Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 43 - Muffin Cone - full transcript

When Muffin can't stop sucking her thumb, she has to start wearing a cone of shame. But the cone gets in her way and can no longer play 'sandwich shop' with Bluey and Bingo.

Almost at Bluey and Bingo's, Muffles.


Ah, ah, Muffin!

Don't suck your thumb.

'Cause it's not good for your teeth,

I want to do what I want!
It's my thumb.

OK, well, you know what I have to do.

Muffin's here.

Now we can play sandwich shop.

Hey, Muf... Whoa!

What is that?

It's a cone!

This episode of Bluey
is called Muffin Cone.

Oh, poor Muffin.

Why is Muffin wearing a cone?

It's to make her stop
sucking her thumb.

Grr! Eh! Ehhh!

Get in my...

Trix, are you sure about this?

Well, she needs to break the habit.

I guess.

Look, if she promises to stop sucking
her thumb, I can take it off.

What do you think, Muffin?

I want to suck my thumb!

This is gonna make it hard
to play sandwich shop.


Up you get, Muffin.

Can I be the sandwich shop lady?

Um, sure.

Let's give that a go.


What would you like
on your sandwich?

Um, ham and tomato, please.

OK. Coming right up.

Here's the bread.

No, that's cheese.

And that's lettuce!

It's bread! I can feel it.

You can't see anything
with your cone on.

Please can you promise
not to suck your thumb?

No! I can see.

Here. I'll help you.

Here's the bread.

Thank you. Here's the ham.

Now I'll cut it into triangles.

Where's the knife?

you're making a baby sandwich.

Here's the knife.
That's not a knife.

This knife doesn't cut.


Oh, this isn't a knife.

Let's go and see Aunt Trixie.

It's a bit of tough love,
that's all.

All she needs to do is
not put her thumb in her mouth.

It's easy.

Nah, I'm off the chips.

Trying to eat healthy.
Good on you.

Well, one won't hurt.

Aunt Trixie, can you please
take Muffin's cone off?

Well, if I take it off the first
thing she'll do is suck her thumb.

She won't!

She promises. Don't you, Muffin?


Please, Aunt Trixie.

Yeah, please, Aunt Trixie.


Thank you, Aunt Trixie.

We promise Muffin won't
suck her thumb even once.


Why can't you just
not suck your thumb?

I don't know.

I just can't.

Well, we can't play sandwich shop,

I'm sorry.

I mean, she is only three.

There's nothing wrong with a
three year old sucking their thumb,

I guess.

Oh, get these things away from me.

I shouldn't have put them out.

You're trying to be healthy.
Nah, it's fine.

Are you sure?
Yeah, I can resist.


I'm gonna have a chat
with Bluey and Bingo.

I'll be right back.

Egg and lettuce, please.

Hey, Bluey, is Muffin OK?

No, she's upset
because she has to wear her cone.

Which means she can't play
sandwich shop properly.

Well, is there a game
she can play with her cone?

but we want to play sandwich shop.


It's just, I think she's feeling
a little embarrassed about her cone.

Well, why can't
she just not suck her thumb?

She will one day.

Just don't give up on her, OK?

Hi, Muffin.

I'm sorry I can't stop
sucking my thumb.

It's OK, Muffin.

I think I have to
wear my cone forever.

Well, then, we're going to
think of game where your cone is OK.


Thanks, Bluey.

What if we pop it down?

Ooh, yeah.

Aunt Trixie didn't say
anything about that.

Ooh, OK.


You look like a wedding wife.
Or a traffic cone.

Or a ballerina.

I know. Let's play wedding wife,
traffic cone and ballerina.


Sorry, Trix, I...

What happened to the chips?


It might be time to
take off Muffin's cone.

♪ We're getting married,
we're getting married

♪ We're getting married! ♪

Please go around the traffic cone!

I said,
please go around the traffic cone!

Oh, husband, thank you so much
for taking me to the ballet show.

No worries, babe.


Unreal, babe.

Bluey, the seed is hatching!

Muffin, honey,
you can take off your cone n...


Thank you for hatching,
beautiful sunflower.

We love you.

Bye, Bingo. Bye, Bluey.
Bye, Chilli. See you, kids.

See you next Thursday!

Almost at Bluey and Bingo's, Muffy.

Hey, Dad, look at me!


Muffin's here!

Cone of shame!

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation