Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - The Greater Good - full transcript

The Attorney General's Office gets new evidence against Danny for shooting Thomas Wilder in self-defense, while the wife of a slain police officer asks Frank to talk her son out of joining the force.


(echoing scream)

(echoing): Now, if I have a gun
in my hand and you shoot me,

then you killed me
in self-defense.


But what if I don't
have a gun, Detective?

Please don't
let him kill me!

WILDER: But what if
I don't have a gun, Detective?

But what if I don't
have a gun, Detective?

I'm going to be
with you forever.



What's up?

Aren't you going to work today?


(panting softly)

You okay, babe?

Yeah. Yeah.

I hope I haven't been
keeping you waiting.


I don't think
we've seen each other

since law school graduation.

You haven't changed.

So what can I do for you?

Um, I'm really just
here as a courtesy.

I'm working for the attorney
general's office now,

and I've been assigned
your brother Danny's case.

What case?

Thomas Wilder.

No, that case is done.

The shooting was deemed

New evidence
has turned up.

What new evidence?

The Wilder family
submitted some audio tapes.

Of what?

I'm sorry, but
I can't really talk

about the particulars
with you.

Why not?

Because I'm gonna
have to question

you and your daughter.

You were ear-witnesses
to the killing.

It was self-defense.

That'll be up to
the grand jury.


I don't have to
remind you

that it wouldn't be
standard procedure?

No, you don't.

You sure you want
to do this?

That's exactly
what I want to do.

They're here, sir.

I'll take care of it.


So good to see you.

Aw, you, too, Frank.

(door closes)


We got a beautiful day for it.

(sighs) We did.


So, how's the academy
treating you, Louis?

Treating me like
the rookie I am.

You want me to pull
some strings for you?

Would you?

Thought so.

How we doing?

Good. Yeah.

Okay, here's how this goes.

We ride over together
with my detail.

I give a brief talk
remembering Martin,

the cop he was,
sacrifice he made.

Then we unveil

the street sign,
take a few pictures,

and then I'd like to take
you both to lunch, if you can.

Well, thank you.

I can't believe
it's been ten years.

You were all of what,
Louis, 11?

Yeah. Seems like both
a lifetime ago

and also just yesterday.

Yeah, well, your dad
would be proud

that you're following
in his footsteps.

And selfishly, I am glad

that this particular apple
didn't fall

too far from the tree.

They're ready for
you out front, sir.


Honey, would you give me
a moment with Frank?

Yeah. Sure, Mom.

(door opens, closes)

I'm sure it'll be
a lovely tribute, Frank.

You've always been good
at the dedications

and the eulogies.

Something's on your mind, Grace.

Since Louis joined the academy,
I've hardly slept a wink.

Well, if he needs help
with anything,

you know I'm just
a phone call away.

I mean, you've been there
for every birthday,

championship, graduation.

And I am really
looking forward

to graduating him
from the academy.

I do have one favor to ask.


Make sure Louis does not
graduate the academy.

Kick him out, fail
him, disqualify him.

I don't care what you do.

Anything to ensure that
he does not become a cop.

Where are we gonna put
all this stuff?

We're gonna need
a bigger apartment.

Sophie, favorite gift today.

The nail pens.
The rainbow quicksand!

You know we're gonna be cleaning
that stuff up for weeks.

(tires screeching)

(both scream)

Sophie, no!

Oh... oh, my God!
(car alarm blaring)


God, no!

"Other than your parents,

who is the most influential
person in your life, and why?"

Joe. Because he encouraged me
to go for what I really want

instead of what other
people wanted for me.


I think he recognized
that I spent a lot of time

trying to make
other people happy.

Not in this partnership.

DISPATCHER (over radio):
12 David, be advised we have

a 53, pedestrian struck,

corner of Broadway
and nine-seven street.

12 David to Central,
we're en route.

(siren wailing)

PAUL: Sophie!
JAMIE: What happened?

This car came out of nowhere,
and it hit my daughter.

Eddie, call it in.
Oh, God. Oh, my God!

Central, 12 David,
we have multiple injuries

at this location.

Come on, Sophie, come on,
baby, come on, honey.

Ma'am, you've got to calm down!

She's unconscious?

We're doing
everything we can.

Helen, stay with Zach!

Oh, my God!

That's him.
He plowed into us.

That son of a bitch was driving
like a freakin' lunatic!

Hey, whoa, hey, hey! Hey!

Take care of your family.

You all right?

You guys all right?

Yeah, we're okay.

Were you driving?

Where were you coming from?

Fund-raiser at the Waldorf.

Have you been drinking?

I'm asking him.

Not me. I wasn't drinking.

Gonna need you to take
a Breathalyzer test.


You refusing
a Breathalyzer?

You feeling okay, Russ?

I'm having chest pains.
I need to see a doctor.


This is Congressman
Russ Anderson.

Who's under arrest for DWI.

He needs medical attention,
Officer Reagan.

You denying him
medical attention?

Central, 12 David.
We need an additional bus

at this location and
a patrol supervisor.

I'll ride with him
to the hospital.

And I'll be back
with a warrant

for his blood alcohol.

♪ Blue Bloods 7x01 ♪
The Greater Good
Original Air Date on September 23

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♪ ♪

So my son Sean, he's
into comic books now,

and I get excited,
'cause I love comic books.

But then I'm not allowed
to call them comic books

because he's into
graphic novels.

Like Spider-Man
and Superman?

Oh, no, no, no. If only.
(cell phone rings)


See, this is more
like the Meat Puppets

and Decaying... Zombies,
whatever the hell it's called.

I mean, there's no real
superheroes anymore.

Just zombies and
blood and gore.

Well, speaking of blood,

we got a shooting
at a restaurant.

Arthur Avenue and 123rd.

One DOA, a second Vic was taken
to St. Benjamin's hospital.

All right, you
take the hospital,

I'll take the restaurant.
Detective Reagan.


Get a word in private?

There's no secrets here.
You know that.

The attorney general's office
is reopening the investigation

into the shooting
of Thomas Wilder.

Well, they already

I was cleared.
Do you remember?

There's new evidence.


Here you go.
What are you doing?

I'm modified.
I know the drill.

What do you mean "nope"?

In this climate, the PC feels
that supporting his officers

takes precedent
over standard procedure.

Wow. Is that a quote?
That's the gist.

Oh, so I'm semi-modified.

Watch your step.
He's sticking his neck out here.



What do we got here?

That's the dead guy.

John Marino?

Yeah, he owns the place.

Where is he?
He's right over here.


(quietly): Son of a bitch,
what happened here?


In the wind.


You would think, but...

But let me guess.

Nobody saw anything.

Yeah, I'm familiar
with the neighborhood.

Who are those two?

Father and son.
They work here.

Great, let's talk to them.

Either one of you
see the shooter?

I was in the bathroom.

Uh-huh. How about you?

I was in the bathroom, too.


How many bathrooms
you got in this joint?


BAEZ: Did your husband have
any enemies, Mrs. Marino?

John was paying some mob guy

$4,000 a month.

He... he called it
insurance money.

John was missing half a finger
on his right hand.

The medical examiner said
it was recent.

It was a warning.

Because John said he
was gonna stop paying

the so-called
insurance money.

Can you tell me anything
about the person

he was paying the money to?

A name, a description?

I only know his nickname.

Roundface Bob.

Robert Sava,
aka Roundface Bob.

That's a very interesting

but I don't know who that is.

Is that how you want to play it?
I don't play.

Uh-huh. Where were you
Monday at 1:00 p.m.?

I was home. Ask my wife.

I will.

How do you know John Marino?

I don't know him.

He hasn't been paying you
protection for the last year?

Protection from what?

From the Albanian mob.

There's an Albanian mob?

I thought that was
an Italian thing.

Well, there's an Italian mob,
too. And an Albanian mob.

There's also a police mob,
of which I'm a member.

But we protect people
for free, unlike you.

You know, I came in here.
I didn't have to.

You got nothing on me.


Good luck on your investigation.


(clears throat)


Thanks, Pop, but I'm working.

I know the difference
between working

and just staring at a screen.

(cork pops softly)

When Jamie threw the curveball

and said he was gonna go
to the academy

instead of practicing law...


How'd I seem?

The way you usually do.

Damned hard to read.

Yeah, but you read me.

Well, you were up and down
all night for weeks after.

And being a cop myself,
I understood the calling.

Course you did.

But what if I wasn't?

What if I didn't bury Joe
as a fellow cop, but--

I don't know...

I ran a diner, a hardware store?


what if Jamie were
all I had left?

You're over the legal limit
for "what ifs" here.

You remember Martin Edwards,
killed on Avenue A in '06?

Sure, you spoke at his funeral.

Well, his boy's in the academy.


And his mother asked me
to fail him out.

Well, it's not her call.

Or yours.

And if anything were to happen
to him, it wouldn't be on you.

Try telling her that.

I don't have to.

It hasn't happened yet.

Odds are it never will.

Have your drink, Francis.

You're on the right path.

Best thing you can do
for the widow and her boy

is to counsel them the way
you would counsel your own.

That's not what
she's asking for.

Do you usually get
just what you're asking for?

Do any of us?

(sighs) Less and less.

Apparently, Mr. Wilder
kept a copy of every phone call

he had with you,
Detective Reagan.


WILDER (over tablet):
You found me.

Very good, Detective.

DANNY: You messed with
the wrong family.

This may be true.

What does "You messed with
the wrong family" mean?

You know, it could have
something to do with the fact

that he... assaulted my niece,
kidnapped my niece,

was planning on raping
and murdering my niece.


Which is why she was
stuffed in the trunk of his car.

I mean, is this a joke or what?

I don't joke about
murder charges.

What if it was your niece?

Or your girlfriend
or your wife or your

sister or your mother?
- Danny.

You've been the subject
of numerous

Internal Affairs investigations.

That's not relevant to this.

It is if I can establish
a pattern of reckless behavior.

You've had civilian complaints
for excessive force...

He's an active cop.

If he was a do-nothing cop,
then maybe he'd have none.

At one point in these
recordings, Detective Reagan,

you threaten to kill Wilder.

Now, when you said that,

can you explain
your state of mind at the time?

Did you mean you literally
were going to kill him?

Danny, don't answer that.

Why am I being treated
like a criminal

for justifiably shooting someone

who murdered 22 women
in cold blood?

You are not allowed to be
judge and jury

even when a suspect is accused
of murdering a number of women.

He wasn't accused. He did it.

He admitted it.

I mean, what part don't you get?

This guy is a sick
son of a bitch!

Okay, and he orchestrated
this whole thing.

That's why he recorded it,
to screw with me!

We're not here to establish
why he made recordings.

We're here to determine
if his death was justified.

So, when you said you
wanted to kill Thomas Wilder...

I meant it!

And I'm glad that son of a bitch
is dead, okay?!

Good afternoon.

How'd it go with the A.G.?

How do you think it went?

Entire thing is a farce,
that's how it went.

You can't lose it
with him, Danny.

He doesn't play games.

The whole thing is a game, Erin.

Okay, I'm gonna explain
how this is gonna go down.

He's gonna play tapes

of you and Wilder
to the grand jury,

he's gonna bring up
that Wilder captured Nicky,

that he was taunting you.

He's gonna say that
you went into the clearing

to shoot Thomas Wilder.

Well, that's great,
because I did.

You can't say that, Danny,
not even to me.

What difference does it make?

It's a difference between
being indicted or not.

How does this work?

Would you tell me
how it works, please?

How does it work that a
scumbag murderer like Wilder

has the same rights as me
or any other innocent person?

That's what the
attorney general's office does.

They look into police shootings
of unarmed victims.

This isn't some
innocent motorist

shot by a rogue cop, Erin.

And this guy Wilder
is not a victim!

So what's your solution, huh?

Antagonizing the attorney
general is not going to be a win

for anyone.

It wasn't last time.

What the hell
is that supposed to mean?

You called out
a serial killer

on television.

You played games with his head.

So I'm responsible

for him murdering
22 innocent women?

I'm not saying
it was your fault.

That's not on you.

What is on me
is that this guy wanted to die,

and he wanted me to do it.

So I did.

And you know what?

If I had to do it
all over again,

you better believe I would!

Danny, you need to listen to me.

You go into the grand jury
talking like that,

you will go to trial for murder.

You heard Detective Reagan
on the phone with Thomas Wilder.

Wilder called

Uncle Dan...

Detective Reagan...

on his cell phone.

What did you hear them say?

He said that he couldn't wait

to meet Detective Reagan
again in person.

Did Detective Reagan reply?

It was hard to hear
his side of the conversation.

What did you hear
Detective Reagan reply?

It wasn't on speaker.

What did Detective
Reagan say in response?

He said that...

if they meet again...

only one of them
was gonna walk away alive.

And that someone

wasn't going to be Wilder.

I'm sorry,
what was that last part?

And that someone
wasn't going to be Wilder.

Detective Reagan would be
the only one alive

if they met again.

He's my uncle;
Wilder had kidnapped me.

What do you think
he was gonna say?

Stick to the
facts, please.

It was in
the heat of the moment.

Detective Reagan said that
Wilder wouldn't walk away alive.

Is that right?


And did you
take that to mean

Detective Reagan was going
to kill Thomas Wilder?

In the heat of the moment.


You sure you don't recognize
any of the men in this picture?

I'm sure.

(clears throat)

Why don't you man up
and grow a pair, huh?


Come on.
It's just us talking here.

Your old man's not around,
looking over your shoulder,

telling you not to talk.

I-I don't know what you mean.

What I mean is you want me to
believe that you, your old man,

and half the freakin' restaurant
were all in the bathroom

at the same time?

The only bathroom
in the restaurant,

at the exact same time
that the shooter walked in?

Y-You think I'm lying?

I know you're lying.

And you know that I
know you're lying.

Come on. Ms. Furino told me

that one of these men
came into the restaurant

once a month to collect
protection money.

You're gonna sit here
and look me in my eyes

and lie to me and tell me
you've never seen them before?

Come on!
(pounds table)

Do you know
what the Albanians do

to people who talk?

They're not like
the Italians.

There's-there's no code.

You don't know
how brutal they are.

Try me.

A guy we buy liquor from,
one of our suppliers,

threatened to go
to the cops about them.

They stuffed him in an oil drum
and sealed it up.

Guy suffocated to death,
nice and slow.

You realize there's only
one person in the world

who could protect you
from them right now?

And I'm not talking about
your old man.

It's the guy sitting
across from you.

So I'm gonna ask you
one more time.

Do you recognize
any of these men?

No? Okay.

You're too scared then to
stand up and do the right thing?

Is that what you're telling me?

You're damn right I am.


Russ Anderson.

Your blood alcohol came back
a 0.18, which is well over

the legal limit.
What are you talking about?

You're charged with vehicular
assault in the first degree

and driving while intoxicated.

You can't charge him.

Why not?

'Cause I was the one driving.


I was driving.

No way. You said that you
were driving the vehicle.

And as you see from my
blood test, I was inebriated,

Officer Reagan, and...

as such, didn't remember
who was driving.

STILLER: I wasn't drinking 'cause I was
the designated driver,

but I'll gladly submit
to a blood alcohol test.

Vic's father identified you
as the one driving the car.

Then I guess it's our word
against his.


Remember that family that was
in the back room having a party

at the restaurant when
the shooting occurred?

The ones that said
they didn't see anything?

That's right.

Well, they videotaped
the entire thing,

only they forgot
and they never watched it,

until now.

(computer trills)
Take a look.

Happy anniversary.

Okay, now there's Marino,

and entering the door
is the shooter,

and just a few feet away
is Charlie.

(gunshot, people screaming)

Who was supposed to be
in the bathroom at the time.

Son of a bitch lied.

Big surprise.

GORMLEY: "Louis Edwards
is a model recruit,

"motivated and skillful.

"He elevates those around him

by helping any fellow
recruits who are struggling."

You're not
making this easy, Sid.

Instructors say
he's on a fast track

to receive the Police
Foundation award.

It's great for social media.

Son walks in
hero father's footsteps.

Mom's a hero, too.
She raised him on her own.

I'll post that, too.

Sid, I want you to go over
his application

with a fine-tooth comb.

To what end, boss?

To see if there's anything
that could disqualify him.

Are you looking
to disqualify him?

I don't know.

All right. I'll drill down.

Once upon a time,

the only requests I got
were for a certain precinct

or Uncle Sal's shield number.

Now I got a mother
asking me to find a way

to stop her son
from becoming a cop.

And once upon a
time, a detective

under investigation would've
been placed on modified duty.

And the detective in question

has been investigated
and exonerated.

I wouldn't be doing my job if
I didn't point out the risk...

Maybe you should take
the afternoon off, then.

...that should this
reach the press,

you'd be open to
charges of nepotism,

of ignoring procedure
in favor of...

They could charge me
with protecting a good man

from double jeopardy.

I'll take that all day long.

You won't get to frame it.

Modified assignment
mostly protects the bosses,

not the public in any sense.

And the detective's last name

has nothing to do
with my decision.

And that's that.

Charlie wasn't
in the bathroom.

He saw the whole thing.

You lied.

Maybe we need a lawyer.

You need a lot more
than a lawyer.

Sava walked in there,
pointed a gun at John Marino,

shot him, and then pointed it
at your son!

Your son! Why?

Look, I'm the one who told him
to keep his mouth shut.

Why was this animal
pointing a gun at your boy?!

Couple weeks ago, when Sava
showed up to collect his money,

John told him
he wasn't paying anymore.

Sava took a cleaver and chopped
off one of his fingers.

And then he threatened
to kill him.

Charlie was just
coming back

from making a delivery.

He saw the whole thing.
He was freaked out.

Why didn't you call the cops?

I thought Sava would kill him.

He did try to kill him.

And he's gonna try
to kill him again

and again and again
until he gets him!

Don't you
understand that?

Where's Charlie now?
We got to get him in here.

Wh... He should be home
from school by now.

Good. Call him.

(phone vibrates)

Oh, my God.

Please, you got to protect
my son. You got to save my boy.

Anderson was drunk.

That's the reason
he changed his story.

Yeah, but if
Stiller's willing

to take the fall for him,
what do we do?

They know how to
work the system.

I talked to the place where
Anderson and Stiller were

coming from, but even if we show
he was in the driver's seat,

doesn't mean he didn't pull over
and switch spots with Stiller

before the accident.

We need corroboration
he was behind the wheel.

Both the airbags deployed
in Anderson's car, right?


Okay, where's the car now?

Where's the car?

It went to the pound.

Call them right now.

Tell them not to do
anything with that car.

Tell them we're on our way.

♪ ♪

Last call.

Who did you talk to?

I swear, no one!

You know how airtight this is?

Takes ten minutes,

15 max,
and you'll run out of air.


Pack him up. (speaks Albanian)

No! No!

No! Please let me go!
Let me go!

No! No! Let me go!

Please let me go! Please!

No, no! Please! Let me go!

No! Let me go!

Please! Please!


Charlie was picked up
outside his high school

by a guy matching
Sava's description.

TARU tracked his phone

to a 435 East Tremont Avenue,

and the signal
dropped off there.

Hold on.
Tremont, you said?

Gang Unit Intel says that

Sava's renting a warehouse
on Tremont.

Right here.
Right by the Major Deegan.

It's Detective Baez.
I need ESU to meet me

at the corner of Tremont Avenue
and the Major Deegan.

We're hitting a warehouse.

The Albanian mob

is holding a hostage.

Vest up.

(officers shouting)

Go, go, go!
Move it, move it!

Come on! We're gonna go deep
and sweep around!

I'll be right there.

You, stay on me.

(Charlie banging, screaming)





Where's the kid?

Where is he?!

Doesn't matter, Detective.


You son of a bitch.

You put him in a barrel?

Huh? Which one?

I said, which one?!
You son of a bitch.


What do you want to do?

You want to shoot me?
I'm unarmed.

Well, now I'm unarmed, too.



Watch him.

Charlie! Charlie?





(muffled banging)



Damn it.


All right.

Come on.

All right.

Nice and slow.

Breathe. Breathe.

I need a bus!

What happened
to your hand?

Work-related injury.

(scoffs) Thought you
were riding a desk.

Yeah, well, I'm not.

LINDA: He's supposed to be.
DANNY: Yeah.

That is, until I'm cleared
for shooting a mass murderer.

FRANK: The state
attorney general

fulfilling his new mandate.


But it sucks.

Yeah, that's one way to put it,

but not at the dinner table.

Tell you what sucks.
Sorry, stinks.

Is people gaming the system.

You might be on the hot seat
right now, Danny,

but at least you got a killer
off the streets.

Yeah, but at what
personal cost?

Everything worthwhile
has personal cost.

Who's fault is it anyway
that half the family is cops?

That'd be my father.

He couldn't have been
a doctor or an accountant?

Something that doesn't
involve firearms?

Family dinner would be
a lot less interesting.

Well, given what I just had to
go through with the grand jury,

I'd take "a lot less
interesting" any day.

Sorry you had to
go through that.

You know, there's a whole
other world out there, boys.

HENRY: One that
would have a lot more

thugs on the street were it not
for families like ours.

Well, I'm just saying, Pop.

None of us had to become cops.

It's not a birthright
or a genetic code.

It's a choice.

He's waiting for you.


Thanks for coming up, Louis.

Lookin' good.

(chuckles) Feelin' good.

Sit down.

Oh. Thanks, Frank.

I mean, Commissioner.

I mean, what's the protocol?

in front of the troops,

Frank when it's just us.

I'm used to you
being the guy cheering me on

from the sidelines
at the Little League games,

not the boss of the
whole department.

I'll always be
cheering you on, Louis.

That's a given.

Thank you, sir.


I'm gonna ask you a question.

Yeah. Shoot.

Why do you want to become a cop?

I, uh... (chuckles)

I've always wanted to.

That's not a reason.

Not sure I understand.

I want to know why
you want to become a cop.

You've always
gotten great grades,

all through school, every honor.

You could get a job anywhere.

I don't want a job anywhere.

I want to be an NYPD cop.

Because that's what
your father did?

That's environmental,
that's sentimental.

That's different from
a real determination.

Did my mom put you up to this?



Thank you.

So I'll tell you why.

'Cause my father used
to tell me stories

from the time I could walk

about being on
patrol, and...

I thought,

even back then,

that's not a job,
that's a mission.

Don't romanticize it.

And after my dad got killed...

...the only consistent
role model that I had,

the one man who showed up
to every event in my life,

who had more integrity
than any person I've met,

made that choice clearer for me.

And now that man
is questioning me

about the one thing...

the one thing
I've always been sure of.

That I want to be on the job
with the NYPD.

WILDER: You've got
a pretty wife.

What'd you say?

WILDER: She left
this morning at 8:05.

And your two boys.
I left at 8.

I will kill you. You hear me?

I said I will kill you!

You have a good day, Detective.


You said you were going to kill
Thomas Wilder, is that right?

That's what it sounded like.

You don't remember?

I remember everything
about Thomas Wilder.

Because he got under your skin?

Yes, he did.


Because he brutally murdered

22 innocent young women.

Because I had to tell

more than one of the mothers
of those women

that they will never see
their daughter again,

because I had to look at the way
he tortured and murdered them.

And that's something
that I will never forget.

So, would it be safe to say

that you were taking
this case personally?

I take every case personally.

Wilder had no history
of using a gun.

Is that correct?

No, he did not use a gun
on his victims.

Did he have any record
of owning a gun?

I have no idea.

And yet, you say you shot him

because you weren't sure
if he had a gun.

He was wearing a police uniform.

He said that he had a gun
behind his back.

Why would he tell you
he had a gun if he didn't?

You will have to ask him that.

So, if he had no history
of owning a gun

and he had no history
of using a gun,

why would you assume
that he was going to shoot you?

DANNY: Because the
last time I saw him,

he tried to beat me to death
with a crowbar.

Now, if somebody did that to me,
I'd be looking for revenge.

So is that why you shot him,

because you were
looking for revenge?

Can I stand up, please?


(clears throat)

Okay. (sighs)

So, I'm Wilder...
and you guys are me.

And we're about this far apart.

And you have your gun

pointed at me, and I am

standing in front of you

with my hands behind my back,
just like this.

And it's very quiet.

And there's nobody around,

nobody except

us two, standing here alone
in this clearing.

And you're looking at me,
the man who murdered,

tortured and raped
22 innocent women...

...who left them
to rot on the ground...

...with their hands crossed
over their chest.

And I tell you
I got a gun behind my back.

So you instruct me...

to show you my hands.

And I don't comply.

So you instruct me again.

Keep your hands
where I can see 'em!

Only louder this time,
to show you my hands.

I said keep your hands
where I can see 'em!

And I don't comply.

I've told you
I have a gun

behind my back.

You have no idea
whether I do or I don't.

And then... bang!

(jurors gasp)

Now given that...

...would you fire your weapon?


Thank you, Baker.

Grace, please,
sit with me.

Uh, can I get you anything?
You want some coffee?

Uh, no, I'm good.

Okay, I looked
into Louis's file,

trying to find a way to
legitimately fail him out.

Oh, thank you.

I looked hard.

What you asked me to do
is essentially act

as his father would.

I think I did.

I sat with him.
I talked to him.


Well, more importantly,

(sighs) I listened to him.

Grace, it's what he wants to do.

Says... he wants, Frank.

He's still young.

Old enough to act,
free to choose.

I need cops like him.
I will not fail him out.

It's not enough
that I lost my husband?

Martin would be proud of him;
I think you know that.

He romanticizes the PD because
of Martin and because of you.

I warned him of that, Grace.

Why don't you tell him
that nobody likes cops anymore?

Why don't you tell him that?

He's got his eyes wide open.

How can they be?

He sees everything
through your blue lenses,

you and Martin.


I would never try to tell you
how to show your love

to your only son.


maybe you could try
seeing him for what he's become.

Right. Got it.

Maybe he even ends up
like his father,

shot dead by some animal just
because he wore your uniform.

All for bagpipes
and a street sign.

Go to hell, Frank.

(door opens, closes)


ANDERSON (over speakers):
I am the choice

for a stronger New York.

There he is.

I will support small businesses.

I will not raise taxes
on working families.

Do you think we should
let him finish?

And ruin all the fun?

I will be a champion
of the middle class.

Russ Anderson!

(crowd murmuring)

Can you do this after?
No. Have a seat.

Russ Anderson,
you are under arrest

for vehicular assault
in the first degree

and driving while intoxicated.

You can't charge me.
You have no evidence.

Yes, we do.

Your DNA was found on
the driver's side airbag.

It proves you
were driving.

Hands behind your back.

(handcuffs clicking)

Do you realize who I am?

Yes, you're a
drunk and a liar.

Let's go.

You ever regret
being a cop?

I've regretted
decisions I've made,

but never my decision
to be a cop.

Job's not the same
as when I started.

You're not the same cop
as when you started.

It's not just me
who's on trial now, Dad.

It's the whole department.

At least the grand jury
did the right thing.

This time.

What about next?

If you're asking can
you take it anymore,

you can.

Real question... we have any more
to give back?