Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Domestic Disturbance - full transcript

When an injured woman recants her claim of domestic violence, Danny and Jackie look into it further, only to find that the woman is involved in a secret relationship with a high powered ...

All right, what's going on?
What do you got?

Angela Ferrara.
Called 911,

said she was fighting
with her boyfriend.


When we got here,
she changed her story.

Claims she fell down the stairs.

Where's the boyfriend?

No sign of him.

Great. Angela...

Detective Reagan. This is my
partner, Detective Curatola.

You okay?

I... My freakin' heel got
caught on one of the steps.

- I just fell. It was...
- Right. We got

a 911 call, said something
about your boyfriend.

Oh, no, no.
That was a mistake.

I-I kind of lost it
for a second.

I'm so sorry to bother you guys.

Where's your
boyfriend now?

He took off a little while ago.

He didn't have anything
to do with this.

You understand, Angela,
there's only so much we can do

to help you if you don't tell us
what really happened, all right?

Yeah, no.
Like I said, I fell.

I'm really sorry to bother you guys.

I'm fine, really.

Yeah, okay. No problem.
Thank you.

We should
get her to the E.R.

Yeah, you do that.

What is with these girls?
Do they all use "I fell

down the steps" for an excuse?
I don't know.

They keep covering for
these sons of bitches.

This is the next-door neighbor.
Do you have any idea

what happened tonight, ma'am?
Well, Angela's a nice girl,

but her tastin men
is the worst.

Did you see her fight with her boyfriend?
No, I heard.

We share the same bedroom wall.
I could write a book.

This is not the first time.

Angela had

a bad breakup

with a Kevin.

Yeah, I think he lives
on the block.

Do you know the last name
on this Kevin guy?

That's him.

the Kevin.

That's the Kevin?

That's him.


Kev, I need to ask
a few questions.

I got nothing to say.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa,
we didn't ask you

any questions yet-- how do you
know you got nothing to say?

What's your full name, Kevin?

Kevin Carr.

Kevin Carr.
Kevin Carr.

Do you know
Angela Ferrara?

Yeah, so what?

So what? So she got
hurt this evening.

Do you know anything about that?

I don't date
Angela anymore.

And unless you're
gonna arrest me,

you got no right to keep me here.
Whoa. Kevin knows

his rights.
Yeah, sounds like you been

in the system before, Kevin.
Maybe we should look you up.

I'm not looking for trouble, all right?

Then you won't mind coming down,
answering some questions.

Let's go.
Oh, come on.

Come on.

Watch your head.

Excuse me, I'm looking
for a patient, Angela Ferrara.

I need to ask her a few questions.
Sorry, Detective,

your questions are
gonna have to wait.

Oh, well, okay,
then, Nurse.

Can I have a kiss?
I don't know.

Is it an emergency?
It is.

Oh, okay.

The boys with Henry?

Yeah, I'm gonna pick 'em up
on the way home.

You working all night tonight?

Covering for a girl.

She's still on vacation
for the next few days.

I see.

Two weeks back,
and you already

got the graveyard shift
in the E.R., huh?

They're just throwing you
right in the deep end.

Yeah, but I can handle it.

Listen, I gotta go.

but I need to speak
to Angela Ferrara.

Can you help me out?
She's sleeping. Can't it wait till tomorrow?

I guess so.
Did you take care of her?

Yeah, she got knocked
around pretty good.

Yeah, she did.

And it wasn't by a flight of stairs.
Yeah. I didn't think so.

Did you get the guy?

Her ex-boyfriend said
he wasn't with her tonight.

Of course he did.
I gotta go. - Yeah.

Oh, wait, can you go
to the market tomorrow?

I got to go get a bunch
of stuff that we need.

Yeah, I got it.
Don't worry about it.

But use the coupons this time.
I got it.

I'll use the coupons.
Okay. Bye.

This just keeps getting
better and better.



How much longer?

We've only been
here 20 minutes.



Hey! Good to see you, Sam.

It's the mayor's
pet charity.

Yet somehow I do not
see the mayor.

Lovely to see you, Frank.

You're looking
lovely, Maryanne.

Soon as he shows, we can go.

Cheer up, Frank.

At least there's an open bar.

Finally, someone I wouldn't mind
having a drink with.


You do this

all the time.
What's your secret

to surviving these things, Tony?
You just got

to look at it
as part of the workday,

the fun part with free booze
and food. Hiya, Garrett.

Evening, Councilman.

I hear Jimmy
Manning's retiring.

Yeah, they're throwing quite a racket
for him uptown, I hear.

Should get pretty wild.
You want to go?

Well, being commissioner
kind of makes me

a wet blanket at those things.
Miss 'em, though.

Back in the old days, you were
always the last guy standing.

You were always
the first one to leave,

usually with the girl who
popped out of the cake.

The mayor's new budget, Tony.

He's cutting my funding
for stress training.

I saw that.
I put that

program in place
when I came on as PC.

It was part of the deal.

Different times,
different mayor.

This administration's all about austerity.
It's gonna be about

damage control if the city isn't safe.
I get it.

I used to carry a gold shield
myself, remember?

Well, have it in your pocket
when the vote comes up.

It's gonna come down
to three undecideds.

Garcia, Vogel...

and Tong--
we need all three.

Well, Garcia's pro-cop.
So is Tong.

Yeah, but the
mayor's people

are working these guys hard, and
it's an election year for them.

We need this one, Tony.

Thanks for coming
back in, Kevin.

Listen, I told you everything last night.
I got nothing more to say.

Right, well, we heard that you
and Angela fought all the time.

- Whatever. That bitch is crazy.
- Hey,

watch your mouth.

I ain't seen Angela in weeks.

She told me she met
some big shot.

I feel bad for him.

Yeah, why's that?

Angela likes to party.

She's got a real mouth on her
and a serious temper.

That why you
beat her up last night?

For the hundredth time,
I wasn't with Angela last night.

I saw the ambulance,
I checked it out--

that ain't a crime.
You ought to know

about crime, right, Kevin?
I mean, you got collars

for breaking and entering,
assault, resisting arrest.


And that doesn't mean
I slapped her around last night.

Come on.

We recorded your voice
in the car last night.

Intel's gonna match it
to the voice on the 911 tape,

so why don't you do us all
a favor, stop wasting time

and just give it up, all right?

If Angela I.D.'d me for this,
I'd be in a cell right now.

You got nothing and you know it.

We'll see about that.

Is that how you
do it, tough guy?

You scare them so bad
they're afraid to complain?

Is that it?

Some girls ask for it, you know?

Yeah, some even like it.

What about you, Detective--
you like it?

You like that, Kevin?!
Get her off me!

Huh? You like that? Seems like you do!
Come on! Come on!


Come on.

Not so fun
when they fight back, huh?

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Domestic Disturbance
Original Air Date on October 5, 2012

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That was fun.

Look, he had it
coming, all right?

You ain't got
to explain to me.

What was funny?

Nothing. I mean,
other than the fact

that I think maybe you've

been working with me
a little bit too long.

Piece of trash is not
speaking to me that way.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't worry about
that piece of trash whining to CCRB

about getting tuned up
by a girl.

Detective Reagan.

Yeah, all right.

Thank you.

Reagan, I'm sorry,

but we cannot let him
walk out of here.

I don't think we
have any choice, Jack.

That was the Intel Division.

Turns out it wasn't his voice
on the 911 tape.


You tuned up the wrong guy.

Do I have to apologize?

Course not.
I'll cut him loose.

The shooting range is
like a classroom.

You put your gun on a bench,

a bell goes off, and you
shoot holes in paper targets.

Our people will not have
the split-second decision-making

they need
without stress training.

Saves lives.

The public's and, just as
importantly, my officers'.

Otherwise we might as well be
handing out driver's licenses

without a road test,
and I will not do it.

I will not cut it.

Hold that thought.

Forgotten but not gone.

You heard from the mayor?

He didn't show up
at the party,

'cause he took his wife
to Jamaica.

Gets back the day
after the council vote.

I'm starting to feel
like he's avoiding me.

Yeah, don't fight
that feeling.

Of course he is.

Been making some calls.

There may be a way we can
get the vote we need.

When you say "we,"
it's always me.

My pal at Vogel's office

says he can get the
boss to vote with us.

Now it's "us."

In exchange for...?
Show up

at a fund-raiser down the road,

shake some hands,
take a few pictures,

give 'em the Good Peacekeeping
Seal of Approval.

We might be able to get
the same deal from Tong.

We get those two,
we're one vote away.

Pretty quick with the math.

The Commissioner's
Office is nonpartisan.

This commissioner
needs the votes,

and it's just a couple of
meet and greets. Come on, Frank.


Can't we talk about this?
We just did.

Tony Mancini's never
let us down.


You here to pick up
the babysitter?

Yeah, well, my trial
got out early,

so we're gonna go
shoe shopping.

Shoe shopping.

Does Barneys sell nurse shoes?

I'll check.


I'm a size eight.

How is being back at work?

It's good.

It's a little overwhelming.

I remember when I went back,
I kept thinking,

"Why is everyone
wound so tight?"


Pressure, stress, it's...

But you need it; it fuels you.

Yeah. I think I'm still
a little out of shape.

Well, give it some time.

Before you know it,
you're gonna be

snapping at the husband
and screaming at the kids and...

Oh, I never gave that up.

Erin, I got to ask you. Y...

When you went back to work,

did you ever have
any second thoughts?

Are you kidding me?

I was the queen
of the nanny-cam.

I used to bring that
stupid thing into court.


I'm sure the judges loved that.

But did you feel like,
I don't know...

you were missing stuff?

Of course, but, you know,

Nicky became more independent
and sure of herself.

The boys need
to learn that, too.

Oh, yeah.

And John?

And my ex-husband became
more independent as well.

But, I mean, did he say
he was okay with it, you know?

You going back to work?

Yes, he said he was.

Ok, I got a car full
of groceries

and I used all the coupons
you gave me.

Except, of course,
the coupons for the beer

because they don't make
coupons for beer.

Hello, sis.

Oh, and the rain-scented
detergent you wanted,

they didn't have rain-scented,
so I got you bacon-scented.

That's the one
I like.

See your ten grand,
raise you $10,000.

All right, let me know what you
come up with, all right?

Thank you. Detective Reagan.

You know what? Let me get right
back to you, all right?

Thank you.

Any luck with Angela?

No. Oprah couldn't get
that girl to open up.

What about you?

Well, I spoke to the super
of Angela's building

who said there happened
to be a limo parked outside

last night right around
the time of the 911 call.

Well, Carr did say she was
dating a big shot.

Yeah. If Kevin Carr is capable
of telling the truth,

this limo could be our guy.

What about the super?

Did he happen to see anyone
in the car?

No, no.

But I called every
limo company in the area,

they're checking their logs.

We'll see
what they come up with.

Detective Reagan.


All right, give me
an address.

Great, thank you.

Okay, Queensboro Limo ran a
round-trip between Forest Hills

and Angela's apartment
last night.

No one in that neighborhood
takes a limo

unless they're en route
to the airport.

It's gotta be our guy.

Well, let's see.

Okay. We got a problem.

Excuse me.
I'm Detective Reagan.

This is Detective Curatola.

We need to speak
to your boss.

What is this regarding?

We just have
a few questions.

I have two detectives
out here to see you.

He'll be right out.

Thank you.

Hiya, Danny.

Hope I didn't keep you
waiting long.

No, not at all. This is my
partner, Jackie Curatola.

Good to meet you, Detective.

Detectives Reagan,


So, what can I do
for you guys?

We just have
a few questions,

but if we're interrupting

Police business
comes first.

I'll wait outside, Tony.

Please, follow me.

Come on in. Have a seat.
Thanks, Tony.

Sorry to break up your day.
We just got a few questions.

We have a little situation.

Angela Ferrara, right?

Yeah. Were you with
her last night?

You know she called 911?

You know, I'm terribly
embarrassed about this.

It's a big misunderstanding.

How long you been seeing her?

Look, we're not trying

to get into your
personal business here.

We're just trying to get
to the bottom of what happened.

I totally

We're seeing each other
a couple of months.

Angie's a great girl.

We he a good thing,

but sometimes she
gets a little... dramatic.

She sounded very dramatic
on the 911 tape.

Is that your voice in
the background?

Yeah. I told her calling the
cops isn't a game.

Angie and I had
a couple drinks,

and she started in on how
she was tired

of keeping things on
the down-low.

You married?

No, no, but I am
a city councilman.

Much younger woman,
former dancer,

it kinda writes itself
on Page Six of the Post,

you know what I mean?

Yeah. Go on.

It was a silly little thing,
you know?

We started going back and forth,

and Angela gets loud,
throws an ashtray at me.

The next thing I know,
she's calling 911.

You hit her?

No. No, no, no, no, no.
She grabbed her keys.

I didn't want her to drive
drunk. She's got a history.

So I followed her
down the hall,

and I tried to get the keys
away from her,

and she tripped and took
a header down the stairs.

Mm. So it was an accident.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

You being a former cop,
you didn't think to wait around

at all, Tony,
for the cops to show up

or maybe drive her
to the hospital yourself?

Believe me, I tried.

She was going nuts.
She wouldn't let me near her.

I had a car waiting for me
outside, so I just took off.

I just didn't want to have
any more trouble.

And you wanted to keep things
on the down-low.

Look, I probably should've
stuck around,

but Angie was okay,

and this whole thing has been
a big misunderstanding.

She told you that, right?

Yeah, that's what she said.

Angela's a great girl.

I'm just glad she's okay.

All right, well,
I guess we got what we need.

Send my best to Linda.

I'll do that.

I suppose you want
to know what this is about.

Should I?

Probably so.

Councilman Mancini was on
a 911 tape

of a young girl calling
for help last night.

On the tape how?

His voice was heard in
the background.

He was at the scene.

Was the young woman hurt?

Cuts, bruises,
and a broken wrist.

And she's accusing
the councilman?

No, she's accusing
a flight of stairs.

But you think different.

Well, Linda treated her
at the ER,

and it doesn't look
like an accident.

No complaint was filed.

They're both saying
it was an accident.

Someone beat up this girl, sir,

and Mancini was in the apartment
when it happened.

We're talking about
a sitting city councilman here.

We're also talking about a good
friend and ally of yours.

Which is beside this or
any other point, as you know.

You suggesting we back off?

I'm suggesting to both of you
that you make sure you have

a solid case before
you go barreling down

a particular path.

Do you job,

no more, no less.

Sorry, but I
still think

Mancini's lying
through his teeth.

Maybe so, but Angela Ferrara
corroborates his story.

and he's a a hero cop
with a spotless record, so...

What does that mean,
he's innocent?

Did I say that?

You're making this case
very personal, Jack.


Yeah. Hey, it's like
you're on a mission

that's part the case
and part something else.

You work as hard
as any partner I've ever had,

but it's not exactly
your style

to go around beating guys up in
the interrogation room.

No, it's yours.
Ah, funny.

Okay, you know what?

My dad used to take
a belt to my mom.

That is not the reason why
I'm going after this case.

It is my job.

Then let's just stick
to that, all right?

If Mancini's our guy,
I promise you,

we will nail
the son of a bitch.


Oh, sorry.
There you go.

Oh, look at that.

That is looking so much better.

Think it'll scar?

You know what?

Keep those
Steri-Strips dry.

That's the important thing.
And that should heal nicely.

Oh, and, uh, probably
should take it easy on the stairs.


I was pretty pissed off.

Wasn't paying much attention.


So is your boyfriend
coming to see you?

Not holding
my breath on that.

He's got a big job.

He comes around when he can.

Wow. That must mean

you get to go
to a lot of fancy places, huh?

I wish.

Tony likes to keep me
under wraps.

Yeah, well, as long as he's nice to you.

Guys are guys.

I been with a lot
worse than him.

I always come out okay, though.

You know, there's guys
and the there's guys.

And some of those guys,

you let 'em get away
with the rough stuff,

he can twist that around into
thinking it's okay with you.

And that can be
pretty dangerous.

You got to protect yourself.


We almost done?


Just about.

The thing is, Angela,
you seem like such a sweet girl.

I don't want to see you
in here again, all busted up.

Or worse.

Appreciate you sticking around
to see us, Lieutenant.

No problem. What brings
you guys uptown?

Tony Mancini, he was here when
you took over the squad?

Yeah. I was his C.O.
for six years.

Yeah, hell of a detective, huh?
The best.

Well, we're looking into

a suspected
domestic violence case.

girlfriend wound up

in the ER.

You say "suspected."


Does this girl say
that Tony beat her?

No. Actually, she said
it was an accident.

And you two have
nothing better to do

than try to jam up
a decorated cop?

We're just trying to find out
what went down here.

Does your old man know
that you're down here

asking questions
about Tony Mancini?

My old man has nothing
to do with this.

But I can assure you
that the Police Commissioner

would like us to find out
what happened.

So I'll ask you: did Tony
Mancini ever raise his hand

to a woman under your watch?

No. You ask anyone in
this squad,

you'll get
the same answer.


Are we done?

Sure, we're done.

Appreciate your help.

You like jamming up cops
so much, Reagan,

why don't you
transfer to I.A.?

They're always looking
for a few good rats.

You have a bad day.

What the hell
was that about?

I'll tell you what it was.

He's stonewalling
'cause he knows something.

Maybe he's protecting
one of his own,

but he's paid to protect
people like Angela Ferrara.

Yeah, well, I know
I've been pushing this thing,

I think it's time we back off.


What are you talking about?

First of all, we got nothing
on Mancini.

The victim doesn't want
to say anything.

What do we do?

Hold on.
Let me get this straight.

You suddenly want to back away
from this thing?

We got nothing, Danny.

And things are starting to get
a little crazy here.

And people are starting
to get pissed at us now.

People get pissed off, Jack,
when they have something to hide.

Okay, maybe I wasn't
so sure before, but I am now.

You were right.

Mancini's got something to hide,

Perez is covering for him.


We're on our way.

Domestic disturbance at
Angela Ferrara's apartment.

What's going on,
Mrs. Goldfarb?

It's really bad this time.

I heard things breaking.

I'm afraid she's
gonna get killed.

Police. Open up.

Open up in there!

All right,
we got it, guys.

Step back. Step back!

Police, Angela!
Open up!


Angela, you okay?

- We got shots fired.
- Turn around!

Put your hands where
I can see them right now!

Get 'em up!
Turn around slowly.

That's it,
get your hands...

You son of a bitch!
Drop it!

Tony, look what
you made me do!

Look what...
Drop it!

Drop the gun!
Angela! Drop it!

Against the wall!

Against the wall.
Son of a bitch!

Okay, wait a minute.
Come here.

Get us a bus!

Right now!

We need a bus!

Just over an hour ago,

City Councilman Anthony Mancini

was admitted to St. Victor's
Medical Center

after suffering
a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Police are questioning

26-year-old Angela
Ferrara of Queens

in connection with the shooting.

Hiya, Frank.

They say you got lucky.

Ah, 18 years on the job,

I never caught a bullet.

Doc says it missed
all my major organs.


Press here yet?

Oh, yeah.

I brought this on myself.

I knew she had a screw loose.

It's a little more
than that now, Tony.

Like attempted murder.


What happened?

I knew I had to
break it off with Angela.

So I went over to her place...



It's not like I busted in.

When I told her
it was over,

she went ballistic.

Next thing I know,
she's slapping me...

Goes into my coat
and grabs my gun, and...

Frank, when I was
on the job,

I must've talked 100 skells
into dropping their weapons.

But not this girl.

She just let me have it.


And here you are.

We're gonna move you
upstairs, Mr. Mancini.

Oh, that's nice.
Thank you.

Thanks for coming, Frank.

And don't worry about the vote.

I'm on top of it.

Just take care of yourself.

All we're trying to do
is get the truth!

I swear to God
I didn't mean to shoot him.

Angela, you pointed a gun at him
and you pulled the trigger.

What did you think
was gonna happen?

I was just trying to scare him.

But he grabbed the damn gun
and it went off.

Angela, why'd you even

let Mancini back
into your apartment.

I tried to end things
over the phone.

But he insisted on coming over.

Well, that's not
what Tony told us.

Tony told us that he was going
over there to end it with you.

Well, he's a frickin' liar!

It's what he said.

This would have
gone a lot better

if you would have just leveled
with us in the beginning.

And told us that this guy

was abusing you.

I was scared, okay?

Tony can be
the sweetest guy.

And then... he's... not.

You don't know which
Tony's gonna show up.

You know, it's kind of
ironic, Angela,

because we've heard
the same thing about you.


We're trying to
help you, Angela.

Look, I've done a lot
of stupid things,

but I don't go around
shooting people.

Yeah, well, unfortunately,

tonight you did shoot someone.

So why don't you
tell us what happened?

Come on, Angela.

Did he put his hands on you?

Did he hit you? Tonight?

After I told him I didn't
want to see him anymore,

he lost it.

He shoved me against the wall.

He said he was gonna kill me.


And what happened next?

I grabbed the gun.

And I...

if I didn't...

I know he was gonna hurt me.

I'm telling you
the truth!

It was an accident.

You asked me why I didn't tell
you that Tony slapped me around?

Who's gonna take
my word over his?

I'm nobody.

I'm the crazy girlfriend.

Now I'm going to go to jail

for trying to stay alive.

I would have believed you.

You're gonna chop
your fingers off.

Well, if it gets me
out of kitchen duty, great.

You wish.

Do you know if your boss is
going after Angela Ferrara?

Well, nothing's been filed yet.

But you know, Mancini and
the DA are golfing buddies.

So you do the math.

It will go to the grand jury.


I was kind of hoping
Mancini would just

sweep the whole thing
under the rug, you know?

There is not a rug big enough to hide that.
I know.

And if Mancini walks away,

he looks guilty, right?

Missed Linda in church today.


She had a thing.

A thing?

Sunday morning?

Yeah, it's like, as if
she didn't work enough.

Some thing came up at work, so
now that turned into a thing...

so she had a thing.


So what's with the attitude?

It's not as if you have
a spotless attendance record.

I don't have an attitude.
I'm thinking about the boys.


They seem fine to me.

Okay, let's just say I'm...
still adjusting.

Okay? It's not like
I can just flip a switch.

I know.

You know, it's not like one of
those Book of the Month Club

books that Linda reads,

where the wife can just
magically juggle family

and some glamorous career.

I mean,
she went back to work

in the blood and guts of the ER

in large part because
we need a paycheck.

It's not some
romantic choice she made.


So I wish I could
still give her that choice.

I think she likes it.

I think she really
missed it, Danny.


That is way
too much radicchio.

This smells...
different than usual.

I don't know, I followed Linda's
recipe to the T, Gramps.

What'd you do to it?

What are you talking...

It smells fine;
there's nothing wrong with it.

It's disgusting.
- It's not good. -It's terrible.

It's horrible.
It's really bad.

Are you kidding me?
It's really bad.

Must be the cheese,
I don't know.

They didn't have the, uh,

Asiago cheese or "Gryer"
when I went to the market, so...

It's "Gruyere,"
Uncle Danny.

Gruyere, Gryer, whatever.

All they had was the cheese
in a can, so I used that.

- In a can.
- What?

Canned cheese?

Come on.

Cheese is cheese! What?

Not if it's in a can.

Sorry I'm late.




Thanks, Frank.

We made you a plate.
Thank you.

Don't eat the mac and cheese.


You'll eat yours.

You get to see Angela?

All right.

Who's that?

She's the victim in
a domestic violence case.

What's domestic violence?

It's usually when a man
hurts his wife or kids.

Or, in this case,
his girlfriend.

Like, hits them?

Yeah, bullies grow up too,

but cops like your dad and me

and attorneys like
your Aunt Erin

try to make sure
they're stopped.

You need to be careful.

You treated her; you might be
called as a witness in the case.

Erin, I had to see her.

How's she doing?
Not great.

Well, what'd you say to her?

Told her who I was late
for Sunday dinner with,

and said I would ask
the bunch of you

to make sure that
justice was served.

I'm all for justice.

But not a rush to judgment.

Well, as far as I'm concerned,

Mancini's hands are
definitely not clean

in this one.
You got any evidence of that?

Well, if I had any evidence,

then Angela wouldn't
be locked up, as you know.

She is in a tough spot.

Guy with Mancini's juice
has the system wired.

The councilman hasn't been
charged with a crime.

Maybe because he's
a powerful politician.

Lots of powerful people
end up in prison, Nicky.

Yes, but not as many
as deserve to be.

Last I heard, you're the one who
can't make a case against him.

Well, it's not like people are
exactly rushing to cooperate

with someone investigating
the commissioner's pal.

Know what I'm hungry for?

I am hungry for dessert.

I'm gonna get started on it.

I'll join you.

Not with the preparation.

Don't worry, Gramps.

You'll love my cheesecake.

Jack forgot his backpack.

Great way to get out of yo.

You know, Angela officially
changed the story

of how she ended up in the E.R.

I know that.

But don't you think
it's just going to

look like she's lying
to stay out of jail?

Of course it is.


you may not want to
hear this, but...

have you found any
evidence of self-defense?

She told me that
Mancini pushed her down,

and threatened to kill her.

His former C.O.'s
been stonewalling me,

and nobody anywhere--

anywhere-- has a bad word
to say about this guy.

You're a good cop
with good instincts.

Thank you.

You seem so certain.

Are you?


Mancini got Councilman Garcia
and Tong to sign on,

and he's trying to
nail down Vogel by tonight,

which would put us
over the top.


For a man who's about
to dodge a big bullet...

Mancini may have slapped
around Angela Ferrara.

Do they have enough
to bring charges?



what are we talking about?

I read the file,
I read the report,

I talked to Danny...

talked to Linda.

No one feels this girl fell down
the stairs three nights ago.

We lose Mancini...

we lose the vote,

and a big chunk of the budget.

You're putting a very high price
on one girl's problems.

I didn't hear you say that,


the law says Mancini's innocent

until someone says different,
and no one has.


what are you looking for, Frank?

What are we looking for,

The truth.


Thanks for coming,

I didn't want to go
up to your precinct;

they make such
a big deal out of it.

Everybody jumps to attention.

People talk.

Sit down.

The other day,

two detectives came to
see you for information

regarding a domestic
violence case

involving Councilman Mancini.


I had some words
with your son, maybe...

That would be between you and
Detectives Reagan and Curatola.

I'd like to talk
about that case.

You know, with all
due respect, sir,

there was no case.

Just a lot of questions
about a decorated cop

with nothing
to back them up.

I know all about
Mancini's medals.

I'm the guy who hung
them around his neck.

Yes, sir.

But being a good cop
doesn't put any of us

above the law.

Not Tony, not me...

and not you.

You were his commanding
officer for six years.

A good C.O. knows his men--

who drinks, who gambles,

who steps out on his wife.

You're a good C.O.,

I like to think so.

Then you would know

if Anthony Mancini
had a problem

in his relationships
with women.

Nobody likes to inform
on a fellow officer.

And we all give

the benefit of the doubt
to our own.

But there is a line
we don't cross,

and secrets we can't keep.

You understand?

Yes, sir.

Then you also understand

that Anthony Mancini's career

is not the only one
on the line.

I get it, David.

I can make that work.

So do we have a deal?


Luger's on me when
I get out of here.

All right.

Councilman Vogel?

Signed, sealed
and delivered.

Congratulations, Frank,
you got your budget back.

I love it when
the good guys win.

Do you, now?

The D.A. is moving to indict
Angela on attempted murder.

Yeah, I heard.

I feel terrible for her.

You care about this girl?


I wish there was
something I could do.

There is.

How's that?

You can tell the truth.

Admit the shooting
was an accident.

Now why would I do that?

Because we both know

she was defending
herself against you.

Let me get this
straight, Frank.

After all that
we've been through,

you're going to take
this girl's word over mine?

It's not just her word, Tony.

It's Cynthia Mercer's word.

And Debbie Gorsky.

And Amy Webber's word.

All three lodged assault
complaints against you,

but, somehow, all three
just went into the wind.

With no official record.

So what do you want, Frank?

This isn't just a black eye

or a broken wrist, Tony.

They get her on
attempted murder,

that's up to 25 years

with a minimum
two-thirds served.

16 and a half years
in prison

because she made the mistake
of thinking Tony Mancini

was a stand-up guy.

We're talking about
my career, here!

My life!

And 16 and a half
years of hers.

I have been a real good
friend to you, Frank.

And the department.

And I can just as easily
pick up that phone

and make a case for
cutting your budget.

That's the worst thing
you could have said, Tony.

You don't know me at all.

I didn't mean to hurt her.

I just...

You earned a chest
full of medals

for being a stand-up guy.

For doing the right thing.

Somehow I don't see you
putting her away

for something you're
responsible for.

But then...

maybe I'm just a lousy
judge of character.

A lovely bottle of some French wine
for you, my dear.

Thank you.

I better go easy
on the wine, though.

I might fall asleep.

Oh, don't even think about it.

It's my sister.

Hello, sis.

I just heard that Tony Mancini

is going to testify that
the shooting was an accident.

We're dropping the charges
against Angela.

Well, that's great news.

Mm-hmm. So, listen...

I have no plans for tonight.

Do you want to go out
with Linda, and...?

Uh... no, you know,

I think we're good here, sis.

I'm really okay with coming over
and taking care of the boys...

No, I said we're good,
good night, thank you.

Mancini backed down.

Angela's gonna walk.

Wow. That's great.



Whatever that looks like.

Yeah, who knows?

You think your father had
something to do with that?

Old man had something
to do with it,

you know he's not
gonna tell us.

The only way he'd have it.

So, is there anything
else I can get you, ma'am?

Like a, uh, I don't know,

pipe, or slippers...

I'm good right here.


You know, if my sister, um...

asks to babysit again,

I think we should say no.

Okay. Why?

Because I know my sister,

and I know what she's up to.
Which is what?

Her ex-husband's
first foot out the door

was when she went back to work
after Nicky was born.

She probably thinks the same
thing's happening with us.

She's trying to run
some prevent-offense.

You think?


But she'd be wrong.

I'm not that guy.

I'm the guy that is
very proud of you

and is going to
stand by you 100%.

Eh... 80%.

Ah... 85%.


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