Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Bingo - full transcript

When Bluey has a playdate at Chloe's, Bingo must learn how to play by herself. But all the games she knows need more than one person. Luckily Dad has a problem that needs solving.

Ah, what a nice sunny day.

Ah, nice and sunny.
Yeah, nice and sunny.

Uh-oh, problem. It's raining!


Quick, get under the mumbrella.

Phew, nice and dry.

Oh, no, the mumbrella's blowing away!


Nice and dry...

Alright. Bluey, let's go.

See ya, Mum. See ya, Bingo.

See ya. Have fun.

Can you play with me until Bluey
gets back from Chloe's house?

I can't, honey.
There's a problem with the toilet.

It won't flush. Mum has to fix it.

But who am I going to play with?

You're gonna play with Bingo.

Oh, yeah!

This episode of Bingo
is called Bingo.

OK, Mum's gotta get to it.

You go play by yourself.

Oh, one problem.

Oh, yeah, what's that?

I don't know how to play by myself.

Yeah, you do, sweetie.
You're just not used to it.

Give it a go.
OK, Mama.

♪ Doo, doo, dee-doo, dee-doo... ♪

What am I gonna do?

Oh, I'll play doctor.

Next patient.

Oh, yeah, this won't work.

♪ Dee-doo, doo, doo... ♪

Hmm... Ooh, I know.

I spy with my little eye,
something coloured green.

Oh, wait, this won't work either.

It was rug, by the way.

♪ Dee-doo, doo, dee-doo... ♪

Hmm, maybe I can play
a railings game.

What if I lift you up a bit?

Mum, problem!

It happened again.

Oh, Bingo, I told you.
Don't put your legs in the railing.

Sorry, Mama.
Turn it.

Yep, there you go.

I'm having a problem getting started.

Maybe you're just hungry.
Oh, yeah!

Ooh, raspberries and blueberries.

Which one do I want?

Raspberries or blueberries?


Hey. Do you mind, fridge?

I'm trying to decide.

Now, raspberries or...

Hey! So rude!

Maybe if I open then shut you.



OK, now...

Oh, that's it, fridge. I'm leaving!

Oh, but I'm really hungry.

OK, I'm just gonna close
my eyes and choose.

Eee, mmm...



I'm going to eat you.

Umf, umf, umf.

Alright, I'm not hungry anymore.

Now, what's a game
that only needs Bingo?

Ooh, I know.

Why won't you flush?!


Are you OK?

What are you doing?

I'm hiding!

Oh, OK.

Why are you hiding?

I'm playing hide and seek.


Who's coming to find you?


I just miss my sister.

I know.

And the fridge doesn't like me.


Are you sure you can't play with me
just a little bit?

No, honey, I have to fix the toilet.

But that's not fun.

It's fun for me.
I like a good problem.

Maybe I need a good problem.

Ahh, that's it, Bingo!

You don't need a game.
You need a problem.


I'm back.

Dad, do you have
a good problem for Bingo?

Well, yeah, I do, actually.
Ooh, what is it?

Well, on the way to Chloe's,

Bluey wanted to know
what colour kiwis were.

The fruit? They're green.

No, the little furry animal
that lives in New Zealand.

Hmm, that is a tricky one.

Yeah, I had no idea.
Do you know, Bingo?

No, but I know how to find out.

No problem.

Can you fix that tile for me?

World map puzzle!

OK, all the blue bits here
and red bits here.

Nice and straight, Bandit.
Nice and straight.

This bit goes here,
which means that bit can do that.

Finished! Wait, not finished.

I'm missing a piece.
Oh, yeah.

You're missing New Zealand.
Oh, not again.

No problem, I can find it.

Where are you, New Zealand?

New Zealand?

I know - I'll draw missing posters
for New Zealand.


Hello, fridge. I want to stick
a New Zealand poster on you.

Beep twice if we can be friends.

Thanks, fridge.

Oh, little anty.

You're trying to carry that food
all by yourself.

Well, keep going, little fella.

OK, the posters are all up.

New Zealand will show up very soon.

Sweet as, Bingo.
I'm almost finished.

You want me to play with you?
No, thanks. I'm OK.

See ya, Chloe! Huh?

I'm back.

Bingo, you're missing
a puzzle piece!

Yeah, New Zealand. Have you seen it?

It's on your bum.

Oh, Bingo.

The posters worked.

Look, Bluey.

Dad, kiwis are brown!


It works!

Thanks, Mum.
Thanks, Bingo.

No problem.

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