Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 20 - Ends and Means - full transcript

Danny was about to apprehend a known drug dealer but a man who accompanied him starts shooting and even the dealer is hit. Danny goes to the hospital to talk to him but Linda won't let him....

You think it's going down?

Well, they called their
dealer about an hour ago.

That's Billy Chin, Jared Mehra,
and Russell Wilson.

Their dealer,

Christopher Dean,

specializes in
high-end dope.

Coke, pills,
fentanyl patches.

They're real big with the
downtown party crowd.

Brokers, lawyers...

So much for the
three martini lunch.

We've been looking at this Dean
for about eight months now.

Haven't been able to catch him
in the act.

Till now.

Your boy's here.

All right, everybody,

sit tight until the money
changes hands, okay?

Got it.

Okay, here's our boy,
Christopher Dean.

Who's the muscle?

I don't know.

Dean usually
works alone.

I never saw
this guy before.

My friend.

How are you,
my friend?

How are you?
Looking good.

What's up, Christopher?

Your new partner's
looking creepier than usual.

Ah, he's okay.

Lot of competition
for this stuff.

What's up, tough guy?

Want a drink?

Feel like you could use one.

Back off, Russell.

Where's the cash?

Got it right here.

All right, here we go.

Need to relax, man.

You know,
get laid once in a while.

You'll live longer.

You won't.

Shots fired!

Come on, move it!


What the hell?!

Let's go.



Get out of there!

Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Those two don't move!

On the ground.

Looks like you got hit,
you piece of garbage.

Turn over.

Wilson's gone.

Yeah, well,
Dean here needs a bus.

But we've been
down this road before.

When Nicky goes
around my back to you,

you need to just
shut her down.

I did.

I said she needed your
permission, not mine.

And she takes that as meaning
you don't disapprove.

That's not my place to
approve or disapprove,

and I don't appreciate being
put in the middle of it.

What the hell is this?

Don't look at me.


Erin, Commissioner.

Hello, Amanda.

So you running
the D.A.'s office yet?

Still just humble
trial bureau chief.

I'm sorry to interrupt.

I was going to do this tomorrow,

but since your father
happens to be here,

I thought he might like to share
in the good news.

Good news?

Unless you're not interested

in being my new
deputy bureau chief.

I believe it's customary
to say something at this point.

Deputy bureau chief?

Are you kidding me?

Not if I send champagne.


Thank you, Amanda.

I won't let you down.

You better not.

Would you like
to join us for a drink?

I'm afraid I'm on my way

to a cocktail party
at Gracie Mansion.

Oh, I begged out of that.

Don't tell the mayor you saw me.

Your secret is safe with me.

I'll see you
tomorrow, Erin.

Thank you.

Come on, I just got
a few questions.

Christopher Dean's on his
way to surgery, Detective.

It'll take two seconds.

You'll have to talk
to my supervisor.

Fine. Where is he?

She's over there.

We got a
tibial fracture

in curtain three.
Excuse me.

And MVA victim

in trauma one.


Guy came in with a
bullet in his gut.

He was part of a drug
deal turned homicide.

Yeah, paramedics told me.

You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.

But, look, his accomplice,

he killed a guy
and got away.

I need your patient
to I.D. him.

Is he conscious?

Yeah, but he's in bad shape.

I can't let you see him
till after surgery.

Well, hold on, Linda. I just
got ask him a few questions.

I need a name; it's
gonna take two seconds.

Danny, it's against
hospital policy.

But even if it wasn't,

I wouldn't let you see him.

What do you mean? I'm trying
to find a murderer here.

Yeah, well,
I got a patient to save,

and in this building,
that comes first.


There is an officer posted
on Dean.

When he gets out of surgery,
I will let you know.

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Ends and Means
Original Air Date on April 12, 2013

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Hey, did the hospital say when
we can talk to Christopher Dean?

The hospital? No.
What's this?

Dean's rap sheet.

A few possession collars,
nothing violent.

That all changed when he
hooked up with Captain Psycho.

Yeah, you pull the photos
of his known associates?

Yeah, nothing
matches our shooter.

Dean used to work for

one of the big
brokerage houses downtown

before he started selling drugs.

I know;
hence the clientele list.

The other two buyers--
where'd we stick those jokers?

Uh, Jared Mehra is
in interrogation one,

and Billy Chin's
in the radio room.

All right.

You take Frick, I'll take Frack.

You know you're in big trouble,
right, Jared?

We were just partying.

Next thing I know,
Russell's dead.

Mm-hmm. Let's talk about
how Russell got that way.

Russell had a big mouth,

but he didn't deserve
to get shot.

That's why you're gonna
give us the name

of the guy that killed him.

I never saw that guy before.

Oh, come on.

You really expect
me to believe this?

I swear, we only used
to deal with Christopher.

Look, the call to set up the buy
came from your cell phone.

You cooperate here,

you can help yourself,

so why don't you just stop
wasting my time.

I didn't do anything.

We have you on tape
paying for narcotics, Billy.

I want a lawyer.

I'm calling my attorney.

Let me guess,
your guy's lawyered up, too.

Yeah, claimed he can't
I.D. the shooter.

More like he's afraid to.

Either way,
once they're arraigned,

they're back out on the street.

Yeah, which means
no more questioning.

You get anything
off the crime scene photos?

Not yet.

Perp's car is registered
to Christopher Dean.

I sent out a
Finest Message

to locate the vehicle.

In other words, we're nowhere.

All hail the queen!

Thank you.

Very... I'm very touched.

Thank you.

I just want to say,
now that I'm your boss,

that nothing has changed.

Except, now I can fire

any one of you at the
drop of a hat, so...

You should remember,
no direct eye contact,

and don't forget to bow.

There-there you go.

Thank you.

Okay, go back to work.

And don't screw up.

Thank you.
I look forward to your reign.

Hey, what's up, Rachel?

I just wanted to say I'm
excited to be working with you.

And at the risk of
sounding like a suck-up,

I consider you a role model.

Well, thank you.

I'm happy that
you're on the team.

Is there something else?

Thing is, I just caught
a sexual assault case.

Wayne Devereaux, right?

Raped a 65-year-old?

Case is open-and-shut.

He was caught in the act.

Okay, so what's the problem?

Well, since this will be
his third strike,

I reviewed Devereaux's other
two violent felony convictions.


The first one's solid.

The second case
was six years ago.

I found some relevant evidence

the prosecutor never put
on the record.

Well, that's a very
serious charge.

I know,
but when I nail Devereaux,

with one prior,
he's looking at ten years.

Under three strikes,
it's 25 to life.

All right, I'll take a look.

Who was the prosecutor
on the case?

What do we got?

30-year-old male,
took one in the head.

All right.

Step back.

Son of a bitch.

Tell me it's not Billy Chin.

Yeah, Billy Chin.

First he lawyers up on us,

now he winds up with one
in the back of the head?

Yeah, what do you want to bet
the round

matches the one they pulled
out of his pal last night, too?

You think our shooter
took him out?

Well, he's a pro.

Takes out Billy Chin here
so he can't I.D. him,

and dumps his body
in the Financial District

so all his pals can see.

I'd say he's sending a message.

Jared Mehra-- we
thinking he's next?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure
he's on the list.

Where are you with our
perp in the hospital?

He was back in
for a second surgery.

They're gonna call me
as soon as we can talk to him.

Bodies are piling up; we need
an I.D. on this shooter.

Believe me, I know that.

Let's get out of here.

Just one pretzel,
no mustard, okay?

You got it.

Hey, how's
your homicide?

Turned into a doubleheader.


You know who you're chasing?

My only witness is currently
in surgery at St. Vic's.

Oh, can Linda help you
get to him?

Linda? You know, I thought
she would've helped me,

but she shut me down.

Anyway, look, that's not why
I asked to meet with you.

I got-- I need a
really big favor.

You know the Bay Ridge
Derby is coming up,

and I'm supposed
to help Sean.

I'm kind of stuck
with this case.

It's killing me, but
I can't help him.

I can do it.
You sure?

Yeah, yeah, get him signed up,
help him build the car.

It'll be fun; no problem.

Whoa, whoa. If he loses,
it's gonna be a big problem.

I mean, this is a serious
family tradition, kid.

Dad won, I
won, Joe won.

I won.

Hey, don't worry,
I got it.

You sure?

Yeah. Be fun.


She's finally gonna let
me talk to my suspect.

Um, all right,
I got to go.

The derby.

All right.
All right, don't mess it up, kid.

I'm counting on you.
Got it.

But at the end
of the day,

this case goes to
trial in Manhattan.

I got to run.

My counterpart in Brooklyn.

He's trying to jump
our serial arson case.

I'll burn his house down first.

How's the new gig?

So far, so good.

We're prosecuting
a sex offender,

Wayne Devereaux.

Elderly victim.

Does it ring a bell?

Not yet.

Well, the guy's got two strikes.

You gave him his second.

Oh, yeah, I remember
this son of a bitch.

Raped a 70-year-old grandmother
on her way home from the market.

Yeah. When our A.D.A.
ran the case,

she found a D.O.T. video
that you subpoenaed.

It shows Devereaux's car
running a red light

in East Village at the same time

the victim was being assaulted
on the Upper West Side.

I remember ordering the video,
but I never watched it.

Why not?

The victim picked Devereaux
out of a lineup,

along with
two sanitation workers

who pulled him
off her.

Prior conviction, same M.O.--
I didn't need the tape.

I had him cold.

You watch it?

Yeah, it's Devereaux's car,

but you can't make out
the driver's face.

Well, it couldn't have
been Devereaux.

Who's the A.D.A.?
Rachel Manning.

I'll watch the tape.
I'll straighten it out.

Thank you, Amanda.


Can I talk
to Christopher Dean now?

I'm afraid not.

Why not?

You operated
on the guy twice.

What is it now,
a heart transplant?

No, Danny.

Well, why can't I interview him?

Because he's dead.

He died, ten minutes
after I texted you.

Complications from
the second surgery.

I'm sorry.


Sorry will be

when the next bodies
come pouring through here.

Hey, there.


Did Amanda talk to you
about the Devereaux case?


So, is she going
to have the case reviewed

based on the traffic video?

Amanda's comfortable with
the conviction as it stands.

Did she say that?

In no uncertain terms.

Look, I was hoping you could
take me off the case.

You want someone to take over
Devereaux's current rape trial?

I'm just not comfortable,
under the circumstances.

Uh, I should get back to work.

Man, they've added a lot
of rules since I raced.

Can we get
some ice cream?

Yeah, as soon as
we get registered, bud.

Are you excited to carry on
the Reagan family dynasty?

I guess.

I'm gonna go say hi
to my friend Ethan.



Oh, hey.

Didn't know you had
a kid, Reagan.

He's Danny's son.

What's up, Larry?

15 years with FDNY,
just made lieutenant.

I hear you're still
stuck on the beat.

Yeah, well, law school
set me back a few years.

So, it's the Reagans

and Bonniellos going at it
on the hill.

Just like old times.

I was trying to remember.

Have you guys ever
actually beaten us?

I wouldn't get too cocky.

I remember the year
you took on Danny.

That race was really...
not close, actually.

Your brother took
a rolling start.

Yeah, well, that's not
what the judges said.

Next. Can I see
your release forms?

But, hey, uh, that was
a long time ago, right?

It's all about the kids
having fun here.

Ethan! We're out of here.

We're in it to win it
this year, Reagan.

Well, God knows
you guys are due.

Did you ever have a
suspect dead to rights,

and look the other way
on a piece of evidence

that might have
let him walk?

As Commissioner, no way.

Not ethical. Slippery slope.

As a cop?

Don't ask.

That's not an answer.

If I ever did,
it would've been a mistake.

This about your new job?

Don't ask.

Got it.

It's one of the toughest things
a cop has to wrestle with.

Prosecutors, too.

But isn't there a gray area

when someone can do the wrong
thing for the right reasons?

Sometimes we have to pay a price
for our ethics.

But we either pay for them
or with them.

If you're trying
to make this easier,

can you just try
a little harder?

Your head sits well
on your shoulders,

and your heart's
in the right place.

When the time comes,
you'll know what to do.

Hey, look what
the cat dragged in.

How's it going, Jared?

How you think it's going?

Crazy bastard killed Billy.

I want to make it
perfectly clear that I advised

my client
not to speak to you.

He's worried about a damn
drug charge, I'm about to get

a bullet in my brain.

Yeah, he's right, Counselor.

You'll probably make
a lot more dough off him

if you keep him alive.

Okay, what do you want
to talk about?


I need you guys to keep me
from getting killed.


It'd be a lot easier if we knew
who we were looking for.

I've been buying from
Christopher for two years.

Though we are not admitting

to the purchase or the use
of illicit drugs.

Will you shut
up, Alan?!

So, up until now, everything,
everything has been cool.

Yeah, well,
it's not cool anymore.

Christopher Dean is dead,

so why don't you tell us
something we don't know.

We went to that new guy's place
a couple months ago

to-to pick up some stuff.

He's a... complete freak show.

We need a name, Jared.

You guys gonna protect me?

The quicker we catch him,
the safer you'll be.

His name's, uh, Tommy Banks.

Tommy Banks.

He's new in town,
from Chicago, I think.

That explains why
no one knows the guy.

Yeah, okay.

You gave us the name.

Give us an address.

Nothing here.


Nobody home.

Let's go.


Hey, what's his story?

This guy's the

Oh, yeah? We're looking
for Tommy Banks.

When's the last
time you saw him?

It's been a few days.

Does he have any friends
in the building?

I doubt it. The guy's bad news.

Everybody keeps their distance.

All right, look,
we're investigating a homicide.

It's important we find Tommy,
you understand?

I ran into his girlfriend once.

She was bringing him

some food.
She got a name?

Something with an "S."

Uh, Sally...

Sheri. Sheri something.

Sheri something. Beautiful.

Let's go find
Sheri something.

Well, I'm fortunate

to have an extremely
talented team

of prosecutors who
make me look good.

Your name has been mentioned
as a candidate

for district attorney.

That's flattering,
but I am happy where I am.

I'm sorry. Duty calls.

Did I sound adequately
humble and magnanimous?


It's too bad you didn't save
any of that for Rachel Manning.

What happened?

I reviewed
the traffic tape.

Like you said,
it was inconclusive

as to who was
driving the car.

It wouldn't have
changed the verdict.

You can't know that.

Devereaux's lawyer
should've had the tape,

and the jurors should've
been able to weigh its value.

This guy is a recidivist rapist
who preys on senior citizens.

I know.

Then you also know
that despite having

this sick bastard
dead to rights,

that tape could've swayed some
idiot juror to let him walk.

I thought you said you
didn't watch the video.

A subordinate came to you
with an issue.

You passed it up to me,
and I made my call.

Let's move on.

You know, Erin, it was not easy
getting to where I am.

But you know how I did it?

In every job along the way,
I made myself indispensable.

I had the boss's back, and they
knew they could count on me.

And now that I'm the boss,

I'm looking for people
I can count on.

People who want a future
in this office.

People like you, Erin.

That is why I put you
on my team.


Plain or pepperoni?

Surprise me.

Thanks, buddy.

How's your case going?

I.D.'d the shooter, finally.

That's good news.

Oh, yeah, great.

So, you think you'll
be able to track him down?

Thought you didn't care
about that.

Come on, Danny.

I know you're pissed at me,

but why don't you just say
what you got to say.

'Cause it's not gonna
change anything.

Well... might make you
feel better.


Talking about how my wife

protected a murderer's
supposed to make me feel better?

That's not fair.

But it's true.

Sean, let's go up.


Finish your homework.

You know what's true?

Is you think that what you do is
more important than what I do.

I never said that.

You didn't have to.

I never said that!

Danny, you...

you put your life
on the line every day, 24/7.

You save lives.

You do.

But I save lives, too.

When you bust into my E.R.

and ask me to put
a life in jeopardy

for the sake of your case,
you know what you're saying?

You're saying your way
of saving lives

takes priority over my way,
and it doesn't.

You know what?

I didn't bust into
your E.R., Linda.

I walked in!

I walked in, and I asked you
to help me keep more people

from getting killed by a maniac!

Who shot up the Meatpacking
District with an Uzi!

Well, I did my job.

And I would do it again
in a second.

I did my job, too,
and I'd do it again in a second.

You know, Danny,

you're being
such a jerk about this,

and I'm sick of it!


Then maybe that's my cue to go.

What? What did you say?

I said I'm leaving.

There's coffee
in the kitchen.

I think it's still hot.



Why didn't you just
go up to your old room?

I didn't want to wake you.

I know; so much for that.

Once I knew you were coming,
I couldn't sleep.

It's a dad thing.


Yeah, I got the broad strokes.

Tough situation.

Didn't have to be.

I needed 30 seconds
with the guy, Dad.

She did what she thought
was right.

Are we taking sides?

Nope. You two are gonna
have to hash this out.

Well, that may take a while.

Look, we both know how you get

when you're
working a tough case.


So... just remember

that this time,
she's got a case, too.

I got a tour.

I'm gonna get ready and go.

Jamie's doing a
great job with Sean.

Yeah, I'd love to be part of it.

Your Uncle Jamie

tells me that you're pals
with the Bonniello kid.

Ethan? Yeah,
he's a cool guy.

Just remember, when you're
up there on the hill,

it's not about

It's every man for himself.

Come on, Henry,
this is just a kids' race.

It's not the Daytona 500.

Sean just wants
to have fun.

Winning is fun.

As long as you play
by the rules, right, Sean?

You guys are so full of it.

This is all about
beating the Bonniellos.

Isn't that feud,
like, 100 years old?

It is not a feud,
it is a tradition.

In which we run

roughshod over those
hose-dragging hydrant suckers

till they cry like little girls.


I made you a plate, Dad.

Thanks, kid.
Sorry I'm late.

Any luck with your shooter?

Nope, still in the wind.

48 hours trying to I.D.
his girlfriend, and nothing.

You'll get him.

Yeah, well, case is
getting colder by the day.

Is that Mom's fault?

I wonder where he got that idea.

No, Sean, it's not
your mother's fault.

Well, that's nice to hear.

You really believe that?

I do. Big difference between

medical decisions
and police decisions.

But this guy is partially
responsible for a murder, right?

Allegedly, people are innocent
until proven guilty.

But Danny saw this happen
with his own two eyes.

Maybe we should
leave this alone.


You really think
that doctors and nurses

should choose who gets
good care and who doesn't?

No, but I don't
think they should

put other people's
lives at risk either.

Do no harm and
all that garbage.

It's dangerous though, Danny.

I mean, you're asking
the hospital to play God.

I don't know
if it's so black and white.

I mean, we all have jobs

where people's lives
hang in the balance.

We have to make decisions
that do the most good.

That's sounds like
a rationalization

against doing
what you know is right.

My job is

to keep the patient alive.


My two cents:

if a guy sells poison
on the streets,

he deserves what he gets.

Maybe so, but it takes guts
to stand by your principles.

Not just when it's easy, but
when it can cost you something.

Thank you.

Okay, then, Dad,
if it were you at the hospital

when I showed up, would you have
let me talk to the guy?

Pass the potatoes.


What's going on?

Well, the Henry Special
is almost good to go.

Yeah, Jamie and Sean
did a great job, didn't they?


Course, they didn't teach them
about the finer points

of derby racing at Harvard.

The finer points?

Sliding weight in the nose,
a little give in the seat.

That would be cheating, Pop.


The car will pass inspection.

We'll just have
a competitive edge.

That's what's special
about the Henry Special.

You gonna tell Sean?

Course not.

He needs to have
plausible deniability.

Just like you did.

What are you talking about?

What, you think
we beat the Bonniellos

every year on our charm
and good looks?


Those bastards pushed the
envelope just as much as we did.

Well, it doesn't
make it right.

I slept with
this trophy for a week.

All's fair in love...
and derby racing.

To hold a grudge
over a stupid race...

It goes much deeper than that.

Sal Bonniello
picked a fight with me,

I chipped a tooth, and
I'm the one who got grounded.

How old were you?

I was seven.

It's okay.
I blacked out the windows.

Turn on the lights.

You bring the
rule book?

Yeah, I got it.

So, uh, what's up?

There's no easy way to say this.

Henry Special's juiced.

What are you talking about?

Your grandpa
made a few adjustments.

He rigged the car?

Why would he do that?

Because he got grounded

when he was seven.

Come again?

It's gonna be a long night.

Well, what are we gonna do?

Level the playing field.

All right,
what do you got, Baez?

May finally have something
on Sheri the girlfriend.

Yeah? Talk to me.

I took a flier and checked in
with the hospital

to see who claimed
Christopher Dean's body.

His sister sent
a funeral director

to sign for him this morning.


Sister's name is Sheri Dean.

Bingo. You check her out?

Yeah, she's got a place
in the East Village.

Management says she signed
a lease about three months ago.

Came in from Chicago.

All right, look, I'm about
five minutes from the Village.

Text me an address,
grab my rain jacket and vest,

I'll meet you there.

Hey, don't go in
until I get there.

Hi. You have a second?

Come on in.

I'm not sure I ever
expressed how grateful I am

for the opportunity
you've given me.

Oh, that's not necessary.

No, it-it is.

I mean, for a long time,
I've just kept my head down.

Prosecuted my cases,
raised my daughter,

never really gave a thought
to my future.

Nicky's gonna be
going to college soon.

I'm gonna be on my own.

So, when this promotion
came along, I thought,

yeah, maybe it's okay to be
thinking about my career again.

You have all the talent
in the world, Erin.

Together we could run
this place.

I would like that.


none of that is really relevant

to the Devereaux case.

If we break the rules
to put the bad guys away,

that makes us the bad guys.

That's really moving.

And incredibly naive.

I trust the system
to decide guilt or innocence

without putting my thumb
on the scale.

If that makes me naive,
then so be it.

You might want
to think about this.

Do you really want
to take me on?

You're not leaving me a choice.

Now, you are either
going to take that tape

to the judge, or I am.

And know this:

you can do
whatever you want to me,

but if you go after
Rachel Manning,

I will take
this whole thing public.

And I don't think that's
a scandal you want to face.

I figured
you could play hardball.

I just hoped
we'd be on the same team.

That's up to you.

Sheri Dean?

Yeah? Wh-What's going on?

I'm Detective Reagan.

You Tommy Banks'

I know Tommy.


Is Tommy here now?


You mind if I come in?



You know
where Tommy is now?

Uh, no.


When's the last time
you saw him?

Uh, couple days?

He comes and goes.


You know Tommy's the reason
why your brother's dead, right?

He's a bad guy, Sheri.

He's hurt a lot of people, and,
uh, he's gonna hurt you, too.

Look, I already told you,
I-I don't know...

where he is.

You know that I'm paid to know
when I'm being lied to, right?


I'm pretty sure that's what's
happening to me right now.

Stay there!

Stay down!

Stop it, Tommy!

Give it up, Tommy!

You hear me?!

Come and get me, cop!

You're not getting out of here!


Drop your hands!

Banks, I will shoot!
Drop your hands!

I told you to wait for me.

I forgot.

You wanted to see me?

Come in, Rachel.

Your request to be transferred

off the Devereaux case
has been denied.

May I ask why?

When you start a case
around here, you finish it.

And the traffic video?

I've contacted the judge
in that case.

The conviction is under review.

The matter
will be resolved

before Devereaux is sentenced
in your case.

Provided, of course,
you get a conviction.

I will.

Thank you.

So should I be
packing my things?

You ignored
the chain of command.

You defied
my explicit instructions

to drop this matter.

And then you threatened
to call me out in public.

That's true.

You're arrogant
and self-righteous.

Also true.

And you also happen to be
the only person in this office

I can trust to call me out
when I cross the line.

You sure that's something
you want?


But it may be something need.

Linda, I know
what you're thinking.

If you would've just let me
question Christopher Dean,

none of this would've happened.

It's okay, I know you were doing
what you thought was right.

Yeah, actually
I wasn't thinking that,

'cause I know
what I did was right.

I'm really glad
you're okay though.

Thank you.

Uh, the stuff with us, Danny...

This is a bad situation.

I know it was a bad situation.

Danny, we were caught
on opposite sides,

but we were both doing
what we needed to do.

We've been through a lot.

And we always stuck together.

You just-- you can't... do that.

You can't just leave.

I didn't leave leave, Linda.

I just...

I just left.

Maybe I just thought you were
choosing your job over me.


I would never do that.

I know.

I was wrong.

Yeah, you were.

Don't do it again.

No way.

So you think you can make it
to your son's big race?

You see if you can stop me.

I love you.

I love you, too.


What's wrong with you guys?
The race starts in a minute.

I'm awake, I'm awake.
Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Hurry up!

Welcome to the 2013

Bay Ridge Derby Race.

All racing participants,
please check in

at the registration table.

I'm gonna go find Sean.



How's the tooth?

Nice day for a race.

This year, you're going down.

Yeah, I've heard that before.

Usual wager?

A case of Dublin's finest.


And I'll drink
the first toast to you.

Like always.

Car number ten, red team,

to the inspection station.

All right,
there's your competition.

Five minutes to race time.

Good luck.

You, too.


Cut yourself shaving?

That's funny.

I'm watching you guys.

Just try taking
a rolling start.

We're watching you, too.

In the rearview mirror.

All cars to the starting line.

Okay, you ready?


Why would I be?

Well, no Reagan man
has ever lost a derby.

It's a lot of pressure.

I was in a coma a few weeks ago;

I think I can handle this.

I think you're right.

Okay, let's go.

Let's do a
vehicle check.




Three, two,

one, go!

Come on, now!

Let's go, Sean,
go, go, go, go, go!

Sean! Sean!

Porter first,

Reagan second, Bonniello third!

Well, at least
he got second, you know?

Second is good.

Yeah, out of three kids.

Screw some smiles
on your faces

for Sean's sake.

For guys, there's nothing
worse than losing.

The winner is number 13,

Janie Porter.

Oh, well, I
stand corrected.

A girl?

Lost to a girl.

Oh, well.

I can't believe it.

That car was unbeatable.

Oh, relax, Pop.

Even DiMaggio's
streak ended.

Come on, buddy.

Hey, there he is!

Good job, buddy.

Nice going.
Great job.

Great race, bud, great race.

Sorry I let you down.

No, no, no, kiddo.

You didn't let me down.

I guess the Henry Special

just finally
ran out of magic.

Come here, you.

You ran a great race.
You did a good job.

Sean, you were flying.

That's right, you did
the Reagan name proud, kid.


This is for you.

This is your trophy, Grandpa.

Nope, not anymore.

You did the work.

You ran a clean race.


Come on, how about
some hot chocolate?

All right.

Another family tradition
shot to hell.

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