Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Shoot the Messenger - full transcript

Frank is taken by surprise during an on-air interview with Erin's boss; Danny and his new boss clash as they investigate a drive-by shooting. Meanwhile, Jamie and Jenko help out detectives with an apparent suicide.

Good morning, everyone.

Camera three,
you have the commissioner.

Camera two, you have Norah.

Camera one,
you'll get the D.A.

Stand by to cue Norah
in seven, six...

...five, four, three...

...two, one.

Welcome back.

Joining us this morning
are two of the men

most responsible for
the safety and welfare

of the great city we call home:

veteran New York City Police
Commissioner Frank Reagan...

Thank you, Norah.
A pleasure to be here.

...and the newly
appointed interim

Manhattan District Attorney,
Robert McCoy.


Thank you, Norah.

under your watch,
this city has been enjoying

a significant
reduction in crime

in the last
two years.

There are some people
that are saying

this is now the "safest
big city in America."

What do you
attribute that to?

Well, Norah, it's been

a pretty straightforward

More trained officers
in the high-crime areas,

making solid arrests,
and, of course,

following cases

through to their

But it certainly
has been a successful strategy.

Thank you, Norah.

Thank you very much.

But there's always
room for improvement.

What do you mean, Mr. McCoy?
If you drill down

on the numbers, you can see that
we devote far too many resources

to so-called quality-of-life
crimes. I think those resources

could be put to better use
to further reduce the incidents

of violent
and destructive felonies.

Well, Norah,
quality-of-life crimes lead

to the breakdown of communities,
which lead

to more of the exact kind
of crimes you're talking about.

With all due respect,

I don't think the
facts bear that out.

They do if you know
how to read them.

Well, Mr. McCoy,

what kind of changes
are you gonna be making?

Well, for example,
I'm instructing

my assistant district attorneys

that we are no longer
going to prosecute

petty marijuana possession

That would be a rookie mistake
of the first stripe.

I may have been born yesterday,

but I stayed up late studying.

So let me get this
straight, you're not gonna

prosecute crimes,
even after police make arrests?

I would look for Commissioner
Reagan's cooperation in setting

new guidelines
for his officers, yes.

Well, Commissioner,
your response on that.

I would say to the interim D.A.
that's a fool's errand.

Mom, hurry up!


Your boss is
going after Grandpa big-time.

It's a matter of
where to best allocate

energy and resources.


Look, I did not come here
to debate policy,

and there are
certainly guidelines

which must be followed in order

to change laws, which is
what we're talking about here.

I'm not changing laws.
You're talking

about selectively
enforcing them,

which is effectively
the same thing.

And you disagree
with that.

Of course I do.

You guys came loaded for this.

Garrett, he is merely
announcing new policy.

On national TV
with no forewarning?

That's not an announcement;
that's an ambush.


Okay. We will leave it there.

Thank you, gentlemen.

To be continued.

Condron, that's two strikes.

One more, the judge is gonna
turn this leather jacket

into an orange jumpsuit.

Where's my partner?

You're looking at her.

I make it my business

to partner at least one tour
with every one of my detectives.

Your detectives?
So I can get to know them

on a deeper level.


Look, there's really
nothing more to me.

What you see is what you get,
so how 'bout we take a pass?

Detective Reagan and I will be
in the field.

If anything comes up,
you can get me on my cell phone.


No problem.

Let's go, Reagan.

This ought to be fun.

This came in as a 10-10?

Yeah, possible crime.

Probably turn out
to be nothing.

"Sorry, I can't do this



Pete just broke up with me.

Oh, the stockbroker?

No, the start-up guy.

I didn't think you
were that into him.

That's not the point.

What is?

He says I'm demanding.
Can you believe that?

Do you think
I'm demanding?

Think we can rule out
a possible crime.

My God.

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Shoot the Messenger
Original Air Date on November 7, 2014

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You said it was just
to meet the new team.

A victory lap
is what you called it.

I had no idea what
they were planning.

I think that was clear
to everybody.

There's no way I
could have known.

It's your job to know.

Really? How so?

Honestly, Frank,
that's like me saying

a guy goes on a shooting spree--
you should've known,

gotten out ahead of it.

That's just idiotic.

Exactly my point.

I can't read minds.

Oh, cut it out.
No one's asking you to.

Then what's the problem?
That we got blindsided?

Hey, it happens.

Did you reach out to your
sources in the D.A.'s office?

Find out what McCoy

was vetting with his staff?

No. I didn't think I had to.

Turns out you had to.

Just for the record,

you've done hundreds
of interviews, Frank.

I'd think by now you'd know
how to hold your tongue.

I'm doing that right now.

You the detective on the case?

Detective Welby.
I'm Officer Reagan.

This is Officer Janko.

There were no witnesses.

Just a... anonymous caller
phoned it in.

What a relief
this is a suicide.

Eight open cases
as it is.

I usually get

New York is
a jumper's paradise--

tall buildings, bridges,

Suicide tourism.

Suicide tourism?

What better place?

Hangings, on the other hand,
are almost always homegrown.

Rose Davis. Brooklyn.


If she was an out-of-towner,
she'd have gone for

the Brooklyn Bridge or
the Empire State Building.

Personally, I prefer the G.W.

212 feet down.

It's guaranteed death. You?


I've never thought
about it before.

Me neither.

There's a suicide
every 40 seconds.

Can you notify

the next of kin?

As long as the...
boss says it's okay.

Boss knows I don't
do notifications.


What the hell were you thinking?

What was I thinking?

Your father called me a fool
on national TV.

You don't just spring

major policy changes
on a live news show.

You think I was supposed to
give him a heads up?


So he could come fully loaded
with arguments against?

This isn't court, Bobby.

You didn't need to approach it
like a defense attorney,

as if he's the enemy and
you needed to win at all costs.

I wasn't trying to win anything.

An opportunity presented itself,
and I ran with it.

You didn't even discuss it
with your own A.D.A.s.

You didn't think
we deserved a heads up?

You are not in private
practice anymore.

Everything you say and do
reflects on this office

and the people in it.

You don't agree
with what I said?

It is not about agreeing;
it's how you presented it.

You've been the D.A.
for two months;

you've already
alienated the PC,

not to mention half the people
in this office.

Would you feel the same way
if he wasn't your father?

A hundred percent.

Her body's being brought to
the medical examiner's office.

We can take you there.

No, no, no.

Not right now.


This is the address
of the M.E.'s office

and phone number.


And below

is the-the case number that
you can reference when you call.


We're very sorry
for your loss.

Me, too.

That was so depressing.

That's why you have to distance
yourself from these things.

Yeah, well, it certainly puts
getting dumped in perspective.


She didn't kill herself.

She wouldn't do that.


I'm Rose Davis's grandmother.

I know it looks
that way, but...

she just bought tickets
for she and me

to go see Wicked next Friday.

Look, Mrs. Davis...

Officer, I raised her,

and I'm telling you
she wouldn't do this.

Are you saying
y-you think she was killed?

Yes, I am. There was this guy
she was having trouble with.

He was threatening her.

Who-who was that?

I don't know.

Look, I know this is

a lot to ask...

but she was my life.

She would never, never do this.

You don't like my driving?

I don't like
being a passenger.

How 'bout that?

Yeah, no kidding.

Why'd you become a cop?

You do know
who my family is, right?

What does that mean?

You did it 'cause it's
the family business?

What difference does it make?

I don't like sitting
behind a desk. How 'bout that?

What about you?

What's the, uh,
"Dee" for Dee Ann Carver?

What difference
does it make?

You know,
I never had a boss

who wanted to do this--
you know,

drive around
with their detectives.

I think a good boss gets
to know each detective's

strengths and weaknesses.

Oh. Well, I could tell you
my strength: closing cases.

And my weakness is this.

What? Talking?

Whatever it is
we're doing there.


Right here.
Right here.

There they are.
I'm going.

I'll take the back!
I'll be there!

Damn it.


Come here.
Come here. Come here.

What happened?

Somebody opened
fire on us, man.

What do you mean? Who?


A drive-by.

You were hit in a drive-by
and your instinct

when you see a cop
is to run? Huh?

Put that on your leg.
Stay put.

My baby.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay. What?

My baby. My baby.

Where's your baby?
My baby.

Okay, okay. Okay.

Is that baby hit?!

She's okay.

She's okay. Her
mother's in bad shape.

She's right over there.

- Okay.
- Where's my baby?

Come on. Stay with me now.
Come on.

5-4, detective to Central.

I need a 10-85 forthwith.

My baby.
Your baby's fine.

We got your baby. this location.

We are at 1010 Euclid Avenue.


Three shots fired.
Multiple victims.

Repeat, multiple victims!

The girl's grandmother?

She insists Rose Davis wouldn't
have committed suicide.

And she wants an investigation
to rule out homicide.

I've had 12 suicides.
For every single one,

the family insists
there's no way

the victim
would kill themselves.

No harm in
looking into it, right?

I'd love to look into it,
but I got two open homicides,

a trial prep
and six other open cases.

She said there was a
boyfriend who threatened her.

You know how many suicides
end up in murder? 1.75%.

Wait, forget the statistics.

If you'd made

the notification
and seen the grandmother,

you'd feel like we do, that
this deserves a second look.

The M.E. classified it
a suicide.

Thanks for the help.


How's that distancing yourself
working out?



I came by to see what you need
for Sunday dinner.

I sense an ulterior motive.

I thought Mr. McCoy should have
treated you with more respect,

and I told him as much.

Respect was the least of it.

There was bad judgment
on both sides.

There was provocation
then reaction.

Those are two different things.


why wouldn't you give me
a heads up?

I didn't know about it.


The D.A. issues
a blanket statement saying

he won't prosecute
certain crimes,

and he doesn't share that tidbit
with his own prosecutors?

I don't like the guy.

You always say that.

You're seeing him.

You're seeing him?



It has
nothing to do

with this, Dad.

You expect me to believe that?


Well, to quote the guy
you're seeing,

"I may have been born yesterday,
but I stayed up late studying."

I wasn't dealing.
I got no drugs on me.

It's 'cause you ditched them.
I didn't ditch them.

Yeah, you did.

I saw you.
You didn't see squat!

Hey! Turn around!

Don't raise your voice at me!

You hear me?

Do it again!

Do it again.
I promise you

I'll spend every minute
making your life miserable.

Tough guy.
I know where you live.

I know where
your mother lives!

Detective Reagan!

I'll take it from here.

Truthfully, we didn't find
any drugs on you,

and nobody saw you ditch them.

You got that right.

But I'm not concerned
with you.

I'm concerned with
a ten-month-old innocent baby

who's now in the system
because her mother is dead

and we can't find
any family members.

- Lorena died?
- She bled out

nice and slow from the bullet
she caught in her neck

thanks to you.

If you cooperate,
I'll talk to the D.A.'s office,

and maybe they let
the resisting arrest go away.

I just know there was
some bad blood recently

between two drug dealers.


Ramos and Acevedo.

Where'd the bad blood come from?

- I don't know.
- Here.

Write down their
full names,

nicknames and
any place

you can think of where we might
find either one of them.

I wasn't the one dealing.

She didn't get killed
'cause of me.

Keep telling yourself that,
tough guy.

So, you offer
a gangbanger

with a history the
length of my arm a deal?

I thought
the information he had

was worth talking to the D.A.
about a reduced charge.

I could've got the same
information without leniency.

Maybe that's why your file
is full of complaints.

It's also full of closed cases.

And commendations.

It's why you have a reputation
for being difficult.

Just like you?

You're not the only one
who knows

how to read people's files.

Where were you Tuesday morning

between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.?

Twice a week, I deejay
at a club in the Village.

The Arcadia.

That's where I was.
You can check.

How well
did you know Rose?

What's this about?

Rose killed herself.

Grandmother doesn't think so.

You mean she was killed?

We don't know that for sure yet.

She did say that
you threatened her.

Wait, you think
Rose could've been killed,

and you're looking at me
like I'm a suspect?

Are you kidding me?

Did you threaten her?

I loved her more than anything.

The only thing
we ever fought about

was her job as a bartender.

I wanted her to quit.

Why'd you want her
to quit her job?

Her boss, Christiano,
kept harassing her,

asking her out,
making lewd comments.

She'd come home crying.

Finally, she listened to me.

When did she quit?

Two days ago.

Day before she died.

That's him in the black hat.

The drug dealer Rudy gave up.




Hold it!


Stop! Police!

Sic him, Rambo! Sic him!

Get down!

Come here.

Tell us who
shot Lorena.

I got nothing to do with Lorena.
She was Ramos's girl.

What does that mean?
He killed her?

I didn't say that.

Yeah, well, you better
start saying something

before I charge you
with felony assault.

I didn't hit you!

You had sicced
your dog on me!

Same thing!

Now start talking.

Well, Ramos is six months

into a four-year bit for drugs.

And that's
when he found out

she was pregnant?

So it wasn't

Ramos does the math,
knows the baby's not his.

How you guys know?

Hey, shut up. We'll
ask the questions.

Who's the baby's father?

Look, all I know is
Ramos was going around,

saying he was gonna kill her
and the baby.

I guess he got

one out of two.

You all right?

Me? Yeah.

I'm getting used
to being attacked at work.

So the baby was
the actual target.

Well, then who's
the shooter?

Someone Ramos hired?

Well, we should get
a DNA test on the baby

and try to figure
who the father is.

Run it through CODIS.

Given the drug connection, this
guy's probably been locked up,

so it shouldn't be too
hard to track him down.

But I hope we don't.

'Cause the baby's better
off with foster parents.

How would you know that?

What, you think the
baby's better off

with a drug-dealing father?
We don't know anything

about this baby's family
or its parentage.

Come on, we can
make a good guess.

Maybe you can.

And I don't know
what kind of checking up

you did on me, or what it is
you think you know,

but the only reputation I have
is for sticking to the rules.

You also have a reputation

for giving complaints
to your own officers.

If they deserve it.

Any officer who does their job
deserves their boss's support.

I support any cop
who plays by the rules.

Excuse us.

What can I do for you?

We're looking
for Christiano.

He didn't come in today.

Well, when was
the last time you saw him?

Couple days ago.

Around the time Rose quit?

You know Rose?


Is she okay?

She killed herself.

Oh, my God.

Why did you ask
if she was okay?

She was really upset

when she came in
to tell me she was quitting.

Why was she so upset?

She didn't say why.

But you have an idea?

Christiano raped her.

So how's your arm, Uncle Danny?

I heard you got attacked
by a Rottweiler.

Oh, my arm's fine.

And the only Rottweiler causing
me any pain is my new C.O.

Carver's a good cop.

Carver is a
ball buster.

Carver is a good, tough cop.

District Attorney McCoy
is a ball buster.

Language please.



That morning
show should have

you two as regulars--
be a big hit.

No, thanks.

Nothing scientific,
but I'd be willing to bet

my precinct shows record-high
pot collars this week.

And I'll bet

every precinct in all five
boroughs does the same thing.

Yeah, but I'm not looking
for that either.

Still a nice vote of confidence
from the troops though.


This whole thing got blown
out of proportion,

which is exactly
what McCoy was looking for.

That's not fair.

He was just voicing
a different point of view.

What a rebel.

You know, I
shouldn't have

to be talking to you about
the broken windows theory.

What's the broken

windows theory?

Well, if one window
in a building

gets broken, the rest
will probably get broken,

because then

people are gonna see it and
think you can get away with it,

and then the problem
gets worse and worse.

Whoa. Nice, Jack.

But who wants all
these broken windows?

It's based on the idea

that disorder leads to crime,
and order

- makes people accountable.
- Does it work?

Yeah, son. It has been
proven to reduce crime.

You start ignoring
smaller crimes,

you end up with bigger ones.

How does putting a joint
in your pocket

lead to disorder and crime?

Do you smoke pot?

Do you?


And why not?

Look at the crowd
I eat Sunday dinner with.

And it's against the law.


And that is exactly the point.

It is against the law.

And the moment
they repeal the law,

cops will stop
arresting you for it.

Until then, they will.


Anybody having trouble
understanding that?


Everybody understands
it, Dad, even McCoy.

He was just...

He was just grandstanding
on national television.

He is new to this and should be
allowed a learning curve.

Anybody having trouble
understanding that?

Making yourself at home?

I love orchids.

I don't think that thing
will survive this place.

People used to say
the same thing about me.


We caught a break.

D.O.C. sent over
a recording

of Juan Ramos's
jailhouse phone chatter

with one of his soldiers.

You serious?

Cops find out,
that's heavy time.

I don't give a crap.

I want the bitch
and the baby dead.

Not too smart.

We don't catch the smart ones.

I put a gang unit on it.

DNA test came back,
by the way.

Baby's father--

your pal Rudy Williams.

Let's track him down.

You gave me a rip
for not being clean shaven.

I should have given you a rip
for insubordination.

I went for the lesser charge.

Yeah, well, maybe you should
have went for insubordination,

'cause I don't plan on shaving
anytime soon.

I won't have you openly
questioning every move I make.

Well, you won't have to worry
about that much longer.

What is it?

See for yourself.

A 57?

You want a transfer?

As soon as the case is closed.



You're a good cop.

Damn good at what you do,
but so am I.

And I'm not changing

the way I do things
just to suit you.

I need a moment.

This just came to me.


"During my appearance

"on CBS This Morning
a couple of days ago,

"I made some remarks
in the heat of the moment

"that, in hindsight,

could be considered
disrespectful to the office..."



I'm not apologizing.

I don't care
how artfully you write it.

I'm just not.

"...disrespectful to the office
of the police commissioner,

"Frank Reagan.

I am new to this job..."

Let me see that.

Where'd you get this?

From my counterpart
in the D.A.'s office.

It's a transcript
of the opening remarks

McCoy is making at his press
conference this afternoon.


Just thought you'd like to know.

Hold on a second.

If a man finds himself feeling,

deep into his life's work,

that the surprises in that work,

say... challenges
to his judgment,

no longer galvanize
and energize him...

but only irritate him
and drain him...

If that starts to happen,

is it the sign
that it's time to go?

That feels like a trick question
on about five different levels.

It's not.

Is it your way of apologizing?

No, it is my way
of asking your opinion

on the hypothetical
I just laid out.


Anything else?


Why don't you talk
to your counterpart

and see if Mr. McCoy
would like to meet.


One-on-one, no cameras.

Will do.

Thank you, Garrett.


You home, Rudy?

Rudy, it's
Detective Reagan

and Lieutenant Carver.

We just want
to talk to you.

How you doing there, Rudy?


What do you want
to do about it?


You know, this thing
still smells like her.

You know,

you're the only one left
who can take care of her.

I-I can't take care of her.

Yes, you can.

Rudy, put the gun down.

It's my fault her mom's dead.

You didn't kill her.

Might as well have.

You start
screwing around with

a drug dealer's girlfriend,

what'd you think
is gonna happen?

You-you got to think
about Joy, now.

What kind of life
is she gonna have with me?

She's gonna have a life with
a father who loves her, Rudy.

I stick around,
she'll end up like me.

Rudy, if you stick around,

your baby girl's got a shot
at a better life than you.

Only one way to give her
a better life.

Don't do it, Rudy.

You don't want to do it.

Don't do it, Rudy.

Don't do this, Rudy.

Put that down.

Tell her I loved her.

Don't! No!


He was afraid that she'd
go to the cops about the rape,

so he killed her.

Staged it
to look like

a suicide.

He confessed to the rape,
and then,

eventually, to the murder.

I don't know
how to thank you.

You don't need to thank us.

When Rose was born,
I promised myself

I'd do everything
humanly possible

to give her a good life.

It would've
destroyed me if...

I thought I had failed her.

Just a second.

The last thing we were
gonna do together.

I'd like you to use them.

For Wicked.

Oh. Oh, no, no,
we couldn't.

It would make me so happy
if the two of you would

take them, and I know
Rose would want it, too.


Come on.

Okay. Thank you.


Thank you.

At least we brought her
some closure.

And got an A-1
felony collar to boot.

Yeah, but if it turned out that
she really did commit suicide,

it'd be a different
story. You know?

Might not be celebrating-- you'd
be looking for another partner.


I need you for dating advice.

Yeah, did you ever
answer that guy

that broke up with
you over text?

No. Last text
I got from him,

he wanted to know
if I'd be willing

to keep dating him,
just not exclusively.


Give me that.

Hey, Reagan...
Let me see this.

Give me my phone back.
Give me the phone.

Give me my phone, Reagan.
What are you doing?!

Give me my phone!

Okay, all right, okay.
Give me my phone.

What did you do?

"It's over and it's your loss."

You sent that?

I'm only doing the guy a favor.

You know what, it is his loss.

I'm a catch.


Not to mention demanding.

Demand... What did you say?



"Shemanding." Pretty sure
that's the word you said,

'cause it wasn't "demanding"
'cause that's not what I am.

Little baby. Look at those feet.


She cried a lot the first day.

She seemed scared,
but I think

she's gotten used to us.

Yeah, she is.

You have any luck
finding the relatives?

Afraid not.

How's it work when that happens?

She'll be put in foster care

until someone comes forward with
an application for adoption.

How long does that usually take?

Oh, what?

The average child
stays about two years

before they're adopted.

Two years?

Well, this little one's lucky.

What do you mean?

Think I can let you in
on a little secret.

We've already had a request

from someone
inside the department.

You're kidding me.

Lieutenant Carver.

She came in here last night
and started the paperwork.


24 hours, and my orchid's
still alive.

Think that's a good sign.

I don't really like things that
are high maintenance, myself.

Me either.

But sometimes they're worth
all the trouble.

I thought you'd gone
for the evening.

I had a few loose ends
to tie up,

and I wanted to, uh,
check in on Joy.

How is she?

She's good.

None of her
family members

came to claim her.


That's too bad.

When I was a kid,
my old man and my grandfather

used to tell me
all their cop stories.

Somewhere around age eight
or nine, I just decided

I really didn't want
to hear them anymore.

I decided I'd rather be
the guy out there

making my own cop stories.

That's why I became a cop.

Anyway, you asked
why I became a cop, and...

now you know.



That's what
the "Dee" stands for.



Did you sign off on my 57 yet?

Not yet.

Good. 'Cause I was thinking
I'm gonna hold off on that.



I was hoping to get rid of you.

Well, I thought it'd be
a better idea if I stayed,

hung around
and drove you so crazy

that you'd put in
for a transfer instead.

Don't play chicken with me.
I don't back down.

Well, then I guess
we do have something in common,

'cause I don't back down either.

Good night, boss.

This mine?

Yup. It's loaded.

You using live bait?

Cocahoe minnows on
a half-ounce lead.

Seems a bit light
for that current.

I think I'm good
at gauging the current.

Yes, you are.

You're using braided line?

Are you going to
second-guess everything?


I know what I'm doing.

I know you do.

Hear you and the D.A.
had a meeting.

We did.

He's a really good man
once you get to know him.

He is ten years too old for
that brash young firebrand act.

With him, it comes with a
big whiff of calculation.

He's trying to make amends, Dad.

Well, I still
don't like him.

You know, I don't think
you've ever liked anyone

I've gone out with.

That's not true.

Name one.

Christopher McCormick.


He broke up with
me, by the way.

Yeah, he did.

It's too bad.

I liked him.

I don't think anyone

could live up
to your expectations.

You do.

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