Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Scorched Earth - full transcript

Danny and Jackie set out to investigate the murder of a bride on her wedding day in a drive-by gang shooting. However, they are pulled off the case and assigned to the protection detail of a Central American president, who they believe is a target for assassination.

What? You're in early.

And doing paperwork,
no less.

What gives?
I got a big night tonight, Jack.

I got to be
signed off by EOT.

Bottom drawer.

Excuse me?

Item you left in
the car yesterday.

What is this, a joke?

- This isn't mine, Sarge.
- No joke.

Detectives who had the car after
you found it assumed it was...

Oh, I'm sure
that everybody assumed...

Okay, we're all
adults here, okay?

Can we just drop it,
please? Thank you.

Nothing to be embarrassed
about, Reagan.

I'm sure you look
fetching in it.

My 16th

wedding anniversary,
Sarge, okay?

The traditional gift
is silver hollowware.

I didn't know what it was,

so I got this.

16 years, huh?

- Yup.
- With him?

My condolences to Linda.

You know, you take all
the potshots you want, Sarge,

but 16 years ago this day,
I married the love of my life.

It's always been
a lucky day for me.

Look at you.

Is it too much
for City Hall?

No, you look,
you look so...

beautiful, it... it hurts.

stop, stop.

What am I thinking?
I got to...

I got to record this
to show it to our future kids.

Hello, future babies.

Mommy and Daddy are...


I didn't have time
to alter the dress.

No, Alyson, you look...



I can't believe
you sprung for a limo.

Wait'll you see where
we're going on the honeymoon.

You look beautiful.
Thank you.

Now she enters the very
expensive limousine

as Miss Alyson Phillips

to begin the short

but amazingly awesome journey
to becoming Mrs. Johnny Evans.

I love you, Johnny Evans.

And with that, I bid
bachelorhood a fond farewell...

Get down!

Alyson... Alyson!
No, no, no, don't move. You've been shot.

Are you okay? Alyson!


No, no, no, no!


You need to hear
what went out

from the mayor's office
in their morning brief.


"While I have every confidence
that the NYPD will succeed

"in protecting
President Valverde

"while he receives critical
medical treatment in our city,

"I stand with our Hispanic
constituents in my outrage

that this brutal dictator has
been granted permission..""

Where does it say that
a white, Irish Catholic

police commissioner cannot be
as outraged as Hispanics?

Well, the mayor's just
covering his bases.

Man could politicize
a rainy day.

We need to put
something out, Frank.

I've got a draft.

"In a just world,

"President Valverde would
receive the same treatment here

that his own people get
under his criminal regime..."

The guy ordered

his men to open fire
on a peaceful protest

and then barred
the wounded from hospitals.

Including women and children.

He did that?
Two days

before his phony election.

If it were up to me, he would
never set foot in this city.

That's good stuff.

I can clean it up a little...
I was venting.

This office will have
no comment for the press.


We need to have...

We need to get him in
and out of the hospital

for an operation--
end of story.

Yes, Baker?

I have your chief of intel

in the conference room.
It's urgent.

What do you got, Chief?

We've got a situation
with Valverde.

Narcotics has had

a wire up on a drug courier

from his country
for about a year.

Last night, he had a special
request for "fireworks"

to greet President
Valverde with.

There's going to be
an assassination attempt.

It's two hours out.

What do you want to do, sir?

Whatever it takes.

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Scorched Earth
Original Air Date on October 19, 2012

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Anyone ever threatened
you or Alyson?


What about third-party
romantic entanglements?

Nothing like that, huh?


It's never anyone else.

I asked her to marry me
just two days ago.

I couldn't believe
she said yes.

How about the job?

Your wife have
any problems there?

She was a children's book illustrator.

We hadn't anyone
we were eloping.

I was gonna call her...

parents in Indiana

a-after the ceremony.

Now I got to...

Hey, it's all right.

Stay with me. Hey.
Look at me.

Look at me.
Did you, um...

you take any shots of you
and Alyson with that today?

I took some video.

How about you let me take that?

Okay, 'cause you
may have caught some...

No, no, this is the last
pictures I have of Alyson.

I know that and I'll protect
your memories, okay?

But you may have caught
something else on there.

Who knows? You may even
had caught the shooter.

It might be able
to help us find

who did this
to your girl.

I'll get it back to
you at the hospital.

Detective, you said two seconds.
I know that.

He's got a possible concussion.
One second.

I got to take him.
Okay, all right!

Let me take it.

Come on.

Good. Look at me.

I'm gonna find out
who did this, all right?

You have my word.


All right, let's
get you some help.

Poor kid-- on their
wedding day. Crazy, huh?

Picked the same wedding day
as my wife and I.

Oh, happy anniversary.

Except it wasn't
so lucky for him.

What do we got here?

Witnesses point out
three guys in a car.

Ten-millimeter shell casing?

You don't see those often.

No, except in gang shootings.

What would a gang want
with a young couple like this?

Maybe the bride
wasn't the target.

What's the limo driver's story?

Well, he was
in the line of fire.

Well, I'll run him-- excuse me.


What are you talking about?

No, somebody's got their head
up their ass over there.

Put Sergeant Gormley
on the phone.

What do you mean...

All right.

Just promised this guy
I'd find the killer.

Bad news?

Yeah, bad news-- they just
pulled me off the case.

Nobody's screwing
with you, Reagan.

You and Curatola are all
I got, dignitary trained.

What dignitary?


You mean the baseball player?
No, the president.

You're gonna pull me off
the case-- the homicide--

of a New York citizen
to-to be a human shield

for a scumbag president
of a third-world country

whose name you can't
even pronounce?

Reagan, no one
forced you to take

all those special ops,
tactical driving,

threat assessment spy crap.
Come on, Sarge.

If you didn't want to do it,
you shouldn't have showed up.

I did it for the same reason
anyone else does it:

for the overtime, but it's
my anniversary, Sarge.

Come on, plus
I caught a case.

Well, now you uncaught it.

So, get your specialized ass

over to staging area
at the BAT forthwith.

Thank you.

If the intel is accurate,

they're tracking
all three majors,

plus Westchester and Teterboro.

We divert 'em
to Westchester,

we can pull
the state police into it.

Teterboro or Newark,

you share the
pie with Jersey.

But if we land him
at LaGuardia...

Stick with JFK.

Throw him in a chopper,

fly him to the
30th Street Heliport.

That cuts out a whole lot
of ground I have to cover.

Set that in motion.
And bill it

to the State Department.

We can run
this operation for them,

but I'm not gonna take away
resources from my men for it.

What I'm thinking?

We route him
by the firing range,

give the boys a little
real-world target practice.

Does anyone here think
Valverde being hit

on our watch is a good idea?

No, sir.

Our job is
to provide protection.

We don't get
to pick and choose who for.

Yes, sir.
Please drop

the attitude now.


Say again?
Danny, let's go.

The limo driver
checked out?

Come on.
One second.

Okay, look, tell Ballistics
to run the shell casings

against the ones
from the gang shooting.


Tell... tell them
to run them against the ones

from the gang shooting.

All right,
keep me looped in.

I don't like this
Valverde thing, either,

but you got to let that other case go.
I know.

Instead, we protect some guy
who commits crimes

against humanity.
What do you want to do?

All right, time
to protect the bad guy.

Let's go.

All right,
let's go.

Keep your
head down.


Let's go.

Okay, next item:

A young bride
was gunned down this morning

on the way to her wedding.

Good news for you, Lefkay--
groom's back on the market.


Put a muzzle on it, Cruz.

Shooter's car
turned out

to be a 10-16,
reported stolen this morning.

Take the plate down

and keep your eyes
peeled while on patrol.

And watch each other's backside,

Traffic cam confirmed

three African-American males
in the car.

No faces,

but based on the
color of their beads,

one black, three red,

and a purple.

AKA ADTs. Off 133rd Street.

Uh, bride or groom have any gang
affiliation, Sarge?

Hardly. From what we understand,
they were clean-cut transplants

- from the Midwest.
- Yeah,

unlike the ADTs.

Forget about the car--
ride's probably crushed

down to a coffee table by now.

What, you doing assignments now, Cruz?
No, sir.

All right, Detective Squad
requested we conduct some sweeps

so familiarize yourself
with these photos

of known gang members.

And then pick up
as many as you can.

Jaywalking, spitting on the sidewalk?
Full enforcement.

And, uh, there's been a lot said

about our stop-and-frisk policy
lately, so...

- I don't need to add to it.
- So you're saying

we don't have to coddle
the criminals for once?

No, I'm saying
you all know where the line is.

Don't cross it.

And put some effort
into discerning between

and honest citizens.

All right. Let's go
to work. Come on.

It's just a tricky situation.

"Honest citizens."

You know, we wouldn't
have to harass anyone

if these so-called
honest citizens

just meet us halfway,

turn in
the guilty ones.

No one cooperates
with us here.

You're preaching
to the choir, Vin.

And I'm not racist.

Never said you were.

I'm antigang.

Me, too.

Of any ethnicity.

Including my own.

It's why I became a cop.

And here I thought
you became a cop

so you could
stop-and-frisk that.

I might have probable cause.

Anaconda Leader to all units.

Be advised, we'll be turning
east onto the Deuce.

Keep it tight, now.

Roger that, Team Leader.

And what the hell is this guy
doing? It's a one-way street.

Something's going on, Jack.

Hang on.

Hang on!

The shooter's dead.

The driver's dead.


Where the hell are you going?

Hey! What are you doing?

You want to be helpful, go find
your president and help him.

Yeah, no comprende to you, too.


What'd he say?
This guy we've been

risking our lives for, Valverde?

What about him?
Not real.

It's not Valverde.

He's a decoy?

You got the wrong guy.

Hey, did you see that?


Something just went down between
that ADT they just scooped

and that kid
on the stoop over there.


I don't know, but something.

I think he just
threw up a gang sign.

I think he was
just stretching.

Come on, let's
toss him.

Wish we could, man,

but he's not doing
anything illegal.

Come on.

He's not wearing
any of the colors.

He's not in any of the photos
of known gang members.

Hey, I'm gonna
need you

to stop right there.


Don't move!
Hey, hey, hey!

Don't flinch, don't flinch, don't flinch.
Man, what'd I do?


Cops tell you to stop,
you don't put your hands

in your pockets, moron.
It's a good way to get shot.

Put your hands up against
the wall. You know the drill.

Hey, man, you were
gonna shoot me?

Is anybody hearing this?

I didn't know he was
talking to me.

I don't got eyes
behind my head, do I?

Got any weapons on you? Got
anything sharp in your pockets?

No. I don't bang.

No weapons, huh?
Turn around.

What's this?

It's just a bag of weed, man,
and way under the limit.

You can forget your future in
the carnival guessing weights.

This is way over the limit.

You're under arrest.

- Come on.
- Easy, man.


Vinny. Vinny,

what are you doing?

Let me go.
Whoa, whoa, you need to calm down, kid.

You can't do this.
This is total abuse of power.

Calm down!

Let go of that!

Why, what is this?
The key to your summer home?

No, to your mother's.

Hey! Watch your head.

He was just trying to get you in the car.
Got to be careful

- or you're gonna hurt yourself.
- You did it on purpose!

You're gonna take a minute
to cool down

and then we're gonna
cut him loose.

Like hell.
That was a legitimate bust.

It was a bad stop. You didn't
have reasonable suspicion.

I think I did.
Not enough to hold up in court.

If it was a bad stop, you didn't
have a right to search him.

That means they'll toss the
whole thing out in five minutes.

Well, then tell me, Harvard,
how do we make the arrest clean?

If we had something,
I would tell you.

Look, look, look.
I don't care about the weed.

I'm just trying to help
find the animals

that slaughtered
that poor bride.

Now, what was our assignment?

Haul in every ADT that we can.

Exactly. So we're gonna process
him, we're gonna take him

to the detectives.
Now, what they do with him

after that
is above my pay grade.

All right?

That sound like a plan?

Yeah, but not one
that's bulletproof.

You AWOL on your
dignitary assignment?

No. I'm, uh, just going
over the paperwork

from the assassination

Couldn't believe that.

You couldn't believe what,

That, uh, somebody tried
to kill that gangster?

Or that you put me
and my partner

in the line of fire
for a decoy?

Ah, forget about it.

Look, do you think it
could've been a drive-by?

On a motorcade?

On the bride shooting
this morning.

I've gone through the files.
It... it doesn't add up.

Well, anything's possible,

but I already got
an investigation underway,

which means technically

that you're off the case.
I know,

but literally I told
this kid, Sarge,

that I would find out who killed
his fiancée in cold blood.

And if you ask me, that trumps
your technicality.

Mm-hmm. I thought
you had paperwork.

I did it.
And an anniversary dinner

with your own bride.
Come on, Sarge,

I just want a chance
to talk to this kid

one more time
and see if something pops

now that he's had a chance
to dry his eye, huh?

I'm not the one you're
gonna be late for dinner with.

And no telling Linda
I made you, all right?

You're on your own with that.
You got it.

I mean it, Reagan! I don't
want to hear from her on this.

You got it, Sarge.

Happy anniversary.


What's on your mind?

Jamie, easy.

That's the good stuff.

I thought you would've
raised him better

than to gulp down

I guess some questions
require lubrication.

I want to ask your advice
on something that...

a friend is going through.

Is this "friend"
around five, ten and 160?

Is there any confusion
on the premise here?

Speak your mind, son.

He witnessed a police stop

that could possibly
be considered questionable.

to who?

To you or me it was a good stop,
but to an ADA

with a thing for cops
doing their jobs...

Well, you just

flipped to the Op-Ed page--
go back to the headlines.

Okay, if an ADA had an issue,

a strict accounting could show
some shades of gray.

In what sense?

Stop-and-frisk. The rules
aren't exactly written in stone.

We stopped writing
in stone ages ago.

The rules are there
for all to see. Period.


Did this stop result
in a false arrest?

No, the suspect broke the law,
no question.

Did the stop
put anyone in harm's way?

No, not at all.

Then you're golden.

if he's interviewed by the ADA,
who's his allegiance to?

Is it to the suspect,

to the ADA
or his brother in blue?

The real question is:
Does the end justify the means?

The original slippery slope.

It sounds like
your friend

has to make a call that's
gonna cost him either way.

I think
he needs to know...

in here...

and in here...

that whatever he
says to this ADA

lines up exactly with
the oath he swore

when he came on the job.

It's as simple and as
complicated as that.

Hey, Johnny. Yeah, this
is, uh, Detective Reagan.

I, uh, just popped by
to check up on you

and make sure you're doing okay.

I don't see
any lights on up there,

so I'm guessing
you're not home. Uh...

why don't you do me a favor,
give me a call

when you got the message,
all right? Okay.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


Hey, listen, can you call me
a 10-85 over to Johnny's?

I don't know.
I got a possible abduction here,

maybe even a homicide.

All right.

Thanks, Ed.


Hey, I heard Jamie
and his partner

collared some punk
in the bride case.

Yeah, the kid had
a mailbox key.

Got a warrant,
opened the box,

found one murder weapon,
ballistics confirmed.

Great. I'm gonna
take a crack.

No, no, no, no,
no, not a chance.

Why not? He's not
even lawyered up.

You're not even on this case.
You're on dignitary detail.

Yeah, I know.
I'm on my way back,

but I heard the kid was here, so
I want to take a crack at him.

He's 15 years old.

His mother's in there with him.

Sounds like easy pickings to me.

Actually, she's
sharp enough to know

that only my office can
authorize a plea deal,

which is why she had
them call me, not you.

You heard about the groom,
didn't you?

Come on, I got
to get in there.

I promise, I won't say a word.

I... I'll observe.


Not a word.

My son was in school
when that madness went down.

You go ahead and check.

Oh, don't worry. We will.

Do it now so I can bounce.

Even if he was not in the car,

he did conceal
the murder weapon,

which makes him
an accessory to murder.

He was tricked by those bangers.

Which bangers exactly?

Look, I ain't no snitch.

Better become one fast
if you want a deal.

I can handle juvie.

Hey, look, you're not going
to be going to juvie.

You understand me,
you little punk?

You're looking
at murder two,

and she's gonna charge you
as an adult, you got it?

He's only 15.

He's just spitting lies, Mama.


Actually, he's not.

It is murder two,
and you could spend

the rest of your life in jail.

Yeah, let's hope you're planning
on having more kids,

ma'am, 'cause he's not
gonna be around

to give you any grandchildren.

That gang...

sucked both of them in.

Now, I swore they were
never gonna get my baby.

They only got to him
because of his brothers.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

I'm a mother, too,
and the thought of my child

never seeing the light
of day again...

Andre, please?


Andre, Please.

All right, all right.

All right.

Okay. Look, it was
a three-member crew in the car.

These three guys--

they the guys
that got Johnny, the groom?

Hey, answer me!

I told you,
I know nothing about that!

All right, enough.

If I tell you
about the drive-by,

I get a full skate?

If the names pan out.

community service,

provided you stay
out of trouble.

Andre, please...

All right, all right.

But look,

I'm here for nothing.
The cops stopped me for nothing.

So the guy's screaming,
"You can't arrest me!

I have Second
Commandment rights."

Reagan, Cruz, detective
on the bride homicide

sends his thanks.

For what?
Tipping him off about that collar,

getting antsy over the key.

Got 'em the murder weapon.

Yes! In your face, Reagan.

I told you
that kid was involved.

He did. He definitely called it.

Try not to let it go your head.

Good job.
Thanks, Sarge.

Super cop.

Probably gonna make
detective over this.


That kid was connected
to that girl's murder.

Your instincts were spot-on,

but we both know
that you flaked that kid.

Hey, I didn't set up
an innocent man.

I didn't even set up
a guilty one.

It's called fruit
of the poisonous tree, okay?

If it comes to light,

then everything connected to it
gets thrown out.

Oh, just celebrate
the win, Reagan.

Stop being president
of the PBA.

What's the Patrolmen's
Benevolent Association

have to do with this?

Well, in your case,

it's the Prisoners'
Benevolent Association.

You care more about the freaking
perps than you do the victims.

I'm the only one who's thinking
about the victims.

I don't want to see
her killers walk.

So now I got to figure out a way

to make sure
that doesn't happen.

We give thanks to the plants
and animals

for providing this nourishment.

Let us use it

in return to care
for all sentient beings.


That's not our
regular grace.

It's a Buddhist
meal blessing.

You're a Buddhist now?

No, but I can still
appreciate it.

Just like you appreciate your
own traditions and institutions?

It's not at odds
with what we believe.

Has my food

been blessed or not? I mean,
am I meant to go hungry here?

My mom went hungry
the other night.

- Sean...
- She could've eaten.

She was waiting
for Dad to get home.

He missed their

Oh, whoa! Whoa!

Come on!

What's it like

being out there in the doghouse?

He is not in the doghouse.
He had to work.

That's right.
Tough duty, too.


Yeah, um, let me
take this opportunity

to wish a belated
happy anniversary

to my lovely wife

whom I love more than words
could ever possibly say.

Hey, I just realized.

That bride kill was on
your anniversary, yes?

Yeah, I'm aware of that, Gramps.

Doesn't make sense.

Then they went after the groom.

Any chance he's still alive?

Not if the ADTs got him.

I was hoping he took off
to Indiana for the funeral,

but, uh, you know,
I went to the morgue,

and his bride's body's
still there, so...

How's that case stand, Erin?

We've got all three
players in custody,

but they lawyered up

before they started talking.

But the case
against them-- it's...

it's solid?

Well, it all hinges on that kid
you and your partner

brought in, thank
you very much.

Danny, how's dignitary duty?

You, uh, best amigos
with the presidente?

It's over. Finally
off the detail,

thank God... or Buddha.

I can't believe
we're harboring that dictator.


we don't have a choice.

What happened to caring
for all sentient beings?

I'd rather take care
of his victims.

- Mmm.
- Aunt Linda,

if you were his nurse,

would you still
take of care of him?

Oh, yeah, she'd take
care of him, all right.

She's put an air
bubble in his I.V.,

make him have
a heart attack.

In the medical profession,
we take an oath.

We don't get to pick
and choose our patients.

Just like we can't pick
and choose who we protect.


But what if Jack or Sean
had been one of the victims?

- Yeah, Mom.
- Yeah, Mom.

Yeah, Mom.
Yeah, Mom. Yeah, Mom.

Okay, how did I end up

in the hot seat?


Nothing. I've checked every
statute going back 150 years.

Valverde is untouchable.

We're stuck.

Pretty much.

But I'll keep looking.


And this stays between us?

Hate to have to pull you out
on a Sunday, Jack.

Just need
to keep you in the loop.

Ah, it's all right. I needed
the distraction anyway.

New boyfriend's a dope.

What's his problem?

Patriots fan.
Dump him.

I know.

Wow. This is a mess.

Yeah, crime scene
processed three days ago.

Whoever was here was
looking for something.

And we're still looking
for Johnny.

Well, looks like

Johnny wanted
to be a songwriter.

With his friend, uh, Edward.

Maybe we should ask Edward
where he is.

Yeah, we'll do that.

Jack, take a look at this.


Is that a cut-up
NYPD raid jacket?

Yeah, except it's a

cut-up, phony NYPD raid jacket.

Hey, Cruz?

About the bride murder...

Oh, here we go.

My daily lecture?

Perps are all in custody.

I don't see an upside
to watching them go free.


I just want to make sure
we're on the same page.

Hey, I've been on this
page since the get-go.

I'm glad you're
joining me.

Officer Cruz,
Officer Reagan.

Detective Aaron Davis.

I'm an investigator
with the DA's office.

You got a minute?

Sure. What you need?

What's this about?

A routine stop-and-frisk
you conducted last week.

I need a word with each
of you, individually.

Don't say
anything to him.

Why? I got nothing to hide.

No. We're entitled to have
PBA representatives present

when we're being questioned.

You're confusing me with IAB.

We can't compel you,
but if you want the DA

to file a formal appearance
request, I can just...

No, no, no, no.

No, that won't be necessary.

You mind if I ask
which ADA sent you?

Sure. I think you know her.

Erin Reagan.


Officer Reagan
reporting as ordered.

Very funny.
I don't see

what's so funny about it.
I think you calling my stop

into question is way
out of line, Erin.

The inquiry concerned
your partner, not you.

I just need you...
Who made the complaint?

The banger, or the kid

who hid the murder weapon
for the killers?

He still has a right
to due process.

Or have you forgotten your
three years of law school? I...

No, which makes it
all the more insulting,

you calling me
into question me like this.

My entire case stems
from that search.

If it was bad...

We did nothing wrong.
Then why are you so upset?

Because I'm out there trying
to do my job, but it's kind of

hard to do when you're
jamming me up like this.

I'm trying to do my job.

You would never do this
to Danny, Erin.

Are you kidding me?!

I have called him
on the carpet a thousand times,

and you know it.

I've spoken to your partner,

and he is cocky and hot-headed,

and he clearly has a chip on his
shoulder for the DA's office.

You just described Danny.

Vinny is not family,

so don't tarnish your record
for him.

That's not what we're
talking about here.

This is about good police
work that led to a break

in a murder case
with no other leads.

Is it?

Are you trying to tell me

that I have nothing
to worry about here?

How many different ways
do I have to say it? No.

I need you to walk me
through that stop.

We witnessed
the kid throwing gang signs.

When ordered to stop,
he tried to flee.

He had drugs.
The stop was clean,

end of story.

And you're going
to sign off on that?



If you're sure.

It's what happened.

So, Eddie, you and Johnny were
songwriting partners, huh?

Any, uh, records
I'd know?

Not yet, but one of our tracks
is, like, poised to take off.

Oh, really?

Hmm, judging
from your financials,

I would have thought
you had

a number one
with a bullet already.

Why would you be looking
at my financials?

You don't think I killed
Alyson and Johnny, do you?

No, but you were
the first person he called

after Alyson was killed.

You were the last person
he called

before the ADTs got him.

I know how close
you two are.

You know, I bet
you probably got one

of those phony NYPD
raid jackets, too, don't you?

No, man, it's not like that.

Oh, yeah?

Put the bottle down.

I said, put it down.

So what'd you get
Johnny into, huh?

You two running around,

impersonating police
officers or what?

I didn't get him
into nothing.

Really, nothing?

So why are your
bags packed?

Where you going?

Trying to skip town?
You afraid of something?

I'm going on vacation.

Listen to me.

We haven't found
Johnny's body yet, okay?

And maybe I'm wrong, maybe
Johnny's still alive.

Who knows? Maybe the ADTs
are keeping him alive,

but if they are,

it's because they're
probably torturing him.

They're torturing him to find
out who else was involved

in whatever the
hell happened here.

Do you understand?

I mean, do you understand
what that means for you?

Maybe you should
start talking to me.

Okay, we ripped off
their stash house.

You and Johnny ripped...
you ripped off the ADTs?

There was only one guard.

I mean, he-he was
a real stoner, and it was safe.

All we took was weed.

How much?
12 pounds.

You took 12 pounds of
weed from the ADTs?

Do you have any idea of the
street value of 12 pounds of weed?

It's probably about $30,000
that you stole from them.

Hey, they're the bad guys.

It was a victimless crime.

Victimless crime?!
Alyson is dead!

She is a victim!

For all we know,
Johnny's dead,

and guess who's going
to be dead next, kid.

No, you're gonna protect me.

I mean, you got to put me
in witness protection.

Protect you?

Kid, impersonating a
police officer, robbery--

those are felonies.

The only place I'm gonna
put you is in a prison cell.

That's if the ADTs don't
put you in the ground first.

All right, this is weird.

What is?
Well, we flagged

Johnny's credit card
in case

one of the ADTs tried
to use it.

So, what happened--

one of those idiots use it?
Well, a huge charge

just rang through
from Le Beau Monde hotel.

That's the hotel
that Johnny was going

to take Alyson
for their honeymoon.

Would the ADTs know that?

No, they wouldn't
know that.

Well, then, maybe your boy
Johnny is still alive.

If Johnny is still alive,
I'll kill him.

There he is.

I'm doing the best that I can.
No, look, I need you

to help me out.
I understand that.

What I need you to do...
Hang back.

Look, I-I-I can pay cash--
I don't have it

right now, but I can pay it.
Sir, your checkout was...

Just move me to another
room! It doesn't matter!

Your checkout was 11:00 a.m.

The suite is booked for another guest.
Hey, Johnny.

I'm very happy to see
that your fiancée's murder

didn't jam up
your honeymoon plans.

Detective, thank
God you're here.

I gave you my word
that I would find out

who was responsible
for her death,

and I did.

It was you.

Yeah, it was you.

You didn't pull the trigger,
but you might as well have,

Johnny, huh?

I loved her.
Isn't that right?

Where you gonna go,

What are you running from?

You late
for a wedding?

I know how this looks,
but you got to believe me.

I'm only here
'cause I didn't know

where else to go.

I was actually
stupid enough

to worry that
the ADTs got you.

Get up, get
on your feet.

I couldn't face what I'd done.

Shut your mouth.

To Jamie Reagan,
one stand-up guy.

Who's about to
fall on his ass.

I'll be there
to pick you up, buddy.

That's what partners do.


I owe you one.

Yeah, you do.

Name it.

Mean it?

Anything, anytime.

I come from a family of cops--

good cops, great cops.

Proud of that.

You should be.

Now on, you make a move,

you check with me first.

That's what partners do.

You got it.

You got it.

Stand aside, please.


I'm Frank Reagan.

The police commissioner
of New York City.

I know who you are.

I would like a
word with you...


My compliments to your men
for doing a fine job.


what can I do for you?

You can get out of my city.

You realize I am recovering
from surgery?

I was charged
with protecting you

so you could undergo
an operation.

That operation was successful.
My work here is done.

I am not leaving
for at least a week.

I'm pulling my men
from this detail,

and right now they are relieving
your men of their weapons.

No, no, no, no, no.

My diplomatic immunity extends
to them.

Yeah, I'm well aware of that,

but pursuant

to section 265.03
of the New York State Penal Law,

they are not licensed
to carry firearms here.

As a courtesy,

we will return the guns
on your way out of the country.

This is not possible.

You need to speak
to my chief surgeon.

Already did.

Between Skype
and medical software,

he can monitor
your recovery by remote.

Here's your signed release.

You have any idea
what you are doing?

The right thing at the earliest
possible opportunity.

You heard what is going on
in my country.

Right now they are rioting
in the streets,

demanding I step down.

Good for them.

It is not safe for me
to return at this time.

Not my problem.

I will see to it that you get
back to the airport

in one piece, and that's it.

And where do you
expect me to go?

Straight to hell eventually.

In the meantime,
get packing.

Your plane leaves in two hours.

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