Bodyguard (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

The events of the night before play out for the Home Secretary Julia Montague and her Specialist Protection Officer David Budd.

Sergeant David Budd,
Metropolitan Police.

British Transport Police have put out
an alert on a possible suicide bomber

attempting to board a London-bound service.

Don't do that. Please don't do that.
Please! Just stay still. Stay still.

The man that was in here before?
Is that your husband?

And your husband wants you to die?

I can't see anyjustification
for believing the Taliban

would govern Afghanistan
in peace and harmony,

or Iraqi insurgents would ever
have formed a stable democracy.

That doesn't require
apologising for the past.

That doesn't require
apologising for the past.

I know you'll never let anything
bad happen to me.

You said it. Out in Helmand.

If you ever found yourself right beside one
of those bastards that sent us out there,

you'd just close your
eyes and pull the trigger.

- Armed police!
- You've got to finish the job.

Whatever your training has made you,
it's out of control.

- No, I'm fine, Julia.
- You are far from fine.

We've taken the liberty
of providing you with a tablet.

So the material can't be traced
to your own devices.

I need to ask you to identify yourself.

Richard Longcross.

They're feeding her intelligence
they're keeping from us.

What is she up to? You need to find out.

- Julia?
- Prime Minister.

This is unexpected.

Julia's snatching the key to Number 10.
We need to do something, fast.

- Who the hell does she think she is?
- Do you want a plan put in place?

I want you right beside me,
not because it's your job,

but because it's our choice.

If you fulfil your engagement at St
Matthew's, you'd get the exposure you need.

I'm sure the police
would take a different view.

This is a very, very dangerous politician,
someone who must be stopped.

What do you want?

- You see anyone out there?
- No.

Stay put.

- What's in the briefcase?
- Research files.

Show me.

- Everything OK, skipper?
- False alarm.

The Home Secretary Julia Montague

was among those injured
in the blast at St Matthew's College.

I heard there were security breaches
from the word go. What the hell happened?

A search team swept the auditorium twice.
Everything was clear.

Well, it wasn't, was it?

After today's incident,
we can't rule out a connection...

Suggesting the gunman
had at least one accomplice.

Being advised by hospital officials

that Ms Montague's
currently undergoing major surgery.

DCI Sharma.

The Metropolitan Police
is on high alert across London

with off duty officers
being called in from home

to help in the urgent quest to identify
and round up any accomplices...

Trauma call, ETA 15 minutes.

Trauma call, ETA 15 minutes.

You need to go in there.

PC Tom Fenton? DCI Deepak Sharma, SO15.

- Sir.
- Sorry this is crap timing, mate,

but I was trying to form a picture
of the events surrounding the explosion.

Witnesses have already told us one of
your Principal's aides, Tahir Mahmood,

appeared at the side of the stage,
and that he was carrying a briefcase?

I didn't have eyes on that myself, sir.

What about afterwards?
Anything from Mahmood?

No, sir. He died instantly.

What do you recall about the final moments
before the explosion?


Kim... PC Knowles,

she approached the stage.

That's when the device went off.

I was looking towards PS Budd,

to get a... a steer on what was going on.

What about Budd?

I'm a bit in the dark on that, sir.
He left the auditorium and...

when he came back in
that's when Mahmood appeared on the stage.

- What was Budd doing outside?
- I don't know, sir.

That's unusual, though, isn't it?
More than a coincidence?

I'm so sorry, sir.

Look. Before you go off duty,
I need you to write up a first account.

Everything you can remember. Everything.

OK, sir.


Amid the profound sense
of shock here tonight,

two big, straightforward questions
are being asked.

Was Julia Montague
the intended target of this attack?

Was she just moments away

from launching a bid
to take over at Number 10?

On that first question
the answer is we simply do not know.

On the second... Well, for many months

there have been deepening divisions
between her and the Prime Minister,

the two at odds over their
approach to security,

with the Home Secretary
pushing a more hard line stance...

- Sarge?
- ..With the controversial bill RIPA-18.

Boss. Over here.

All the TV cameras
were trained on the Home Secretary.

We have this wider view
from a CCTV camera.

Show us frame by frame on the explosion.

From this angle, it's unclear if the
explosion originated from the briefcase.

- You've shared this with Fort Halstead?
- Yeah.

One for them to figure out. Ta.

You got a location on Budd?

On it, sir. Then we'll get him
straight in for a statement.

Not just yet.

- In the concealed files.
- Sarge!


- What's going on?
- We're tracking communications

involving the Home Secretary's inner
circle, in case they were compromised.


We're looking for anything
that might help us.

Are you OK to consent to us taking
all of your phones, computers

and any other relevant devices
you've been using for work?

- Uh...
- And it'd be a big help

if we could also search
your address, please.

It's not a POLSA search
or anything that detailed.

Sure. Anything to help.

Cheers. And the phone.


Right, let's get on with it.

Bag up that computer
and any other devices he has laying around.


Open it up.

Mind if we crack on
while everything's still fresh?

- Sir.
- One of your CPOs,

Tom Fenton,
has provided us with a first account.

Fenton was on duty with you
and PC Kimberley Knowles

during the Home Secretary's speech.

- That's correct.
- Fenton recalled you and PC Knowles

left the auditorium
a short time before the explosion.

- Yes.
- Why?

I uh... saw someone outside the auditorium.
I went to investigate.

- Someone acting suspiciously?
- That's what I went to investigate.

Who was this person?

What does Kim say?


I'm... sorry, David.


Kimberly appears
to have been very close by the stage

when the device went off.

She died of her injuries.

Look, mate, you know
how important this might be.

Who was it?

Tahir Mahmood.

In what way was he behaving suspiciously?

He wasn't, or I'd have detained him.

So, what was he up to?

He needed to get information
to the Home Secretary.

He was looking for backstage access.

That's unusual, isn't it?

- I wouldn't know.
- What? A big speech.

Some flunkie arsing about on stage
kind of ruins the image, doesn't it?

It's like I said. It's not my area.

Witnesses report Tahir Mahmood
was carrying a briefcase.

Yes. He showed me the contents.

Home Office documents.

How thoroughly
did you examine the briefcase?

I inspected the contents.


I looked inside. Documents.

- Nothing else.
- Did you search Mahmood?

If I saw grounds under Stop and Search,
I'd have searched him.

He was a vetted government aide
going about official business.

So you didn't search him?


Some of the witnesses are informing us that
the explosion originated from the briefcase.

We've got these video captures
of CCTV in the seconds before the attack.

As you can see,
Knowles approached the stage.


Looks like she's alarmed
that Mahmood was up there.

That's possible.

And there's you...

not so quick on the uptake.

Like I said,
I didn't think he posed a threat.

Why did you say, "What did Kim say?"

You were the officer in command.

You could've ordered him to be removed.

This is the second attempt
on the Home Secretary's life.

Following the Thornton Circus
sniper attack.

Both times you were the PPO:

The officer in charge of
the Home Secretary's protection.

Yes, sir.

Either you've got rotten luck, mate,
or it's a coincidence.

- Yes, sir.
- I don't believe in coincidences.

I can't help you there, sir.

Maybe you can help me with something else.

Why the Home Secretary?

- Sir?
- Not the Prime Minister.

Or a softer target.

You join her protection team
and we've got Thornton Circus,

we've got St Matthew's College -
what's going on?

The Home Secretary has been the
Government's most... visible spokesperson

for national security
since well before I was her PPO.


Thank you for providing
access to your devices.

We've only had time for
an initial examination.

Now there appears to be occasions...

when you turned off your mobile phone.

Why is that, David?

Cannot be disturbed. Save battery.

You're aware the effect
is to deactivate the phone's GPS

- so your movements can't be tracked.
- That's not the reason.

You also carried out a search on the Home
Secretary's parliamentary voting record.

Yeah, why was that, David?


Your duty's to protect a politician
regardless of their policies.

What were you curious about?

Nothing in particular.

David, tell me something...

Why did you abscond from the hospital?

"Abscond"? No, sir.

I was with the Home Secretary.

Government officials arrived.
I was ordered to give them privacy.

You just walked out.

Didn't report back to your unit,
didn't provide a statement.

Louise had to track you down.

Not hard, sir, was it? I went home.

Why weren't you assisting the inquiry?

I just wanted to be alone.

An inquiry into an act of terror
perpetrated by someone

you were the last police officer
to be in close contact with?


Is there something you're
not revealing to us

regarding the state of your mind before,
during or after the attack?


Right. Well, they're searching your flat.

You got anywhere you could stay tonight?
Anyone you can call?

Yeah. Yeah.

- It's the husband. PS Budd.
- Sorry.

All secure here.

After you hung up on me,
I kept trying to call you back.

They took my phone as
part of the investigation.

Why couldn't you just let me know
you were OK?

Cos I'm not.

They've said...
one of the police officers was killed.

Is it someone you knew well?

We worked together.

Your new bloke.
He gonna make a good dad?

You're their dad, Dave.
You'll always be their dad.

- David...
- It's my job to protect the Principal.

Now she's in an operating theatre
fighting for her life.

Look. The sofa's made up for you.
I need to go up.

We'll talk in the morning, yeah?


After the emergency services were
alerted at around five o'clock yesterday.

There's now speculation
that their initial findings

suggest the incident bears similarities to recent
acts of terror involving explosive devices

such as the failed 1st
of October rail attack.

I'm the Home Secretary's Principal
Protection Officer. Is there any news?

I'll take care of this.
She's still in the operating theatre.

I can take your number
and call if there's an update.

Thanks. I'll er...

I'll wait.

The police's biggest fear
has always been

that these devices represent
the work of a single bomb-maker

or a bomb-making terror cell.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police's
Counterterrorism Branch, SO15,

have been working round the clock
to identify suspects,

but apart from the man and woman detained

for their part in the
1st of October attack,

there have been no further arrests.

The Met's Head of Counter-Terrorism,
Commander Anne Sampson,

has come under increasing pressure.

However, sources close
to Commander Sampson

have told BBC News that the Met
are facing an extraordinary threat.

Commander Anne Sampson.

Thank you all for coming in.

The PM's asked me to step up
to Acting Home Secretary.

Now it goes without saying,
I'd never wish in a million years

to assume this role
under these circumstances,

and I hope it's not long
before Julia's able to retake the reins.

In the meantime, my duty's very clear:

To identify those responsible
and neutralise any threats still at large.

I know you'll all help me to do that.

The Security Service is working round the
clock. We'll continue to serve faithfully.

I understand IS have put out a tweet.

"We salute our brothers who have stuck
a knife in the heart of the British state."

They're not actually
claiming responsibility:

Plus the tweet's light on detail
with no specific mention of the bomber.

We're conducting a meticulous forensic
examination of the crime scene

and we've begun inspecting
CCTV of the venue.

So far only one suspicious individual
has been detected,

a presumptive suicide bomber
killed instantly by the blast.

Tahir Mahmood.

My God. How could it be someone
from our own department?

Aren't we meant to vet these people?

The evidence incriminating Mahmood
is still only circumstantial.

He was vetted. Thoroughly.

He had no terrorist
associations whatsoever.

How could he? He was cleared
to work in the heart of government.

We've only just begun examining
Mahmood's communication history.

Counter-Terrorism officers have been
carrying out raids throughout the night.

We've taken a number of Mahmood's
family members into custody.

It's too early to exclude anyone
or anything - far too early.

The more pertinent question is how and why

did the police officers responsible
for the Home Secretary's safety

- fail to detect the bomb in the first place?
- You're not listening, Stephen.

The device wasn't planted beforehand,
it was smuggled in by Mahmood.

You don't have proof yet
and all I'm hearing, Anne,

is you trying to point the finger
at the Security Service.

For God's sake stop this! The country's
relying on us to work together.

Thank you.

Now I know this is difficult
for everyone to contemplate,

but my officers need access
to all staff associated with Mahmood.

Naturally we will... co-operate fully,
but this must be in strictest confidence.

- Absolutely.
- This cannot get out. Cannot!

No leaks.

The more we delve into this inquiry,
the more likely it seems

all the recent terror events
could be connected.

In our view, the probability is
extremely high of a single bomb-maker.

All these incidents could be connected
under a single conspiracy.

Accomplices to that conspiracy
could still be at large,

including the mastermind behind it all.


I don't... in the circumstances

mean to sound unsympathetic,

but it would help to know

if the Home Secretary's wishes still apply

regarding the Security Service
taking the lead in these investigations?

- It's a police matter.
- Thank you very much.


New broom, Stephen.

Seems the Acting Home Secretary's
not as susceptible to the bullshit.


This way, please.

What the hell are you still doing here?

You had your job and you failed. I'm sorry.

- Roger Penhaligon.
- Hello.

We did everything we could. I'm sorry.

It is with the deepest regret
that I can confirm...

that despite the heroic efforts
of our emergency services

the Home Secretary, Julia Montague,

succumbed to her injuries

and was pronounced dead
a short while ago.

I wish to express my government's gratitude

to those members of the emergency
services who've rendered assistance,

and extend our deepest sympathies
to every victim of yesterday's attack,

which also claimed the life
of our esteemed colleague, Julia Montague.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her
friends and family at this tragic time.

Yesterday's assault
on our democratic process

was a cowardly act
perpetrated by individuals

with no regard for our values of tolerance,

respect and the rule of law.

My government and I will continue
to be vigilant against these conspiracies

which betray the unity of our nation.

These plots do not always arise
from outside our number,

outside our community...

some fester within.



Boss. We've got CCTV on Mahmood.


Play again.

- Is that the briefcase?
- Yes, sir.

Just watch what happens next.


Play on.

We're going through the Palace
of Westminster Security to ID him.

Thanks, Louise.

Ma'am. DCI Sharma.


Rob Macdonald. He's worked at
the Home Office for three years,

the last two as Special Advisor
to Julia Montague.

Why is he of interest?

Just a couple of hours before the bombing.

We understand Macdonald's
at the Home Office now.

Louise Rayburn's on
standby to bring him in.


I've only just got the
Home Office back on side.

Leave this with me, if that's OK, Deepak.

Yes, ma'am?

Put me through to Mike Travis
at the Home Office.


Dave, it's me.


David, I know you took my keys.

David, I've been phoning you all morning.
I'm worried about you.

Look. Open the door or
I'll call the police!

Dave, is that you?

Look, open the door or,
I mean it, I will call the police!


What is this stuff?

Brass fragments.

Fragments of what?

From the case.

What case?

The bullet case.

Oh, my God...

Dave, what the fuck!

I mean...

What about...
What about Ella and Charlie?


- I'm taking you straight to the hospital.
- No.

No one can know about this.

There is a burn and a bruise and it
looks like you've ruptured your eardrum.

- They'll heal, won't they?
- Yes, Dave, in time, but...

Jesus Christ, you cannot keep
pretending that you're OK.

Dave, you shot yourself.

Not quite.

It was a blank round.

Well, why did you use a blank?

I didn't know it was.

I don't know how
that could've happened.

Right, Vic.
You better go. The kids, eh?

There is no way
I am leaving you here like this.

Waterloo Station was closed
while bomb disposal officers

were called to investigate a suspect...

The alert proved to be a false alarm

and services resumed this evening,
though there will be delays due to...

A terror cell is still at large.

The palpable fear
on the streets of London

is that the bomb-maker will construct...

A terror alert at Vauxhall Bridge
was another false alarm

yet all police leave remains cancelled
until further notice.

Look. I'm really sorry. I can't tonight.

A friend's come over.

She's having a bit of a crisis...

Why are you wearing that?

It keeps my head warm.

You don't normally wear a hat indoors.

You said it's silly.

Then I'm being silly. The pizza good?

- It's nice.
- It's OK.

Dad, what's wrong?

Nothing. I just need a hug.

Dad? Are you all right?

I just did something silly today.

Wearing the hat?

That too.

I love you both very much.

Right. Come on. Pizza.

In her political career,
Julia Montague was a divisive figure.

In the weeks before her assassination,

she was best known for spearheading
the controversial RIPA-18 bill

through the House of Commons.

Her stance on national security issues
made her a target of protests

by civil liberties groups.

Ms Montague was the target
of an earlier assassination attempt

by a gunman who fired shots
at her ministerial car.

Er... Shut the door, Rob.

I've had a call from Anne Sampson,
SO15 Commander.

They want to go over
some things with you.

Just me or...

Oh, Christ, Mike. Jesus Christ...

Look, mate, Sampson was
at pains to point out

she doesn't want to jeopardise
our working relationship,

guarantees complete discretion.

- This is a voluntary interview...
- It wasn't even my idea!

A voluntary interview
and consent to forensic searches.

Searches for what?

They need to examine your home
and vehicle for traces of explosives.

What? Mike? Seriously?

Look, OK? No one needs to know
anything about it.

- We'll get you the best solicitor.
- For God's sake! What? Mike?

Why is this all on me?
Are they gonna interview you?

I said enough.

They won't find anything.

There's a simple, plausible story
for you to stick to.

And you will stick to it.

We've got post, Emma.

You all right to pick it up?
We're at the end of the road.

On my way.

I'll be back in a sec.

You've barely eaten.

I need to get back to work.

You're not well enough.

Something's going on,
something I can't figure out.

What makes you say that?

Someone tampered with my gun.

It was behind a skirting board,
then I shifted it.

Someone had to access my flat,
carried out a thorough search.

Well, the... the police searched your flat.

Yeah, if they found
an illegal firearm, they'd seize it.

They wouldn't just change out
the bullets for blanks.

No, this was someone else,
someone with expertise.

Someone... with an agenda.

Who would that be?

For the DIR Mr Macdonald
is being interviewed on a voluntary basis

and has chosen to be
accompanied by a solicitor.

Thank you for assisting our inquiry.

Anything to help, anything at all.

Let's start with the attack
on St Matthew's College.

What were your movements that day, sir?

Er... Commons that morning,
then back to the Home Office.

You didn't travel with
the Home Secretary and her team?

Unfortunately I couldn't.

There's um... too much to deal with
following the vote on the RIPA-18 bill.

More like "fortunately".

Do you normally skip big speeches?

I was frustrated not to be there
but I was needed in the office.

For the DIR I'm showing Mr Macdonald
video capture images

from the Palace of Westminster.

Who are seen in these images?

I am and... Tahir Mahmood.

And how would you describe
your relationship with Tahir Mahmood?

- Good.
- Why are you lying to us, Mr Macdonald?

My client is telling the truth.

Provide some basis for that question
or kindly withdraw it.

A forensic lip-reader
has examined the CCTV.

According to her transcript, the conversation
between you appears acrimonious.

Politics is a high-stress business.

There are words and then
it's all forgotten over a few beers.

Therefore it is truthful to say that you
had a good relationship with Mahmood.

But I didn't know him well.
We weren't close.

Obviously we're all extremely shocked
to think he might be involved.

So, what's going on
here, then, Mr Macdonald?

I was um...


providing Tahir with documents
relating to the Home Secretary's speech.

Where did you obtain the briefcase?

Erm... It...

Er... It... It was Tahir's.

- You took a long time to answer.
- Sorry, it's been a very difficult time,

and I couldn't immediately recall.

It was Tahir's. He left it with me,
and I was returning it to him.

Was there anything suspicious
about the briefcase?

Not that I can think of.

If you were just giving him documents,
why the need for the briefcase?

It seemed easier that way,
and we were returning his briefcase.



We've managed to get Mahmood's
communication history.

A call was received to his phone
before the bombing.

Now according to his contacts,
it's listed as your number.

What was the purpose of this call,
Mr Macdonald?

Probably I just called him
to make sure that everything was OK.

It's an important speech

and I was frustrated not
to be there in support.

- Everything wasn't OK, though, was it?
- I'm sorry?

Mahmood attempted to interrupt
the Home Secretary's speech.

- Not on my account.
- Odd, though, isn't it?

Literally a couple of minutes
before Mahmood rushes backstage,

he receives a call from you.

You sure he didn't tell you
he needed to do that?

- Certain.
- Didn't seek your advice about it?

No. Whatever Tahir was doing,
I'm completely in the dark about it.

These are all of Mahmood's movements.

With the Home Secretary.

Receiving a call off Rob Macdonald.

Being stopped by David Budd.

Why didn't he spot the bomb?

- Hello.
- Sir.

Police Sergeant Budd. I'd like to speak
to your security manager, please.

He'll remember me -
we had a few briefings when I stayed here.

Certainly, sir.


Right. This is the time I'm interested in.
The Home Secretary received a visitor.


Ten o'clock.

- What happened there?
- Sorry, Dave, it shouldn't do that.

Shit. Let's look at the lobby, or the
lifts? See if we can nab him that way.


Stair access?

I don't know what to say, mate.

Chris, no bullshit now.
Who's had access to these hard drives?

I checked the logs already.
No one's been at it.

No one.

Do you have any leads yet
on Mahmood having any accomplices

or association with terrorist groups?

No, ma'am. All the searches so far
relating to Rob Macdonald

have failed to detect
any traces of explosives.

And it's still unclear if the device
was in the briefcase all along

or if Mahmood made the pickup
within the venue.

Plus there's still no CCTV
of any of his backstage activity.

All right.

What's the latest re David Budd?

So far, the CCTV does appear
to support Budd's version of events.

He's still a person of interest, ma'am.

We've retaken responsibility
for interviewing Nadia Ali.

She's our best lead to the bomb-maker.

She's terrified, though.

Still in thrall to her husband.

However, speaking of PS Budd,

I believe there's a short-cut
into convincing her she can trust us.

A police spokesman
repeated concerns

the blasts are the work
of a single bomb-maker.

We have a prime suspect
in the attack on St Matthew's College

that killed the former
Home Secretary, Julia Montague.

Continuing to withhold the name

of the suicide bomber
responsible for the attack.

It is not yet known if he was acting alone,

nor is it yet confirmed

whether he was a member
of a recognised terrorist organisation.

- What's with the new look?
- Mike Travis in the House of Commons today.

And what now for RIPA-18?

Having lost its...

The hat?

Keeps my head warm.

Do me a favour, mate,
and remove the headgear.

You're going to have to at some point.

You didn't get that in the explosion.
What happened?

A gas ring was playing up.

I had my head right over the hob,

didn't... realise the gas was open
on one of the other rings.

When I hit the spark...

thank you very much for speaking to us.

If anything's unclear, please feel free
to consult with your solicitor

or your Appropriate Adult.

If at any time you need to stop,
please just say so.

Do you understand?


I'm now going to hand you over
to Police Sergeant Budd.

- As-salamu alaykum.
- Wa alaykumu as-salam.

For the DIR, I said "Peace be upon you,"

and the interviewee replied,
"And also upon you."

So, Nadia, how are you doing?

This is all very... intimidating.

That's why the officers here

thought it would be a good idea
for me to talk with you.

That was scary...

on the train, when we met.

I'm really glad that no
one got hurt that day.

I am too. Thank you for helping me.

Nadia, what I'd like to do
is ask you some questions

about the bomb
you intended to use on the train.

Would that be all right?

Sorry, Nadia,
is it OK if you could speak up...

for the recording?

Oh, sorry. Yes.

How did you obtain the bomb?

I know you're frightened,
but we can protect you.

Now you believe me, don't you?

Sorry, Nadia...

Oh, sorry. Erm... Yes.

Where did the bomb come from?

My husband.

At this point, I should note for the tape

that I've briefed my client regarding
the legal compellability of a spouse.

And Nadia's Appropriate Adult

is satisfied that she's cooperating
of her own free will.

Thank you.

Your husband gave you the bomb to wear?


I know this is very upsetting.
But you're doing really well.

Really well.

Did your husband build the bomb himself?

Take your time answering.

Did he build it?


He got it from someone else?

Nadia, we're desperate to find the person
who's been creating these devices.

He's killed and wounded dozens of people,

and he'll kill more if we don't catch him.

He said it was a gift.

A gift? Who from?

He wouldn't tell me.

OK, you're doing great.

This is really helpful.

Perhaps he had meetings with someone?

I was never allowed.

You weren't allowed to know
who he was meeting?

Sometimes he would lock me in the house
when he went out.

That must have been very frightening...
and upsetting.

Were there any names he mentioned?

Or people he was close to
that you were suspicious of?

There was only one time...

What happened?

He locked me in the house,
but I was crying so loud

he thought the neighbours might hear.

What did he do?

He forced me into his car.
He made me go with him.


I don't know. A car park.

- In London?
- I don't know. I think so.

Was it a long drive or short?
How many minutes?

20. No more.

That's great, that's great.

What happened in this car park?

He met with a man.
The man gave him something.

That's very important information.

Well done, Nadia.

What did this man give your husband?

I can't remember.

Could it have been a piece of luggage
or a case of some sort?


You don't remember what the item was?

The interviewee is shaking her head.

Can you describe this man?

No one can hurt you, Nadia.
You're safe now.

Was he an Asian man?

The interviewee is nodding.
Good, thank you, Nadia.

Have you ever seen
any of these men before?

Just... take your time.

Erm... I don't know. I... Maybe.

I think we should take a break now, Nadia.

I'm going to ask my colleagues
to get together some maps

and some satellite photos,

and we're going to see
if you can help us locate this car park.

DS Rayburn pausing interview at 15:50.


Well done in there.

Feels like we're finally
getting somewhere at last.

If we're able to locate where her
husband met with the bomb supplier,

maybe Nadia can pick him out from CCTV.

Yeah. We'll see.


Stuff's... happening... behind the scenes.

Someone acquired access to my flat
without my knowledge.

We carried out a search.
There was no sign of forced entry.

There's more to this, Louise. Take Tahir
Mahmood's position at the Home Office.

If he's really the bomber,
he wasn't vetted properly.

Who's in charge of vetting?

The bosses are the ones in a slanging
match with the Security Service.

- Way above my pay grade.
- Tahir couldn't have been acting alone.

He wasn't carrying the bomb
when I searched that briefcase.

Someone else we don't know about

either gave it to him
or planted it for him to pick up.

- Someone with access.
- Well, who?

After the Home Secretary
moved to the Blackwood Hotel,

someone acquired clearance
to make a secret visit to her suite.

He had an insight into her movements,
was able to bypass our security.

He gave the name Richard Longcross.

I viewed CCTV from the hotel.

It's been tampered with,
so there's no evidence of his visit.

Security Service, I'm sure of it.

I'm not investigating the Security Service.

I'm investigating Tahir Mahmood.

I'm sorry, David. End of.

The Principal was killed on my watch.

I want to be part of
finding the bastards that did it.

Maybe that's a reason for you not to be.

This is grade-A bullshit.

Sampson involving him in the inquiry
while he's still a person of interest.

Budd PPO for both, Mahmood's briefcase.

I don't trust him.

He's hiding something.

- Anything?
- No, nothing yet.