Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 45 - Handstand - full transcript

At a party, Bingo is desperate to show off her handstand skills, while Nanna can't find a way to make herself useful. They're both feelings bit lost, until they find each other.

Oh! Handstands are hard.

This episode of Bluey
is called Handstand.

Yeah! Whoo!
Yeah! I got it!

Yeah! Whoo!
Yeah! I got it!


Yeah! Whoo!
Yeah! I got it!



Oh, this hurts your hands.

Yeah! Whoo!
Yeah! I got it!

Ooh. My arms are tired.

I'll just rest them a bit.

Yeah! Whoo!
Yeah! I got it!

Are you ready, arms?

Yeah, you're ready. Let's try again.

Hands down, and push.

Oh, almost.

Maybe if I, um...

..put my hands down first.

And now push off.

No, that doesn't work.

Ooh, what if I take a run-up?

No, that doesn't work.

Try again, Bingo.

Come on, hands. Come on, arms.

I'm doing it!

I'm doing a handstand!

Is anyone seeing me?

OK, I'm ready!

Did anyone see my handstand?

Winton, did you see it?

No, sorry, Bingo.

Coco, did you see it?
No, Bingo.

Aunt Trixie, did you see it?

Oh, no, sorry, sweetheart.

Honey, did you see it?


Hey, Dad, can you watch me
do a handstand?

Yeah, mate. Go for it.

Ooh, almost.
Keep watching. I can do it.

I'm watching.

Oops. Burning my pikelets.

Yeah! Did you see me?

Oh, sorry, Bingo. Just gotta do
these pikelets for your mum.


Hey, Lucy, watch me do a handstand.

OK, Bingo.

Whoop! I have to get my car, Bingo.

Did you see... Oh.

Bluey, watch this.
Sorry, Bingo! I'm racing!

Mum, can you watch me do a handstand?

OK, sweetie.

Just...just hang on.
I'm watching.

Keep watching. I can do it.

Oh, good one, honey.
No, no, I haven't done it yet.

Oh, OK. I'm watching.
Oh, almost.

I'll just put these pikelets out,

Did you see me? Aw!


No-one wants to watch my handstand.

I'll get you!

Arggh! They're still frozen.

Good shot, Rusty.

♪ La-dee-dee da-dee-doo... ♪

I'll get you!

Oh, goodness!
I'm in the way a bit here.

Do you want me to fill some
water balloons up?

Oop! They're off.

I'm good at filling
water balloons up.

How are the party pies, Stripey?

Can I give you a hand with them?

Nah, I'm all good thanks, Mum.

I've just taken them out
of the microwave.

Oh, OK.

Arggh! They're still frozen.

Ooh! What are you two doing?

Kicking a goal, are you?

Yeah! Whoo!
Yeah! I got it!

Want me to go get that for you?

No, we're OK, thanks, Nana Heeler.

No probs.

Arggh! I'll get you!

You OK, little fella?

Anything I can help with?

Oh, OK.

Ooh, Chilli, let me give you
a hand with those.

Don't be silly, Nana.
You sit down and relax.


Stripe, are you sure you don't need
a hand with your pies?

Nah, take it easy, Mum.
You sit down.

Oh, OK.

Do you need a hand with those
pikelets, sweetheart?

Nah, I'm good, thanks, Mum.
You relax.

I'll get you!
Whoo! I win!

Ooh, you win, Mackenzie!

Do you wanna race again?

Do you need me to start the race
for you?

No, thanks, Nana. Ready, set, go!

Oh, OK.

Here, Trix, let me give you a hand.

Oh, don't be silly, Chris.
You sit down and relax.

Oh, I don't think nanas are
very good at relaxing.

Maybe someone needs me in here.

Chloe, can you watch me
do my handstand?

OK, Bingo.

But, please,
watch the whole thing, OK?

I will.
OK, go, Chloe!



Let's do it again!

Did you see me?

Oh, no, sorry, Bingo.
I was doing the dominoes.

That's OK.

I saw you, Bingo.

You saw my handstand? For real life?

I did. It was great!

What a clever girl!

Can you watch me again?

Oh, you bet I will!

Thanks, Nana!

Ooh, ooh! Almost, almost!


Huh? Where'd it go?

Hey, Stripe, you've got
the microwave on defrost, mate.

Here. On cook.

Oh, man! Thanks, mate.

Oh, good one, Winton.
Nice one, Winton.

Nice job, Winton.
Thanks, guys. Took me a long time.

Sleepy girl.

Everyone outside! The cake's ready!

Ah, that'll do.

How are they?

Ooh, ooh, ah! Hot, hot, hot, hot!

Ooh. Ooh. Almost.

Alright. Happy birthday, Bingo!

Oh, wait. Where's Bingo?

Yeah, you got it! You got it!


Has anyone seen Bingo?

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