Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 3, Episode 21 - Devil's Breath - full transcript

When a man is found wandering the street with blood all over his clothes, Danny and Baez tries to find out what happened. But the man says he doesn't remember. He says he's from out of town and he's with his girlfriend and that he's planning to propose to her. They go back to his hotel room and find his girlfriend dead and blood all over the room. While the guy still maintains not to know anything, Danny has no choice but to take him in. Danny's not sure what to believe. An off duty cop who was drinking comes across a robbery and stops it. Later Jamie shows up and smells that he's been drinking and tries to help him but the Captain sees what he's doing and orders that the cop be tested. And when he comes out positive, he has to face a hearing. Frank who admires what he did, but believes in following the rules. And Erin gets a call from her daughter's school who informs her that her daughter is planning some kind of protest and if she goes through with it, she'll face suspension.

Come on, let's grab a bite.

I can't. Got to work
in the morning.

Party pooper.

Be safe.

Don't move! I'll shoot you!

I am not playing
around here!

Give me the cash! Now!


You two, back up!

Let's go! Hurry up!

Move, stupid bitch!

I-I know.

I know, Ma.

I will.

I promise, I will.

I love you, too, Ma.

I love you. Bye.

I swear, not a word.

Hey, I like hearing you
talking to your mother.

She's probably the only woman
you don't lie to.

Except about my tour.

I tell her we work days,
'cause she always said

nothing good happens
after midnight.

12 George, report of

shots fired, corner of
three-three and Broadway.

12 George responding.

Like she said, nothing good
happens after midnight.

Police! Don't move!

Put the gun down!

Put it down!

Nobody's been hurt yet.
Be smart!

Shut up!

Shut up!

What are we looking at here?

Guy's covered
in blood.

Says he has no idea where
the blood came from.

You give him a toss?

Any weapons on him?

Nothing, huh?
Okay. Thanks.

We got it.


You hurt, sir?


You hurt?

I don't know.
I don't think so.

Where'd the blood
on your shirt come from?

Oh, my God.
What happened?

You got any I.D. on you, sir?


Where you live?

In Bloomingvalley, sir.

Blooming what?

It's in Pennsylvania, sir.

I just got here yesterday.

And you don't know

how your shirt
got full of blood?

No, ma'am. I...

I-I don't feel so well
right now.

We'll get you
checked out at the E.R.

Why don't you get
on your feet, okay?

Come on.

What's the last thing
you remember?

Um... uh, being at my hotel.

Which one?

It's the, um...

the Camelot Hotel.

Oh, right there. Good.

Let's take a little walk.

Come on.

Come on. I got him.
Come on.

Nice, work, brother.

It happened so fast.

What, did you
have a few?

Uh, I just came out
of a retirement party.

Had a couple beers.

All right, don't
say another word.

You got to get a breath
mint or something.

Here. Take
two of these.

What was that about?

What's that, boss?

What was that about?



Officer Grasso,
you the first one on the scene?

Yes, he was, sir.

Collared the gunman
with no shots fired.

Are you his spokesperson,
Officer Reagan?

No, um... I was walking by,
I heard the shot.

What are the mints for?

Have you been drinking, Officer?

Uh, maybe I better

call my PBA rep.

This is
Lieutenant John Vance.

Want to make notification

and request IAB respond

to Broadway

and East three-three
to administer a Breathalyzer.



what are you doing?
He was off duty.

He didn't even fire
his weapon.

I'm following procedure.

What are you doing,
Officer Reagan?

Are you questioning me?

'Cause I don't see
any captain bars on that collar.

No, boss.

I didn't think so.

Gone, but not forgotten.

About a half an half hour ago,
an off-duty police officer

on his way home from a party
apprehended an armed robber.



And the officer
didn't fire his gun.

Good for him.

There's something else.

We have a situation.

I'm on my way.

How long you in town?

Only here for a few nights.

I'm here
for a vintage auto show.

You in the car business?

I restore classic cars.

My dealer's here in the city.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!


Oh, my God.

Come here.

Oh, my God.
Come here.

Give me your hands.

Who is she?

She's my girlfriend.

I came to New York to
ask her to marry me.

Well, I'm assuming
she said no.

You want to tell us
what the hell happened here?


I... I don't know.

I don't remember.
I don't know.

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Devil's Breath
Original Air Date on April 26, 2013

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"Boozed up NYPD cop

pulls gun
in robbery standoff."

I saw it.

Officer Grasso blew a point
zero eight on the Breathalyzer.

He was intoxicated.

I saw it.

It's borderline.

Sir, I know Officer Grasso.

He's a good cop.

That's all, Baker.

Yes, sir.

If he'd been driving a car,

he would have been arrested
and charged with DWI.

He wasn't driving a car.

He was off duty

and over the legal limit
when he pulled his gun.

Did you have a drink
last night, Garrett?

What do you think?

Were you armed?

Don't ask.

The Citizens for
Police Accountability

are all over this.

They're already citing
the patrol guide, Frank.

I didn't write the patrol guide.

"All members must be fit
for duty at all times,

"except when on sick report.

"Members may not
consume intoxicants

to the extent
members become unfit for duty."

Do you need something
from me, Garrett?

The mayor's not holding
a press conference.

He's leaving it up to you.

Of course he is.

And according
to Officer Grasso's

PBA rep, he's gonna
fight any charges,

which means
a department hearing.

I suggest

you let it go
through the proper channels.

Let it go
through the proper channels.

I don't do drugs.

And I-I really don't understand
what's going on here.

Well, that makes
three of us, Mr. Carter.

Did you see Madeline last night?

We were supposed
to meet at 10:00.

Uh, she was running late.

You said you were gonna
propose to her. Did you?

I-I don't know.

What happened
to the engagement ring?

I don't remember.

What do you remember?

I remember waiting for her.

I... I had a couple drinks.

And then, uh,
this woman came up.

She asked me
if she could sit with me.

No, no.

It's-it's not
what you're thinking.

Oh, yeah, what
are we thinking?

I told her right off the bat

that I was waiting
for my girlfriend.

She just didn't want
to be alone,

she didn't want anybody
hitting on her.

So, I was like,
"Yeah, sure." So...

I don't...

I don't remember
anything after that.

What did she look like?

Um, she was blonde, in her 20s.

She have a name?


Did you and Lacy
do drugs together?

Oh, my God,

this is so crazy.

I don't...

I don't do drugs,
and I love Maddie.

I-I don't remember

what happened, please.

Yeah, we get that part.

Unfortunately for you,
we can't file charges

until we complete
our investigation.

Charges for what?

Murder, for starters.


With a shirt full of blood,
a dead body in your room

and no memory of where
you were last night,

it's not looking
so good for you.

Keep us informed
of your whereabouts.

I'll do whatever.

Just, please...

Just find out who did this.

Don't leave
the city.

You ready?

No, I'm not.

What's wrong?

That was your principal.

She wants to see me.

What's that about?

I don't know.
Why didn't you just ask her?

I did. She said that she was
gonna tell me when I get there.

Come on, Mom.
I'm a straight A student.

What makes you think
it's something bad?

I spent 12 years
at Catholic school.

There is no way

the principal is calling me
at 7:30 in the morning

to request a meeting to tell me
you're an A student.

He's got the greatest
defense ever:

"I don't remember""

He remembers a blonde named
Lacy asking to sit with him.

He doesn't remember
killing his own girlfriend?

Maybe because he didn't.

You actually
believe this guy?

I didn't say
he didn't kill her.

I'm just saying, I believe he
doesn't remember what happened.

But even if I he
drank too much

and blacked out,
he's still responsible.

Wow. You know, I've never seen
you this skeptical before, Baez.

Boy meets girl,

girl rejects boy,
boy kills girl.

It's a textbook case.

He proposed,
and she turned him down.

So, why does boy give up
his shirt and agree to a swab?

Because he's trying
to appear cooperative.

A cooperative killer. Wow.

You know, that's something
we don't see every day.

How about we try to find
this Lacy girl, okay?

If she even exists.

Hey, what's up?

Baker said you took off early.

What's with the monkey suit?

The mayor's awards
for arts and culture.

What's with the small talk?

Same situation,
I think I would've done

exactly what he did, Dad.

I probably would, too.

You think he should be punished?

As a cop, I think
he should get a medal.

As commissioner...

I-I have to testify
at the departmental hearing.

Just tell the truth.

Grasso didn't even
fire his weapon that night.

There was no need
for that Breathalyzer test.

It's not mandatory,
but a boss can ask for one.

Yeah, well,
he's just a hard-ass.

People have been known
to say the same thing about me.

Vance only asked for that
Breathalyzer because of me.

He saw the name
on my name plate...

and I think that I drew
attention to Grasso.

If you're a Reagan,
that goes with the job, too.

You think he should
lose his job.

I think he did the right thing,
no matter the consequences.

That's what you need to do
when you testify.

And that's what I need to do
as commissioner.

This is a copy

of an e-mail that Nicky
sent out yesterday morning,

trying to rally students
to participate in a sit-in.

Protesting locker searches
without student's consent?

Which I'm sure you're aware of,
as an attorney,

is perfectly legal.

Right, but the issue here
is not whether it's legal,

Ms. Pender, but whether
it's necessary to do so.

Last week, we confiscated
a pack of cigarettes

from a senior's locker.

He's been suspended.

Seems a bit harsh.

I just think we need
to keep in mind

who we're talking about here.

I mean, Nicky is
an exceptional student.

She's active
in the student council.

She's never had a disciplinary
action brought against...

Which is exactly
why I called you.

Hoping that we
could find a way

to preserve
her good record.

'Kay. How do we do that?

Nicky calls off
the sit-in.

And... she apologizes.

And if that doesn't happen?

I would have no choice
but to suspend her.

Scotch and soda.

He was here last night.

What could you
tell me about him?

Guy was
pretty wasted to me.

Was there a woman
hanging around with him at all?

Blonde hottie.

This blonde hottie have a name?


But other than what she was drinking,

I don't know what to tell you.

Right. Was the woman
coming on to him at all?

I'd-I'd call it mutual.

You know, looked like
they were hitting it off.

They left together.

What time?

Just after 11:00.

All right.

I'm gonna need the, uh, footage

from that security camera
up there.

There's Carter
going to the bathroom.

All right,
looks like she's getting

something out of her purse.

Come on.

She could be

slipping something in his drink.

Yeah, but you can't
tell from there.

How about the other
hotel security video?

They got any footage of him
going back up to the room?

Only Madeline going up.

I got Carter coming down
around midnight,

but his jacket's closed,
so you can't

see his shirt.

But he's alone.

Great. How about
the service elevator?

We can't check that.

There's no cameras in it.

So, in other words,
we got squat.

Maybe he went upstairs with
the hottie to have sex,

and Madeline arrives, but
he's not in the hotel bar,

so she goes up to his
room, catches them,

a fight ensues, he kills her.

So, the hottie
just stands there

while he kills a girl
and doesn't call 911?

Because she's a pros.

Still could've called 911.

Serology report is back.

The blood on his shirt
is a match to his girlfriend.

What about drugs?

He had scopolamine
in his system.

The zombie drug.

Zombie drug? What are
you talking about?

Yeah, we came across this
when I was in vice.

It comes from Venezuela.

The drug makes you

lose your free will,
do crazy stuff,

and at the same time,
it wipes your memory.

Kind of like roofies?

Yeah, only worse.

There's cases
down in South America

where people wake up
beaten to a pulp,

with no valuables, and
the victims remember nothing.

So, he could've
killed his girlfriend

and not even know it?


And that's where its street name
comes from.

Which is?

Devil's breath.

Devil's breath.

I just met a very nice
young woman outside

whose last name is Grasso.

Could it be a coincidence?

Do you think it's wise

to meet with
Officer Grasso's wife?

I don't always do
what's wise, Garrett.

I have 45

unanswered calls and e-mails
asking your position.

Ignore them.

You know I
can't do that.

So, I guess it's
"No comment at this time"?

I'll see her now, Baker.

Is there some reason
you do this?

Seeing her will just
make it harder.

It's supposed to be hard.

Sir, Mrs. Grasso.



Please, sit down.

Thank you for seeing me.


Peter doesn't know I'm here.

He's been on the job
for seven years now.

He's a good cop.

A good father.

I know that, Mrs. Grasso.

My husband put the welfare
of other people

above his own, Commissioner.

He saved those people's lives.

And instead of getting
a medal for being a hero,

he's being put on trial.

I know how these
departmental hearings work.

The cops never win.

Judge Keller is fair.

You think she's not going to
pay attention to the papers

that are calling
my husband a drunk?

Saying that cops
shouldn't be above the law?

Commissioner, I notice that
in all of these news stories,

there's not
one comment from you.

And I'd really like to know why.

When we got there,
Officer Grasso

had the scene under control.

He had subdued Mr. Nathan
without incident,

and the victims
were no longer in danger.

No longer in danger

from Mr. Nathan
or from Officer Grasso?



You smelled alcohol

on Officer Grasso's
breath, correct?

Officer Grasso was off duty, and
when we arrived at the scene...

I'm sorry.

We're not here
for your commentary.

Did you or did you not
smell alcohol

on Officer Grasso's breath?


Yes or no?


And did you try to give him
breath mints

to cover up the fact

that you smelled alcohol on him?

Permission to treat

Officer Reagan
as a hostile witness?

Permission granted.

Officer Reagan,
didn't you take

a pack of breath mints
from the counter of the deli?


And the purpose

was to give them
to Officer Grasso, correct?

Was the purpose

to give them to Officer Grasso?

Answer the question, Officer.

Yes, Your Honor.

To mask the smell of alcohol?


No further questions,
Your Honor.

You know, I'd be willing to bet

this isn't the first time

that Lacy pulled off
this little stunt.

You know, drop a little
devil's breath in a guy's drink,

then go upstairs
and clean him out.

Hey, easy payday, and you don't
even have to have sex.

Yeah, that would explain
where his credit cards went.

She took them.
Or he gave them to her.

Did you run the, uh, hotel,

see if there were
any complaints filed there?

Yeah, I just did.

Three complaints
in the past two months

from men saying they were
drugged and/or robbed.

Probably the only three

brave enough to
come forward.

Almost all of them
are from out of town.

Welcome to New York.

Wait, you said
almost all of them

are from out of town.

One of them's a New Yorker?

Yeah, one guy, Richard Young,

50s, lives in Midtown.

Well, let's go see
if his memory's

better than Mr. Carter's.

I don't know why

you're making this
such a big deal, Mom.

When the principal starts
talking about suspension,

it's a very big deal.

And there are
other ways to get

the administration's
attention, Nicky.

I have a great way.

Why don't I just
start bringing

drugs into school?

You know what
I don't get?

You always
taught me to fight for

what I believe in,
to fight to make

the world the place I want it

to be, and now that I'm
putting that into practice,

you want me to stop.

I also taught you
to respect authority.

I've been
very respectful, Mom.

I even went to
Mrs. Pender's office today

to ask if we could have
a town hall meeting,

so that the students
and the administration

could have their say.

Well, see, that's a great idea.

And she shut me down completely.

She said if
I continued the protest,

I'm not just gonna be suspended,

she'll make sure
I get kicked out of school.

Wait, she said that?

Yeah, she did.

But the one thing
I can't understand

is how the one person
who always encouraged me

to have convictions and stand up

for what I believe
in is now being

so critical.

Mr. Young, I'm Detective Reagan.

This is Detective Baez.

We wanted to ask you some
questions about a complaint

you filed while you were
staying at the Camelot Hotel

earlier this year.


My wife is inside.

Um, we don't want to get you
in trouble with the missus.

So, why don't we go talk

over here, okay?
Yeah, sounds good.

We just need your help
identifying a woman

who's been
targeting men at bars,

stealing their
personal belongings.

Is that what happened to you?

She took $800 from me.

And all of my credit cards.

'Kay, who is this "she"?

Lacy. I didn't...

didn't get a last name.
Is this her?

Oh, my God. Yeah.

Yeah. That's-that's Lacy.


So, she approached
you at the hotel bar.

Is that what happened?

Uh, no.

We... we met at a-a strip club

a couple blocks away,
and then we, um...

we walked back to the hotel.

We went upstairs
and opened up the bar,

and I made us
both a drink,


after that,
I don't remember a damn thing.

I woke up,
and everything was gone.

What was the name
of the strip club?


She works there?
She a dancer?

She was that night.

I'll bet.

Thanks for your time.

This concludes
the proceedings.

Hey, Pete. Uh...

about my testimony
back there,

I wasn't trying to...
It's all right.

I know how these things work.

Well, I wish I could've
just said what I think,

which is that you did
the right thing.

I know, I know.

I'm sorry you're going
through all this.

Me, too.

That night...

Makes me wish I would've
just kept walking.

Excuse me.

Where's your owner?

Excuse me. Detective Reagan.

This is Detective Baez.
You the owner?

Something tells me you're
not here for a lap dance.

You recognize her?


How about
her real name?

Jennifer Riley.
What did she do now?

What do you mean,
"What did she do now"?

Look, I'll tell you something
right now, I never bought

any of those stolen
credit cards.

Well, that's lucky
for you then.

That's not why you're here.

Where can we find her?

She's in the
dressing room.

Look, she's going on
in half an hour.

Well, think you're gonna
have to find a backup dancer.

Why don't you take us over
to the dressing room, okay?

Right this way.

That's her locker.

She was right here a minute ago.

Where's your back door?

Through this door.

Hey! Hold it!

Hold it!

Police! Hey!

Stop the car.

Come on.

Let's go. Get out!

Hands against the vehicle.

Right now!

Cuff her.
I got it.

Jennifer Riley,
you're under arrest.

What for? I didn't do anything.

So, night on the town
turns into a dead body, huh?

You got some explaining
to do, hot stuff.

Let's go.

I didn't drug anyone.

And he gave me
his credit cards.


Because he was impressed
with your dancing abilities?

Ms. Reagan.

Criminal possession
of stolen property

is a felony-- four years.

Murder in
the second degree is...

Oh, please. Come on.

You can't pin a murder on me.

Either way, you're looking
at jail time for possession.

Is that true?

I didn't murder that woman.

But if you want
to talk deal,

I might be able to
tell you who did.

Not another word.

Criminal possession
in the third degree.

possession in the fifth.

That's a misdemeanor.

Yeah, and she's giving you
a murder conviction.

Is it an eyewitness testimony,
and is she going to testify?


Start talking.

The deal expires

in five minutes.

I started talking to Robert
at the bar.

He asked me to take a walk
because he wanted...

uh, to get some cash at an ATM.


Honey, when a man wants
to take money at an ATM

and spend it on me, I
don't usually ask why.

We walked back
to his hotel,

and we went up, um...

to his room.

For what purpose?

To hang out, to have a drink.

And then his girlfriend
showed up.

She was...

she was really
pissed off.

She started
accusing him

of cheating on her, of
standing her up, and...

she started yelling and...
she was pushing him.

And he pulled out a knife,
and he stabbed her to death.

So you witnessed him
kill this girl?

And what'd you do?

I just got out of there
as fast as I could.

You didn't think

to notify the hotel security
or call 911 to report it?


Because I thought you...
would pin this on me.

Which is pretty much
what happened, right?

All I see
is a typical guy

who got suckered
by a pretty face,

ended up killing
his girlfriend.

He's probably gonna
blame it on the drugs.

Be nice if
they had a drug

that could make us
forget certain things.

Like what?

Every dead body I've ever
seen at a crime scene.

I rebuilt the old stock parts,
so the numbers match.

All the original miles.

Back at work already,
huh, Mr. Carter?

Uh, actually, I just wanted
to sign over my inventory.

I just want
to go home.

Well, unfortunately
that's not happening today.

Did you find out anything?

Found out
you killed your girlfriend.


Turn around, please.

- N... No, no, no.
- Come on.

Turn around.
We got an eyewitness.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

So are we.
Let's go.

Bless these gifts

which we are about to receive
through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Good job, Sean.

When we say grace in school,
our teacher makes us

tell everyone what
we're grateful for.

What are you grateful for?

I'm grateful that I'm a better
kicker than Austin Jenner

in soccer, even though it's
his fault my arm's in a sling.

I'm grateful that Linda
made her scalloped potatoes,

'cause I'm tired
of eating healthy.

Anyone else?

Wow. Has everybody had
that bad of a week?

Guess I should be

grateful I'm not Peter Grasso.

Yeah, no good deed

goes unpunished.

What do you think the
departmental hearing will find?

That he's guilty

of violating procedure.

Because he had a couple drinks
at a retirement party?

No, because he blew
a point zero eight.

Wait, so let me
get this straight.

This guy is being
charged by the NYPD,

not the D.A.'s office?

- Yeah.
- Exactly.

For doing what he was
trained to do.

You draw your weapon,
you better be stone-cold sober.

It is not
the commissioner's job

to pick or choose
when to enforce the guidelines.

Personally, I think
it's a good rule.

And cops shouldn't carry guns

if they know
they're gonna be drinking.

Well, it's not quite
that simple, Nicky.

What? He could've just called it
in and waited for help, right?

So you're advocating that
people follow the rules

that are laid
out for them?

Look, it's true

he could've just
called it in and waited,

but it's also true
that if he did,

three civilians
might have been dead.

Let's say you had
a couple of glasses

of wine with dinner,

and then on your way home with
your best friend, who's driving,

he has a heart attack.

Do you jump behind the wheel
and take him

to an E.R., or do you wait
for help to come?

I can't deal in what-ifs.

It's a judgment call.

Unless you're a cop.

And then the judgments
are made for you.

That's right. There's no
other job on earth where you got

to be fit for duty
24 hours a day,

whether you're
working work or not.

Yeah, if Grasso was
a regular civilian,

probably never would've
ended up on the front page.

Sure he would have.

It just would've said
"Good Samaritan"

instead of "Drunk Cop."

You're sitting
in my chair.

Where's Norma Rae?

Beating Pop at poker.

I thought sitting in your chair
would inspire me with wisdom.

It's not working.

How does it feel going from
rebel to disciplinarian?

I was never a rebel.

Sister Margaret Mary.

I was never suspended.

Only because your mom went
to see her and fought for you.


Yeah. Really.

Don't tell me you're taking
Nicky's side here.

I'm not taking sides.

But you are

raising a pretty good kid.

I just don't think
she realizes

how a disciplinary action
is gonna look on her record.

Or what if it affects
her getting into college?

What-ifs are unknowable;
you should decide on the merits.

So should you, Dad.

You look like you've
been here a while.

Since 4:00 a.m.

You could use that more than me.


The Carter case, isn't it?


I knew you weren't
gonna let that go.

Call me crazy, but...

eh, I believe the kid.

I mean, don't you
need a reason

to kill somebody
that you're about to propose to?

According to Jennifer,
it was heat of the moment.

We've seen that before.

That girl-- I'm
sorry-- her statement

is not enough for me.

It's not enough to
put that kid away

for 25 years to life.

And until I know exactly
what the hell happened

in that room,
I'm not gonna do it.



So... those three
other complaints--

the guys who
were drugged

and robbed--
what if she had help?

What if she didn't do it alone?

You're right.

I'll go over the 61s again.

I'm gonna head back
to that strip club and see

if there's something
we missed.

Hey. Thank you.

Detective, you're back.
Yeah, I just wanted to take

a second look around.
Oh, yeah, no,

I bet you did.

In fact, if you want
a lap dance or...

No, that's not what
I-- No, no, no, no.

I just want to take a second
look around the dressing room.

Oh. Go right ahead.

We got nothing
to hide around here.


This one?

"I am a money magnet.

"My income is
constantly increasing.

Money comes to me
frequently and easily."

What the hell
does that mean?

It's the stripper's creed.

Problem with Lacy, if it doesn't
come to her, she takes it.

Good to know.
Do you mind opening this?

Thank you.

Son of a bitch.


You're never gonna guess
who Lacy is cozy with.

Oh, I think we found
our common denominator:

the bartender
from Carter's hotel bar.

Okay, think we got it.

Thank you.

Thank you, kids.


We hope the Police
Sports League can fund

new programs with that.
Thank you.

You bet.
Thank you.

Judge Keller is recommending
termination of Officer Grasso.

And the press
are looking

for a comment from you.

I want a press conference.

There's really no need for a press...
I didn't say

there was a need;
I said a want one.

The cops are unhappy,
the mayor's happy.

I think you're really better
off letting things lie, Frank.

I also want a copy
of Judge Keller's opinion.

I need to know
what you're gonna say.

So do I.

We will
fight for student rights!

We will fight
for student rights!

We will fight for
student rights!

We will fight
for student rights!

We will fight for
student rights!

Students of Blessed Heart
who do not disperse immediately

will be suspended
indefinitely, and face

disciplinary action.

I repeat,
students of Blessed Heart

who do not disperse
immediately will be

suspended indefinitely and...

Isn't that your mom?


What's she doing?

I don't know.

You have a pretty good turnout.

What did you say
to Mrs. Pender?

Well, I just told her
what you would have said

if you went
to law school.

That a peaceful protest

after school hours and
not on school property

is actually protected
by the First Amendment.

So they can't suspend us?

No. Not that I want you
to make a habit of this.

No, I know, I get it, but...



That was just really cool, Mom.

"Cool"? Well, I have not
been cool in a very long time.

I'm gonna savor this moment.

Well, the way I understand it,

I'm really just a chip
off the old block.

Grandpa told me
how you started a petition

to allow girls
on the boys' soccer team

when you were in high school.

Absolutely nothing is sacred
in this family.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Am I interrupting?

Maybe we'll try

the radio room instead.

Come on.

What is this about?

I'll escort Ms. Salazar.

You can take
Jennifer's statement.

What statement?

been released.

Well, how would you know?

Don't you only
know her as "Chardonnay"?

Go ahead.


Well, you look
a little concerned, Jennifer.

Or is it, uh, Lacy?

Or Chardonnay?

What's wrong?
You concerned that

your, uh, girlfriend out
there is gonna flip on you?


I-I don't know
what you're talking about.

Detective, my client
has made a deal.

Your client
had a deal.

That was until
we discovered

that her and her girlfriend
were running a robbery ring.

Thing is, these guys
that you rob...

they're cheaters.

Right? I mean, they're
guys stepping out

on their wives and girlfriends,

so who the hell cares
if you victimize them?

But Robert Carter--

he was an exception.

He was a good guy.

He was at that hotel not
to hook up with somebody,

he was there to propose
to his girlfriend.

He even got her
an engagement ring.

If you're not charging
my client, we're leaving.

You can leave if you want to,
but I'd get used to this place,

'cause you will be back.

You threatening us?

I don't make threats,

but I'll promise you this.

I will sit down
with Robert Carter,

and I will tell him exactly

what the hell happened
to his fiancée,

and I will not rest until I do.


I can't crack
her; she wants a lawyer.


Well, this one
doesn't know that.

Okay, great, Detective.

Why don't you go back,
finish up her statement,

then we'll wrap this up.

Well, what do you know.

Looks like your time is up
there, uh, Lacy.

Seems your girlfriend is...

more interested in saving
her own ass than she is

in saving yours.

You're lying.

No, I'm not.

I don't think
she's lying either.

By the way...

that is a lovely engagement ring
you got there.

Where'd you get it?

'Cause I have a buddy
who just lost one.


We just wanted his money.

We had no idea
his girlfriend would show up.

So what happened when she did?

Don't answer!

That bitch was gonna
call the cops on us.

"That bitch."

How you doing, Robert?

I don't know.

Well, if it helps
at all,

it was the bartender
that killed Madeline.

We know it wasn't you.

Soon as they finish
your paperwork,

you'll be
free to go, and...

try to put this all behind you.

I-I guess it's...

supposed to make me
feel better, right?

But, uh...

I don't feel anything,

Except the same pit
in my stomach,

because I'll never
see her again,

I'll never talk
to her again,

I never told her how important
she was to me, and...

now I'll never get that chance.


you held her

in your arms
while she was dying.

That's how you got the blood
all over your clothes.

And given the circumstances,
I'd say...

there's nothing more
you could've done at that point.

Because of you,
she didn't die alone.

In regard to the incident

involving Officer Peter Grasso,

Judge Keller has concluded
the departmental hearing

with a guilty verdict and a
recommendation for termination.

As the New York City
Police Commissioner,

I can exercise discretion

and amend or overturn
this decision.

Officer Grasso...

will not be pardoned.

There is no disputing
he was over the legal limit

when he chose to act.

He did the right thing,

for the right reasons,
at the right time,

under unfortunate circumstances.

And it is hard for
this commissioner to understand

how our city would have
been better served

had he simply called 911
and moved on.

He made a mistake,

but Peter Grasso
is the kind of police officer

I want to serve with.

He will be given
a 30-day suspension

and a one-year probation.

But he will keep his job.

Will this
decision involve

changing NYPD policy,

What are you gonna
do now, Frank?

I'm gonna go home
and have a drink.

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