Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Most Wanted - full transcript

A dangerous man whom the NYPD has been trying to nail, just assaulted a man over a parking space. Danny goes to see the man he assaulted and he says he will testify against him but when he goes to pick him out of a lineup he backs out claiming the man is threatening his family. Danny tries to find someone who is willing to testify or some other evidence. Garrett tells Frank that there's a warrant for the man in another country and he thinks it would be best to let them have him. But Frank doesn't agree. Erin who's prosecuting the man goes up against a former law schoolmate who offers her a job at her firm.

(truck beeping)
(horn honking)
(both horns honking)
Come on!
(tires screeching)
(engine revving)
(tires screeching)
Damn it!
Move your car!
You move.
Are you kidding me? I've got deliveries to make.
Bro, i'm not gonna ask you again.
You're pissing me off.
You want to swallow your teeth?
Mercedes doesn't mean you own the world.
Police! Stop! Hey.
Got a minute?
I need a favor.
You mean you need to give me an order?
How'd you know how to find me out here?
I'm the police commissioner; i know everything.
What's the favor?
Well, battle of the shields is coming up fast,
And ramirez, our welterweight...
Yeah? ...Hurt his ankle.
He needs to be replaced.
I was thinking of you.
When is it?
Six days.
(chuckles): Six days?
I haven't been in a ring in five years.
Oh, hell, you're already doing the roadwork.
No, that's different than boxing shape.
Come on, we can't let those smoke-eaters
Have bragging rights.
And, frankly...
I need you to commit before your brother gets wind.
Why? He won in that class twice.
Yeah, back in '05 and '06.
Anyway, halloween's coming up, his boys love halloween--
He misses enough of them as it is.
We never had this conversation.
Thank you.
Baez: Two dudes fought over a parking spot.
One of them beat the other down with a tire iron.
He live?
Bus is taking him to st. Benjamin's
With multiple facial fractures.
He's not likely,
But he is gonna need surgery.
Sounds like a street fight. What the hell they need us here for?
Well, when the unis ran
The suspect's name, they got more hits than beyoncé.
He's on the fbi's terrorist watch list,
And interpol has a red notice out on him.
This guy is wanted by everybody.
Danny: Son of a bitch.
Zoran brasha. Right.
How did you know that?
It was before your time in the squad;
This guy had a real reign of terror going.
Drug dealing, executing witnesses--
He even put out a $400,000 hit
On the u.S. Attorney prosecuting him.
Why is he still on the streets?
He's teflon.
He's, like, the albanian john gotti--
Nothing sticks.
He say anything?
He seemed to only know one word in english.
"lawyer"? Yeah.
Of course. Look, reagan,
He was covered in the vic's blood,
And he still had the tire iron in his hand
When they rolled up on him.
He's not getting out of this one.
Well, from your lips to god's ears.
(laughter, quiet chatter)
Let me guess-- sergeant gormley's replacement.
This is lieutenant carver.
Something funny here, ladies?
Detective baez will be writing up your reports from now on.
Your crimes against grammar are the first ones
I'm gonna fight in this unit.
That's fine by me.
Let's talk in my office.
You've led the squad in civilian complaints every year.
And you've got a hook, detective.
That makes you very hard to control.
I also led all of manhattan south in collars.
And for the record, i have never used
My old man's name for any favors.
That's what i heard.
Well, you heard right.
So let's understand each other.
I don't look the other way
Where stepping on the line is concerned.
And i'm always watching.
When you're productive,
You look good and i look good.
But when you're out of line,
It's my ass on the hot seat at one pp,
And that's not good.
If you're feeling nostalgic for your former c.O., don't.
No, don't.
I took sergeant gormley to breakfast.
He filled me in on this squad,
And said if i got any guff, especially from you,
He was my hook at one pp.
Well, then i guess we both have one.
Except you can't use yours, right?
Welcome to the 5-4, lieutenant.
Interpol wants brasha extradited to stand trial in serbia.
"wants" is putting it lightly.
On what charges? The greatest hits--
Arms and heroin trafficking, money laundering, murder.
His crew's at the top of their list, and he's the top guy.
They're also the most difficult to prosecute.
Because it's all family,
Either by blood or by the economy
That brasha and his businesses provide.
Sergeant gormley's here, sir.
Thank you, baker.
What do we got? As you can see,
The size and angle of the soda truck
Blocked the view from the street.
So we have no witnesses to the actual attack.
At least none that have come forward.
So the case will hinge on the testimony of the victim.
Who is currently being operated on at st. Benjamin's hospital.
Boss, i think we should let
The extradition process begin.
If brasha slips past us again,
The publicity for the department is gonna be terrible.
Rich duncan.
His kids are growing up without a father.
What does that mean?
This isn't the first time
Zoran brasha lost his temper on the street.
Six years ago, he got into a fight
With an off-duty cop--
Richard duncan-- over a spilled drink.
Brasha split the bar, came back with a knife,
And slit duncan's throat in the men's room.
One of his crew confessed to the crime.
Still, why go against the odds when interpol says
They can bring him to justice over there?
Because we own the arrest and conviction of zoran brasha,
Not interpol.
You can tell them i said so.
Danny: How's it going with nicky?
Nicky got into two more schools. Wow.
Looks like we got another genius in the reagan family. Mm-hmm.
This one is not going to be a cop, that's for sure.
That's what we said about jamie, remember?
What's college running these days, anyway?
(sighs) housing and meals-- about $60,000 a year.
A year? Yep.
You think i'm too old to sell my body?
No, not to science, anyway.
Here he comes. Erin: Where's his counsel?
It's time to start.
Oh, no, not her.
What do you mean, not her?
Tori parsons for the defense, your honor. Sorry i'm late.
Bailiff: This is a bail hearing.
The people of the state of new york v.
Zoran brasha.
What's the people's application?
With mr. Brasha's international network
And vast financial resources,
He is the very definition of a flight risk, your honor.
Coupled with the brutality of the crime,
We're asking the defendant be held without bail
Until his trial.
Your honor, my client has very deep ties
With the ethnic albanian community in the bronx,
Both personally and professionally.
He's not going anywhere.
In fact, he's eager for his day in court,
So that he can prove his innocence and clear his name.
If he has to be remanded, the defense feels
That house arrest is the most appropriate option.
At the taxpayers' expense?
Uh, no, mr. Brasha's.
Why should the defendant
Be able to purchase preferential treatment?
And who's going to vet mr. Brasha's
Personal security?
With his criminal record
And his long history of violence,
His freedom is a threat to the community.
I have to side with the people in this matter.
The defendant will be held without bail at rikers island.
Round one to you, erin.
But that's the last one you'll win.
Still keeping score, tori?
I thought you would have given that up after law school.
Oh, you know i never give up on anything.
Tori, this is my brother danny.
Danny's actually working the case.
Danny, this is tori parsons; graduated columbia together.
Your sister beat me out for valedictorian,
By percentage points.
I wanted a recount.
She's a smart girl.
Is graduation really the last time we saw each other?
That's incredible. I know.
You back in new york now?
My firm represents mr. Brasha, but his attorney's
Out of the country, so they flew me in from chicago.
Well, you look fantastic.
Thank you. Hey, you want to grab lunch?
You can pick the place.
Don't worry, i'm buying.
Well, with those shoes, you better be.
How is life, besides work?
The last time i saw you, you were dating that drummer.
Remember, he was always high, he never wore a shirt?
Yeah. That's mark.
I married him.
You married him?
(laughs) that's my guy.
I work high-profile cases all over the world,
And he takes care of the kids.
He's great.
How's, um...
Oh, what was his name again?
Jack. Now, that is a good-looking man.
Oh. Sorry.
Did you guys... That's okay. Things happen.
Our daughter's fantastic though.
Every college wants her.
College-- it's pricey these days.
You might have to come over to the dark side with me.
(chuckles) i have seen your client list.
I don't have the stomach for it. (chuckles)
You'll never change, erin. I know that.
Your father's the commissioner.
Your brothers are on the job.
I bet you still have
Those sunday dinners after church.
It's a good, solid life.
Let's talk zoran brasha.
Just to be clear, we won't accept any plea bargains.
Your client has had a nice long run of it,
But he's not gonna wiggle out of it this time.
Zoran has "wiggled out" because he's an innocent businessman
Who's been continually harassed by law enforcement.
Save it for the press, tori. Do you know how much
He's done for the albanian community?
He's hired them in his businesses,
Given them resources, affordable housing.
I mean, he is a good man, erin.
John coogan would disagree, and so would the evidence.
You mean the blood on zoran's shirt?
He tried to help coogan after another man assaulted him.
Is that really the story you're going with? (phone ringing)
It's the truth.
(scoffs) reagan.
Okay, thank you.
John coogan is out of surgery and ready to talk.
I guess we'll see what the truth is.
How you feeling, john?
Drinking my lunch through a straw.
How do you think?
Sorry, detective. John's just upset.
He hasn't lost a fight since the fifth grade.
Is that how long you've known him?
Since before that.
Danny: I know it's been quite an ordeal for you, john.
Can you tell me what happened?
Argued over... A parking spot.
And then he bashed me in the back
Of the head with a tire iron.
Would you be willing to testify in court?
You bet.
I know he's supposed to be...
Some kind of scary mobster...
...But only a punk would hit a man from behind.
He's going to jail.
Reagan, you're gonna want
To see this.
Where the hell did this come from?
A young guy just left it. He was just here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Police. Come here. Whoa. Hey, man!
Come here. Who sent you? (grunts)
Parkview florists.
You work there? Yeah, it's my parents' store.
This message-- where'd it come from?
Uh, it was dropped off by a messenger. Why?
Get the hell out of here.
Just a delivery guy.
We need more unis on this floor.
Scour the floor with them.
And we need rmps outside his house when he's released.
Brasha's coming for him.
Come on. You got to stop running. Come on, jamie.
There we go. Yeah.
Wallop. Wallop. Hit, hit.
Got to get in the pocket.
Watch the jab. Watch the jab.
Watch the jab. You got to protect your chin.
Come right over the top.
Work! Come on, jamie, work!
Come on. Show me that pit bull! (barking)
(bell dings)
That was good. That was good.
Good round, good round.
What's with all the dancing?
This ain't no disco. What are you doing here?
What do you mean what am i doing here?
I came to watch. Hey!
Rico ramirez. I am, yeah.
I saw you in the golden gloves.
Yeah, you're a hell of a fighter.
Not with this boot i'm not, right?
Yeah, tough break.
I was actually gonna try
And restart my career off of this fight. So yeah.
Well, lucky for us,
We got you helping out with the kid.
Hey, i'm gonna do whatever i can for the cause.
Well, as you can see, the cause needs a lot of help.
What are you doing here? You trying to fox-trot this guy
Into a decision? Hit and don't be hit, danny-- that's boxing.
Yeah, but you can't win that way.
He's not gonna win no way.
Hey! Jimmy wallace.
What's wrong?
No cats stuck up in a tree today?
Is your brother gonna fight with ballet slippers?
'cause i think my eight-year-old daughter's
Got a pair he could borrow.
Is that your daughter? No offense, she's even uglier
Than you.
No, that's my cousin emmett,
And he's gonna kick your brother's ass.
Let me tell you something, if he even dreams
About beating a reagan, he better wake up and apologize.
Want to bet on that? As long as it's not for his medical bills.
All right, how 'bout, uh,
Dinner at peter luger's for our whole units?
Loser buys.
Oh, i like steak just as much as the next guy.
You got a bet.
All right, but this fight's gonna be fair, danny,
'cause i'm not gonna let your daddy fix the judges this time.
You know, i kicked your ass fair and square, jimmy.
And i don't appreciate you impugning
My old man's stellar reputation with your...
Inflammatory remarks and accusations.
Don't hurt yourself with those sat words.
Beat it. Take your daughter with you.
You better knock him out. We got a bet now.
Hey, dinner for the whole unit? That's, like, a $2,000 bet.
What are you complaining about? I'm the one that made the bet.
Besides, you got me in your corner. You can't lose.
I got faith in you, kid.
No, rico's training me. Good.
The more the merrier. Right, rico?
There we go.
What's jack going as for halloween?
What? Sean?
What are you getting at? Well, you got extra time
On your hands, there's other places you should be.
Come on.
I smell dad.
No, this is me telling you i got this covered.
No, it's dad.
I can smell the bay rum and cigars coming out of your pores.
Stop with all the dancing, okay?
Teach him how to fight like a man, rico.
Danny: If you recognize anyone, let me know their number
And where you recognize them from.
If you want a closer look
Or a different angle, you let me know.
I'll have them step forward.
Okay, john?
Not him. Doing great, john.
Take your time.
Number four.
You sure? Why don't you take
A little bit of a closer look, okay?
He already responded.
You know better than that.
Erin: And you know better than to speak
In front of my witness.
Maybe him.
Number five.
Number five?
No, wait.
I think it might be number two.
Number two?
You heard him, number two. I didn't hear him
Say "number two." i heard him say
"maybe number two" or "maybe number five." john?
Hold on. John.
What are you doing?
We're getting you round- the-clock protection, okay?
What the hell happened in there?
Can you...
Protect us... From this?
That's my niece.
They followed her
On her way to school this morning.
I got this just before i got here.
You didn't mention a niece, okay?
She wasn't on any list.
Because she lives in delaware.
I didn't even
Think about it.
All right. I'll take the phone.
We'll trace the number, we'll get her
Protection, too. No. No. No.
Look, if it was just me, i wouldn't care.
They said they'd mail her back to us in pieces
If john didn't do what they wanted.
Look, i'm not some freedom fighter.
I'm just an ordinary guy.
I'm sorry.
Your client intimidated my witness.
My client's innocent.
He didn't have to do anything.
No victim i.D., no witnesses,
Just circumstantial evidence.
I'll petition the judge for house arrest,
And this time i'll get it.
Zoran brasha will be with his family having dinner,
Where he belongs.
If you still want to empanel a grand jury, go ahead.
It's the people's money.
I see my share of sleazy defense lawyers,
But you have overachieved once again.
Wait, i'm sleazy?
An innocent man is getting railroaded
By a police commissioner with a grudge.
Innocent man? Have you looked at his record?
Do you even know what he did in serbia?
He's a monster.
And you protect him, you are no better.
And no pair of shoes is worth that.
We are both playing the same game, erin.
Don't you dare judge me.
I offered him every protection under the sun.
He still wouldn't cooperate.
Well, find another way.
Shake down the neighborhood where brasha attacked him.
Somebody must have seen something.
Whatever it takes.
I'll come back.
(sighs) brasha got to coogan.
He wouldn't i.D. Him in a lineup.
This was a risk, frank.
Brasha doesn't play fair.
Just because he strong-armed the victim
Doesn't mean we're gonna fold.
No, but it makes it harder, especially if he wants to run.
What'd you want?
It can wait.
No. Come on.
I got a call from a reporter at the washington post
With a source saying that state
Is stepping in on behalf of interpol
In extraditing zoran brasha.
And they want my reaction?
It's a friend.
Off the record. Just information.
Our nation's capital votes-- no confidence.
It's not like that.
Yes, it is.
Just... Do me one favor, garrett?
I would never say "i told you so."
Thank you.
Go home and see your kids, detective.
My old man get to you, too?
What? No.
Come on, now. It's quitting time.
Richie duncan can't go home tonight.
Neither can i.
Burning yourself out is not gonna bring duncan back.
Now, come on and get some rest.
This case will still be here in the morning.
I don't need the vic to crack the case.
I'll find something.
What you got there?
Worker's statements from the bodega across the street.
They were on the east side, nothing was blocking their view,
So i'm looking for inconsistencies or holes.
You find anything yet?
I'm just getting started,
But somebody must have seen something.
You have a good night, boss.
I knew him.
Richie duncan. Worked with him
At the 3-6.
He was a good guy, great cop.
But you keep something like that to yourself?
I always try to keep my emotions in check.
I already told the other detective.
I was in my office in the back
When i heard some horns honking, then yelling.
I went out to see what was going on,
And i saw the man standing over the delivery guy
With the tire iron.
But you didn't see a single blow thrown, huh?
No, it was over.
How about the video cameras? They catch anything?
No. Tapes automatically wipes out every 24 hours.
Uh-huh. Well, it was 9:00 a.M.
Maybe it was the beginning of a 24-hour cycle.
I don't know. The camera never works right.
So the camera's broken?
Okay. See, you got me a little confused now,
Because first you said the tape was wiped,
Now you're saying the camera was broken.
Which one was it?
Look, we don't have the tape.
That's what matters, right?
Wrong. You know what i think?
I think brasha might have gotten to you.
Uh, i don't know what you're talking about.
No, i think you do. Who's he?
That's rey santiago. He's the manager.
He runs the place, he opens the store,
Handles the delivery guy. So he would have
Been the guy to sign for the delivery
From coogan on tuesday when he came?
Oh, yes, he's the one who signs.
Detective reagan.
You, uh, tell me what happened, what you saw?
Danny: Rey santiago was waiting on john coogan's delivery.
Saw the whole thing. He's willing to testify.
Won't hold up.
Danny: What do you mean, it won't hold up?
Eyewitness testimony? Since when?
If we're lucky enough to go to trial,
The defense is going to argue
That rey santiago would be willing
To say anything we wanted to avoid deportation.
His testimony will be tainted.
Even if it's true?
You need more.
You want to weigh in on this, dad?
Dinner's ready.
So what's the deal with you two guys and jimmy wallace?
It was like the hatfields
And mccoys today at the gym.
Danny fought jimmy in '06.
Yeah, while you were away at college.
It was a hell of a fight.
The dentist versus the cobbler--
Tooth and nail.
Danny won by a...
Mm, a pretty close margin, and there was almost
A riot in the crowd.
The fight actually wasn't that close.
Hell of a fight.
Henry: And later on,
We were all having a drink together,
And one of the judges from the fight
Was sitting on a stool next to your father.
And the wallaces--
Jimmy's dad was an fdny captain--
He got it through his head
That this was proof positive that francis
Had fixed the bout. (chuckles)
It became a feud. Linda: Especially since
Danny wouldn't fight jimmy again the next year.
Well, why would i fight him again? I already beat the guy.
Oh, that's right.
Because you actually thought he beat me instead.
Well, it's supposed to be effective aggressiveness, danny.
I just think he outboxed you fair and square.
(laughter, groaning)
Erin: Honesty is
The key to a good marriage.
Well, don't worry.
You'll love jamie's fighting style.
I learned to fight in the marines,
He learned himself at harvard. Give me a break, danny.
If you wanted to go to a better school,
You should've paid attention to something other than shop class.
Keep it civil.
That's okay. We're gonna need
That kind of fire from him when he gets in the ring.
What are you two guys
Going as for halloween, huh?
I'm not really dressing up anymore.
Jamie: No?
I have personally carved out time
To take both of them to some of
New york's scariest neighborhoods.
To trick-or-treat.
(linda laughs)
Nicky, what are you going as?
I am going as miss anxious
College applicant.
What's that costume?
You're looking at it.
Erin: What do you have to be anxious about?
You got into seven out of the ten schools you applied to.
Mom, i'm a reagan.
Something good happens, that just means
Something bad is right around the corner.
(henry laughs)
Good motto.
Served me well.
Smart kid.
Of course i'm excited.
I'm thrilled.
I'm just worried about money.
I don't want her graduating with a $100,000 debt.
It's no way to start a life.
And where is your ex-husband in all this?
I have spoken to jack, and, of course,
He's gonna do what he can,
But he just bought a new home, and
His money is vested in the new firm, and it's not liquid,
I don't like the guy.
Okay, can we not get into that right now?
You know...
I shouldn't have to remind you
That everyone i know named reagan worked at college,
Helped pull their weight.
I know, and nicky will, too,
But it's ten times more expensive now, dad.
I know that.
I'm thinking about going into private practice.
There are advantages, not just financial.
With nicky leaving, it'd be a good opportunity
For me to spread my wings, have new challenges.
Outside your old man's purview?
Actually, i go back and forth,
Putting that in the plus or minus column.
Look... I know money's an issue.
If i can help, you only need to ask.
I'm not.
Okay. I...
But please consider this.
The brass ring in a career
Isn't the number of zeros on your paycheck.
It's when you become indispensable.
And you are.
Thank you, dad.
I'm just not sure i have the luxury
To think that way right now.
Nicky deserves the best... Chance.
A number of firms have tried to recruit me over the years,
So i'm just taking a look at what's out there.
She's lucky to have you.
So, you called them in here, didn't you?
Nope. You serve food, you get inspected.
That's the law.
Cuchifritos look damn good, by the way.
What about la migra, huh?
They're investigating all of my workers.
Is that just a coincidence, too?
I don't know. And you're gonna
Get me closed down, man.
Everything i own is right here in this place!
Maybe you help us find
That video and, uh, we can put the brakes on this for you.
You're a gangster, too,
Just like zoran brasha.
Same tactics.
Suit yourself.
Uh, mr. Ortiz, i'm lieutenant carver.
I want to assure you that protection can be
Provided around the clock.
We can even relocate you and your family
Until after the trial is over.
Yeah, then after you get what you want,
Who is gonna protect me then?
You'll just have to trust us.
Woman: This is a big tent firm, erin.
Yes, we handle hard-core crime cases,
But we also have attorneys
On everything from the keystone pipeline
To defending the civil liberties of the guantanamo three.
We also do incredible pro bono work
With the innocence project.
Our offices are in new york, chicago, l.A.,
Mexico city and london.
You can not only choose your cases, but your location.
It's a very unique shop.
And despite what you may have heard,
We really are on the side of the angels.
You sure i can't pour you a glass?
Tempting, but i am working today.
We're not above getting you drunk, you know.
Or stalking you, apparently.
Well, i'm glad you've been persistent.
It's, um... It's a big move.
We know. And we don't take it lightly.
With your pedigree,
We're prepared to bring you in at the partner level
And compensate you accordingly.
Let me put you in the neighborhood.
Next sound you hear
Will be your jaw hitting the ground.
We don't want you to meet with anyone else.
(phone vibrating)
Excuse me. I am working on a case.
Of course.
Woman: Good news?
Man: Not for the defendant.
Am i right?
I hope that's the last man you put away.
Your offer is overwhelming.
Can i have 24 hours to consider?
Been waiting for you this long; what's another day?
Thank you.
Thank you.
(officers shouting) move, move, move!
Go! Go!
Everybody on the ground! Move!
Move it, move it!
Go! Go!
Officer: Clear!
House is clear.
What do you mean? What do you mean, the house is clear?
Supposed to be watching him around the clock.
We were. We got units in front and in the back.
Reagan, i got something.
Danny: Son of a bitch must have shimmied through.
Goes all the way through to another house.
He must own both properties.
Damn it.
I haven't been able to get in touch with mr. Brasha either.
My guess is he's left the country.
Your guess? You tipped him off that he was being arrested.
You probably arranged for his travel.
That's hindering prosecution-- a felony.
I could have you...
That won't stick, and you know it.
Hasn't this office been embarrassed enough?
I didn't hear you deny it.
I didn't come here to negotiate.
I came to say good-bye.
Who knows-- could be another 15 years
Until we see each other again.
Take care, erin.
The tape.
You haven't seen it, have you?
It's pretty interesting.
There's no question of your client's guilt, tori.
That's what happened.
He's done it before, and if we leave him on the street,
He's gonna do it again.
A good defense attorney
Gets their client off any way they can.
I don't even think about it.
(chuckles softly)
You can't do the job any other way.
That is the job, isn't it?
All those victims.
That blood is on you, too.
You're a brilliant lawyer, tori,
Tough as nails.
But isn't there a line somewhere?
The name on brasha's
New passport-- that's all i need.
You know i can't give you that.
No one will know.
I'll know.
And that's the best thing about it.
For once, let's not make this a game.
I want to make you an offer, and i'd like you
To take it seriously. Okay.
Turn around and go back into your office
And let me handle the press conference.
Look, i know this is tough on you.
Let me take some of the weight off.
I'll take that as a no.
But thank you, garrett. All right, then.
The key phrases are: "in cooperation with,"
"joint effort," and "the good guys won."
No, the good guys did not win,
And i'm not gonna try and put lipstick on it.
It is what it is. We did not close zoran brasha.
"in cooperation with," "joint effort,"
And "the good guys won."
(door opens)
(reporters murmuring)
All: Morning.
Zoran brasha was arrested without incident
This morning by interpol agents
At the tivat international airport
In montenegro.
He will be extradited to serbia,
Where he will stand trial on racketeering charges.
Commissioner! (reporters clamoring)
Helen. Thank you.
Commissioner, how was mr. Brasha able to avoid
Prosecution in new york again?
Do you feel your department failed?
Well, obviously, it's not the outcome we wanted,
But zoran brasha has managed to avoid prosecution everywhere
Until now, and it was our intelligence
That helped lead to his capture.
Commissioner! (reporters clamor)
And i think...
What's important to john coogan--
And his other victims
And their families--
Is that zoran brasha is now behind bars
Where he and his organization can no longer prey on anyone.
Whether those bars are
Here or in eastern europe
Is ultimately immaterial.
The good guys won.
(reporters clamoring)
What's up?
I've made my choice.
I want to go to columbia.
It's a great school.
It's my mom's alma mater.
And my friend melissa got in, too,
And her family has an apartment right off campus,
So she says i can live with her, and that way
You won't have to worry about paying for
Housing or a meal plan or anything.
Well, you're talking pretty fast there, kiddo.
Something else driving your decision?
Just feels right.
Well, i want you to broaden your horizons--
Including geographically--
And we discussed this, we agreed on this.
You went to school in new york, and you did great.
Honest answer?
You didn't happen to overhear
Grandpa and i talking the other night after dinner?
No. Why?
The money-saving angle to your decision.
I can look up what these schools cost and what you make in, like,
Two google seconds.
I'm just trying to help.
Well, i appreciate that.
But no decision needs to be made tonight,
So why don't we both sleep on it?
Love you.
I love you, too.
Danny: All right, one more thing.
Jamie: That's five more things already.
Listen, use your opponent's momentum against him, all right?
If he comes forward, don't go back, slip to the side.
Yeah, rico drilled me on that, too. I'm ready.
All right, now i'll shut up.
Tonight, you got one job: Make your family proud.
Yeah, it's your trainer. So what?
Hey, rico.
Oh, hey, hey, champ.
Dude, you ready to fight?
Yeah. Yeah? Yeah?
Yeah, i'm ready, but so are you.
Uh, what-what are you talking about?
That's a late '70s triumph you just rode in on, right?
So shifting that thing's like
Lifting a refrigerator with your right foot.
You're all healed up. Since when?
It just healed, like, you know, quicker than i thought.
Yeah, so why'd you keep training me, then?
Reagans got a legacy in this event
That goes back years, right? Yeah.
I didn't want to be that guy,
You know, that-that breaks it up when it gets another chance.
No, man. Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What?
Look, you're ready to fight.
Yeah, but so's he. This is supposed to be his night, danny.
He got picked for it months ago,
He trained for it, he counted on it.
Yeah, and then he hurt his ankle and he couldn't fight.
Yeah, but now he can.
And reagans got another legacy goes back a lot longer
Than this fight, which is giving each man his due.
So are you ready to box?
Uh... I guess.
Yeah? Well, you ready to fight?
Hell, yeah.
Yeah? Hell, yeah. Hell, yeah.
All right, then, listen, go suit up, all right?
Me and my brother are gonna work your corner, right, danny?
For real?
Hey, you know, we're the fighting finest.
See that? I'm gonna take it off, and i'm gonna win this.
All right? (whoops)
Yeah! Yeah.
Make our family proud?
You made the family proud, all right.
The bleeding heart, pay it forward,
Peace, love and happiness side of the family--
They're real proud of you.
Oh, so not your side.
Well, my side makes your side possible.
(laughs): You're such a jerk.
You did good, kid.
Come on. Let's go help him win this.
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