Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 29 - Movies - full transcript

It is Bluey's first trip to the cinema, but she's worried that the movie will be too scary. When Bingo starts running amok in the theatre, she must conquer her fear and help Dad out.


♪ Mum!

♪ Dad!

♪ Bingo!

♪ Bluey! ♪

Bingo, calm it down a bit, mate.

Ooh, banana. (SQUEALS)

Dad, is there going to be thunder
in the movie?

Hm, maybe.

Are you sure you're ready
for movies, Bluey?

You're a bit of a sensitive kid.

Mackenzie's seen it!
Yeah, but you're not Mackenzie.

I know, but...I'm ready.

Just checking.
Come on, let's go get some tickets.

Hey, where's Bingo?

Banana! (GIGGLES)

Sorry. (SQUEAKS)

This episode of Bluey is called,


One adult and two kids
to Chunky Chimp, thanks.

And a giant popcorn!

And a small popcorn.

Uh, $54, please.

Chunky Chimp!

Do I have to pay for
the four-year-old?

She's not really gonna watch it.

Uh, yeah, you still have to pay.

Can you ask him if there's any
scary bits?

Oh, yeah.

Hey, are there any scary bits
in this?

Um, there's a big thunderstorm bit
at the end.

That might be scary for some kids.

Oh, I think I might be "some kids."

Look, we can leave whenever
you want - just say the word.

Thanks, Dad.

OK, three tickets and a popcorn.

And another popcorn.

Bingo! Stay with me, mate.


Open your eyes, Bluey.

Is the thunderstorm bit on yet?

The movie hasn't started yet.

These are trailers for other movies.

VOICEOVER: This summer, prepare to
BEE out of your comfort zone.

You sit here, Bingo.

Ooh, swingy chair.

Whoops. Heh-heh.

Maybe just sit forward a bit.

Tell me when the trailers are over.

Whoa, Bingo!

Oh, it's finished.

VOICEOVER: Experience pure sound.




OK, now the movie's starting.

This is boring.

Bingo, shh.

Is this the storm bit?

Nah, it's just some monkeys
in a tree.

Hey, Chubbles, look what I invented.

We can use it to explore
the Groundlands.

Oh, Chunky.
You and your inventions.


Bingo, sit still.

Why can't you just be like
the rest of us?

Why do you have to be SO different?

I don't know.

(SINGS) ♪ I wish I wasn't
different... ♪

Oh, man, there's songs.

♪ I wish I were the same... ♪
Ow, my popcorn.

One popcorn, please.

Bingo, don't touch that.

Dad, am I different, like Chunky is?


Uh, yeah, well, uh, no.

Bingo, no, mate.

I think I am different.

I'm the only one of my friends
who doesn't watch movies.

I wish I wasn't different.

Look, mate, I'm pretty sure
that by the end of the movie,

everyone will like that
the monkey was different.


Don't spill 'em, Bingo.
Don't spill 'em.

Well, I am not gonna
be different anymore.

I'm ready for movies.

Just like everyone else.

The Groundlands aren't for chimps.

Tree World is where we belong.

But my heart belongs
to the Groundlands.

I don't care...

Can I sit over there?
No, mate, we're sitting here.

But I want to go down there.
But I want to go down there.

No, you have to stay here with me.
No, you have to stay here with me.

But I want to explore!
But I want to explore!

Dad, look, I'm watching!

Well done, Bluey.




What? Bingo!

Where's that kid?


You can find the magic pine cone,

Get back here!
You just have to be yourself.

Be myself?
Yeah, be yourself.

(SINGS) ♪ Oh, be yourself

♪ Oh, be yourself... ♪

Got ya!
I need the toilet.

Oh, man.

Oh, nah, mate,
don't touch the dunny brush.


Why does Chewbadewba tell Chunky to
be yourself?

Uh, well, uh, you know.


Bingo, you gotta flush. Come on!

Am I just being yourself?

Look, it's just monkeys
singing songs, mate.

Don't think too hard about it.

Oh, Bingo.

Well, I understand what
just be yourself means

because I'm ready for movies.

Oh, no! It's a thunderstorm.


Dad, I want to go now.
OK, no worries.

Bingo, we've gotta go. Huh? Bingo?

Where are you? Bingo? Bingo?

Where have you gone?

I found the magic pine cone.


Bluey, help me with your sister.

You block her off.
But I can't see. Ow.

Bingo! NO!

Come back here, you little pickle!

Sorry, sorry.

Sorry, everyone.

Stop running away.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.


Bluey, open your eyes.

But the scary bit's on.

It's just a monkey in the rain.


Bluey, open your eyes and help me.

I can't do it. I'm not ready.
I can't do it. I'm not ready.

I should have just stayed
in the trees like everyone else.

But you didn't.

You rode off to save the village,

because there's no-one else
quite like you.

Now, fly, Chunky.


Yeah! Whoo!

He made it!


Nice one, Bluey.

ALL: Hooray! Whoo-hoo!

OK, let's get you out of here.

Dad, look, the storm is over.

Oh, yeah. Nice one.

Can we stay?
What? Really?

Um, yeah.

OK, we're staying.

Oh, I don't want to stay.

I know, mate,
but it's important for Bluey.

So what do I do?

You know what, Bingo?

Just be yourself.

♪ Now it all worked out

♪ Everything's fine

♪ Living in the trees

♪ And the ground sometimes

♪ All because

♪ You learned to be yourself
♪ Be yourself

♪ Be yourself

♪ Be yourself
♪ Be yourself

♪ Yeah, be yourself

♪ Be yourself. ♪