Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Greener Grass - full transcript

When Erin's key witness, an infamous photographer, is nearly killed in a hit and run, she arranges for Danny to work protection detail to safeguard him.

All right, try it now.

And there you have it.

How'd you do that?

Oh, did the same thing
I always do.

I wiggled some wires around
until it started.

You know, we got
to stop meeting like this.

You, me,
and this pile of junk.

Well, we can't
afford to fix it.

Not with the boys'
tuition hikes.

Speaking of which, I got an
estimate for the carpet repair.

Yeah? And?

It's as crappy
as the carpet.


So, what? Can you get another
loan on your pension?


We maxed that out
already, babe.

So what's the plan?

The plan now is for you
to drive this beater home.

Straight home and
do not stop, okay?

And most of all,
do not worry about money.

We'll be fine.

Wait. What do I do
if that weird noise comes back?

Just turn up the radio.

Love you.

Love you more.

Love you most.

Something smells good.

Oh, sí, señor.

My world-famous chili.

Drink before dinner. Thanks.


Favorite part of my day--
dinner with my old man.

Are you, uh, buttering me up
for some reason,


I'm just happy to see you, Pop.

So... how was your day?

Great, honey. Yours?

You got something on your mind,
spit it.

What makes you think
I got something on my mind?

You're not the only guy
in this room

who used to wear
a gold shield, Francis.

And when I was wearing mine,
you were wearing diapers.

Well... I did notice

there was a pretty big dent
in the bumper of your car.

Oh, here we go.

No, I'm just asking
what happened.

No, you're insinuating.

I'm not insinuating anything.

The hell you're not.
You think I don't know

what I'm doing
behind the wheel anymore.

I'm just asking
what happened to your car.

How would I know?

I went into Ziggy's for lunch.

I came out,
I had a busted bumper.

So somebody hit you
when you were inside?

Excellent police work.

And they didn't leave a note?
Are you finished?

Damn it, Pop,
you shouldn't be driving!

Go to hell!


Am I about to get spanked?

Because I... I think
I'm gonna like it.

What are you doing here?

Not expecting you to show up.

You promised me
that you would lay low

until after you testify
on Monday.

It's my show!

Come on!

I'm donating all the proceeds
to charity, which makes me

a-a great guy.

What...? Drink with me.
Where's a waiter?

Do you not care at all

that Bill Greenfield
has threatened your life?

Quaking in fear is not my style.

And botching my grand jury
presentation because

my star witness has gotten
himself killed is not mine.

Sir, champagne?

No, thank you.
We're leaving.

Call your driver.


Marvin, it's time to go home.

Well, there. Are you happy?

Yeah, and I trust
that you're gonna get in the car

all by yourself. Let's go.

You know, Erin,
I'm planning a new series

on the city's leading lights.

I'd love to include a photo
of Manhattan's top ADA.

Well, if I can be strangling
you in it, then I'm in.

Where's your car?

There he is.


Stay there.

My name is Erin Reagan.

I'm a Manhattan ADA.

I just witnessed a hit-and-run.

There's a man hurt.

I'm on 18th Street
just west of

10th Avenue.
I need an ambulance immediately.

♪ Blue Bloods 3x06 ♪
Greener Grass
Original Air Date on November 2, 2012

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Ah, come on. It was nothing.

You-you were hit
by a car, Vance.

Bumped. Nothing another glass
of champagne won't cure.

Steer me to the nearest bar.

This woman would like
to buy me a drink.

Obviously straight
to the hospital, no stopping.

I'll miss you.

Oh, um,

the car that you need
to look for-- it's a town car.

Four-door, black, slate gray,

and the license plate started
with T-two-zero.

Wish every witness was a Reagan.

Hi, Dad.

This is a nice surprise.

Thank you, Baker.

Well, you haven't heard
why I'm here yet.


I know how you feel about
this kind of thing, but I

called in a favor
with Sergeant Gormley

to pull Danny onto a case.

Well, you don't trade
on the Reagan name, sweetie,

so you must have felt
it was necessary

and I'm sure Gormley felt
it was warranted.

Well, I'll deny it till my
death, but Danny is the best.

Yeah, it's annoying, isn't it?


And he'll do a good job
on the case,

but he might even be able
to make a few extra bucks

for my star witness.

Why would he want to?

Well, you didn't hear it
from me,

but he and Linda
are going through

a rough patch financially.

And he would kill me if he
knew I was saying anything.

Yeah. Make a deal with you.

I'll keep your secret
if you return the favor.


Your grandfather
had another fender bender.

That's the fourth time.

In two months.

Way he sees it, the garage
keeps crashing into him.

Dad, this is getting dangerous.

I mean, he could really
hurt himself, or someone else.

Well, that's pretty much
what I told him.

But it wasn't my finest hour.

I meant what I said,

but I just didn't say it
the way I should have.

I'm surprised
you're still walking.

I know it's a tough talk
to have,

especially with someone
as proud as Grandpa, but...

you're gonna have to do it.

It's getting serious.

It isn't going to be easy.

Nothing worthwhile ever is.

Do you know how much I hate it
when you quote me back to me?

How much?
A lot.

Protective custody?

You want me to sit at home?

Just until

you testify on Monday morning.

That's three days away.

Well, that will give you
plenty of time

to get to know the detective

who's going to be
looking after you.

I don't need a babysitter.

If you keep complaining,
I'll get you two.

So you really think Greenfield
hired someone to kill me?

That's what
I'm here to figure out.

Vance Bradley,
Detective Danny Reagan.

Another Reagan
in law enforcement?

Family tradition going back

to the Ice Age.
This is the photographer who...

Oh, believe me, everybody knows
who Bad Boy Bradley is.

But don't you think
you're a little old

to be running around,
acting like a club kid?

It's nice to meet you, too.

Yeah. How's your pal
Dr. Greenfield doing?

Former pal. He tried
to have me killed last night.

What happened?
No honor among skeeves?

Okay, guys.

I hear Dr. Greenfield's
using his practice

to illegally deal
prescription narcotics.

In fact, until the DA's
office cut you a deal

and gave you immunity
on your drug charges,

I'd say you two were
pretty much alike.

So how'd you get
to know this guy?

You a patient or a customer?

More like a running buddy,
but I saw...

...I saw Bill do deals

with a lot of bad guys.

Street dealers,
people from Mexican cartels...

Yeah, you also saw him
hand a bunch of pills

to a young girl
named Becca Reynolds

at a nightclub
called Terrain

where she OD'd, but you didn't

do a damn thing to stop him.

Okay, he is
a cooperating witness.

He's not on trial here.

Well, that's a pity.

You have anything
on the car yet?

They found the car
in Washington Heights.

It was stolen and wiped down.

There's no, uh,
usable forensics on it.

My next stop is to see

what Bill Greenfield has to say
for himself.

Look, are we done here?

I'd like to head home
at some point today.

I'll check with the doctor, see
if you're ready for discharge.

Charming as ever.

All right, I apologize, okay?

I appreciate
the extra tours.

I sure could use the money.

I don't know why you just don't
ask Dad for some money.

You kidding me?

He gave me some
after Jack and I split.

I don't take some allowance
from Dad, all right?

I'd rather take money from a
stranger than take it from him.

Oh, that makes a lot of sense.

Can we just drop it?

All right?

I appreciate your help,
and do me a favor.

Don't tell Linda
about the tours, all right?

She's got enough
to worry about.

I won't. Bye.

I'll see you.

No, I-I kid you not.

We won a bunch of
battle of the bands

all through college.

I seriously thought
of becoming

a musician
instead of a cop.

Never too late
to switch back.



Here we go again.

What's that mean?

Every time you
see a cute girl,

our tour comes
to a grinding halt

while you try and get
her phone number.

I don't try to get
their number.

I get their number.

But do they actually
pick up when you call?

Reagan, just...

stick to playing with
your Star Wars toys, huh?

Uh-oh. Do I need
a permit or something?

Actually, ma'am,
selling anything

other than
written material

requires a city license.

Luckily, there's no law

against a girl
being too beautiful.

Wow. Did you
make all this?

By hand.

You know, I was looking
for something for my mom.

You know, it's not
her birthday or anything,

but I just figured
I'd brighten her day.


Your partner's got a big heart.

Yep, he's a special guy.

I'll take the necklace.

Your mom will love it.

This stone has amazing energy.

Only because of who made it.

Anything for you?

Not unless you sell Tums.

Here you go.

Thank you.

I'm Vinny, by the way.

And, uh, what do I owe you?


And you owe me nothing.

Officer Cruz,
you know that we can't

accept gifts from the public.

He's right.

Unless there's another way
I can repay you.

you could do me a favor.

It's my son, Justin.

He's a good kid,

but he hangs around with a bunch
of older boys all day,

playing video games
and not doing his homework.

The place is right around
the corner-- 228 Westgate.

Where's Justin's dad?

Long gone.

Which is why it
would be nice for him

to get a visit
from some positive role models.

Well, we are at
your service, Holly.

The eagle has landed.


Didn't get her number.

Probably 'cause she was
too busy smiling at me.


Now you're delusional
there, buddy.

There's 228.

Smells like Justin
and his buddies

are smoking a
little something

while they're playing
their video games.


Police. Open up.

Hands up! Hands up!
Drop the bat!

Hands where we
can see them!

Hands up!
Drop the bat!

Whoa. What the...?

So, you're just...
you're just moving out?

Larry, we have a
practice together.

Practices split up.

I'll give you a call next week
to work out the details.

If this is about
this whole

grand jury thing,
it's-it's crap.

I'm innocent.
And I'm gone.

Good-bye, Bill.

Dr. Greenfield.

Sorry to interrupt
your little quarrel there.

What do you want?

I want to know where
you were last night

when somebody tried
to kill Vance Bradley.

You can't think that was me.

Well, actually, I can think
whatever I want to, Doctor.

Look, I'm a physician.

Okay, I save lives.

Not according to
the DA's office.

And not according to the
family of Becca Reynolds.

You remember who
she is-- young girl

who OD'd with prescription
narcotics from your inventory?

Look, that was a glitch
in our dispensing system.

if you're just here

to parrot the same
line of crap

that Vance
has been peddling...

If Vance is peddling
a line of crap,

why are you trying to get
him to not take the stand?

Vance is a leech.

I mean, it's...
it's sad, actually.

But if he wants to smear me,
I got plenty to smear him.

The drug use, the...
the way he treats women.

Where were you
last night at 9:30?

Le Beau Monde.

Having supper.

Oh. Were you at a table
for one in the back

where no one could see you?

Table for two, up front,
with my attorney.

Talk to him.
I will.

Talk to the waitress.
I'll do that, too.

And talk
to the maître d'

who was so terrified of me
he could barely ask

for a referral for his
mother's back surgery.

I'll be sure
to do that, too, Doctor.

You guys sure know how
to keep your hands clean.

Officer, come on.
It's only weed.

That's almost
legal these days.

Yeah, and you're almost
not going to jail.

Let me guess, Cruz.

Not one of them
is Justin.

Maybe Holly got
the address wrong.

Or maybe she set us up.

Reagan, Cruz.

That's a good arrest.

Yeah, wish we could
say we planned it.

We got sent here
by a woman, Sarge,

uh, looking for her son
who may not even exist.

Sure would like
to run with this,

track her down
and get some real answers.

You bucking
for detective now, Reagan?

More to the story, Sarge.

Just like to find out
what it is.

All right.

Keep me in the loop.


Vacant building
on that street?

Where the hell
are we going?

You do realize you should
be home right now.

I'll be home soon enough.

After I get more
Pierre Du Fait.

My vintner is holding
several cases for me.

Should be enough
to weather this little...

this little lockdown.

You do remember almost being
pasted by a car last night.

Hey, you need your gun
to do your job.

Those of us who make art,

we have needs
of our own.

Maybe mine's not the sanest way

of accessing my muse,
but whatever.


would you do me
a favor and find

an alternate route, please?

Try taking Madison, okay?

In case somebody happens
to know where we're going.

Which, with your habit,
I'm sure it

wouldn't be hard to figure out.

You know my driver's name?

Yeah. What, you think
I'm going to let some guy

get behind the wheel
of a car that I'm in

without doing
a background check first?

So I guess Marvin checks out.

He's driving the car, isn't he?

Are you adopted?

Because Erin
is positively lovely.


I don't have any tenants
named Holly.

Late 20s, kind of cute
in a hippy chick sort of way.

That could be any girl
in this neighborhood.

She was selling jewelry
right out front.

Now, that sounds like Rhonda.

So she does live
in this building?

No, but I keep having
to run her off.

I don't need any of
her reefer smoke

stinking up my building.

Rhonda was smoking pot?

Lot of her customers
looked like they do, too.

Now, that's
all I know.

Can I finish
my sweeping?

Yeah. Thank you
for your time, ma'am.

So, Rhonda, Holly,
whatever her name is,

sends us to the stash house
and she smokes pot herself?

Sensing a pattern here?
You don't know that.

Don't tell me you're still
trying to ask this girl out.

I'm just not
going to convict her

till we get her side
of the story.

Now, we canvass
the neighborhood

and we'll see
if anybody else knows her.

Or we I.D. her ourselves.

If we can pull
her fingerprint

off that necklace
that she gave you.


What's this?

Your favorite.

Pastrami from the Woodrow Diner.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

I shouldn't
have raised my voice.

No, you shouldn't have.

I was out of line.

Yes, you were.

And I'm sorry.

No, you're not.

I sure am.

So you think I'm fine to drive?

I didn't say that.

Well, it's what you should say.

What's this?

A police report
filed by the young lady

who banged into me
in the parking lot.

She filed a report?


She was late for class,
but she jotted down my license

and filed it
this morning at the 8-6.

That's good to hear.


just consider this.

There's been other times

and who knows how many
other near misses.

I'm just saying...


you're a terrific father
and a hell of a boss,

but you're neither one
of those things to me.

I decide when it's time,
not you.

All right, get him
his booze and let's go.

Hey, babe.

How's work?

Well, I never actually
made it to work

because, uh, the car
caught on fire, Danny.


Yeah, I think that weird noise,
it was...

it must have been
something electrical

because the dashboard...

it started smoking, and then...
then the whole thing just...

it went up in flames.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

But the car's a goner.

I-I'm so sorry
I didn't take care of it.

What are we going to do, Danny?

I don't know. I told you
I'll figure something out.

We got two kids,
we got two jobs.

We need two cars.

Yeah, I know that, honey,

but I can't pull money
out of the air, okay?

I said I'm working on it.

I know.

I got to get...
I got to go, okay?

Vance, get down!

Watch it!

Hey, you all right?
Come on.

Sit up. Sit up.
You hit?


Okay. All right.

How the hell did they find us?

I don't know.

Son of a bitch.


Whoever Dr. Greenfield
hired to kill you

is not going to be
giving up any time soon.

He looks pretty shaken up.

Good. Maybe he'll
smarten up finally.

You got anything
on the motorcycle yet?

Yeah, patrol already
found it-- they said it was

dumped and wiped clean
just like the car was.

Of course, none of this
would have happened

if you'd kept Vance
off the street like I had asked.

I tried to.

The guy's like a two-year-old.

Look at him.

Tells me I'm not
the boss of him.

Danny, I need him at the
grand jury Monday morning alive.

Can you get him home
and keep him there?

Yes, I will, okay?

Thanks for coming by, sis.

Vance, let's go.

Welcome home,
Mr. Bradley.

Everything okay?
Everything's great.

Stand in the corner, please.

How do you do it, Reagan?

Do what,
be such a snazzy dresser?

Jump in front of bullets.

Save the lives of people
you've barely met.

It's my job, okay?

I'm still trying to figure out
how you do it,

ending up
on somebody's hit list.

That's just it.

They didn't get me
because of you.

All right, look,
if you're thinking

about hugging me, don't, please.

Still got two days before you're
safe and out of the woods.

And even then, don't hug me.

Okay. All right.

Hi, Danny. What's up?

Hey, honey.

Look, I wanted to apologize.

I was out of line earlier, okay?

I'm fine, Danny.

Really, I'm fine.


Well, I was also thinking

maybe I could pick up
a few extra tours when I can.

You know, nights, weekends.

What, and never see the kids?

Only until I can get you
in a car, honey.

Don't the, uh, Trevinos
down the street

got a, uh, old station wagon
in the garage?

Maybe we could steal it
from them for a few days.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

I'm going to call them
in the morning.

All three.

All right.

Alarm just went off.

Danny, you expecting someone?

Not anybody friendly.
I got to go.


Who the hell are you?

I said, "Who the hell are you""

Wait, wait, wait.

Reagan, I know her.

Baby, are you all right?

Her name is Lizzy Hughes.

She's my wife.

Yeah, I thought you said
she was out of town.

She was supposed
to be in Berlin.

Baby, why are
you home?

I got lonely.

Today, I just...
I thought I'd...

fly back early
and surprise you.

What-what happened to you?

Uh, it's...
it's a long story.

Come on. I'll tell you.

Another day,
another dollar, huh, Rhonda?

Uh, hi, but it's Holly.

It's Rhonda... Lynne Watson.

Formerly at Rikers Island.

Two counts possession
and sale of marijuana.

Why don't you show us
what you really got

inside that little
jewelry box?

Still up to your old tricks.

Please, let me explain.

Explain what?

You batted your eyes,

you played the cute
little hippy chick.

Yeah, told us that sob story

about your imaginary son
so we could clear out

the neighborhood
competition for you.

Okay, I did that--
I was wrong--

but I really do have
a son named Justin.

Right, and he rides a magic
unicorn across the sky.

Come on, hands behind your back.
No, no, no.

You're under arrest.

I'm sorry.

You realize that you two
fight more than me and Mom.

That's because your mother's not
thickheaded like her father.

Have you met my mother?

Okay, maybe she is.

A little.
Or a lot.

It's not just that he's thick.

It's that he won't listen
to reason.

I hear that's hereditary.

Well, just don't forget
whose rib you came from.


He's been like this
since he's a boy.

When he was four years old,

he named himself
superintendent of the sandbox.

I think what you should
do right now

is just talk to him.

Share your feelings
with him.

He knows my feelings.

I don't know why
I just don't

take the keys
and pull the plates

off the car myself.
You can't do that.

Why not?

Because it's my car
and it's my life.

That's exactly
what I say to my mom.

Does she listen?


But sometimes
it does feel good

to get things off your chest.

Sorry, but I like
to keep things

on my chest where
they belong.

Pass the salt, please.

Be the bigger person.

Go talk to him.

I already did-- twice.

He won't listen to me.

Well, someone needs
to talk to him.

Yes, they do.

No. No, I'm...

Sweetie, he listens to you.

About what tie to wear
with what suit

or what to get the kids
for Christmas.

Not about this.

He's your only grandfather.


That's what this has come to?

I'll think about it.


Thought I told you
to stay inside.

You're exposed
out here.

I was going
stir-crazy in there.

Don't you think you had
enough of that already?

That's your
fourth glass since lunch.


All right.

I'll be inside.

You should work for me, Reagan.

Thought I was.


Security consultant.

You shoot photos, Vance.

And I get paid a
hell of a lot for it.

What I got in my wallet could
run a third-world country.

Plus, now I fund charities.

Philanthropic projects
all around the world.

Come on.

Look, I'm not the smartest
guy in the world,

but I'm smart enough to
see that you have skills

and a strength that I don't.

I mean, you're a
pain in the ass...

...but I think we
could have fun.

Thanks, but I got a job already.

Whatever the NYPD pays
you, I'll triple it.

That's not what
I'm talking about.

I'll quadruple it.

Health and pension, too.

I got a family, Vance.

And I've got an
Embraer Phenom.

Flies 500 miles an hour.

Wherever we go,
I'll get you back

to your family
in no time.

Nicky, tell your grandpa
to pass the salt.

Grandpa, can you pass
the salt, please?

Played your heart out at that
game this morning, Jack.

Yeah, and that's
just as important as winning.

Yeah, it was
a tough loss, kiddo.

No such thing as
an easy loss, right, Dad?

Yeah, you got
that right, kid.

But this loss is on me.

I haven't practiced
with you in days. Sorry.

Actually, I think
it's my fault, Jack.

I asked your dad
to help me out this week.

I told her our

You're pregnant?



We're having a baby?

No. No.

In my day, that's what
we called a situation.

Nobody's having a baby.

Doing a little
moonlighting on the side.

What's moonlighting?

It's when you do a little

extra work on the side
for money.

We need extra money?


I hear somebody's birthday
is coming up.

Oh, yeah, Jack.

- Oh, yeah.
- Right.

Everything's going
to be fine, okay?

It's all under
control, everybody.

You've got something
on your mind.

Yeah, I do have something
on my mind.

This guy, Vance, who Erin
got me this gig with,

he offered me a job.

Get out.

I don't like the sound of this.

Pop what?

What kind of job?

The kind of job
that pays me

four times more
than what I earn now.


Nice, Uncle Danny.

Yeah, it is nice.

Very nice.

Wait a second.

Yeah, are you actually
thinking about this?

We're just...
we're considering it.

I mean, right,
I'd be an idiot not to, right?

So be an idiot-- a happy idiot.

What are you talking
about here, Danny?

I'm just saying, maybe it's
the right thing to do.

I mean, it'll take care
of all of our money problems.

Right, honey?


It's your decision, son.

Damn straight.

That was fun.

So, now that your whole
family's weighed in

on this job offer,
where are you at?

Isn't it obvious?

What is it, Vance?

Something's wrong with the cop
who's filling in for you.

What do you mean, wrong?
Wrong how?

Well, he's... he's passed out.

Like he's drugged.

Did he eat or drink anything?

Well, I don't know.

Lizzy gave him
some orange juice, but...

Where's Lizzy now?

She's at dinner
with an art dealer.

She left about ten minutes ago.

All right, Vance,
listen to me.

You're going to take
Jenkins' gun,

and you're going
to hold on to it.

There's a round
in the chamber,

but do not put your finger
on the trigger,

but if anybody comes
through that door besides me,

you shoot, you understand?

Reagan, what's going on?

I'm on my way.

Everything okay?

Far from it.

Hey. Anybody go up
to Vance's apartment tonight?

Repairman just went up.
Mr. Bradley's wife called

and said the
dishwasher's broken.

All right, a bunch of cops

are about to come
through that door.

When they do,
you send them right up.

Why don't you lower that gun,
Vance, okay?

Put the gun down.

It worked.

Just like you said.

Yeah, it did.

I never killed anybody.

It's all right.

You did good.

He walked right in.

He knew the code.


Now I got to go find the woman
who gave it to him.

I still can't
believe it.

Well, believe it.

She spilled everything--

how she hired the hit man,
how she panicked and flew back

when the car didn't kill you.

But she's my wife.

Yeah, well,

you started giving all your
millions away like Santa Claus.

I don't think
she liked it too much.

Don't take it personal,
but it's not the first time

I saw somebody lose
their mind over money.

Why don't you have a seat.

I got to take
your statement.

Look, Vance,

you're not the bad
guy here, okay?

Your testimony got a grand jury
indictment on Greenfield,

and I got two collars today,
thanks to you.

You're making me
look like a rock star.

I just don't know
how I could be so blind.

That's what they say love is.

All the more reason
I want you watching my back.


work for me.

As a matter of fact,
I'm doing Saint Bart's tomorrow.

I'll fire up the jet,
you pack your bags,

we'll be on our way.

Saint Bart's, huh?

I really, really appreciate
the offer, Vance,

but there's a hundred cops
who can do that job.

I belong here doing this one.

Come on.

I taught you
how to shoot, anyway;

that's half the job right there.

Hi, Grandpa.

Hi, beautiful.

Where's Dad?

Where's who?

Can you come with me, please?



I'll let you two catch up.

No. We need to talk.

I have nothing to say.


Before you say anything,
hear me out.

Grandpa... ever since
you put a ring

on Grandma's finger, you have
watched over this family

with unconditional love

and unwavering devotion.

You gave each and every one
of us the freedom

to find our own way in the world

and the room for us
to make our own mistakes,

and you were there to catch us
before we fell too hard.

We are who we are today
because of you.

We learned from the best.

And you taught us that
loving someone sometimes means

asking them to do
what they think is impossible.


you're my Mickey Mantle.

So the last thing
in the world I want to do

is say you've lost a step.

But I love you,

and I want to have you around
for a long time.

So, I'm asking...

would you please
give me your keys?

I can't do that.

Because I already
gave them to Linda.

To Linda?

And Danny.

The keys, the pink slip,

the whole shebang.

Because their car blew up.

That's exactly right.

Well, no,
that's not entirely true.

The truth is...

Francis, there was never
a police report filed.

Jimmy Conway

is in the 86.

He whipped that up for me.

And I banged the bumper again
as I backed out of the garage.

Is there any particular reason

why you couldn't have
told us that when you came in?

Didn't you hear her?
She told me not to say a word.

Yeah, but you didn't mind
seeing us sweat a little.

Damn straight.

Deserve more than a little sweat.
Okay, just shut up!

Both of you.

Grandpa, give me a hug.


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