Bodyguard (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

With the UK terror threat level raised to severe, Home Secretary Montague holds secret meetings with the Director General of the Security Service, side-stepping her own Minister for Counter...

Sergeant David Budd, Metropolitan Police.

British Transport Police have put out
an alert on a possible suicide bomber

attempting to board
a London-bound service.

Don't do that, please.
Just stay still. Stay still.

Get down on the ground! Put your hands
on your head and get down! Get down!

Nadia, stay right there.
Don't move. Don't move.

- Step out of the toilet!
- No!


Great job, David. Credit to the Branch.
I'm assigning you to a Cabinet Minister.

Very good, ma'am.

Home Secretary, just how anxious
should we be about this terrorist threat?

Only those intent on acts of violence
have anything to fear.

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act,
2015, simply does not go far enough.

You're making a move for the leadership.

That interview you did on telly.
Did you mean what you said?

The thing is, David slash Dave,
I don't need you to vote for me,

only to protect me.

I can't see any justification

for believing the Taliban would govern
Afghanistan in peace and harmony,

or Isis would ever form a state with which
the world could have diplomatic relations.

That doesn't require
apologising for the past.

That doesn't require
apologising for the past.

- You need help, Dave.
- Love, I'm sorry,

- but we can work through this.
- I've met someone.

Put "PTSD" on your job application,
who's gonna hire you?

You said it out in Helmand. If you ever
found yourself beside one of those

bastards that sent us out there,
you'd close your eyes and pull the trigger.

Like a prince and a princess
getting a lift in, eh?

Everyone else is already in,
so in you go, quickly, all right?

Come on, now, Charlie.

We had all that messing about at home.

Let's not make it worse, please.

He says they call him names.
He hates it.

What have I told you about crying?
Never show weakness.

They only hurt you more.
Right, big man, in you go.

Charlie, in we go, please.

Good boy.

Sorry, ma'am.

Sorry, ma'am,
I need to keep it on for work.

I think you'd better answer that
before it drives us all up the wall.

- Apologies, ma'am. Hi, look...
- What were you thinking?

I just got called in by his teacher.
He's really upset.

I'm at work. I'll call you back.

- No, don't hang up on me, please.
- I can't talk right now.

The special school,
they haven't got a place for Charlie.

He's got to stay at Heath Bank.

Shit. Look, I'm working,
but we'll find the person to talk to,

we'll find the right school.

- They said it'll be at least a year.
- I'm really sorry, love.

Apologies again, ma'am.

- 7-9, Lavender entering the building.
- Received.

- Morning, Sergeant.
- Morning, sir.

Someone screwed up the time?
I thought this conference was at ten.

No, it's still on.
Some kind of private meeting.


We have intelligence on a possible
terrorist attack on a London school.

Oh, my God.

The cell's comms are encrypted

but metadata suggests
a pattern of reconnoitring schools.

Feed these through to the police
when they arrive.

Ordinarily I would,

but one of the schools threw up a link
to a serving police officer.

His kids attend.

David Budd.

- It may be a coincidence.
- Yes, it may,

or a terrorist cell's obtained
confidential information on the officer

who foiled the 1st of October attack
and this is their plan for revenge.

In my experience, information leakage
occurs for one of two reasons.

Either police officers
fail to communicate securely,

or an officer susceptible to bribery or
blackmail is responsible for the disclosure.

If there's a police leak,
we should keep this to ourselves.

Thank you.

And taking specific steps
to protect the school in question

may redirect the terrorists
towards a different course of action,

action we're unprepared for.

We'll tighten security around the schools
and hold back the reason why.

- Mike.
- Anne.

- Tahir, how are we settling in?
- Great.

Thanks again
for bringing me into the team.

The press have been
editorialising on RIPA-18.

Maybe Tahir could set up an interview
defending the policy?

Couldn't you argue that defending
would only serve to validate the criticism?

I agree. Since when did we start doing
the Opposition's job for them?

We'd be an improvement.


We all know everyone.

Mike Travis, Minister of State
for Counter-Terrorism.

Stephen Hunter-Dunn,
Director General of the Security Service.

And Anne Sampson, Commander
of MPS Counter-Terrorism Branch.

So, perhaps we could start
with an update on 1/10.

The bomber herself claims
to have been coerced by the husband

and she remains too intimidated
to reveal much.

And who are their accomplices?
Where did they get the bomb?

- What are their targets?
- Inquiries are ongoing.

Clock's ticking. Maybe my officers
would have more success.

Come off it, Stephen.

We're happy to receive relevant
intelligence but it's our investigation.

Look, look, I... I think we might need
to take a step back, hmm?

Police jurisdiction's clear.

Mike's right. Let's move on.

- Hi.
- Hey, sorry about earlier.

- Just calling to catch the kids.
- Right. Nothing about school, OK?

Try not to upset Charlie.

Sure, sure.

Ella, Charlie! Daddy's on the phone!

Quick one, mind, it's well late.

Yeah, sorry, that's my fault.

Come on, you two.
Say a quick night-night to Daddy.


Night, sweetheart, love you.

Go on, Charlie.

- Night, Daddy.
- Night, big man, love you.

All right, you two.
Off to bed now, OK?

I'm sorry, I wanna get them
both down for the night.

I could come over tomorrow
and we could go and see the head?

What's the point, Dave?
We've tried that.

Unless you've got a magic wand?

I'm sorry.


Officers from the Metropolitan Police.

Counter-Terrorism Command SO15
have been working round the clock

pursuing links to the rail attackers.
..device was very sophisticated.

The Metropolitan Police have expressed
fears other devices have been constructed.

The threat level,

set by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre,
stands at Substantial.

No new arrests have been made,

and accomplices to the 1st of October
bombers may still be at large.


- This way, ma'am.
- Thanks.

- Ma'am, thanks for coming down.
- What's going on?

Multiple subject activity on WhatsApp.

The metadata fits with a cell
on our watch list.

Everything else is encrypted.

- Location?
- South London.

We've got lumps on their cars.

I assume we'll share this
with the Security Service,

- maybe worth getting their take on it?
- No, not just yet.

- We've got MASTS in situ?
- Yes, ma'am.

They've reported to the TFC.
Subjects on the move. One team visual.


They're taking no chances.

Driving like my gran.

Alpha Two Three, Brixton Road

- northbound, speed two five.
- Continuing north.

En route towards high-value targets
in the Lambeth/Waterloo areas.

OK, let's mobilise SCO19
to holding locations for Waterloo Station

- slash Southbank targets.
- Copy that.

Sir. Order from SFC.

Trojan to SE1. Hold locations.

Stewart's Road, northbound.

West on Ascalon Street.

Back up.

That's good.

Received. MASTS unit stationary,
standing by for further activity

from Subject Vehicle
inside an industrial unit.

What are you doing?

It's them! Shit! Go!

Stand by.

Subjects are now driving a white LGV.

Repeat, Subjects are
now driving a white LGV.

Subjects are now en route in an LGV.

DAF seven-and-a-half tonner.

Foxtrot Echo Zero Eight,
Uniform Yankee Oscar.

Now they're in an untracked vehicle,
possible VBIED.

We can't lose them.

Alert all ARVs in the area to assist.

If MASTS can't achieve a natural stop,
I'm authorising Enforced Stop.

Order from SFC. All ARVs in vicinity
of Alpha 2-3 north of Brixton...

Hold back, hold back.

Subject Vehicle's
diverted towards Camberwell.

- Shit!
- Nearest ARVs are en route, ma'am,

but the MASTS vehicle's still closest.
TFC's re-spinning the wheel.

Christ. They're onto us.
Carlisle Street. Speed Three-Five.

Authorise MASTS and ARVs
to carry out Enforced Stop

with Critical Shot authorised
if required.

SFC to TFC. MASTS and ARVs authorised
for Enforced Stop and Critical Shot.


Go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go, go!


Move it! Move it! Move it!

Move it! Quickly!


Now! Now!

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Shh. It's all right. It's all right.

Uniform Oscar Zero Six.
Shots fired, shots fired.

Subject Vehicle stopped.
Vehicle stopped.

OFC confirms from MASTS and ARV
Subject Vehicle under control.

Shots fired.

Armed Police!

- Everyone OK?
- We're OK. We're OK.

I don't see an IED trigger!

Anyone see an IED trigger?

Stay there!

Two subjects and three officers
confirmed dead.

Five officers injured, two severely.
That's right, isn't it, Amit?

- Yes.
- My God.

Beyond that,
the full facts are still emerging.

No organisation's claimed responsibility.

7-9, go back to back on 2.

7-9 on 2.

Skipper, it's just come up on the Box,
an IED took out a MASTS Team

and an ARV in Camberwell.


Three officers down,
more in intensive care.

No idea of the target yet?

The incident occurred near a school
in South London.

Er, Heath Bank Primary School.


- You know the school?
- Er, no.

Fortunately no casualties
amongst the pupils and staff.

I need to get moving.
The PM's chairing COBRA in half an hour,

and JTAC have already moved
the Threat Level to Severe.

OK. I'll pull everything together
from the Security Services and SO15

as it comes in.

7-9. Lavender on the move.
Received, 79.

- Have you heard yet?
- Over the radio, ma'am.

Deepest sympathies to those
officers' families.

In strictest confidence
but you've got a right to know.

It happened near your children's school.


None of the pupils were hurt.
But you should call your wife and kids.

Thank you very much, ma'am.

David. Till we know more,
we've moved your family to a safe house.

I'm afraid the budget
doesn't stretch to two.

Thank you, ma'am,
I'm glad we're all under one roof.

I've already spoke to them.
Everyone's fine.

Good. But you understand
the question it raises?

I don't get how they could know
which officer was responsible

for the 1st of October
unless there's been some kind of leak.

We don't know.
We're investigating.

Meanwhile, we have to take the view
if there's any risk, any risk at all,

of you being a target, it puts not only
you and your family in jeopardy

but also your colleagues,
maybe even the Principal and her staff.

I'm sorry, David, but you're restricted
to desk duty pending reassignment.

Oh, come on, ma'am,
I'm not the one who's fucked up here.

The leak, they're the ones
that should get punished.

This isn't a "punishment", David.


- No worries. In you come, sarge.
- Thanks for coming over.

- I'm just glad you're all all right.
- The whole thing's terrifying.

- Kids, your dad's here.
- Daddy!

Hey, you two. Hey.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

- There was a big bang.
- Oh.

- My ears hurt.
- Are you all right now?


Mum and Dad are just gonna have
a chat next door, OK?


They've evacuated the school.
Everyone is terrified.

One of the coppers said it could be
that this is all about the train attack.

The problem is there's too many out there
with a big mouth.

You've lost some colleagues today,
I get that.

- It could've been your own children.
- I know.

If you're gonna be like this,
maybe you should go.

Not if the three of you are in danger. No.

- Do you think they'll try it again?
- I don't know, do I?

- How's it going, skipper?
- Aye, brilliant.

- It's great fun organising duty rotas.
- Maybe I could make you a cuppa?

- Kim, shake a leg.
- Ah, sorry, skip. I'll catch you later.

Sorry, sarge.

Do you know any of them?

- Not really.
- Poor bastards.

We've known enough of them
over the years. Too many.

Sanctimonious bitch.

I call upon my parliamentary colleagues
to pass my strengthened.

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill...

She's doing exactly what they all do.

Exploit the situation
to get more power for themselves.

She said shit like that during the war.

Just a snivelling little MP back then,

trying to join in the big boys' game.

Sign a piece of paper,
a hundred blokes get killed.

But who suffers?
Her kind couldn't give a shit.

I can't believe you protect them.


What's that, mate?

I'm a "security risk".

They've put Vic and the kids
in a safe house.


I can live with being in the line of fire.
Made a career out of it.

But my family...
now, they were always... home safe.

That's the way it works.
Even in civvie street, it's the same thing.

They're in it for themselves.

They couldn't give a shit about
a bloke like you that takes the risks.

You're the mug
that suffers the consequences.

How do you reckon she'd feel
if she got a taste?

Taste of what?

Suffering the consequences.

We were able to recover
remnants of the device.

It was operated by a timer,
which we assume the bombers activated

when they made their final charge
towards the school.

The explosive employed
was triacetone triperoxide,

the composition of which proved a match
to the one employed on the 1st of October.

Both devices were extremely powerful
with sophisticated mechanisms.

The reason for targeting the school.
Has that become any clearer yet?

It's possible someone who witnessed
the 1st of October rail attack -

a civilian member of staff, maybe a
member of the public, we don't know -

has links to the terrorists.


Much more likely, the leak was internal.

There's no evidence for that.

Either you've got a security breach
in your own ranks

or your officers failed to detect
another accomplice involved in 1/10.

Added to which, your surveillance operation
failed to detect the subjects

had hired a light goods vehicle.

- If there are any learnings to be...
- Please don't say "learnings".

Now, since you haven't announced any new
leads, I'm assuming you haven't got any.

We are still putting together
a picture of events surrounding the attack.

And if you succeed,
will you share that information?

- Yes, of course.
- When it became clear the subjects were

gathering to carry out an operation, did the
police share that with the Security Service?

With respect,
how would that have altered the outcome?

I'm losing confidence in the police's
ability to make rapid enough progress,

so I'd like to take up Stephen's proposal
for the Security Service

to assume a role in interviewing
the 1/10 bombers.

- What?
- Thank you.

Home Secretary,
you are setting a dangerous precedent.

We agreed, I think,
that this can only be a police matter.

We all welcome intelligence
guidance from the Security Service.

Exactly. Thank you. My officers
and I are determined to succeed...

No. The one officer who actually
successfully averted a threat,

he's the one you people
want to remove from my protection team!

It sends completely the wrong message.

Um... that isn't my department.

No, your department is counter-terrorism -

the most expensive area of policing -
and it's failing.

I don't understand
why you're saying this now.

I think we're done here.

Fuck you, Stephen.

It's all right.

That all got a bit heated in there.

I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, Julia.

The security guidance
regarding PS Budd's removal

- is completely justified.
- I'm a target regardless.

Anne Sampson's right.
I'm hoping you're not serious

about giving more responsibility
to the Security Service.

They're less transparent, less accountable.
It sets a dangerous precedent.

The real danger's to our national security.

Yes, Mum.

Yes, I know, but they're fine.
I promise you.

Hang on. Give me two seconds.

Kids, I'm not gonna ask you again.
Breakfast's ready.

Come down.

Mum, I'm gonna give you a call back.
All right? OK.

Post from your home address.
Don't worry, it all gets X-rayed.

Oh, thanks.


- Dave!
- Yep.


Charlie, come downstairs.
Look at this. Charlie, it's good news.

Come down. They've said he can start
after half term. Isn't that brilliant?

- Someone's pulled strings.
- How would they know about Charlie?

- I'm not sure.
- Oh, it doesn't matter. It's brilliant.

Charlie. So, you know that nice school
that's gonna help you with your reading?

They've said you can go there.

- Really?
- Isn't that great? Yeah? Aw.

Come on. Shall we tell your sister? Yeah?



Your line manager doesn't appreciate
your attitude to administrative duties.

They are not my strong suit.

Just as well you're being restored
to active duty at the Home Office, then.

Thank you, ma'am.

Not me.

Seems like you've made
friends in high places.

That's it. Piss off.


Hi. Look, Julia's expecting you.
I'll take you right through.

Cheers, Mike.

Simpler if it's just Stephen and I.

You don't mind, do you, Mike?

Uh, no. OK, carry on.

Home Secretary, how are you today?

Better than the bastards
trying to blow us to kingdom come.

I've got a first-rate team
on the 1/10 bombers.

We're confident we'll identify...

Take a seat, Stephen.

I knew I could count on you.

Just holding up my end of the bargain.

There isn't a listening device
in this office, is there?

You tell me.

Given the sensitivity of the material,

we've got to be meticulous
in our corroboration of the facts.

It's good to have you back, PS Budd.

Thank you, ma'am.

- Cheers, Kim.
- See you over there, skip.

Sierra Zulu 7-9.
Lavender on the move.

- I hope this is OK.
- Good choice.

Haven't been here in ages.

You've just been under
so much stress lately.

Don't worry, we'll order some wine
as soon as Indira and Sanjeev arrive.

Not like them to be late.

You couldn't text them, make sure
they haven't gone to the wrong place?

I was, uh...

worried you'd cancel.

They're not coming?


It's OK.

- Would you care to see the menu?
- No, thank you.

Look, probably best
if we all reschedule.

I'm sorry, I should have told you,
but let's have some nice food,

a couple of drinks... on me.

This feels weird.

Change of plan.
Lavender on the move.

- Have you home in no time, ma'am.
- Great.

Ugh, I've just remembered
I've got nothing in.

Do you mind if we stop on the way home,


This is very generous of you, ma'am.

I'm just pleased you didn't veto the idea
for security reasons.

You're pleased my night out
was an unmitigated disaster?


It's just there's risk
with being seen out in public.

Well, it's easy to say
when you're a smug married.

- Sorry, have I put my foot in it?
- I'm separated.

I hope I didn't cause offence.

I must have misunderstood.

The phone call with my wife?


I've made the mistake
of judging by my own standards.

By the end of my marriage, we were
incapable of speaking to each other

with anything other than utter contempt.

Don't worry, we have our moments.
We just try to put the kids first.

Mmm. And how are they faring?

We had some good news
about my son's schooling.

Mm. I'm glad.

If you were involved, ma'am,
my family's very grateful.

I went into politics to help people.

Well. You don't want to keep
the backup vehicle waiting,

and I've got work to do, so...

Yes, of course.
I'll just clean this up, ma'am.

Unless you fancy a cuppa?

I should make it.

Kettles, ma'am, they can be
quite the danger in untrained hands.

Planning to move in, Home Secretary?

Lavender and Indigo inbound.

Are we facing
a state of emergency, Home Secretary?

Is this your new address?

- Want a heads-up?
- Nope.

PM's pissed off.
Thinks you're hogging the limelight.

Naturally, I've disabused him of the idea

that you're rogue enough
to attempt a leadership challenge.

- Everyone's ready, Prime Minister.
- Thanks, Roger.

- Good morning, everyone.
- Morning.

Did anyone see the Arsenal game?

I hope the family's coping with the move.

It must be very disruptive.

They're all a bit anxious.
I can't deny it, ma'am.

Sorry to hear that.

- I hope you don't mind me asking, ma'am.
- Yes?

How'd you know
the name of my kids' school?

It must have appeared
in the immediate incident report.

Sorry, ma'am - I don't mean to argue -

the attack occurred
only a few minutes before.

It seems a bit early
for the connection to be made.

It must've been in relation to your son,

from asking a colleague
in the Department of Education

to organise his transfer
to a specialist school.

David, let's talk...


Down, down! Go, go!

Stay down! The bullets can pierce windows
but can't get through the armoured metal.

Control. Sierra Zulu 7-9.
Status Zero, Thornton Circus.

Control. Sierra Zulu 7-9. Status
Zero, Thornton Circus. Lavender is TA.

Repeat, Lavender is TA.

Sierra Zulu 7-9.
Control, received.

All call signs
proceed to Thornton Circus urgently.

4-7. 7-9, back-to-back on 2.

Received, 7-9.

We've lost Terry.
We're sitting tight waiting for backup.

- Suggest you do the same.
- Wilco.


It's OK, ma'am. It's OK.

The bullets can't
get through the armour plating.

It's OK. It's OK.

- Control. 7-9 Sierra Zulu with a sit rep.
- Go ahead, 7-9.

We need armed support and air ops
to the scene as operational priority.

TFC's deploying to the scene.

Area being cordoned off
and unarmed held back.

ARVs en route, ETA two minutes.

Control. 7-9, received.

Two minutes, ma'am. We sit tight.
You're gonna be fine.

You're doing really well, ma'am.

You're doing great.


It's OK.

It's OK, ma'am. It's OK...

It's OK...

It's OK. It's OK. It's all right. It's OK.

Stay right down, ma'am.

- Control. Sit rep, Sierra Zulu 7-9.
- Go ahead, 7-9.

Shooter is located on roof
of Pascoe House, 1-0-0-0 feet

south of Thornton Circus.
Single shooter only.

Received, 7-9.

- Where are those ARVs?
- Area lockdown ongoing.

- ETA two minutes.
- You already said "two minutes"!


Ma'am, I need to get you to safety.
Ma'am, this is what I do. Trust me.

4-7, 7-9, back-to-back on 2.

- Go ahead, 7-9.
- We're sitting ducks here.

- Lavender on the move.
- Shit, what?

Follow, close formation.
Here we go, ma'am.

Stay right down, ma'am.

The roof armour will protect us, ma'am.

You're doing great, ma'am.

Soon he won't have a line of sight.

We're safe now, ma'am. Hold tight.

Don't move, ma'am.

- You'll be fine.
- No... No, no!

- Take care of the P.
- Sarge.

Armed police! Get down! Stay down!
Remain calm!

I need access to the roof!

Stay down! Remain calm!
Officers will be arriving!

This way.

I need the roof.

Through there, and up.

Armed police!

It's over, mate.

It's over.

For me.

Not for you.

You've got to finish the job.

I'm fucked.

- Don't...
- Someone's got to stop her.

- Get it done.
- Don't!

Area confirmed secure.
Lavender safe to travel.

Escorting her out of the building now.

I'm very sorry about Terry, ma'am.

The attack on
the Home Secretary began with shots fired

from the roof of Pascoe House,
a building undergoing refurbishment.

Struck her vehicle, claiming the
life of her driver, Terence Foyer.

Julia Montague was unhurt

and is in a secure location receiving
round-the-clock police protection.

As a result
of the assassination attempt,

the UK Threat Level
has been raised to Critical.

Police Commissioner
says the terror events

pose an unprecedented threat
to national security.

PS Budd.

Service entrance
just round to the right, sarge.

No complaints about the
surroundings, but...

it's unsettling not to be allowed
back into your own home.

Following an attempt on your life, ma'am,

all protection measures
have been ramped up.

And do you think I'm still in danger?

It'll turn out to be a nutjob acting alone.

SO15 don't know anything
about the gunman?

I can't imagine they're telling me
more than they're telling you.

I've got a meeting in the morning
with Stephen Hunter-Dunn.

Maybe the Security Service
can shed more light.

Why were the police held back
from entering the square?

It wasn't safe for
unarmed officers to go in.

No, I don't mean them. The ARVs.

We were under attack -
you, me, members of the public.

- Terry was blown apart.
- Are you all right?

Who would give that order?

To hold resources back
and leave us in the line of fire?

- I can't imagine that's what was going on.
- Just answer the question, please, David.

That would be
an executive officer at SO15.

Anne Sampson.

I can't imagine the ARVs were being
held back without good reason.

- First priority's preservation of life.
- I was being shot at!

That would suit her, wouldn't it -
me being smashed to pieces?

Ma'am, why don't you sit down
and let me take care of this.

I'm not the Queen.

You're allowed to touch me.

Home Secretary,
is there a concern you're still a target?

For security reasons,
I'm afraid I can't disclose any specifics.

Any comment
on the assassination attempt?

Only that I'm extremely grateful
for the swift and courageous actions

of the Security Services,

and I'm deeply thankful
there weren't more casualties.

How are you feeling, Home Secretary?

I'm feeling ready to return to my mission
of fighting the enemies of democracy,

and I'm undaunted in my determination

to pass the RIPA-18 legislation
needed to get that job done.

Not stage-managed at all.

Who's she trying to kid?

Oh, yeah. Number 10.

Yeah, Mike Travis.

Could you put me through to
Anne Sampson's office at New Scotland Yard?


David, come in.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

As you can imagine,
it's pretty hectic around here.

Any progress, ma'am?

Not yet.

The shooter signed into Pascoe House
as a tradesman using a false name.

He was carrying no ID or devices.

Fingerprints haven't thrown up
a database match either.

We'll find out, and his accomplices
if there are any. I'm not here.

Eyes front.

You've distinguished yourself again, David.

I intend to put you forward
for a commendation.

There's even talk of a medal.

Thank you very much, ma'am.

Obviously Thornton Circus
will have to be looked into by the IOPC,

as the gunman died at the scene,

but all the witnesses say
you acted with complete professionalism.

There's 101 places I need to be.

Sorry, ma'am.

Stephen Hunter-Dunn,

the Director-General
of the Security Service.

The Home Secretary's met with him
how many times in recent weeks?

I've not been counting, ma'am.

They're having almost daily conferences
and keeping me out of the loop. Why?

No idea, ma'am.

She's overruled our security advice.

She's taken
the 1st of October attack off us.

Unjustified, unprecedented.

This is a very, very dangerous politician.

Someone who must be stopped.

But a politician who happens to regard you
as her blue-eyed boy.

There's an upside to
the Home Secretary having you reinstated.

You know everyone she meets -
when, where, how long.

We've arranged to keep her at The
Blackwood, with an adjoining room.

My surveillance team will issue you with the
necessary equipment to monitor her meetings.

Is that lawful, ma'am?

I've got my duties as a PPO.
I'd rather stick to those, ma'am.

She's got you wrapped round her finger.

I see this all the time, David.

The minister ingratiates
himself with the PPO.

A favour here, pulling strings there.

You think it's out of the
goodness of their heart?

It's so you'll keep their secrets,
no matter what.

Our investigation is well under way
into the bombing that took place

right next to your kids' school.

We heard the Security Service
had advance knowledge schools were targets.

And who do they run to
with their intelligence?

One of her team told me,
in strictest confidence,

as soon as the school was mentioned,
she recognised the name straightaway.

There's only one plausible explanation.

She'd been given prior intelligence
it was a target.

All your precious Home Secretary had to do
was say the word

and your kids would have been
out of harm's way.

But she sat back and let it happen.



I'll be in the adjoining room.
Have a good evening.


You too.


My job. Your job.
It just complicates everything.

Nothing complicates my job.

It's to protect you.