Bodyguard (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

As the capital shudders in the wake of the recent attacks, Specialist Protection Officer PS David Budd is under more pressure than ever to keep the Home Secretary Julia Montague safe.

We've acquired intelligence on a possible
terrorist attack on a London school.

One of the schools threw up a link
to a serving police officer.

His kids attend. David Budd.

Authorise MASTS and ARVs to carry out
Enforced Stop

with Critical Shot authorised if required.

Strictest confidence,
but you've got a right to know.

- It happened near your children's school.
- What?

How do you know
the name of my kids' school?

Must've been in
the immediate incident report.

The attack was only a few minutes before.

It seems a bit early
for the connection to be made.

How do you reckon she'd feel
if she got a taste?

- Taste of what?
- Suffering the consequences.

Down, down! Go!

It's OK, ma'am. It's OK. The bullets
can't get through the armour plating.

Shooter's located on roof of Pascoe House,
1-0-0-0 feet south of Thornton Circus.

Armed police!

I'm starting to lose confidence in the
police's ability to make rapid progress,

so I'd like to take up Stephen's proposal
for the Security Service

to assume a role
in interviewing the 1/10 bombers.

- What?
- Thank you.

Home Secretary, you are setting
a dangerous precedent.

We agreed, I think,
this can only be a police matter.

PM's pissed off.
Thinks you're hogging the limelight.

I've disabused him of the idea that you're rogue
enough to attempt a leadership challenge.

We were under attack -
you, me, members of the public.

- Terry was blown apart.
- Ma'am, you all right?

Who would give that order - to hold resources
back and leave us in the line of fire?

That would be an executive officer at SO15.

Anne Sampson.

My surveillance team will issue you
with the necessary equipment

- to monitor her meetings.
- Is that lawful, ma'am?

They're having almost daily conferences
and keeping me out of the loop. Why?

- No idea, ma'am.
- I see this all the time, David.

The minister ingratiates
himself with the PPO.

You think it's out of
the goodness of their heart?

It's so you'll keep their secrets.

We had some good news
about my son's schooling.

I'm glad.

She'd been given prior intelligence
it was a target.

But she sat back and let it happen.

She's got you wrapped round her finger.

You've got to finish the job.

Nothing complicates my job.

It's to protect you.

How long were you in the Army?

Ten years.

Is that what you always wanted to do?

You'll probably laugh, but...

when I was in school,
I wanted to be a doctor.

I'm not laughing.

What happened?

To get into medical school,
you need work experience.

How do you get that?
By knowing a doctor who can get you in.

I had no idea where to start so...

I never applied.

They don't hurt?

Not now.

I'm one of the lucky ones.

Because you survived?

Aye, that too.

Even if it could cost me my job.


Sex with the Home Secretary.

It's a heinous crime.

We don't know if there's
a connection or he was acting alone.

It's RIPA-18, isn't it?
It's made me a target.

One possible reason.

- What do you mean?
- The only plausible conclusion

is your itinerary was leaked.

By the police?

- They set me up. And it's obvious why.
- Home Secretary?

Our arrangement.

No-one knows.
I can assure you of that.

In regard to which,

we need to establish the most secure means
of getting the material to you.

Not via the office.

Leave it with me.

Have a good day, Home Secretary.

The Thornton Circus attack
on Home Secretary Julia Montague

was carried out by a sniper firing from
the roof of a nearby office building,

Pascoe House.

The gunman appears to have gained access
to the roof by posing as a tradesman,

but took his own life
before he could be questioned.

Hi, this is Vicky's phone.
Leave me a message.

Hiya, love. Vic, hi, it's me.

You're probably on the school run
or something.

I was just calling to check
you're all right and...

And, yeah, just if you
need anything, I'm here.

All right?


- Morning, ma'am.
- Morning, Sergeant Budd.

- Sleep well?
- Yes, ma'am. You?

Yes, thank you.

- Lavender coming out.
- Sorry, one moment. I just need to use the loo.

Sorry, skipper, we don't have
any female officers in here.

- This way, ma'am.
- Sorry, do you mind?

Police officer.
I need to ask if anyone's in here.

Just a second, ma'am.

All clear, ma'am.

I know you'll never let anything bad
happen to me.

- David, thanks for coming in.
- You're welcome, ma'am.

Have a seat.

I thought this would be the most secure way
to hear your report.

My report, ma'am?

On the Home Secretary's contact
with the Security Service.

Nothing significant as yet, ma'am.


The Director General entered her hotel
at 07:49 and left at 08:22.

I was taking a shower and missed that.

Very sorry, ma'am.

We've put you in that room for a reason.


How's the family, David?

- Is there some intel they're still in danger?
- No, but there was.

I'll be completing a review
of the threat-to-life assessment.

Extending their stay at the safe house
will be weighed

against the operational
priorities in our budget.

I'll be sure to record
the Home Secretary's next meeting.

Good man.

Oh. One more thing.
Sorry to cut into your time off.

But SO15 want to interview you
about Thornton Circus.

I gave them a full statement at the time.

Still, the IOPC's involved,
so they want to dot the I's.


PS Budd, sorry to keep you.

- DCI Sharma.
- Sir.

This is DS Rayburn.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.

Are you OK to talk to us? You want Legal
or your Fed rep or anything?

- Happy to help.
- Great stuff.

SO15 recorded witness interview
with PS Budd. DS Rayburn.

- DCI Sharma.
- PS Budd.

OK, David. We're grateful
for your written statement.

But we'd like you to take us through,
in as much detail as possible,

the events on the roof of Pascoe House.

It's all as per my statement.

The shooter was exactly where I'd seen him,
the roof of Pascoe House.

He was dressed as a workman
and equipped with a PSL.

When the ARVs arrived,
he decided there was no way out.

- How come he didn't see you?
- I was observing from a covered position.

Why did he turn the pistol on himself?

As you'll know from my statement,
I attempted to arrest him.

I called, "Armed police," and ordered him
to surrender his firearm.

He chose not to comply.


So he didn't say anything
that might reveal a motive?

In firing on the Home Secretary's vehicle,
I mean.

I'm afraid not, sir.

Well, unfortunately, we haven't been able to
ID the gunman or trace the firearm either.

It takes some doing, getting a weapon
like that and leaving no trace.

If there's anything you can tell us about
him, it would be a big help. Anything at all.


We've got these images
from the CCTV cameras on the roof.

Yeah, they appear to show a significant
verbal exchange between you and the gunman.

But, unfortunately,
your mouths aren't visible for lip reading.

Yeah, he'd repeated a number of times
he had no intension to surrender.

See, one thing that occurs to me, David...
It's OK if I call you David?

The shooter had a firearm
that could blow half your body away.

Why didn't he use it on you
and make a getaway?

As per my statement, that firearm
was packed away and the ARVs arrived.

If he'd got past me,
he'd have nowhere to run to.

See, David, this is the thing.
This guy, he's a complete stranger, yeah.

Yet somehow you know for certain
when he sees the ARVs

he decided to throw in the towel?

No, you're quite right, sir.
I couldn't know that.

I... made... an assumption,

which was reinforced by
the shooter's final comments to me.

But I am happy to amend my statement
accordingly if that would assist your inquiry.

OK. Uh... Thank you very much, David.

- Sorry I couldn't be more help.
- It's OK.

- Interview terminated at 14:48.
- We'll send someone in to show you out.

One moment, please.

All clear, ma'am.

Is anything the matter?


The family still not back at home?

The safe house has been extended.

There's no other option, really,
with everyone...

- in the dark about whether they're still a target.
- Well, you can always come to me.

That would be asking you
to circumvent security protocol.


It's your family.

None of the code words
retrospectively associated with your family

have been detected in communications
with other cells on the watch list.

That's good to know. Thank you.

Is there something more?


You're sure?

You wouldn't personally
have dealt with my son's change of school.

Not worth the risk.

Are you sure that's how
you knew the name?

I'm tired.

I've got a shitload of work to do.

Thank you, Sergeant.
Have a good evening.


We will leave no stone unturned

in our efforts to bring
the perpetrators to justice.

The Commissioner announced the release
of an e-fit image of the would-be assassin.

I would urge any members of the public

who recognise this man, or who have
any information that may help us,

to please... come forward.

How much have you got?

Decryption instructions
for viewing the material.

We've taken the liberty
of providing you with a tablet

so the material can't be traced
to your own devices.

We'll take the tablet back
when you're finished.

It contains a read-only file you'll be
able to view for a limited time period

before being locked out
and requiring new decryption.

If that happens, you should get in touch.

I'm authorised to make
suitable arrangements.

See how I go. Is that the lot?

For the time being.
I'll leave it with you.

Sir. Police officer.

I need to ask you to identify yourself?

- You first.
- PS David Budd, the Home Secretary's PPO.

The very man.

I'm here by invitation,
with all the necessary clearances.

I don't doubt it, but what was the name?

Longcross. Richard Longcross.

The shooter signed into Pascoe House
as Adrian Smith,

but that appears to be a false name.

We're pursuing the theory
he might be ex-Forces,

and we've circulated the e-fit via the MoD.

Sir, the CCTV trawl's pulled up
something promising. Received it yet?

- Sarge.
- Great.


He's doing his best to avoid the cameras
but this one's grabbed him.

This is the night before the shooting.

And that appears to be the same gun bag.

He's got into position under cover of darkness,
to wait for the Home Secretary's vehicle.

If this is him,
he knew her movements in advance.

Christ. Right, we need a list of everyone who
knew the Home Secretary's itinerary that day,

how long in advance it was set.

In on your day off, skipper?
Admin piles up.

Never-ending, keeping you lot in line.

It appears the two bombs were made
by the same person, or persons,

proving there's a wider conspiracy.

We still don't know
if the gunman was part of it, too.

If the gunman did have accomplices...

There's also a high probability the
police are leaking sensitive information.

Sorry, do you have any
evidence of that as yet?

A terrorist cell obtained information
regarding the family

of the Home Secretary's
Principal Protection Officer.

of the Home Secretary's itinerary.

I'd call that compelling evidence.

- Circumstantial evidence.
- You're right, Mike.

No-one wants to jump to conclusions,
especially when the deadliest threat

still comes from the possibility
of another bombing.

My officers are doing their best
to glean as much information as possible

from the 1st of October bombers.

- Any progress?
- Unfortunately not.

Right. Well, thank you, Stephen.

Before I go, Home Secretary,
perhaps I could have a word in private?

Have you had an opportunity
to view the material?

Thank you.

I feel it's my duty as a public servant
to take action.

There's advantage in moving quickly.

I'm in a position to notify you
of the most apposite timing.

Thank you, Stephen.

Long day, sorry.

You do all the work. I just watch.

I'm sorry about last night.
I was snowed under.

I've got a couple of hours of work to do
and then I'll give you a knock.

Like I'm room service?

I think you know I
didn't mean it like that.

Please don't turn out to be yet another bloke
who can't accept a woman having more power.

We're not handling this very well, are we?


It's me. It's my fault. I...

- I never expected...
- Well, neither did I.

This your way of kidding me
I'm more in control?

You see right through me.

Lavender received a package
from an individual identifying himself

as Richard Longcross.
I already took the liberty, ma'am.

Drew a blank on the PNC.

So, who is he?

If he's been given access via all the necessary
clearances, he's got to be Security Service.

They're feeding her intelligence
they're keeping from us.

What was in the package?

Unfortunately, I wasn't able
to determine, ma'am.

The Principal kept the item on her person
the whole time.

- I'm afraid access hasn't been possible.
- What is she up to?

You need to find out.


With a Commons vote
on RIPA-18 just around the corner,

whose ideology will really win out?
The Prime Minister or the Home Secretary?

Attacked as a Snoopers' Charter.

It would give agencies like MI5 and GCHQ
wider powers of surveillance over...

Did you get those figures for the number
of online searches for jihadist propaganda?

- Yes. I've got them here.
- I've got them.

Thanks, Rob.

Thank you, Sergeant.
No idea how long this is going to take.


- I had the info. What's your problem?
- No problem.

What the hell am I doing here
if you won't let me do my job?

Your job is to be visible
beside the Home Secretary.

The demographic most vulnerable
to our counter-terrorism policy is...

- Boys!
- It doesn't take a genius to join the dots.

The private affairs
of millions of law-abiding citizens

will be available to various elements
of the Security and Intelligence apparatus.

I urge this House to
vote against this bill.

Invasion of privacy implies unwarranted
and/or disproportionate activity.

It is neither.

The Security Services

need to examine a thousand accounts
in order to find the one posing a threat.

What would have been the cost
to those innocent commuters

at the 1st of Wctober rail attack?

And what will be the cost of failing
to prevent the next attack?

I'm beginning to suspect...

Julia may be doing some business...

off-book for the Security Service.

You've won the House.

Whether you've won the country
is a different question.

Ask voters whether they back your position
re: Terrorism, you poll highly.

Ask them whether they're happy with GCHQ
knowing all their online activity,

the numbers plummet.

But, like I said, looks like
you've got the House convinced.

I want the country.

In PR terms, I'm struggling
to cut through the noise.

And then there's your lack
of public appearances.

If you fulfil your
engagement at St Matthew's,

you'd get the exposure you need.

- I'm sure the police would take a different view.
- That's security, not politics.

Going up.

I picked up you didn't oppose
my engagement at St Matthew's.

The final decision comes from
well above my pay grade.

I think you've got an ulterior motive.

You think?

You don't want people suspecting
you've become more protective.

Emotionally distracted.


- Hi.
- Hey. Did you get my message?

How are you doing?
The kids all right?

Er, yeah. Sorry, I did, yeah.

Where are you?

Listen, it's late,
I'll catch up with you tomorrow, yeah?

Someone else there with you?

- Vic?
- Dave, it's late. Let's not do this.

Good news, skip. They've got a lead
on the Thornton Circus shooter.

Yeah, yeah.
So what's the ETA on the lorry?

We need the car moving now.

Well, I've been here half an hour.

- DCI Sharma.
- Sir.

- Cheers.
- Bye.

Hey, boss.
The vehicle was reported as suspicious -

illegally parked for days,
unfamiliar to residents.

It's a rental.
Customer named Adrian Smith.

Same false name he used
to sign into Pascoe House.

Yeah. Unfortunately there's no CCTV on any
of these streets, and no ANPR triggered.

Talk to the rental company.

- We'll find out who this bastard was.
- Sir.

- PS Budd.
- It's me.

- I need to go out of town tonight.
- Uh, where to?

Get everything organised and I'll give you the
necessary information just before we set off.

- Sure.
- You'll drive. No police escort.

No support vehicle.
I don't want anyone to know.

Julia, I can't authorise that.
You're a target.

I'm a target because of leaks.
I'll take responsibility.

Please, David, you're the only one I trust.

- Evening, officer.
- Ma'am, stand by.

Sir? Thank you.

Front gate.
Got a visitor not on my sheet.

It's Lavender.

Continue through the gates.
An officer will direct you to park up.

Thank you.

Don't mention this to anyone.
This never happened.

And if I don't come back,
go to the Death Star.

- Julia.
- Prime Minister.

This is unexpected.

Julia Montague has gone to Chequers.

- Tonight?
- Tried to keep it under the radar.

Who the hell does she think she is?

Do you want a plan put in place?

RIPA 1-8, no police state!
RIPA 1-8, no police state!

RIPA 1-8, no police state!
RIPA 1-8, no police state!

To the right, 313.
The noes to the left...

18 has passed its third reading
in the Commons and now goes to the Lords.

A safer country
or a Snoopers' Charter, Minister?

The Regulation of Investigatory
Powers bill will be retrospective.


Information obtained
before it becomes law

will be admissible in court, and tonight,

our citizens are a step closer
to sleeping more safely.

Mr Speaker,
we are not sleeping more safely.

Rather, we are sleepwalking...

The PM just called.

She ambushed him at Chequers.

He won't reveal a word
of what they discussed.


There's gonna be a reshuffle. A big one.

Julia's snatching the key to Number 10.

We need to do something. Fast.


Are you asleep?




Sorry doesn't even...
Are you all right?

Do I need to call a doctor?

I'm all right.

I am so sorry.

Whatever your training has made you,
it's out of control.

Do you want me replaced?

Honestly, I don't know.

But you need to get help.


David, I know you didn't mean to hurt me.

We've had confirmation
this morning from the Home Office

that Home Secretary Julia Montague will go
ahead with her speech at St Matthew's College.

Liberties groups plan a major protest
outside St Matthew's College later today.

The target
of a recent assassination attempt

and she'll use today's platform to address the
challenges in the fight against terrorism.

7-9. Lavender clear to travel.

I know it's rotten timing, but some stuff
came out of the Select Committee

- that maybe I should crack on with.
- Really?

Yes, I know. Sorry.

But don't worry, the last bit of fact-checking
for your speech, it's still work in progress.

I'll have Tahir have it in front of you
well beforehand.

- Thank you.
- I'll have the car brought round.

- Thanks, Tom. See you later.
- See you.

- Shit. Did I miss her?
- Just a second. Just a second.

This is important.

I can't make the speech.
You're handling it.

- What?
- Not up to it?

Fuck you, Rob.

- Here's all the background material.
- Anything I need to flag up before the speech?

No, it all checked out.
She's good to go.

Ma'am, traffic's snarled up this side of
the river so we'll go via the bridges.

Your call.

RIPA 1-8, no police state!


Into the venue, Tom.

- Sit rep?
- The shouting's no problem.

It's the eggs that are getting on my tits.

You're fine, ma'am, into the venue.

- Welcome, Home Secretary.
- Thank you.

- Julia Montague. How do you do?
- Very well.

Thank you for welcoming me here today.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Julia Montague. How do you do?

- Best move through, ma'am.
- Julia Montague.

- Pleasure.
- This way, Home Secretary.

- I just need a moment with my aide.
- Yes, of course.

Thank you.

Have you been through the fact checks?

- Sorry, I thought that had all been...
- You have no idea how important today is.

I need the final fact checks
in front of me before I go on.

I don't want to find out
I've made a tit of myself

only after the news rips
my speech to pieces.

- Rob said it all checked out.
- That's not what he said to me. See to it, Tahir.

- We've set up a green room for you. This way.
- Thank you. That's very kind of you.

What do you want?

Final security sweep's been done.
Audience taking their seats, skipper.

- Lavender good to go?
- Deploy to the auditorium.

- See you in there.
- Skip.

Ready when you are, ma'am.


I knew the name of your kids' school because
it was on a list of possible targets.

I didn't forewarn you -
or anyone else, for that matter -

due to the fact the
threat was non-specific.

We're still not clear
as to why Heath Bank was singled out.

I ordered ARVs to deploy near all
schools identified as being at risk,

and thanks to that measure,
no school children came to any harm.

You being my PPO
makes this difficult, anyway.

It's for the best that changes.


I want you right beside me...

not because it's your job...

but because it's our choice.

Thank you. It's a great pleasure
to be here with you all this morning.

We live in extraordinary times.

It's no exaggeration to say
terrorism poses the greatest threat

to our national security
since the Cold War.

We must do all in our power
to protect our way of life.

RIPA 1-8, makes a police state!
RIPA 1-8, makes a police state!

7-9. Protesters in the auditorium
being removed.

Coming to you now. Obtain details
from each of them, polite as you can.

The Principal won't thank us
for being heavy handed.

Let's not deny them
their right to express a view.

Though, they say,
in times of national emergency,

the first casualty is free speech.

I really don't care what you all do when you
switch your internet browser to private.

We're not after you if you type into
your search engine "B-O-O-B-S".

But we ought to know if
you type in "B-O-M-B".

Now let's return to the subject
of how we prevent attacks.

Many who would carry them out
are born here,

they're educated here, employed here.

They weren't born wanting to attack us.

Something happened along the way.

A sense of alienation, a sense of exclusion

from the best opportunities
this country has to offer.

Law... medicine...

journalism, politics.

More appears to be happening to close off
these careers than to open them up.

Unpaid work experience.
Unpaid internships.

Though they're open to everyone, of course,

provided you've inherited enough money
to feed, clothe and house yourself.

I see how an impressionable young person
might form the view

that elite society is
intent on keeping them out.

Possibly, they begin to
feel a desire to do harm

to those they think have it all on a plate.

- In government, we are committed...
- You see anyone out there?

- No.
- Stay put.

But I am just as determined
to save that young person...

What the fuck?

There's been a massive fuck-up
with the speech.

- Rob just called me. I need to warn Julia.
- What's in the briefcase?

- Research files. The fact-checking she needs.
- Show me.

- Come on, mate, please.
- Show me.


Frankly, we've got to do a better job

of stopping a 15-year-old thinking
that growing up in Bradford or Birmingham

is grimmer than jihad,

and we can only change their minds
with the right leadership.

We've not been getting...

- Everything OK, skipper?
- False alarm.

- Deploy to Door 2.
- Skip.

Now, that comes from a fair society
that provides equal opportunity.

Security isn't just about guarding
our citizens from security threats.

Security comes from economic prosperity.

From good education... good jobs.

Together we can...

They reported a scene of
utter carnage with smoke, ash and fires

still burning from the explosion.

There are reports of a number of deaths,

but no confirmed figures yet
from the emergency services.

Casualties, many of them
in a critical condition,

have been transferred to two of London's
four major trauma centres.

Just to be clear, we still have no
official confirmation from Downing Street,

or from the Home Office,
that the Home Secretary Julia Montague

was among those injured
in the blast at St Matthew's College.

She was recently the target
of an assassination attempt by a sniper.

Rob Macdonald,
special advisor to the Home Secretary.

Tony Steel, Chief Executive.

- And you are?
- Jane Flannery, Media Liaison.

OK, great. No statements re: The Home
Secretary's condition come from the hospital.

We appreciate what the staff are doing,

but we control the data-flow.

Hiya, Vic. No, I'm all right.
I'm all right.

A few scratches, nothing serious.


Tony Steel, Chief Exec of the hospital.

- Jane Flannery, Media Manager.
- How do you do? How do you do?

What the hell happened?

For fuck's sake, answer me.

I heard there were security breaches
from the word go.

- Lawful protests by civil liberties activists.
- You know what I mean!

A search team under POLSA direction swept
the auditorium twice. Everything was clear.

- Well, it wasn't, was it!
- David.


If anyone's got any doubts,
please run them by Number 10. Thank you.

Division in Government,
splitting them from top to bottom.

But it's also the case that sometimes
Julia Montague was accused

of exploiting the terror threat fear at
home to try to further her own ambition.

Critical incident declared, ma'am.

JESIP's fully active around the college.

Last of the casualties are being transited
out. Expo are searching for further devices.

- None detected so far.
- Thanks, Deepak.

Prints taken from the rental car we found
match the shooter's at post-mortem.

We've got a screen-grab of the CCTV
from the rental company.

He used the name Adrian Smith,

same alias he used
to sign in to Pascoe House as a tradesman.

He completed the application online.

The IP address leads to
an internet café in South London.

Chances are he's London based.

After today's incident targeting the Home
Secretary again, we can't rule out a connection.

Suggesting Adrian Smith
had at least one accomplice.

Among the injured
was the Home Secretary herself.

There's still no official statement from Downing
Street or the Home Office on her condition,

but it is believed that
her injuries are severe.

Let's return now live...