Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Favourite Thing - full transcript

When Bluey accidentally makes Bingo upset playing a game at dinner, she will do anything to make her happy again - even changing the rules of the game. But nothing seems to work.

Whoo! T-bone!

Hang on.
Oh? Oh.

You ready?

BOTH ♪ For the golden corn
and the apples on the trees

♪ For the golden butter
and the honey from the bees

♪ For fruits and nuts and berries
that grow beside the way

♪ We praise our loving Mother Earth
to thank her every day

♪ Hooray! ♪

Well, that's new.

We learned it at kindie.

The honey bit's my favourite.

Oh! Can we play "What was
your favourite thing today?"


This episode of Bluey is called
Favourite Thing.

You go first, Bluey.

Well, my Favourite Thing
was at morning tea.

Bingo was trying to eat
cherry tomatoes with her fork.

Agh! This is trifficult.


She said "trifficult"!
It was so funny.

Oh, Bingo.

You must have been trying
to say tricky and difficult

at the same time. (CHUCKLES)

Oh, Bingo, honey. It's OK.

It's funny.

No, it isn't.


What did I say wrong?

Nothing, honey.
Just eat your dinner.

I didn't mean to upset her.

I know. I think she's just
embarrassed she said the word wrong.

It was funny.

Well, yeah, but I guess she thought
you were laughing at her.

But I wasn't.
I know.

Look, she'll be right.
Just eat your dinner.

I'm sorry, Bingo.
I didn't mean to embarrass you.

That's OK.

Are you still upset with me?

Oh, you are.

Come on, let's keep playing
the Favourite Things game.

Whose turn is it?

Um...actually, I think I was wrong
with what my Favourite Thing was.

Oh, OK. What's your new one?

Well, it wasn't
at morning tea.

It was at afternoon tea.

BOTH: Oh, no.

Look, kids. All I ask is
that you eat some alfalfa.

It will stop you getting sick.
OK, dude.

And stop calling me dude.
Sorry, dude.

Bluey, can it.
Sure thing, dude.

Bluey, I'm serious.

What's up with these dudes?



That was a fun three hours.

Bingo, do you want to
have your turn now?

Well, I'll have a turn.

Wait, Mum...

Can you make sure that
your Favourite Thing

is something where Bingo does
something really funny in it?

OK, sweetheart.


Well, my Favourite Thing
happened today at lunchtime.


Open the lid.

Stick your finger in.

Now wiggle it around.

Uh... OK.

Take it out.

Now close the lid.

Thank you for cleaning my toilet.



That was disgusting!

Good one, Bingo.

Are you ready for your turn now?


Well, I'll tell you
my Least Favourite Thing today.

Bingo, remember this one?

I was changing a lightbulb.

Yeah, mate.

What's your name?

And what is this?

And what am I holding?
Uh... Nothing.


Dad. Nose. Nothing.

Oh, what?!


Oh, your poor dad.
That was funny.

Now that I think about it,
my real Favourite Thing

actually was when
Bingo and I were eating morning tea.

Bingo was trying to eat
cherry tomatoes with her fork.

This is difficult.


Jeremy, no!

Who will save Jeremy
from the falling hippo?!

I will!


Thanks, Jetpack Bingo.

Oh, hippo. (KISSES) I love you.


I don't remember that.

Hooray, you're happy again!

No, I'm not.

(GRUMBLES) This isn't fair, Bingo.

I said sorry.

And I tried 100 times
to cheer you up.

But you're still
trying to make me feel sad.

I can't help it.

She's not trying
to make you feel sad, Bluey.

I'm just sad.

But, Bingo...

Just let her go.

But why is she still sad?

I thought I fixed her.

You can't always fix people,

She'll come good.
Just eat your dinner.

I don't feel like eating now.

Mm! More for me.

Bandit! She's upset.

Yeah, but she's easy to cheer up.

No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.


Pass me the tomato sauce, dude.

Don't call me dude!

Why not, dude?

Pass salt, thanks, dude.

Don't you dude me.

Hey, dude!

Come have dinner, dude.

OK, dude.

Here's the sauce, dude.
Thanks, dude.

OK, all good.

Is it my turn for "My favourite
thing that happened today"?

Yep, I think it is.

Maybe let's not play that game.

Yeah, I agree.

Yeah! We're living in the past,

How about it still has to be
a favourite thing,

but it has to be
something happening right now.

Ooh! I like that.
Yeah, live in the now, dudes.

Stop calling us dude.

OK, go, Bingo.
Ooh! OK.




Not much happening right now.


This is trifficult.


That's my Favourite Thing!

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