Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Power of the Press - full transcript

Frank faces public backlash after an officer's body camera malfunctions during an altercation with a civilian.

Mr. Rojas, when questioned by the joint drug task force,
You identified the individual
Who authorized the murders of the six victims
In this case.
Is that individual present today?
That's him.
Rolando vega gave the order.
Estás muerto, javier.
(gavel bangs)
The people rest, your honor.
Danny: You did good, javier.
Yeah, i'm a dead man.
Relax. Pretty soon you'll be on a plane to god knows where
With a drink and a whole new identity.
You're getting a fresh start, javier.
Don't screw it up.
He's all yours, marshal.
Just what i've always wanted.
Another lucky mutt with a get-out-of-jail-free card.
Javier: Wait a minute.
You only brought one other guy?
(chuckles) i think we can handle it, dillinger.
Catch you guys next time around.
Sure thing.
Marshal, a word? No.
Hey, detective?
Hey. Hey, this is a secured area, andre.
You're not supposed to be in here,
Press or not.
Look, i just need a minute, detective.
We already said no.
Rolando vega was the biggest drug dealer in new york.
Taking him down is a huge story. I just want to get it right.
No, you want to make the cover of the times.
Yeah, that, too. This is big news.
You guys were right in the middle of it.
Well, we don't do interviews, okay?
Someday, some hollywood big shot will buy the life story rights,
And then you can go see the movie.
Hey! Officer: Hey!
What's the problem?
We don't need no cops, okay?
This is a private matter.
You're being loud and boisterous.
Lower your volume or you're going in.
Look, i didn't do a damn thing, man.
I didn't do a damn...
So, what happened?
Why did our officer's camera stop functioning?
That's unclear.
What is clear is that the suspect,
James prince, is in the hospital
With a fractured skull.
Officer taylor said prince punched him in the gut.
When he took the guy down, his head hit the sidewalk.
Prince says officer taylor attacked him
For no reason, and two witnesses
On the scene back him up.
Reliable witnesses?
Bystanders. Homies.
Just in this room.
The eyewitnesses are all black and from the hood.
Race is not an issue here.
Officer taylor's also black.
In my experience, in these situations,
Officer taylor is blue,
As in the uniform he wears.
(chuckles) oh, that's gonna play just great.
Well, i'm just calling it what it is, all right?
This body-worn camera program is nothing but trouble
For the cop on the beat, and i'm not here
To put whipped cream on it.
That's enough.
Look, i signed off
On this pilot program
Because i had no choice.
The mayor wanted it.
Which means out there in the world, i want it.
Which also means, because you work for me,
That you want it.
Understood? Yes, sir.
Thank you. And no, i will not hold a press conference.
But the story's out there.
And the usual anti-cop suspects are already making noise.
Ask the mayor's staff to field it.
They won't; you know that.
Ask the manufacturer of the camera to stand up there.
Oh, now you're just being...
Did the camera malfunction?
Did our officer turn it off?
Do we have the answer to either of those questions?
No. The manufacturer is examining the camera.
It'll take a few days.
I will hold a press conference
When i have the black box in this.
And not a moment before.
Erin: I'm so happy you stopped by, hannah.
Well, thanks for seeing me, mrs. Reagan.
I know how busy you are.
I think it's time you can start calling me erin.
How's your freshman year at hudson?
It's been okay.
It's a great school.
Nikki had a hard time deciding
Between there and columbia.
Yeah, we-we talked about it.
How's your mom?
We have a school reunion coming up,
And i am not going without her.
Doesn't know i'm here.
Is there something wrong?
(sobs) okay.
Just take a breath.
I'm sorry.
I didn't...
I didn't know who else to-to call.
Come on, sit down.
Tell me what's happening.
Thank you.
There was a party, um, in the dorm.
I was drinking
With some of the guys,
Soccer players.
One of them...
Darren bentley...
He was cute and-and funny,
And everything seemed fine.
We made out
For a while,
It's okay.
Go on.
Threw me down
On the bed.
Did he rape you?
Yeah. (sniffles)
When did this happen?
Uh... (sniffles)
Uh, three months ago.
During freshman orientation.
Did you have a rape kit performed?
I just wanted to pretend it didn't happen.
I talked to the dean of students.
She said that the school had
Its own disciplinary system.
That it would take less time,
And i could remain anonymous.
And was there a hearing?
It was a nightmare.
No one there
Was on my side.
They didn't even care about what happened.
They just wanted it all to go away.
And what happened to this guy?
He wasn't even punished.
I have to see him
On campus
Every day.
And every time i do, it...
(softly): Okay.
Does your mom know what happened?
I just, i'm barely holding it together right now.
And she'll freak out, and i just,
I ca-- i can't handle that.
Please, please, don't tell her.
Okay, i promise i won't tell her.
Okay? Yeah.
Hey. Reagan.
Man: Detective. All right.
How goes it?
Javier: Detective!
Detective reagan!
Come out of there.
What in the hell are you doing here, javier?
Your boy, morgan, he screwed me over.
What are you talking about? He told me that my lawyer messed up.
That my deal for protection wasn't binding.
So then they take me to their office,
They open the car door, they say, "you're free to go."
There must be some mistake, okay?
Yeah, you know what my mistake was?
Trusting a damn cop to keep his word.
Why don't you watch your mouth?
I put my ass on the line for you.
You know, i won't last five minutes
Once vega finds out i'm on the street.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
You know what they do to rats?
They cut you up nice and slow
Until you beg to die.
All right, look, just don't wet your pants, all right?
I got somewhere to take you.
Like i'm gonna trust you again? Listen,
If you had a better plan, that's what you'd be doing,
So you're gonna have to trust me. What the hell are you doing?
Just because i'm helping you
Doesn't mean i trust you.
Get in.
There's a rally planned
On the block where james prince was hurt.
Do they have a permit?
I don't know. Ask patrol to make sure they have one.
If they don't, make it easy for them to get one.
I don't want grief on top of grief here.
Come on in, sergeant.
I've had a dozen phone calls
From the new president of our union.
"our" being the police union?
Yes, sir, and he's really pissed off.
Why? Did i forget to buy a raffle ticket?
He feels like your silence is not supporting officer taylor.
Well, then he is misunderstanding it.
My silence isn't supporting anything
But a thorough investigation before i shoot my mouth off.
Not what they were looking for.
Too bad-- the commissioner doesn't serve at his pleasure.
You can tell him or i will.
Frank: And what are they looking for?
My knee-jerk reaction
To take taylor's side
Because we wear the same uniform?
Pretty much, yeah.
This situation is bad enough without
The commissioner looking like he's covering for a bad cop.
There's zero evidence that taylor did anything wrong.
There's zero evidence, period, right now.
I'm just saying, with cops being blamed
For everything under the sun these days,
They just want the commissioner to stand up for them.
Sounds like you agree with him.
I represent the guys in the street.
If i don't tell you what they're thinking,
I'm not doing my job.
Well, then here's my reply to the men on the street
And the president
Of the union.
If they want me to come down hard on officer taylor's side,
Then go out there and do the police work
That gives me the evidence to do so.
Yes, sir.
Erin: Thank you for making time
To see me, dean walters.
Of course.
This is matt douglas, our university counsel.
Erin reagan.
Didn't realize that the school's attorney
Would be joining us.
University policy dictates i be present
For any discussion of our disciplinary process.
Is that policy in place to protect the students,
Or the school?
I assure you,
The welfare of our students is our top priority.
I find that hard to believe
When you counsel traumatized female students
Like hannah lancaster
Not to report sexual assault to the police.
I made sure hannah understood all her options.
She chose the one that best served her interests.
Not to mention the interests of the school:
Avoiding negative press
That might discourage potential students,
Donating alumni...
Ms. Lancaster isn't a minor.
Neither she nor the university
Had any legal obligation
To report her alleged assault to the police.
Yes, i know the law, mr. Douglas.
I also know that during hannah's disciplinary hearing,
No relevant witnesses were called
And no medical
Evidence was introduced.
These were freshmen, ms. Reagan.
Away from home for the first time, drinking alcohol...
Sometimes... Misunderstandings occur.
Misunderstandings like rape?
This was a very unfortunate incident.
But we have nothing to hide.
Because i intend to fully investigate this matter.
What is that?
It's a subpoena.
Please have all materials relating
To hannah's case forwarded to my office immediately.
Hey, reagan.
Filling out an application?
What happened to javier rojas?
What do you mean?
He showed up at my precinct
Saying you went back on the deal
For witness protection.
His shyster lawyer screwed the pooch.
What are you talking about?
Made his inclusion in witsec
Subject to the discretion of the marshal service.
That's not the deal we made.
It is, according to the federal prosecutor running this case.
My partner and i promised this guy protection.
Rojas is a murdering hump, reagan.
Don't give a damn what he is-- he gave us vega,
And a deal is a deal. Look...
Every scumbag rat we put into witsec costs us serious money.
We got budgets, like everybody else.
That's a load of crap. All right?
And if you go back on the deal,
You're as good as putting him in the ground yourself.
One less drug-dealing skel?
Sorry if i don't break down and cry.
If rojas hired
A crappy lawyer, that's his problem.
He's on his own.
Rojas' deal was negotiated by a federal prosecutor.
Yeah, but it was a joint operation.
There's gotta be something we can do.
Without javier rojas,
There's no way the feds can take vega down.
Yeah, vega.
A murdering son of a bitch
The feds haven't been able
To get their hands on in four years!
It was a great collar.
But it was a federal operation.
We just availed our c.I. To them.
Our c.I.
And we promised this guy protection
And now we're not protecting him.
And the marshals backed us up.
Marshals backed us up, all right...
Until they didn't.
Where is rojas now?
We're sitting on him in an apartment downtown.
You guys have a right to be pissed off.
But there's nothing we can do.
So we just feed this guy to the sharks?
Danny: Look, we're not the feds, boss.
We gave this guy our word.
This isn't how we operate.
I'm sorry.
My hands are tied.
Put rojas back on the street.
You lying son of a bitch!
You're cops!
You're supposed to be the good guys!
We are the good guys.
But the feds... Well, they're the feds.
And we can't force them to honor the deal.
You had nothing without me.
I didn't have to help you guys.
You're not exactly a good samaritan here, javier.
We had you cold
On sale of a controlled substance
And accessory to murder.
You were looking at 20 years!
You testified to save your own ass.
But i did what i said i was gonna do.
Can you say that?
We promised you we'd find a way out of this
And we will.
Danny: Do not leave
This apartment.
Do you understand?
We'll be back later.
Come on and lock the door.
What are you doing, danny?
Carver told us to cut him loose.
I don't give a damn what carver said.
We're not breaking our word for anyone,
Not even the boss.
What do you want to do, then?
If the feds won't disappear this guy,
Then we will.
Here you go.
Thank you. Sit down.
This is, uh, not a privileged conversation,
Officer taylor.
So if you're charged,
Whatever you say to me is fair game in court.
I've got nothing to hide.
What happened out there?
I'm walking a foot post
And i come up on the suspect
Going after a guy locked in a car.
Says the guy owes him money.
Well, we have that on your body cam.
What happened next?
Suspect wouldn't calm down.
I tell him to lower the volume or he's going in.
Next thing i know, he punches me.
So i put him on the ground in an effort to subdue him.
He must've hit his head.
To me, sounds like a clean arrest
With an unfortunate outcome.
I didn't mean to hurt him.
He escalated the situation.
I mean, you hit a cop, all bets are off.
Sure would be nice
If we had the rest of the incident on video.
Yes, sir.
I've been wearing that camera for almost three weeks.
I've never had a problem before.
And you didn't turn it off
So you could tune up james prince
Without an audience?
No, sir.
I don't know what went wrong with my camera,
But i know one thing for sure.
I did my job.
No more, no less.
So you're saying he's going to get away with it?
I'm saying he got a lawyer
And he's sticking by his story.
His story is a lie.
And once i can prove that, i will charge him.
God, i can't believe this!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, i...
I know that you are doing everything you can.
I just, i feel so...
Angry and helpless...
I know, i know.
Please, don't worry.
I have an investigator on campus now.
I promise i'll call you once i hear any news.
Your mother called me last night.
I'm glad you told her.
Was it as bad as you thought it would be?
Uh, actually...
It's the first time i've felt like myself
Since all this happened.
You stay in touch, okay?
Thank you.
My father sends his regards.
When i got shot in the line of duty,
Your old man made sure my family was taken care of.
Hell of a guy.
Yeah, i agree.
Then again, i'm kind of biased.
I wanted to talk to you about hannah lancaster.
Nice girl.
Felt real bad about what happened.
Well, did she or anyone else
Report the incident to your office that night?
Got a call a few weeks after it happened
From the dean of students.
Yeah. Janet walters.
Hannah had reached out to her.
The dean asked me to collect physical evidence
From the girl's dorm room.
Wait. What evidence?
Hannah still had the skirt she wore that night.
It was torn up pretty good.
Had what looked like bloodstains on it.
Where's that skirt now?
I delivered it to the dean's office.
Figured she'd call nypd.
I guess hannah decided to go a different way.
Pork jerky, cuchifritos and orange soda?
If vega doesn't kill javier, his diet will.
Yeah, well, hopefully no one will kill him...
(loud clattering)
Javier: No!
No! No!
It's open. (groaning)
Police! Drop it!
Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em!
Shut your mouth, javier! Drop it!
Drop it!
Get on the floor. Now!
Step away, javier. Hands on the back of your head.
We gotta get javier out of here. Danny: I know.
Javier: I told you this would happen.
If rolando's guys can find me here,
They'll track me down wherever i go.
Shut your mouth or i'll kill you myself!
Cuffs. Keep an eye on him.
What do you want to do?
I don't know, i'm thinking.
I'll have a radio car pick them up.
Great. After we get this jackass
Out of here.
Give me your hands. Over there.
I know where we can take him.
It might get us more jammed up than we already are,
But who the hell cares?
Get outside. Go!
You should be safe here.
At least until we can get you out of town, javier.
That's what you said about the last place.
You know, i'm getting a little sick
Of your attitude.
You almost got me killed.
No, you almost got yourself killed.
I didn't get you into this mess, you did!
I'm the one that's trying to get you out of it!
You know what? You want to leave?
How about...
You take your chances out there in the real world, huh?
You don't want my help?
You want to be a pain in the ass?
How about you go out there and see
If you can make it, all right?
Otherwise, i suggest you shut your mouth
And be grateful you're still alive.
(door closes)
That looked like javier rojas.
But i know that can't be him
Because i ordered you to cut him loose.
He's got a contract on his head, boss.
Just like the last time we talked.
You're on very thin ice, detectives.
I want him out of this house tonight.
And i want to see both of you in my office
First thing monday morning.
If the mayor back in my day
Had ordered me to put cameras on my men...
You would've done it or lost your job.
Same as in my day. Yeah.
But i would have made sure that any cop wearing a camera
Would be walking a very quiet beat.
Danny: Yeah, except in your day,
They'd be wearing a giant automatic
Cop-o-vision camera the size of a shoebox.
Hey, perp, say cheese.
That's not the point.
No, it's not. Just because we have
The technology to do something
Doesn't automatically make it a good idea.
Oh, yeah? I thought you were for this.
Where'd you hear that?
Well, i read it in an article in the paper last week.
Well, you can't believe everything you read
In the papers where he's concerned.
Erin's right.
I have to be for it... In the papers.
But did this start with the nypd saying,
"hey, let's try this.
It's gonna be good for us"?
No. It came from outside.
Everything's on cameras these days, though.
Jack: Yeah, and people are taking videos
Of the cops, so why can't they shoot back?
Because they have guns to shoot back.
Because it makes it seem like the public doesn't trust
The police anymore; like we need
Surveillance cameras to police the police.
A lot of people don't trust cops-- it's a fact.
Let them try living without us for a week.
And if wearing a camera proves to be some kind of magic bullet
In getting everyone to trust our cops,
I'm all for it, but i haven't seen that.
What i do see
Is an assumption that a cop will turn the camera off
If he wants to hide what he's about to do.
An assumption.
Think taylor
Turned his camera off to tune that guy up?
Oh, i don't know.
I sure hope not.
But the larger issue here really bothers me.
We are laying down precedent
That a cop's word,
A man's word,
Isn't any good unless there is
A real-time digital recording
To back it up.
Not to leave this room.
(quietly): Yeah.
It's a cautionary tale.
It's important to make choices that help keep you safe.
Everyone drinks at college, mom.
Alcohol impairs your judgment.
It's not about blame. It's a fact.
He was just some guy from her dorm.
Who she had only known for a few hours.
That doesn't excuse what he did.
Not in a million years.
But in the end...
...The only one who can keep you safe is you.
Garrett: You're not listening.
I'm saying it's over.
The manufacturer found a faulty sensor
In officer taylor's body camera.
I am listening, but how does that make it over?
The camera malfunctioned.
Taylor didn't turn it off. It went off.
Not good enough.
Why not? You tell that
To the people in that neighborhood,
All you're gonna get is a good laugh.
Sometimes the truth has to suffice.
You use that word "suffice" and you'll get an even bigger laugh
With a couple of beer bottles tossed at you.
I don't know what i'm doing here.
You're doing your job.
Part of which is to help me figure out how to show
This department in the very best light.
And we've only got part of the black box.
What's the other part?
What did happen when the camera went off.
(indistinct arguing on tv) there.
You see it?
You lost me.
Keep your day job.
How about you, sergeant?
Actually, we interviewed that woman.
She said she didn't
Record anything.
She was on a speakerphone,
Having a conversation.
Or maybe not.
You know, we chose that neighborhood
For the pilot program because it had
The highest rate of civilian complaints in the city.
We're not very popular up there.
So what do we do?
Offer her something.
Some kind of reward.
Get a subpoena, seize it as evidence
And dump her phone.
Bribe her? Force her?
That's the best we can do?
Look, we're trying to clear our man,
But we're also trying to gain the trust
And respect of the people in that community.
It's not a victory if we don't have both.
Thanks for stopping by.
Sure. Is there a problem?
I still don't have anyone to go with me
To the mayor's reception
For the ag.
That is a problem.
You sure you won't reconsider?
Who have you asked?
A few people.
Name two.
How's your case going?
My investigator just delivered
Hannah's torn skirt from the night of the attack.
The dean of students apologized
For not turning it over right away.
Claims that it was misplaced.
I'll bet. Uh-huh.
The skirt is torn, has blood on it.
So much for darren's claim of consensual sex.
What happened when it was presented
At the school's disciplinary panel?
It wasn't-- the panel ruled that it wasn't relevant.
Your tuition dollars at work.
I'm gonna nail this kid.
I got to tell you, erin.
The skirt is helpful.
But after all this time,
With no police report, no medical evidence...
I am not letting darren get away with raping hannah.
What he did to that girl is...
Is horrific. I get it.
But step back for a second.
Pretend you don't know hannah or her mom.
Given only the facts of this case
And the reality of getting convictions
In sexual assault cases like this...
Would you take this to trial?
I'm really sorry.
I'm just sorry for hannah.
She went through hell and she won't get justice.
I know.
Unless what?
There may be a way to hold someone responsible.
I would need your okay.
I'm listening.
Morning. Hey.
Where's javier?
He's, uh, in a fleabag motel in hell's kitchen.
He'll be boarding a bus to scranton in an hour.
I'd rather be on a bus than getting reamed by the boss.
You think she'll suspend us?
I don't know.
Either way, we did the right thing.
We still violated a direct order.
We did. And i apologize for dragging you into it.
You didn't. We both promised javier witness protection.
Yeah, but i'm the one that held onto him
After carver said to cut him loose.
So, when we go into her office to get chewed out...
Stop it, danny.
Look, i'm a big girl.
I got my own gold shield and everything.
I wanted to protect javier because my word means
As much to me as yours does to you, you got it?
Yeah. We work together.
We catch hell together.
Well, let's prepare to catch some hell.
Andre: Detectives?
This guy doesn't stop.
You know, you're like something
We stepped in, andre.
What part of no do you not understand?
Look, i get your reluctance to talk to the press.
But this is an example of law enforcement getting it right.
The public has a right to know what happened in this vega case.
Look, andre, we told you before...
You know what? Maybe andre's right.
Say what?
Maybe the public does need to know
What happened in this case.
I mean,
Every single detail.
Wouldn't it be interesting if they found those out?
Andre, we'll be in touch.
Maybe you get your story after all. Come on.
Where we going? Not upstairs.
We're gonna go back and stop javier
Before he gets on that bus and then we're gonna
Pay a visit to the marshal service.
What about the lieutenant? What about her?
We're going down in flames,
We might as well finish what we started.
Ms. Jones?
Frank reagan.
I already told the police
I didn't see anything.
Excuse me.
See, i took a look at the video on officer taylor's body-cam.
And it appears to show you
Recording the arrest on your cell phone.
Like i said to them, i wasn't recording.
I was talking on speakerphone.
But, having a clear view, can you tell me what you saw?
Not from my perspective, it wasn't clear.
Nypd isn't very popular in this neighborhood.
I'd say that's an understatement.
I take it, you share that opinion.
I've got four boys, commissioner.
Not one of them's ever been arrested.
Well, you should be very proud of that.
In this neighborhood, you know i am.
My oldest son, ray, just graduated from city college.
Been stopped by your officers over 20 times.
My other boys, too.
Questioned, patted down.
Never arrested.
I'm sorry your sons had to go through that.
It's tough enough to raise your children here,
To teach them self-respect,
Without them being falsely accused
Every time they walk down the street.
You know, you're the second mother i heard that from today.
The other mother,
She raised her son, oh, 20 blocks from here.
Walked him back and forth to school,
Kept him away from gangs, made him study.
Well, so? What am i supposed to say?
Good for her?
Well, her boy grew up to be a cop.
The cop in this incident.
Reggie taylor.
She told me that...
He shouldn't be accused of something he didn't do.
As i'm sure you told your boys many times.
I'm sorry you didn't record it.
Might go a long way toward making things better here.
For all of us.
Commissioner reagan?
Can i ask you a favor?
It's my only phone.
We don't have a house phone,
So can you not take it and just...
Tell me where to send the video?
Thank you, desiree.
Morgan: You're like a damn dog with a bone, reagan.
Look, javier goes back into witsec,
Or the story of how the feds put a key witness
Back on the street with a price on his head is
On the front page tomorrow.
Now, the reporter's waiting for my call, so what's it gonna be?
It's not gonna make you guys look real good.
Are you guys serious?
We're the federal government.
We get bad press every day.
Yeah? How about you?
Has your name been on the front page of the papers before?
Do you really think there's gonna be some public outcry?
Because a convicted felon won't be moving in next door
To some poor unsuspecting family?
Look, we made a deal with this guy.
That's right, we did. And we're gonna honor it.
You guys just don't get it, do you?
(cell phone rings)
Nobody gives a damn about this guy-- but you.
Yes, sir.
With all due respect, sir, i don't think...
Yes, sir.
I understand.
So, this whole little newspaper thing's just a tap dance, right?
What are you talking about?
Your chief of detectives called my boss.
Threatened to pull all pd detectives
Off the task force unless rojas gets in the program.
So javier's in.
You just saved a total dirtbag.
Takes one to know one.
You're late.
Uh, we were just getting rid of javier rojas.
Like you told us to.
You were late on that, too.
We screwed up, boss.
And then some.
We know you called the chief of ds.
It was a very stand-up thing to do.
I didn't do it for you. Oh.
If the deals my detectives make with informants aren't honored,
This squad is out of business.
That's because a squad runs on trust.
Both out on the street and in this house.
Now, i know you two thought you were doing the right thing,
But you violated that trust in a big way.
We didn't mean to disrespect you, lieutenant.
But you did disrespect me.
And the rest of this squad.
Are we suspended?
I'm not a big fan of airing dirty laundry,
So i decided to handle this in-house.
The two of you will choose last on tours and vacation schedules
For the next six months.
During which time you will make sure
That all squad vehicles are gassed and washed.
You're both damn good detectives,
But if you disobey another direct order,
You're both gone.
Get out.
Hey! What's the problem?
We don't need no cops, okay?
This is a private matter.
You're being loud and boisterous what?!
Lower your volume down... I didn't do a damn thing.
I didn't do a damn thing! Lower your voice down.
As you just saw,
James prince attacked officer taylor without provocation.
Mr. Prince has been placed under arrest
And is awaiting a bedside arraignment
For assaulting a police officer.
Officer taylor acted in self-defense
In the performance of his duty, and will not be disciplined.
Thank you.
Thank you, sergeant.
As a special assistant to the commissioner,
Sergeant gormley is a welcome addition to the 14th floor.
The footage you just saw was provided to us
By a citizen from the neighborhood
Where the incident took place.
It will be used as supporting evidence
To the witness' testimony in the trial of mr. Prince
For his assault on officer taylor.
(clamoring) commissioner reagan...
Sergeant gormley...
...Is the nypd in favor
Of body-worn cameras for its officers?
I, um...
Uh, what was the question?
Is the nypd in favor
Of body-worn cameras for its officers?
Suffice to say that in this incident...
It was a camera that started this whole brouhaha.
And, uh, another camera that solved the can of worms
Of what happened when the first camera conked out.
Okay, great, now if we could move on
To item number three on the agenda.
Sorry to interrupt.
We're here to execute an arrest warrant.
If you intend to arrest darren bentley,
You can probably find him at his dorm or on the soccer field.
Yeah, i'd love to, but your reckless mishandling
Of hannah lancaster's rape complaint made that impossible.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
Now, if you'll excuse us.
There's no excuse for what happened here.
And i may not be able to charge darren bentley,
But i can do the next best thing.
What's this?
Dean walters, we have a warrant for your arrest
For hindering prosecution. Please stand up.
You've got to be kidding.
You're arresting me?
You withheld crucial evidence in violation of a subpoena.
That was an oversight.
This is outrageous.
You'll never convict her for hindering prosecution
Or anything else.
Maybe not.
But when this goes to trial and hits the newspapers,
The public will know what passes for justice on this campus.
♪ ♪
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