Bodyguard (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

After rescuing a train from a suicide bomber, a Scottish Afghanistan War vet is assigned to protect the UK Home Secretary.

The train approaching Platform 3

is the 20:55 service to London Euston.

Cover yourself up, Ella.
We're not there yet.

Good girl.

Ssh, ssh, ssh.

Not our stop yet. Back to sleep.

This train is about to depart!

Stand clear of the doors.

Stand clear of the doors.

Excuse me.

Is everything all right in there?

Sorry, madam. You wouldn't mind looking
after my kids for a minute, would you?

- I'll be right back.
- Yeah. No problem.

Thank you very much.
I'll be right back.

In toilet C-D.

Sergeant David Budd, Metropolitan Police.

What's going on?

You've got an intelligence report
for an Asian male in his 20s?

- How do you know about that?
- I saw you checking out the guy in my carriage.

He's fine. I saw someone
acting suspiciously at Marston.

I don't know if he succeeded in boarding the
train but if he did he could be in the toilet.

Look, I'm an Operational Firearms Commander
with Specialist Protection. What's the plan?

British Transport Police have put out
an alert on a possible suicide bomber

attempting to board a London-bound service.

We've been ordered to stop the train at Barnet
Shed. It's a derelict depot out in the sticks.

- SO... 19.
- SCO19.

They're gonna board the train.

How long till we get there?

Seven minutes.

He won't detonate in the toilet. He'll go
into the carriage for maximum casualties.

- Right, stick with me on this. What's your name?
- Sandra.

Give me your number.

Uh... 07700900876.

- I need to call this in.
- Do it.

This way, sarge.
We'll take you down to Trackside.

I need a few more minutes.
Is that all right?

Yeah. No problem.

Thank you.

- Hello?
- I can't let him get out of there.

There's dozens of passengers,
my kids included.

- What?
- Can you unlock exit doors...




Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.

What I said is, can you...

The stop's a few minutes away.
Let's not do anything to...

He'll know it's an unscheduled stop.

He'll go into the carriage
and detonate the device. No.

Can you unlock the doors
while the train's moving or not?

- Yes.
- When I say so, do it.

- Let me take care of the rest.
- The rest of what?

To throw him off the train.

Stand by.

Do it now...

Subject does not appear
to be carrying a device.

He's an Asian male, late 20s,

wearing a black baseball cap,
grey T-shirt and carrying a green coat.

Advise SCO19 he's heading towards
the front of the train

and does not appear to be a threat.
Repeat, does not appear to be a threat.

I'm going to examine the toilet
for signs of a device.

Trojan, Control. Active message.

Trojan receiving.

Subject is at front of train, no visible
device, to be detained for questioning.

- Proceed as planned.
- Copy.

The train's ETA is three minutes.

Three minutes!

As-salamu alaykum.

I just want to talk.

That's all.

I can see you're as scared as I am.

Miss, I just want to help you.

You don't have to do this.

You can change your mind.

Don't do that! Please don't do that!
Don't move. Please, just stay still.

Please! Just stay still.

Don't move. Please! Please!

You don't want to do this.

You don't look like you do.

Listen, the specialist
counter-terrorism unit

already know about a potential incident
on this train.

So what I'd like to do is just tell them...

that you're willing to talk.

Does that sound OK to you?

Just talk. Is that a start?

There's a second bomber.
But we're talking.

Now write this down.

Young Asian female.

Equipped with an explosives vest.

Advise SCO19 she's willing to talk.

Request armed officers
hold back from boarding the train

and that Bomb Disposal and negotiators
are deployed as operational priority.

But firstly, right now,
evacuate the adjacent carriages.

Yeah. OK.

This is your guard speaking.

Would all passengers in Carriage D

please make your way at once
into Carriages E and F?

- And would all passengers in Carriage C...
- Come on, wake up.

- ..Make your way...
- We've got to move. Wake up.

- ..Into Carriages...
- Where's Daddy?

Wake up.

I'll just have a look and make sure
everyone's getting out all right. OK?

All right? I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying right here.

It's OK. It's OK.

My name's David.

David Budd.

What's yours?


The man that was in here before.
Is that your husband?


And your husband wants you to die?

You don't have to be a martyr, Nadia.

We can deactivate this device.

And we can protect you from your husband.

You don't ever have to see him again,
if you don't want to.

Hey, Nadia.

Nadia, look at me.

I'm just as scared as you are, I promise.

I'm just bringing my kids back
from visiting my mum.

You have children?

Yes. I do, two.

That's Ella. She's ten.

Charlie. He's eight.

I just want to take them home to their mum.

Trojan, Control.
We've got a sit-rep from the train guard.

There's an off-duty Specialist Protection
Officer on board, PS David Budd.


Stand by!

It's all right.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Stop, please!
Stop! Listen to me. Listen to me.

Why would someone you love
want you to kill yourself?

You've been brainwashed.

He has. You have.

And I'd know.

I was in Afghanistan.

I saw mates get killed.
Nearly got killed myself.

For what? Nothing.

Politicians. Cowards and liars.

Ours and theirs. People full of talk but
will never spill a drop of their own blood.

But you and I, we're
just collateral damage.

Don't let them win, Nadia.

Don't let them win.

Police officer. Don't shoot!

All right? Stay right here.
I'm not going anywhere.

You hear that?

That's them evacuating everyone
from the train.

It's just you and I.

It's just us here.


- Armed police!
- Armed police!

Get down on the ground!

Put your hands on your head and get down!

Get down!

Don't move!

Stay exactly where you are, Nadia.

Don't move, OK?

All right.

- Armed police!
- PS David Budd. Specialist Protection.

- Don't shoot!
- We know who you are. Stand clear.

It's all right. I'm not going anywhere.

Just stay very still now, Nadia.

- OK?
- David, work with me, yeah?

You've done a great job,
but you're not OFC here. I am.

I need you to stand down nice and easy.

I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying with you.

It's all right. Nothing's changed.

It's just us talking here.

- Just stay really, really still. OK?
- Move away from the subject.

In position.

It's OK, Nadia. It's all right.

TFC reports sniper in position.

Critical shot authorised.


Nadia, I need you to trust me.

I'm going to turn round
and speak to this officer.

She's cooperating.
She intends to surrender.

She does not intend to activate the device.

Get Expo here.

They're here. Now move away!

It's all right.

It's OK. I'm not going anywhere.

- David, stand clear.
- I'm not.

Nadia, you need to show them
you're not gonna detonate the device.

When I ask you to,
raise your arms either side of you.

- Can you do that when I ask?
- This is your final warning. Stand clear!

Nadia's gonna spread her arms
and we're gonna stay put and wait for Expo.

Trojan OFC to TFC.

PS Budd has been given repeated warnings
to stand down but has failed to cooperate.

We have no clear shot of the subject.

That's it, nice and slow.

Stay... Stay close to me.

Come in. Come in close to me.

That's it. All right, doing really well.

Doing really well, Nadia.

That gun... That's an MCX carbine.

A bullet from that
would go through the both of us.

I'm trusting they're not gonna
shoot one of their own.

All right?

- You trust me too?
- OK.


Shit. Oh, come on...

- Control to Sniper 1. Do you have a clean shot?
- Negative.

Stay in here.

Don't go out. Stay here. Stay here with me.
You don't have to go anywhere.

- Subject required out of toilet for critical shot.
- Received.

Get Expo here now!

David, I need the subject
to step out of the toilet.

No, she's gonna stay
here and wait for Expo.

- That's what we're gonna do.
- Come out of the toilet.

- Don't move.
- Come out.

- Nadia, stay still for me.
- Out now, miss.

You're doing good.

- Get Expo here!
- Stand aside.

Don't fire! Do not do this!

- Come out of the toilet!
- Don't do this!

Nadia, stay there.
Don't move, don't move.

- Step out of the toilet!
- Don't do this. Don't do this.

- Please don't do this!
- Stand down! Out!

- Out!
- Nadia, stay here! That's it.

- Don't do this!
- Get out of the fucking toilet!



Come on, come on.

No shot.

All right. Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

All right, Nadia. Hold tight.

That's it. Just keep moving.

Hold tight.


All right.

Control to Sniper 1.

Can you execute critical shot?


That's it, Nadia.

Keep moving with me.

No clean shot
available. Repeat, no clean shot available.

- That's it.
- Expo.

Control. Sending Expo in now.

Expo is coming.

Thank you.

All right, Nadia. I've got you.

Explosives officer.

Stay calm.

Stay calm.


My name's Karen.

Now I need you to put your arms down.

Good. Now turn your palms towards me...

and do not move.

Nadia, I'm gonna step to the side.

But I'll be right here.

I'm moving towards you now.

Nadia, now I need to ask you...

this object in your hand
is the initiation device?


Does anyone else have
control of this device?


Straighten your arm, please.

Arms up, please.

All the way up.


Turn around for me, please.

I'm gonna remove the belt.

I need everyone out now.

Open the door.

I'm gonna step off the train...
then ask you to follow me.

All right?

OK, nice and slowly.

Keep your hands where we can see them.

- Stay calm.
- Stay still and we'll lift you down to the ground.

- Stay still!
- Nadia!

Don't look over there. Look down
at the ground. Down at the ground!

Stop resisting. Go! Go!

Let's go.

It's over.

You're safe now.

He can't hurt you. No-one's gonna hurt you.

Come on, out you get.

- Thanks, mate.
- Oh!

- Mummy!
- Thank God!

- Come here. Oh!
- Mummy!

Oh, sweetheart.

By the time I'd given a statement, I'd...

Love, it's all right.

- Thank you.
- I'm fine. Look, we're all fine.

It's all right.

Night-night, sweetheart. I love you.

- Night-night, Charlie bear.
- Good night.

Night-night, sweetheart.

Night, big man.


- Love you.
- Love you too.

They'll be all right, love.

- I should be heading off.
- You don't have to.

You sure?

You feeling OK?

Come on. Let's talk downstairs.

Oh, for Chrissake, Dave.



I'm sorry. I'm a fucking idiot.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Terrorists armed with a suicide
vest boarded the London-bound train

just before 9pm last night.

The Prime Minister
has called a meeting of COBRA.

No-one was injured in the attack on
a train en route to London Euston.

We would urge members of the public
to remain vigilant and report...

JTAC will assess the threat level...

My Government remains resolute
in our determination to root out terrorism.

JTAC has raised
the threat level to Substantial.

What I'm being told
is most worrying about yesterday's incident

is the exceptionally high level of
sophistication of the explosive vest

employed by the would-be attackers.

It would appear most likely
that this is the work of a terror cell

and there may well be accomplices
still at large.

Frank Gardner,
our security correspondent.

- Morning, sarge.
- Cheers, Ken.

The level of sophistication
of the 1st of October device,

and the very real concern that it represents a
new and devastating threat to national security,

has led the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre

to raise the UK's terror threat level
to Substantial.

We're joined now by the Home Secretary,
the Right Honourable Julia Montague, MP.

Before we begin, Nick,

I'd like to pay tribute to the courage of all
members of the Police and Security Service

whose selfless actions
prevented an appalling act of terrorism.

Bit of a day yesterday.

If you need some time off, or for me to refer
you to Occ Health for some counselling...

I'm fine, thanks, ma'am.

It's a miracle you're in one piece.

We're all very lucky
the bomber changed her mind.

Mm. Not that she's saying much.

And the husband's saying nothing.

It seems like when the time came
she froze and the husband panicked.


Great job, David.

- A credit to the Branch.
- Thank you, ma'am.

So far you've acted as PPO
to visiting foreign dignitaries?

That's right, ma'am.

The Commissioner's ordered me to review
Specialist Protection on senior politicians.

I'm assigning you to a Cabinet Minister.

The Home Secretary.

Very good, ma'am.

It's a move up.


Thank you, ma'am.

Good man.


My Glock and two magazines, please.

That's the Principal now, skipper, in
the first car. The backup's behind.

Her driver's Terry
and the PPO's PC Tom Fenton.

- Ma'am.
- Kim...

Ma'am, this is PS Budd, the new PPO.

A pleasure to meet you, ma'am.

I was wondering if we could discuss you
using the underground entrance from now on?

I'm late for a meeting.

Julia likes to be seen.

- What's happening with Andrew Marr?
- I'll chase them today.

I thought it was all confirmed.

There's a possibility
that Number 10 want the slot.

And when were you planning to tell me?

I was waiting for the right moment.

You didn't find it.

Sierra Zulu 7-2 from Control.

Go ahead, Control. 7-2. Over.

7-2, do you have an ETA
for Tulip to arrive at Melbourne?

Control, traffic is heavy.
ETA 12 minutes. 7-2. Over.

7-2, can you call up
when one minute away? Control out.

Rob Macdonald, Special Advisor
to the Home Secretary. Leave a message.

Hi, it's me. Um, we need to catch up.

Come to the flat.

I'm not sure what time I'll be home.
It depends on the traffic.

Cross the river and take the South Circ.

Terry's been driving me for three years.

I think he can be trusted
to determine the fastest route.

I've made a dynamic risk assessment

and - given the current threat level -
I recommend a diversion.

And how much longer will that take?

Can't say for certain, ma'am.

In that case, we'll just take
the usual route, please, Terry.

Take the South Circ if you don't mind.

My job's to keep you safe, ma'am.

- I won't tell you how to do yours.
- No, but you're happy to make it harder.

47-79, we'll park up
across the road and wait.


If you wouldn't mind holding here a moment,
please, ma'am.

- Hi.
- I've just remembered I've got nothing in.

- All right to pick up a takeaway?
- Not a problem.

- Usual?
- Yeah, sure.

May I ask what you're doing?

What's behind this door?

My study.

Seriously, I'm expecting a colleague
and I need you to fuck off.

No offence.

None taken.

That was us plotting to
build the Death Star.

How long's this gonna take?

Can't say for certain, ma'am.

Just get on with it!

- PC Knowles said your name's Budd.
- Yes, ma'am.

The officer who prevented the 1st of
October rail attack. That was you?

Yes, ma'am.

It's been a long and trying day.
I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.

Thank you, ma'am.

All is forgiven?

As you wish, ma'am.

No, really, I've been a total cow.

All is forgiven.

Thank you.

- Skip...
- Evening.

Mr Macdonald visiting the Principal.

I can get it.

Oh, hello.

Evening, sir.

- Rob Macdonald.
- Perfect timing.

I'm starving. Come through.

Sergeant Budd won't be long.

- Actually, I'm all done, ma'am.
- Thank you, Sergeant.

Couple of prawn crackers going
if you want some?

No, thank you, sir.

- Have a good evening, ma'am.
- You too.

I got this for later.

- Evening, lads.
- Skip.

Control, Sierra Zulu 7-9.
We're State 11, handing off to DPG.


Hiya, love.

You OK?

Yeah. I'm just calling for a chat.

About what?

Just calling for a chat, Vic.

What do you want?

What do I want?
I'm just calling to say hello.

Just missed you, that's all.

Wh, God. Don't start.

Why can't we just have a chat
like two normal adults, Vicky?

This is not normal.

Vicky, I've put a lid on it.

I'm handling things.

I know what happens when you call late
with a few drinks inside you.

I've not even had a few drinks.


Vicky, let's just have a chat.

- Let's just have a chat.
- Not now.

- Vick.
- No. Not like this.



There is a heightened police presence
at airports, railway stations

- and other potential targets.
- ..triggered a hunt for accomplices.

- Counter Terrorism believe the cell...
- ..ignited a debate on national security,

which has the potential
to split the Government.

- The PM, a moderate...
- The Home Secretary's efforts

to enhance surveillance powers

through a new Regulation of Investigatory
Powers Bill, so-called RIPA-18...

Home Secretary, two minutes
till I take you through to the studio.

Thank you.

I bet the PM pulled out because
he knew you'd do a much better job.

Sounds like a reason not to pull out.

Your decaf.

Oh, my God!

I'm so sorry.



Shut up.


- For God's sake, give her your blouse.
- It'll never fit.

- Oh, for God's sake!
- Give her yours, then.

I don't wear blouses, do I?

Can we dry it out?

Don't be ridiculous, there's no time!

Fresh on this morning, ma'am.

You've got to be kidding me!

My shirts are altered
to fit over my ballistic vest.

So the chest-to-waist ratio
should be compatible.

Well, don't all stand around gawping.

And you, fuck off and organise
Sergeant Budd a new shirt.

You have to tuck it
under your jacket, ma'am.

Thank you.

Some privacy?

Yeah, of course.

Home Secretary, just how anxious
should we be about this terrorist threat?

- Is there another one around the corner?
- We are a target.

We can't be complacent.

Now, I am committed
to supporting our security services

by giving them greater powers
to confront greater threats.

The Government is intent on forcing through

a beefed-up Regulation of
Investigatory Powers Act this year,

RIPA-18 as it's been dubbed,
spearheaded by you,

but critics are calling
it a Snoopers' Charter

to monitor phone calls, emails
and social media without judicial review.

Andrew, only those intent on acts
of violence have anything to fear.

The Prime Minister
has been quoted as saying

that "Lessons need to be learned from our
military interventions in the Middle East."

So what do you think
those lessons might be?

I can't see any justification for believing

the Taliban would govern Afghanistan
in peace and harmony,

or Iraqi insurgents would ever
have formed a stable democracy,

or ISIS would ever form a state with which
the world could have diplomatic relations.

And, Andrew, I certainly do not miss
the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.

So what are the lessons to be learned?

The Prime Minister has been very clear
on how we deal with the present

and build a more secure future.

That doesn't require
apologising for the past.

I can't see any justification
for believing the Taliban

would govern Afghanistan
in peace and harmony,

or Iraqi insurgents would ever have
formed a stable democracy, or I...

and build a more secure future.

That doesn't require
apologising for the past.

Doesn't require
apologising for the past.

That doesn't require
apologising for the past.

Doesn't require
apologising for the past.

Apologising for the past.

Apologising for the past.

for the past... apologising for the past.

Apologising for the past... apologising
for the past... apologising for the past.

Hello? Reception.


Yes, here he is.

Security, they need you upstairs! Quick!

Clear back!

How can you treat me like that?

You hated me from day one!

- Stand there like a smug prat!
- Sergeant Budd, thank you. Sergeant Budd.

- Escort Ms Dyson..
- Back in your office.

- From the building.
- Interview your little girl.

- We can get back to work.
- For a job

that you don't know what I do
on a daily basis!

Have you taken the time?

No. Because you are that arrogant!

- Back in your office!
- There's a cab coming for her.

Oh, a cab? Keep your cab!

- Narcissistic smug prick!
- Sorry about this.

Good luck with your interview, darling.
I wouldn't work here if I'm fucking paid.

Miss, will you come with me, please?


Come on, let's talk about it downstairs.

All right?

Can you not stand so close to me, please?

Yeah, I'm just coming
out onto the street now.


Bit calmer?

If you don't want to deal with them, I can
sort out sending on your personal belongings.

Thank you.

What happened?

They've started interviewing candidates
for my job.

Didn't even tell me
they were giving me the push. So...

- They didn't say why?
- There's no "they". It's just her. Sociopath.

God help anyone who sees through her.

- I thought they were sending you a cab.
- Yeah, I don't need their shitty cab.

Sierra Zulu 7-9, Lavender inbound.

This is a breakdown of powers
sought by RIPA-18.

- Mind if I steal your boss for a minute, Rob?
- Er, sure.

- See you inside.
- Interesting TV interview. You must be proud.

I'd really like to get
into the Chamber, Roger.

Planning on hijacking the Counter Terror
Debate for shameless self-promotion?

- Is there a point to this?
- Why aren't you returning my calls?

Pardon me. For security reasons,
I'd prefer you moved indoors.

You work for us, Plod,
so wind your neck in.

I'm the fucking Chief Whip.
When I call, you answer.

We claim the centre ground
but you're heading off-piste.

- The PM can count on my full support.
- Bullshit.

He's weakened.
You're making a move for the leadership.

Sir, ma'am, I need you both to move inside.

Can't you call your monkey off?
Throw him some nuts.

I'm mixed race.

- Hi.
- John. Roger Penhaligon.

- You OK?
- No. Not great.

I need to record my side of a conversation
with one of the PPOs...

Are you?


No, ma'am.

Right, where were we?

Right. This is a summary of the limitations
in existing legislation...

All clear, ma'am.

Sergeant Budd.

Your shirt.

Thank you, ma'am.

I'm sorry about Chanel.

She took her dismissal badly and my staff thought
you'd be the best person to deal with it.

If you can talk someone
out of blowing up a train...

- Want one?
- On duty, ma'am.

Soft drinks in the fridge.

No. Thank you, ma'am.

Do you prefer David or Dave?

I answer to both, ma'am.

You won't have heard yet, but we are going
to charge the male 1st of October attacker.

He appears to have plausible links
to Islamist terrorists,

though I'm not at liberty
to say more at this stage.

That's good news. Thanks, ma'am.

And, thanks to you, his wife's
alive to assist with our inquiries.

It seems I'm constantly finding
reasons to compliment you.

Not quite constantly.

Is there a Mrs Budd?

Yes, ma'am. Vicky.
We have two children.

Oh. What are their names?

- Ella and Charlie.
- Oh.

Your shifts must make home life difficult.

- I'm sorry. That was private. I shouldn't have.
- No, it's...

You'd know, ma'am,
all these hours you work.

Goes with the territory.

Did you always want to be a politician?

I hope you don't mind me asking that...

I was a criminal barrister.

I witnessed at first hand
how the causes of crime

often have as much to do with a person's
upbringing and social circumstances.

I sought a role
in which I could make a real difference.

I'm keeping you.

May I ask, ma'am...

That interview you did on telly,
did you mean what you said?

I'm sorry?

About the Middle East.

See, I don't only say
what the people want to hear.

I'm about doing the right thing
and making the hard choices.

The thing is, David slash Dave, I don't need
you to vote for me, only to protect me.

Rest assured, ma'am...

I'll do what's required.



Sorry, I was just getting ready for work.

I just wanted to apologise
for the other night...


I was just having a couple of rounds
of toast. I can make you some.

You're all right, love. I'm fine.

Are the kids not up yet?

They're all right, aren't they?


Both of them?

RIPA-18 will give them that support.


Look. Don't take this the wrong way.

I know you're disappointed
to miss the kids, but...

maybe that's why it's best that you
call ahead if you're going to come round?

I was hoping we could talk.

- Why?
- I've said I'm sorry.

Yeah, you always are.

You need help, Dave.

I need a job that pays the bills, Vic.

Yes. And I keep covering for you
so that you can keep it...

but I've stopped being able to
stand back and watch.

You are getting worse, Dave.

Love, I'm sorry, but we
can work through this.

I've met someone.

He was here?



- Still here?
- No.

Look, I... I was going to tell you...

You farm our kids out
so you can have your night together?

They're with their school friends.
They've had a lovely time.

- Do they know?
- They think that he's a friend.




Let's not get divorced yet.

Oh, God, no,
we're not that serious or anything.

It's early days.

In case anything happens to me at work...

you'll still get the pension...
if we're legally married.

That the Counter-Terrorism

and Security Act, 2015

simply does not go far enough.

Hi. Chanel?

Yeah, sorry.

- I hope here's OK.
- Oh, fine.

- Can I get you anything?
- No, please, let me...

Oh. Maybe later.

Look, I know, but...

you just always seemed open
to the wider possibilities of a story.

Not one to regurgitate the press release.

Thanks very much.
And for getting in touch.

Julia Montague's the woman of the hour,
so my editor didn't take much persuading.

"Woman of the hour."
Talk about an understatement.

You weren't able to give me
much detail over the phone.

Yeah, that's right. Well...

I just want to stop everyone
getting carried away with this idea

that she's such a brilliant politician.

- How would you describe her?
- A sociopath.

The most dangerous person in the country.

More dangerous than the people
she keeps calling "enemies of freedom".

- How's she dangerous?
- She's got an agenda.

To heighten fear,
to destroy debate and to seize power.

What evidence do you have
to substantiate these claims?

I've worked for two years
in the Home Office,

most of that time
in daily contact with Julia Montague.

You were fired, Chanel.


In Whitehall, this isn't a story: "Aide
gets fired. Aide badmouths minister."

I'm trying to explain
how Julia's different.

But you're not explaining how you're different
from any other disgruntled former employee.

You've got my number and email
if you find something concrete.

I hope things work out for you.

Fuck off.

Are you getting in?

Do you want me to call someone?

That's the last thing I want you to do.

Open invitation.

Only those of us that were over there
know what went on.

Opened my eyes.

For decades the West has been inflicting
suffering on the poor and powerless.

The war in the desert, in the oil fields...

we've brought it
back to the streets of Britain.

There's kids growing up over here,

all they hear is what's been done
to families and friends over there.

Who can blame them...
if they want to push back?

Hear, hear.

And when they push back, our politicians
act like it's come from nowhere,

so they can pass laws
restricting our freedoms

and order new attacks
against the so-called terrorists.

And guess what?
The cycle of violence goes on.

Always wondered if you'd turn up some time.

A soapbox is not really my thing, mate.

That's not how you were in Helmand.

That was a crazy time out there.

I'm trying to put all that behind me.
I'm making a proper go of civvie street.

You put "PTSD" on your job application,
who's gonna hire you?


Just because it's not visible...

Mate, you can't beat it on your own.

The counselling sessions...
they're really helpful.

There's a bunch of us now, good...

I'm good, thanks.

So, what are you doing now?


Doing what?

Specialist Protection.

Government ministers...

Are you fucking kidding me?
You're protecting those wankers?

You turn up after all this time
and tell me this shit? What's that about?

You've got a fucking nerve, mate.

- I knew you'd understand.
- Understand? What?

You said it. Out in Helmand.

You say a lot of stuff when you've seen
your best mates blown to pieces.

That if you ever found yourself right beside
one of those bastards that sent us out there,

you'd just close your
eyes and pull the trigger.

You'd still have a face.

I'd still have a family.

Doors and seat belts.

A little bird told me you were
Johnny-on-the-spot at the 1st of October.

Yes, sir.

Looks like the Home Secretary
couldn't be in safer hands.

Lavender outbound.