Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Nightmares - full transcript

Danny is called to the scene on Halloween night, when a man in a priest costume is attacked by a figure dressed as a skeleton. Detective Kate Lansing is assigned to help on the case and she...

Well, it's Halloween.

Of course your parents
have to work.

Other parents don't.

Well, other parents
aren't cops and nurses.

I mean, think about it.

Think about all the monsters
that are out tonight.

The vampires and werewolves
and the zombies.

Not really.

Wait a minute,
wait a minute.

Come over here.

What do you think Halloween
is all about?

Costumes and candy?


No, you're wrong.

Halloween is when the
evil come out to play.

All right.

Scream if you need us.

10-50 at 2-5 West 5-7.

Security reports
a disorderly male.

Let me go!


Let me go!

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey! It's about time!


Step away.
Just step away. Take it easy.

Got a doctor's appointment.

There's no doctors in
this building. He's crazy.

Got a doctor's appointment.
What's your doctor's name?

I got to see him.

Okay, what's your doctor's name?
Got to see him.

Hey, hold on, hold on.
Got to see the doctor.

Call for a sergeant and ESU.

I can't let you up there.

I got to see the doctor.

Okay, I can't let you up there
right now, though, okay?

I got to see the doctor.

Okay, but no... Hey.
Don't let him up!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Shut down the elevators.
Shut down the elevators.

I look more
like Eleanor Roosevelt

than I do Teddy.

That's not
true at all.

How much am I raising
by sacrificing my dignity?

The dinner's
$2,500 a plate.

Who's the mayor going as?

Uh, either Jackie Robinson

or Earl "The Pearl" Monroe.

Either way, he gets to
look cool in a uniform.

Not if he has to wear
those old-school

basketball shorts.

Good point. Hope he's Monroe.

This stuff is itchy.

You'll be
in and out

in under an hour, and you're
raising over 200 grand

for the Police
Sports League.

Win, win.
Your detail's waiting.

You better get a move on.
Don't take any unwrapped candy

and mind crossing the street.

Happy Halloween.

I love you, babe.

I love you.

You're the best.

I think we should go.

One more stop.

Come on.
Take me home.

Richard, is that you?



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So that's all
he said was, "Nah"?

Not like that, though.

It was more like a...

I don't know,
like a-an animal sound.

Animal sound like how?

Can you show me?

It was like,
"Naaahhhh" or something.

You said your husband
thought it was Richard.

Who's Richard?

He's just a friend.

Well, why would your husband
think it was him?

Richard's big on Halloween,

always comes up with a
great costume, that's all.

Richard who?
What's Richard's last name?

Richard Schultz.
He's our neighbor

and my husband's
squash partner.

He's not your guy.
Now, can I please

go to the hospital and
take care of my husband?

Okay, all right.

Officer, take her
to the hospital, okay?

Thank you, ma'am.

Detective Reagan?

I'm Detective Lansing.

I just moved over
from Internal Affairs.

Oh, congrats on getting sprung.

Where's Detective Curatola?

I don't know. Sergeant Gormley

gave me orders
to hook up with you.


Okay, so what do you got?

Well, Jack Sparrow here caught
the perp on his cell camera.



All right,
e-mail that to yourself.

I already did.

Detective, this isn't just
a skeleton costume.

What do you mean?

I spent six months in Haiti

doing detail
after the earthquake.

I got a crash course in Vodou.

You mean voodoo.

No, Vodou.

It's voodoo.

It's Vodou.

There's this spirit

of death and struggle,
the Baron Samedi.

Who looks like this?
Right down

to the top hat and tails.

So you're saying
our guy's a bogeyman?

No, what I'm saying
is he's done up

specifically as the Baron Samedi.
Thank you. We'll be in touch.

So he's human?

Well, as far as we know, yeah.

Well, happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween.

Detail clocked you
out of the party at 2103 hours.

Did they?
In and out

of a charity dinner
in 36 minutes.

A personal best?

I'm checking, but it looks good.

From the office of my DCPI.


Why didn't you open it?

once I open it,

I am compelled to act
upon its contents.

And one of the
things I value most

about our relationship
is we can talk to each other

pain-in-the-ass protocols.

What the hell is up, Garrett?

I wrote it because
I won't get through saying it.

There's a formal letter

and an informal explanation
of my circumstances.


What's going on?

The knife attack in Williamsburg

made two out of the three
front pages

and all the morning
talk shows.

No suspect in custody,
no apparent motive.

Cut it out.
I'm late for some lawyers,

so we'll talk when I get back.

What's going on, Garrett?


read the damn letter.

Okay, there.

Zoom in.

Okay, freeze it, blow it up.

We got a grainy shot that
could be a million guys.

I see that.

What platform
is he on?

Downtown two.

Okay, bring up
the Flatbush stops.

Are we gonna go station
by station?

We could be here all night.
Aren't you the one

that mentioned
the Baron Samedi and Haiti?

The Haitian community's
centered in Flatbush.


Okay, I'm giving up
giving up coffee.

All right, good.
Call transit.

Have them secure that bin.

Oh, and did I say please?

Well, please.

Thank you.

Can we dispense
with the thank-yous

and pleases, by the way,

when we're on the job
at least?


But I don't work for you;
I work with you.

I know that.

Not according to reputation.

How much actual football

in the three hours it takes
to watch a game?

An hour.

11 minutes and change.


Yeah, so I don't want to hear

any more crap about soccer
being boring.

12 David, be advised

you have a 10-50
at 2-5 West 5-7.

Security reports
a disorderly male

at that location.

That's the building
from yesterday.

He's already out?

Let somebody else take it, man.

I'm still sore from dealing
with that dude.

Come on, we're a block away.

12 David. Show us responding.

Come on.

Put that down.

- It's just pepper spray.
- Drop it.

Lose it now. Let's go.

Get it off!

Hey, my name is Officer Reagan.

What's yours?

Got to see the doctor.

Okay, what's the doctor's name?

Dr. No.

Dr. No, okay.

All right, uh,

and what's your name?



All right, we're here
to help you, Malcolm.

My name is Malcolm!

Yeah, we got that.
All right.

Hey, I'm Jamie, okay?


You were here before.

Yeah. Yeah, I was.

I'm so embarrassed.

It's okay.
Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Please help me.

Okay, just take it easy, okay?

We got him. We got him.

Stand back, please.

All right, please,
can I see

your hands, please?
He-he's just confused.

No, not gonna.

He's all right.

You'll be fine, sir.
No, no, not gonna.

Give me your hands, please.
Not gonna!


Jamie. Jamie.
All right, okay.

It's okay.
They're not gonna hurt you.

Go with the officers.

Let's go.

Jamie? Jamie?


What do you got?

Look at this.

Oh, say cheese.

That's right by the
6-7 precinct in Brooklyn.

Make copies?

Wow... I never would
have thought of that.

You try giving up coffee.

No, you'd have to pry that
from my cold, dead hands.

Nice work.

These are all residences.

Maybe the precinct gave
us the wrong address.

Well, odds are the temple
is in the basement

of a residential building,

maybe with the floor torn up
so it exposes the dirt.

In Vodou, the offerings--
rum, sugar water, perfume--

they have to be poured
into the earth.

There's your
basement apartment.

This must be it.

And try to remember
that All Soul's Day

is sacred in
the Haitian community.

I'm just trying to put
a name to a face, okay?

May I help you?

Yeah, I'm Detective Reagan;
this is Detective Lansing.

We were directed here
by the Community Affairs Officer

from the precinct.


You know this man.

I'm not sure.

It wasn't a question.

I'm busy preparing for services.


You may join me.

You can leave us alone, Pierre.

I know it is against regulations
for you to remove your shoes,

but please tread softly.

This is sacred ground.

You've had cops
here before, have you?

There isn't a Vodou temple
that hasn't.

Our oppression goes back
to the very origins.

Well, we're just here
for information.

I am simply asking
for the same respect

you would show a priest
of your faith,

in your church.

Now, why have you
come to me for this?

Well, the suspect was
dressed as the Baron Samedi

when he made the attack.

And then afterwards,
he got off the subway

three blocks from here.

Do you know him?

His first name is Toussaint.

Who did he attack?

A guy dressed
as a Catholic priest.

He cut him up with knife.

Last name?

Not a priest,
but dressed as a priest?

With all due respect,

ma'am, what's his last name,

where does he live,
who does he hang around with?

Forgive me, Detective,

but I am seeing things
you can't begin to fathom.

Toussaint Lazard.

He emigrated

a couple of years ago

from a fine,
old Port Au Prince family.

He is or was

a student at Brooklyn College.

I personally haven't seen him
in a couple of months.

But he did come
to services here?



Until he didn't.

One thing about
this Lazard kid,

uh, I noticed he had men
buzzing in at odd hours.

I thought he was running
some kind of lady boy service.

Yeah, and?

I started checking.

Always the same guy.

Did you get
a look at him?

Couldn't tell
through my peephole, but a man,

short, my age.

Same man, night after night

for the last week or so.

He got a fire escape?

Yeah, up to the roof.

Yeah, up to the roof.


Coming in.

Police! Hold it!



Stop! Stop!


He's coming up, Kate!


Police! Stop!

What happened?
Did you get him?

He just... he...
he just jumped.

What do you mean,
"he jumped"?

He made that?

What's that?

It's a cross.

He threw it at me
on the fire escape.

That's a big cross.

Well, it's a pectoral cross.

Catholic priests wear it.

Amy and I separated
a month ago

after I found out she
was having an affair.

So you thought you'd level
the playing field?

I went to Atlantic City
for a lost weekend,

met this Christy
at the blackjack tables.

I didn't go
looking for it,

but yeah, when it fell
in my lap...

Who is she?

Said she was a
real estate agent.

Blonde, gorgeous,

about 30.

Any bells go off?

Like you were punching
above your weight

but everything was landing?

Only bells going off
were from good whiskey.

Like I say,

I didn't have
to go to a lot of effort.

She was...

She know where you work?

She thinks I work
in an investment bank.

And I was wearing
my wedding ring.

Rich, married,
her kind of whale.

One out of two, anyway.

What's she threatening
to charge you with?

Sexual assault.

Maintains I forced myself on her
in her room.

But you didn't.

Of course not.

And I have the texts and e-mails

showing the relationship
was consensual.

Consensual is an understatement.

All righty, then.

There's pictures.
I'm good.

Just of her.

I've seen all I need to.

How much does she want
to go away?

$50,000 for damages,
which I don't have.

And you wouldn't pay
if you did.

I want you to know

that I haven't
so much as whispered a hint

for a favor from anyone
in this department.

It never crossed my mind
that you would have.

And when she brings
the charges,

I'll have to answer
with the evidence

that it was all consensual.

And your old friends
in the press

will have a field day publishing
those e-mails and texts.

I can't be your DCPI.

I won't bring that
circus to this office.

So please don't
fight me on this.

You're innocent.

We know how it
plays out, Frank.

You have to accept
my resignation.

I'd appreciate it
if we could wait

to make the announcement

in conjunction with the naming
of your replacement.

I can't tell you how sorry I am.

Took the words right
out of my mouth.

If he shows up to class
or is spotted on campus,

give me a call.

He's registered as a freshman
at Brooklyn College,

but he's been cutting
classes all week.

Yeah, and his family's
all in Haiti,

he's not registered in DMV,

and he's got no arrests.

Ever a complainant?

Nothing that made it
into the system.

Did we get a dump on the phone?
There's no account

under his name
with any of the major carriers.

They're checking the mom-and-pop
services to the Caribbean.

This kid's like a ghost.

None of the prints
we lifted from the cross

appear in any of our databases.

We cleaned it up
and found some initials, though.

Here, tiny... "FXA,

Anno Domini, MCMXXVIII."

Father Francis Xavier...

A-something, ordained 1978.

Thank you.


Thank you.

We got a kid with no record,

just attacks a random victim
with a knife,

but what if it wasn't random?

What if he just got
the wrong priest?

Victim wasn't a priest.

No, but on Halloween night,
he was.

Dressed as one.

That's right.

Can you get me an exact location

of occurrence, front of?

8996 Driggs Avenue,
Brooklyn, New York 11211.

I don't have his name,
and I'm not a relative.

And I'm not a
clairvoyant, so...

Uh, first name's Malcolm.

Big guy, about 60.

He got processed
through here twice

the last 48 hours.

Take a seat
and lose the attitude.

Did I mention that I'm NYPD?

Yes, not that you needed to.

Take a seat.

Look, lady,

I am just trying
to help this guy,

the same as you.
And for the last time,

I can't just walk back there
and take an inventory.

Malcolm, hey.

Hey, Malcolm.

Uh, excuse me,
where is he being moved to?

Moved to?

How should I know?

What, he's just
being released again?

That's what the
paperwork says.

Hey, Malcolm?

There's a saying,

Haiti is 80% Catholic,

100% Vodou.

so say this kid got
close to a priest, then.

We don't know why,
but this priest

turns out to be
one of those, you know,

touchy-feely types of priests.

The guy who was
visiting his apartment?

Yeah. Say it is.

This kid's a stranger
in a strange land,

no family to turn to,

decides, you know,
getting high one night,

I'm gonna settle up
with Father Sandusky.

I don't know, Danny.

That's a bigger leap than
Lazard took off his roof.

We'll find out soon enough.

This should be the rectory.


Hey, Malcolm.

Hey, it's me, Jamie.

Hey, come on, buddy, don't
tell me you don't remember me.


Hey, uh,

how about a picture, Malcolm?

You mind? I want to
take your picture.


What's that?

For the picture.

What's that pose, Malcolm?

Take the picture!
Okay, all right.


Got it.

Hey, uh, why don't
we go back inside

and talk to your doctor, huh?

Hey, hey,

not so fast, buddy.

You have to understand,
any parish these days

has a certain,
uh, fluidity

with visiting priests
coming in to help out.

Well, fortunately for us,
we're only looking for one.

Father Francis Xavier.

Last name, A-something.

Ordained in 1978.

Figuring he's mid
to late 40s by now.

Where did you get this?

I got it from the suspect
who airmailed it to us.

Which is why we need
to speak to the Father.

Francis Xavier?


No, no Father Francis.

Frank, Fran?

We did host
a Father Fran Ainsworth,

but he's since moved on.

How long since?

I'd have to look
at the parish calendar.

You know,
with all due respect, Father,

I'm getting the sense
you're being

a little less
than forthcoming with us.

And with all due respect,

I have no knowledge

of the whereabouts
of the attacker.

Okay, well, Father
Ainsworth might.

You'd have to ask him.

I don't know
where he was sent to next.

Yeah, of course
you don't.

What are you implying?

That the Catholic Church

has a way of
playing hot potato

with, uh, certain
types of priests.

You understand?

That's a pretty slanted view.

Okay, I think you're
hiding something.

Is that direct enough
for you, Father?

Are either
of you Catholic?

Kneel for a blessing?

I think I better
go to confession first.

My faith's a little bit shaken
at the moment.

Ready when you are.

Thank you.

I really can't
take you anywhere.

But then, right in the middle
of it, out of nowhere,

he looks at me
like he remembers me.

That sounds like Alzheimer's.

Once in a while,
the curtains open.

That's exactly what the doctor
at the hospital said.

I've lost a few old pals
to that one.

A real nightmare.


He thinks he knows me,
which is a start.

So I went down to the hospital
to see what I could do,

and guess what.

He's dumped back
out on the street?


Isn't there
some legal requirement for...

Kendra's Law.

It allows
for mandated treatment,

but it doesn't require it.

- What's he got to do, kill someone?
- No,

but the cracks are pretty easy
to fall through on that one.

It helps to get the attention
of somebody who gives a hoot.

It sounds like
you've been elected.


I asked him if I could take
a picture of him

so I'd have something
to put out there,

and here's what he did.

I don't get it.

His reaction to being asked
to pose for a picture,

like a reflex.

Like a shortstop posing
for a baseball card?


I think he's too big
to be a shortstop, though.

Maybe a linebacker?

Maybe, and he made this face

when he did it, too, like...

Like one of those
wrestlers on cable?

- Maybe that's it.
- Or maybe

he just had to pass gas.

Hey, what's up with you two?

Your dad makes a fart joke,
you don't even react?

Yeah, you've been pretty quite
over there. What's going on?

I take it you haven't gone

with my mother.

You let them go alone with Erin?

Well, I didn't get that memo.

Oh, the poor kids.

I think they still may be
a little traumatized.

I know I am.
You guys are wimps.

What did you do?


Yeah, Monsignor Doonan.

No, no, just, uh,

having Sunday dinner here.

Sure, I'll come
right down.

What's going on?

I think I have to go to church
for the second time today.

Excuse me, Dad.

I'll see you later.

Danny Boy.


Hope I didn't interrupt
your Sunday dinner.

Not at all.

Appreciate the call.

You remember
Monsignor Milano.


And this is Father Ainsworth.

I'm not here to play old friend

and good Catholic,
just so you know.

I'm aware of that, Danny.

So what happened, you
checked the parish calendar

and "Oh, hell, hey."

Father Ainsworth
was here all along?

Danny, please, have a seat.

I'm good where I am, Walter.

What are you doing here, though?

Look, the nature of Father
Ainsworth's involvement

with the young man
you're seeking

is not something
the church

is eager to see publicized.

Hence the bit
of a runaround.

Why don't you just stop
right there, okay?

I'm the investigator
on this case.

I cannot protect

or will not protect you.

Father Ainsworth is an exorcist.

You still do that?

In exceptional
circumstances, yes.


Guess I should sit down.

The Archdiocese had requests

from Mr. Lazard's family in
Haiti and his pastor here.

All the testing required

to clear him for clinical
psychological disorders

was performed in conjunction
with medical doctors.


So, like,
the Devil's inside him?

Not like in the movies,

but yes,

I intervene

to liberate the victim
from demonic possession.

In the case of Mr. Lazard,
numerous times.

Regrettably, to no avail.

What happened to your wrist?

I broke it

fending him off the last time
I performed the rites.

He became violent.

Do you have any idea
where he is now?


Has he tried
to contact you?

Not since Halloween night,

if that's what that attack
down the street was.



Hey, we got Lazard's cell
and dumped it.

He's got texts back and forth
from someone

saying "sanctuary,"
quote, unquote.

Looks like we should pay
another call to our priestess.

Unless you got something more
on Father Handsome.

They don't have Lazard, okay?

I'm, uh... I'll be back soon.

Hey, Pop.

Francis, boundary between Earth
and the underworld.

Greek mythology, four letters.

Ending in X?

Then exit would work.

Styx, S-T-Y-X.

Thank you.

The River Styx.

I need a favor, Pop.

There's a driver
waiting outside,

a civilian.

I need you to take a ride
over to Jersey

and talk
to your old friends there.

Couldn't I just call them?

No, this has
to be done face-to-face,

no phone records,
no e-mails, nothing.

Just the retired brass
old-boys network

and your old-school methods.


You guys need
to figure out

the best way
to deliver a message

without a smudge
of fingerprints from here.

I don't want
to know a thing.

I'll see a result,

or I won't.

The name and address and record
of the individual.

All I want
is a message delivered

that says she's got her hooks
in the wrong whale.

This time of night, you can be
in Sea Breeze in about an hour.

You're sure about this?

Pop, I've given over 40 years
to law enforcement.

The victim in this
is a good man

who would fall on his sword
for my department.

If I want to go out on a limb
to protect him,

let them take a couple of bricks
out of my house in Cop Heaven.

You got it.

So it wasn't a mitt
or a wrestler's outfit

missing from that pose.

It was a hockey stick.

No way.

Yeah, his last name's Laroche.

Guy got drafted
to the Montreal Canadiens

out of high school,

ended his career
as a fourth-line wing

with the '82 Rangers,

and whose knee guy

had an office in that building
that he keeps going back to.

So where's he AWOL from?

Some assisted-care home
outside of Albany.

When's the last time
a call went out on him?

Nothing over the weekend,
so four days ago.

You think he's all right?

I still think we
should call for backup.

Well, we don't even know
if the kid's in there yet.

Warrant or no,
we're still violating

these people's belief
in sanctuary.

It makes them angry.

They'll get over it.


We got a warrant to
search the premises.

Sorry, we closed
for services.

Not for us, you're not.

This a sanctuary, sir.

Yeah, and this warrant
trumps your sanctuary, okay?

So why don't you step aside.

All right, step aside.
We're going in.

Back up!

Put your hands on me again.
Get them up.

Get them up.

Get down the stairs

and open the door.


Keep them up.

Move it.

Go on, open the door.

Call for backup, Kate.

Go on.

Detectives at 42 Linden Street.

Step aside. Hey, move it!

Step back.

Who are you?
Step aside.

Hey, step back.

Hey! Toussaint!

Back up.

You can't be here.

Step back, I said!


Hey, what's wrong with him?

What the hell
is wrong with him?

This is a sanctuary!

What's that?
There is nothing wrong.

Please do not interfere.


We must free him
from the demons.

Kate, call a bus!

Listen to my spirit.

Be gone.

He's free!

The demons are gone!

The demons are gone!

He is free!
Oh, he's free.

The demons are gone!

10-85, forthwith,
What took you so long?

regarding an EDP.

2-5 West 5-7.


You guys got
to do something.


It's all right. We got it.

We got it.

Malcolm Laroche?

Hey, third period,

game two, playoffs
against the Islanders.

One goal, one assist,

one player sent to the hospital.

Yeah, you're Malcolm Laroche.

You know me?

Yes, I do, yeah.

Dr. Noth is on his way.

Dr. No?

Dr. No, yeah.

You want to go home?

Home. Yeah.


Why don't we relax?

They'll be here in a minute.


Thank you very much.

It's okay.
Help's on the way.


Nice working with you.

You, too.

You sure about that?

Yeah, I'm just thinking,
that's all.

What's on your mind?

We got a troubled kid
who never hurt a flea.


Priest tries
to squash his demons,

he takes a blade to the priest,

or who he thought
was the priest,

but never to anybody else.

Where you going with this?

Who took up the blade?

The kid or his demons?

Like, the Devil made him do it?

I know, I know.

Just... I saw the look

on that kid's face tonight
at the end.

You've been around this Vodou stuff.

Is it possible
that's what it was?

I guess it's possible.

You know, I heard
two things about you.

One, that you treat

your partners
like they're your employees.

And the other,

that you are just incapable
of letting anything go.

Innocent on the first count,
guilty on the second.

Have a good night,

You, too.

Thanks, David.

One of the candidates is coming
in first thing in the morning,

another one in the afternoon.

I would appreciate it

if you could sit in
on both interviews.

Not a problem.

Good. Thanks.

Thing is, my problem--

it seems to have gone away.

How so?

Good question.

I got a registered letter

from an attorney
in Wayne, New Jersey,

informing me
that all former correspondence

from a certain client of his
had been sent in error.

How about that.

How about that.

So I'm kind of
in limbo here.

I don't know what to do.


Look, it could've happened
to anyone.

Not anyone.
Anyone I know.


When the kids were little

and Mary was swamped
the way mothers get,

you know,
so the husband comes dead last,

I was at a police convention
in Chicago,

staying at the Drake Hotel.

Frank, stop.

You're very good
at having

an anecdote at hand
that puts you directly

in the other guy's shoes,
and most of them are true,

but some of them are total BS,
like this one.

The real question is:
Can you trust someone

who got played
as badly as I did

to still be
in your inner circle?

Didn't see that one coming.

Piece of advice?

Mrs. Moore gave you a free pass.

You cashed it in.

That part's done.

Now, go home and see if there's
still a marriage there.


See you in the morning.

For the interviews.

For the briefing.

First thing, as usual.

Like this never

Thank you, Frank.

Hey, back by popular demand.

Yes, uh,

for a farewell appearance,
one night only.

What's going on?

I left you a note
in your...

in your drawer.

You left me a note...

in my drawer?

Some kind of a joke, partner?

You putting in for a transfer
or something?

No, I, um...

I'm gonna take a
leave of absence.


Because I was away on vacation,
and I realized I'm...

I'm not capable
of taking one anymore.

You know, it's not like

I'm gonna erase the things
that I've seen here,

or I'm gonna erase the things
people do to each other,

but I at least need
to stop feeding the meter

right now.

I need to think
about something else.

And you know what,
you don't have to worry.

It's not gonna happen to you

you're surrounded
by good people.

And I need to go find mine.

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