Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Daddy Dropoff - full transcript

Dad refuses to be late dropping off Bluey and Bingo at kindy and school, but the girls make Dad play so many games, they quickly derail his plan.

My name is Lila
and this is my story.

This was me
on my first day of kindy.

I was really shy.

Mum says that's OK,

but that meant sometimes I wasn't
really good at making friends.

I just didn't know how to do it.

But then one day, that all changed.

And it started with pet feet.

Oh, hello, my lovely little
pet foot.

Oh, hello,
my lovely little pet foot.

Oh, you're extra stinky
this morning.

Pooh, yeah.

Time for tricks. Ready?


Good boy. Up.

Let's say hello to Lefty.

Your pet's attacking my pet!

Sit, Righty, sit.

Come here. Yaaa!

Oh, the kids - argh! - are awake.

You like making extra work
for yourself, don't you?

Yeah. At least I get
to lie in bed, though.

You know it's Daddy Dropoff
this morning.

Right! Kids! Daddy Dropoff!

We are not gonna be late this time.

Huh? Hey.


This episode of Bluey
is called Daddy Dropoff.

OK, gluten free, gluten not-free.

I'm off to work, kids.

Enjoy Daddy Dropoff.

I don't want a Daddy Dropoff,

I want a Mummy Dropoff.

Oh, don't worry.

Dad will make it extra fun,
won't you, Dad?

Yep, yep, yep.

See ya, Mum.

Hey, food in gobs!
The clock's ticking.

Oh, Bingo, do you hear something?

Mm, no.

Brekky! Come on!

Are you sure
you don't hear something?

I'm sure.

It must be the wind.

It's me, your dad.
Can't you hear me?

Oh, lovely morning,
isn't it?



I wish Father were here to enjoy it.

I'm right here!

In the car, kids.
Come on. Go, go, go, go, go.

Argh! Forgot the keys.

Hey, Bluey, I found a wand.

Ooh, use it on Dad.

Rack 'em and stack 'em, kids.

We gotta goooooo.

OK, that slo-mo set us back a bit,
but we're still on time.

Wait, Bingo, did you
remember your jumper?

I'm at my house.

It's a hundred miles away from you.

Oh, OK.

But did you bring your jumper?

You don't understand.

She's too far away to hear you.

You have to ring her on the phone.

Oh, alright.

Call Bingo.

Brrrt! Ring-ring, ring-ring.

Ring-ring, ring-ring.

Ring-ring, ring-ring.

Ring-ring, ring-ring.

Boop. Hello?

Oh, I'm actually after Bingo.

Well, you have the wrong number.
This is Marjorie.

Oh, sorry, Marjorie. My mistake.

Don't let it happen again. Boop.


Brrrp. Ring-ring, ring-ring.

Boop. Hello?

Hello, Marjorie.

Is this you again?!

Yeah, look...
Stop calling this number!

I'm trying to find out if Bingo
left her jumper at home.

Well, I'm trying to have a shower!

It's just that we'll have to turn
back if she's forgotten it.

♪ La-dee-dee! I'm in the shower!

♪ Oh, la-da-da... ♪

You don't live near Bingo, do you?

I've never heard of him.

Now, don't call me again. Boop!

Oh, these kids.

Call Bingo Heeler, a small red dog

who is definitely
not called Marjorie!

Bee-boop-brrp. Ring-ring, ring-ring.

Come on, Bingo, please pick up.

Ring-ring, ring-ring!

Ooh, my phone's ringing.

Boop. Hello?

Oh, thank goodness.

Bingo, did you bring your jumper?

Mm, nope.

Argh, biscuits!

OK, kids, we've got to...


OK, let's motor.

Dad, can we play Walk Straight?


Now, you need to walk straight,
Bingo, OK?

Watch me.

See? Easy.

Now you do it.

Mmm! Bingo, walk straight.

Come on, it's not hard.

Oh, man, we are late!

See ya, Bingo.

Bit of sunscreen.

Alright, keep it real, Bingo.


Yes, mate?

You didn't do Wind-Up Bingo.

Oh, look, mate, I gotta
get Bluey to school.

But you always do Wind-Up Bingo.

Oh, I know, it's just
we're running late, kiddo.

But how will I get in the door?


Let's aim you up.

Wind. Wind. Wind. Wind.

And one for good luck. Wind!



See ya, Wind-Up Bingo!
See ya!

Oh, we'!

Yeah, mate?

If we didn't play Wind-Up Bingo just
then, would we still be late?

Well, probably not as late.

So, why did you play it, then?

Mm, I don't know. Just did.

But what if you didn't?

What would happen then?

Probably nothing, I suppose.

Bingo would just walk
through the door instead.

Yeah, she would.

Wouldn't be as fun, though.


I'm glad you did play it.

Yeah, me too.

Me three. Because that was
the first time I met Bingo.

See ya!


Hey, can you wind me back up,

Wind, wind, wind, wind, wind.



Bingo is my friend now.

And I hope we're friends
forever and ever and ever.