Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 21 - The Extra Mile - full transcript

Okay, Johnny,

we are now in overtime.

You're gonna say 20%,
I'm gonna say 15.

How about we end up at 17 1/2?

Let's say 18.

You just went down.

You see how this works?

Try negotiating
your salary with him.

Okay, 17 1/2 it is.

17 1/2.

I think that's it.

Actually, there's
one other thing.

Oh, come on, Johnny. Can't we do
the pension thing next quarter?

It's not that.

Police union's annual convention
is coming up next week.

And you drew the short straw?
You have to ask the PC?

No short straw, boss.

The membership would
love to have you.

Oh, come on, Sid, nobody wants
to invite the father-in-law

to the bachelor party.

They just think they should
and pray he says no.

Boss, that's not how
the cops see you.

We got the Grand Ballroom and
three floors of rooms on hold

for the poker games
and after-parties and such.

It's gonna be a blast.

With, if memory
serves me correctly,

a lot of foggy memories
the next morning.

Still at the Waldorf?


From where I sit,

everybody's got
a cell phone,

so everybody's got
a little movie camera,

so what happens
at those parties

doesn't stay at
those parties anymore.

My two cents?

It's a recipe for disaster.

Yeah, I know.

All it takes is one guy
posting a cell phone video.

The guys are
smarter than that.

Common sense says we shouldn't
be having that party at all.

Uh, but, boss...

Well, I didn't say

I was gonna use
common sense, Sid.

Now, rest assured,
we've taken measures

to tone down the wild
and woolier aspects.

It is not like
the bad old days.

Then the bad old days
were the good old days.

So, can we count you in?

No, but you can report back
that you did your best.

I'll just have Garrett
schedule some sort of conflict

to give us both some cover.


Okay, before we go over
the facts of the case once more,

I just want to thank you again
for doing this.

My grandmother says
no good could come of this.

your grandmother loves you,

and she's concerned about you,
and we can understand...

And we will respectfully
disagree with her.

A lot of good
will come of this.

Dontrell Tariq will
go to prison because of this.

Yeah, well,
it won't bring my cousin back.

No, it won't.

But it will bring justice to
his memory, and likely prevent

another innocent life from
being taken by this sociopath.

He killed your cousin
right in front of you.

Why do you want to do him the
favor of shutting up about it?

I don't.

But I'm not doing myself
any favors either, maybe.

I mean, come on,

you know what
I'm saying.

I know it's a hard choice.

The right ones usually are.

And all you have to do

is point to Tariq
in the courtroom,

and then tell the jury exactly

what you told us.

So Tariq will
definitely be there?

He'll be at the defense table,
like we talked about.

You don't have
anything to worry about.

There will be armed
court officers present.

Okay, what about his crew?

Will the Three-Six Warrior Kings
be there, too?

we can't control

who sits in the courtroom,

but I can assure you,
you will be safe.

Okay, what about outside of it?

My offer of witness relocation
still stands.

I know.

To go to a place
where I don't have a job,

where my team doesn't play ball,
where my family's not...

Where you won't have to give
a second thought

to your personal safety.

You want to go
down that road,

now is the time.

Actually, first I'd like
to use the bathroom,

if that's okay.

Of course.
It's right down the hall.

When he comes back,
will you help me

sell this to him a little more?

I can't lie to him.

If he testifies, he's putting
a target on his head.

Then talk him
into witness protection.

I tried.

His life is here,
and it's a good life

that he's worked
hard for.

If we ship him off to Indiana,
it's like a sentence of his own.

We had Mexican last week.

How come the white guy
always wants Mexican,

but the Latina
never wants it?

You always want

Welcome to New York, buddy.

The great melting pot.

Three-One Frank,
we have a 10-10, shots fired

at 754 Riverside Drive.

5-4 detectives,
show us responding

to 754 Riverside.


Willis, you in here?

Anthony, what's
going on?

He's gone.

What do you mean he's gone?

I mean he ain't here no more.

Where the hell did he go?

Police! Get out of the way!

Hey, get out of the way! Move!

Step back!

Got a body.

He's gone.

Call it in.


Help! Police!
We got another one!

You a customer?

Anybody else here?


He got away.

Hang on, okay?

You all right?
It's my-my leg.

Let me see it.

I think it's my leg.
All right.

This is gonna hurt, okay?
Hang in there.


Call a bus!

5-4 detectives,
we have one man...

I'm... just a customer.

Why... why-why would
he shoot me?

Bus is on its way.

You hear that?
Help's on the way.


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The Extra Mile
Original Air Date on April 29, 2016

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What are you gonna do,
ask for a continuance?

If it was Simmons maybe,
but Dolan's already

given us two, and that's two
more than she likes to give.

So what, then?

A Hail Mary.

Assistant Distract Attorney
Erin Reagan,

how nice of you to join us.

I apologize for my tardiness,
Your Honor,

but something came up.

I think you mean
something hasn't come up.

Your witness is a no-show.

Yes, therefore
I'd like to request

that the court issue
a material witness order.

Your Honor, this is nothing
but a stalling tactic.

I object to
the defense's insinuation...

Oh, I'm sure
you're absolutely horrified.

On what grounds are you seeking
a material witness order?

My witness, Willis Stratton,
testified to the grand jury,

under oath, that he witnessed
the defendant,

Dontrell Tariq, shoot and kill
a man in cold blood.

Allegedly, Your Honor.

However, because of
implied threats from Mr. Tariq

and members of his gang, my
witness now fears for his life

and refuses to testify.

So you want to
force him to cooperate?

I want him to tell this court
what he has already said

to the grand jury under oath,

that he saw
Dontrell Tariq commit murder.

Your Honor, please,

this is unaccept...

Your material witness order
is so granted.


First down at best.

Now we need to find Willis.

How's he holding up, Doc?

The good news is
the bullet got all muscle,

missing his vitals and arteries.

And the bad news?

Well, he's a teacher
and a soccer coach.

Both hard to do
sitting down.

I bet.

Thank you.

Hey there.

You remember us?

Detectives Reagan and Baez.

I can't thank you enough
for what you guys did.

Just doing our job.

How you feeling?

Oh, happy to be alive,
but missing my students already.

Hey, don't tell them
I said that.

Your secret's safe.

You think you
might be able

to answer a few
questions for us?

It's important we talk to you
now while things are

still fresh in your head.

I didn't really see much
'cause I was in the back

when the hold-up happened,
but, you know, I'll do my best.

All right, but you
did see the shooter?

Yeah, it was a big guy.

Black guy.

Uh, not super tall,

but jacked, scary eyes.

Okay, when you say,

"not super tall,"
what do you mean?

Five-ten maybe?

Average height?

Uh, about, yeah.

Look, the store's
security cameras

weren't rolling at the time,
so it's kind of important

that you be as specific as
possible with what you remember.

I just got a glimpse really.

And when he came in,
I hid in the back,

but when he started shooting,
I must have panicked.

I think I made a noise
or something

because he came back there
looking for me.

Okay, and what happened
when he found you?

I said, "Please don't shoot."

But he just...

he just shot me and then ran.

And then what happened?

After he left, I called 911.

Yeah, I thought
I was gonna die there.

Okay, look, do you mind if
we send our sketch artist up

to work with you and
see if we can't come up

with a sketch
of this guy?

Anything to help,
anything at all.

All right.

And thank you,


No, thank you.

Remember you've got
the mayor at 4:00.

Don't remind me.

Hey, boss, how's it going?

Having a good day?

Am I having a good day?

Yeah. How's it going?

What are you up to?

What makes you think
we're up to something?

How many years
we work together?

The six best
years of my life.

Six years.

And in all those six years,
have you ever asked me

am I having a good day?

I don't know.
I could've.

Well, you wouldn't have lasted
six years.


Okay, I'd like to make
a suggestion.

Then just make it.

As your DCPI, it is
my professional recommendation

that you attend
the police union party.

I thought you were worried
about cell phone videos.

I'm not, if you're there.

What, chaperoning?

No, joining in.

Let's be honest,
there's a disconnect

between the cops on the beat
and One PP.

Yeah, it's called
a chain of command,

and it exists
for a very good reason.

As does the union bash.

And how's that?

Once a year, we put aside
the stripes and the rankings

to bond together, just as
what we all started as: cops.

Did you write that for him?


Sounds more like you than him.

I didn't write it, I just
said it because it's true.

Okay, then, I tell you what.

You go in my place.

Well, I'm not sure
I can do that.

Why not?

I'm no you.

I'm not asking you to be.
Just represent One PP.


What, it's okay for me to go,
but not you?

Tell you what, come back when
you've thought this through.

Afternoon, ma'am.

I'm Investigator Abetemarco
from the D.A.'s office.

Any chance Willis is here?

Put that thing away.

You're trying
to get somebody killed?


Do you know what happens

if those gangs see me
talking to a cop?

Willis isn't here
and he's not gonna be here.

And you best be getting
on your merry way.

Just tell me where
I could find him.

Take a left at Jupiter
and a right on Mars.

Ma'am, all due respect,
I have a material witness order

that says
he has to come with me.

You people.

You're always punishing
the wrong ones.

My Willis
didn't do a damn thing.

It's that animal, Tariq and his
crew out there killing people.

Which is why it's important
for us to find your grandson.

Don't you want Tariq
off the streets?

Willis says one cross-eyed word
about Tariq in that courtroom,

and he might as well be
shooting himself in the head.

Mrs. Stratton, I understand
where you're coming from.

No, you don't.

That's just something
you people say.

Of course, if you did,
if you really did,

well, then you'd let
that boy be.

That's not true.

I do care about your grandson.

Then why the hell you trying
to put him in an early grave?

Excuse me for a sec.

Hey, Erin, it's me.

Look, uh,
it's a dead end here.

Damn it.

My phone just died.
Any chance I could borrow yours?

Will it get you
the hell out of here?

And a glass of water.


Hi. It's me.

No luck.

I'm coming in.


You have a nice day.

What'd you
come up with?

Just the composite sketch
from Mr. Kaplan's description.

Too generic.

We could throw a rock
and hit that guy.

Well, I ran a list of every
known felon within a mile radius

of our liquor store.

How many hits you get?

Unfortunately, over 30.


I'll put the sketch out
in the Finest Message,

and every precinct
in the city will get it.

Wait, hold your horses.

Well, then I compared
those 30 arrest photos

to our sketch.

Morgan Rutherford.

Pretty close, right?

Close enough that we're gonna
have to have a talk with him.

Try not to look
so much like a cop.

I'll do my best.

How you doing?

I don't see him.

I don't either.

You seen this guy around?

You sure?

Hold it!

Hell no. No!




Move! Hold it!





Turn around, man.

You're kidding me, man.

All right.


I didn't do it.

Oh, that's a new one.
Never heard that before.

Yo, I ain't playing.
I didn't do it.

You didn't do what?

Whatever it is
you jumped me for.

Then why'd you run?

'Cause you was
looking for me.

How'd you know that?

I know what a cop look like
when he's looking.

if you didn't do nothing,

you didn't have nothing
to worry about.

Oh, please.

Black lives matter.
Excuse me?

You heard me.

No, I didn't hear you.

I ran because every time a black
man gets stopped by a white cop,

that ain't never gonna end well.

That's funny,
'cause she's not a white cop.

Cop period.

So you running was
a political statement?

Yeah, you could say that.

You could also say that

if you want to
sound like an idiot.

Why you hassling me?

I got a job, my own place,
doing things right.

Were you in the liquor store

on Riverside and Junction
yesterday morning?

Are you sure?

'Cause it's just around the
corner from your place.

It's got to be
your local spot.

I know it, but I wasn't
in it yesterday morning.

Then where was you
yesterday morning?

With my parole officer.

Call him up.

I like to think
we're smart cops.



But maybe not so smart
as we like to think.



Is this going somewhere?

The description
the Vic gave us

was basically
generic male, black.

We ran that against
other known felons,

and surprise, surprise,
we got a hit.

We took that,

used it to track down
this Morgan Rutherford,

an innocent man
at his place of work.

An innocent man with
two felony priors.

For which he
paid the price.


So, we got a generic
description of a black guy

right out of
central casting,

and we bought it.

But what if this guy gave us
a description of somebody

more like himself?

White, glasses, khakis,
loafers and a tweed jacket.

We would've questioned it.

You're damn straight
we would've questioned it.

But some black guy in a hoodie
with sneakers,

we just say,
"Oh, well, yeah, of course.

He probably did it."

Thinking back on it now,
yeah, it bumped a little.

I can't help but think
we fell for something.

But like what?

Like we had our own unwitting
prejudices played against us.

Maybe a little.

Not maybe

and not just a little, and not

when you consider the fact
that this Joe Kaplan is making

$50,000 a year,
he's in debt up to his ears,

and his home is being

foreclosed on.

You know, it's just...

it's sitting right here.

Who is it?

Open the door, Willis.

It's me Willis.
Open up.

No way, man.
I'm not going anywhere.

I weigh 286 pounds.

You really want me to put
all of that into this door?

Come on, Anthony.
I didn't do anything.

I'm not the bad guy here.
I know that.

Then cut me some slack.

You don't think
I want to do that?

Well, then do it.

I can't.

Why not?

'Cause I'm a cop,

and this is a court order.

You know what's gonna happen
if you take me in there,

make me testify?

They're gonna kill me, Anthony,
and not quick either.

Look, we don't know that.

Yes, you do.
Willis, I'm sorry.

I wish there was
something I could do to help.


I got to do what I got to do.

I'm begging you.

On the count of three,

I'm coming
through that door.




Stop! Police!

I'm sorry, Willis.

I really am.

Boss, uh, I got
a favor to ask.

Thanks, Jim. Shoot.

You were right.

I should represent
One PP at the party.

But I checked with Sheila, and
unfortunately we have a conflict

the night of
the union bash.


Special occasion?

Oh, yeah, real special.

My guess is there's no way
Sheila's gonna reschedule

something that special.

God knows I tried, but she
reigns over that calendar

like Charlemagne over

Yeah, I know.

Mary was the same way.

Called in every
chip I had.

Baker, get Mrs. Gormley
on the phone.

Wait, what?

Let me give it a try.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, boss,
you can't do that.

Abigail, please.

Hang up.

Sheila doesn't have a conflict.

Boss, it's not that
I don't want to go.

What, then?

It's just that it's...

it's not how it used to be
with the men.

You find one day
your old drinking buddies

are suddenly treating you
like you're the police.

Something like that, yeah.

Well, comes from working

in this building.

It's kind of
an occupational hazard.

I know you know what
I'm talking about.

Thank you, boss,
for understanding.

May I suggest something, Sid?


That you get the hell
over yourself.

Just as it is your job

to be the voice of
the street cop in my ear,

it is equally
your responsibility

to represent this office
to them.

Yes, sir.

I'll be there.

Thank you.

That's that, then.

You know, this isn't fair.

What you guys
are doing is wrong.

What we are doing is
painful and difficult for you.

I understand that.

But I'm hoping
that you will come around

to see that it's something
that I have to do.

You keep saying that,

but you don't
have to do anything.

I'm not the bad guy here.

I know you're not.

I'm hoping this will
make you feel better.

It's a signed letter
of authorization

from the district attorney

granting witness protection
for you and your family.

All you have to do is
pick a location on the map,

and we will relocate you.

But-but my life is here.

And my-my grandmother
is 62 years old.

You want us to
give up our names

and friends and everything
we've ever known

to move somewhere in
the middle of nowhere.

This is a good offer, Willis.

For you.

You get to win your case
and keep your home.

This is the right thing to do,
and you know it.

Tariq is
incredibly dangerous,

and you're the only one who can
get him off the streets.

Yeah, but don't put that
all on me.

I'm not a cop.

I'm not a lawyer like you.

I'm just a guy
who's seen something

that he shouldn't have seen.

That's right.

And then you told
the grand jury what you saw,

because you want to end
the senseless killing

in your neighborhood.
My family...

I'm just asking you
to finish what you started.


the material witness order

says I can hold you in jail
till the time of the trial.

Well, a cell beats a coffin.

Willis, please.

I'm begging you.

And I'm begging you.

Officers, take him away.

Not now, Anthony.

Excuse me.


Danny. What are
you doing here?

Well, I was on my way home,
and I was passing by Elio's,

and I thought I'd bring you
a little surprise.

Ooh, chicken francese.

Oh, with the sauce on the side
just the way you like it.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Uh, do you have a second
I can talk to you?

Yeah. Is it about the kids?
You're making me nervous.

It's not about the kids.
Don't be nervous.

It's about the shooting victim
in there, Joseph Kaplan.

Yeah, what about him?

Has he been behaving
strangely at all?


I mean, a couple of the nurses,
we feel sorry for him

'cause nobody's visited him.

Not even his wife?

Guess he's not
as lucky as you.

Well, nobody's as lucky as me.
Good answer.

Okay, but let me
ask you a question though.

If I were to get shot,

what would it take
for you to not visit me?

Come on.

I'm serious.

It would have
to be something

crazy-crazy, like the
worst of the worst.

Like robbing a liquor store?

What are you saying?
That he was involved?

But somebody shot him.


Or maybe he heard a half dozen
police sirens approaching,

got nervous, shot himself so
he could look like the victim.

Well, you're giving him
a pretty big set of balls.

He's a high school
science teacher.

He's a high school
science teacher

with a master's in anatomy.

Meaning he would know
exactly where to shoot himself

for maximum impact
with limited damage.


Now, you're a nurse.

Could that be
a self-inflicted gunshot wound?

I'm not a doctor, Danny.

You've changed more bandages
than any doctor I've ever met.

I don't know.

Maybe. I mean, hypothetically.


Well, what about the gun?

Wouldn't it be at the scene?

I mean, it's not like he came

waltzing in here
carrying it.

Son of a bitch.


I think that might be
exactly what he did.

Hey, Joe. How you feeling?


Um, okay, I guess.

Good. Glad to hear it.

Hey, I was wondering if there's
anything you could recall

about the perp
that might help us.

Geez, uh...

I'm sorry,
but what I told you is

pretty much all I remember.
The whole thing happened

crazy fast.

Of course. Okay.

Well, if you think of anything,
you'll let us know.

Of course.

Uh, actually, uh...

I did forget one thing.

In all the chaos
of what was going on,

I forgot to voucher your bag as
evidence from the crime scene.


I have to take your bag.

Uh, no.

Um, I mean,
that's my personal bag.

Why would that be
considered evidence?

Well, we take everything
that we find at a crime scene.

Yeah, I think I'll hang on
to it, just for now.

Pretty heavy.

What do you got in here,
a rock collection or something?


You and I both know
you cannot open that bag

without my consent
or a search warrant.


Thought we're on
the same side here, Joe.

We are.

But please put the bag down.


You remember, Joe,

when you told me
that you'd do anything possible

to find the animal who did this?


Well, so would I.

He did it, Erin.

You don't know that.
Of course I do.

He wouldn't even
let me open the bag

without a search warrant.

He's 100% right;
you can't.

Yeah, but innocent people
don't think that way.

You don't know why he didn't
want you to go through his bags.

Of course I do--
because he had a gun in it!

Maybe it was
a bag of weed.

The bag had weight,
but not that kind of weight.

Or maybe, like most people,
he doesn't want cops

going through his personal
belongings on general principle.

Everything points to him.

But it's circumstantial
and you know it.

When you have real evidence
that points in his direction,

I'll give you a search warrant.

You know what, maybe I'll just
go over your head.

Good luck with that.

The Founding Fathers are dead.


We got a problem.

What now?

These idiots in corrections,

they put Willis in a cell
right next to Tariq.


Y-You got to call
up there, you know?

Get him moved right away.



You got to do it now.

Yeah, I can't do that, Anthony.

Of course you can. You're the
A.D.A. They'll listen to you.

I'm the one who instructed them
to place Willis next to Tariq.

What? Are you out of your mind?!

Do you know what Tariq's
gonna do to this poor kid?

It's one night.

Tariq is behind bars
the entire time.

He can't put a finger on Willis.

No, but he could scare him
half to death

and threaten him within
an inch of his life.

Come on, Erin!

Willis is one of the good ones.
Don't you think I know that?

So why don't you start
treating him like one?

Cut him loose!

Absolutely not.
Why not?

Because, Anthony, my job
is to get a dangerous killer

off the streets, and sometimes,
in order to do that,

you have to play
a little hardball.

But don't, for a second,

think that I'm enjoying this.

Yeah, well,
that makes two of us.

I don't want to bury
the headline here.

I'm canceling this year's
police union party.


Afraid so.


Garrett's right.

With everyone packing a camera,
the risk is too high.

You're well aware of
the anti-police sentiment

we're battling against.

It's a party, not
a public hearing.

Sid, Johnny,
this is on me, not him.

I made the decision on my own.

I can't believe this.

Well, believe it.

Frank, it's not a good idea...


I'm sorry.

Boss, you can't do this.

I just did.

It's a mistake.
Says you.

Boss, those cops look forward
to this night all year.

You take this away from them,

it'll have lasting effects,
bad ones.

They'll get over it.

No, they won't.

They'll have to.

And then you'll have to deal
with the low morale,

decreased performance,
and a disgruntled work force

as a direct result
of this decision.

He's right, Commissioner.

Boss, please, please.


Fair trade.

If I reconsider,
and the answer is the same,

which is highly likely,

I won't get any pushback
from either of you,

not a word.

Three, two, one.





Let's get back
to our real work here, please.

Mrs. Howard,
please call security.

Mrs. Howard, please call

Mr. Kaplan.

Checking out early, huh?

Yeah, yeah,
I'm feeling much better.


Uh, is Mrs. Kaplan gonna be
picking you up?

I'm afraid she's busy.

Well, how about I give you
a ride back in my squad car?

Thanks, but, uh...

I'm okay.

Actually, can't let
you leave just yet.

We got an anonymous tip

that there's an explosive device

planted somewhere
in the hospital,

so we have to wait
for ESU and their dogs

to conduct a thorough
search of the premises.

You know, Detective,

I'm starting to feel like you
maybe have a problem with me.

Okay, I need to go.

Is it 'cause, as a scientist,

you know that
a bomb-sniffing dog

is also gonna be able to
sniff out the nine-millimeter

you got in your bag?

Go ahead.


All right.

Am I free to go?

Yeah, you're free to go.

Damn it.

No gun?

How'd you guess?

I don't think
he was working alone.

Take a look at these.

Took a closer look

at the Kaplans'
itemized credit card bills.

Atlantic City,
Atlantic City, Atlan...

Everything's in Atlantic City.

Mrs. Kaplan

is a compulsive gambler.

Welcome home, Mr. Kaplan.

And that must be...

Mrs. Kaplan.

Would you look at that.

That's some bandage.

You know, I'd say that's
the kind of bandage

you'd end up with if you broke
a glass countertop.

No wonder she didn't come
visit him in the hospital.

We'd better double-check
the blood samples,

see if we can't put her
at the crime scene, too.

I know you're busy.

I'll just be a minute.

No, come in, sit down.

What is this?

You know, you're
great at what you do

because you'll do
anything for the win.

I'm just not built that way.

Anthony, what is this?

I'm resigning from your detail.

I've requested a transfer

to the Rackets Bureau.

Good afternoon, Mr. Kaplan.

Sorry to disturb your lunch.

By all means, take a seat.

I'll pass.

I just wanted to come by
and let you know the good news.

We got the killer.

Oh, really?

Don't you want to know
who did it?

Right, yeah.

Who is it?

Well, if you just take a look
over there,

turn around,

my partner has her in
handcuffs right now.

You see that?

We found her blood
at the crime scene,

and it was a perfect DNA match.

I... I can explain.

It's okay, she already did.

You're up to your gizzards in debt,
you're underwater on your house.

You thought you could
take a shortcut,

then the clerk pulled out a gun,

she panicked and blasted him.

It was me,
it was, it was all me.

She had nothing to do with it.

Well, I think
it's the other way around.

She's a gambler, and as usual,
her bet didn't pay off.

Please take me.

Just put this all on me
and let her go.

Oh, we're gonna take you, too.

I mean, once you took a bullet
for her and passed off

that BS story about a big,
scary, black guy,

well, kind of made you
an accessory to a homicide.

Now turn your ass around.

Turn around.

You're really going
through with this?

Yes, I am.

I want to show you something.

I'm kind of busy here, Erin.

It will only take a minute.

That I don't have.

Anthony, just watch it.

You know what's gonna happen
if you rat me out.

The exact same thing
you saw me to do to your cuz.

Two in the head,
one in the nuts.

Why the hell would you
want to show me that?

That's a good thing.


Tariq incriminates himself.

He confesses to a murder
and he threatens a witness.

We can use this?

Already have.

Showed it to the defense and to
the judge earlier this morning,

Tariq is getting 25 years.


that's fantastic.

Yes, it is.
And Willis?

Willis gets to go
back to his life

as if nothing ever happened.

And because he didn't
cooperate with us,

he's in no danger
with Tariq or his gang.

You set this whole thing up,
didn't you?

Sometimes my job is
like a game of chess,

and I need to be
five moves ahead.

So you were never going
to make Willis testify?


So why didn't you
just tell me that?

I needed you to believe it,

so that Willis and Tariq
believed it.

Like I said, nobody plays
harder hardball than you.

Anthony, you were right.

I would do almost anything
for a conviction

and I'm not gonna
apologize for that.

But I will make you a promise.

If you stay,

I will never keep you
in the dark again.

You swear it?

On whatever you name.

Hey, it's almost 6:00.

Shouldn't you boys be going?

What time does
the party start?


But they want to pregame.

What is a pregame?

It's a party before the party.

Are you going, too, Mom?

No, this is a party
for cops only.

Are you going?

No, I'm past my prime.

Yeah, this party is
past his bedtime.

What about you?

Oh, not this year, Jack.

Or any year since you became PC.

You keeping score?

There was a time that you
were the life of that party,

so the legend has it.

I loved those parties.

But that was literally
in the last century, so...

But you were invited, right?

Well, out of protocol, sure,

but, uh, tonight's
for the rank and file.

Nobody wants the
hall monitor showing up.

Oh, that's not how
the guys see you.

Yeah, I used to be
one of the guys,

I know how they see the PC.

You know, rumor has it

this party almost didn't happen.


Yeah, word is,
you were gonna cancel it,

but Lieutenant Gormley stood up,

convinced you
to change your mind.

Is that a fact?

That's the word on the street.

Is it true?

You guys better get going.

Come on, Dad.
Come with us.

Yeah, Dad, come on.

I get word the party's
out of hand,

I'll shut it down forthwith,
so you guys better get going

before somebody tips off
the commissioner.

Come on.

Have fun.

My spies say the bash
is "off the hook."

What's that mean?

You don't know
that expression?

No, does it mean
out of hand?

Kind of.

Well, then I don't
want to know about it.

Why not?
Because if I know about it,

I got to do something about it.

Think, Garrett.

I'm on to you, you know.

There's no way you were ever
gonna cancel that party.

You don't know that.
Yes, I do.

'Cause, one: it'd mean
you'd have taken my advice,

two: it was never
about the party,

it was about managing Sid
for your own ends.

This is going
right over my head.

No, it's not.

With Lyons in the room,

Sid stands up to you
for the men to get their party,

word of this gets out,
Sid's the rank and file's hero.

What's in it for me?

He's your eyes and ears
in the precinct, on the beat.

They believe he's still one
of them, it's a win for you.

And maybe I just really didn't
want to go to that party,

you think of that?

And maybe the best part is,
Sid got to be the hero

because you played the bad guy.

You fell on your sword in this.

I thought we were drinking here.

Drinking to the streak in you
that, no matter the cost,

can't help but try
and give a guy a break.

Nobody's perfect.

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