Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Blue Mountains - full transcript

Bluey, Bingo, Mum and Dad all play a game of hand puppets, exploring the land beyond the Blue Mountains where they'll have to outsmart the Cheeky Fox to find the softest beds in the world.

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[up-tempo music plays]

[music stops]

[all] Mum!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Dad!

[music resumes]

[music stops]

[all] Bingo!

[music resumes]

-[music stops]
-[all] Bluey!

Once, there were
two sisters --

big sister, hi!

-And little sister.
-[Bluey] Hi!

[Bingo] And also,
a little fairy.

[Mum] Oh, yes!

And also, a little fairy.


Be careful, little sister!

You'll have someone's eye out
with that thing.

And the big sister
was no fun at all.

Hey! I'm lots of fun!


Anyway, it was winter
and very cold.


We need to find somewhere warm
to sleep, little sister!

I know a place that's got
the softest, warmest beds

in the whole world.

Where are they, little fairy?

Beyond the Blue Mountains!

Yay! The Blue Mountains!

[Bluey] This episode of Bluey
is called the Blue Mountains.

No way are we going
to the Blue Mountains.

It's too dangerous!

I told you she was no fun.

Race you!

-[Bingo giggles]

-Whoa, look!

Stay back, little sister!

We don't know what that is!

[giggles] Don't worry. It's friendly.


We'd best get going.



[Bluey and Bingo giggle]

This is too steep.

Oh, big sister, don't be
a stick in the mud.


What a view!

How do we get down?

We slide! Whee!



Here we goooo!



That was fun!


It's so soft and squishy!


It is soft and squishy,
isn't it, little sister?

It's like we're bouncing
on a massive pikelet.

[Dad] Grrr!

-[Bluey] What's happening?

[all] Aah!

How are we gonna get past
this big wall?

It's too high to climb!

We'll never find the softest,
warmest beds in the whole world.

My sweeties,

there's a secret spot somewhere here.

We just have to find it.

Oh, yes!

And if we scratch it, it makes
the wall come tumbling down.

Hee, okay!

You try over there.

[Dad laughs lightly]

[laughing intensifies]

This is the spot!

Yeah, that's the spot!

You got it!

Come on!

[all] Aah!

Run for your lives!

[all] Hooray!



Oh, I'm having so much fun,
little sister.

Maybe I do just need to relax
and enjoy myself more.

I wonder why I ever stopped
in the first place.

[Dad] Well, hello!

I am a kindly fox.

Oh, look at this cute little fella.

You wouldn't be looking
for the warmest, softest beds

in the whole world, would you?

We are!

Well, you're in luck.

I can show you the way.

Oh, great!

Did you hear that, kids?

Big sister, I think
he's a cheeky fox.

A what?!

No, he's a kindly fox.

He said so.

Ooh, look at his cute, little tail.

I'm not so sure.

Oh, come on, little sister.

Now who's being boring?


Little sister, we need
to find the softest,

warmest beds in the whole world,

otherwise, we'll freeze.

Oh, all right.

Okay, kindly fox.

We'd love you to show us the way.

Oh, very good!

Right this way.


I'm usually a real worry wart,

but this trek
to the Blue Mountains

has really shown me
how to relax and have fun.

Oh, splendid!

I've got my eye on you, Mr Fox.

That sister of yours
is hard work, isn't she?

She sure is.

It's a cave!

Oh, wow, it stinks!

Yeah, it stinks!

[muffled] I'm sure
it's not that bad.

Oh, kindly fox,

is there something
wrong with your voice?

Uh, no,

I just like to talk
like this sometimes.

Very strange.

Well, we best get going.

Are you coming, too, kindly fox?

Uh, I actually have to go

and buy some more...
hand cream.

Okay. Thanks for your help.

In you go.

I'm not sure
this is a good idea.

Oh, quiet, little sister.

Now who's a stick in the mud?

Last one into the cave's
a rotten egg!

[both] Wait, big sister!

Ah! I'm winning! Yeah!


[both gasp]

Big sister!

Help, little sister!

[normal voice]
He's licking me!

Let me out!

It was a trick!

What are you gonna do?!


You are a cheeky fox!

That's it.

No one traps my big sister.




Wait for it!

Wait for it!


[all] Ohh!

[all] Yeah!

I'm all slimy!

Big sister!

Oh, I'm so glad you're safe!

I promise I'll never say
you're boring ever again.

Oh, I was so busy
trying to be fun,

I forgot the most important thing
big sisters are meant to do.

What's that?

Look after their little sisters.


The softest, warmest beds
in the whole world!


We found them!


Oh, it's so soft.

And look, there's enough wax in here
to make a hundred candles!



[Mum] And they all slept
happily ever after.

[up-tempo music plays]