Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 20 - Down the Rabbit Hole - full transcript

When serial killer Thomas Wilder (Louis Cancelmi) attaches a message to his latest victim that taunts Danny, their deadly game of cat and mouse becomes personal for Danny.

The history of Irish cops
in New York goes back 150 years.

The statue we're dedicating

commemorates the Irish-American
immigration history

as told through 150 years
of Irish men and women

serving across the ranks

of the NYPD.

And up the ranks.

Thank you for that,
Madam President.

And because that history

is also tied
to the DA's office,

uh, we'd welcome

your representatives
at the ceremony itself.

While the district attorney
could not attend today,

he's assured me that he will
be attending the ceremony.

For clearance purposes,

we'll need a rundown
of the attendees from your side

who will be at the unveiling.

Fair enough. I'll get that
to you this afternoon.

Well, President Sullivan,
Chief Farrelly,

it's a lovely gesture.

Gonna be a great day.

Thank you.

Lovely to meet you, Erin.

It's nice to meet you.
I'll see you at the ceremony.

You bet.

And how long are you
going to be in New York?


Chief Farrelly.

Uh, I have a favor.

My father was murdered here

in New York City back in 1974.

I'm so sorry.

Now, we immediately moved back
to Ireland after that,

but I was just wondering

any chance you could give me
what you have on his case?

Sure, I'll look into it for you.



... and then
heading to Washington

where I'm meeting
with the president

Friday afternoon.

Oh, well, anything
I can do to help

before you head down
to Washington,

please don't hesitate.

Excuse me,
Madam President,

I need the commissioner,
if you'll excuse us.


Again, thanks.

We just got a call from
the Nassau County Commissioner.

The FBI is in Little Neck Bay

a homicide investigation.

Word is there may be
multiple victims dumped there.


The initial forensics point

to our serial killer,
Thomas Wilder.

Hey, do you believe
in soul mates?

What do you mean?

The notion that...

there's only
one person for everyone.

Yeah, I guess so, why?

Because I read an article
that said that statistically

there's only
one-and-a-half-billion chance

that you'll ever actually
meet that person.

I think you're over thinking it.

15 Edward, be advised

we have a white male
armed with a machete

at 512 East End Avenue.

There is a woman slashed
at that location.

Any units on the back?

Central, this is 12 David.
We're on the back.

Sir, you don't want to do this!

Stand back!

Drop the knife, sir.

Get back!
Get the hell back!

Drop the knife!

No, take it easy, all right?

Take it easy!
Drop it!

Right there, stop!

Get up. Get up. Come on.

Get back as far
as you can.

Hey, take it easy.
Why don't you just tell us

what's up here, buddy.

She took my kid, man.
She's trying to take my kid.

- That's my son!
- You'll never see him again!

Get her out of here!
Shut up!

Hey, no one's doing
anything right now.

You hear me?
No one's doing anything.

All right?
You hear me?

I got this.
Everyone just back up.

Let's give
him some space.

Let's step back, let's go.

Everyone get back.

Get back.
Don't look at them.

Look at me.

You don't drop it right now,
this isn't gonna end well, okay?

Everyone's scared here,
everyone's jumpy.

You don't put
the knife down right now,

I'm afraid
what's gonna happen to you.

She took my kids, man.


She took my son.

I hear you, but she's not dead.

You didn't kill anyone.
Eddie, asp.

We don't want to hurt you,
you understand?

We don't want to kill you.

She took my kid, I don't know.

I'm your friend here,
I'm being your friend here.

I don't know.
I'm listening.

You all right?
Oh, yeah.

You're okay.

All right.

Hey, you can't go in there.

The hell I can't.


Nassau County,
it's not your place.

Yeah, but it's my case.

You're Danny Reagan.

Who the hell are you?

Adam Parker,
FBI behavioral analyst.

Oh, you're a
behavioral analyst?

Okay, well then you should
realize that I'm pissed off.

Why the hell didn't you tell me
you found another body?

We're not sure

if it involves him yet.

But you did find another body.

You can say that.

How many?

Nine so far.

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Down the Rabbit Hole
Original Air Date on April 15, 2016

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That was crazy.

That was just insane.


Uh, Cormac Phillips.

Hey, Jaime.


Yeah, it's that Reagan.

Oh, so you're Nicky's uncle?

How do you know Nicky?

She's, uh...

We're, um...


Copy that.

See you around.

Did you ever hear

of the four by four
breathing technique?

You inhale for four seconds,
hold it for four seconds,

and then let it out
for four seconds.

It's supposed
to be very calming.

For some people.

Alexander Clune,
Special Agent in Charge.

Afternoon, gentlemen.

Thank you for coming.

I'm DCPI Moore, this is...

You're conducting a homicide
investigation in my city

without informing me.

Well, the bodies
that we uncovered

were over the border
in Nassau County.

And what's that support?
That Thomas Wilder buried

his victims
a couple of miles out

so you wouldn't
have to inform us?

There are rules
governing jurisdiction

that dictate procedure.

Well, here's your procedure:

Thomas Wilder is wanted
for murders in this city,

in cases still open
in this city.

We got a tip. We weren't even
sure that it was credible.

That led to a dozen bodies, that
sounds pretty credible to me.

You know, Commissioner,
we're not done analyzing,

but when we find something,
you will be the first to know.

It is already been established

that I will not be the first
to know or even the fourth.

There's more than one
jurisdiction involved in this.

We're talking
about a serial killer

who's murdered
in four states that we know of.

Now, we are more experienced
in this area.

And we are more experienced
in this area.

Sounds to me like we are
in agreement here.

We'll make
a joint investigation.

Fellas, I don't take
orders from you.

It's not an order,
it's a valuable suggestion.


Or I could suggest it
right over your head.

We can coordinate something.

We will coordinate everything.

That went well.

All right, let me know
what you hear.

Detective Reagan.

I guess we're
working together now.

I already got a partner.

I don't think
you understand.

Two bodies in Jersey,

three in Virginia,

and one unconfirmed
in Pennsylvania.

How many does that make?

We're looking
at about 22 victims.

Initial examination

on the bodies we found
this morning

indicate that they
are not recent.

Well, that makes me feel
a whole lot better.

But we think that
he's back in New York.

Our last sighting,

he took a train into
Penn Station two weeks ago.

Good, make it much easier
for me to find him.

You're a type A personality.

Obsessive compulsive,

intuitive, judger.

You had me at type A.

I'm guessing you're thinking
that a behavioral analyst

should be sitting
in a lab somewhere,

not working a case
in New York City.

Well, you said that, not me.

Well, I've worked a dozen serial
killer cases in my career.

Must be tough to do when
you're sitting behind a desk.

And I've solved a few.
How about you?

Well, the only one
that matters...

is this one.

Patrick Farrelly got into
a gunfight on July 2, 1974

with a James McGee.

Head of the Westies?

Yeah, turf war in Hell's Kitchen
back in the bad old days

when Hell's Kitchen
was tenements and bars.

McGee shot Farrelly outside
of a bar on 41st and Amsterdam.

Farrelly returned fire,
they both got arrested.

Both charged
with attempted murder.

Attempted murder?

Yeah, Farrelly took
four bullets...

and survived.

Wait, he's still alive?

He's alive and kicking.

He was convicted
of racketeering

and three counts of murder,

and he's doing life
in Sing Sing.

Okay, well, this is...

not at all what I expected.

You probably shouldn't
have volunteered

to look into it for him.

Thanks for rubbing it in.

I'm just saying.

What am I supposed to say?

That your mother's been
lying to you

your entire life
and your father's a gangster?

No, you don't.

You wait for him to go
back to Ireland

and then you send him an e-mail.

I can't do that.

Why not?
If your father was a gangster,

would you want to find out
by e-mail?

My father was a gangster
and I found out when I was 13.

Your father's a gangster?

Well, a bookie.
Tony "The Bat."

And guess what he liked to use
on people who didn't pay up.

Anyway, the point is that
I got over it,

and I even became a cop,

but-but we don't know how
this guy is gonna react to that,

and the fact that his dad
is still alive?

I say we don't find out.

No, I-I...

I have to tell him to his face.

Of course you do.

Well, what's that
supposed to mean?

It means,
as Tony "The Bat" would say,

you always step up to the plate.

The guy was hopped
up on something.

He was insane,
so he had this huge knife.

As soon as I got to the scene,

I thought,
this guy's a dead man.

But your uncle...

took him down
with no injuries.

Yeah, Uncle Jaime's always been
the one with the most patience.

Watching him...

I was just pumped.

Then what?

Oh, when it was all over,
we introduced ourselves.

I told him about us.

Wait, what?

You told him we're going out?

Well, I tried to dodge,
but he guessed.

Please tell me you're kidding.

Did you want me to lie?

I wanted you not
to volunteer anything.

Why, are you embarrassed of me
or something?

Okay, it's just...

they're totally overprotective.

You don't know my family.

He's in an escalation period.

He's not only
killed more women,

but the cooling off period
has shortened.

And I think he's
up to something bigger.

Yeah, but what?

I think he wants
a bigger stage.

Hey, Doc.

Thanks for coming down.

Do you know how many cops

I actually come down
to the precinct to see?

If it was any more than
me, I'd be jealous.

What do you got?

Hopefully now you can
stop calling my cell phone

every five minutes.

Were you able to I.D.
the bone fragments

from the boat explosion?

The remains belong
to Wilder's mother.

That sick son of a bitch
blows up his own mother.

I think that'd be obvious.

He did it because he thought
she cooperated with you.

No, what's obvious is that
he's a complete maniac.

You got anything
on the other bodies?

I conferred

with the Nassau County
Medical Examiner,

and the victims are
all consistent

with Thomas Wilder's pattern.

Blunt force trauma,
manual strangulation,

sex postmortem, posed.

Any I.D.s yet?

They're running
dental records now.

Thanks for coming down, Doc.

The call from the tip line
about the location of the bodies

was made from a throwaway phone
purchased at Tech Jungle

on 48th and Columbus.

They got to have surveillance
cameras down there, come on.

She's the only girl,
she's the first grandchild.

I think we're just
trying to make sure...

That she doesn't grow up.

That she's making
the right choices.

And dating a cop is
not the right choice?


Maybe it is. I don't know.

Well, cops are hot.

And he seemed

like a very nice guy to me.

He better be.

See? There you go again.

How old is Nicky?

Please let me put this
into perspective.

At 19, I dated
over a half-a-dozen guys.

There was a drummer, there was a
camp counselor with a six-pack--

beer, not abs--

a baseball jock.

He had the homerun record.

Enough said there.

And literally the guy
who lived next door to me.

The point is,

dating a guy is very normal
for a young woman, okay?

We're not crazy.

Yeah, you are.

Punch in a little closer.

Little more.

That's him.

Yup, he paid cash,
and the phone was inactive

ever since the tip came in.


Hello, Detective.


Run a trace on this.

You've been busy
trying to find me.

Let me tell you something,

I am gonna find you.

You've had months
to find me, Detective.

And because
of your ineffectiveness,

now someone else has to die.

What do you say me and you get
together, have a little talk.

Just you and I.
You insult me.

Wilder, listen to me.

Please hold.




Um, I'm just wondering,

is that a Pomeranian?

Uh, yeah, it is.

She's so cute.

Thank you.

I've been thinking
about getting one.

Hear they're super smart
and affectionate.

Leave that girl alone.
Hey, get back on the phone!

Oh yeah, um, they're great.

And she just loves people.

Would you like to hold her?

Oh, if I may.

Wilder, don't do this.

Listen, I got to run.

Wilder! Hey! Hello?


Did you get anything?

Every time he calls
here to talk to you,

he puts himself at greater risk

of being caught.


He wants to please you.

So let him.

You got a whole unit

dedicated to analyzing

and studying and figuring out
maniacs like him.

Animals who hunt and kill people
just for pleasure,

and the best you
can come up with

is that he wants to please me?

You ever hear of Edmund Kemper,
the Co-Ed Killer?

Sure, why?

He killed his mother,
and shortly after that,

he turned himself in.

He said that killing her
allowed him to surrender.


I get it now.

You think
he's gonna turn himself in.

He may have.

But now his actions have become
more erratic, more intensified

since he killed his mother
on that boat.

Good, 'cause I don't want him
to stain his routine.

Well, I do, okay?

Because that is how
we catch these guys.

22 people are dead.

I'm not waiting for him anymore.

Because you challenged him.

Now, he's dropping bodies at
your feet like a damn retriever.

He's doing that because
he's a serial killer.

That's what they do--
They kill people.

I wish you knew the first thing
about human behavior.

And I wish you knew that
that son of a bitch isn't human!


Okay. Yeah.

They found another body.

The FBI issued
a press release

with the latest victim's name--
Gabriella Moretti--

without informing us.

I've got a new name
for our joint investigations:


Special Agent Clune
is here, sir.

Let's have him.

I know what you're gonna say.

No, I don't think you do.

It was an oversight.

Clearly, you have no oversight.

What is that supposed to mean?

That you're so anxious
to jump claim,

you are issuing releases

on a case in our jurisdiction,
and ahead of us.

Our objective was to get
the information out

as soon as possible.

To warn citizens about the fact

that a serial killer
is on the loose.

Tell me something,

did you notify the family first?

I'm sure that we did.

No, you're not.

Look, in the midst of this,

you want to talk about,
what, manners?

This is NYPD headquarters,
Agent Clune.

I do not need a tutorial
in communicating with my city.

If I may.

The only thing you may do
is share with me,

right now, anything else
you haven't shared.

DCPI Moore, are you gonna
do your job here,

and ask your boss

to back off?

Not if I want to keep my job.

I tell you what,
let me make it easy on you,

let's just cancel the
joint investigation, how's that?

That's not your call.

Well, you didn't want to do it
in the first place,

so it's a wash, right?

You can't just do that.

Oh, sure I can.

Just call it
professional courtesy.

Just between us men.

What-what is this?

Everybody walks away happy.

Minute we have him,
I'll shoot you an e-mail.

Hi, thanks for coming down.

No, thank you, Erin.

Please have a seat.

So, I took a look
at your father's case.

Turns out he was shot

in a turf war over a
neighborhood that, at the time,

was controlled by the mob.

Hell's Kitchen.

He survived.

Well, I don't understand.

He was shot four times,
rushed to St. Vincent's,

and he recovered.

So he's not dead?

He's in prison.

Well, that must be a mistake.

He's been in prison for almost
40 years for attempted murder,

murder and racketeering.


Your father was the top
lieutenant in the Irish mob.

My mother told me that he
was murdered in that shoot-out.

Maybe she was trying
to protect you.

The prison is upstate.

I'm happy to arrange
for you to meet.

No, no.

I'm sorry.

Well, uh, thank you
for looking into this, Erin

I appreciate that.

Got to be the same girl
from the phone call.

You see what he's doing, right?

He's trying
to get inside your head

by sharing
this experience with you,

but if we get inside

his head,
it'll be easier to find him.

You can waste your time
trying to get inside his head.

The only way to find him
is to up the game.

Detective Reagan.
I got nothing for you.

I've got something for you.

A message from Thomas Wilder.

This came to the newsroom
to my attention.

"Danny Reagan is not
a good detective.

He can't even protect
helpless women."

Now do you have a comment?

Remember how we
caught the Son of Sam, Francis?

Parking ticket.

Ted Bundy got caught
running a stop sign.

Maybe that's how you get Wilder.

Well, most criminals
are stupid, Jack.

They make stupid mistakes.
Now Wilder, he's...

You know, maybe we should
talk about something else.

How about we talk about
Nicky's new cop boyfriend.


That's what you said.

It's fine.

I know it's
the elephant in the room.

Thank you for that, Uncle Jaime.

Hey, it's no big deal.

Apparently it is to you guys.

Sure you've already
checked him out.

Not me.

Mom's already tried
to nonchalantly ask about him

about five times.
I asked once.

You're all freaked out,
which is pretty ironic,

considering that
five out of the nine people

around this dinner table
are in law enforcement.

I'm not freaked out.

I'm freaking out
just a little bit.

A cop.


What's wrong with dating a cop?

Nothing, as long as you know
what you're getting into.

You know, the constant worry.

Crazy hours.
The high pressure.

The mental, physical toll.

High divorce rate.

Okay, this is why I don't
tell you guys anything.

We're not getting married,

we're not getting tattoos.

We're dating,
as you old people call it.

Even just dating a guy

in the uniform,

it's not like dating
a regular person,

with a regular job,
which is stressful enough.

It's a cop, I mean, that's...

Dating them is impossible.

You guys make it work.

Almost a deal breaker
for your grandma.

I didn't know that.

Yeah, she was petrified the job

would make her a widow.

I used to tell your mother
I had a desk job.

She finally realized I was lying
when I got shot on duty.

You know, it's a lot
harder than it looks,

to see the love of your life
go off to work knowing that,

because of that job,
there's always a chance

that he might not come back.

And these days, just putting
the uniform on, you're a target.

Then why do you do it?

Well, if I had it to do over again...
You'd still be a cop.

You're right.

I loved every minute of it.

Well, I, for one,

do not want to see
Jack and Sean become cops.

- Mom, Seriously?
- Oh, all right.

It's just not worth it.
For what?

Chance to really help people.

The integrity, Linda.

And honor.

And all the good deeds we do.


But aren't you too young
to be dating anyway?

I'm 19 years old, Uncle Danny.

Well, you'll always be a
seven-year-old girl in my eyes.

You know,
my granddaughter's growing up.

She's almost an adult,

so I'm just gonna butt out.

Thank you, Grandpa.

You sent a message back
to him for God's sake?

You said
he's pushing my buttons.

Well, now I'm pushing his.

You called him a mama's boy,

That was not smart.

That's what he is.

He likes to humiliate women
to show his dominance.

Well, now he's being humiliated.

And he's losing control.

He's not the only one.


I know what
you're trying to do, Detective.

But using my mother
to try to get to me?

That's a very bad thing to do.

That's messing with my family.


Your mommy used
to humiliate you, didn't she?

She abused you,
she made you feel worthless.

Beautiful wife.

Two handsome boys.

Now that your mom's gone,

who are you gonna kill
these women for, huh?

But when you mess
with my family,

that means
I have to mess with yours.

It's over for you.

It's not over until I say so.

I'll tell your family
you said hello.

He's making his move.

You coming?

I'm sorry your father's case

didn't turn out
as you expected.

I'm fine, Erin, really.
I've accepted it.

Well, apparently, he hasn't.

Wait, you spoke to him?

He thought not saddling you
with the knowledge

of who he really was was the
best gift he could've given you.

Well, I don't know any father

that could resist having
a relationship with their son.

Me either.

Yeah, well, mine could,
as it turns out.

Well, not as it turns out.

He asked for my help to get
a court order to come down here.


He's in the conference room.

I can't just...

Your father's spent
40 years in Sing Sing.

He's paid for his crimes.

Warden said he's been
a model prisoner.

That's the only reason
they didn't object

to him coming down here.

Do you really want to back
not hearing what he has to say?

Telling him how you feel?

I wouldn't know what to say.

Maybe just listen.

People think you're a badass.

I think you're just
a big softy.

Don't tell anyone.




Good boy. Watch him.


Oh, guys...


What's wrong?

You okay?
Yeah, everything's good.

Are you okay?

Everyone's good?

What's going on?

Nothing, everything's fine.

Why'd he lie? He never lies.

He said he's going
after my family.

He always does what he says.

Maybe he was just trying
to scare you.

Guys like Wilder, they don't
usually break their MO.

His MO.

18 to 22 year old females.

Danny, what?

Nicky, it's Nicky.

Stay here with them,
it's my niece, Nicky.

What's going on?

It's okay.

Hey, I'm Reagan, where's Nicky?

We haven't been able
to locate her yet.

Her roommate said she left about
a half hour ago to do laundry.

Laundry, where's the laundry?

Across the hall.

Down there?

But he's not there!

Get out of the way!


Come on, come on, keep looking.

She's got to be there somewhere.
Just keep rewinding.

Zoom in.

That son of a bitch
wore a police uniform.

It makes sense.

That's why he hasn't
been caught, okay?

We give out a description, but
when you're wearing a uniform...

People only see the uniform.

Hey, you got cameras
in the parking garage?

Bring 'em up and
back 'em up about 15 minutes.

Right there.

Zoom in on the license plate.


Tell me it isn't true.

We got Wilder's photo

and Nicky's photo on every
smartphone, every tablet,

and on the NYPD app,
Web site and social media sites.

Just hearing those two names

in the same sentence...

I know.

What about the Aviation unit?

You want me to notify them?

Can't do that, Sid.

Boss, you can do
anything you want.

How many kidnappings
we ever put Aviation up?

I don't care--
it's your granddaughter.

That's not how this works.

I got to...


Sid's just trying to help.


All anybody is.

I know.


I'm not in the trenches.

I don't run operations.

It's up to the chiefs,
down to the cops on the beat

to get this right.

I know, Frank.

I just want
my granddaughter back.

Detective Reagan!

Who are you?

I'm Officer Phillips,
Nicky's boyfriend.

Have you heard from her?

We were supposed
to meet for breakfast.

She told me to meet her here.

- At her apartment?
- Yeah.

When was your last contact with her?

That's less than an hour ago.
Okay, come on.

I want to help.

You can help by staying here
and letting us do our job.

If you know anything...

If we hear anything,
we'll let you know.

It's Nicky's phone.

It's Nicky's phone!

Okay, listen, stay calm,

Use her name as much
as possible.

Make her a person to him.

I got it. Hello?

Hello, Detective.

What do you want, Wilder?

Things have gotten
more interesting, I think.

I know you got Nicky,
just tell me she's all right.

She's fine.

For now.

Look, you want
to get back at me,

you don't need her
to do it, okay?

She's not like me--
she's an innocent kid.

You don't have to hurt her.

Would you like
to speak with her?

Uncle Danny.

Oh, my God.

Nicky, don't say...

I'm near Beach...

Nicky! Nicky?

You stupid bitch.


What happened?
What, is she alive?

She's alive, she's alive.
Listen to me.

He called from her phone,

which means TARU can track it.

I got to get this phone to them

right away.

Okay, let me know what you get.

You got it.
Hey, where you going?

I'm going with you.

You can't come with me.

What else am I
supposed to do, Danny?

Copy that.

They traced Nicky's phone
to Beach Channel Road.

That's Wilder's car.

You got your gun on you?
Yeah, I got it.

Call 911. Get some backup.

You keep your eyes open, okay?

Okay. It's okay.

I got you, I got you.

She okay?



Tell me you're okay.

I'm okay.

Did he hurt you?

Listen to me,
how long ago did he leave you?

Five, ten minutes.

Okay, okay.
You stay with her,

Keep your eyes open
and keep your hand on that gun!


You found me.

Very good, Detective.

You messed
with the wrong family.

This may be true,

but I needed a challenge.

Been waiting for you
to get here.

Don't take another step forward!

You know the most
interesting part of all this?

We will be inextricably
linked together, you and I.

The serial killer

and the cop.

We're a lot alike.

You're good at what you do, too.

I'm nothing like you,
you son of a bitch.

Now keep your hands
where I can see 'em.

I said keep your hands
where I can see 'em!

Keep your hands
where I can see 'em!


if I have a gun in my hand,
and you shoot me...

...then you killed me
in self-defense.

But what if I don't
have a gun, Detective?

You move your hands again,
I'm gonna shoot you.

Then everyone will say
you shot an unarmed man.

See, whether I live or die,

I'm going to be
with you forever.

I'm never leaving
the inside of your head.



How's Nicky?

She'll be okay.


So it was self-defense?

It was justified.

New York is a city where dreams
are realized and broken.

If there's one thing
I learned this week,

it's that Commissioner Reagan
is not only a good host,

but a testament to
Irish wisdom and ingenuity.

There is no more fitting

a man to preside over

this great department,

as we bestow this honor on
the City of New York.

A city that became the gateway

to literally millions
of immigrants,

all looking for a better life.

And with that,
I'd like to unveil...

"The Copper."

Ladies and gentleman,

Commissioner Reagan.

Thank you,
Garda Commissioner Farrelly,

President Sullivan,

and all our fellow
police officers and dignitaries

from both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether you're in Dublin
or New York,

or anywhere else in the world,

what makes the job
of a police officer remarkable

is that, unlike any other,

the job not only engages
the one walking the beat...

...but can only be accomplished

with the full support
of the family...

...he or she comes home to...

...and the communities

he or she patrols.

It is, after all, the beat cop,

the cop who walks the streets,

who patrols the neighborhoods,

who answers the calls
that ultimately

keeps order and restores peace
in our society.

He or she is...

the heart of policing,

and the heart
of every city,

because without that presence...

...we are not gathered
here together in peace

on this fine afternoon.

And hopefully...

...this statue will always stand

as a reminder of that.

Thank you.

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