Bodyguard (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

David's theories about a conspiracy at the heart of government look increasingly plausible. But concerns about David's psychological health are raised, and allegations about his and Julia's professional conduct come to light.

I want you right beside me,

not because it's your job,
but because it's our choice.

This is a very, very dangerous politician.

Someone who must be stopped.

We've taken the liberty
of providing you with a tablet

so the material can't be traced
to your own devices.

Someone acquired clearance
to make a secret visit to her suite.

I need to ask you to identify yourself.

He gave the name Richard Longcross.

Security Service. I'm sure of it.

That was us plotting to
build the Death Star.

Julia's snatching the key to Number 10.

We need to do something fast.

This never happened.
And if I don't come back,

go to the Death Star.

I thought they were sending you a cab?

Yeah. I don't need their shitty cab.

- Let's have some nice food, a couple of drinks.
- This feels weird.

What about Budd?

He left the auditorium
and when he came back in,

that's when Mahmood appeared on the stage.

Rob just called me. I need to warn Julia.

What's in the briefcase?

From this angle it's unclear if the
explosion originated from the briefcase.

What's going on here, then, Mr Macdonald?

Whatever Tahir was doing,
I'm completely in the dark about it.

There's a simple,
plausible story for you to stick to.

And you will stick to it.

Despite the
heroic efforts of our emergency services,

the Home Secretary Julia Montague
succumbed to her injuries

and was pronounced dead.

Dave, you shot yourself!

It was a blank round.

Is there something you're
not revealing to us

regarding the state of your mind before,

during or after the attack?

Nadia, we're desperate to find the person
who's been creating these devices.

Budd PPO for both,

Mahmood's briefcase... I don't trust him.

He's hiding something.

- Sir. We've heard back from Fort Halstead.
- Thank you.


The device wasn't in the briefcase.

From the pattern of damage
and the expansion of the blast wave,

it appears the bomb was planted
under the stage.

Planted? It couldn't have been, surely?

We don't know how they got access.

We're still checking security cameras
and interviewing college staff.

The sniffer dogs would have...

Materials that survived the explosion suggest
the device was housed in an airtight container.

When the detonator was triggered, it
could've opened a valve to allow in oxygen

to support combustion
of the TATP explosive.

Was it triggered by a timer?

Remnants of circuitry
were detected at the scene.

Fort Halstead believe
it could've been a pressure sensor,

designed to trigger the device
when weight was applied to the stage.

That's why Mahmood needed to get backstage.

The Home Secretary had avoided
activating the pressure sensor.

Mahmood needed to get
up there and set it off.

Although that would risk the device
being triggered at the wrong time,

by a person venturing onstage
before the Home Secretary's speech.

Hence why we're also investigating whether
the pressure sensor or the device itself

were controlled by a timer, or
if they were activated remotely.

By another person, not Tahir?

We're looking, ma'am.

I've got my suspicions.

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You all right, skipper?

I need updates from all
the Home Secretary's PPOs and CPOs -

anything suspicious,
anything out of the ordinary.

Something the matter, Tom?

We lost Kim!

Nobody's heard a word off you about it.

I'm sorry, mate, you're right.

I've been in my own head.

Let's talk about this over a pint, eh?

All right.

David Budd.


It's Louise Rayburn.

Look, I'm not permitted to
reveal details of the wider inquiry.

This didn't come from me, OK?

The bomb wasn't in the briefcase.

It wasn't your fault.


Thank you.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Let's head round to the Red Lion. My shout.

Sarge, I thought you'd better see this.

Go back.

There's over an hour of footage missing.

- What, is this on all of them?
- Yes.

Right. Save this all to a drive
and get it up to the boss.


Your story about this guy Longcross
and the missing CCTV...

- Yeah?
- I believe you.

The hair was blond,
pushed back off the forehead.

- A bit more like that?
- Yeah.

The eyes were darker. Yeah.

- Like that?
- Yeah, that's perfect.

- What about the nose?
- The nose was wider at the tip.

- What about his jaw?
- His jaw was a bit squarer.

- A bit more...
- Hair? Is that right?

His hair was shorter. Yeah.

- Eyes were maybe a little narrower.
- Age OK?

He's a bit older looking than this.

- Nose was slightly narrower.
- How's that looking?

Yeah, that's starting to look like him.


What you got?


Cheers, mate.

Finally. We've got your shooter.

Sergeant Andrew Apsted.

Served in Helmand Province, two tours.

And get this.

He was EOD.

This could be the original bomb maker
or an accomplice of Longcross.


Brings it all back?

It's... It's brilliant.

Listen, David...

with everything that's going on...

maybe we've not paid
enough attention to the fact

the shooter blew his brains out
right in front of you.

You lost your Principal
and one of your team.

I think it'd be a good idea
if you stepped away from the inquiry

and we get you some time
with the counsellor, yeah?

No. No way.

Figuring out who killed Julia,
that's all that matters.

That's the only thing
that's gonna make me feel OK again.

I think it runs deeper than that.

You just called her Julia.

We're good to go.

We've got some plausible locations
of the car park you described.

I'm afraid we weren't able
to see your husband's car

or any type of meeting on any of the CCTV
cameras relating to the car parks themselves.

We've looked at adjacent locations and
produced some images of persons of interest.

Just take your time with these, Nadia.

Do you recognise this man?

The interviewee is shaking her head.

And what about him?

The interviewee is shaking her head.

The interviewee is shaking her head.

The interviewee is shaking her head.

Do you... recognise this man at all?

Take your time.


It's OK. Nadia, thank you.

Well done, Nadia. That was great.

What about this man?

- You can't do that.
- I am doing.

This wasn't included in disclosure.

Nadia, please look at the e-fit.

Nadia, please. Lives depend on this.

Do you know this man?

Is this the man your husband met?

Nadia has already described the man
as being IC4/6.

Were you too afraid to tell the truth?
Was the man actually white?

Is this the man your husband met?

Is this the man your husband met?

Nadia has already described the man
as being IC4/6.

Were you too afraid to tell the truth?
Was the man actually white?

Is this the man your husband met?

It's not evidential.

You know the process for photo ID.

An e-fit never gives a true likeness.
There's a chance she's mistaken.

Right now, though, boss,
that's not really the point, is it?

As your DCI, I'd say, actually it is.

- Gonna sit on your hands?
- Leave this to us.

No one followed up on Longcross.
I had to do that myself.

We have to consider all possibilities.

Like the Security Service were involved
in the assassination of a Cabinet Minister.

- We don't know that.
- We need to find out. Longcross is our lead.

From now on,
every step we take's by the book.

What's next, then, going by the book?

That's for me and Commander Sampson
to decide.

He's only trying to help, boss.


Look, Sharma's under a lot of pressure.
He values your contribution. We all do.

- Sure.
- David?

David, wait.

I really want to talk to you
about your head wound.

I told you, I got it off a gas cooker.

It's best if you're examined
by the Force Doctor.

- Get off my back, Louise.
- What am I supposed to do, David?

- Let you run around like everything's rosy?
- Do you not get it?

This is how they'll discredit the inquiry -
make me out to be a basket case.

No one in this building
would use that kind of language.

You've got an illness, David.

You're traumatised.

That sounds any better?

Why make this about me when we
just found out Longcross supplied the bomb?

The Security Service. Finding out
why, that's the answer to all of this.

- David, you need help.
- I need to find who killed Julia.

Julia Montague's funeral
took place earlier today.

It was a private ceremony
for close family only.

But in the House of Commons,
there was a succession...

esteemed colleague who is a great loss
to her party, her country and this House.

Those of us who knew Julia,
who worked with her,

are still measuring the scale of our loss.

Julia and I grew up together in this house.

In the end, the pressures of work
made our marriage unsustainable.

To this day, I still look back and remember
our time together as the happiest days of...

Thank you, Home Secretary.

How much have you got?


Decryption instructions
for viewing the material.

We've taken the liberty
of providing you with a tablet

so the material can't be traced
to your own devices.

We'll take the tablet
back when you're finished.

It contains a read-only file you'll be able
to view for a limited time period

before being locked out
and requiring new decryption.

If that happens, you should get in touch.

I'm authorised to make
suitable arrangements.

See how I go.

- Is that the lot?
- For the time being.

I'll leave it with you.

Thank you.

Your individual
departments, it'd be great.

Anyway, cheers,
we'll catch up on this again later. Thanks.

Commander Sampson's office, please.

Chief Superintendent Craddock.

David Budd's just come into the office.


You have reached National Vehicle Services.

Please state your inquiry, leaving your full name
and a contact telephone number after the tone.


- Ma'am.
- No, no, no. It's OK.

I've received a call from SO15.

Apparently you're being a pain in the arse.

- Ma'am, I have reason to believe...
- Listen.

We lost the Home Secretary.

Let's go after the bastards who did it.

Thank you very much, ma'am.

- You OK to head across town?
- Sure.

I'll have a car sent to the D Block door.

- See you down there.
- Ma'am.


Come in.

- Lorraine.
- Ma'am.

- David.
- Ma'am.

My team have briefed me on this
non-evidential photo ID made by Nadia Ali.

This individual, Richard Longcross,
you're convinced he works for the...

The Security Service. Yes, ma'am.

- There's no evidence of that.
- There wasn't.

Last night I saw him at an internet café,

using a vehicle whose registration data
is withheld from the PNC.

It's just some bullshit phone number to sucker
you into setting off an electronic trip wire.

As you've disclosed it,
we can smooth that over.

The only way Longcross
could've gone to the café

- is if they're tracking keywords in online activity.
- What keywords?

Relating to compro-mat the Security Service
supplied to the Home Secretary.

What are you talking about?

In her hotel a few days before she was killed,
the Home Secretary had a visit from Longcross.

He supplied her with
an encrypted file of compro-mat

she subsequently shared
with the Prime Minister.

And you kept this to yourself?

If David's on to something, ma'am,
maybe it wouldn't hurt to focus on that?

- Did you get copies of the compro-mat?
- That wasn't possible.

I attempted to photograph
the material using my mobile phone

but the device was equipped
with an infrared sensor

that shut it down in
proximity to digital devices.

Have you got any details on the scandal?

A series of scandals, all covered up.

A sexual assault, drug addiction,
financial impropriety.

Last night I learned
they relate to the Prime Minister.

And that's only what I was able to deduce.

There may be more compro-mat.

Now the Home Secretary's dead, the Security Service
must be terrified of their role coming out.

That's why Longcross is tracking keywords
relating to the compro-mat,

to intercept anyone who's on to them.

So where's the compro-mat now, David,
any idea?

The Home Secretary had it with her.
I assume it was destroyed in the explosion.

And you suspect the Security Service
planted the bomb?

It makes no sense the Security Service
murdered Julia Montague.

They were in partnership -

she offered them greater powers
in return for the compromising material.

Maybe the relationship went sour,
or she became a liability, I don't know.

Cui bono? Who benefits?

Clearly the Prime Minister, for one.

And his supporters -
Roger Penhaligon, Mike Travis.

Mike Travis?

He was always jealous of the Home Secretary's
private meetings with the Security Service.

And he's all about party unity and completely
loyal to the Prime Minister and Penhaligon.

That's interesting. We know Tahir Mahmood
wasn't carrying the bomb in the briefcase.

But he did set off the device
via a pressure sensor.

And Rob Macdonald probably
induced him to go on the stage.

And who's Rob's new
boss at the Home Office?

Mike Travis.


Thank you, David.

- What's going to happen now, ma'am?
- We'll see to it.

People keep saying that. Meanwhile the Home
Secretary's killers are no nearer being caught.

Sorry to keep you, Sergeant.

- How can I be of assistance?
- Just a quiet word.

The night the Home Secretary was in
surgery, she had three official visitors:

Roger Penhaligon,
Mike Travis and Rob Macdonald.

- That's correct.
- What were their movements?

They were briefed in the Management Suite,

then Mr Penhaligon spent the night
awaiting news on his wife.

Ex-wife. So he was alone?

Did he have any visitors?

What about...

this man?

Or him?


Did Mr Penhaligon
hinder the medical staff in any way?

No, he was very concerned
about his wife's welfare.

Ex-wife. Was there anything unusual
he was concerned about?

He seemed very concerned
about the Home Secretary's personal items

but I suppose that's not unusual...

- What items?
- Her ministerial folder,

her briefcase, her handbag.

- He took these?
- No, they were never found.

Which is why Mr Penhaligon
got very anxious.

But that's because
they're of sentimental value.

Thank you.

David Budd.

What can we do for you, sarge?

I just want a couple of minutes with your P.
Mind skipping me to the front of this queue?

This way. Sorry.

Mr Penhaligon won't be a minute.
Official business.

You're interrupting my service to my
constituents. And I want you to leave.

Don't make a scene in front of all these people.
It'll be all over social media in less than an hour.

I'd like to put to you new information
regarding the murder of your ex-wife.

What new information?

I'm interested in an item that was
in her possession before she died.

What item?

I've been informed you
were anxious to locate

the Home Secretary's belongings
the night of the attack.

She was in possession of material
that affected national security.

I've been at the hospital. They told me you
were interested in items of sentimental value.

The Home Secretary's life hangs by a thread

and the Chief Whip's
hung up on tracking down her handbag?

You're being offensive, Sergeant.

Now, I suggest you stop
this line of questioning now

and I'll take up my complaint
with your senior officer.

The item you were looking for, you knew
it wouldn't be in her official materials.

What exactly was it you wanted
to get your hands on?

I've nothing further to add
without my solicitor present.

If you had a hand in her death,
you'll have me to answer to.

If you'd just give me a minute.

You're up to speed with the briefing
we've received from Commander Sampson?

I am.

I want to raise a specific point
of extreme sensitivity.


- Amit.
- Thanks.

This individual,
who gave his name as Richard Longcross,

was seen at the Blackwood Hotel
by Julia's PPO,

yet surveillance footage was removed.

An allegation's been made
that he's one of your officers.

Is he?


I can see only one acceptable way
to prove he isn't.

And that would be?

Open yourselves up to the police
investigation. Give SO15 access.

As you're aware,

we're conducting dozens
of highly sensitive operations,

all of which could be jeopardised
if sensitive information is disclosed.

Hundreds of operatives in the field,
all of whom would be imperilled.

You're not above the law.

The matter isn't of law,
but of national security.

The Thornton Circus gunman could only have
known your predecessor's itinerary

via a police leak -

a police leak could only have been
behind the Heath Bank attack

on the children of your predecessor's PPO.

There's no way I'm giving the Metropolitan
Police access to my organisation or personnel.

It's not your decision. You answer to me.

We all answer to someone.

Stay down here, Grace.
Grab yourself a coffee.

Thank you.


David Budd ambushed me
at my constituency surgery.

- David Budd?
- I'm convinced he's aware of the compro-mat.

- How?
- How the hell should I know?

All we've got is what the PM's told us.

Not the whole story either,
knowing how he rolls.

Julia blackmailed him over its content.

Possibly she took Budd into her confidence,
or... he joined the dots.

Mr Macdonald.

PS Budd.


Sorry, I've... I've got to get to work.

There's the people that start the war and the
poor bastards that end up in the line of fire.

I'm sure you realise the net's closing.

Look, I haven't a clue what you...
Really, I've got to get to work.

I've looked into the
eyes of a suicide bomber.

Tahir Mahmood? He was just some flunkie
terrified of fucking up his boss's speech.

But you? You made a point
of not being there that day.

Then you called Tahir
and made him go up on stage.

That all seems like a calculated sequence
of events to me.

Did you come up with it all on your own?

Look, I've...
I've been through everything with SO15.

No, no. You lied about everything to SO15.

It's time to start telling the truth.

Are you threatening me?


Julia was murdered in cold blood
and I know you were part of it.

- I had nothing to do...
- Tell SO15 what you know.

SO15, do it.

It would be redundant for me to say
I know where you live.

Boss. You'll never guess who's just
waltzed in to make a voluntary statement.

I need to provide some background.

Till recently I, Mike Travis,
senior civil servants...

Julia Montague involved us all
in Home Office business. Standard practice.

Then there began to be
these frequent unofficial meetings

with the Director General
of the Security Service

and to an increasing degree,
we were all shut out.

It's still unclear to me
the nature of their meetings.


Then we came to suspect that Julia
was preparing a leadership bid.

Who's "we"?

Mike Travis, Roger Penhaligon...

Mike Travis, formerly Minister of State for
Counter Terrorism, now Acting Home Secretary.

Roger Penhaligon, Government Chief Whip.

Thank you.

When Julia decided to go ahead
with her speech at St Matthew's College,

despite security advice,
we realised we had to act fast.

Act? In what way?

To prevent her from starting
a potentially damaging leadership contest.

I was told we needed
to embarrass Julia politically.

Told by who?

That came from Roger Penhaligon.

I'm telling the whole truth when I say that
my only intention was to embarrass Julia.

No way would I want to see her
harmed in any way.

So, what did you do?

I inserted inaccurate
material in her speech...

the idea being that she'd immediately become
embroiled in a humiliating climb-down.

To make sure the plot couldn't be retraced
to me, and hence to Mike and Roger,

I made an excuse not to attend the speech
and advised Julia

that all the fact-checking
would be handled by Tahir Mahmood.

We had this idea to use Tahir to create
an embarrassing moment on camera,

something that would go viral and immediately
derail her campaign before it even got started.

This was the phone call to Mahmood
suggesting he go on stage

- and interrupt the Home Secretary's speech?
- Yes.

But it has been established that Mahmood
venturing onstage could've triggered the device.

Yes, but none of us...
None of us knew anything about the bomb.

I certainly didn't. It was
all about the politics.

Why make a point
of giving Mahmood the briefcase?

I didn't want him examining the documents
till it was too late.

So I handed him a closed briefcase
at the very last minute,

reassuring him that the contents
didn't need to be reviewed.

Firstly, the briefcase has been shown not to
have contained an improvised explosive device.

And secondly, all your
forensic investigations

have found no explosive residue on my
client, at his home or place of work.

Let's be clear, Mr Macdonald, OK?

Was everyone involved in this plot
to embarrass the Home Secretary

unaware Tahir Mahmood
might set off a bomb at the venue?

Of course.

We're politicians. We're not murderers.

You worked closely with Julia Montague,
didn't you?


Yet you were prepared
to stab her in the back?

No, it wasn't like that.

It was...

It... It was all for
the sake of party unity.

So he didn't give us anything
on the compro-mat.

I doubt he was ever in the loop.

Roger and Mike played
the party unity card, Rob rolled over.

- It didn't seem like he believed it himself.
- He didn't. He had his own reason.


I witnessed the Home Secretary reject Rob's
advances a couple of times. Humiliated him.

He wanted to do the same to her.

I think he's telling the truth.

Budd's wife's been at work all day.

She's just returning now.

Unfortunately RPOs guard the safe house
round the clock.

Then we're forced to be bold.


Boss is back.

He's on his way.

How'd it go at the Home Office?

Fortunately while the compro-mat's
still out there,

there isn't a politician in Westminster
not shitting himself he's implicated.

Makes it easier to push back.


Only problem is they know about you.


That'll be David Budd.

He's the only one who challenged me,
the only one I gave that name to.

Some fucking bullet-stopper.

How could you let him get one over on you?


It's the other way round.

- David.
- Ma'am.

Come in.

Thanks for coming in at short notice.

Have a seat.

Unfortunately this was something
that really couldn't wait.

Um... I've received an
extremely serious allegation

regarding unprofessional intimacy
between you and the late Home Secretary.

Who's making this allegation?

I'm not at liberty to say.

They're alleging something
went on in private?

I can't see how there's evidence.
You can't give any credence to this.

There's a recording.

This is coming from the Security Service?

Longcross must've bugged her room.
Is this recording even legal?

David, is it true?

Ma'am, you have to caution me
if my answer might incriminate me.

- I'm entitled to a consultation with my Police...
- Don't quote the regs at me, David.

You weren't just fucking the Home Secretary
but our whole reputation.

They're trying to discredit me, ma'am!

I'm onto them - the Security Service,
Longcross, all of them!

All of who?

There's been leaks right through
this whole investigation.

The Home Secretary's itinerary, my kids'
school, the bomb planted at St Matthew's -

the Security Service
could have done it all.

David, you've been through a lot.

Take time off. Stop ruffling feathers.

Then maybe, just maybe,
I can make this go away.

They want me to go away.


Sorry, Vic, I wanted to
talk away from the kids.

What's up?

Something's going on at work.
I don't know if it'll come out or not

but you've got a right to know,
as my wife, I mean.


Julia and I... we were having an affair.

What do you want me to say?

I don't want you to say anything.

Look, I've got to get to hand-over, so...

- By the way, you're a day late.
- Come again?

Yesterday a security officer
came up to the ward.

He said that you and the Home Secretary
were very close.

What security officer?

He said he was looking into the circumstances
surrounding the Home Secretary's death.

What the hell's a security officer?
Was this bloke police or what?

I'm not sure.

Was he plainclothes, a detective?

- Did he give a name?
- Erm... not that I remember.

For God's sake, Vic! What were
you thinking, not getting a name?

I couldn't help him.
He left without making a big deal of it.

- It'll be on CCTV.
- Um...

Ward D-20. Two, two-thirty.

What did he say exactly?

Stuff about when you were coming home
after your shifts.

If you'd ever brought anything back
to put somewhere safe,

if you'd ever brought anything back
belonging to the Home Secretary.

He even asked if the Home Secretary
had ever visited.

That him?


Look, Vicky, thanks. I need to get
on with things, before it's too late.

Well, who is he, what is this all about?

- The less you know, the better.
- Are we in any danger?

You're in a safe house, with
round-the-clock protection. You'll be fine.

Then why did you say,
"before it's too late"?

No reason.

The device planted
at St Matthew's College.

We've got gaps in the CCTV
from the night before.

How that happened, and how the offenders
bypassed security, we still don't know.

Same goes for how the bomb wasn't detected

despite searches of the venue right up
to a few minutes before the attack.

Andrew Apsted.

We need more on him -

who he grew up with, who he joined
the Army with, who he served with.

And where did he get that rifle?

Erm... guys, OK if we pick this up later?

No worries, sarge.

He wasn't just at the internet café.

- He visited my wife's ward.
- My God.

Cheers, we'll... We'll look into it.

Look, unfortunately
there wasn't any CCTV at the internet café.

But I'm guessing that's why
you went there in the first place?

We're still checking other
cameras in the vicinity.

I overheard you talking
about Thornton Circus.

We've learned Apsted formed a pressure
group called Veterans' Peace Group.

So he was on a watch list?

No. The group was marginal,
never threatened any action but...

You're right, it's weird he wasn't.

Which brings us back to
your Security Service theory.

Maybe they didn't put him on a watch list
to keep him under the radar.

He was recruited by them?

A disaffected loner with
explosives experience.

Talk about perfect candidate.

I know how stretched you are here.
Let me look into this.

We've already had a conversation
about how fit you are to work.

The moment this case is over,
I'll see the counsellor.

I'll see the doc, whatever.
I just need time.

Please, I'm asking you as a colleague,
copper to copper.

Thanks, Louise.

Blast from the past.

Took a few calls to get your new number.

I'm here.

So what have you got?

A Makarov.

- Nice bit of kit.
- I can get you six more.

- How much?
- Not how much. What.

A PSL, with no history
traceable back to me.

Fine. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Maybe I can make a couple of calls.

But this...

This is gonna take work.

I'm not making no promises.

I get that back when we do the trade.

Or I come looking.

Not answering your phone?

Sorry, I must've...

Battery's dead.

You wanna get a refund, the amount
of time that thing's switched off.

It's late, Louise.
Is there something I can help you with?

CCTV from your wife's ward was deleted.

Same as the Blackwood and St Matthew's.

None of the cameras in the vicinity of the
internet café picked up anything either.

They know how to avoid 'em.

I do have something, though.

Security camera at your wife's safe house.

They identified themselves
as SO15 Officers.

By the time the RPO alerted anyone of her
suspicions, they'd carried out a search.

Security Service?

This means the safe house
has been compromised

but there is nothing to suggest
your family are in danger.

Remember I told you someone
broke into my flat? Do you believe me now?


They're convinced the compro-mat wasn't with the
Home Secretary at the time of the explosion.

It's still out there.

They seem pretty sure if anyone knows where
it's hidden, you do. Why's that, David?

I don't know.

Julia Montague's home was thoroughly
searched, all of her devices seized.

There was no tablet found.

Sorry I can't help you, Louise.
I don't know what happened to it.

If the Security Service believe
you know where it's hidden, so do I.

I'll see you at Julia Montague's flat.

0800 tomorrow.


Apart from the seized devices, the search
team left everything where they found it.

You know the layout better than anyone.

Maybe you'll spot
something that stands out.

If you really think this will help.

She had a computer in here.

We've gone through the hard drive
with a fine-tooth comb.

Tom, you're driving me up the wall.
Shit or get off the pot, mate.

Sorry, ma'am.

Come in.

Now what's up?

Look, I'm the last person
to dob in a skipper, ma'am.

But David Budd...

he's got this head wound and everyone's letting
him walk around like nothing happened.

Sit down.



- Hey.
- Hi.

Something wrong?

Oh, my God, of course there is!

I was never Julia's biggest fan

but I was genuinely so sorry
to hear what happened.

God, you must still be in shock.

I'm all right.

- Maybe I shouldn't have come over.
- No, no. I'm sorry.

Is this a regular haunt of yours?

Always the policeman, never off duty.

Yes, I've been here before,
no, I'm not stalking you.


How are you doing?

Yeah, all right. Moved on.

I'm still looking for
the right opportunity.

But um... yeah.

It's a tricky time. So...

Actually I wanted to say I am really sorry
for causing such a scene when I was fired.

It was the last thing you needed. Thank
you for being such a sweetheart that day.

You're very welcome.

I wanted to thank you properly
but your phone was out of service.

I... had to get a new one.

Just cos I was gonna suggest a drink, if...

My treat?


- Yeah?
- Yes.





And that's mine.

- Chai tea latte for Sam.
- Oh, that's me.


Saves the palaver of them
trying to spell my name.

- Great to see you, David.
- You too, Chanel.

- There you go.
- Thank you so much.

Chanel Dyson was the late
Home Secretary's PR, until she was fired.

I witnessed her being picked up from outside
the Home Office in this Range Rover.

I ran the registration at the time,

found it was owned by a company
based in the Cayman Islands.

- Rich girl gets top job. Shocker.
- That's what I thought at the time.

But I've been thinking over everyone who
had the inside track on the Home Secretary,

who could have compromised her security.

To kill a Cabinet Minister -
think of the amount of people

that would have had to turn a blind eye,
to not do their jobs properly.

Some may have been zealots.

But plenty of others would just have taken
a pay-off or ask no questions.

That takes money or intimidation - lots.

Maybe it wasn't all down
to the Security Service after all.

The male subject has been identified
as Luke Aikens.

Aikens is believed to be a senior figure
in organised criminal enterprises.

Everyone focused on the counter-terrorism
aspect of RIPA-18.

But enhanced surveillance
on phone and email activity

would be just as big a
threat to organised crime.

No such thing as coincidences.

Why's Chanel, and by extension, Luke
Aikens, making contact with you?

I don't know, Louise.

Sorry. Is this a bad time?

No worse than any other.

They said it was all right.

- What's up, mate?
- Craddock's been trying to get hold of you.


I'll drive you.

Your repeated refusal to accept counselling has
raised concerns regarding your fitness for duty.

And now I've received
an extremely disturbing report

regarding the possibility you've
attempted self-injury with a firearm.

What report? Who from?

David, I recognise an officer in denial
when I see one.

This is for your own good.

You're to go on indefinite
leave as of now and...

Ma'am, no...

I would strongly urge you to accept
treatment from Occupational Health.

Ma'am, please, I can't be removed from duty
till I've found who killed Julia Montague.

I'm also removing your firearms ticket,
for obvious reasons.

I'm very sorry, David.

This is for your own good.


Need your blue card, mate.

Signature, please.

We're looking for a link with Luke Aikens
or any of his associates.

I'm sorry.

Give me a minute, guys.

You fucked me over.

What are you talking about?

No. Don't play dumb. I trusted you!

I don't know what you...