Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 36 - Postman - full transcript

When Mum and Dad have a disagreement, Bluey makes Dad write a love letter to Mum to make up. Now Bluey must find a way to play Ground's Lava with Bingo and deliver the letter to Mum, without squabbling.

Bluey, do you want to play
ground's lava?

Where you can't touch the ground?

OK, I'll just put my plate
back in the kitchen.

I see what you're saying,
I just don't agree.

How can you not agree?

Are you two squabbling?
One second, Bluey.

If you attach the bin to the door,

it means I have to deal
with the bin bags.

Yeah, but you don't
have to touch the bin.

But I like taking the whole bin out.

Bin bags are a pain.
You're a pain.

Oh, great.
Stop squabbling. I don't like it.

We're not squabbling, kiddo.

We're just talking.
Sorry, Bluey. It's OK.

Look, let's talk about this later.

Can't wait.

This episode of Bluey
is called "Postman".

This is your letterbox.

And this is YOUR letterbox.

Here's some letter-writing things,
and I'm the postie.

Oh, great.


You have to write a letter.
Oh, OK.

Who should I write it to?

The only other person
with a letterbox is Mum.

Well, I'd better write one
to Mum, then.


Write that you're not enemies.
But we're NOT enemies.

Yes, yes, put it in the letter.

We were just having a discussion.
It was a squabble.

Maybe, but we still love each other.

People shouldn't squabble.

You're probably right.

It's good to get to the bottom
of things, though.

Well, I'm not going
to squabble with anyone.

Fair enough. Here you go.

Thank you.

Hey! You're reading my mail?

Ooh, a love heart.

See you.

Arggh, Bluey, stop!
You're in the lava.

Were playing ground's lava.

Oh, yeah.

But I can't anymore, Bingo.

I'm playing postman.

You'll always say you'll play
with me, and you never do.

No, I don't.
Yes, you don't.

No, I d... Wait, this is squabbling!

Um, OK, we can play both, Bingo.

Yay. Thanks, Bluey.

Mm, not squabbling is easy.

This episode of Bluey is called
"Postman and Ground's Lava".

We need to get to the top deck
so I can deliver this letter to Mum.


But we have to do it
without touching the lava.

Help me with the bike.

Ahh, it's too heavy.

Can we just leave it here?

You can't be a postie
without a motorbike.

Yeah, you can.

Postie Petunia
doesn't have a motorbike.

But she's not real.
Yes, she is.

She's on TV.
No, she...

Wait. Is this a squabble?

Uh, yes.

Well, we have to stop it
'cause I'm never squabbling again.

Oh, OK.

So, you'll just have to agree
with me on everything, OK?

OK, easy.

Now, grab the bike.

Because posties have motorbikes.

I think I can reach the bottom step.

But they're lava.

The steps are lava, too?

Yeah, it's a lava waterfall.

But Mum's upstairs.

I'm making it
so the steps aren't lava.

Oh, not fair.

You have to agree with me
on everything, remember?

I think you should agree
with me on everything.

I don't agree on that.
Well, I do.

Well, I don't.

We're squabbling.

Oh, yeah.

OK, I'll agree with you
on everything.

Splendid. The steps are lava.

How are we gonna get up them?

Steppy stones.

Ooh, that's it. Gee, this is fun.


Ooh, good thing we left
all our stuff on the floor.

OK, let's go this way to the kitchen.

No, let's go over the couches.

But that's the long way.

There's no time.

I have to give this letter
to Mum now.

But the couch way is more fun,

and you have to agree
with me, remember?

Well, I think let's try where I agree
with me and you agree with you.

Um, OK.

See you at the kitchen.

Oh, no, I'm stuck.

Me, too.
Look, a lava boat!

But how are we
gonna get to it?

I know.

Go, Bluey!

Huh! We made it!

I guess posties do need bikes.

Maybe we should just agree
with each other on everything.


Oh, Bingo, this is the only way to
travel on lava, wouldn't you agree?

Yes, I would agree.

Almost there.

Oh, we can't get over the thing.
Don't worry.

Mail's here!

Hey, what? Where's Mum?

There she is.

She must have moved.

Oh, we took too long.

Now she'll never get my letter.

Why do you wanna deliver
this letter so much?

'Cause if I don't, Mum and Dad
will be enemies forever.


That's why I didn't wanna play
ground's lava.

Then why did you?

'Cause you always cry
when I don't play with you.

Because you always promise to play
with me, and then you don't.

But I had a reason.
But you didn't tell me the reason.

'Cause I didn't wanna upset you.

Oh, no.

Bingo, we're squabbling.

I'm sorry, Bluey.
I'm sorry, too, Bingo.

Hey, that squabble felt good.

But how will we deliver the letter?


We can make an aeroplane!

Open the book.

What's the first step?
Fold it down the middle.

Move your foot.

And then fold the top bits.

OK, folding the top bits.

No, no, the other way.
I'm doing it the other way.

You're not.

No, we're still squabbling.


OK, ready?

And fly!

Go, love-heart plane!

That's it, that's it.

What? No!


Dad's gonna love Judo's Mum.

Go back, go back.

Thanks, brother wind.

Ohh, that's it.


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