Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 44 - Duck Cake - full transcript

Bluey wants to help make Bingo's birthday cake but first must put away her toys. But nothing can tempt her to clean up until Dad drops the cake.

Monkey. Oh, lion.

Your turn.

CHILLI: Kids! Can you come here,

Oh, do we have to?
Yes, come on!

But why do we have to?

We're deciding what cake to make
for Bingo's birthday!


What do you reckon, Bingo?

Rocket ship?
No, thanks.

No, thanks.

Sewing machine?
Nah. Keep going.

Ooh, what about swimming pool?

No, thanks.

Whoa, jet planes.
Nah. Keep turning.

(GASPS) Duck cake!
Yeah, duck cake!

Oh, Bingo, are you sure?

That looks hard to make.
Yeah, I'm sure.

Why do you want a duck cake?

'Cause it made my tail wag.

Can't argue with that.
Duck cake it is.

Good luck.
What?! I have to make it?

I have to take Bingo to mini hockey.

Ooh, look, my tail
loves mini hockey too.

Plus you remember my clown cake?

I remember.

He was not a funny clown.

Alright, I'll give it a crack.
PUPS: Duck cake!

This episode of Bluey
is called Duck Cake.

Make sure it looks
exactly like the picture.

I'll do my best.

Don't worry, Dad, I can help you.

You can help by
clearing this mess up.

Oh, why do I have to?
I only did the zoo hospital.

Bingo did the motel.

OK, you clean up your half, Bingo
will do hers when she gets back.

See you soon!

Mum, how do animals with no tails
know when they're happy?

Good question, Bingo.

OK, let's do this. Whoa! Oh!


OK, just cut these pointy bits.

Hey, Dad, can I help you now?

Did you clean up the zoo hospital?
No. I wanna help with the cake.

You can't just help with
the fun stuff, kid.

Oh! But the fun stuff's more fun.

What if I give you
stickers to tidy up?

That might make it more fun.
Ooh, stickers.

OK, penguins, giraffes,
monkey house.

I'll give you one
gold sticker for each.

Ooh, OK. But I'm not doing Bingo's.

Yeah, yeah, I know, just your side.

Oh, that was easy.
(GROANS) Duck cake.


I cleaned up the monkey house!
Can I have a star now?

Oh, yeah, OK. Here you go.

Keep going.
Ooh, shiny.

OK, Bandit, time to cut the head.

Come on, do... Oh!

Oh, duck heads
don't have to be round.

You finished yet?


This is not finished.

You asked if I was finished,
and I am.

But you don't get
the rest of your stars

until you've done the whole thing.

Ooh, I decided I only want this one.

Look how lovely it is.

Plus it has icing on it.

Bluey, come on, tidy the rest.

But why do I have to?
'Cause it's your mess.

If you don't tidy it, then who will?

Uh, you?

Oh, right, OK, yeah, I'll do it.

Even though I have to make
a duck cake for your sister -

the hardest of all cakes -
I'll just tidy up your mess instead.

I'm about to start.

Are you sure this is what you want?
Oh, yeah.

(GROWLS) Look, I'll give you two
dollar bucks to clean the whole zoo.

(GASPS) Really?

Whoo! I can buy a star pony.

Not till you've done the whole lot.

But not Bingo's half.
No, not Bingo's half.



Oh, hang on, you're meant to
do icing at the end.

Eh, it's all good.

Have you finished?

Not yet. I just want to know,

how many star ponies can
I get for two dollar bucks?

Star ponies cost $50, kid.

So how many can I get?

None, mate.

If I clean up my zoo, will you
give me enough for a star pony?

I'm not paying you 50 bucks
to clean up your mess, Bluey.

Oh, why not?

Because I shouldn't be paying you
anything. You should just do it.

But why should I do it?
'Cause you just should.

But why should I just should?

Oh, 'cause I'll let you
lick the beater.



OK, here you go.

(LAUGHS) At last you are mine.

OK, moment of truth, Bandit.

Attaching of the head.

Now I know why you should do jobs.
Why is that?


I believe in you, mate.
You can do this.

It's good. It's very good.

Oh, too easy! OOH, duck cake!

Oh, that's not good.

Are you OK, Dad?

Yeah, mate, I'm OK.

Don't worry.

Yeah, mate?

Maybe we can make the duck's
neck into a sorta head.

Oh, OK.

Let's give it a go.

I'll just clean up the...
Hey, what?

Did you clean this up?
Oh, um, yeah.

Thanks, Bluey.


OK, let's give this another go.

Uh, you go ahead.
I just wanna try something.

BOTH: Finished.

We're back! Bingo, take your
hockey boots off outside, please.

Wow, Bluey!

Did you tidy all this?
Oh, uh, yeah.

Bingo's half as well?

Thanks, Bluey.

Duck cake!


Don't worry, honey,
you don't have to clean that up.

Hee-hee! OK, Mum.

Uh, here's your duck cake,
mate. I did my best.

I love it!

Yeah! Thanks, Dad!

Did you help make it, Bluey?


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