Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 40 - Early Baby - full transcript

Bluey's playgroup is at odds when Indy's baby hospital collides with Rusty's knights and dragons. But in explaining themselves, they both find that their games actually have a lot in common.

[up-tempo music plays]

[music stops]

[all] Mum!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Dad!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Bingo!

[music resumes]

-[music stops]
-[all] Bluey!

You ruined our game,

You ruined
my game!

You can't
play with us!

You're being mean!

Okay, okay,
calm down, children.

Let's get
to the bottom of this.

Rusty, tell me
your side of the story.

Okay, Calypso.

I was walking along
to Cozy Corner...

doctor ladies.

Do you sell

[all] Aah!

...and they all went crazy!

They just started
yelling at me.

Oh, that's odd.


Bluey, what's your side of the story?

Well, we were playing doctors
in a baby hospital.


[Bluey] We were delivering
everyone's babies for them.

here comes your baby!

I've got a wet flannel.

Pop! It's a baby boy!

I'll call him Max.

Congratulations. Next!

Ooh, that's me.

Indy wanted to play early baby,
like her sister in real life.

Bluey, can we pretend
my baby is coming,

but it's coming too early?

Oh, okay.

Doctor, I think
my baby is coming!

Oh, great!

But isn't it meant
to come this afternoon?

Yes, it must be early!

[all gasping] Early baby!

[Bluey] This episode of Bluey
is called Early Baby.

I'm a bit worried.

Everything's gonna be fine, Indy.

I've got
a wet flannel.

Here it comes! Pop!

[all] Hooray!

It's a boy!

No, it's a girl.

I mean, it's a girl!


I'm calling her Polly.

Okay, who's next?

No, Bluey!

Because Polly's
an early baby,

she needs to stay
in the hospital for a long time,

'cause she's
still very small.

Oh, oh, okay.

We can take care of her.

I can use my wet flannel!

Thanks, but before you
touch her,

you have to wash
your hands with soap.

Got it.

This is where you wash
your hands, everyone.


But we need to put her
in, uh...

it's like a fish tank
with holes in it.


What about this?


I'll put Polly in for you.

Uh uh uh!
You need to wash your hands.

Oh, yeah!

I forgot.

There you go, Polly.

She likes reading lights.

Now what, Indy?

Mums aren't allowed
to stay at night,

so you need to tell me
to go home to sleep.

Oh, okay.

But I'll pretend that
I don't want to leave Polly.

Got it.

Okay now, sweetheart,
we'll look after her.

But I don't want
to leave Polly!

You have to be the bravest
you've ever been.

Okay, I'll be the bravest
I've ever been.

Goodnight, Polly.


It's okay, Indy.

We'll take good care of her.

She's asleep!

Hello, doctor ladies.

Do you sell crutches?

[all] Aah!

Ohh, I see.

I'm sorry, Indy.

I didn't know Polly
was your early baby.

That's okay, Rusty.

You can play with us if you want.


You just have to follow
the rules of their game.

Yeah, come on.


Oh, um,
before you all go,

can I ask a question?

[all] Sure!

Rusty, why were you
looking for crutches?


Well, Coco and I

were building
a castle out of blocks...


...when a huge dragon came.


Aah! The dragon's back!

Run, everybody!

Every day, he would come
to take one villager to eat.

Go away, dragon!


Give me a villager,
or I'll breathe fire

on your whole town!

Oh, my. What shall we do?

The townsfolk
had no choice.

They gave a villager
to the dragon.

[all gasp]

To decide
who it would be,

they played
"Ip Dip Sky Blue."

Ip dip sky blue.
Who's it? Not you.

Not because you're dirty,
not because you're clean.

My mum says
you're the fairy queen!

They chose
the king's daughter!

"Oh, no!

I'm so upset!

I'll give my castle
to whoever takes her place."

But no one would.

But the king's daughter
was very brave.

She said to the king,
"Goodbye, father.

We both have to be
the bravest we've ever been."




"Oh, my only daughter is gone!
Who will bring her back to me?"

I will, Your Majesty.

I'm a knight.

Aren't you scared?

Yes, Your Majesty, but I will be
the bravest I've ever been.

So the knight set off.

Goodnight, Polly.



Sausage dragon!

I command you to free
the king's daughter!


I'll eat her now!

Use this instead.

It looks more like a daughter.


Put her down!

You can't stop me!

So the knight
fought the sausage dragon

with all his might.



And the brave knight


...and rescued
the king's daughter.

You're safe now.

But the brave
knight was hurt very bad.

I need to get
to a hostable.

There's one over there.


doctor ladies.

Do you sell crutches?

[all] Aah!


Let's play Knights and Dragons!

[all] Yeah!

[both giggle]

Good boy, Rusty.

Rusty, let's play Mums and Dads.


[up-tempo music plays]