Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Stumpfest - full transcript

Dad and his mates hit the backyard, ready to rip up some tree stumps. But when Bluey and Bingo take over a stump as a nail salon, Dad finds he's got some negotiating to do.

♪ Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack

♪ All dressed in black... ♪


Yeah, Stumpfest. Whoo!

What's going on?


This episode of Bluey
is called Stumpfest.

What's Stumpfest?!

Well, we're gonna rip up this stump

and then...that stump!


Put on some tunes, you kids'll play.

And the ladies watch us
get all sweaty. Right, ladies?

You got it, Lucky's Dad!


Yeah! Now, let's kick this off.


What do we play?

Ooh, I know. Let's set up
a nail salon on this stump.



We're just gonna use this stump

for our nail salon.

That's fine, Bluey,

but you've got until we've finished
with this stump, OK?


'Cause then, we're gonna
come and do that one.


So, you understand that eventually,

we're gonna come
and rip up that stump?

Yes, I got it.

'Cause it's Stumpfest,
and that's a stump.

Got it. Stumpfest.

OK, let's start the nail bar.


Whoar! Yah!

Oh, great finish.

Thanks, ladies.

I told you this place was great.

Come back soon.

We need more customers.

Dad? Can you be our customer?

Nah, stump.

Oh, you've almost got it.
You've almost got it!


How'd you like that?


Take that, stump!

We'll just do your toenails.


So, been up to much?

Oh, that's very interesting.

Ooh, hello!

Are you here
to have your nails done?

Well, no.

We're not here to
have our nails done.

We're here for that stump.

As I'm sure you are aware.

Excuse me?

It's the first I've heard
about all this.

You guys need to move the beauty
parlour so we can rip up that stump.

It's not a beauty parlour.
It's a nail salon.

And it's our nail salon!


Bluey, I was pretty clear.

You could use this stump
for your nail bar

for as long as it took us
to rip up that stump.

I don't remember agreeing to that.

Well, I do. Now, come on. Vamoose!

Get out of the way!

Everyone, link arms!


Save our stump!

Save our stump!
Out of the way, kids.

Save our stump!

Save our stump!

Oh, leave them alone!


They're just trying
to run a small business!

Go and destroy the planet
somewhere else.

Destroy the planet? It's a stump.

Oh, leave that poor stump alone.

You're the one who wanted it gone.

Oh, yeah, that's true.
I want to put in a fish pond.



Save our stump.

Save our stump! Save our stump!

OK, the optics on this aren't good.
Save our stump!

We can take 'em.
Nuh, nuh. Back up, fellas. Back up.

Kids, let's calm this down.

Is there anything we can do
to settle this?

Hmm, one second.

What do you reckon?
Be our customers.

OK. We'll let you have the stump

if you'll be our customers.

You mean, you'll do our nails?

Fingers and toes.

And face make-up.

Oh, man, the boys
aren't gonna like this.

Oh, man.
What?! No way!

I don't want my nails done.

This is the best we're gonna get.

OK, fingers and toes,
but no face make-up.

One face make-up.

Ugh! OK, deal.

But no unicorns.

Oh, delightful!

Hold still, Daddy!

Ooh, this will do wonders
for your skin.

Don't forget the eyeliner!

Ooh, yeah!
Looking good, Bandit.

Just...don't, OK?

Alright, let's get this stump!


No, wait. Not yet!

I've changed my mind.

I want to keep playing nail salon.

We had a deal.
Come on, Bluey.

You did make a promise.


Why do they have to
disturb our game?

Well, Dad did warn you.

But we were playing.

You shouldn't interrupt people
when they're playing.

I agree.

Which is why I stopped
you from disturbing them.

But they're not playing.

Yeah, they are.
They're not.

They're ripping up stumps.
That's not playing.

Are you sure?
I'm sure.

I'm suring my little head off.

Alright, just watch them for a bit.

Come on.

Hey, just try and hit me.

I wanna show you something.

Nup. Nah, not like that.

That's how I hit.
Like this.


What are you doing?

Oh, sorry, my instincts took over.

Oh, they ARE playing.

See? It just looks a bit different
for grown-ups.

They weren't disturbing our stump
game. We were disturbing theirs.

Get them!

Come on, Bluey.
Let's save our nail salon.

Actually, um...

I have another game we can play.

Don't worry, Bandit.
I know what you're going through.

Any time you wanna help.
Oh, yep, yep, righto.




Whoo! You like that, Trixie?

Phew. Sure makes you thirsty!

Home delivery lemonade.

Oh, yeah!
Good on ya, kids!

Here you go. 50 cents. Just pay her.

50 cents?
Thanks, Bluey.

This is just what I need.

Oh, yes, you've all
been working so hard.

To Stumpfest.


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