Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Loss of Faith - full transcript

The body of a girl is found in the cemetery laid out as if she was being prepared for burial with a cross in her hands. Danny investigates and talks to her father, who says she's a very ...

Reagan, I got her wallet.

Bank cards and cash
still in there?


We thinking it's personal?

Judging by
the bruising

on the neck, she was
strangled to death.

You know what that means.

Nine times out of ten...

The killer knew the victim.
That's right.

She didn't die here, either.

She was dragged over here

and posed like this.

Look at her. Arms crossed,
crucifix in her hands.

Like she's laid out
at her own wake.


Some kind of ritual?

Or a mocking gesture.
Who is she?

Uh, Kathleen D'Amato.

20 years old.

Kings County
Community College I.D.

Resides in Brooklyn.

Well, not anymore.


She kind of reminds me
of the pretty Italian girl

in high school that all the
Irish boys fell in love with.

The one that got away?


The one I married.


I'm coming, Baker.

We're gonna need
ten minutes.

Tell my detail.

Yes, sir.

About an hour ago,

two Miami cops were shot
by an ex-NYPD officer.

One fatally.

Is he in custody?

No, he's in the wind.

Are they positive on the I.D.?

The cop who survived
was the investigator

who turned him down for the job
in their department.

He I.D.'d him
as one Pedro Mendoza.

Six years on the job here.

Retired NYPD?

No. Terminated.

They're gonna want
his psych report,

his termination transcripts,
all the evaluations.

They have some of that
from his application.

The rest I've ordered up
to be released to them

pending your go-ahead.
And reach out

to his former C.O.'s.

See if we can harvest anything
about his personal life.

Good idea.

What about the fatality?

A sergeant.

15 years on the job,
wife and two kids.

Baker, get me Chief Brooks
of the Miami PD.


I know it's not on us,

but it's like a punch
in the gut anyway.

I hate this part.

All they want
are answers,

and all we got
are questions.


Yes, sir.
Detective Reagan.

This is Detective Baez.

You're Kathleen's father?

Vince D'Amato.

Well, we're very sorry
for your loss, sir.

Uh, we have a few questions
we need to ask.

You think you might
be up for it right now?

Yeah. Right this way.

Your wife?


Rosa died last year.

Uh, I guess I'm thankful

she didn't have
to go through this.

Mr. D'Amato, can you tell us
when was the last time

you had contact
with your daughter?

Yeah. We were working
at the store till about 5:00,

then she went off to school.

We were in the middle
of inventory.

Kathleen had a...
a great system.

But I couldn't understand it.

We have reason to think
that Kathleen knew

the person who did this.

Do you know of any conflicts

she had with anyone recently?

A boyfriend?

No, she didn't have a boyfriend.

It was just the two of us.

What about friends?

Any enemies?

Enemies? No.

I mean, I don't think so.

She was a sweet girl.

Okay. She have any issues
with anyone at school?

Anything you can think of?

Not that I know of.

She was an art student.

Truth is she was only there
a couple times a week.

Working in the studio
all by herself.

She was a good person,

Of course.

Too good sometimes.

And you are?

This is Joe Ferraro.

Joe's like a son to me.

You say too good,
uh, how do you mean?

Meaning she would
talk to anybody.

Strangers, homeless guys,

creeps on the subway
trying to hit on her.

Kathleen had a good heart.

She always saw the
best in people.

Of course.

Um, do you know
if she was dating

any of these strangers
or creeps, by any chance?


She was a good Catholic girl.

She just always

gave everybody
the benefit of the doubt.

And now look
what happened.

Vince makes Kathleen
sound like Mother Teresa.

Yeah, well, that's what
fathers do sometimes.

You know, it's that
unconditional love thing.

20-year-old beauty
like that and no boyfriend?

Or no enemies?

No way.

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Loss of Faith
Original Air Date on April 5, 2013

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Sergeant Renzulli, sir.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Sit down.

You were at the 12th
when Pedro Mendoza got canned.


What can you tell me about him?

That it didn't come
as a shock to me

the guy went postal in Miami.

Why do you think?

Well, as you know,
he got bounced from here

for multiple excessive
force complaints.

And the guy was
a real boss-hater.

And he had
an edge to him.

I mean, you couldn't tell
whether he'd just

swallow a reprimand or he was
about to haul off on you.

Ever on you?

Close enough that I gave him
a complaint for it.

Who else did he have
a beef with?

Just about everybody above him.

The guy was convinced

that he was the next
Medal for Valor cop,

and that we were all
just holding him back.

Can I ask you something, sir?

Sure, Tony.

They think he's on some kind
of rampage down there?

Is that why you're, uh,
profiling him up here?

All we know is he's in the wind,

and we're just trying
to get them everything we can.

Tony, I need you to keep

this conversation
between us for now.

Yes, sir.

Anything else you can think of?

Uh, the guy that got
his locker next,

when he opened it,

Mendoza had written,
uh, in black magic marker

on the inside of it:
"Welcome to Fort Surrender.

Sergeant Renzulli,
Chicken in Chief."

Like he was some kind
of pissed-off high school kid.

Now he's a sociopath
with NYPD sniper training.

That's her.

Helen Korth?

Hey. Detective Reagan.

My partner, Detective Baez.
We need to ask you

a few questions about
Kathleen D'Amato.

God, I-I still can't
believe what happened.

Do you know...
do you know who did this?

Well, we were hoping you
could help us out with that.

Her cell phone records show

you were the last person
she spoke to.

Was she acting stressed-out
or saying anything unusual?


No, not at all.

I-I just called to set up
a study group with her.

So you were friends?


All of us in the
group are friends.

These other art students,

do you have all
their information?

Art students?

We were studying Arabic.


Is something wrong?

Her father

was under the impression
she was an art major.

Yeah, well, she was probably
just trying to protect him.


You a Muslim?

I noticed the Koran

in your bag.
You're Muslim?

We don't all wear burkas.

I mean, I-I dress
more conservatively

when I go to mosque,

just like someone would
for temple or church,

and I don't eat pork
or drink alcohol,

but other than that,

I'm just like
any other student here.

Did Kathleen
go to mosque with you?


She have any other secrets?

Like, uh, maybe
a Muslim boyfriend?

I don't know.

Look, whoever
did this to her

knew her.

Do you understand
what I'm saying here?

No. He was...
he was crazy about her.

He would... he would never
lay a finger on her.

Who's "he"?

She never told me his name.

But she talked about him a lot.

Were they dating?

No. Kathleen was very shy.

She was waiting for him
to make the first move.

He was Muslim.

I think she
may have gone

to the same mosque as him.

Which one?

The one on Fulton.

Thank you for speaking
with us, Imam Jadid.

Actually, I'm not
sure why you're here.

We're investigating
the murder of Kathleen D'Amato.

I understand that
from your message.

But I don't see what that
has to do with us.

We're trying to track down

people that she
hung around with,

and we understand
that she hung around

with somebody from this mosque.

I don't like
what you're implying.

We're not implying
anything, are we?

No, we're not.
Look, we'd just like to speak

to her friend, is all.

Being friends isn't a crime.

No, it's not a crime,

and we're not trying
to make it a crime.

We would just like
to speak to this guy

and see if we can right a wrong.

The few times she came he,

she was with one young man

who's a member
of our congregation.

I don't know the nature
of their... relationship.

Okay. But do you know
the nature of his name?

So, how are we
gonna play this?

Let's work under
the assumption

he's the boyfriend
nobody knows about.

Makes sense.

Try to get him to fess up.

If he does,
we, uh, get to go home early.

How's that sound?


Salem Haddad?

Yes. Can I help you?

We need to ask you
some questions

about Kathleen D'Amato.

Of course.

Come in.

Go ahead. Sit down.

You take classes at
Kings Community College?

Yes. That's where
I met Kathleen.

She was just wandering
around the campus.

She looked... lost.

We started to talk.

She was very smart.

You two became close?

We were friends.

Friends? Or more than friends?


Did you know
she was studying Arabic?

I did.

Was she doing that for you?

I don't know.

I hoped so.

Was she your girlfriend?

I had feelings for her.

And did she have feelings back?

I don't know.

I wanted to ask her.

Now it's too late.

We're putting together
a timeline

leading up
to Kathleen's murder--

where she was before her death,
where she was going.

Can you help us with that?


Where were you
at approximately 10:00 the night

was murdered?

I didn't kill Kathleen.

I loved her.

Oh, now we're going
from feelings to love?

Where were you?

I was working
at the Kamal Market.

It's right on the corner.

We were supposed
to see each other

when I got off,
but she...

she never showed up.

Somebody else here?

My brother Mustafa.

He lives here, too.

You Mustafa?


Why are you talking to them?

Can't you see
that they think

you're a suspect
in this whore's murder?

She wasn't a whore,

and they're just trying to help.

How many times
do I have to tell you

that cops don't help our kind?

Why don't you both settle down,
all right?

What kind is that
you're talking about?

You know exactly what I mean.

Where were you at 10:00

the night
of this "whore's" murder?

I'm not answering that question.
Why not?

Because I don't have to.

It's in your Constitution.

It's everyone's Constitution.

Including Kathleen D'Amato's.

Are we under arrest?

Are we?!


Then please leave.

Be quiet, Salem!

If you think you've got a case
against us, prove it.

Now, get out.


There is no one in this room
who got where he is

by sitting back and waiting
for further developments.

Or by jumping the gun.

I think we're saying
the same thing here, really.

Are we?

With all due respect, no.

Well, at least that's settled.

Worst-case scenario

if the PC puts the department
on high alert.

Tens of thousands
of armed officers on a manhunt

for a five-ten, 165-pound
Hispanic male,

the description of
which happens to fit

tens of thousands
of our population,

none of them our cop killer.

Unless he's here.
Then there's one.

In the future, maybe.

Right now,
it's a recipe for disaster.

Oh, come on. I got more faith
in my people than that.

Frank, it's math, not faith.
We're not saying...

All right, strike it.

Let's just say
for the sake of this

that the profile,
the boss-hater,

is what's driving him.

He got bounced from the 12th.

So we shine a light on the 12th?
Why not?

You think these guys only talk

to the other cops
in their precinct?

Within hours,
word will be out

at every precinct
in all five boroughs.

We'll have everybody
jumping out of their skins

when, for all we know,
Mendoza's holed up

in Miami.


I checked the surveillance tapes
at the market where Salem works.


He was there,
so he's off the list.

Great. I didn't like him
for this anyway.

What about you?
Any luck with his brother?

Well, his big brother Mustafa,
on the other hand,

he's a very angry young man.

He's got a bunch of summons

for disorderly conduct
and harassment.

What kind of harassment?
Standing outside of the mosque

harassing women as they walked
by for the way they're dressed.

Smart money says it's because
they looked like "whores."

Hmm, what a charmer.

Shame I didn't ask
for his number.

Well, now you can get
your second chance.

Where are we going?

We're going
to pick him up.

With what probable cause?


He never answered the
harassment summons.

Well, that's against the law.

Yes, it is.

Muslims aren't supposed
to smoke.

Maybe he doesn't inhale
while he works.


Excuse me.

We're looking
for Mustafa Haddad.

He's not here.

Oh, really?

Yeah, he, uh... just left.

Oh, really?

He just left.

Okay, thanks.

Why don't you take a walk
and meet me

around the back alley, okay?

I'm gonna use the restroom.

I said he's not here.

He just left.

Hold it!

Police! Don't move!

Come here.

Turn over.

Turn over!

To answer your question
from earlier,

yeah, you're under arrest.

Where were you the night
of Kathleen D'Amato's murder?

Come on, Mustafa.

I even kept my, uh,
partner outside

as a sign of respect
to you and your beliefs.

So why don't you relax,

and we'll have a little
conversation, you and I, okay?

I have nothing
to say to you, either.

You had a lot
to say the other day.

You remember when you called
the victim of a murder a whore?

Do you have any idea

how a jury reacts
to a comment like that?

It is the truth.

Why? Because she loved
your brother?

Because she is not one of us.

You do not date

outside of your kind.

Mustafa will put
an end to it, huh?

She was tempting my brother.

Leading him away
from the teachings of Allah.

So you did Allah's work,
is that it?


Now would be a great time
for you to take credit

for the good deed you've done.

I didn't kill her.

I was with the Imam
studying the Koran.

Ask him.

I'll ask him.

But why didn't you just say that
from the beginning?

Why should I?

What have I done
to deserve this,

other than being Muslim?


you called the victim
of a homicide a whore,

a woman that your own brother
cared deeply about.

You've been scooped up
a half dozen times

in front of your own mosque
for harassing women

for the clothes that they wear.

And you are harassing me
for my religion.


I'll scoop up any scumbag
who commits a crime.

I don't give a rat's ass
what their faith is.

And whether you
think so or not,

Mustafa, I would do
the same for you.

How about
catching the guys

that did this after 9/11?

I was just walking
down the street,

and they saw my prayer cap.

They called me a camel jockey
and said it was my fault.

I was 12 years old.

How about you find them?

Right now I'm trying
to find a killer.

You can decide whether or not
you want to help me

while I go check out
your alibi, okay?

I'm sorry that happened to you.

Flu shots will be available
in the half hour

before and after every tour
today and tomorrow.

Consider it mandatory, okay?



As you were.

We have a possible

regarding Pedro Mendoza,

the former NYPD officer

who is wanted for the murder

of a Miami police officer
and the wounding of another.

Just over an hour ago,

a male fitting
his description was involved

in a shooting incident
with police

at the Philadelphia
Amtrak station.

The details are fluid,

but he is in the wind,

and we don't have a fix
on where he's headed.

His photo and description
are being distributed

at all precincts as we speak.

But I am here...

at the 12th.

From the profile
we put together,

there is evidence to suggest

that Mr. Mendoza
may have an agenda.

Taking his revenge on the cops
he blames for his situation.

While we have no hard evidence
he is headed here,

or even to our city...

he was terminated
at this precinct.

And some of you had a hand
in the evaluations

that led to his dismissal.

And while the termination
was righteous,

this former detective's

is to err on the side
of caution here.

Double the plainclothes tours.

Double the respondents
to all critical code dispatches.

Every sergeant
who turns you out

will be checking
for bulletproof vests.

Every plainclothes

with the color of the day

on full display.

Think of today

as each alley
is a little darker,

and every routine call...

may not be routine at all.

This is exactly
the kind of day...

you were trained for.



At ease.

So she was strangled
and her neck was fractured,

but that's not what killed her.

The bruising here is consistent

with someone grabbing her
from behind

so that her neck was wedged

between the assailant's bicep
and forearm,

cutting off the blood flow.

She probably
fractured her vertebrae

struggling to get away.

So he put her in a sleeper hold?

You can die in a matter of
seconds if it's held too long.

Right, which is why
police departments

across the country
stopped using it.

Exactly. We get
quite a few accidental

civilian deaths on this.
I bet.

Kids pick it up

watching the MMA,
or off the Internet.

And I found this.

It's a henna tattoo.

"Islam Mashallah."

It connotes joyous amazement.

Girls get tattoos for guys.

Maybe she liked Salem
more than he knew.

Oh, I bet that tattoo
might have made Salem happy,

but I can also think of somebody
that it would have pissed off.

Mustafa Haddad
was with the Imam,

just like he said.

Figured as much. Moving on.

Vic's yearbook?

Yeah. Kathleen was
the homecoming queen.

And where there's a queen,

there's usually a king.

Joe Ferraro.

D'Amato said Ferraro
was like a son to him.

That's right.

But maybe he meant
more like a son-in-law.

Look at this.
"Kathleen, you and me forever.

I'll never let you go. Joe."

Under different circumstances,
that might be romantic.


Well, now where
it gets real creepy.

Joe was the captain
of the wrestling team.

I bet he knows
a sleeper hold.

Exactly. Let's find out

where this guy lives

and go pay him a visit.

It's Ferraro's vehicle.

Yeah. It's packed up
like he's taking a trip.

Hey, you going

Don't even
think about it.

What do you want?

I didn't do nothing.

That works for me.

Yeah. You know, when
guys, uh, say that

before we even ask
them a question,

typically means
they did something.

Look, we just want to ask you
a couple of questions

about the murder
of Kathleen D'Amato.

This is bull, okay?

Hey! Hey!

Come on, hands
against the car.

Get your hands against the car.
All right, look, no!

You should be arresting one
of those Muslim bastards!

Get your hands up!

Get your hands up
against the vehicle.

Man, it's like...

it's like every fifth guy
fits the description.

No kidding. I feel
like I'm eyeballing

for one of my cousins.

Yeah. Hey, look,
you want a coffee?

Oh, no, thank you, man.
I'm... I'm jumpy as it is.

Pedro Mendoza, police!

Hey, Vinny.


Hey, Vinny, colors.

Vinny, colors! Hey

Vinny, colors.
Hey! Hey!

Don't move!
Hey, we're on the job! We're on the job!

We're on the job.

We're plainclothes.
Where are you from?

The 2-7.

You should not be
in plainclothes!

You need to get
your freaking eyes checked!

Is that me?

From 20 yards, yeah.

We're out of the 12th.

Just calm down,
guys, all right?

I get it. I get it.

I'm sorry.
All good, brother.

We need to get this guy.
This is insane.

So you saw Kathleen
the night she was killed?


You didn't think
to mention that?


You know, Joe,

you're either really stupid
or really guilty.

Or maybe both.

I didn't kill Kathleen.

What did you two talk about
that night?


Stuff we used to do
together as kids.

Our plans for the future.

You mean your plans?

They were our plans.

It all changed
after her mom died.

Kathleen just drifted away
from everyone that she knew.

Like you?


She drifted away from you,
huh, Joe?


How'd that make you feel?

How the hell do you think?

She became a different person.

It tore Mr. D apart.

Mr. D.

Did, uh, Mr. D, or Vince, know

that you, uh,
were seeing Kathleen that night?

I mean, he wanted you two
back together, right?

Had the wedding planned out.

Practically had
our kids baptized.

I asked Kathleen
to meet me at Skully's

to set things straight.

I knew something was up when
she ordered a damn ice tea.

What's so strange about that?

Just wasn't normal.

I asked her why she
wouldn't have a beer

with me like
she used to.

Maybe she just
didn't feel like it.

No, that wasn't it.

So, what was it?

Hey, what was it, Joe?

Why wouldn't Kathleen
drink alcohol?

Because she became a Muslim,

and it was
against the rules.

Kathleen converted to Islam?

Muslims call it "reverted."

That's what she said
they called it.

So you wanted
to have a family with Kathleen,

but you knew there was no way

you were gonna raise
your kids Muslim,

and that gave you no chance
with her,

and that made you emotional,

and you went
a little ballistic, huh?

Yeah, you're damn right.

We got in a big fight.

But she ran out.

And you just let her go?

What was I supposed to do?

Were you at the bar all night?

I went out to smoke
a couple cigarettes.

Beside that,


Joe, did you call Vince and cry
on his shoulder that night?

I'm not answering any more
questions until I get a lawyer.

He's hiding something.

You think?

And how does Kathleen convert
without somebody knowing?

It's different for Muslims.

They read the Koran,
they take a cleansing shower,

they say a few prayers,
and they're in.

Two tours in Fallujah.

Let's check this kid's
alibi out, all right?

Pork roast.

My favorite.
Mine, too.

your favorite.

Sorry I'm late, gang.


Hey, how goes the case?

our tails.

You know, it's been
a hell of a week.

Why don't we just
leave business at the office?

Sounds good to me.

Somehow, I don't think
Linda meant

we take a vow of silence.

Can I ask one

work-related question?

That girl they found

in the cemetery--
I read she was murdered

because she converted to Islam.
Is that true?

Well, we got a

bigoted ex-boyfriend
and a blossoming relationship

between her and a Muslim guy,

but that's all we got.

In my experience,

interfaith relationships
almost always cause problems.

I thought Great-Grandma

was Catholic.

I didn't mean
my personal experience.

Though she never
forgave the Vatican

for taking Latin from the Mass.

I say you can't help
who you fall in love with.

- Hmm.
- Is there something

I need to know?

not everyone

is as tolerant
as you are, Nicky.

It shouldn't be
anybody else's business.


in a perfect world,

which is not what we have.

Raises a lot
of questions, Nicky.

How do you raise the kids?

Who gives in?

Better work that stuff out
before you tie the knot.

Make a compromise.

Yeah, but the definition
of a good compromise

is when neither side is happy.

Sounds like a normal
marriage to me.


Since when have you ever had

to compromise on anything?

what would you have done

she was marrying,
say, a Muslim guy?

Okay, now you're just
trying to cause problems.

Actually, I'd kind of like
to hear this one.

Mm-hmm. I'd like
to hear it, too.

You want my initial knee-jerk
Irish-Catholic response?

Kick the guy's butt
on down the road.

Yeah, or mine.

On my good days,
when I'm thinking right,

hopefully, it's about who he is.

And how he treats my daughter.


Well, I want to be Jewish.

- You what?
- What?


Come again?

Well, I've been
to three Bar Mitzvahs this year.

And they're all

crazy fun, and

they get to clean up
in the gift department.

Oh. That's a great reason.

Mm-hmm. Okay.

That's fine, but you're gonna
have to go to Hebrew school.

Yeah, and you might have

to give up
on Christmas presents.

Not to mention bacon.


the ultimate test of faith.

Did you speak
to the bartender?

He confirmed he was there.

He went in and out
a couple of times,

but he, uh... he was still
at the bar for last call.

So, in other words,
we got squat.

Yeah, fine.
I'll meet you at the house.

All right.

Sorry, kid.

You're gonna have to finish
the dishes on your own.

I got to go.

Funny how you're
always on a hot case

when it come to
doing the dishes.

Well, you know,
maybe you can pull

the same scam one day yourself.

After you get your gold shield.

Forget it.
Bye, Dad.

Anything else you can tell me
about Mendoza, where he is?

You know everything I know.

Dad, that's never the case.

You got a specific question?

Any more evidence
that the 12th is a target?

No more or less than I
had in the muster room.

But you know about the incident
with me and Vinny.

Yes, I do.

It's not the only one.

I know that, too.

I hate the not knowing.

It's the one part of the job

that you can't put
a pay grade on,

and there's nothing for it
but the awful waiting.

There were no calls
from Joe Ferraro's mobile

to or from anyone
in the relevant time frame.

Which means he didn't tell Vince

about Kathleen's conversion
before her death.

So there goes motive for Vince.

Unless Kathleen told Vince

about the conversion
to Islam herself.

Look, she knew he
was working late

at the store that night, right?

She also knew
he was having a hard time

figuring out
her accounting system, so...

maybe she went over to the store
to help him and...

just decided
to come clean to him, too.

"Hey, Pop, your little angel
just converted to Islam"?

Would he really
kill his kid over that?

Look, I know Catholics
aren't exactly known

for honor killings,
but think about it.

When his wife died,
his world crumbled, right?

And now his daughter's
gonna turn her back

on the only thing he has left to
hold on to, his Catholic faith?

I mean, it's

Even if you're right,
we got no hard evidence.

We can't make the case.

No, we can make the case--

if we can get Vince D'Amato
to confess to his sins.

All units confined
to 12th Precinct,

off-duty officer reports
suspect matching description

Miami shooting suspect
Pedro Mendoza

entering storage facility
at 8090 Broadway.

Requesting 10-85 forthwith.

Kill lights and sirens.

Central, is that confirmed
by the officer?

That is confirmed.

Is Sergeant Renzulli
on the air?

12th Sergeant Renzulli
is en route to location.


Reagan and Cruz, we got
the corner covered going east.

If he turns west,
he's headed your way.

Copy that. Looking for jeans,
baseball jacket

and tan work boots.

Affirmative. All right,
let's go. Come on.

Three guys.

Hey, we got three guys out
there, all wearing colors.

Find your best angle

on that storage facility
door, all right?

I'm praying this is him.

I want this over with.

Yeah, you and me both, brother.

Is that him? Is that him?

I don't know.
I can't see his face.

He wasn't wearing
a freaking hoodie.

He's got tan boots and jeans--
he could've changed his jacket.

We need a positive I.D.
on this guy.

I'm going on foot.

I'm on the move.

Copy that.

That's our boy.

Take him!


Show us your hands!
You bitch!

Suspect is down!

Repeat, suspect is down!

Now it's over.

Mr. D'Amato! Hey.


Come on in.

You found anything?

Uh, as a matter
of fact, yeah,

I believe
we found our guy.

You did?

It was Joe Ferraro.

That's not possible.

You just let him go.

Yeah, we did let him go,

but then we found
some of his DNA

underneath Kathleen's

and... we sent a car

to pick him up.
No, no, no,

no, no, no.
Joe wouldn't do that.


I mean, look, they...
they had a fight earlier.

Maybe she scratched him.

Who told you they had a fight?


Joe did.

That's funny.

We checked his
phone records.

He never called you
after any fight.

Maybe it was later--
I don't know exactly when.

Did Joe also tell you that
your daughter Kathleen

had converted to Islam?

Your sweet little
Catholic girl

went all Muslim?


My Kathleen...
was a good Catholic girl.

But she converted.

She... well, she was confused.

She didn't know what she wanted.

How do you know
she was confused?

She told me.

But she didn't
tell you she was confused.

She told you that
she converted

to Islam and she
wasn't coming back

to the Catholic Church.

That's right, she came over
here after she met with Joe,

she came to help you
with the systems,

and she confided in you, her father,

Yes, she did!
that she converted to Islam!

Yes! Okay?


So, you want
to tell us

how it happened, Mr. D'Amato?

Kathleen was my whole world.

She was all
I had left.

When she told me
that she converted to Islam...

She met this guy.

I... I laughed;
I thought she was joking.

Then she ripped off her crucifix
and threw it on the floor.

Her mother gave her
that cross.

Her mother.

What did you do?

She told me that...

I'd never see her again...

if I didn't accept her decision.

Then she turned her back on me,
so... I grabbed her,


I didn't want her to go.

Yeah, but she wanted to leave.

So you held her
a little tighter, didn't you?


And then you squeezed her
so tight

that she lost consciousness
and stopped breathing.

Isn't that right,
Mr. D'Amato?

She, uh... she went to sleep.


She didn't;
she died.

And you dragged her body
to the cemetery.

I put her...
where she'd be safe,

under God's eyes.

Then I put the crucifix
in her hand.

She was a good Catholic girl.


"Was" being the operative word.

Get on your feet,

Mr. D'Amato.

Come on.


Good night, Baker.

Anything before I go?

No. You have a good evening.

Do you want some dinner sent up?

I'll get something at home.

What should I tell your detail?

That I'll be ready
when I'm ready.

Sir, it's almost 9:30.

Cop turns his gun
on other cops.

A father murders
his own daughter.

Some days, you just have
to turn them off.

Easier said than done.

Till tomorrow,
Commissioner Reagan.

Good night, Abigail.

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