Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 22 - Blowback - full transcript

In the Season 6 finale, public outrage erupts when a cop isn't indicted for shooting a teenager, and the fallout affects Frank, the mayor and Erin's office. Later, an officer gets shot in a...



What do you got?

Okay, there's been a series of
armed robberies

in this neighborhood.

And those two fit the
description to a tee.

These guys?


Let's go.


Hey, get your hands
out of your pockets!

Go, go, go! Let's go!

Hey! Police!

- Hey!
- Stop!

Stop running!

Stop! Police!

Watch it! Move it!

Move it!



Hands behind your back.


Stay in the car.
Stay in the car!

Stop! Police!


Oh, what do we have here?

Huh. Okay.

Look at this.

Looks like you're going to jail.

Call it in!


Russell, what happened?

He refused to give up the knife.

Th-Th-Then he started
coming toward me.

Put your gun away.

Hey, back up please.
Do me a favor, back up.

You didn't even
give him a chance!

You didn't have to shoot him!

He had his hands up, man!

You didn't have to shoot him!

I had no choice.

Hey, hey, look,
I swear to God, man.

I had no choice.

Don't say anything else, okay?

Stop talking.

He's just a kid! A kid!

...he's dead!

Okay, everybody
please step back.

Give us some room.

Please step back.


Hey, put that down!

No hice nada.

Put the- put the knife down!
No hice nada!

No hice nada.
No hice nada.

I said put it down!
No hice nada.

How old was the kid?



With items stolen
in an armed robbery

that triggered the incident
on his person.


That's now a capital offense?

So, he's not just a kid,

he's an armed felon
confronting one of my officers.

Who brought a knife
to a gunfight.

That's just a saying, Mr. Mayor.

You're three times as likely
to die from a stabbing

as you are a gunshot.

Frank, what the hell
was your guy thinking,

just blowing him away?

He was thinking
what he was trained to think.

The suspect repeatedly
ignored commands

to throw down the weapon.

His hands were in the air.

And one of them held a knife.

Look, there's no guarantee
a cop with a gun

can stop a dedicated attacker
with a knife

from twice that distance.

That's not the point.

It's exactly the point.

He could've backed away.

And let the perp flee
into the population,

armed with a knife,
with nothing to lose?

That's your advice?

So, execution?

That's the only other option?

You really gonna
call this an execution?

Maybe you need to think
about that for a second.

And Frank, you really think
I'll be the only one?

What do you think the people's
takeaway's gonna be here?

Throw that cop a parade?

Of course not,
but the fact remains,

my officer reacted
as he was trained to.

Listen, I didn't realize that
the Academy offered classes

in killing teenagers.

That's a cheap shot,
Mr. Mayor.

Yes, it is,
to a bad shooting, Frank.

Get used to them.

You want to honor your office,

help the public to understand.

Frank, my office is the mayor.

Of the people.

Not PR for the NYPD.


Listen, that's not my word.

I will not say that.

But I will make
a statement, Frank,

and you're not gonna like it.

Because it would be premature.

No, Frank, because these
pictures tell a story

that any fool could see.

And I cannot wait
for the result--

Oh, sure you can.

Listen, I can't wait for the
results of an investigation

not to express the outrage
that's happened here.

By any measure of

you should wait.

But if you won't...

please make damn sure
you do not condemn my officer

for doing his job.

And that is an order,

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Original Air Date on May 6, 2016

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Put that down!
No hice nada.

Put the knife down!
No hice nada. No hice nada.

I said put it down!
Yo no hice nada.

The video clearly contradicts
eyewitness accounts.

Perez did advance
on Officer Russell.

Russell also provided

repeated warnings
before he fired.

So it appears to be
justified use of force.

But if this video
hits the Internet--

a 17 year old with
his hands in the air...

Get a judge to issue
a protective order

to seal the video.

Already on it.

You wanted to see me?

Erin's presenting
the Perez shooting

to the grand jury.

You'll be sitting
second chair, Marta.

Will we be charging Officer
Russell prior to his appearance?

Facts don't support it.

Not to mention
that charging him

would cause serious tension

between our office and the NYPD.

Is that a relevant concern?

If your job is convicting

criminal defendants
in this city,

it's highly relevant.

This is why God
made grand juries, Marta.

Lay out the facts,
let them make the call.

Sarge said things are getting
pretty ugly out there.

We'll have to watch
our backs for a while.

They're suspending

auxiliary patrol, no more
one-man foot posts.

Yeah, just till this thing
blows over.

I feel really bad for Russell.

Some idiot on TV is already
calling him a rogue cop.

People got agendas.

Got nothing to do
with the truth.


Hey, Hayes.

How you guys doing?

Hanging in there.
You talk to Eric?

Yeah, he's pretty stressed out.

Feels real bad about the kid.

Send him our best.

You guys talk to
shooting team investigators?

Yeah, we gave our statements.

Well, I know you stood up
for Russell.

We were taking down
the other perp,

so we didn't see the shooting.

So you played it like that?

He was wearing a body camera.

The incident's on tape.

Even if it wasn't,
we wouldn't be doing Eric

any favors playing fast
and loose with the truth.

He needed you guys
to have his back.

We did.

Whether you get that or not.

Guess those agendas
go both ways.

Officer Russell,

did Mr. Perez have
the knife in his hand

when you were chasing him?


He pulled the knife
out of his pocket

after he stopped running.

Your body-cam video

shows Mr. Perez
with his hands in the air.

Why did you find it
necessary to fire?

He still had the knife.

He continued to advance on me.

I ordered him to stop.

Did you consider
falling back

to wait for other officers?

I couldn't take that chance.

I feared for the lives of the
bystanders in the vicinity.

Did you fear for
your own life as well?


Officer Russell,

would you like to make any
further statements at this time?

I just want to say...

I did my job...

as I was trained to do it.

And I'd do it again.

But the last thing
I ever wanted to do

was shoot that kid.


Thanks for the heads up, John.

My source says the grand jury

declined to indict
Officer Russell.

Well, that's huge, boss!

Your source at the DA's Office?

Are you kidding?
Not a chance.

Well, at least that's good news.

Well, in five minutes,

it'll be old news.

Well, all due respect, boss,

you ever savor the moment?

Not when what's
just around the corner.

Game plan's in place.

All precincts are on high alert.

There's gonna be a lot
of anger out there, Sid.

I don't want any
unnecessary confrontations.

But if it gets hot...

Throw water on it, not gasoline.

Somebody leaked the body-cam
of the Perez shooting.

I don't know.

It went viral in 20 minutes.

Here he goes.

What do you think
he's gonna say?

I got a hunch.

The NYPD officer who shot and
killed Diego Perez

has been exonerated
by a grand jury.

However, the body-cam video
of the incident

raises serious questions
about the use of force

by the NYPD, in this case...

Talk about gasoline on the fire.

...questions that go
above and beyond the purview

of a single grand jury panel.

So I am ordering a full
and independent investigation

of this matter,
effective immediately.

Son of a bitch.

What are you gonna do, Frank?

What I'm paid to do: my job.

I can't believe that body-cam
video's on the Internet.

As if things weren't tense
enough already.

You got to figure people
are gonna see that

and they're gonna
realize that Russell...

he didn't have
a choice, right?

I think people are gonna see

what they want to see, Eddie.

12 Frank, show us responding

to the commercial alarm
at 1813 Green.

Uh, Central, we're a few blocks
away from that commercial alarm.

Show us on the back.

We're good, 12 David.

We got this.

Orders are no calls
without backup, 12 Frank.

Mark! Aah!

Mark, units!
Mark, Mark!

Hey, Hayes, you guys all right?

12 Frank, I got an officer down!

Officer shot at his location!

Well, hang on, Hayes,
we're coming!

Eyes open, keep your eyes open.

Mark, come on.

Hang in there.



What happened?

Hey. Guy came out of nowhere.
Shot through the window.

We never had a chance
to see who it was.

Come on, keep pr--
keep pressure on it.

Help is on the way, brother.
It's on the way, buddy.

Help is on the way.
Keep your eyes open.

Anybody see anybody?

You see a shooter?
You see anything?

Anybody see which way
the shooter went?

Hey, hey, anybody see anything?

You guys see a shooter?

Come on, come on.

Anybody see anything?
Hey, come on!

Somebody talk to me!

Anybody see a shooter?

Anybody see which way he went?

As you were.

And make sure we have someone
assigned to his family.

Of course.

Let's just stick to the facts.

Thanks for the tip.

We only have time
for a few questions.

What's the condition
of the wounded officer?

Officer Hayes had surgery
to remove a bullet

next to his spine.

Was this an act of
revenge against the NYPD

in the wake of
the Perez decision?

Well, it's an
ongoing investigation,

but it certainly appears that
Officer Hayes and his partner

were targeted because
they were police officers.

Some believe that the
reason that your officer

was not indicted
for killing Diego Perez,

is because he was
wearing a badge.

Officer Russell did his duty
protecting lives.

That's what
the grand jury found.

Will the NYPD be reviewing
its use of force policies?


Has the source of the leaked
body-cam video been identified?

Not yet, but clearly,
we are looking for someone

with access to the system
and an ax to grind.


Namely, I don't know, Helen.

But the mayor did call for
an independent investigation

into the Perez shooting,
and you can be damn sure

we will have our own
independent investigation

to find out who
is responsible for the leak.

That's all the time
we have for now.

Hey, Eric.



You know, everyone's
pulling for you

back at the house.
Anything you need?

I'm okay.

I know you guys think
I was out of line

about you covering for Russell

with IAB.

Hang on, I never asked for
anyone to cover for me.


No, listen,
none of that matters now.

Yeah, it does.

Eric's my best friend,

but it's more than that.

It's war on the streets:
us against them.

Yeah, well, there's a right way

and a wrong way to fight it.

It's not about right and wrong,

it's about life and death.

If cops don't stand up
for cops... cops lose.

Like I did.

Plan on spending the night?

I can't believe someone

would try to kill
a police officer like that.

Well, when a kid like Diego
Perez gets killed by a cop,

especially these days,

you can bet all hell's
gonna break loose.

I just keep thinking that maybe
it wouldn't have happened,

if we would've charged
Officer Russell

before we took him
to the grand jury.

Well, you can't charge people
on public opinion,

or what might keep the peace.

We presented the facts.

Perez's family claimed
that he didn't speak English

well enough to understand
Officer Russell's commands,

but we didn't present that
to the grand jury.

That's because
we interviewed others,

including Perez's accomplice,

who said his English was fluent.

And he did respond to Officer
Russell's command to halt.

I'm just saying that maybe
if we would've, you know,

presented them with
a more complete picture...

We gave the grand jury
what they needed

to make a decision
on an indictment.

I know you may feel responsible
for what happened

to Officer Hayes,
but you're not.

Sometimes cases blow up.

But that doesn't mean
you didn't do your job.

How we doing?

Uh, good.

Guys found a .38 in an alley
a couple blocks from here,

but it's not the gun
used in the Hayes shooting.

Nice neighborhood.

Any physical evidence?

Not yet, but we got
all hands down here.

How about witnesses?

We're not getting much
cooperation from the community.

Well, this street was
crowded when this went down.

Someone must've seen something.

Folks in this neighborhood

don't like cops
under normal circumstances.

Well, these ain't
normal circumstances.

Keep us updated,
and you guys be careful.

All right, shooter
must've come this way,

ran up on the car here,

blasted Hayes right through
the window here.

Took off that way.

So when the shooter
stopped to take aim,

that's our best bet
at an I.D.

Yeah. Let's take a walk.


You own this newsstand?


You working here
last night?

I don't see nothing.

You know it was a cop
that got shot, right?

I mind my own business.

What's your name,
Mr. Mind Your Own Business?

Hector Castillo.

Hector Castillo,

you realize without the police

looking out for people like you
in the community,

you wouldn't even
have a business here,

Mr. Castillo, right?

Like I say,
I don't see nothing.


You know that woman over there?

Yeah, it's my daughter.

All right, have a nice day.

What's your name?


Gabby, were you
working here last night?

She wasn't here last night.

I thought you said
you mind your own business!

And we got work to do!

Cop gets shot
in the street like this

and nobody sees a damn thing.

Nothing bad, or nothing at all?

About Officer Russell?

Well, people are talking
about him, obviously,

but it's just in
regards to the incident.

What's this all about?

Between us?

Of course.

The mayor's conducting some kind
of independent investigation.

I expect they're
turning over rocks

to see if they can gerrymander
some other plan of attack.

Or just good old
character assassination?

Or both.

Don't know.

Can you keep your ears open?

See who they're talking to,
what their angle is?

Much as I can.


You want me to wait?

I'm just going.

See you both on Sunday.

I really shouldn't be here, Dad.

Why not?
You're my daughter.

Whose office is in the chain
of custody of the leaked video.

Did you leak it?


Well, then we're good.

And since you came up
the back way,

no one's the wiser.

What can I do for you?

I think they mayor
may be behind the leak.

Yeah, I think the press
has picked up on that.

Yeah, well, what do you think?

I think he's a sitting mayor

and you're taking a huge risk
by publicly inferring that.

Do you think the mayor
ordered the leak?

To what end?

To marginalize my department.

And your office.

To effectively pronounce

that we cannot be trusted
in a matter like this,

only he can.

The mayor is not
the only one upset

about this shooting, you know.

But he had access and motive.

That is a very serious
charge, Dad.


now I need evidence
to back it up.

The DA has assigned
a team of investigators

to trace that leak.

I am not part of it.

I understand.

But I also understand
the reach of City Hall.

You want me to monitor
the investigation

and report back to you?

That would be a no.

I'm asking you
to help me find the truth.

Oh, well,
when you put it that way,

the answer is still no,

as you know it has to be.

I ask you to respect that.

What do we got?

Suspect wearing clothes
Hayes described.

It may be our cop shooter.

Male wearing a
purple track jacket

entering this building.

All right, you two go this way
through the lobby,

I'm gonna go this way in case
he makes a break for it.

Hey... Hey!



Stop! Police!


Put your hands on the back
of your head right now.

Turn around, get on the ground,

and put your hands on the back
of your head right now!

I said put your hands
on the back of your head!


My hands are up.

You got not witnesses.

So go ahead.

Kill me.

You gonna test me?

Come on.

Kill me.

Kill me like
you killed that kid.

Well, I suppose I could.

Do it.

But then I'd be saving you...
from a life in prison.

Do it. Do it!

You're under arrest,
you son of a bitch.

Come on!

Come on.

You're in a lot
of trouble, Santana.

I got nothing to say to you.

You don't like
cops much, do you?

Unlock these chains,

and I'll show you how much.

Trust me, there's nothing
I'd like to do more

than take those off
and kick your ass.

But business before pleasure.

Some scumbag matching
your description

shot a cop in your neighborhood.

Don't know nothing about that.

We're gonna stay here
until you give it up, Miguel.

I didn't shoot no cop.

Then why'd you run
when you saw us?

Maybe you haven't heard, hmm?

Cops like to shoot guys
who look like me

for no good reason.

You've got a sheet
a mile long:

assault, armed robbery,

Mm-hmm. Right.
selling guns.

Which doesn't prove
a damn thing.

You got nothing.

And you know it.


you were pissed off

when Diego Perez was killed.

But I wasn't surprised.

But you wanted payback.

So you decided to take out

a cop and try and get even.

The cop didn't die.

That ain't even.

Yeah, but you wanted
to be a hero.

You wanted to be a big,
bad man in the neighborhood.

Well, now's your chance
to tell the whole world

about what you did.

Start talking.

I want a lawyer.

You're gonna need one.

Call his lawyer.


Watch him.

That son of a bitch
is lucky you're watching.

Unfortunately, all you've got
is resisting arrest.

Even that's a stretch.

What are you talking about?

He fits the description

that Officer Hayes
gave of the shooter.

A matching garment
is not a positive I.D.

You have the gun
that was used to shoot Hayes?

Well, not yet.

Any witnesses?

No! No one's talking yet.

I want to nail the guy who shot
Hayes as much as you do.

Wow, could've fooled me.

The public is angry

that the grand jury
refused to indict

Officer Russell
for shooting Perez.

What the hell does one case
have to do with the other one?


They saw a cop shoot a
kid with his hands raised.

Regardless of the facts,

a lot of people do not
consider that justice.

Well, that's their problem.

Actually, it's ours.

If we charge Santana

on questionable evidence,

an already volatile situation
is gonna get a lot worse.

This son of a bitch, Santana,

shot a cop at point-blank range!


But in the wake
of the Perez verdict,

the DA will not charge Santana

unless you have him
dead to rights.

I'm sorry.

Hey, Eric.

How you doing?

Hanging in.

Word on the street is you're
transferring to Staten Island?

Somebody posted
my home address online.

My wife and kids
have gotten threats.

You're gonna be missed
around here, Eric.

I-I can't get that kid's face
out of my head, you know?

Diego Perez screwed up,

got himself killed.

That's on him, not you.


But I'm the one
that has to live with it.

So how's the case against
the guy who shot our cop?

Not good enough
for the DA's Office.

You know it's not, Danny.

You know we could use
a little support, Erin.

Looking for love
in the wrong place.

We're doing our job.

Yeah, well, Russell and Hayes
were doing just that,

their jobs, and now they're
looking at losing those jobs.

Santana has to pay
for shooting a cop.

All hands should be
on that deck.

Okay, but that's not
the way it works,

and you all know that.

Search of his apartment
came up empty.

The guy's good at
covering his tracks.

That's because a snake
never leaves tracks.

Actually, they do.


Just sayin'.
Well, don't.

Look, charging Santana

with just
circumstantial evidence,

in the wake of the kid
with the knife being killed,

could push the city
over the edge.

We all get that.

Thank you.

But you start letting the court
of public opinion hold sway...

We're not...
You're pretty much

telling justice to take a hike.

That is not what is happening.

The standards for evidence
have not been met.

Here's what I just
don't understand

about this whole thing:

The tape clearly shows Perez
coming up to a cop

with a knife out.

What did he think would happen?

Exactly right.


Nicky, please.

You got another opinion, Nicky?

Look, I'm not saying that Diego
Perez didn't make a mistake.

He made a lot of mistakes.

Yeah, armed robbery,
for starters.

Okay, yes,

but at some point there has to
be alternative to deadly force.

You can't give
someone a death sentence

for stealing a watch
or an iPhone.

You're right.

You are, you're
absolutely right.

Officer Russell

should've taken
the one and a half seconds

that stood between
a knife and his throat,

and asked this
Diego Perez character,

"Hey, how you feeling?"

That is not what
Nicky is saying.

It just seems
It is what she's saying.

like these things happen
way too often.

Thank you.

Like cops getting shot
for doing their job?

Thank you.

From where I sit,

Officer Russell
did the right thing.

The problem is
somewhere along the line

the trust between the cops
and the public broke down.

And there's plenty of blame
to go around.

But until both sides start

to restore that trust...

neither side's gonna be safe.

Nicky doesn't mean
any disrespect,

she's just...


After one year of college,
apparently all-knowing.

I seem to remember
somebody else like that.

I know, Jamie was really
full of himself, wasn't he?

Listen, Dad, I just
heard from...

Before you start...

I'm sorry.

I should not have
asked you to come up

and put you in the spot.

That's true.

And I shouldn't be
saying this to you:

The leak did not come
from the Mayor's Office.

Have you identified
the individual responsible?

Not yet.

Our people are
questioning all personnel

who had hands-on access
to the tape.

And they're 100% sure?

We've identified the server
that was used

to disseminate the video.

It came from the courthouse

where the grand jury
was empaneled.

I see.

Guess I need to
talk to the mayor.

Sunday night at the office.

It's the city
that never sleeps, Frank.

Haven't you heard?

The district attorney confirmed

that the leak did not
come from here.

Sorry to disappoint you.

I may have implied that it
was you that released the tape.

May have, Frank?

You flat-out said it
in a room full of reporters.

I apologize. I was wrong.

And I fully understand

if you feel I can no longer
serve as your commissioner.

Frank, you know,
the surgeon who operated

on Officer Hayes,

operated on me when I was shot.

Saved my life.

But everything changed.

And now Officer Hayes faces
some of the same realities.

His career with
the NYPD is over.

The Department,
his union will take care of him

for the rest of his life.

But he will never re-gain
what he lost, Frank.

When I think that my comments
could've contributed

to this attack...

could've contributed to someone

experiencing the same kind of
pain I lived through...

The attack on Officer Hayes
could've happened,

whether you spoke out or not.

Yeah, but I did
speak out, Frank.

Partly because I was angry,

and also so my enemies
wouldn't attack me.

I never considered
the damage I could cause.

You couldn't know
what would happen, Mr. Mayor.

Frank, when I took this job,
I made a promise to myself

to never put politics
above my responsibility

to the people of this city.

I broke that promise.

I don't want you
to step down, Frank,

because the next mayor
is gonna need your help.

I've decided to resign.

You sure?

Every single thing?

All right.

Yeah, thanks.

Crime lab?


Had them run everything we found

in Santana's apartment
for glass shards.

Blowback from the windshield
of Hayes' RMP.

That's smart, Danny.

Yeah, but unfortunately,
we came up empty.

DA's not gonna charge him

for resisting arrest,

so Santana walks in a few hours,
and we got nothin'.

Even if we put Santana
back on the street,

the investigation isn't over.

we're gonna nail him.

Yeah, but by that time,

he'll be banging mojitos
in Santo Domingo.

What's that?

TARU dug up a new piece
of surveillance tape

from a taco joint
down the street

from where Hayes was shot.

Great, let's take a look at it

and come up with more nothing.

Same as the other tape,

there's nothing
we can I.D. Santana.

Okay, okay, but hold on,
right there.

Back it up a little bit.

Can you zoom in?

It's Gabby Castillo.

That's the girl we talked
to at the newsstand.

That's the girl we're
gonna talk to again.

You work full-time in your
father's newsstand, Gabby?

No, I take nursing
classes up at Hunter.

It's a good school.

I told you guys,
I didn't see that cop get shot.

We know what you told us.

And we also know

what we see,

and right here, I see you,

staring right
at our shooter,

just after he shot

Officer Hayes.

It happened really fast.

And I was scared.

Imagine how Officer Hayes felt.

You guys don't understand.

Try us.

People in my neighborhood,
they don't trust the police.

Like your father.

If he knew I was here,

he'd be really mad, yeah.

Did your father

raise you to tell the truth?

It's not that simple.

If I cooperate

with you guys and
people find out...

We can protect you.

I'm not worried about myself.

Then who are you worried about?

My father came
here with nothing.

He built his business
from nothing.

If people think I snitched,

they'll come after him.

You know the shooter.

This guy is gonna
shoot someone again.

He will.

Just you being here puts
you in danger with him.

You want to protect yourself,
you want to protect your family,

then you got to stop this guy.

I'm gonna ask you again:

Do you see the man
who shot Officer Hayes?


What's going on?

We traced the release
of the body-cam video

to a server from
the courthouse.

Do you know who leaked it?

I think you owe us
all an explanation.

When you released
a sealed piece

of evidence, you betrayed this

entire office, and damaged
the reputations of everyone

who works here.

I grew up in the neighborhood

that Diego Perez was killed.

Okay? I represented
those people

as a Legal Aid attorney.

They had a right
to see that video.

They had a right
to decide for themselves

if Officer Russell's
actions were justified.

That was the judge's call,
not yours.

Our presentation to the
grand jury was one-sided,

obviously representing the
pro-police bias of this office.

We presented the facts

and the grand jury
rendered its decision.

You know damn well

grand juries rarely
indict officers

in line-of-duty shootings.

Maybe that should change.

That's a political argument.

And you having a Hispanic

ADA to sit second chair
in the death

of a Hispanic victim
wasn't political?

Prosecutors, defense attorneys,

even defendants,
use ethnicity and gender

to influence juries every

single day--
that is the system.

That's the way it works.

You broke the law.

Your employment
is terminated,

effective immediately,

and the DA will
personally pursue

your disbarment.

The judge has
issued a subpoena

for you to appear.

You will likely be charged
with criminal contempt.


I am sorry about what
happened with Officer Hayes.

But I don't regret what I did.

That's even worse.

Mr. Mayor,

I wanted to come up personally
to tell you we just got

a positive I.D.
on Miguel Santana

for the shooting
of Officer Hayes.

Has the DA brought charges?

Attempted murder
of a police officer.

It'll be announced
this afternoon.

Well, if you're
worried about me

holding a press conference...
I'm not.

You think I've
given short shrift

to the interests of the NYPD.

At times.

As I know I've thought, "Screw
city hall," a dozen times a day.

Frank, I will not be
your boss much longer.

Now's your chance.

Tell me what you really think.

Okay, I will.

I don't think you
should step down.

You're the only guy
at the One PP

that feels that way.

luckily, I'm the only
vote that matters.

Look, your comments

after the grand jury decision
were unfortunate, but...

they weren't responsible
for getting Officer Hayes shot.

How can you be sure?
Chronic offender like

Miguel Santana doesn't
take his marching orders

from the Mayor's Office.

The death of Diego Perez

was a time bomb,

and that body-cam video

going viral flicked the switch.

Well, my comments
certainly didn't help.

And in the wake of
that boy's death,

my officers,
including Officer Hayes,

they knew they were targets...

but they still
manned their posts.

They did not walk away.

You think I'm taking
the easy way out.

Oh... there's nothing
easy about your job.

You do your best and a hundred
voices claim they could

do it better, and at times,

I have been one of those voices.

And at times, the loudest.

Look, you're gonna
do what you want,

but you're a good man

and a good mayor.

Thank you, Frank.

But when the DA charges
Santana, there's gonna be

a public outcry about
the double standard

between police officers
and ordinary citizens.

I know that.

And after shooting off my mouth
the way I did, Frank...

I just don't think
I'm the guy anymore

to talk this city off the ledge.

Actually, it makes you
exactly the right guy.

Thought you could use one.

You thought right.

What time's the mayor come on?

Ah, we got a couple minutes.

Hopefully, he won't

trash us like
he did last time.

And what are
you doing here?

I just came by to make sure
you didn't put a foot

through the TV screen.

Well, if it isn't his foot,
it'll be mine.

I'm sure.

I'm gonna grab a beer.

Hey, make it two.



What do you think
he's gonna say?

I have no idea.

Pops off again, it'll be my
precinct that pays the price.

You guys did a hell of a job
holding the fort down there.

Amen to that.


What's up with all the cars
in the driveway?

What's this,

a secret meeting of
the Reagan Boys Club?

Oh, luckily,
you're a charter member.

It's time.

Here we go.

Here, I got it on mute.

Miguel Santana has been charged

in the shooting of
NYPD Officer Mark Hayes.

Now I know some of you
have expressed anger...

because no charges were brought

in the shooting death
of Diego Perez.

I expressed, publicly,

my own anger when that decision

was handed down
from the grand jury.

That was a mistake

and I regret it.

I'll be damned.

The death of Diego
Perez was a tragedy,

but it was a tragedy
of his own making.

The shooting death
of Officer Hayes

was a cowardly act of vengeance.

If Mr. Santana

is guilty, then Mr. Santana

deserves to be punished.

But there's been enough
violence, and as your mayor,

I urge everyone to remain calm

and let our system work.


Mayor Poole commenting on the

two shootings that have
triggered unrest in the city

over the past few days.

Not every day you see
a politician admit

that he screwed up.
Would've been better

if he'd kept his yap shut
in the first place, but...

I'm not sure
you're qualified

to preach about

She got you there.

Well, if someone

who worked for me
released the video,

I probably wouldn't be
talking smack right now.

Man made a mistake,
owned up to it.

Took a lot of guts.

Almost makes me wonder

if he got some
good career advice.

Maybe from a certain PC?

The last couple of days
could've been a whole lot worse

without all the people
in this room.

Hear, hear.

Maybe I don't say it enough.

I'm proud of you.

I'm just sayin'.

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