Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 32 - Burger Shop - full transcript

It's time for Bluey and Bingo to get out of the bath. But Dad has decided not to tell them what to do and gets roped into a game of Burger Shop.


♪ Mum!

♪ Dad!

♪ Bingo!

♪ Bluey! ♪


Come on, kids. It's bedtime.
Out of the bath.

Oh! But we were about to play
Burger Shop!

Tough! Can you earn your keep,

Nup! I'm done being a meanie parent.

My new parenting book says
not to boss the kids around.

Ooh, I like that book!

It says here we should let them
make their own decisions.

Well, good luck with that.

OK, Burger Shop's ready.

Ooh, look. Our first customer.

What would you like to order?

Bluey, I'm going to let you
make the decision here.

You can stay up late
playing Burger Shop

and you'll be tired and grumpy
in the morning,

or you can get out now

and be nice and happy
in the morning.

So it's up to us?


What would you like to order?

This episode of Bluey
is called Burger Shop.

OK, just a quick game.

I'll have one burger, please.

Certainly! One burger, please.

Coming right up.

Are you sure you...

Do you want chips with your burger?

Uh, OK.
Doot! don't want to...
And chips!

..get out of the bath?

No. $5 bucks.

Oh, yeah. we go.

Won't be long.
Because it's getting a bit late.

Ding! Ready!

Just a moment, please.

Cook, cook, cook.

Cook, cook, cook.

Here you go.

Oh, thanks. (CHOMPS)

Now, it's up to you, but think about
how tired you'll be if... (CHOMPS)

Wow. This is a good burger.

I thought I said
get out of the bath!

I'm working on it.

Yeah, it looks like it.
I'm pulling the plug.


We're still playing!
Get out of the way, kids!

Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa!

Let's settle this down.

Pulling plugs is not in my book.

Phew! She's a bit of a meanie,
isn't she, kids?

Yes, she is.

I think I can trust you
to make the right choice

about when to get out, can't I?

Yes, Dad.

So, what do you say?

Time to get out?


After you order another burger.

But I just had a burger!

Yeah, but it was so good
you wanted another one.

Well, it was pretty good.

OK, one more won't hurt.
Great. One burger and chips.

I'll skip the chips.

No, you won't.
Fair enough.

$5 bucks.
There you go.

Ding! Ready!

I'll be right back.

Cook, cook, cook.

Cook, cook, cook. Flip!


Thanks. (CHOMPS)

Wow! You ate that quick.

I've got things to do.
Now, is it time to get out?

Not yet!
You haven't tried our new burger.

One new burger.

Mm, new burger. Let's see.

I know! Pickle burger!

Ding! Ready!

Pickle burger.

Ooh, it does look pretty good.

$5 bucks.
Oh, I'm out of money.

Oh, well, I guess
that's the game over.

Wait, no! It's OK.
We're selling them for free.

No, we're not!

Oh, OK,
we're not selling them for free. can have your money back.

Hey! That's our money.

OK, you can't have that back.

But he needs more money.

Where do you get money from?
I don't know.

Dad, where do you get money from? could borrow some
from the bank, I guess.

Oh, OK. Boop!

Welcome. This is a bank.

Would you like some money?
I guess.

Excellent. Here you go.

Here's your money.

Aren't you going to ask me
what I need it for?


Are you sure? 'Cause I'll probably
just spend it all on burgers.

Ooh, that's a great idea.

Here, have some more.
Oh, thanks.


Hello! Here's your pickle burger.

And here's $5 bucks.

(CHOMPS) Oh, you can really taste
the pickle.


Have another one.

No, no. I'm full.

Look, I really think you kids
need to...

But, um, this one comes with a toy!

Ooh! You should have said.

Wow. OK, take my money.


Pew! Pew!

Now, what would you like to order?
Nothing for me, thank you.

I'm so full.
AND I've got my dolphin toy.

I really must be off now.

But you can't go.

You haven't got
the octopus and the stingray.

You have to collect them all.

Two burgers.


Hey, your chef looks cold.

She's fine.
She's shivering.

$5 b-bucks.
And so are you!

Your lips are blue.

I'm a blue heeler!

Bluey, look, I'm trying
to get you out of the bath

without being a meanie,
but you have to help me.

But we're not finished!

We still have to sell
all these burgers.

Grr. OK, I'll take all of these.



There, you sold all your burgers.


Now, time to get out?

Ah, great.

After you pay.

Let's see.

A hundred burgers... Boop!

That's $100 bucks, please.

But I haven't got any money left.

Well, then, how are you going to pay
for all those burgers you just ate?


(GRUMBLES) I'm in the bath now
and I'm doing the dishes.

Whee! More dirty dishes for you.

Thanks, b-b-boss.

You're still in the bath!

I'm trying to teach
personal responsibility!

Her lips are blue!
She's a blue heeler.

I'm pulling the plug.
ALL: No!

Mum, this is our burger shop!

It's seven o'clock!

You're meant to be out of the bath

and you're not even meant to
be in it!

The book says to let them
make their own choices.

They're in pre-school.
They can do it. Watch!

Kids, no-one wants any more burgers
and it's past your bedtime.

I really don't want to be
a meanie parent,

but I need you to make
a good choice right now.

BOTH: OK, Dad.

So what are you gonna do?


Alright, we'll close the burger shop.


And open a taco shop!


That's it! I'm pulling the plug!

You big meanie!


Nice and warm now?
BOTH: Yes, Dad.

I'm sorry we didn't
get out of the bath sooner.

That's OK.
I'm sorry I didn't make you.

I guess I'll be a meanie
for a bit longer, eh?



Hee! We look like hedgehogs!

OK, kids, straight into bed.

Yes, Mum.

Dad, can we play hedgehogs?


KIDS: Hooray!

Just a quick game.

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