Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Family Business - full transcript

A dangerous criminal from Danny's past comes back to seek revenge and kidnaps Jackie. Meanwhile, Jamie meets his new partner. Michael Madsen and Corbin Bleu guest star.

Look at that move!
Look at that move!

Take him, Jack.

Ten seconds, Jack!


Yeah! Yeah!

All right, Jack!

Dad! Dad!

Dad, did you see?

Did you see?
Danny. Danny.

Hey, hey! Yes!
That was great.

You juked that guy so much,

I think you left
his jockstrap in Astoria.

I faked him left,
then took him right.

You did just the way
we practiced, right?

Good job.
Thanks for letting me borrow this.

No, that's yours.

Yeah, you keep it.
Oh, thanks.

Okay, come on.
You shoot, you score, you win.

Now let's go get
some ice cream.

Ice cream!
Ice cream!

Let's go.
Ice cream.

Ice cream. Ice cream.
Ice cream!

So, what was that back there?

It was nothing.

Really? 'Cause it didn't
look like nothing.

We'll talk about it
tonight, okay?

Yes, please.

We will.

That rabbit's foot
looked familiar.

Yeah, think you gave it to me
around the same age.

Pretty sure I hit
a home run that day, too.

I have a vague
recollection of that.

Everything okay?


Grandpa's treating
everybody to ice cream.

That's why we invite him.

Hey, Reagan.

Hi, Sarge.

Just the man I'm looking for.
Come on, walk with me.

Hey, if this is about me
getting a new partner,

you can stop apologizing.

I get it. It's time.

As a matter of fact,
it is about your new partner.

I wanted to
introduce you to him.


I got to take care
of this.

I'll... I'll get back to you.

Yeah, boss.

Get out of here.
I told them straight up,

"Your collar, your puddle."
You know what I'm saying?

It's a new slogan
of mine, I swear.

That's a great story, man.

Best part of
the story is,

I returned the phone

to the blonde.

And when I did,
she thanked me...

all night long.

I kid you not.

It had to be done.

You know what I mean?

Oh, that's so wrong.

Hey, we didn't meet.
I'm Vinny Cruz.

Hey. Jamie Reagan.

That was some story.

Oh, yeah.
The, uh, 3-5 was a madhouse.

You know, real busy,
but a lot of laughs.

So you're down here now?

I am-- transferred
to the Midtown Country Club,

effective today.

Well, we may not be
as busy as the 3-5, but, uh,

we see our share
of the action, too, right, guys?

I know.
I'm just busting chops, man.

But it was real good
to meet you.

Yeah, you, too. Welcome.

All right.
Okay, good.

You two guys met?

Yeah. We did.

All right, well,
let's make it official.

By the power vested in me,

I pronounce
the two of you partners.


Thanks, Sarge.

How's our little David Beckham?

Uh, he's looking at getting

an endorsement deal
for his jersey now.

Oh, brother.

What's next, a
contract extension?

Oh, you wish.

He's, uh, asking questions
about Victoria Beckham.

Over my dead body.

It was a joke, Mom.

What are you up to?

I'm saying yes to St. Victor's.

Jumping right back
into the rat race, huh?


It's just a couple of
shifts at the hospital.

It's not like I'm
going to be working

the arbitrage
desk at Goldman.

I know, I know.

Maybe you want to try out
your nurse's outfit right now?

Watch a movie or...

Sounds good.


As soon as you tell
me what had you

jumping out of your
boots at the game today.

That was nothing.

Come on, you know I don't like
to bring the job home.

It's fine.

So, everything's okay?

Right as rain.

- Hey, Sarge.
- Hey, guys.

What do we got?

Charles Zappa.

Says a male black, early 20s,
wearing a white T-shirt,

put a gun on him
and swiped his bag

coming off the
number six train.

Mr. Zappa.

You, uh... you look
pretty winded.

You chased a guy with a gun
all the way here?


Listen, my wallet and my laptop
are in that bag.

My whole life's in that thing.

He lost him when the perp
buzzed into this building.

We gonna go knock
on some doors?

Yeah. You, me and Reagan.

Blake, I want you
in the alley

around the back
in case this mutt squirts.

Ten-four, Sarge.
Now, you--

wait by the car,
okay, Mr. Zappa?

Yes, sir.
All right, boys.

Who's there?

Come on. Who's there?

Heads up around back.

Heavy movement
on the second floor.

Rear apartment.
We're moving in on it.

Copy that.

Police. Open up.

Sarge, there he goes!

He's on the move!

Don't move! Don't move.

We got him!
Cuff him.

We got him.

Got a gun.

Oh, let me guess--
that ain't yours, huh?

Stay with him.

Put shots fired over the air.

Attention, 10-13--
shots fired.

What happened?

I don't know. He just...
he just came out of nowhere.

Who is he?
I don't know!

12 George to Central--
we need a bus at the rear

of our location forthwith.
All right, buddy.

We got it.
We got it from here.

I shot him.
What did I do?

He's going to make it.
Is he going to make it?

You're going to be
all right, okay?

Just stay with me, okay?

Oh, my God.

Help's on the way.
Oh, my God.

I didn't want to alarm you.

This is probably nothing.

Sorry, Danny.
It's not nothing

when you almost shoot
the Minafos' cat.

I got a video text message

from a guy that I collared
years ago.

Well, what'd it say?

Take a look.

Hey, Danny.

It's me.

Been a while.

Eight years, four months
and three days,

to be exact.

Hope you've been thinking of me,

'cause I've been thinking
a lot about you.


I just got out.

And I'm looking forward
to seeing you very soon.


Jesus, Danny.

Who is that?

Wait a minute.

Is that Benjamin Walker?

You always swore that everyone
you collared swears revenge,

but none of them have the balls
to do it except for...

Except for Benjamin Walker.

And now he's out
and he's threatening you.

Isn't that against the law?

In the eyes of the law,
he did nothing; he said hello.

And in your eyes?

In my eyes...

whoever said time
heals all wounds

probably never did prison time.

You think he's coming after you,
and you're scared, Danny.

Oh, no, whoa.

I... I didn't say all of that.

Danny, listen to me
for a second, okay?

We've been married for 15 years,
and you've been

wearing the shield
for every single one of them.

Now, I don't know
if you noticed,

but that doesn't mean
I get to kick back

and have my nails done

while you bust through walls
taking down bad guys.

That means the both of us have
about two decades on the job.

I know.

I'm stronger
than you think, Danny.

Just tell me
what we're up against.

I'm not scared.

Just concerned.

Very concerned.

♪ Blue Bloods 3x01 ♪
Family Business
Original Air Date on September 28, 2012

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So the doctor says I should get
it lanced, but you know me--

I pass out taking
off a Band-Aid.

They're here already?

Yes, sir.

And we've just been notified
the man he shot,

James Greer,
expired at 845 hours.

I need to
sit in on this.

Thank you, Baker.

As you were.



Captain Mancuso.

I explained to my
officer that he's under

no legal or
departmental obligation

to discuss any of the
details of this shooting.

And frankly sir, I told him
he shouldn't have come.

And that he'd
be well-advised

to have a lawyer
or union representative present?


Commissioner, I know
that this isn't protocol,

but I need to tell you
personally what happened.

I was in the alley
when I heard Sergeant Renzulli

transmit that the perp
was running.

Seconds later,
somebody kicked open

a door behind me, and
I turned around fast.

I panicked, and I fired.

This was my fault.

Officer Blake...
until the Shooting Team conducts

a thorough investigation, we
really don't know what happened.

So why don't you let them
do their job

and you need to find a lawyer.

I shot an innocent man,
and the last thing I had...

That is why these protocols are
in place...

to protect you.

I realize the position that I've
put you in here, sir.

Well, I've got
pretty broad shoulders.

Why don't you let me worry
about that?

If I may, sir?

You gave the speech
at my high school graduation.

You said, "All it takes for evil
to triumph... for good men
to do nothing."

I was quoting someone--
Edmund Burke.

But I'm glad you heard it.

You're the reason I became
a cop, Commissioner.

I see.

Then please,
take my advice, okay?

Let's go.

Thanks for your time, sir.

Please tell the victim
how sorry I am.

The death's gonna hit him hard.


Situations like these
don't build character,

they reveal it.

Pretty damn impressive, considering.

Jim, we're going out.

I don't get it, Reagan.

I've seen you lock up hundreds
of hard guys

that threatened payback.

Why does this guy have
you so spooked?



When I met Benjamin Walker,
he had nothing, Jack.

He was a angry and violent
demolitions expert

who loved to blow stuff up,
mostly bank vaults.

And then he fell in
love with Maria DiSalvo.

Is that whose house
we're gonna knock on?

Yeah. Her love was like
a life raft for him.

Somehow, it turned
his whole life around.

And as a reward for good
behavior, she got pregnant.

Thing is, she wanted
him to turn around

and give up the life.

He promised he would,
but he didn't tell her

he had one more score left in him.

So, he wanted to do
something big,

something to pay her back
for all the good she'd done

and set them up for life.

So he did
his one last score.

That's when you busted him.

Excuse me. I'm looking
for Maria DiSalvo.

Oh, man, she hasn't lived here
in years.

Yeah, I know that.

Just wondering
did anyone come around

asking for her,
looking for her?

Other than you?

Yeah, other than me.


Listen, if you see
or hear anything,

can you give us a call?

Yeah, see, after after
I collared Benjamin walker,

she took off, never
to be heard from again.

So he never got
to see his kid?

No. I'm guessing
he's blaming me.

The thing is with kids,
you know, in a instant

they could change
your whole world.

So here's Benjamin Walker
thinking he's about to have

his whole world in
the palm of his hands,

and I come along and take it
all away from him.

Mrs. Greer... I'm Frank Reagan.

I know who you are,

I didn't come here
as a Police Commissioner.

I came here as a father.

He was minding his own business.

Stepped for a cigarette and
got his life stolen from him.

You have every right
to feel the way you do...

toward me and
the police department.

Thank you for your permission.

Is this where I'm supposed
to cry on your shoulder?


It's all right.

I wish I could tell you
it gets easier. It doesn't.

And it will never make sense.

And how would you know that?

I lost a son.

Was he shot down in cold blood
by your NYPD?

Matter of fact, he was.

I'm sorry, Commissioner.

Clearly, I'm not helping here.

I will leave you to your family,
Mrs. Greer.

I didn't mean
to disturb you...

...and I'm sorry for your loss.

Come on. There's nothing else
you could tell me?

There's nothing in his CJA file?

He maxed out his sentence,
so no parole, no parole officer.

He's not even required to leave
a forwarding address.

All right. Thank you.

Danny, I don't like the sound
of your voice.

Oh, my baby sis
really does love me, huh?

I do, and I'm not joking.

I'm worried about you.

Yeah, I know you are,
and I appreciate it,

but don't worry, everything's
gonna be fine, okay?

He's just, he's just messing
with my head.

Trying to get under
my skin is all.

Okay. Just be careful
out there, anyway.

I will. Always.

All right, look,
you got to let me go.

I think my partner got lost
going to to get us coffee.

Okay, bye.

What'd you do, partner, you walk
to Coney Island for the coffee?

What's the matter, J?

What makes you think
something's wrong?

Benjamin Walker.

That's me.

How sweet, you remember me.

Yeah, I remember you, Benjamin.

It's been a long time.
I wondered.

Lookit, you don't want her,
okay? You want me.

And they say
that chivalry is dead.

Listen, this is
not about her, okay?

It's got nothing to do with her.
It's between us.

You know,
she's very, very pretty.

She even kind of
reminds me of Maria.

Very soft lips and...

pretty eyes.

Come on, come on.

What do you say we do
a swap here, all right?

Let's meet up, we'll make
a swap, me for her, all right?

It's a great idea.
In fact, well, you read my mind.

Okay, you say where,
I'll be there.

At our favorite park...

where you arrested me.

Oh, yeah, Danny,

come alone, all right?

By yourself.

Because, um,
it's a private party.

All right.

All right, I'll be there.

It was stupid.

I wish you could've
given me a heads up

'cause I could've alerted
the press, got some nice footage

of the victim's family staring
daggers at you.

Big mistake.

It was a mistake
I had to make, Garrett.

I'm just saying, Frank...

All right.

Here's the preliminary report

from the shooting team.

They still need
a few days

to dot the i's,
cross the t's,

but the bad news is

ballistics confirms
that the bullet came

from Officer Blake's gun.

Good news is

they're ruling it
an "accidental discharge

without malicious intent."

Assemble the boys in
the press room.


So we can make a statement.

That says you have no comment
at this time.

Close. Only it'll sound more
like we were wrong

and we are deeply sorry.

Cue the president of the
policeman's union

on every station
in town calling you disloyal.

We killed this woman's son.

Frank, every cop in town is
gonna hate you.

But you'll still love me, right?

Thanks for being okay
with this, babe.

She's your partner.
Let's be honest,

it's not like I could have
stopped you anyway.

You got nothing
to worry about, okay?

Our sharpshooters are the best.

They could put one through
Lincoln's ear on a penny

from a hundred yards away.

See? That hardly
even sound dangerous.

I got a good team.
I'll be fine.

I'm not worried, Danny.
You're not?


Everyone knows
what a good cop you are.

But I know that you're
an even better father

and you always come home to your boys.
All right.


What did I do
to deserve you, huh?

You got lucky.

Oh, Jack wanted me...

He said you could
borrow it, so...

I told him you'd
bring it back.

I will.

I'm moving into position,
but I got no sign of him.

Okay, I think I got
a visual on her,

but she's all alone.

Okay, something's going on here.

Hey, Jack?


Okay, nobody move.
She's holding onto a backpack.

You okay, partner?

It's a bomb.

Okay, everybody stand down.

She's handcuffed to a bomb
in the backpack.

Stand down.

A bomb, Benjamin? A bomb?!
What part of this arrangement

involved you strapping
a bomb to my partner?

You lied to me!

Says the pot to the kettle.

Now tell all your sharpshooters
and all your undercovers

it's time to go home.

Give 'em a great big hand
and send 'em home.



Tick... tock.

All right!

All units clear the area.

Clear the area forthwith!

Move it! Okay.

They're leaving.

I want you to help me
disengage this bomb now.

I have a better idea.

Why doesn't she give it to you?



Walk over...

and uncuff her

with your key.

Then cuff yourself
to the bomb.


Yeah, I understand.


Throw away the key,

and walk to the east
edge of the park.

I'm in a yellow taxi.

If anyone follows,

we go boom.

You got it?

I got it.

I'm gonna have to take that
off your hands now, partner.

We're gonna make
a little trade, okay?

Whoa, Danny, Danny.


you don't have to do this.

This is my fight, okay?

It's not yours.

I'm gonna go real slow, now,

and take these cuffs
off you, okay?

I know.

I know, Jack.

I gotta do this.

Go get the son of a bitch, okay?

I will.

I'm sorry.

Hey, don't say sorry.

Okay? Look at me.

I'm gonna take it
away now, okay?

Okay, Jack, get out of here.

Go on.



Drop the radio...

the gun, your cell phone.


Nice and easy.

Ankle gun!

Don't forget that one.

All right.

Ankle gun. Yeah, yeah.


Just getting
rid of my phone.



Get in!

Frank Reagan's premature
public apology today

was a slap in the face to every

NYPD officer who proudly
wears the uniform.

And as president of this union,

I'm hereby calling for
a vote of no confidence

in our commissioner.

Told you.

You predicted the actions
of the most predictable man

on the face of the earth.

It's a vote of
no confidence, Frank.

A public rebuke

from one of our own.
You want to guess what

the lead story's
gonna be tonight?

I'll give you a hint.
It rhymes with "Frank Reagan""

It's hardly the first time
I've had to handle criticism.

It is the first time
fellow cops will be doing it.

We were wrong.

And I said so.


What's wrong?

An ex-convict who Detective
Reagan sent to prison

has taken him hostage
at gunpoint.

Personal grudge?

Yes. Sir.

Who's running the operation?

His C.O., Sergeant Gormley.

He's a good man.

Thank you, Baker.

I was being sarcastic, Ira.

Good-bye, Ira.


Erin, hey, it's me.

Um, I just need
your help for a sec.

Danny, he sent me this
really weird text, and, um...

now he's not answering me.

Okay, okay.
What did it say?

It says, uh, "1Z96."

One Z nine six.

That sounds like
a taxi medallion number.

Why would he send that to me?

I don't know.

I'm calling Jackie,
I'll pass it along, okay?

Where we going?

Right here's where we're going!

Who's Jenny Roberts?

Also known as
Maria DiSalvo.


She changed her name
after you put me away,

so I couldn't find her.

But I had plenty of time
to figure it out,

thanks to you.

I found out where she was.

And him, too.

That's my son.

Seven years old.

Never even got to
meet his father.

I'm sorry.

Of course you're sorry!

You got a gun on you!

No, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

about more than that,
I'm sorry about your loss.

What happened to them, Benjamin?

It was a... it was
a home invasion, all right?

Couple of junkies...

broke in the apartment.

And... they turned
the whole place upside down.

They killed them both.

They killed them...

They killed them both.

It's not your fault, Benjamin.

It's not your fault,
what's happened to them.

It's not your fault what's
happening now, I know.

I understand.

But you haven't
done anything yet

that you can't come back from,

do you understand me?

I can... you've suffered a lot.

You don't have to
suffer anymore, just...

let me help you, okay?

Let me help you;
give me that gun.

You just give me the gun,

and we can...
we can walk away from this.

I ain't gonna
give you the gun.

I'll give you this.

I'll give you this, Danny.

Start digging.

You put them there,

now it's your turn.

You can dig your own grave.

Come on!

I know this is your cab,
now tell me where it is.

I got 50 cabs on the road
at the same time.

How do I know where
any one cab is?

Because it has GPS.
Now do it.

I'll call the driver.

Your driver's either dead,

or locked up in
the back of the trunk.

A police officer's life
is at stake, sir!

I'm done talking.

Sit down and tell me
where the cab is.

Or God help me...

Okay. I'm doing it.

I'm doing it.



No, it's Officer Blake.

He's locked himself in the house
with a gun to his head.

Hey, Sarge.

Blake's wife.

Poor thing must be
dying inside.

I just wish I could
bust through the door

and rip the gun out of
his hands, you know?

Best thing we can
do is hang back.

Send our thoughts
and prayers.


You can tell your buddies
they can stop whispering.

It's not like I don't know
what they're saying.

Oh, yeah?
What are they saying?

That my father shouldn't have
apologized publically.

And he didn't have to
admit we got it wrong.

But we did get it wrong.

And he had to shout it
from a mountaintop?

You prefer he sweep it
under the rug?

I'd rather he choose
us over them.

Who's "them"?

Anybody not wearing blue.

Look, where I come from,

all we got out here
is each other.

And if a fellow cop
don't got your back,

nobody does.

Let's be straight.

You're not high on me,
I'm not high on you.

But get this much clear:

there's no cop that has
ever backed his men

more than my father.

And if anybody says otherwise,

they're gonna have to
answer to me.

It's not too late,
you know.

You don't want to make
a bad situation worse.

Get up and keep on
digging, and shut up!

I'm doing everything you ask.

Drop your weapon, Benjamin!

Nobody make a move!

I'll kill him!

Right here, right now!

You hear me?

Benjamin, drop it!

No way.

You drop yours!

Or you can say good-bye
to Detective Danny.

Just listen to them, all right?

It's over, Benjamin.
Come on.

It ain't over
till I say it's over.

What are you going to do?

You going to shoot me?

They're going to shoot you.

It doesn't make any sense.

It's not going to bring
your girl and your kid back.

Nobody's going to gun me
when I got you.

You're my good luck charm.

What are you going to do
against all of them, Benjamin?

Huh? Look at them.

Look at them.

It's over.

Look at them all.

So come on,
just drop the gun.

It's over.

Just turn yourself in.

Come on.


Lieutenant; Ed.


All due respect sir,

but keeping your personal
safety in mind,

I strongly recommend against you

going in the premises
at this time.

I heard what you said, Jack,

and I understand why
you had to say it.

Did you hear him?

I did.
Yes, sir.

Good. I'm going in.

Coming through!

It's Commissioner Reagan.

I'm coming in.

What are you doing here?

Responding to a 10-13--
officer needs assistance.

Lower your weapon.

I won't talk to a man
with a gun to his head.

I'm not going to try
and take it away from you.

I took an oath
to protect and to serve,

and I did neither.

I killed an innocent man.

You did.

How am I supposed
to live with that?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

There's too many people ahead
of you on the sympathy line.

You're still here.

He's not.

If I could take his place...

Well, you can't.

What you can do
is even the score--

maybe someday save a life

for the one
you accidentally took.

At this point, how can I?

By sticking around.


you're just one of those
good men who did nothing.


you can't take back
what's been done.

Nobody can.

I need you to do
something for me.

Try to find your way back

to the man I met
in my office this morning.

♪ ♪


Wasn't worried a bit.

He had my lucky
rabbit's foot.

You mean my lucky
rabbit's foot.

I thought it was mine.

Don't worry.
It's still yours.

We're just happy that you
came back in one piece.

Seriously, from now on,
anybody Danny arrests

gets sent away with a plate
of homemade cookies

and a note that says,
"Nothing personal."

Well, all jokes aside,
I do want to take

a moment and acknowledge
someone special.

'Cause I never would
have got through this

if I didn't have the best
partner a cop could have.

Yeah, Jackie
is getting homemade cookies,

flowers, a cake...

I was talking about you.


Uncle Danny, that was
the sweetest thing ever.

It really was.
I might cry.


I might puke.


Everything okay, Francis?

Never better, Pop.


Sure, Dad.

Bless us, Our Lord,
and these, Thy gifts,

we are about to receive

from Thy bounty
through Christ Our Lord.



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