Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 41 - Mums and Dads - full transcript

While playing a game of Mum and Dads, Rusty and Indy couldn't decide who should "go to work" or "stay and take care of the infant" which causes them to split and play with other children.

[up-tempo music plays]

[music stops]

[all] Mum!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Dad!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Bingo!

[music resumes]

-[music stops]
-[all] Bluey!

[birds, insects chirping]


Morning, honey.

Morning, sweetheart.

I made you a cup of tea.

Oh, thanks.

I love a cup of tea in the morning.

I know you do.

Is the sink leaking again?

Yeah, I'm showing Polly
how to fix it.

I'll give Polly her breakfast.

What a good girl you are, Polly.

[both] Okay.
I'm off to work now.

Bye! Huh?

What did you say?

I said, "I'm off to work."

But I'm off to work.

Mums don't go to work.

Yes, they do.

No, they stay at home
and look after kids.

No, they don't.

Mums go to work,
and dads stay home and mow the lawn.

No, they don't.

Yes, they do.

No, they don't.

Yes, they do!

Oh, Indy, Rusty,

this is not
how mums and dads behave.

Indy isn't
playing properly.

No, Rusty's not
playing properly.

-Am too!
-Are not!

Okay, children,
I think it might be good

if you two played apart
for a little bit.

Rusty, why don't you go and play
Mums and Dads with Bluey,

and Indy, you play
with Mackenzie in the sandpit.


I'm never playing
Mums and Dads with you again!

Well, I'm not playing Mums
and Dads with you ever again.


We'll see.

[Rusty] This episode of Bluey
is called Mums and Dads.

Hi, Mackenzie.

I'm gonna play
Mums and Dads with you,

because I'm never
playing with Rusty again.

Sounds good.

What are you doing?

I'm digging a hole to the
bottom of the sandpit.

can Polly and I help?


Rusty would never do
something this fun.

-Aah! I hit the bottom!

What's there?!

Green plastic?

Okay, well...

Now it's time
for Polly's lunch.

Let's dig
another one!



Can I play Mums and Dads
with you, Bluey?


'cause I'm never playing

Mums and Dads
with Indy again.

I'll be the Mum.

I'll just fix this --

-[grunts] Hey!

Time for your bottle, baby!

Aaah! What are you doing?

Playing Mums and Dads.
You're my baby.

Baby want milky treats?



Snickers, you don't like
digging holes, do you?

Not with these little
sausage-dog arms.

Let's play Mums and Dads.


Polly is our baby,
and I need to get to work, so --


You're it, Snickers!
I'm gonna get you!


♪ Hush, little baby,
don't you cry ♪

♪ Mummy's going to
sing you a lullaby ♪

I don't want to be the baby!

I want to be the Daaad!

[sniffs] Whoo!
Someone's stinky!

Time to change your nappy!


[jowls flapping]

if we play Mums and Dads,

will you pinky-promise
to do everything I say?

I'm a very obedient breed.

Here's Polly.

I'm off to work.

Uh, hello.


Right, now to get
some work done.

Tap, tap, tap, tap,
tap, tap, tap, tap.


I don't know what to do.

You have to get Polly to sleep.


Just rock her back and forth!

No! Like this.

There, she's asleep.

Now what do I do?

You take her home
and put her in the cot.


Where do I live?


Here comes the airplane!

Aw, does baby not like

his nummy-nummy?

[normal voice]
Oh, good boy!

Hey, Terrier.

You're playing Mums and Dads with me.

Oh, okay.

I do have to do this
one thing, though.

Make sure you give her
some tummy time.

All right.

Are you ready to storm the castle?

Uh, I think so.

Baby loves his walkies!


Oh, cheeky baby,
spitting your dummy out.

Don't worry,
we'll -- Hey!

Runaway baby!

[sighs] Finally,
I can get some work done.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

I wonder what Polly's up to.


[indistinct shouting]


Tap, tap, tap,
tap, tap, tap, tap, tap --



I don't understand what's
so difficult about this!


Someone stop that baby!

Good Polly.

Rusty would never take you
to raid a castle.

Indy, you have to help me!

Bluey's gone crazy!

I need to hide!

Oh, okay.

Um... I know!

Baby! Baby!

Winton, have you seen my baby?

No, sorry.


-I'll be your baby.

[Bluey] Time for
your bottle, baby!

I think she's gone.

Thanks, Indy.

Hello, Polly.

Good to see you again.

Green plastic.

I'm sorry I yelled at you, Rusty.

I'm sorry I yelled at you.

Should we play
Mums and Dads again?

Yes, please.

I like the bonnet.


Indy, I think mums can go to work.

Yeah, so can dads, if they want. about you go to work,
and I'll look after Polly.

No, it's okay.

No, I really don't mind.

No, I really don't mind.

Well, someone has to go to work.

What do we got to do?

[both] What if it's the weekend?


She's asleep now!

Great. I think
the sink's broken again.

Oh, okay.

I'll fix it.

Thanks, Rusty!

[chicken squawks]

[up-tempo music plays]