Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 33 - Circus - full transcript

Bluey is the ringmaster in a game of circus with her friends, but Hercules wants to play his motorcycle game instead. Luckily Bluey has a solution to keep everyone happy.

♪ Mum!

♪ Dad!

♪ Bingo!

♪ Bluey! ♪

Ooh, mushrooms.

Hey, don't touch those, mate.
They might be dodgy.


Why are all these signs in the park?

It's voting day.

What's voting day?

We have to pick one of these people
to be the boss.

Oh, OK.

Ooh, don't pick that one.
I don't like his smile.

Pick her. She's got earrings.

You don't vote for someone
based on what they look like.

You vote for who will be
the best boss.

How do you be the best boss?

Well, I guess you tell everyone
what to do, but in the best way.

Oh, I hate being told what to do.

I know, mate, but sometimes
you just have to...

Hey, Bluey, come and play circus.

Hooray! Circus!

This episode of Bluey
is called Circus.

Look, if they don't sort out
the dog park situation,

they're never going
to get re-elected.

OK, what is everyone?

I'll be a circus lion.

And I want to run away
back to the jungle.


Then I'll be the lion tamer.

But I'm really mean,
and that's why you want to run away.


I'll be the acrobat,
and I'm married to the lion tamer.


Wait, what?

I'll be the audience
and this is popcorn.

And I'll be the ringmaster.

I tell everyone what to do.

Yeah, but, I'm the audience
so you can't tell me what to do.

Oh, yeah.

Let's start.

Wait, I need more popcorn.

Oh, not again.

Hercules, can I have a turn
as a motorbike yet?

No. You're my jump.

But being a jump is boring.

Just do as you're told,
or you're not playing, OK?



OK, ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the circus.

Our first act today will be...

What should our first act be?

I've got an idea.

OK, you say it.

Our first act will be a lion
jumping through this hoop.


Jumpy jump, lion.

Come and get your treat.

No, you're a mean lion tamer,

Oh, yeah, I forgot.
Jump, lazy lion!


Husband, be kind to your lion.

I'm not your husband.



No treat for you.


Bluey, Mackenzie doesn't want to be
my husband.

Mackenzie, can you pretend
to be Coco's husband?

But I don't want to.

Sorry, Coco, he doesn't want to.

Well, can't you make him?

Ah, no.

Yeah, if he doesn't want to,
Bluey can't make him.



Ladies and gentlemen,
for our next act.

Um, what should our next act be?

Can I play with you?

Oh, can Winton play circus with us?

Of course.


Yeah, you can play.

We need a muscleman.

Can I be a clown instead?

I can do this.

OK, you're a clown.

Yeah, Fluffy the Clown.

Huh? Where's my jump gone?


Wait... Wait...

Just give her the treat!




Rarr. Rarr.

Come back!

Coco, keep doing your thing.

I told him not to be mean
to that lion.


Winton...'re supposed to be my jump.

Yes, I know, but now I'm Fluffy
the Clown.

Well, I wanna play with you too.

Well, we'll have to ask Bluey.
She's the ringmaster.

I'm playing.

Ah, OK. I guess you can.

We're playing circus.

No, we're playing motorbikes.

You can all be my jumps.

You can't tell us what to play.

Yes, I can.

Now, lie down, jumps.

Come out here at once,
you cheeky lion.



Hmm, this is a bit boring.

Yeah, let's run away.



You can play with us if you like,
but you have to play circus.


OK, well then,
you can't play with us.

You can't tell me what to do.

Yes, I can tell you what to do,
'cause we were playing first.

I'll just stand here and do this.

Hercules! Stop it!

I'll get some help.

Stop it! That's enough.

Cut it out.
Hey, what's going on here?

This meanie isn't doing
what I tell him to.

Oh, don't be so silly.

Come on, you're just in time.

We need a muscleman
to help save our lion tamer.

Do as you're told, you stinky lion.

Come on.

Argh. Argh. Ooh.

You meanie lion.

You're not a meanie.

You're a good little lion.

It's you who's the meanie.

Yes, you.


It was just pretend.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Hercules the Muscleman.


Let's play motorbikes.


Why don't we be the jumps?
Good idea.

Good snags, kids?


Bingo, do you mind picking up
your rubbish, mate?

Yes, Dad.
Cheers, mate.

Ooh, I've got sauce on my fingers.

Oh, that's not good.

Can I wipe it on my fur?

Yeah, go on.

It's a free country.