Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Old Wounds - full transcript

Erin's ex-husband comes for their daughter's birthday and opposes her in court. Frank spends the day with a young man who won a contest. And he tells Frank that he doesn't think that the ...

Good morning, Frank.

Apparently not.

Why do you say that?

You're hovering already.

The Irish Times is gonna
have a reporter covering

your breakfast with the
prime minister this morning.

Also, CNN is requesting a
brief and painless interview

regarding the department's
counter terrorism division.

They are seldom brief
and never painless.

I'll take that as a yes.

And you're hovering because?

We had a visit from
the NYPD Legal Bureau.

This is a copy of the subpoena.

A subpoena for what?
A dealer

is going to trial
for selling heroin.

His lawyer contends that it

was illegal for police
to stop and search him

in a private
residential building,

so his arrest should be vacated.

You are being subpoenaed
to answer questions

about the department's
safe building policy.

But, wait, there's more.


The attorney's Jack Boyle.

Erin's ex?

People v.

David Powell on the charge

of criminal possession
of a controlled substance

in the first degree.

Jack Boyle, Your Honor,
of Boyle, Baxter and Russell,

counsel for the defense.

How do you plead?

Not guilty.

People, would you like
to be heard on bail?

Uh, Erin Reagan-Boyle
for the People, Your Honor.

Based on his priors,
the state requests

a $25,000 bail.
First things first.

Your Honor, the arrest
of Mr. Powell began with

an unconstitutional stop inside
his building of residence.


Your Honor, Mr. Powell
had ten ounces of heroin on him

and the details
of the stop are

arguments for the trial,
not the arraignment.

We waive all written motions.

We will not entertain any pleas.

Uh, we are going to fight this.

And as long as we're
granted a pretrial

hearing, we are prepared
to move forward immediately.

In regards to the defense
request to go straight to trial,

are the People prepared?

Oh, the People
are ready for trial.

Last name Boyle.

Any relation?

Not anymore, Your Honor.

Is that a problem,
Your Honor?

Not for me, no.

For you,

well, all-all
I can say is

I'm looking forward
to presiding over the trail.

Bail is set at $20,000.

Check on the 20...

Excuse me one second. Hi.

Would have been nice to
have a heads up, Jack.

Uh, yeah, I'm sorry.
No could do.


Yeah, really, I had a subpoena
to serve in the case.

Not to me.

No, uh, no, to your dad.

You did what?

It's nothing personal.

And you would have done
the same thing and you know it.

That's a very nice suit,
by the way.

What are you...
just in town for the trial?

Uh, who knows?

Well, you should.

Nah, you know me, as soon as
it ain't as much fun anymore,

uh, I am out the door.

I'm gonna have to sleep
on that one for, like, a week.

Hey, I'm sure
that you have a...

a lot planned
for Nicky's Sweet 16.

Give me a couple of windows,

I'd like to do
something special with her.

She's free all day Saturday,

but you really should
check with her.

Can I drop you?

You already did.

I had that coming.


Mr. Prime Minister.

Thank you, Commissioner.

Detective Baker
will show you out.

Good luck at the UN.

Safe trip back to Dublin.

Tell me I don't have to answer
that subpoena in person.

You want the truth or just
what you want to hear?

You don't have to appear,

legal's taking care of it.


Yeah, really.

Yes, Baker?

The winner of the Commissioner
for a Day contest is here.

Okay, let's have him.
Jordan Silva,

18, East New York.

What's up?

Jordan Silva,
I'd like to introduce

Commissioner Frank Reagan.



When you come back,
I'll show you around

and fill you in on what
we'll be doing today.

When I come back from where?

From going home to put on

attire appropriate
for this office.

And lose the jewelry.

What do we got, partner?

Uh, two gunshots--

one to the back of the head,
one in the crotch.

Oh. Nine millimeter?

Same as the Ramos murder
last week.

Ah, great.
got any witnesses?

Well, just the dog.

All right, so we

got the same exact M.O.
as the first one, huh?

Yeah, both

shot in the back of the head,
both in the crotch.

Both hit in the
early morning hours

at close range
with a nine millimeter.

Well, good morning, New York.

Looks like we got ourselves
a serial killer.

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Old Wounds
Original Air Date on October 12, 2012

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I filed a motion

to quash the subpoena, citing

Dad on the stand would be

irrelevant and inflammatory.

Claw it back.

Our lawyers

are taking care of it,
quietly and leakproof.

So, he doesn't even get
a mention in the papers.

Not if it goes the way we hope.

You'll rescind your motion?

Right away.


I'll, uh, come back.

I should be going.

May I say something?

Do I have a choice?

I stand where I stood
two years ago,

and if he disappoints Nicky
one more time...


I am not here to rehash my past.

Subpoenaing me was
a nonstarter and he knew it.

Okay, I don't
need a lecture, Dad.

I'm not lecturing,
I'm reminding.

He knows how to get to you.

I'll keep that in mind.

You come up with anything
on that tattoo there,

the, uh, "fury"?

No, I haven't
seen it before.

Looks like a
gang tat though.

What do you know
about this guy?

Uh, we've got Eduardo Munoz,
22, from Sunset Park.

Two gunshots.

First shot struck
the right orbital plate.

Uh, basically shot
to the head, no exit.

Second shot tore through
his penis and interior

urethra at close range.

Every time I say that phrase,

men instinctively
cover their privates.

How close was the shooter?

Mmm, about...

about this close.

That's close.

A close range shot to the groin,

doesn't get more
personal than that.

Hey, Mom.

Shoot. It's your half day.

We're supposed to be shopping
for the dress for your party.

But it doesn't look like it.

Yeah, I'm kind of...

Got it, no worries.

Dad came by school.

Charmed my English teacher.

Did he?

He told me he wanted
to take me out for my birthday.

Well, he is your father.

So, you're cool with it?

As long as you are.

Sounds like he may be here
for a while.

Well, we'll see.

Can I ask you
one quick question?

Yeah, shoot.

Is opposing him in court
kind of...



Does seeing Dad
ever make you miss him?

Even a little bit?

Or do you just
wish you never

even got married
in the first place?

That's two questions.

Goes to the witness's
frame of mind, Your Honor.

If we had never gotten married,
I wouldn't have you

and you are, by far,
the greatest thing

I have ever accomplished.

And while a lot of things
go into making any decision,

what I try to keep foremost

in my mind is
the public safety.

Thank you so much, Commissioner.

My pleasure, Jessica.

If I may ask your
Commissioner for a Day winner

a quick question?


What's been your impression
of Commissioner Reagan?

Uh, I think he's a very,
um, powerful guy

with a very
influential position.

We don't have
time for this.

We are due downstairs
for a Sports League

lunch reception now,
but thank you, Jess.

Thank you both
for being on time

as our window is very small.

What did you think?

You're good at sound bites.

So are you.

"Powerful" and "influential,"
both descriptive,

yet non-committal.

So, she asked you a lot
about, uh, public safety.

The way I see it, you're more

interested in the public safety
of places like Park Slope

and the Upper East Side.

How heavy is that?

The chip on your shoulder?

I just tell it like it is.

Oh, do you now?

Did you know that under
Commissioner Reagan,

New York City is enjoying the
lowest crime rate since 1964?

Well, in my neighborhood
someone gets shot to death

and it ends up on page 30

of the newspaper
in an article this big.

East New York,
your neighborhood,

leads this city
in rapes, robberies,

murders and felony assaults.

Why do you think that is?

'Cause no one cares,
including the cops.

You need to wait
by the elevator.

Historically, the Commissioner
for a Day winners

just spend less than an hour
with the commissioner,

so your work here is done.

It's my time and I'm not done.

So, not yet.

Care to share why?

Again, not yet.

Well, you gotta admit,
Jack's got balls.

You want me to beat him up
or something?

If you remember, that didn't go
over for you too well last time.

Hold on, the guy's got
two feet on me,

and besides,
he didn't fight fair.

Well, that's what makes
him a good attorney.


Well, he did charm
everyone in the family

The case you're here about?


Yeah, Eduardo Munoz
and John Ramos,

both acquitted
on charges of, uh...

Rape in the first degree,

along with Martin Cabrera
and Richard Turkel.

Right. Well, Munoz and Ramos
both turned up dead

within a week of each other.

Can't say I'm sorry about that.

Danny, this is Pete Freehill.

He is the detective
who worked the case.

Apparently didn't
work it well enough.

Hey, it happens.

More like, the jury
didn't do the right thing.

Right, so, uh,
what happened with it?

Well, these four guys

gang-raped an 18-year-old girl
on her way home from a party.

She ID'd them the next day,

and I scooped 'em up.

They were arrested,
grand jury indicted,

but when it went to trial,

the defense team called
the DNA evidence into question.

It was mixed
in such a way

that the analyst couldn't
get a single profile.

So the jury let 'em walk.

Well, you said
there were four guys.

The other two,
they still on the street?

Yeah, Cabrera and Turkel,
two lowlifes.

I'm just waiting for
them to come back around

so we can get it
right next time.

You're thinking
they may be next?

Well, it would make sense.

This victim, Lily Rivera,
did she testify?

She broke down under cross,

wouldn't retake the stand.

Look, somebody's taking
these guys out one by one.

This girl... she seem the type
of person who'd be capable?

I hope not.

I mean, it was devastating
enough to lose the case.

It would destroy me if I had
to prosecute her for murder.

Yeah, I mean, last I heard,
she was in rehab.

I mean, she's never
really recovered from this.

Lily, we're very sorry
for all you've been through.

We'll try to make
this brief, okay?

Now, when was the last time
you saw or heard from

any of the men
accused of raping you?

Accused of raping me?

What does that mean?

You think that they're innocent?

No, that's not what I meant.


The last time I saw them was...

a month ago.

After the trial ended,

and they were celebrating.

High-fiving each other and
slapping each other on the back

when they won the case.

I'm sorry.

Detective Freehill
promised that...

that there was no way these guys
were ever gonna walk.

So that must have been
very upsetting for you, huh?


They tell me

that I have...

some sort of post-traumatic
stress disorder.

I thought only soldiers
coming back from war got that.

You know why I'm here?

'Cause all the drugs

that they prescribed...

didn't make me functional again.

They just gave me this whole
other set of nightmares.

Lily, we have
to ask you this. Okay?

Where were you this morning
between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m.?

My mom checked me in last night.

I haven't left.


Why? Because two of
the men who raped you

have turned up dead.

John Ramos was killed
a week ago,

Eduardo Munoz was
killed this morning.

Can you get me on that list?

Because I...

honestly wish
someone would kill me.

And... smile.

And now a handshake.

I think we got it.
Thank you, John.

Could you stop down at 13
and just download those now?

Give us a minute, Garrett.


Give us a minute.

Why do you think you
won this essay contest?

I just write what I think
people want to hear.

Tell me about your family.

Your dad?

I don't know my dad.


Tell me about your mother.

What do you know about my mom?

I know she was murdered,

and I know the case
is still open.

You know why?

'Cause of who she was.

Where we're from.

What if it was your wife
who was killed?


How fast would
that case get closed?

It got closed pretty quick.

She died of cancer.

A'ight. Sorry.

The police aren't
the enemy, here.

You know it's been over a year,

and I still don't know
who killed her?

You know no one's
even been charged yet?

And when I ask
the detective why,

he blows me off.

So... you really
going to tell me

if our roles were reversed
it'd be the same?

You really gonna tell me

that we're equal there?


Okay, come with me.

You still have your married name
on the door.

That's a shocker.

It's kind of like
someone on a diet

keeping a fat picture
of themselves on the fridge.

Just to look
at it and go,

"I don't want to
be that person, ever again."


What can I do for you?

I, uh, was wondering if you had
any friends who were realtors.

Let me think.

Just about a hundred.

I'm supposed
to look for a place.

And the, uh, the firm
will pay for something nice,

so I thought the commission
might as well...

Tracey Scott.
She's great.

Happily married, though.

I am looking for an apartment.

And, Jack, if you do
end up moving back...

Um, it's just in the air
at this point.

The New York office is way off
on revenue targets...


Can I just ask this?

At least 20 blocks from me.

Different subway stop,

dry cleaners, different...
Chinese takeout.

Different anything where you and
I might bump into each other.

Of course.

can you not put it
in Nicky's head

that you might move back?

I mentioned that there
was a possibility...

Yeah, I know.

I know. Please stop.

Unless and until
it's real,

and you're able to tell her

you're going to see her
more often, and you're sure

that you're actually going
to follow through on it.

Why are you doing this?

Because, Jack, it
would be really cruel

if she thought her father
was living a cab ride away,

and he still didn't
have time for her.

I wouldn't do that to her.

She turns 16 on Sunday.

Do you know what that means?

Yeah, that she's, uh...

I don't know.

She's not a
kid anymore.

And in two years,

it's going to be
totally up to her

which one of us she lives with,

or how often she wants
to see either of us.

So if you do want
to see her more,

run it by her.

Not me.

Fair enough.

Erin Boyle.

Did you ever think that maybe

the real reason you kept
your name on that door

is because for
a long stretch there

we were a pretty good team?

I'll see you in court,
as they say.

I think it's the worst
part of the job.

Still can't believe we gotta
protect a bunch of rapists.

Well, they didn't get convicted.

They didn't get convicted
because of a technicality.

I still can't believe they
found a lawyer smart enough

to poke a hole in
the DNA evidence.

If you ask me, they're
getting what they deserve.

What, are we
judge and jury now?

I'm just saying,
I'm not gonna feel good about

locking up the guy
who's doing this to them.

I know. You just feel good
about doing your job.

When you do your job, that's the
difference between us and them.

Hold on,
is that Cabrera?

I think that's our guy, Jack.

Let's go.

Martin Cabrera.

We need to ask you
a few questions.


- Run, man!
- Hey!

Hold on!

Stop that bus!

Hold it!

Stop the bus!

Right now.

Keep the door closed behind me.

Everyone stay in your seats.

It's police business.

You two, come on.

Chill, man. I didn't
even do nothing!

Shut your mouth.

What the hell'd
you run for, huh?

I didn't know you
was a real cop.

I thought you were
gonna kill me.

I thought I was next.

Nine millimeter.

Tour's over for you, kid.

Next stop's Rikers Island.

Let's go.

All right, all right.

Thank you.

Come on.

You and I both know
what you did.

I didn't rape her.
Oh, you didn't?

Okay, well, let's
say you didn't.

We still got you on possession
of an illegal firearm...

oh, and resisting arrest,
which, with your record,

I think is good for about
three to six for you.

Shut up, man.

Ain't nobody gonna
punk me, all right?


Yeah? Know who's
going to punk you?

A bunch of prison inmates
are going to punk you.

I'm gonna skate this, same
as I skated on the last one.

No, you're gonna be someone's
prison bitch, you rapist.

"Fury," huh?

When did you get that tat?

A couple of months ago.
For what?

Some kind of, uh,
gang initiation?

You know, Munoz
had the same one.

Did you both get it
for raping Lily Rivera?

Yeah, maybe I did, so what?

There's nothing you
could do about it.

I'm sorry, I slipped.

Keep your man in check,
all right?

Guy's crazy!

Yes, he is.

Munoz is dead.

Ramos is dead.

All that's left
is you and Turkel.

Last time I saw Turk,

he was freaked out
about the murders.

Where did you see him?

Write it down.

Write it down.

He's staying
at his grandma's house.

So, who do you think did it?

When we got off,
her brother went nutso on us.

Screaming in the courtroom,

saying he was gonna kill us,
one by one.

Too bad he didn't start
with you first.

Lily's seven years
younger than me.

So my whole life, it was,
"Mark, walk Lily to school.

"Mark, take care of Lily.

Mark, help Lily
with homework"

That night, she was going to
a party at a friend's house.

I said I'd meet her
and walk her home,

but she says she's 18.

"I can walk home by myself""

Now she sits inside all day,

watching TV.

I'm watching my
sister waste away.

It's my fault.

Did you try to help her
by getting revenge

on the guys
who did this to her?

I read about the murders.

What, you think I did it?

Put it to you this way,

I wouldn't blame you if you did.

Martin Cabrera

said you threatened to kill him
and the others

when they were acquitted.

Yeah, I did.

If it was your sister,
wouldn't you?

It doesn't mean I acted on it.
All right,

where were you this morning
between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.?

I stayed the night
at my girl's house.

I didn't leave
for work till 8:00.

She'll corroborate that for you?


My sister's rapists
got away scot-free

and now the person
taking revenge on them

is probably gonna
end up in prison.

What kind of justice is that?

What do you think?

It's a little Jodie Foster
in Taxi Driver.


Before your time.


Let's try this one.

But I like this one.

Just try it.

So Dad got tickets to Once,
the Saturday matinee.

We're going to an
early dinner after.


Then to the Yankees game.

Oh, he's really pouring it on.

Dad got a third
ticket for the game.

Oh, honey, I can't.

And please don't get it
into your head

that if the geography may change

that Dad and I might
get back together.

It's just...

it's never gonna happen and...

What I was going to ask...

Going to ask?

Well, I've kind of started
hanging out with Luke Ryder.


He's a huge Yankees fan.

Do you think

it'd be cool
if I asked him to go?

Luke Ryder?

Or too, you know, forward?

What did your dad say?

I didn't ask him,

but he said it
was my ticket

to ask whoever I wanted.

Then... should ask who...
whoever you want.

Make sure that Luke Ryder

offers to buy a round
of hot dogs.


what do you think?

I think

that my little girl
is all grown up.

I meant about the dress.

It's a keeper.

What do you got, partner?

Cabrera's gun wasn't a match,

and the brother's alibi
checked out.

Well, it's got
to be somebody close to her.

How about the father?

Okay, what about the mother?

No, she works
the night shift at Jacobi,

and they said
she was there last night.


Excuse me, Detective.
What's this?

Looks like we got
a ballistics hit.

Bullets from the
murders match ones found

in a gang shooting
in the Bronx two years ago.

Shooter was named Paco Flores.

Let's go see Paco.

You left this
in the kitchen.

Why are you looking
into a murder in East New York?

You're reading my files.

Well, I'm retired.

What else do I have to do?

What's bothering you?

Nothing, Pop.

I forget where I left my keys,

and sometimes I don't remember
my grocery list,

but one thing I haven't lost,

and that is my ability to know
when something is bothering you.

My Commissioner for the Day,

it's his mother
that was murdered.

There's something
he doesn't know.

And when he finds out,

it's gonna hurt him.

So what are you gonna tell him?

The truth.

What do you remember
about your grandfather?


He taught me how to fish.

Taught me how to throw
a curveball.

He was a useless drunk.

When I was growing up,

my father went from job to job

because he was always drinking.

My mother had to
work her butt off

to pay for us to go
to Catholic school.

He left when I was 15.

I had to get a job
to help Mom pay the bills.

Then when he came back,
years later,

it was never the same for me.

I had no respect for him.

You loved Grandpa.

Of course I did, Francis,

because he was my father.

You loved your granddad

because you didn't know
the history.

You never told me.

It would have ruined
your relationship

and whatever wonderful memories
you had with him.

I like this kid.

Seems to me like

all he's got left are memories.

Police! Open up!

You got a search warrant?

You hear someone
screaming inside?

As if they were in distress
and need our help desperately?

Hmm, yeah, I think we should
probably wait for backup.

Yeah, we'll wait
for backup.

Police! On the floor right now!

Get down on the floor.

You two, on the floor now!
Let's go! Down!

We're not here
for any of you.

We're for Paco, all right.

So don't do anything stupid.

Coming out, Jack.

All right, stay down there.

Stay down there.

Show me your hands.

On the ground, now!



Hello, Paco.

Get on your feet.

I said get up.

Now listen to me,

I don't care
what you're doing here.

I don't even care
what you got on you.

I care about a shooting you
were involved in two years ago.

What happened to the gun?

I don't got that gun.

I said what happened to it?

A cop took it, man.

A cop took it?

Was it... a detective?

It wasn't listed as evidence.

What was his name?

Uh, Free something.

Detective Freehill?

Yeah, that's it, Freehill.

Detective Freehill.

Okay, come on.

Get out of here.

Jack, Detective
Freehill is the guy

that worked Lily Rivera's case.

I met him this morning
in Erin's office.

You saying a cop murdered
these guys?

It makes sense now.

Well, if that's the case,
Turkel is next.

And we have
an address on him

that's close by; you want to check it out?
No, no, no.

You put a team together, you
go find Freehill, all right?

I'm gonna go by Turkel's place.


it looks like Freehill
might be here already.

Yeah, call in an 85
to this address.

Yeah, I'll wait for backup.

Please, please, man.

Come on, please.
Come on, man.

Please, come on.

No! Please don't!

Don't do this to me, man!
Oh, come on!

Please! Please help me!

Drop it!

Stay out! Stay out!

I said drop that gun!

Come on!
I'm telling you, stay out!

Stay out of here!

I don't want to die, man!
Shut up!

Detective Freehill,

I want you to put
that gun down right now.

I promised her
I'd get justice.

I promised her that they would
never be able to hurt her again,

and they walked
out of there free,

like it was all a big joke.
I know what they did.

I know what they did.
I worked that case for over a year.

Man, I did everything
by the book!

I know,
and it wasn't your fault.

Okay, it happens.

We all get cases
that don't go

the way we want,
that don't go

the way they should, okay?

No, they never, never,
never once

showed an ounce of remorse,

and they can't be retried.

They're gonna walk away

on my case? On my time?

I can't let this guy walk.

You're gonna do this
scumbag's time for him, huh?

Is that what you're gonna do?

What sense does that make?
Tell you what sense it makes,

at least she gets justice,
that's what sense it makes.

You know the type of girl she is, Pete.
She's only gonna blame herself.

Look at me.

Don't take the coward's way out
on this, all right?

I don't know you well,
but I know you well enough

to know you're not a coward, all
right? You're a good detective.

Do me a favor.

Lower that gun
so we can talk here. Come on.

What happens? This guy just gets
to walk out of here?

Come on. You and I both
know scumbags like this.

He will make another
mistake again,

and when he does,
Pete, I will be there.

One cop to another, I give you
my word, I will get him.

That's some of our guys
out there now.

What are you gonna do?

It's only gonna get more
complicated for you. Look at me.

Give it up, Pete.
Come on.

Give me that.

Come on.

There you go.

Now step back.

That was fun.


Well, he's looking at 25 to life.

Maybe he'll get
a good lawyer and walk.

I don't know.

You know, call me crazy,

but me and that guy aren't
that different

if you think about it.

What are you talking about?

Just saying, similar situation,

at least with someone
I care about,

I might have done
the same thing he did.

What did you say to him
in there?

A bunch of lies.
What I wanted to tell him

was go ahead and shoot
the son of a bitch

and let's be done with it.

The issue here is not
who gave consent.

The officers had consent.
The question is did they have

the right to stop Mr. Powell
and probable cause

to search him, which led
to the ten ounces of heroin.

Right. And where was
the probable cause?

Is it now a crime
to do your laundry?

Because that's where Mr. Powell
was headed when he was stopped.

Really? Does he always bring
ten ounces of heroin separated

into ten glassine envelopes
to do laundry?

Your Honor, a citizen has
the expectation

of privacy inside his own home.

The building owners
and its residents

have an expectation
for safety and...

I will review the motion.

We will reconvene at 2:00 p.m.


You got a minute?

I took a look
at your mom's case.

We've always had a suspect.

We're just looking
for a key witness.


For now, you just need to know
that your mom was caught

in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

You're lying.

I didn't lie.

I just didn't tell
the whole truth.

Yeah, well, whatever
you want to call it, all right,

but that "wrong place,
wrong time""

that's all bull, all right?

I'm 18.
I don't want the BS version.

Your mom was shot point-blank
by a rival drug dealer

who thought she was moving in
on his territory.

My mom was selling drugs?

Crack cocaine.

She was a bartender.

I-I never even saw her
with drugs.

She was selling
from behind the bar.

And the detective
on the case

did not blow you off.

It was stalled because the only
witness to her murder

disappeared that night.

So what you saying then,

whoever did it is just
gonna get away with it?

Not if I can help it.

And now you feel sorry for me.

Um, I'm not a charity case.

Don't confuse me
with social services.

I'm not your counselor.

I didn't come here
to hold your hand.

So what did you come for, huh?!

To tell me that my mom's been
lying to me for years?

You didn't even
know who I was.

You didn't even care
about any of this

until I came into your office.

You need to get your head out
of your ass.

Who do you think chose you,

"I can't compete with kids my
age who have money and status

"to help them succeed, but I can
compete on sheer will

"and determination
because that can't be bought,

"can't be handed down,
and its supply is endless

if you decide, like me,
never to give up."

I told you I write what
people like to hear.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

No question you've got every
reason to be bitter and angry.

You got
a legitimate grievance.

Now, you can nurse
that grievance

and become a victim
for the rest of your life

or you can choose to persevere.

I'm not a victim.

No, you're not.

You can be somebody.

'Cause I won some
stupid essay contest?

Because you convinced the police
commissioner of New York City

to reexamine your mom's murder.

So, if you find out
something else

about my mom's case, then...

You're my first phone call.



You want to
practice shooting,

you ought to run a bunch
of wind sprints first.

That way you're
shooting through fatigue.

More like the real thing.


You're welcome.

Turn it up.

Hi, I'm Erin,
Nicky's mom.

Nice to meet you. Luke Ryder.

Oh, well, Luke Ryder.


Is-Is Nicky here yet?

Yeah, yeah, she's right
over there with the gang.

Who's that kid
with Nicky?

Ah, that's her friend.

These are really good.
You know, you should try some.

Like a friend friend
or a boyfriend friend?

Why don't you ask her?

Poor kid.

Imagine you looking over at
this table, what do you see?

You see New York's Finest

eating a bunch
of finger foods.

Yeah, and watching for him
to make one false move.

That's right.

How much do we know
about this kid, huh?

Don't worry, Pop,
I'm already on top of it.


Oh, hi.

Uh, Nicky invited me.

Yeah, I know.
I figured if you

wanted me not to come,
I would've heard from you.

It's her party.

I will take that as a...


Oh, and congratulations
on the ruling, by the way.

Thank you.

Please don't get mad at me,

but you look absolutely
beautiful, Ms. Boyle.

Oh, don't call me that.

Beautiful or Boyle?


Uh, go say hi to my family.

They packing?



It's good that you're here.

Uncle Jack!

I didn't know you were coming.

How are you?

Oh, Jack, Sean!

Wait, wait, wait.
Hup, hup!

Pick one.

Look at that.

Old silver dollars.

- Luck in your pocket.
- Cool!

- Yeah, cool.
- Very cool, very cool.

Ah, Jamie, too long.

Good to see you.

Danny, Linda.

Jack, good to see you.

You mean that?


Keep moving.

Hello, Jack.
Hello, Frank.

I'm, uh, I'm sorry
about that subpoena.

It was nothing personal.

No big deal.
Squashed it like a cockroach.

Uh, yeah, yeah, so you did,
so you did.

So, uh, no hard feelings?

Nah. I figured you'd
suffered enough already.

Uh, yeah? How's that?

You had two of the best women
I've ever known,

and you let 'em both go.

Ms. Reagan-Boy...

Ms. Reagan.

Good morning to you.

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