Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 21 - The Life in the Light - full transcript

The remains of an ex-con and biker who became a yoga instructor are found in the ruins of a forest fire, and the investigation casts a wide net in both worlds to find the killer. Meanwhile, Booth continues to fight his gambling addiction.

Previously on Bones...

Any big emotional change, even
good, can trigger a relapse.

I don't understand.
He just read

your text.
He might have too good

of a hand.
He's an addict.

I need to put $200
on the Cardinals.

I'm here to collect
on a debt. $30,000.

Jimmy, your bookie, came here.
I paid him everything you owe.

It was... it was just a
mistake, all right?

Look, I made one bet.
That was it.

- I need you to leave.
- Give Christine

a kiss for me
and tell her I love her.

If you wanted to come by,
read her a book, tuck her in...

My name is Seeley,
and I have a gambling addiction.

Welcome, Seeley.
I'm here today because, uh,

I want to get my life back
and I want to make things right.

Aha! I knew you
were in here!

Roar! The hug monster's coming
for you!

I'm going back to my castle.

Monsters can't catch me there.
Oh, no!

Not the castle.
Oh, oh. Daddy!

Oh, no. The hug monster. If he
won't be able to get his hugs,

he's gonna die.

Oh! You saved me!

What happened
to Daddy?

He was dying
'cause he needed a hug.

And she saved me.

Well, thank goodness.

I'm sorry
I'm late.

There were some remains that...
No, no problem. Uh...

there's no better place
I'd rather be.

Can't Daddy stay? Please?

You know what, sweetheart,
I got a...

I got a meeting
I have to get to.

It's really, really important,

Listen, I got you coconut
ice cream. It's in the freezer

for you and the little guy
to have a little

coconut ice cream.
Thank you.

Uh, how are you?

Good. Determined.



Oh. Uh,

Of-of course.


A body, uh, just came into
the lab for identification.

You know what,
you go.

I can stay here.
There's other meetings.

No. You-you should go.
I want you to.

It's important. I-I'll call Max.

All right. You sure?


Okay, well, I'm gonna need
another hug to stay strong.

Oh! She got me. Oh.

Oh! Ooh,
I need the energy.

Ah! I'm alive now.
I got my hugs. I'm ready to go.

Oh. Careful.

All right. See you.

You have some coconut ice cream,

A team of volunteers discovered
the remains

while cleaning up after a fire

in George Washington
National Park.

I heard it took firefighters
nearly three days

to put out the blaze.

Isn't he
supposed to be black?


the fire retardant that they use
is called red slurry.

It's a mixture of water
and ammonium phosphate.

And our guy here is drenched
in the stuff.

Could be an unfortunate hiker
who didn't outrun

the fire.
I thought Dr. B

would be here.
She's waiting for Max.

The separation must
be the worst.

I cannot imagine not seeing
Michael Vincent every day.

Booth is doing okay. He knows
he's got a gambling problem.

He's handling it.
He's worked through this once before.

He can do it again.
These bones are

also heavily fractured.
And based on the lack

of discoloration on
the fracture margins,

the injuries are postmortem.
Well, once again, you can thank

the red slurry for that.
The weight of the water

and the force
in which it hit the remains

would have been enormous.

Easily enough to have caused
the excessive fracturing.

Lucky for us,
all we have to do is get an I.D.

Which seems like enough
of a challenge.

Glad to see someone
appreciates my coffee.

Uh, "tolerate."

That might be the word you're
looking for. Listen, I really...

I really appreciate
everything you've done.

Yeah. Hey,

you know what, you did the work.
I'm having your 30-day chip

engraved as we speak.

No, no, no. I don't want
to make a big deal about this.

Let's not do that.
That's too bad.

I'm ordering a cake.

I'm writing a speech.
S... No.

And I'm sure
your wife's gonna want to come.

I don't know. - Okay.
I really don't know about that.

You know I still have a lot
of work I got to do.

Yeah, but you always will.

Yeah. Well, it's important
to celebrate the victories, too.


So why don't we just celebrate
those victories here, among us.


It's up to you.

All right.

Based on the large

ovoid obturator foramen,
the victim was a male.

The fine texture
of the pubic surfaces

indicates an age range
of mid- to late 30s.

The parabolic dental arch
suggests Caucasian.

Yeah, and the giant metal plate

in his head suggests a cyborg.

Not just his head.

There's fixation
to the right fibula and tibia.

Evidence of injuries
commonly sustained

in motorcycle accidents.
Uh, I'm gonna start

the facial reconstruction.
Hey, Dr. B.

How's everything at home?
Fine. Why do you ask?

Listen, Christine can always
come over and hang out

with Michael Vincent.
I know how hard this is.

You've never been separated
from your child,

so that statement is false.
Sorry. No.

I just... I meant...
I appreciate your concern.

But I'm fine. As is Christine.

And Booth,
as far as I can glean.

Is there anything you or anyone
would like to know?

No. Okay.

Uh, I was going through scraps
of charred clothing

and, uh, found something.
A wallet with a driver's license

would be good.
Well, this is even better.

So, under the fire retardant,
I found a mixture

of hydrocarbons,
antiknock agents...

The victim was doused
in gasoline.

I have a feeling that
he was the source

of the forest fire.
Well, you don't light

a body on fire unless you're
trying to cover something up.

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The Life in the Light
Original Air Date on June 4, 2015

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Angela's facial reconstruction
found a match

in the D.C.
Criminal Database.

Yeah. Oh.

Yeah. Guy named

Micah Stanbow. I took
the initiative and compiled

a file on him.

Are you looking for a thank you?

Couldn't hurt.

I did bring the treats.

Multiple charges of felony
assault, grand theft auto.

Really loved his work.
Stanbow was a member

of a biker gang
called the Damned.

Uh, they're a
small group, tight.

Stanbow served as the muscle.

Why didn't
we, uh,

hear of these guys before?
Well, their leader,

a guy named Dale Brock, was
busted on racketeering charges

five years ago.
So they've been laying low.

Really, really...

good work here, Aubrey.
Thanks, Booth.

I'm proud of you, too.
We don't need the gushy stuff, okay?

We're-we're just...
we're working here, okay?


I'm just saying, with everything
that's going on with you,

the fact that you're
still killing it at work,

I'm impressed.
Okay. Stop talking.

Let's just concentrate
on the case, okay?

Let's do that.

All right.

Aren't you coming up on 30 days,
though? Don't you get a chip?

Take a bite of the donut, okay?
You'll stop talking.


Oh. Here you go.

Dale Brock.

He got out of prison four days ago.
That was the same day

that our victim was set on fire.
I'm guessing

that's not a coincidence.

This place looks
a little different

than I remember.
You guys do a little remodeling?

Okay. We get it, Dale.

You're a big tough biker that
isn't intimidated by the FBI.

Look... look, why don't you
just, uh, tell us a little bit

about your friend
Micah Stanbow.

I haven't seen him since I went
to the pen, over five years ago.

So he didn't look like that

the last time
you saw him?

Damn, man. That's Micah?

What the hell they do to him?
They killed him.

Set him on fire four days ago,
same time you got out of prison.

So you think I did it?
Well, we got evidence

that suggests that he was
gonna leave your gang.

Which must've

pissed you off, being betrayed
by somebody so close to you.

Six years ago, Micah got
himself in a gnarly wreck.

He went over the bars
doing 50. It's kind of hard

to get back up on a bike
after a ride like that.

So you want us to believe that
you just let him leave the gang?

Like I said,

I haven't seen Micah in years.

That's hard to believe.

Well, it's the truth.

Now, unless you have something
to hold me on,

I'm gonna get up
and walk my big ass out of here.

Have a nice day, fellas.

Hey, Angie. So, I found this

around the victim's wrist.

I tried to clean it off a bit.

Looks like some kind of symbol
on it.

Maybe we can figure out
what it signifies.

Why do you have
your passport out?

No, Hodgi...

Oh... my... God.

Your real name.
Hey. Hey.

My real name
is Angela Montenegro.

Is that right?

Then who is Pookie Noodlin?

You know what, don't say
that name out loud here.

I cannot believe
that after all of this time,

I finally know
my wife's real name.

It's like something
you name a pet.

That you hate.
Why didn't you ever get it...

get it, you know,
legally changed?

My dad. He...

It just meant
something important to him,

and he begged me to leave it
un-until he...

so sweet.

I can't believe this.
I'm married to Pookie Noodlin.

Not if you keep saying it
out loud you're not.

One more time.
Hodgins, I'm serious.

I am, too.

Come on.
This is important to me, Angie.

Okay. Go ahead.

I love you, Pookie Noodlin.

All right,
we should do a global search

for the symbol on the bracelet.

Why did you pull your passport
out anyway, Angela?

We haven't traveled
anywhere together for years.

Well, 'cause I had

to get it renewed.

In case we ever actually
do want to go to Paris.


Yeah. Paris.

Oh, okay.

Uh, looks like it's the
ancient Sanskrit symbol,

meaning "warrior."

He was into yoga?
Hold on.

I just typed in "Micah Stanbow
yoga", and look what comes up.

Right foot to left thigh.

Arms above your head
in a tree pose.

Oh. Wow. How does a guy go

from being the muscle
in a violent biker gang

to leading a yoga class
full of soccer moms?

So the Bureau had an
informant in the biker world.

No one had a bounty out

on the victim's head,
there was no chatter

of any kind of rival
gangs going after him.

Micah really did leave
that world behind.

Seems like it.

He's been running his own
yoga studio for the past year.

But Micah had been in
a serious motorcycle accident.

He most likely discovered yoga
as a means of rehab.

In addition to increased
flexibility and strength,

practicing yoga also provides
a myriad of mental benefits.

Hmm. Myriad, huh?

Yes, it means "large in number."
I know what it means.

It's just, you know, it's
a funny word, that's all.

I miss your funny words, Bones.

Funny. Funny, ha, ha,
funny, peculiar.

Just funny, you
know? You get it.

Listen, I'm
just... I'm glad

you came along today,
Bones, that's all.

We're partners.

We have a case to solve.

Come on, Bones, why can't
we just go in there, huh?

They're in the middle
of shavasana, Booth.

It's an important
part of the practice.

They'll be done soon.

Whatever. Look at this, huh?

What is this? For 90 bucks,
you can "be closer to nature

with a tablet case
made of 100% Tibetan bamboo"?

What a racket.

They're done, Booth.

Oh. Yup. Let's go.

Hi, Mike.

Think it would kill 'em
to crack a window.

Well, they just
finished working out.

Booth, come on.

You two look like
you're having fun.

FBI Special Agent
Seeley Booth.

This here's my partner,

Dr. Temperance Brennan.
Is this your studio?

My boyfriend Micah
and I run the place together.

Is there a problem?

Your boyfriend's remains
were found in a forest.

He was murdered.

That can't be.

I mean, you must be mistaken.

Unfortunately, we're not.

When was the last time
you saw Micah?


four days ago?

That's the same day
the forest fire started.

He was in that fire?

I'm sorry. Is there a reason

why you didn't report
your boyfriend missing?

Micah was on a silence retreat.

He'd go up to the mountains
or the woods

for a few days to meditate.
Well, if he'd gone into the woods

all alone, someone must have
been following him.

Who would want
to kill Micah?

Everyone loved him.

There was a yoga
studio down the street

that looks closed.

Did some of his students
formerly take classes there?

Yes, but

Micah didn't solicit them.

What about the owner
he put out of business?

A good man.

With a good soul.

There's no way
he would kill Micah.

Hey, I was just, uh, decrypting
the victim's computer.

What's up?

I need your help.


Paris real estate again, huh?

Yeah. Sometimes

it's nice to break up
a heinous crime

with a little bit of a dream.

And I couldn't remember
which one you liked.


I liked this one.

Remember, I told you
it was close to that, uh...

the great bilingual school
for Michael Vincent?

Yes, that's right. Yup.

Well, back to reality.
What are you working on?

Right, yeah, so, this is
the victim's right sandal.

Uh, the plastic melted
in the fire, and in the process,

encased particulates
within the treads.


So you can track his route
through the woods.

Yeah, that's right.

If we can retrace his steps,
we may be able

to find some evidence on the
person who was following him.

The victim wasn't followed
into the woods.

According to a complete
rupturing of the muscle tissue

around the victim's shoulders,
he was dragged out there.

Okay, pal, time to float
back on down to Earth there.

Hello? Hi.

Sorry to bother you, but we just
have a murder to discuss.

I'm quite certain I have
no knowledge of any murders.

Micah Stanbow was killed
four days ago.

Micah was a friend.

Really? 'Cause in the span
of a year, you went from running

one of the most profitable
yoga studios

to teaching seniors
down at the Y.

That didn't piss you off?

A wise man is not a slave
to his emotions.

No, but even the best of us
can get mugged by them.

So, where were you four days
ago, Ramish? Hmm?

At home.

I was involved in an
intensive meditation practice

which I break up with
mindful gardening.

Let me guess.

You live alone?


So, no alibi

for the time
of your friend's murder.

It seems
that Micah's life and mine

have many karmic entanglements.

Perhaps I should call my
attorney to help sort them out.

Well, I wasn't able
to find anything on the flesh

that could help
pinpoint cause of death.

Of course you couldn't.

Excuse me?


Sorry. I-I didn't
mean it like that.

It's just that these bones
are pretty messed up,

and I'm a bit overwhelmed
right now myself.

It's all right,
Wendell. Just breathe.

Maybe we could both
use a yoga class.


What is this?


Oh, yes!

After just one deep breath.
The damage

to the left zygomatic
appears to have

radiating fracture lines, which
points to a perimortem injury.

So, he was struck
in the face.

And based
on the indistinct edges,

plus a heavy degree
of fracture lines,

the injury was caused
by some kind

of rounded object.

Nice work, Mr. Bray.

It's not specific enough.

And the injury wouldn't have
been enough to kill him.

It's a start.

Maybe we should take
another deep breath.

So, here's what we know so far.
Okay, Ramish

claims to have been gardening

and meditating the day
that Micah was killed.

So he has motive
and no alibi.

Unless he's got talking,
uh, tomatoes in his garden.

Even if, it's unlikely

a tomato's testimony
would hold up in court.

That's a good one, Bones.
I like that.

You're getting better at those.

No. You know,
that's not our guy.

Your gut?

Yeah. It's all
we have right now.

It's Max.

Hi, Dad.

Oh. It is?

Oh, I completely
lost track of time.

I-I'm... I'm
on my way now.

Bye. It's after 10:00.

What? No.

Can't be. Whoa!
It's past 10:00.

We've been here for two hours.

That explains the
nasty looks we received

from people who
wanted our table.

Yeah. Can't eat pie fast,
or you'll cramp.

That is a science.

Some day I would love to live

in a world governed
by your rules of physics.

You will.

Some day, you will.
Soon. Very soon.

I have to get home.

Right. Okay. Uh, look, okay,
I-I got the bill.

Thanks. I'll see you back...

I'll see you... tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

So, I was going
through the victim's tablet.

He was using

a site called "Peek-a-Pic."

It's a site where any photos
that he posts

disappear after the person
that he sent them to

viewed them.

But if they've disappeared...

No, they don't
actually disappear.

The metadata is stored deep
within the file system, but

if you know
how to get in there...

All of these pictures
are of the same woman.

Okay. Now,
that does not look

like the victim's

No. This woman goes
by the username LizzyC.

She's Elizabeth Collins.

she's been a student of Micah's

for about a year.

Well, Ramish said that
Micah had so many clients

because he took a real
hands-on approach with them.

Now I know what he meant.


I can't believe it.

Why would somebody kill Micah?

Well, I was hoping
you could tell me.

I have no idea.

We found the Peek-a-Pic
photos, Elizabeth.

We know that you two
were having an affair.


I know what you're thinking.

A young woman sleeping
with her yoga instructor--

it's a total cliché--
but Micah was different.

So, you didn't have to assault
him with a baseball bat?


Your ex-boyfriend,
Dennis Eckland.

Did you think we wouldn't
find out that you had a record?

Those charges were dropped.

And besides, that was
a long time ago.

Oh, okay.

So, I'll just forget
about the fact

that you beat people
with baseball bats,

and our victim looks to
have been beaten with a bat,

because it was a long time ago.

I didn't kill Micah!

Maybe not intentionally,

but we know
that you have anger issues.

Not anymore.

Micah taught me
breathing exercises

and meditation techniques that...
That what?

Made you have an affair
with him?

Come on, Elizabeth.
What happened, huh?

What, did he dump you,

go back to
his girlfriend?

No, it wasn't like that.

Nan knew about me and Micah.

Oh, so she was cool with you
sleeping with her boyfriend?

Yes. They weren't
as possessive as you are.

Micah and Nan had
an open relationship.

While going
through the injuries

caused by the
fire retardant,

I noticed abundant
perimortem fracturing.

Do you know
what caused the injuries?


since they are concentrated
on the right ulna, the radius,

and the humerus,
and the left ulna and tibia,

it suggests the victim was
in a struggle with his killer.

Defensive wounds to his limbs.

Booth should find out
if any of the suspects

he's seen so far show
evidence of being in a fight.

I'll let him know.
Well, actually,

I can tell him.

I'm glad you two are feeling

more comfortable
with each other.

I know how hard Seeley's working
to make things right, so...


His sponsor called this morning.

He wanted to know
what flavor cake Booth wanted

for his 30-day
sober celebration.

Oh, that's wonderful.

If you need to leave for it,
just say the word.

no, I wasn't invited.


Should I have been?

The first month is...

a pretty significant hurdle.

I just assumed...
It... Never mind.

But if people traditionally
celebrate this milestone,

why wouldn't Booth
want me there?

I'm sure he has
a good reason. I didn't

mean to...

This has affected me
as much as it has Booth.

Hey. So I swabbed the
damage to the victim's

cheek and I found
traces of aluminum.

So the victim was hit with an
aluminum cylindrical object?

Yeah. A pipe

or maybe an aluminum
baseball bat?

Perhaps. But we still
need to find cause of death.

Which means I need
to get back to work.

I thought you were
gonna talk to Booth.

Oh, you can do it.

I'm too busy now.

So you and Micah

lived together,
that correct?

For the past
three years.

We started Sunrise Studios
in this very yard.

Uh, we talked to one
of Micah's students.

An Elizabeth Collins.
I knew

all about Elizabeth.

She and Micah were lovers.
So you

and Micah did have
an open relationship?

I know that open relationships
aren't for everyone,

but it worked
for us.

I can't believe that
Elizabeth would hurt Micah.

Well, you see, Elizabeth--
she has an alibi, unlike you...

I just told you,
Agent Booth,

we weren't jealous
of each other.

You had lovers, too?
Not as many. The last man

that I was involved with was Danato.

Danato have a last name?

Danato Vacaro.
He's an artist.

But we ended our arrangement
months ago.

I'm sorry, w-why is that?

started to become
too attached emotionally.

And so I told him
I had to concentrate

on my relationship
with Micah for a while.

And now Micah's dead.

you didn't think
to mention this earlier?

Danato's a kind
and gentle soul.

I guess I'm not as good as you
at thinking people are bad.

You can think whatever you like
as long as you give us

Danato's phone number.
That would be great.

What are you working on?

I got some grass clippings,

dog poop, and...

looks like a wad of
chewed-up watermelon gum.

Sounds like stuff you'd
expect to find on the bottom

of somebody's shoe.
Yes, it was all on the sandal. And

this. This here's oil paint.

Oh. Well, Booth
said the girlfriend

recently split from her lover,
who happens to be an artist.

Angie, what are you doing?
That's evidence.

This paint is still rubbery.

I'd say this is about two

more days from curing.

So oil paint has a cure time

of between three and seven days.
So if this stuff

still has two days to go
and our victim's been dead

for the past five days...
It means he

most likely stepped in this
paint on the day that he died.


Doesn't look good for the
artist. All right, I'm gonna run

the sample to
determine manufacturer.

Hey, pretty nice meeting

of forensic science
and art, there, Angie.

Yeah. We make a great team.

Yeah. Yeah,
you know what, we do.

That's why I want
to give you this.

Oh. Okay.

Well, you've already
shown me this.

Yes, I know,

but now your dream
is a reality.

Uh, what do you mean?

I mean I bought it.

It's ours.

You... You did not.

I did.

Wha... Wait, why?

Because you
seem ready.


We've been here for
ten years, okay?

We deserve to see
something new,

to live a new life.

You ready?


Oh, my God. Yeah.

Okay. Then no more talk.

We're doing it.

We are moving to Paris.



Well, I see paintings
and easels inside.

Looks like Danato
works from home.

Which means our victim
could have been here

on the day of his death.
Look, Cam said that Micah got into a fight

with his killer, so keep an eye
out for injuries, will you?

Think I may have
found a couple, Booth.

You think?

I'm sorry, but this news had
brought up a storm of emotions

in within me.

My heart pounds like thunder.

You're a really passionate guy
there, aren't you, Danato?

Maybe your passion is what
drove you to kill the man

standing between you
and Nan Roselick.

It is true,

I envied what Micah
had for Nan.

But he was a dear friend.
I would never hurt him.

How do you explain the bruises?
Stumbling back home from

a bar last week, I fell
down a set of subway stairs.

I was kissing the
pavement, as you say.

I see you use Edgarton oil paint.
Yes, it is

the best, in my opinion.
It's the best?

The same paint we found
on Micah's shoe.

Which means
Micah was here

the day he was killed.

Micah heard about the accident.
He came by my place

to show me a couple
of yoga poses

to help me ease my pain.
So you two

just did a little yoga
and he left, huh?


Micah left before
we got started.

He received a phone call

and he had to rush out.
Any idea

where this call came from?
No. all I heard

is Micah on the phone
saying that he

could be there
in two to three minutes.

Then he climbed on his
bicycle and he took off.

You have no idea
where he was going?

I'm sorry. I wish
I could be more help.

I want to bring justice
for my friend.


You have a minute?

I believe I have

multiple minutes, actually.

Okay. Um...

So, I have some good news.

Then why did you say it
as if it were bad news?

'Cause some parts of it
might not be so good.

I'm not
understanding this.

Is it possible for you
to be more direct?

Hodgins and I are
planning to move to Paris.


Paris, France.

I'm-I'm familiar with Paris.

I-I don't have to
do it now, though.

I mean, not if you need me.

I-I know how tough things
have been for you and Booth.

No, we're fine.

We're going to be fine.

But I-I don't understand.

Why would you want
to move there?

Well, because
it's Paris, sweetie.

I-I mean, I-I've always
wanted to live there.

But you have a career here.

This... This was always
a temporary thing for me.

You know that. I...

I mean, I've already
been here much longer

than I thought I would be.

But you have friends here.


That's the tough part.

You, mostly.

Everything you know is here.

Yeah, but
that's just it.

I don't want to know
everything in my life.

I want to be surprised.

Don't you?

I do.

I never thought
I'd be here this long, either.

Are you mad?


No, I'm...

I'm really happy
for you, Angela.

If you need me,
I'll just be a plane ride away.

I'm gonna miss you, Brennan.

Have you found
cause of death, Mr. Bray?

I believe I have.
I was just about

to do a victory lap
around the light table.

A tiny nick on the distal end
of the left femur.

In order for a weapon
to have caused this injury, it

would have had to transect
the femoral artery first.

Causing the victim
to bleed out.

And the Brayman
has cause of death.

Take it down a notch,

Mr. Bray, this
isn't the end zone.

Have you figured out
what caused the injury?

A very wide
V-shaped incision,

meaning the weapon was
most likely a wide-angle blade.

There are similar nicks

to the left side ribs
five and six,

as well as the
right humerus.

The width of that kerf mark
is a lot narrower than

the incision on the femur.
Yes. And the dimensions

of the incision
on the humerus are

different than the incisions
on the ribs and femur.

Meaning our victim
could have been stabbed

with three separate blades.

So the artist was telling

the truth. Micah received
a call before he ran out,

but it was from
a burner cell.

Meaning we have no idea
where Micah was going

or who he was
meeting with.

And the fact that it was
from a burner cell

just makes it all
the more suspicious.

Okay, well, this is the area
surrounding the artist's place.

Okay. The victim said that
he could get to wherever

he was going in two
to three minutes.

Oh, that's good.

Really? There's got to be
hundreds of homes and businesses

in Adams Morgan.

That neighborhood is crawling
with young people

who are all using
social media.

All I have to do
is run a search of all photos

taken in that area
during the time

we know Micah was there.

Whoa. Looks like
we got some pictures

to go through.
Well, not if I can run

a facial recognition program
against them to find Micah.

Oh, oh!
There he is, look.

Walking into a bar called Nat's Place.
Now I

just have to figure out
who he was meeting there.

It's been a real pleasure

being able to go down
this journey with you, Seeley.

Thanks, Gavin.
You're a class act

and you're a true
representation of everything

this group strives for.

So it's with great pride

that I finally
get to announce

that Seeley Booth
is 30 days sober.

All right, thanks.
Thank you, thank you. Great job, man.

- Thanks, Gavin, I appreciate it.
- Well done.

That's right.

Look, I just wanted to say I...
I couldn't have

done it without
the help of everyone

in this room.

I get kind of nervous
at things like this,

so, um...

Thank you.

All right, folks, what do you
say we stuff ourselves silly

with cake and burnt coffee?



Bones, what are you
doing here?

Dr. Hodgins found
traces of glass

in the victim's
stab wounds.

So it wasn't different knives.

There were three
different shards of glass.

The victim was most likely
pushed through a window.

Okay. Well, you didn't have
to come here to tell me that.

Why didn't you
want me here, Booth?


It's not a big deal.
It really isn't.

I mean, look, this is just
an excuse for Gavin to eat cake.

It is
a big deal, Booth.

You've worked really hard
for this.

You didn't want me to...
celebrate with you?

No. It's just...
I just feel like I have

a really long way to go. That's all.
No, Booth.

We still have a long way to go.

Which means I share
this challenge with you.

And I would like to share
in your victory, too.

Wait... That's Aubrey. Hold on.

Aubrey, what do you got?

I just got off the phone
with the bartender

down at Nat's Place.

Does he remember seeing
the victim?

Well, guys trying
to order carrot juice

at a bar tend to stick out.

And the person he was meeting?

A big, bald biker fitting the
description of one Dale Brock.

Wait a second.
Brock said he hadn't seen Micah

for five years.

Clearly this guy isn't
as trustworthy as he looks.

You lied to me, Dale. You were

with Micah the day he died.

I don't know who told
you that, but it's crap.

Really? Okay, so this bar named,
uh, Nat's Place,

does that ring a bell?
Yeah, I thought so.

You want to tell me what
happened before I throw your ass

back in jail?

one of the terms of my parole
is I'm not allowed

to have contact with any other felons.
Okay, so you're telling me

that if you told me you saw him,
you'd be thrown back in prison.


Okay. Well, news flash.
Let's just be clear

about all this stuff,
because, you know what,

murder is a violation
of your parole.

I didn't kill him.

I met him to ask for a favor.

What, for free yoga classes?
Money for my kids.

When I was doing time, my...

child support bill kept piling
up. But when I got out,

I was down 20 large.
So you expected him

to give you 20 grand because
you bought him carrot juice.

Not all of it.

But he said he understood and
that he could get me the money.

I don't know where he was gonna
get that kind of green, but...

he told me to stay at the bar
and he'd be back.

Then what happened?
He never showed.

I waited for hours
and I finally gave up.

And when you told me he died,

I figured someone offed him
for the money.

That's a reasonable explanation.
It's also reasonable

that you did it.

If the victim had been pushed
through a window,

it would also explain
the injuries

to the rest of his remains.

The fracturing we thought
was caused by an aluminum weapon

could have been caused
by an aluminum window frame.

Yeah, but he must have been
pushed through the window

with a great deal of force
to be able to sustain

those kinds of injuries.

Maybe you could recreate
a possible scenario.


Huh. Okay. For the scenario
to be correct,

he would have had to have been
pushed through a window

measuring two feet
by four feet.

Odd shape.
Shouldn't be too hard to find.

The parietal. The victim was
holding the back of his head

when he hit the glass.

The killer must have delivered

a blow to the back
of the victim's head

to propel him into the glass.

Meaning there should be
evidence of the blow.

I think I found something.

There appears to be a
slight depression fracture

that was obscured
by the fire damage.

Based on the dimensions,
this injury was created

by the corner
of a blunt instrument.

I'll ask Dr. Hodgins to
swab the wound for trace.

Whatever caused this wound is
what drove him into the glass.

You don't think it was a window?

I have no evidence
to support my suspicion.

Are you seriously telling me

you're going on your gut?

I don't recall saying anything
of the sort.

I just looked back over

the victim's finances.
Micah had the 20 grand,

but that was pretty much his
and Nan's entire savings.

So the money
was pooled.

Even though they-they weren't married.

Because they weren't possessive
like us,

I guess is what they'd say.

Micah can't say anything

Hodgins found traces of Tibetan
bamboo in the victim's skull.

Tibetan bamboo.

Tibetan bamboo. W-Wait.

The tablets at Nan's studio.

Bones even said
she didn't think

that he was pushed
out the window.

Based on what?
Her gut, I think.


Yeah, but do you remember?
The lawn furniture.

It was made out of, uh, glass.
At Nan's place.

Outside. In the
back there. Remember?

And the-the legs were
all made out of aluminum.

Damn, you're right. There should
have been a coffee table

in that set.

Which would have measured
four by two.

Micah was my world.

He was the most sensitive,
compassionate man that I knew.

Why would I kill him?

For the same reason you
just cited, his compassion.

You see, he wanted to give your
savings away to help a friend.

And you weren't too happy about that.
So you hit him

with your tablet

and knocked him
into the glass coffee table.

That's just simply not true.
I don't know

why you would think that.
But in addition

to dumping the body, you also
disposed of your tablet.

Which must have
seemed smart to you,

since the repeated
blows to his head

caused your tablet
to start recording.

See, our people got all the
footage from your cloud account.

Now, I want you to watch this.
Wait for it. Here it comes.

Micah. I'm-I'm so sorry.

Micah. Oh, my God. Micah.

Micah. Oh, my God.

We worked

so hard for that money.

He was just gonna give it away
to some criminal.


He was going to help a friend
rebuild his life.

♪ Lately I've been sitting
around, killing time ♪

♪ Staring at faces,
going blind ♪

♪ Like I'm waiting for a sign ♪

♪ To come find me ♪

♪ Somebody told me long ago ♪

♪ What I feel I got to show ♪

♪ Until everybody knows ♪

♪ What I have inside me ♪

♪ So I hope you know ♪

♪ There's more to me
than I show ♪

♪ I just need
another beginning ♪

I cannot believe
you keep

such a good bottle of wine
in your desk.

Yeah. Well, I guess all my
secrets are coming out now, huh?

They sure are,


None for you.

Come on. Never again.

Well, rarely again.

Thank you, Angie.

I'm gonna miss
this place, Ange.

You know, Paris
isn't going anywhere.

If you're not
feeling ready.

No. No. It's just...
it's just a big change.

It's not bad.


To change.

To change.

Hey. Sorry. I had to finish
up a bit of paperwork.

What is it
you two wanted to see me about?

Yeah. Here goes.

Maybe you should have
a beaker of wine first.

So, you know how I've always
talked about living in Paris?

Look at that, huh?
"So there."

And sweet dreams.

One more story.


Daddy has read
you five books.

It's time for
bed, sweetheart.

Will you come over
to play with me tomorrow?

Of course I'm gonna come
play with you tomorrow.

Come on, let's go.

Jump off the couch. Run,
little monster. Run to the bed.

Jump in under those covers.
I'll tell you what,

I'll give you a kiss
right before I leave.

Don't forget to
brush your teeth.

Listen, uh, Bones,
I was thinking

that maybe I could come by, um,

next week, uh, you know,
maybe a couple mornings

and take her to school.

Look, if we're not there yet...
In my mind, I...

I know that you being out
of the house is working.

It's what motivates you.

It's one of the things, yeah.

What's gonna keep you going
when you move back?

Knowing I don't have a second
chance if I screw up again.

The rational side of me needs
to know that that is true.


But statistically
that's impossible.

Life is essentially uncertain.

No guarantees.

That's right.

And if we try to be certain
before we act, we...

may never act.

What... So what are you saying,

I'm saying...

I have faith in you, Booth.

And I...

think you should stay the night
with me.

I think I should, too.


What's that mean?