Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Risk and Reward - full transcript

A detective who was instrumental in the arrest of a Malaysian drug dealer is kidnapped by the drug dealer's brother who threatens to kill the detective if his brother is not released. Frank...

I, uh, wish we could have
a more public ceremony,

but due to the sensitive nature
of Bobby's work overseas...

Completely understood, sir.


You hold that for me,
all right?

There you go.

Let's do this.

The NYPD deploys officers
around the globe

to combat terrorists
and keep our city safe.

While detailed to the NYPD's
International Liaison Program

in Malaysia,
Detective Mulrow

played a leading role
in the capture

of a terrorist drug lord,

whose network
of criminal activity

had reached all the way
to our city.

In recognition of
his courage and his skill,

it is my honor to present
Detective Robert Payson Mulrow

with the Medal for Valor.

Well done.


Way to go, Bobby.

Thanks, Danny.

Look, I-I know
how hard this work

can be on the family,
so that medal

belongs to you
and Tommy, too.

But Bobby's back home now.

Let's keep it that way.

That'd be great.

I'm gonna give this to you.

Thank you.

Nice digs, Dad.

Don't touch a thing.

Just wondering if I'll
ever get a big-boy office

like this one day.

Requires fortitude,

and grace under

So, how'd you
get the keys?

Get back to work.


Lucky shot.

Rack 'em, sucker.

Are you making
the cake for, uh...

for Henry's big anniversary?

It's Linda

60 years since Grandpa
joined the NYPD.

Can you believe that?


Wonder how that
makes him feel.

I'm guessing old.

He asked me
to do a ride-along

to mark the anniversary.

Two days, no less.

Wow, Henry Reagan
rides again.

You going to
take him out?

I think it'll be fun.

If you say so.


Come on.

It's got to be
hard for him, you know?

Sitting back
while the rest of us

are still out doing the job.

Well, I'm sure he will
be very well-behaved.

Just make sure...

that he keeps his gun at home.

I can't believe it.



This popped into
your e-mail.


the transaction
is a simple one.

You have in your custody
a very important member

of our organization.

Give us back Abdul Sayid,

and we will give
you back your man.

You have 24 hours to comply.

If you fail,
Detective Mulrow dies.

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Risk and Reward
Original Air Date on October 26, 2012

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What have we got?

This is Officer Reynolds,

head of CIA's
Malaysia bureau.

Who's this guy?

This is Omar Sayid,

the number two in the
Malaysian drug cartel

that Detective Mulrow
helped decimate

while he was
stationed there.

The sender's address
is encrypted.

It'll take us a few
days to crack.

New e-mail came in
six minutes ago.

"Secure Abdul Sayid.

Then await instructions."

His brother, Abdul Sayid.

We took him down in Morningside
Heights six months ago.

Abdul ran the New York crew
for his brother, Omar.

Just got 20 years for
trafficking in narcotics.

Due to Detective Mulrow's
work in Malaysia.

Abdul is scheduled to
be moved from The Tombs

to Rikers before they send him
upstate, at which point

he will no longer be within
jurisdiction with the NYPD.

This Omar is a smart guy.

I take it the Agency's
familiar with him?

Drug trafficking,
extortion, murder.

The Sayids are
the real deal.

I worked with
Detective Mulrow

on a number of joint operations.

He's a good man.

I want him back.

Abduction is standard
operating procedure

for the Sayids.

They have a history of
executing their prisoners,

and they never negotiate.

the Sayids

are on our terrorist
organization list.

The Agency has a
standing policy to...

Never negotiate with terrorists.

The Agency would
strongly urge you

to hold that line,

The unfortunate
truth is,

given the M.O. of the Sayids,

Detective Mulrow may
already be dead.


Excuse me.

You know why you're here?

DANNY: Only that
Bobby Mulrow

has been taken.

Sit down.

Detective Reagan.

You know him.
That could give us

an edge down the line.

Detective Croft,
you were stationed

in the region where
the kidnappers operate.

You know their methods.

Just as importantly,
I know you both.

And you know me.

There is an irregular aspect
to what I am doing here.

The involvement of
foreign nationals necessitates

that federal authorities
will be involved

in this investigation.

But make no mistake,

you two will run
this operation--

reporting directly to me.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

for Bobby Mulrow's life

tracks directly to this office.

No press.

They get their
lights on it,

my ability to control
the situation

will go out the window.

Got it.

Leave those files on my desk
when you've finished reading.

There's a clock
on this.

Find him.


What do you got, Sam?

Hey. All right.
So, Mulrow dropped off

his wife and kid,
then goes to buy some milk

at the bodega
around the corner.

Now, three gunmen in a
late-model white cargo van

were waiting.

They kidnapped him
as he walked back,

tossed him in
the van, sped away.

All right, how we
doing on witnesses?

The perps wore ski masks,

but we got a partial plate.

Running it through RTCC.

All right, let's pull all
the video from the area.

TARU counts 15
cameras so far.

All right.

It's a hell of a situation.

It's the worst.
Well, despite the circumstances,

I'm glad to be working
this with you, Danny.

Same here.

Damn it.

Is that the wife?

Yeah, and his son.

How do you know Mulrow?

We were in the same company
in the academy together.

Look, um, Henry Hudson Bridge
is really close to here,

so if they did
leave Manhattan,

that's probably
the way they went.

I'm going to have
to talk to her.

All right, I'll get MTA on the horn.

You need to find Bobby.

Look, we're doing
all we can.

I lived without my
husband for two years

when he was in Malaysia.

Tommy lived
without a father.

He finally comes home,
and now this?

We're doing all we can.

He has given
everything to the job.

And me and Tommy...

we gave him.

You bring him
back for us.

I think it's time to
talk to Abdul Sayid.

Assistant District
Attorney Reagan, sir.

I came as soon as I
got your e-mail.

Is everything okay?

That would be a no.

I know the DEFCON level by
the look on your face.

And you're not going to
tell me what's going on.

How can I help?

I need an order written up

to remove a prisoner
from custody.

His name is Abdul Sayid.


And who should I put down

as the requesting officer?

Put me down.

Well, that's a first.

Hang in there.

So, by getting
a take-out order

written up for
Sayid's brother...

I am preparing for
all eventualities.

Meaning you're ready
to negotiate

with terrorists?

Meaning I want the terrorists
to be under the impression

I'm doing everything they ask.

(door lock buzzes, clicks)

Just have a few questions
for you, Abdul.

When's the last time you
heard from your brother?

They take away your cell phone
when you go to prison.

Cut the crap.

Your brother Omar
ordered the abduction

of a New York City
police detective.

He has problems
with authority.

I think it runs in the family.

I understand you're
going to be locked up

in an American prison
for a long time.

I came here to give you a chance
to do yourself some good.

By ratting out my brother?


We're not Americans.

We don't betray our own.


Let me put it to
you like this:

If our guy dies, you're going
to have a serious problem.

You help us find
Detective Mulrow,

you could walk out the door.

Your detective stuck his nose
where it didn't belong.

In my country,
you pay a price for that.

That detective did his job,

and this isn't your country,

Take my advice.

If you want your detective
back in one piece,

give my brother what he wants.

You get anything off
Abdul Sayid?

Nothing but attitude.

He know what his
brother's up to?

Of course he does, but he's
too smart to say anything.

We did get this, however,
from the MTA Police.

It was taken by a
toll booth camera

at the Henry
Hudson Bridge

three minutes
after the snatch.

And he's the driver
who snatched up Mulrow.

We ran it through Facial
Recognition Unit-- nothing.

Anybody left from
Abdul's New York crew

might be a part of this?

Anybody from his crew
is either dead

or locked up
except for one guy.

Jamal Khan.

Paroled last month,
did 18 months

for Assault Two,
more of an associate

of Sayid's crew
than an actual member.

Pretty low-level guy.

Well, he's the best
we got, Sarge,

and seeing how we've got
12 hours and 22 minutes left,

he's going to have to do.

Well, did you send
a team to pick him up?

He wasn't home.
For all we know,

he got wind of this,
went into hiding.

So how the hell do we find him?
Abdul Sayid

used to hang
out at a hot spot

called the Bahru Bar.

It's very trendy with
the Malaysian population.

Who knows? Maybe someone there
knows who Jamal Khan is.

All right. Go.

CRUZ: Damn good breakfast,

HENRY: Yeah, but you've
got to make it a point

of hitting this
joint for lunch.

His mom's lasagna
is so good,

I used to order trays of it
down to headquarters.

And for the last time,
call me Henry.

Can't accept meals on
the arm anymore, Grandpa.

Well, I could hardly
insult the man.

DISPATCH: Sector Adam,
pick up a 10-52 dispute

on street in front
of 933 9th Avenue.

Oh, God.
Not these idiots again.

That address sounds familiar.

Salducci's Pizza.


Sure. It's an institution.

Before I met
your grandmother,

I used to eat there maybe
two, three times a week.

And the best
slice in the city.

I bet it was free
back then, too, huh?


What's the beef
with Salducci?

Uh, brother and sister who own
the place had a falling out.

She goes and buys
a pizza truck,

parks it right out front,
to break his chops.


Hell hath no fury, right?

12 George,
show us responding.

(Malaysian broadcaster speaking)

(cheering, applause)

Police. We need to ask you
some questions.

Okay, then.

(crowd groans)

Shut up.

Up against the wall
and stay there.

Quiet down! Quiet down.

You heard him.
He said, "Shut up."

Now, the sooner you give us
what we need, the sooner

you all can go
back to your soccer game.

Jamal Khan is a
person of interest

in the abduction of a
New York City police officer.

We know that
Jamal Khan likes

to hang out in this
bar with Sayid's crew.

We need the location or the
whereabouts for Jamal Khan.

So who's talking?

(speaking quietly in Malay)

SAM: American cops are
all cowboys, huh?

I spent four months
in Putrajaya,

I know exactly what
you're saying. Shut up.

Unless you've got
something to offer.

The Sayids are animals.

They'll kill anyone
who talks to you.

(men murmuring agreement)

DANNY: We're not here
to jam anybody up, okay?

In fact, I'm sure many
of you got something

in your pockets
you probably shouldn't have.

I'm sure others have
green card issues.

But today is your lucky day,

because we don't care
about any of that.

All we care about today is the
whereabouts or an address

for Jamal Khan.

So we can do this
the easy way,

or we can do it
the hard way.


We'll do it the hard way.

Everybody, empty your pockets
onto the table-- now.

Come on!
Pockets! Table! Now!

Yo, Danny.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy the rest of the game.

Jamal Khan.

Need to talk to you.

Where you going?

You're on parole,
and you run from a cop?

(grunts) I've got
nothing to say.

Yeah, is that why
you're hiding out, Jamal?


Jamal is carrying something
besides groceries.

Look, I'm sorry,
I don't want

to go back to jail!

Well, if you're smart
for once in your life,

maybe you won't have to.

We need you to answer
some questions now.

You seen any of your old pals
from Sayid's crew?

I'm on parole.

I'm not allowed to
congregate with felons.

Says the guy with the gun.

You being cute?

I'm telling you the truth.

These guys
kidnapped a cop.

Which puts me
in a bad mood.

And since we put you with
those guys since you got out,

that makes you part of it,
you understand me?

No way.

I'm done with the Sayids.

Prove it.

You know this guy?

He's one of the kidnappers.

Give us a name
and address now.

Come on!

That guy's the least
of your worries.

That's Karim Naduri.

He used to be Abdul's driver.

Give me an address.

He has a place
over on Alexander.

Get specific fast.

422 Alexander.

We'll keep the g.

You keep the groceries.

Why didn't Naduri show up

on our list of Sayid's guys?

He was deported three years ago.

Abdul's brother must
have brought him back

in the country
to snatch up Mulrow.

This looks like the spot.

All right.

Let's go.
Whoa, whoa, hold it.

Oh, nice when the perps
come right to you, huh?

What the hell is this?

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

That's a school safety cop.

He doesn't know that.

Police! Drop it!

(Naduri yells)

No! No! No!


SAM: I got the girl.
I got the girl.

ELENA: Don't shoot me!
Don't shoot me!

Get up! Get up!
Get your hands down.

Get up.
I didn't do nothing!

Shut up, all right?
I didn't do nothing.

I didn't do nothing.

ELENA: I didn't
do nothing.

Is he gone?

Yeah, he's gone.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Our only lead.


You didn't have to shoot him.

Yes, we did.

Which is too bad, because
we needed to talk to him.

Your boyfriend was
involved in the kidnapping

of a police officer.

Do you know anything
about that, Elena?


Karim didn't tell me
nothing about that stuff.

Where was Karim last night?

Was he with you?

He left around 7:00 p.m.

He came back this morning
all jacked up.

That's all I know.

Jacked up.

How? On drugs, jacked up?


What was his
drug of choice?

Come on, did he like
coke, heroin, what?

Pills, he liked pills--
prescription stuff.

Did he get them
from a doctor?

Yeah, right.

He and the guys would break into
drugstores, take what they want.

Call them "candy stores."


Sit tight.

Are you
out of your mind?!

Are you serious?
Are you crazy?!

Are you kidding me?

This is my business.
This is what we do here.

This is my business. This is ridiculous.
It's not your business.

Go ahead, sue me, Joey.
You're the one

running the business into the ground.
Yeah? This gourmet crap?

Are you kidding me?
This crap?

This crap is the
future, you moron.

Hey, hey, hey!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

CRUZ: Back, back,
back up, back up.

Take a couple steps back.
What did we tell you earlier?

If we had to come
back out here,

we was gonna write you both up
for disorderly conduct, right?

You think she listens?

I got a permit
to sell here.

Yeah, screw you!

Drop dead!
All right. Back up.

Back up.
Against the wall. Back up.

JAMIE: Relax.
Stay there, please.

Stay put.


All right, look, if we slap
the cuffs on them,

we bring them down
to the precinct,

we run warrant checks
on them,

their squabbling
days will be over.

That'd smarten them up,
all right.

Come on, it's just
a family argument, right?

Second one today.

It's the third one this week
that ended in a 911 call.

We haul them in, it's just
going to make things worse.

And if you don't, you'll
just be back here by sundown.

Sometimes a kick in the ass
is worth a thousand words.

I agree with Henry, man.
Enough with the talking.

Let's run 'em in.

You can ride
along any time.

Okay, folks...


Yes, Baker.
Alyssa Mulrow is here...

He's my husband,

We have a strong

'cause we don't
have any secrets.

Which means I know what
you can and can't do

when somebody like Bobby
falls into enemy hands.

I know what
the rules are.

You don't negotiate
with terrorists,

and these guys that have Bobby,
they want something, right?


I'm begging you...

whatever it is,
please give it to them.

I need my husband back.

Our son needs his father back.

I'll get him back.

Thank you.


GORMLEY: You guys must
be running on fumes.

What do you got
on the kidnappers?

Well, Naduri's
girlfriend said

they were knocking
off drugstores,

so we went over
all the drugstores

that were hit in the last
few weeks in the Bronx.

We came up with one
on Tremont Avenue,

where, in addition
to the drugs

being stolen,
there was a credit card

that was taken that the, uh,
owner kept in the cash register.

And we found a Con Ed

bill that was paid for

with that stolen card,
immediately after the robbery.

Now, the bill's from an
apartment on Willis Ave.

It could be where Sayid's
guys keep their drugs

and their hostages.

I'll call it into ESU
and kick it upstairs.

You guys got three hours
and 47 minutes.

Get going.

We're going.

(commander speaks quietly)


That's Bobby's jacket.

It's all clear in here.

Coming out.

He's gone.

He was here.

Jamal must have
gave them a heads-up.

Sayid's playing games.

He's trying to get
us to negotiate.

I suggest that...

Excuse me.

Those are my people
out there.

I'm running this operation.

Frank, another e-mail.

There's a link.


We don't know when
that was shot,

or if he's
even still alive.


Abdul has just landed at Rikers.

Dad won't tell me
what's going on.

Yeah, it's not good.

That much I figured.

So, this Abdul is the
key to everything?


So you're not going to tell
me anything, either?

No. Can't.

You do know that I'm
putting myself on the line,

letting you take
this guy off campus.

And the department
appreciates it, believe me.

Here's the paperwork.

He's good to go.

I figured I might see
you again today...

Shut up.

Come on,
switch him out.

Yeah, Dad.

We got him.

Roger that.

Tell them we've
got Abdul Sayid,

and ask for further

There's no response, sir.

I like that
partner of yours.

Yeah, he's okay.

He faces the
situation head-on.

Grabs the bull
by the horns.

But I don't, right?

What are you
talking about?

How come you didn't back
me up out there today?

Well, I just thought
that the situation

required a more aggressive
approach, that's all.

I mean, sometimes
you've got to do

something more
than just talk.

I've got almost 40 felony
collars since I came on the job.

Not by arresting some pizza guy
fighting with his sister.

But by using my head out there,

using less force, not more.

I see.

Well, maybe we should
just forget about

tomorrow's ride-along.

No, we had a deal--
two tours.

I'll try not to let
you down tomorrow.

I don't get it.

Two hours left
on the clock.

What are the
Sayids waiting for?

We pull this guy out
of the joint,

now his brother's in no
rush to get him back?

These guys like to play head games.
I know that.

But unfortunately, we don't
know if Mulrow's still alive,

and this son of a bitch
is sitting here

like he owns the joint,
and our hands are tied.

When I was
stationed in Kabul,

local police had ways
to get guys like this talking.

Meaning what?
Meaning sometimes

you do what you have to do

to get the
information you need.

Okay, so what are
you saying, Sam?

You want to get all medieval
on his ass? Is that it?


To get Bobby Mulrow back to
his wife and kid, yeah.

Yeah, wouldn't you?

Come on, I'd get medieval

on a scumbag like this
just for kicks.

We're not calling
the shots here.

The commissioner is,
so until then,

we act polite.

(Sam sighs)

Hey, Detective!

Perfect timing.

I'd love another soda.

and I'd love to ram
that can down your throat.

No, you still need me.


How do you know we haven't
found Detective Mulrow?

Because I'd be heading for a
prison cell upstate, if you had.

Do you have a point,

Yeah, I got a point.

You could still do
yourself some good.

You help us find
Detective Mulrow,

a good attorney will
get you time served.

You remind me of my brother.

So stubborn.

(clears throat)

I am stubborn.

But I'm nothing like that
punk brother of yours, okay?

And I promise you, if anything
happens to that detective,

I will make it my life's mission
to put a bullet in your head.

Good talking to you,

Good talking to you, too.

Oh, Detective.

Don't forget my drinkie.

What time is it?

We got one hour,
25 minutes.

Why haven't they
sent instructions?

I'm praying it's not because
their bargaining chip

is no longer breathing.


Yes, Baker.

Officer Reynolds
is here.

Tell me something good.

The Agency just received
word from Kuala Lumpur.

Omar Sayid died
20 minutes ago

in a firefight with
Malaysian special forces.

I wasn't aware the Malaysian
government was involved

in this operation.

The Agency has an obligation
to alert local authorities

when we pursue one
of their citizens.

What they do with
that information

is out of our hands.
So, they found him

and took him out.


Had you alerted them about
the threat to my officer?

Apparently, they
located his headquarters

and they went in without
contacting the director.

I'm sorry,

You come here demanding
my cooperation,

but you don't have the decency
to keep me informed.

Your work here is done.

(cell phone ringing)

Yeah, what do you got, Dad?

Omar Sayid was
killed in Malaysia.

Is it possible that any
of his men here know yet?

'Cause as soon as they
find out, Bobby's a dead man.

We need his brother to
tell us what he knows.


Whatever it takes.

Hold him.

White bread.

How's the
weather up there?

ABDUL: Hey, what's
the hood for?

Wait, what the hell are you doing?!
Come on.

(Abdul grunts)

Get your ass in there
and shut up.

ABDUL: Hey! Hey!
Don't worry,

a pillow in there.

It's nice and cozy.

Keep an eye out.

All right,
on your feet.

There we go...
come on...

On your knees.

Right there.

ABDUL: Where are we?
Right at the end

of the line for you.

You got something we want,

and you're going to
give it to us now.

You can't do anything to me,
and you know it.

Maybe so,
but they can.

What is this?

Who are they?

Well, can't you tell?

Those are Malaysian
special forces.

Yeah, apparently they're
pretty pissed off at you

for coming over here
and getting locked up.

You did a lot of
bad things over there

you never answered for--
drugs, kidnapping, murder.

You can't do this.

We can't? Sure, we can.

They got a private jet
fueled up and ready to go.

Teterboro to Malaysia,
one-way trip.

Special, just for you.

Don't they give the
death penalty

over there for
drug trafficking?

Yeah, but I'd be surprised
if he survives

the trip over there
with those guys.

You can't send me back
without a hearing.

I know my rights.

You don't have any rights.

But you got a choice.

You can tell us where we can
find Detective Mulrow,

or you can hop
on a plane

with them guys...
and you can die.

My brother will protect me.

Oh, your brother. Okay.

Tell him about
his brother, Sam.

Your brother's dead.

You're lying.

No. Don't think you're
going to be seeing him

at any Sayid family
reunions any time soon.


DANNY: Shut up.
We've waited long enough.


What?! What?

Charlotte Avenue.


A warehouse basement.

You got that?

I got it.
Good. Let's go.

Wait, we had a deal!

No, we don't negotiate with terrorists.

You can't leave
me with them!

They'll kill me!

It's Detective
Nagra and Singh.

Brooklyn Vice.

They're going to keep
you company for a while

while we go find
Detective Mulrow.

Oh, and I hope, for your
sake, he's still breathing.

Be nice, maybe they'll
give you a drinkie.

We got an address,

We're on our way.


On your order, sir.




Bobby Mulrow!

(officers shouting orders
in distance)

I'll take this.

All right.

OFFICER (in distance):
Shots fired! Shots fired!

Move in! Move in!

Move, move, move!


I got him!

OFFICER (on radio):
We found him.

Is he alive?

Confirming status now.

Hey, hey.


Hey, hey.
It's okay, it's okay.

Bobby, it's Danny.

It's Danny Reagan.


What the hell took
you so long, man?

We wanted you, we wanted
you back, kid.

In here!

Subject is alive, sir.

I repeat, Mulrow is alive.

You're going to be all right.

I got you.

It's going to
be all right, kid.

Let's get a bus!
Come on!

Nice work, guys.

Get some sleep.

Hell of a close call.

I'm getting too old for all-nighters.
Unless there's a...

beautiful woman involved.

Each year,
that becomes a closer call.

Good job, boss.


So what?

If they didn't take out Omar,

and it came down to trading
their guy for our guy...

We don't negotiate
with terrorists.

On paper, no.

But you don't play
the game on paper.

Very often,

this job comes down to choosing
between two lousy options.

Pick your poison,
live with the consequences.

So I'm not going to
get a straight answer.

JOE: You broke my window!
Are you out of your mind?

What's wrong with you?
ANTONIA: Look what you did to my truck!

I didn't do that to
the truck! Are you nuts?

Are you crazy?
Some of your guys did it to my truck.

Are you kidding me?
Look what you did to my truck!

You know what?!
Which of you guys did this...?

I don't care!
Look at that!

How did these two get
back on the street so fast?

Kind of hard to

hold them when they
haven't really

done anything wrong.

This time,
let's try it my way.

I will do it, too!
Hey, both of you! Both of you shut up!

Break it up.

Hey! Hey, break it up!


I'll kill you!

Give me this.

Everyone else, beat it.

Come on, get out of here.

(crowbar clanks onto sidewalk)

You fired her because she wanted
to change your menu, right?

Customer's don't want
to eat this crap.

The gourmet cheese and
"glutton-free"... whatever.

All right, only every
time I drive by,

she's got a line.

And your business
is down, right?

Yeah, 25%.

And counting.
All right, all right.

But you can only
sell so much pizza

off this truck,
right, Antonia?


Eventually, I'll
need a real kitchen.

So, why don't you add
her menu to yours?

You got regular pizza,
you got your hipster stuff,

all your bases are covered,
you make a fortune.

If you two can bury the hatchet.

You're brother and sister,
damn it.

You, fix the truck.

You, pay for the window.

Come on, this place has been
a part of the neighborhood

and your family for 50 years.

To keep it going is
going to be on you guys.

I gotta come back here again,

you're not getting out
of jail in an hour,

I can promise
you that.


(clears throat)
Yeah, we'll try.

I like the way you
handled that one, kiddo.

So, all of a sudden,

I'm a good cop?

Come on, I never
said you weren't.

I'm just not as good
as my partner, right?

Look, Jamie, I know I talk
a lot about my time on the job,

but that's because,
at my age,

the mouth's about the
only thing that still works.

We finally agree on
something, I guess.


Watch your mouth, kid.



This is the best Sunday
dinner in a while.

For sure.

By far.

Thanks a lot, gee-gees.

No offense, Pops.

You can thank Uncle Jamie.

He talked the
Salducci kids

down out of their family feud.

All in a day's work.

You should really try
this mu shu pork calzone.

It's amazing.

That's a little
chef-y for my tastes.


Fooling with food

that doesn't need fooling with.

Yeah, I-I don't like that
newfangled stuff.

You can't beat good old
tomato and cheese.


do you remember old Carmine
Salducci and his wife?


I also remember
paying for my pizza.

Well, I paid for
all this stuff.

Full price?

They tried to give me
a discount, but I said, "No."

That must have hurt.

(chuckling, laughter)

NICKY: I added
it all up.

All the people at
this table together,

115 years on the job.

Hey, hey!


Just when I didn't think
I could feel any older.

Thanks again.

Don't worry, Gramps.
You wear it well.

I want to be a fireman.

What? What?
You want to...?

You want...?

Their uniforms are cool.

I'm going to
start to clear.

JACK: I'll help.
I will help.

I'll help. Me, too.
FRANK: Good idea.

Me, too.

Here you go.
HENRY: What's this?

Volunteering to
clear the table?

We should have
pizza every Sunday.


A fireman, huh?


Yeah, you know
anything about this?

Eh, could be worse.

He could have said he wanted
to be an ACLU lawyer.



Don't worry, I'll
straighten him out.

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow

♪ For he's a jolly
good fellow ♪

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow

♪ Which nobody can deny.

Sons of guns, sneak attack.

Here, kids, help me blow
out these candles.



Hey, hey.

60 years a cop.

To Henry Reagan.

Top cop at the table.

Hear, hear.

Thank you.

I'll get the plates.

This looks awesome.

I'm ready.
I'll get a knife.

I'll put it out now.

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