Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 23 - Shops - full transcript

Playing 'Shops' is the best game ever for Bluey and her friends - if they can only ever get started. With Bluey questioning the rules and changing who's who, they might be here all day.




- Bluey!

Let's set up a shop.


Okay, but promise we won't take ages
deciding stuff, okay?

Well, we'll have to see.

[Bluey This episode of Bluey
is called Shops.

This can be the shop.

And this can be the till.

And this is the bit
where it goes "doot, doot!"

This can be the door to the shop.

And it has a bell
when you walk through it.

And I'll be the customer.


Hello, shopkeeper.
I'd like to --

Stop, hang on.
We have to decide who to be.

Bluey, you promised we wouldn't
take long deciding stuff.

We can't start if we
don't know who we all are.

I'll be the shopkeeper.

Aw, I wanted to be the shopkeeper.

Chloe, you can be the assistant.

They hand stuff to the shopkeeper.

Does the assistant get to go "doot"?

Um, yes, but only when
the shopkeeper is sick

and has to stay home.

Oh. Okay.

Are you feeling sick at all?

No, I'm fine.

I'll be a customer, too.

Yes, you and Mackenzie are customers.

Hooray! Okay, let's go.



What is it now?

Honey, why don't you be a kitten?

Good idea.
Meow! Meow! Meow!

I'll be your owner.

Good kitty!

-Okay, let's start!

Da-ding! Hello!
I'd like to buy a --


What kind of store is this?

How about a kitten store?

What's a kitten store?

A store that sells kittens.

-But I've already got a kitten.
-Oh, yeah.

How about a store that sells
things for kittens?


Okay. Da-ding!

Wait! Assistant,
help me find things

so we can sell for kittens!

Wait. What?

We won't be long!

What do kittens like?

Um, they like lilly-pillys.

Oh, yeah.

These can be the kitten treats.

They're a bit too round.

They're not all round.

Some are a bit bumpy.

-Oh, yeah.
-Hurry up!

Mackenzie, you're always
in such a hurry.

We can't play shop if we don't
have anything to sell.


Can we please start?

Yes, yes, yes.

Bluey, are you
feeling sick yet?

No, I'm fine.

Okay Mackenzie, go!




We don't have anything for money.

It doesn't matter!

You can't buy anything
if you don't have money.

Oh, yeah, that's true.

How about the round ones are money,

and the bumpy ones
are kitten treats?

Okey dokey.

Take these, Mackenzie.

These are the dollar bucks.

Okay, let's get going.

Da-ding! Hello!


You also need a kitten birthday cake,

but I'm going to say,
"Sorry, we've run out."

And then you have to be sad.

Birthday cake?

Bluey, I want it to be that we
do have a kitten birthday cake.

Okay, we do have a kitten birthday cake,

but you have to be sad 'cause
it's not the one you want.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Let's just start!

Da-ding! Hello!

-I'd like to buy a --


I don't think kittens
should be able to talk.


Kittens definitely can't talk.

You just have to go like this
when you want something --

Meow! Meow!

Meow! Meow!

Rrow! Rrow!

Meow! Meow! Meow!


Okay, let's go. Da-ding!


What is it now?

I think I want to be the kitten.

That means I can
be the shopkeeper!

Doot! Doot!

But I like being the kitten.

Please, Honey,
you can be the shopkeeper.

What? No way!

Well, how about
the assistant?

I'll only swap if I'll be
the kitten owner.

But I'm the kitten owner.

You can be the assistant, Mackenzie.

But I don't want to
be the assistant.


I'll only swap if I can be the shopkeeper.

Then I can doot things!

Dooting is fun.

Doot! Doot!

Doot! Doot!

Doot! Doot!
Doot! Doot!

Chloe, can Mackenzie
be the shopkeeper

and you be the assistant?

But the assistant doesn't doot!

But she hands stuff to be dooted.


Well, we can't start
until someone is the assistant.


I'll do whatever we need to do
to start playing shops.

Will you be the assistant?


Oh, but then we don't
have a customer.

I knew it!

We're never gonna
start a shop.

I'm leaving!




Can you come back and play shops?

What's the use?

We'll never, ever get to start.

You just want to keep making up
more and more things.

That's true.

But you just want to start
before we know who anyone is.

Yeah I do, don't I?

Okay, Bluey, I promise not
to start until you're ready.

And I promise I'll be ready
when you start.


Let's play!

Hang on, you still don't
have an assistant.

Can I play?


Thanks. Who can I be?

The assistant!



Chloe is the shopkeeper...

Mackenzie is the customer...

Honey is the cat...

and Rusty is the assistant!


And Bluey is my other cat!


Wait, we've only got one lead.

We sell leads!





I'm gonna do this!

I'm about to open the door.

I'm --I'm coming in!

Is anyone gonna stop me?

No? No?

Just start!

Da-ding! Hi!

I'm here to buy a lead
for my other kitten.

Certainly, customer.

My assistant will get that for you.

Doot! Here you go.

And here's some kitten
treats for your pets.

Here's some dollar bucks.




Let's play Bus Drivers!