of five were turned on.
But always in groups of five? Yeah.
It's a team.
It's not just Booth and Jared.
What were they involved in?
MILLER: Can you think of anyone
who might have wanted to harm your husband?
Jared owed money.
Pissed a lot of people off.
But nothing that would lead to this.
MILLER: New TV... watch
that you're wearing probably cost a few thousand dollars.
Doesn't seem like someone who was in debt.
I threw Jared out three months ago.
He wanted back in.
The gifts kept getting better and better.
Did Booth give him the money?
(scoffs) You're kidding, right?
So you're saying that Booth didn't give him the money?
I'm saying Booth's wife convinced him to cut Jared off. We both know
what would have happened if we gave Jared the money.
It wouldn't have changed this.
MILLER: Okay, so if the money didn't come from Agent Booth
then where did it come from? I don't know exactly.
A friend was trying to help him get back on track.
Does this friend have a name?
Kevin O'Donnell.
He's the one on the right.
He was like a brother to Jared.
VAZIRI: I finally pieced together the rest
of the skull and found perimortem abrasions
on the occipital.
Can you magnify that?
What are those particulates? I don't know.
Looks like glass, but the heat from the fire
could have chemically changed whatever it was.
Well, you should
ask Hodgins to swab it.
Already have.
Oh. You're not supposed to see that.
I wasn't?
Uh, I mean, you were,
but then all this stuff with Booth started happening
and... Oh, God.
Is that what I think it is?
It is.
But this isn't the right time. Is it?
No. I mean... You're-you're right. There's...
so much going on.
Do you want to see it?
This isn't me asking.
Just showing.
Oh... my... God.
Dude, you asked her. Good for you.
Uh... no, actually.
She said no?
Uh, he hasn't asked yet.
(anxious laugh)
What'd you find out about O'Donnell?
He comes from a family of Navy lifers.
Discharge? Honorable. He was decorated.
Geez. Hell of a place for a war hero to live.
Teaches school now.
We have got to do something about pay scale.
(baby crying in distance) You Kevin O'Donnell?
We're from the FBI.
What's this about? Jared Booth, your buddy.
Come on in.
O'DONNELL: Jared was one of my guys.
I'd never turn my back on anyone from my unit.
He was on my couch.
I can't believe he's gone.
When was the last time you saw him?
Two nights ago. He was getting a handle
on things, talking about moving back in with his wife.
When he didn't show up here last night,
I figured he'd made up with her.
Well, according to his wife, they never made up.
I don't know what to say.
He had a job, was making good money.
Where was he working? He said something about security,
but he didn't go into detail. Did he talk to you
about anything else? About his brother?
Any illegal activities?
He's dead.
Does that make him a suspect in something?
No, we're just... Doing your job. Yeah, I've heard that one before.
I'll make it easy for you. The man went through hell.
It's hard to adjust to civilian life
after the crap we went through.
As far as I'm concerned, he's a damn hero, and I resent
you putting your garbage assumptions on him.
These aren't exactly assumptions... I think we're done here.
Well, we just have a few more questions. Not even one.
Thank you.
If you think of anything...
Hey. Hi.
I found these in the fridge. Oh.
Yeah. I'm quite certain these were here when I left.
I know. What's scary is is they still have not expired.
I know it is a common gesture to bring someone who is grieving
an offering of food, but...
there's no evidence that Booth is dead.
I wasn't jumping to that conclusion, but...
Booth is still out there somewhere.
I hope so, sweetie. I really do.
(strained panting)
(panting weakly)
VAZIRI: On the fractures
to the posterior portion
of ribs four through seven,
as well as the spinous processes.
The fractures do appear to line up symmetrically
at the exterior curve of the ribs,
suggesting some kind of blow,
but whatever caused it must have been quite large.
What if the fractures were the result of a fall?
Uh... typically, when someone falls,
the initial impact is either to the feet or the head.
But what if Jared was attempting to arrest his own fall?
I see what you're saying.
There are direct impact fractures
to the posterior aspect of the vertebral ribs.
And blowout fractures to the anterior aspect.
Judging from the severity of these fractures,
he must have fallen at least 15 meters.
Or three stories. If it was indeed glass
you found in his occipital,
this may help Dr. Hodgins identify the source.
HODGINS: You guys were right.
The particulates in Jared's skull were glass.
This is lead-based. Unique crystalline structure.
This stuff is only manufactured in Turkey.
So he was likely shot by a high-caliber weapon,
then fell through a third-story window.
I got to get this to Angela.
All we have to do is look at every building
three stories or higher that was built
with this stuff. Can't be that many.
Jared's financials for the past three years. AUBREY: You find out
where he was working? No tax returns. No W-2s.
If he was working, it was off the books.
But he was buying things for his wife.
We are gonna get to the source of that money.
Booth opened up a bank account three months ago.
The only debits went directly to Jared.
So? He was helping his brother.
Or planning whatever got Jared killed.
At the least, it made Booth an accessory.
What is it with you?
You will not be satisfied until you've ruined a good man's name.
(phone ringing) Booth's already done that to himself.
Oh. Uh, okay. Uh, Montenegro here.
I-I found something important.
Oh. Hey, guys.
HODGINS: Ooh. Everything okay?
Peachy. What do you got?
MONTENEGRO: Hodgins found
a grass seed in the burned-out van.
It's a rare variant of buffelgrass.
It had to be imported.
Which means it would have to go through agricultural inspection.
Yeah, I searched for local addresses on record
with international flora inspection agencies,
and narrowed it down to 135 possible locations.
That's not a lead. That's a wild goose chase.
Uh, I cross-checked every location
against any houses with lead-based glass
like the type that we found in the victim.
You think that we have time to be running all over the place?
HODGINS: We also know that Jared Booth fell
from a three-story structure.
And that it's in McLean, Virginia.
The house is owned by, uh...
Victor Masbourian.
Wild guess, but I take it he's not a friend.
Masbourian is the worst of the worst.
He's into drugs, racketeering,
human trafficking.
So, if Jared was killed at Masbourian's house,
Booth might be held captive there.
We're going in.
You coming with?
♪ ♪
(agent speaks quietly and indistinctly)
(quiet click)
AGENT (whispers): In. Let's go.
AGENT (whispers): Clear.
AGENT (whispers): Take the lead.
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
(door creaks open)
AUBREY: Holy...
Three men down, third floor office.
It's a frigging blood bath.
Is that Booth?
It's Masbourian.
Booth isn't here.
(sirens whooping, horns honking)
MAN: Okay. Got it! Okay!
(overlapping, indistinct radio communications)
(helicopter flies over) MAN: Not now!
Based on rigidity, Masbourian was killed
approximately 28 hours ago.
That's six hours after Booth was last seen.
Masbourian was shot center core,
straight through the spinal cord.
The shooter was well-trained, a professional, just like Booth.
SAROYAN: There's no way. Booth's as good
as they get, but he's no executioner.
AUBREY: Besides, we don't even have proof
that Booth was here.
We're gonna have to break it down,
spatter by spatter.
I'm gonna need every inch
of every surface of this room photographed.
Found something!
(safe squeaking open) A wall safe.
Looks kind of vintage.
Well, that's the genius of it.
It was wired inside.
Opening it.
It tripped a silent alarm.
And that alerted Masbourian.
So, it was a robbery gone wrong.
Very wrong. It's murder.
We're gonna get the guys behind it,
and one of them is Booth.
VAZIRI: Cam called.
They're coming back with three bodies.
Then I suggest you get some sleep while you can.
How are you holding up?
Not well.
I have more questions than answers,
which is unusual for me.
And I'm angry. Dr. Brennan,
I understand how you're feeling, but we don't know all the facts.
Booth promised he wouldn't see Jared.
That's probably the only promise he couldn't keep.
I don't understand why.
There's a bond between brothers.
If my brother, Hamid, needed me, I would be there in a second.
That's different. You risked
your life to go to Iran because your brother was sick.
Yeah, but what if Booth's brother needed him?
Jared leaned on Booth whenever he was in trouble.
Booth and I discussed this many times.
So, what was he keeping from me?
(elevator bell dings)
Finally. There you are. What are you doing here?
Waiting for you and praying
you didn't come home with any holes in you.
Nope. Just the ones I was born with.
That is unseemly.
But I will still talk to you.
While you were out, I did some digging.
All right, anything that brings us closer to Booth?
No, just info on a certain lady who's been holding back on us.
Agent Miller?
It turns out Booth isn't the only agent that's gone missing.
Miller's partner up and vanished four days ago.
It's not on the wires.
No one knows. Except you.
Well, let's just say I have many little birds
in many little trees that owe me many big, fat favors.
So why didn't Miller say anything?
Am I supposed to give you all the answers? Find out.
So I swabbed the entire inside of Masbourian's safe.
We got lucky. How?
The safe was stuffed full of currency.
And I found trace particulates of glue.
It's what they use on the bands to wrap hundred-dollar bills.
They use special bands to wrap hundreds?
It's a state-of-the-art safe in a drug lord's house.
I don't think he filled it with fives. Mm, good point.
There were two million dollars in there.
Two million? What was Booth doing in that house? Wait.
I thought we didn't have proof that Booth was there.
(computer trilling)
MONTENEGRO: I mapped the bullet holes
and the blood spatter, and this is what I figured out.
Directionality and the placement
of the impact wounds indicate that it was a five-man team.
That is consistent
with the number of burner phones they bought.
Well, based on the angle of fire,
these three men were in a position
to kill Masbourian and his crew.
Is one of them Booth? I don't know.
I've got proof that Booth was there,
and before you ask me if I'm sure,
I sequenced the blood four times.
(simulation gunfire sound effects playing)
That's Booth right there.
He was hit.
I mapped the blood.
There was a lot of it.
SAROYAN: And it's definitely his.
He must have sustained a major wound.
I'm sorry.
How long does Booth have? I can't say.
The one thing I know is that he needs medical attention now.
(groans, sighs)
(groans loudly)
(knocking on door) MAN: You okay, Booth?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
I'll be right out.
We were getting worried about you.
Yeah, I'm fine. It's just a scratch, right?
You don't look fine.
(door squeaks open)
Hey, this man's gut-shot. He needs a doctor.
No doctors.
You still with us?
Yeah. I'm still with you.
Till the end, right?
What's that mean?
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