Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 22 - The Pool - full transcript

While packing for the pool, Bluey and her Dad tease Mum about being so fussy with what to take, But when they arrive under prepared, they realize that a little planning goes a long way.




- Bluey!

It's hot.

Ohh, it's so hot.

Mum, what are we doing today?

Nothing until you've
cleaned your teeth.

But I don't want
to clean my teeth.

It's boring.

Boring things are still important.

No, they're not.

You sound like your Dad.

Hey, squirts!

Uncle Stripe said we could use
his pool while he's in Bali.


Let's get out of here.

Make sure you take
all the swimming stuff!

Yeah, yeah,
we got it covered.

Don't just get the fun stuff.

I mean, the bag of stuff.


Yeah, boring!

-Aaah! Hey!

That's nice and cool, actually.

This episode of Bluey
is called The Pool.

Mum is such a fusspot, isn't she?

She is.

Mum always makes us
do so many boring things.

She does.

-Dad is way more fun.
-I am.

Dad, what does...



j-j-k-k-k spell?


Ee, ow, ooh, ow!
It's hot!

-Well, stick your thongs on.
-I didn't bring them.

Ah, okay.

Um, how are
we gonna do this?

Ow, ow, ow!

Hey, Bingo, what's going on up there?

I'm a giraffe,
and I'm eating these leaves.

Can someone open this gate?

Can I have my rashie?

-Did you bring it?

Then no.

Dad, did we bring sunscreen?

Uh, no, I didn't.

It's okay.
We don't need sunscreen.

Yes, we do.

We'll just have to stay
in the shady bit,

and we'll put our hats on.

What hats?

Hey, Bingo, check it out!

My turn!

Can you take that out?

Nah, it keeps
the pool clean, kiddo.

Can I have my floaties?

I didn't bring 'em.



You'll have to stay
on the shallow steps, Bin.

But I won't be able to
swim away from the crawly thing.

Dad, do you think
I can swim from this side

to that side all by myself?

Yeah, you definitely could.

No, you have to pretend
that you don't think I could.

Oh, I mean, no way!
No one can swim that far!

Watch this.

Oh, hey kiddo, sorry,
not into the sunny bit.

You've got no sunscreen on.

You'll be all right.

Now, let's chill some beans!

Higher. Higher!




The water's making my eyes stingy.

Yeah, that's the chlorine.
Did you bring your goggles?

-Ah, okay.

Well, we'll just have to play
above-the-water games, kid.

But I want to dive down
and get the sinkies.

Did you bring
the sinkies?


Well, that solves that, then.

Aah! Dad!



I... want...
my... floaties!

Dad, is the shady bit
gonna get bigger or smaller?


bigger for sure.

Uh, I meant smaller.

I'm bored.

Hi, bored.
Nice to meet you.


I'm hungry.

Oh, hello, hungry.
This is bored.

Ooh, tough crowd.

I want some food.

Aw, yeah, it's morning tea time!


But I didn't bring any food.


You know what, kids?
I think we might be done.

No! I don't wanna get out!

Come on, Bingo.

I'm coooold!

Well, grab your towel, kid.

I didn't bring one.

Well, just shake.

I haven't learned
how to shake yet.

Come oooon!

-No, I don't want to get out!


I'm staying in the pool!


I can't shake properly!

Oi, give us a hand with your sister.

I'm never getting out of this --

Ah! Yah!

Dad, I'm cold!

Dad, I'm freezing!

Dad, I'm hungry.

Dad, I'm starving!




Can everyone stop saying "Dad"?

I think Dad is actually boring.

Mum is way more fun.

Oh, that's nice to hear.


I brought all the swim stuff
you left behind.



So, boring things
are important sometimes, then?


Mum brought the sinkies.


Got it!

Okay, ready for the torpedo?


You can't get me, crawly thing.

Ha ha!

What was I saying?

Uh, something about... ballet class?