Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 35 - Cafe - full transcript

In the park Bluey meets a new playmate Winnie, but when Bluey wants to invite her and her dad home for breakfast, she learns that adults take a little bit longer to make friends.


Do you want to play cafe?
Ooh, yes, please.

This can be banana bread.
Ooh, this one too.

My name's Bluey.
I'm Winnie. Nice to meet you.

Have you got any brothers
and sisters?

I've got a sister, Bingo,
but she sleeps in.

That's why she's not here.
My sister sleeps in, too.


Great. Let's take
the customers' orders.

What customers?

BOTH: Dad, can you be our customer?

This episode of Bluey
is called Cafe.


Hey, mate. Bandit.

This is a cafe,
and you two are friends.

What would like you to order?

I'll have a cup of tea, thanks.

Well, we only have
banana bread, sorry.

Oh, well, uh, I'll have
some banana bread.

Toasted, please.

And what would you like?
The banana bread's pretty good.

Banana bread. Also toasted.

OK. Two banana bread.
BOTH: Toasted.

Here you go.
That's two dollar bucks.

Tap here.

Sorry, that didn't work.

You must be out of money.

Yeah, you spent it all
on strawberries.

Oh, yeah, I did.
I'll get it. I've got cash.

Thanks, mate.
I have a strawberry problem.

This isn't enough money.

This is only enough
for one banana bread.

You'll have to share.

They forgot to toast it.

Well, yeah, they're just a pain
to maintain, that's all.

Yeah, true.

Dad, can we go to Winnie's house
for breakfast? She invited me.

Oh, uh, no mate. We've
gotta get home, actually.

Yeah, we'd better get back too.

OK. Bye, Winnie.

Bye, Bluey.

Squeeze me tight.
Whoa, that's tight.

Nice to meet you, mate.
Yeah, you too.

Mum, I made a new friend.
Her name's Winnie.

She likes budgies.
Oh, she sounds nice.

She is. We played cafe.

But Dad said we couldn't go
to her house for breakfast.

Well, we'd only just met them.

But Winnie's my friend.
And you're friends with her dad.

Well, I wouldn't say
we're friends yet.

Why? Don't you like him?
Well, yeah, he's a good guy.

So why aren't you friends?

Well, we just need to get to know
each other a bit better first.

How long will that take?

It'll take as long as it takes.

You sure take a long
time to make friends.

Well, a cafe's a great place
to get to know someone.



Back for more?
Gotta be done.

PUPS: Customers.

Yeah, it is a good school, actually.

Here are your chai lattes.

These are sugar packets.
Ooh, really?

But they're just
for chai lattes, OK?

You can't just eat them.
Both: Uh, sure. We won't.

(SQUEALS) They're eating
sugar packets!

We're made! Run!
Grab the sugar!

Get 'em, Winnie!
They're coming!

Quick! Get up here, Bandit! Come on!

Come back here!

Look out. Ooh!

Save the sugar!

Get up here, Fido!
Oh, this net!

We'll get you!
Down here!


Put that sugar down!
No way!

It's for your chai lattes!

Quick, Fido!

And then we chased them around
the whole playground. (GIGGLES)

Well, it sounds like you all
had a lot of fun.

Yeah, we did.
Can I come and play cafe tomorrow?

Yeah, if you get up early.

Are you and Winnie's dad
friends now?

Oh, well, a little bit.

I don't know.
Eat your breakfast.

(STRAINS) OK, let's go.

I'm up.
Hey, Bingo!

Oh-ho, no way. So what did you do?

Well, I'm looking at this snake
and I'm thinking,

"This guinea pig is not looking..."

Oh, thanks.

Hey. There's only one granola.


Oh, I think the staff here
are just too young.

Well, Fido, we have
no choice but to...

Oh, Dad, can you push
me on the swings?

Oh, yeah, sure.

Sorry, mate.
No worries.

Oh, a bit higher please!

What would you like to order?
And do you like my dad?

Croissant, please.
And, yeah, I do like your dad.

Because he likes you.

And we're all out of croissants.

Bingo, are you sure you don't
want to play cafe?

No, thanks.

(SPUTTERS) This is soy milk!

And Winnie has seen
an echidna for real life.

Yeah. That's what I said.

And how's Winnie's dad?

Well, I don't know. I didn't get
to chat to him much this morning.

Oh, too bad.

Are we almost ready to have
breakfast with them yet?

Well, not just yet. But soon.


Is Bingo coming?
No, she's still asleep.

Oh, OK. Well, just us, then.

Come on!

We're going to make disgusting
smoothies for you and Fido.

Well, we're gonna eat
all your gingerbread men

and run off without paying.

Oh, they're not here.

Well, I guess they don't
come every morning.

Here's your smoothie.
Oh, thanks.

Bloop-bloop-bloop. Bleugh!

Oh, yuck!


I wish Winnie was here.
I know you do.

Do you wish Winnie's dad was here?

Yeah, I do.
He's good fun, actually.

If you asked Winnie's dad
to be your friend,

do you think he would say yes?

Well, I don't know. Maybe.

If you weren't my dad,
I'd want to be your friend.

Oh, thanks, mate.

Come on, we have to
get back for brekkie.


Oh, sorry we're late.
Buggerlugs slept in.

No worries. We were just
heading back for brekkie.

Oh, OK. No worries.

Well, um...

..would you like to come to
our house for breakfast?

For real life?

Only if it's OK with your dad.

I mean, it's pretty short notice.

Can we, Dad, please?!

Yeah, righto.

PUPS: Yeah!

How long does it take
to get to your place?

Uh, not too long.
Here I saved you some smoothie.

Oh, thanks.

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